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Cuncta quotes by Seneca.
#1. ...sola est quies,
mecum ruina cuncta si video abruta;
mecum omnia abeant. Trahere cum pereas, libet.
(...the only calm for me -
if with me I see the whole universe o'erwhelmed in ruins;
with me let all things pass away; 'tis sweet to drag others down when thou art perishing.) #Quote by Seneca.
Cuncta quotes by Statius
#2. Give not reins to your inflamed passions; take time and a little delay; impetuosity manages all things badly.
[Lat., Ne frena animo permitte calenti;
Da spatium, tenuemque moram; male cuncta ministrat
Impetus.] #Quote by Statius
Cuncta quotes by Rosa Montero
#3. Octavius Augustus became the first Roman emperor because the republic granted him enormous powers. And why did the republic do that? Why did it commit suicide to make way for an empire? Tacitus explains it thus: Cuncta fessa. Which means 'the whole world is tired.' Weariness in the face of political and social insecurity is what led to Rome losing its rights and freedoms. Fear induces a hunger for authoritarianism in people. Fear is a really bad adviser. And now look around you, Bruna: everyone's afraid. We're living in critical times. Our democratic system is also on the verge of suicide. Sometimes nations opt to throw themselves into the abyss. #Quote by Rosa Montero
Cuncta quotes by Anne Carson
#4. There is also a fable told by Phaedrus, about how Simonides was once a victim of shipwreck. As the other passengers scurried about the sinking ship trying to save their possessions, the poet stood idle. When questioned, he declared, mecum mea sunt cuncta: everything that is me is with me. #Quote by Anne Carson

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