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Cron Metro Digital quotes by Stan Lee
#1. Welcome true believers, this is Stan Lee. We're about to embark the exploration of a fantastic new universe and the best part is that you are gonna create it with me. You may know me as a storyteller, but hey on this journey consider me your guide. I provide the widy and wonderful worlds and you create the sights, sounds and adventures. All you need to take part is your brain. So take a listen and think big, no bigger, we make it an epic. Remember when I created characters like the Fantastic Four and the X-Men? We were fascinated by science and awed by the mysteries of the great beyond. Today we consider a nearer deeper unknown one inside ourselves. […] we asked: What is more real? A world that we are born into or the one we create ourselves. As we begin this story, we find humanity lost within is own techno bubble. With each citizen the star of their own digital fantasy. […] But the real conundrum is, just because we have the ability to recreated ourselves, should we? […] Excelsior!" #Quote by Stan Lee
Cron Metro Digital quotes by J.J. Abrams
#2. There's something about looking at Super 8 films that is so evocative. You could argue it's the resolution of the film somehow because they aren't crystal clear and perfect,so there is a kind of gauzy layer between you and what you see. You could argue it's the silence of them. You could say it's the sound of the projector that creates a moodiness. But there's something about looking at analog movies that's infinitely more powerful than digital. #Quote by J.J. Abrams
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Germany Kent
#3. In this day and age, the digital age, you can forget about a resume; you are what your social media says about you. #Quote by Germany Kent
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Don Rittner
#4. Rittner's Computer Law: Never argue with people who write with digital ink and pay by the kilowatt-hour. #Quote by Don Rittner
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Stuart Rose
#5. As retail goes through a fundamental shift into the digital world, I believe Ocado's model and the high standards of customer service it provides will see it emerge as a powerful online player. #Quote by Stuart Rose
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Dave Grohl
#6. When digital technology started becoming the norm, you've got 50, 60, 70 years of recordings on tapes that are just deteriorating. Like, a two-inch reel of recording tape won't last forever. It dissolves. It will disappear. #Quote by Dave Grohl
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Laura Harrington
#7. Not a lot of attention has been paid to the Asian tiger mosquito, which is another species which we believe can also transmit Zika virus. It has a much broader range. It's found all the way north into coastal areas of Connecticut, Long Island and the New York metro area. #Quote by Laura Harrington
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Peter James
#8. My day starts with Radio 4's Today live or 'listen again' wherever I am in the world, thanks to digital radio - I even have an app on my iPhone that receives it. #Quote by Peter James
Cron Metro Digital quotes by David Karp
#9. We couldn't be happier with our Storyboard team's effort. #Quote by David Karp
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Gail Zappa
#10. I think it's okay that there's digital music out there, because that does mean more people have access. I mean, you're a student, and you're studying music, and you want to find a CD of a whole work, but there's one piece that intrigues you. It's easy to get that piece for a dollar for the most part. And it's so easy for people to carry around music digitally. #Quote by Gail Zappa
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Nate Anderson
#11. Rights holders, seeing how unpopular their ideas were, headed down a darker path; rather than give up on government help for such schemes, they worked to get them through with limited public debate. New Zealand's revised law, which began with the presumption that the accused were in fact infringers, was pushed through in 2011 under "urgency" rules in the wake of the major Christchurch earthquake. In the United Kingdom, the Digital Economy Act laid the groundwork for a similar scheme and had to be passed during a hurried "wash-up" session with little discussion just before new elections in 2010. #Quote by Nate Anderson
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Theodore Roszak
#12. I think, however, the current fascination with the computer and its principal product, information, deserves a more critical response. This is because the computer does so ingeniously mimic human intelligence that it may significantly shake our confidence in the uses of the mind. And it is the mind that must think about all things, including the computer. #Quote by Theodore Roszak
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Ron Currie Jr.
#13. There will likely be one important difference between corporeal suicide and digital suicide. Right now, one cannot destroy oneself utterly. We can blow our heads off, get the chatter to stop and cease having to pay bills, but we persist in the minds of those who knew and loved us. We continue to appear to them, unbidden, in myriad ways. They recall our smiles, hear our voices, jolt from frightening dreams and reach for us on reflex before remembering that we are no longer there. Until they themselves are gone, they continue to suffer the chafing pang of our absence.

But when we all exist as pure thought, we can be deleted not just from ourselves, but from the minds of everyone. With a keystroke (or its post-Singularity equivalent) parents will be spared grief, lovers loneliness, friends the pain of having known and knowing no longer. When we choose suicide, we will choose not merely to destroy ourselves, but to never have existed. In this way, the one compelling argument against suicide―the anguish it causes to those left behind―will be eliminated. #Quote by Ron Currie Jr.
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Junot Diaz
#14. Books are surviving in this intense, fragmented, hyper-accelerated present, and my sense and hope is that things will slow down again and people will want more time for a contemplative life. There is no way people can keep up this pace. No one is happy. Two or three hours to read should not be an unattainable thing, although I hope we get to that stage without needing a corporate sponsored app to hold our hand. The utopian in me has my fingers crossed that we haven't quite figured out the digital future just yet. After all, the one thing we know about people: they always surprise. #Quote by Junot Diaz
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Amit Ray
#15. Right to peace stands on the pillars of freedom of expression, respect for human rights, cultural diversity and scientific cooperation. Right to peace transform culture of war to a culture of peace. It is also saving humanity from the dangers of dark democracy, which exploits innocent citizens by implementing wrong law, purchased press and digital surveillance. #Quote by Amit Ray
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Michael E. Gorman
#16. What is the value of libraries? Through lifelong learning, libraries can and do change lives, a point that cannot be overstated. #Quote by Michael E. Gorman
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Pearl Zhu
#17. Back to fundamental, IT is not the weakest link in the organization, it's people. #Quote by Pearl Zhu
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Antonio Perez
#18. Digital imaging is as much about chemistry as it is about semiconductors. #Quote by Antonio Perez
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Ban Ki-moon
#19. The human family is at a critical juncture. The world is moving through a great transition. This transition is economic, as the digital revolution advances and as new powers and groups emerge. #Quote by Ban Ki-moon
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Jamais Cascio
#20. In the U.S., we are free to speak our minds and to spend money without being forced to reveal our identities - except when using the Web. Browsing the Web leaves digital tracks everywhere in the form of log files, and anyone who hosts a Web site can be easily traced. #Quote by Jamais Cascio
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Chad Hurley
#21. EMI is a proven leader in the emerging digital music landscape and one of the world's largest and most respected music companies. #Quote by Chad Hurley
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Michael Connelly
#22. sarcastic. It was a crack at him being old school and set in his ways. The Metro was new #Quote by Michael Connelly
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Edward Snowden
#23. I believe that when senator Ron Wyden and senator Mark Udall asked about the scale of this, they the NSA said it did not have the tools to provide an answer. We do have the tools and I have maps showing where people have been scrutinized most. We collect more digital communications from America than we do from the Russians. #Quote by Edward Snowden
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Bill Sienkiewicz
#24. One of the problems I have with a lot of movies these days is that everything is too well lit. In the world of digital creations there is a tendency to show too much. #Quote by Bill Sienkiewicz
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Colin Trevorrow
#25. I learned on film at NYU. I was probably the last generation that was analog. Anyone who was a year younger than me, it was probably all digital. #Quote by Colin Trevorrow
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Raman Kundal
#26. Wallpaper is usually a kind regarding material considered to pay AND decorate your interior walls of homes, offices, cafes, government buildings, museums, post offices, and also other buildings; This really is one aspect associated with interior decoration. The idea will be sold throughout rolls AND can be put onto a good wall applying wallpaper paste. Wallpapers may come plain Just as "lining paper" (so The item It truly is painted or consumed to be able to cover uneven surfaces and also minor wall defects so giving the much better surface), textured (such Just like Analytical), which has a regular repeating pattern design, or, much less commonly today, having a solitary non-repeating large design carried more than a good set associated with sheets.
Wallpaper art print strategies include surface printing, gravure printing, silk screen-printing, rotary printing, AND digital printing. Wallpaper will be made throughout long rolls, that are hung vertically from a great wall. Patterned wallpapers are generally created and so how the pattern "repeats", as well as thus pieces cut with the same roll can be hung and then in order to each additional and so Just as to help continue your pattern with no That being straightforward to help look at by which your sign in between two pieces occurs. for the case involving large complex patterns associated with images This really is normally completed coming from starting the second piece halfway directly into your current length of a rep #Quote by Raman Kundal
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Jessie Ann Foley
#27. Maggie nodded. She was more than okay. Not only was she no longer sick, she felt as if she'd just awoken from the long, safe torpor of her childhood. The night had blasted her free of that shell, and she had emerged new and raw and ready. She felt the ticket stub folded carefully in her pocket. How many kids in Bray would be able to say they'd stood just feet from Billy Corgan, that they'd been at the Metro for the "Siamese Dream" record release show, that they'd seen Lake Shore Drive on a Sunday morning through the prism of a concert comedown, the runners looking so silly with their skinny legs and their neon shorts, chugging along the footpath with their calorie counters and Gatorade? #Quote by Jessie Ann Foley
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Osman Rashid
#28. By 2025, we can expect the world to be completely digital. Paper books will be a thing of the past. Education will be delivered through analytics-based assessment tools and adaptive learning platforms. #Quote by Osman Rashid
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Sandra Tsing Loh
#29. Some of us stay married because we're in competition with our divorcing 1960s and 1970s parents, who made such a hash of it. What looks appealing to us now, in an increasingly frenetic, digital world, is the 1950s marriage. #Quote by Sandra Tsing Loh
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Neal Stephenson
#30. Young, lavishly bearded tech entrepreneurs were trudging forlornly down the hallways, laden with computers, printers, high-end coffeemakers, and foosball tables. Like digital Okies they loaded their stuff into their Scions or Ryder trucks and rumbled off into the unforgiving Boston commercial real estate market. "So you're going to, uh, remove basically the entire floor of the conference room? #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Frank Marshall
#31. When I made 'Eight Below,' they wanted me to shoot digital, and I didn't want to do it because that's just what I need, to get a great series of takes and then find out the camera was frozen. #Quote by Frank Marshall
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Zachary M. Schrag
#32. When a stretch of Eye Street was finally ready, he had the barricades gracefully opened by two trained bears on loan from the circus. As a result, both Metro and the circus got good press. Even then Pfanstiehl could not please everybody; a labor representative berated him for giving work to nonunion bears. #Quote by Zachary M. Schrag
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Steve Weinstein
#33. A digital download is not as visceral as buying a CD, removing the shrink-wrap, putting the disc in your player, and pouring through the booklet of lyrics and liner notes. The digital age has removed us from the tactile experience of what it meant to listen to an album. #Quote by Steve Weinstein
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Pearl Zhu
#34. A harmonic, forward-looking approach to practice governance discipline has to be put at the heart of corporate board in the digital age. #Quote by Pearl Zhu
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Henry Samueli
#35. Analog components don't 'scale' as well as digital components, but integrating them into relatively mature 28 nm platforms will accelerate the connection of everything from watches, personal healthcare, and home appliances to automotive, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, and industrial controls. #Quote by Henry Samueli
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Lloyd Kaufman
#36. There is no way I could have ever dared to make a documentary, much less have the money to make a documentary, if it was on 16mm. But, with the magic of digital. #Quote by Lloyd Kaufman
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Bill Mumy
#37. Personally, I don't think the film and television industries are run as well as they used to be. Oh sure, we've got great digital effects now but ... where are the visionaries? #Quote by Bill Mumy
Cron Metro Digital quotes by Enamul Haque
#38. Cloud is the digital wonderland of Internet of Things, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data #Quote by Enamul Haque

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