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Ctia Logo quotes by Jim Hightower
#1. Like NASCAR race drivers or PGA golfers, why not require each of the [US presidential] candidates to cover their clothing, briefcases and staff with the logo patches of their corporate sponsors? #Quote by Jim Hightower
Ctia Logo quotes by Harvey Pekar
#2. When I was a kid, back in the '40s, I was a voracious comic book reader. And at that time, there was a lot of patriotism in the comics. They were called things like 'All-American Comics' or 'Star-Spangled Comics' or things like that. I decided to do a logo that was a parody of those comics, with 'American' as the first word. #Quote by Harvey Pekar
Ctia Logo quotes by Gloria Steinem
#3. Just when you thought multi-nationals and crazed consumerism were too big to fight, along comes Naomi Klein with facts, spirit, and news of successful fighters already out there. No Logo is an invigorating call to arms for everybody who wants to save money, justice, or the universe. #Quote by Gloria Steinem
Ctia Logo quotes by Michael Hyatt
#4. The goal is for your fans and followers to have a consistent brand experience. Use the same logo, color palette, and fonts on every platform. #Quote by Michael Hyatt
Ctia Logo quotes by Neil Oliver
#5. The little logo that sits at the top of the screen of any 'Bluetooth-enabled' hardware () is actually a monogram created from the two runes that represent Harald's initials #Quote by Neil Oliver
Ctia Logo quotes by Michelle Gagnon
#6. she was enveloped by a wave of calm. Funny how just seeing the giant logo of an apple with a bite out of it did that to her. #Quote by Michelle Gagnon
Ctia Logo quotes by Go Ah-sung
#7. I got Elliott Smith's photography book as a gift before. The publisher of that book's logo were glasses, and those glasses came to my mind when I was thinking of having a tattoo. #Quote by Go Ah-sung
Ctia Logo quotes by Patrick Roy
#8. When you're wearing the Avalanche logo, you battle. #Quote by Patrick Roy
Ctia Logo quotes by Jarod Kintz
#9. The Nike swoosh logo would make an interesting mustache - on a man who runs his mouth all the time. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Ctia Logo quotes by Jefferson Bethke
#10. The problem with trying to be relevant is it makes us copy what culture is already doing. To be relevant, you have to copy what is cool. So we put our mouths on the tailpipe of secular culture in hopes we can recycle some of it and use it for ourselves. The problem with this is that it automatically puts us ten to fifteen years behind culture because rather than setting the precedent, we are copying their systems. This is where we get a huge section of Christian apparel and coffee mugs that simply copy secular logos. My favorite is the shirt with the words "Holy Spirit" printed in the same font and logo as Sprite. Or the one with "A bread crumb and a fish" instead of Abercrombie and Fitch. We call it redeeming, but it's actually stealing. Making bad art is bad in and of itself, but if we are Christians, this takes on a whole other level of weight. Because we are called to mirror and reflect God, everything we do should give people a proper picture of who he is. #Quote by Jefferson Bethke
Ctia Logo quotes by Neal Stephenson
#11. No surprises" is the motto of the franchise ghetto, its Good Housekeeping seal, subliminally blazoned on every sign and logo that make up the curves and grids of light that outline the Basin. The people of America, who live in the world's most surprising and terrible country, take comfort in that motto. Follow the loglo outward, to where the growth is enfolded into the valleys and the canyons, and you find the land of the refugees. They have fled from the true America, the America of atomic bombs, scalpings, hip-hop, chaos theory, cement overshoes, snake handlers, spree killers, space walks, buffalo jumps, drive-bys, cruise missiles, Sherman's March, gridlock, motorcycle gangs, and bun-gee jumping. They have parallel-parked their bimbo boxes in identical computer-designed Burbclave street patterns and secreted themselves in symmetrical sheetrock shitholes with vinyl floors and ill-fitting woodwork and no sidewalks, vast house farms out in the loglo wilderness, a culture medium for a medium culture. The only ones left in the city are street people, feeding off debris; immigrants, thrown out like shrapnel from the destruction of the Asian powers; young bohos; and the technomedia priesthood of Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong. Young smart people like Da5id and Hiro, who take the risk of living in the city because they like stimulation and they know they can handle it. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Ctia Logo quotes by Natasha Tsakos
#12. Content" ranges anywhere from the logo on a can of soup,
dogs dancing on youtube,
to the coding of an app:
it's confusing! #Quote by Natasha Tsakos
Ctia Logo quotes by Tom Scholz
#13. I stay very much undercover and behind the scenes - most places I go, people don't know how important I am. But I will admit that my favorite piece of clothing to wear out is an old T-shirt from a Boston tour that does have a Boston logo. But that doesn't change anything. #Quote by Tom Scholz
Ctia Logo quotes by David Walker
#14. In contrast, the 'Old Europe' channels were showing film from reporters who had embedded themselves at the wrong end of the Baghdad blitz and the Basra bombardment. These films depicted the shattered homes, the killed and grieving civilians and the infrastructure chaos our armed forces are creating daily. Since this footage (none of it bearing the al-Jazeera logo) clearly exists, why does the Western media studiously ignore it or, when confronted by it, claim it to be Iraqi propaganda. #Quote by David Walker
Ctia Logo quotes by Jarod Kintz
#15. This book comes with its very own logo (logo sold separately). #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Ctia Logo quotes by Amber Hurdle
#16. Your ideal customer should be attracted to the brand that rests on the fabulous culture you
created, but they don't have to share your personal interests or have the same lifestyle you do. #Quote by Amber Hurdle
Ctia Logo quotes by Taylor Clark
#17. In one Starbucks, I spotted a young Frenchman wearing blue Converse sneakers, baggy Levi's jeans, and a red T-shirt with a giant Abercrombie & Fitch logo splashed across the front. As I watched him wash down his cheesecake with gulps of venti hot chocolate, I had to wonder: can't they revoke your French citizenship for this sort of thing? #Quote by Taylor Clark
Ctia Logo quotes by Noah Wareness
#18. The universal logo for a pizzahut is eight slices painted cross a disc of yellow plywood mounted in the mouth of a taxidermic hippopotapus. #Quote by Noah Wareness
Ctia Logo quotes by Jay Danzie
#19. Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark. #Quote by Jay Danzie
Ctia Logo quotes by Tony Fadell
#20. With most tech guys, it's the same outfit every day - they wear their company logo. #Quote by Tony Fadell
Ctia Logo quotes by Jarod Kintz
#21. Love isn't a series of slogans like "Just do it," "It's the real thing," or "Go ahead, stick it in my butt." Love is much more than that. Love is also a logo. I know, because I have it tattooed on my ass. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Ctia Logo quotes by Dana Thomas
#22. Unlike perfume, handbags are visible on the body, and--like Air Jordans for teenagers--give the wearer the chance to brandish the logo and publicly declare her status or aspiration. #Quote by Dana Thomas
Ctia Logo quotes by Neal Stephenson
#23. The franchise and the virus work on the same principle: what thrives in one place will thrive in another. You just have to find a sufficiently virulent business plan, condense it into a three-ring binder ― its DNA ― xerox it, and embed it in the fertile lining of a well-traveled highway, preferably one with a lef- turn lane. Then the growth will expand until it runs up against its property lines.

In olden times, you'd wander down to Mom's Café for a bite to eat and a cup of joe, and you would feel right at home. It worked just fine if you never left your hometown. But if you went to the next town over, everyone would look up and stare at you when you came in the door, and the Blue Plate Special would be something you didn't recognize. If you did enough traveling, you'd never feel at home anywhere.

But when a businessman from New Jersey goes to Dubuque, he knows he can walk into a McDonald's and no one will stare at him. He can order without having to look at the menu, and the food will always taste the same. McDonald's is Home, condensed into a three-ringed binder and xeroxed. "No surprises" is the motto of the franchise ghetto, its Good Housekeeping seal, subliminally blazoned on every sign and logo that make up the curves and grids of light that outline the Basin.

The people of America, who live in the world's most surprising and terrible country, take comfort in that motto. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Ctia Logo quotes by Melissa Jensen
#24. He sighed again, but I couldn't see the fate of his dolphin logo person. I was completely fixated on his eyes. They're a pretty amazing combination of green and bronze. "I don't know what's going on, but it's weird, and it shouldn't be. I'm a decent guy."
"Of course you are." I sighed. And caved. Apparently, my Phillite defenses were worthless around this particular specimen, no matter that he couldn't seem to make up his mind whether I was worth noticing or not.
Truth: Yes,I am that naive.
"Good.So.Friday after school. We can meet down here."
I could just see Amanda's face when she caught us on our way into the dark depths of the school. "No."
"Fine.Your house."
"Do you make everything this complicated?" he asked. "No. Don't answer that. Would you come to my house?"
That sounded doable.If we were at his place, I could leave whenever I wanted. "okay."
As I watched, he did a slo-mo, surprisingly graceful flop onto the floor. "Finally!"
I stepped over him and headed for the stairs. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Ctia Logo quotes by Lee Child
#25. We drove under a giant gray wing and headed out over open blacktop straight for a small white airplane standing alone. A corporate thing. A business jet. A Lear, or a Gulfstream, or whatever rich people buy these days. The paint winked in the sun. There was no writing on it, apart from a tail number. No name, no logo. Just white paint. Its engines were turning slowly, and its stairs were down. #Quote by Lee Child
Ctia Logo quotes by Stephen Baldwin
#26. Jesus isn't a logo, I'm not promoting some company, some brand. I'm just professing my faith. #Quote by Stephen Baldwin
Ctia Logo quotes by Jarod Kintz
#27. This is my logo for Bethany #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Ctia Logo quotes by DJ Khaled
#28. Each team always has that one power player, even Carmelo. Those are the guys who would represent the logo. #Quote by DJ Khaled
Ctia Logo quotes by Julian Assange
#29. Google's colourful, playful logo is imprinted on human retinas just under six billion times each day, 2.1 trillion times a year - an opportunity for respondent conditioning enjoyed by no other company in history. #Quote by Julian Assange
Ctia Logo quotes by Jarod Kintz
#30. People remember a smile more readily than a name. That's why for branding purposes, I created my logo so that it features a smiling and winking face that spells out "Jarod." But with my logo, people only see the face, and not the name behind the face, which is how it is in real life. So smile, because it's what people will remember about you. #Quote by Jarod Kintz

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