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Creepy I A Way quotes by Kristi Cook
#1. Sitting alone in the cafeteria would just scream I'm the new girl. Everyone stare at me while I eat. #Quote by Kristi Cook
Creepy I A Way quotes by George Orwell
#2. Nationalism is not to be confused with patriotism. Both words are normally used in so vague a way that any definition is liable to be challenged, but one must draw a distinction between them, since two different and even opposing ideas are involved. By 'patriotism' I mean devotion to a particular place and a particular way of life, which one believes to be the best in the world but has no wish to force on other people. Patriotism is of its nature defensive, both militarily and culturally. Nationalism, on the other hand, is inseparable from the desire for power. The abiding purpose of every nationalist is to secure more power and more prestige, not for himself but for the nation or other unit in which he has chosen to sink his own individuality. #Quote by George Orwell
Creepy I A Way quotes by Pearl S. Buck
#3. When the rich are too rich there are ways, and when the poor are too poor there are ways. Last winter we sold two girls and endured, and this winter, if this one my woman bears is a girl, we will sell again. One slave I have kept - the first. The others it is better to sell than to kill, although there are those who prefer to kill them before they draw breath. This is one of the ways when the poor are too poor. When the rich are too rich there is a way, and if I am not mistaken, that way will come soon. #Quote by Pearl S. Buck
Creepy I A Way quotes by Saravana Kumar Murugan
#4. I am not depressed. I just miss people around me.. I am sure of this: missing people is good in a way.. It helps me realize how precious they are.. how they've changed my life.. #Quote by Saravana Kumar Murugan
Creepy I A Way quotes by Blake Mycoskie
#5. With TOMS, I found a way to create sustainable giving and consistently help those who are in need. #Quote by Blake Mycoskie
Creepy I A Way quotes by Peter Jackson
#6. I find that in the process of making a film you're constantly discovering things that you never even imagined would work at the beginning. Actors come into the film and do things you never even imagined. Production designers come in, the director of photography lights it in a way that you never imagined. So, it's always evolving, always exciting. #Quote by Peter Jackson
Creepy I A Way quotes by Gloria Vanderbilt
#7. I believe there is an impulse in each of us to make our own personal and individual mark on the world around us. The little child coming upon a stretch of clean white snow gleefully rushes forward to imprint the shapes of his feet upon it. A woman passing through a strange room pauses briefly to move an object on a table, making a slight rearrangement that her eye finds more pleasing. A boy carves his initials upon a tree. We all write our names upon the sand.

All of us hope that our choices and our actions will make a little sweeter those rooms we enter, those worlds we move through, those lives we touch, those people and those places we leave behind us. It is, in a way, our small gesture toward immortality, our little message to the universe. It says, "I was here", to the ages. #Quote by Gloria Vanderbilt
Creepy I A Way quotes by Carol Rifka Brunt
#8. You will. I promise. There's a lockup. Each apartment has one. Like a big storage cage. Come with me."
An image of me being locked in a cage in some kind of creepy cellar came into my head. I didn't even know Toby. Not really. And he said himself he was jealous of me. Maybe he would lock me in this basement and nobody in the world would ever guess where I was.
Toby's shoulders drooped, and he cocked his head to one side and said, "Please," in the most pathetic voice ever. Then he perked back up. "Look, truly, June. You won't be sorry."
I thought about it for a few seconds and came to the conclusion that a real psycho wouldn't have mentioned the cage. A real psycho would have lured me down there by telling me there was a puppy or something. #Quote by Carol Rifka Brunt
Creepy I A Way quotes by George Carey
#9. And I hope America will realise, as the only superpower now, it really must use its power in a way that's going to build up the world, and to support the United Nations. #Quote by George Carey
Creepy I A Way quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#10. St. Clair tucks the tips of his fingers into his pockets and kicks the cobblestones with the toe of his boots. "Well?" he finally asks.
"Thank you." I'm stunned. "It was really sweet of you to bring me here."
"Ah,well." He straightens up and shrugs-that full-bodied French shrug he does so well-and reassumes his usual, assured state of being. "Have to start somewhere. Now make a wish."
"Huh?" I have such a way with words. I should write epic poetry or jingles for cat food commercials.
He smiles. "Place your feet on the star, and make a wish."
"Oh.Okay,sure." I slide my feet together so I'm standing in the center. "I wish-"
"Don't say it aloud!" St. Clair rushes forward, as if to stop my words with his body,and my stomach flips violently. "Don't you know anything about making wishes? You only get a limited number in life. Falling stars, eyelashes,dandelions-"
"Birthday candles."
He ignores the dig. "Exactly. So you ought to take advantage of them when they arise,and superstition says if you make a wish on that star, it'll come true." He pauses before continuing. "Which is better than the other one I've heard."
"That I'll die a painful death of poisoning, shooting,beating, and drowning?"
"Hypothermia,not drowning." St. Clair laughs. He has a wonderful, boyish laugh. "But no. I've heard anyone who stands here is destined to return to Paris someday. And as I understand it,one year for you is one year to many. Am I right?"
I cl #Quote by Stephanie Perkins
Creepy I A Way quotes by Ann Patchett
#11. It was all in my head and now all I had to do was figure out a way to get it down on paper. #Quote by Ann Patchett
Creepy I A Way quotes by Ludwig Van Beethoven
#12. What I have in my heart and soul - must find a way out. That's the reason for music. #Quote by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Creepy I A Way quotes by Lew Wasserman
#13. I believe Johnson understood that the reason was Vietnam. I also believe that he felt that if there was a way to communicate the real issues in Vietnam, that the reasons would be answered or understood. But there was just no way to communicate. #Quote by Lew Wasserman
Creepy I A Way quotes by Matthew Carter
#14. There might be lots of boring thoughts coming from someone else, but the way they come across, they would be mind blowing because they would come in such a way so foreign to me. I think I would mostly be surprised, but alarmed also. There will be something within each of us, despite our differences, in thought processes to connect us. #Quote by Matthew Carter
Creepy I A Way quotes by Sam Rockwell
#15. Clark Gregg and I are around the same age. He has been an actor and is a writer. But with a first-time director, there is a way to talk about things they might not know. Because Clark was an actor, though, he knew more about the process than most first-time directors. #Quote by Sam Rockwell
Creepy I A Way quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
#16. Do you think I'm a whore?" Harry pulled over to the side of the road and turned to me. "I think you're brilliant. I think you're tough. And I think the word whore is something ignorant people throw around when they have nothing else.

… "Isn't it awfully convenient," Harry added, "that when men make the rules, the one thing that's looked down on the most is the one thing that would bear them the greatest threat? Imagine if every single woman on the planet wanted something in exchange when she gave up her body. You'd all be ruling the place. An armed populace. Only men like me would stand a chance against you. And that's the last thing those assholes want, a world run by people like you and me."

I laughed, my eyes still puffy and tired from crying. "So am I a whore or not?" "Who knows?" he said. "We're all whores, really, in some way or another. At least in Hollywood." … "But I like you this way. I like you impure and scrappy and formidable. I like the Evelyn Hugo who sees the world for what it is and then goes out there and wrestles what she wants out of it. So, you know, put whatever label you want on it, just don't change. That would be the real tragedy. #Quote by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Creepy I A Way quotes by Carian Cole
#17. Is there some cosmic rule that if two people feel they're meant to be together, then they should be together no matter what? Or sometimes do we have to walk away from the person we believe we're meant to be with? And if we do…does that feeling that we're missing our true other half ever go away?
I wish there was a way to get these answers. #Quote by Carian Cole
Creepy I A Way quotes by Ray Dalio
#18. I believe there are an infinite number of laws of the universe and that all progress or dreams achieved come from operating in a way that's consistent with them. These laws and the principles of how to operate in harmony with them have always existed. We were given these laws by nature. Man didn't and can't make them up. He can only hope to understand them and use them to get what he wants. #Quote by Ray Dalio
Creepy I A Way quotes by Michael Schultz
#19. I see film as a real opportunity to examine the human condition. No matter where the technology goes in the future, the basics don't change. Storytelling is a primitive tribal function. The elders sat around the fires and told these stories as a way to pass on the 'dos' and the 'don'ts.' That will never change. #Quote by Michael Schultz
Creepy I A Way quotes by Felicity Huffman
#20. Beauty can make you powerful in a way that isn't good for you. Being OK is better for the person I have become. #Quote by Felicity Huffman
Creepy I A Way quotes by Ismet Prcic
#21. I have two minds about everything. Side A(merican) and side B(osnian). I wish I could find a way to drop off the face of the planet and leave my minds behind, get a new one. I dream of disappearing, cutting all ties, becoming a derelict, free to rave. I'd be calmer, happier. Or better, going back to Bosnia and telling no one, not even you. Just live there in the same city, grow a beard, and watch you to go to the market from the café across the street through a pair of sunglasses, never letting you know who I am. (p.43) #Quote by Ismet Prcic
Creepy I A Way quotes by Samira Wiley
#22. I come from a theater background, and if you're doing a play, your audience is right there, and you're able to have that one-on-one experience. Doing more TV now, when fans come up to me on the street and talk to me on social media, that's a way to bridge that gap. #Quote by Samira Wiley
Creepy I A Way quotes by Daniel Keyes
#23. Somehow I've become separated emotionally from everyone and everything. And what I was really searching for out there in the dark streets - the last damned place I could ever find it - was a way to make myself a part of people again emotionally, while still retaining my freedom intellectually. I've got to grow up. For me it means everything. . . . #Quote by Daniel Keyes
Creepy I A Way quotes by Vivake Pathak
#24. My destiny plays with me in such a way
I feel I play with my destiny. #Quote by Vivake Pathak
Creepy I A Way quotes by Spike Lee
#25. You gotta make your own way. You gotta find a way. You gotta get it done. It's hard. It's tough. That's what I tell my students every day in class. I've been very fortunate. Some people might call me a hardhead, but I'm not going to let other people dictate to me who I should be or the stories I should tell. That doesn't register with me. #Quote by Spike Lee
Creepy I A Way quotes by Sandi Lynn
#26. I want you, Rory. I want you in a way that's different from the other women."-Ian #Quote by Sandi Lynn
Creepy I A Way quotes by Jane Steen
#27. Even a lie told for a good purpose has a way of perpetuating itself, doesn't it? Look at all the trouble I caused by refusing to tell the truth about Sarah's father.
- Nell #Quote by Jane Steen
Creepy I A Way quotes by Joel Osteen
#28. Release your faith in a big way.

Now, don't have just a little vision. You're not inconveniencing God to believe big. In fact, it's just the opposite. When you believe to do great things, when you believe to set a new standard for your family, it pleases God.
Take the limits off and say, "I don't see a way, but God, I know You have a way, so I'm going to believe to have these twins. I will believe to start a business to impact the world. I will believe that my whole family will serve you. I will believe to get totally well."
When you release your faith in a big way it pleases God. #Quote by Joel Osteen
Creepy I A Way quotes by Graham Greene
#29. "I won't go to Mrs Henne-Falcon's party. I swear on the Bible I won't." Now surely all would be well, he thought. God would not allow him to break so solemn an oath. He would show him a way. There was all the morning before him and all the afternoon until four o'clock. No need to worry when the grass was still crisp with the early frost. Anything might happen. He might cut himself or break his leg or really catch a bad cold. God would manage somehow. #Quote by Graham Greene
Creepy I A Way quotes by Philip Kitcher
#30. I found a deep kinship between Mahler's recurrent attempts to confront all sides of life and to affirm himself in the face of his own finitude, and Aschenbach's dedication to persevere in the literary evocation of beauty. Exploring this kinship led me to reflect on many of Mahler's songs and symphonies - and particularly his great masterpiece, Das Lied von der Erde. The end result was a way of reading Mann that I hadn't originally anticipated at all. #Quote by Philip Kitcher
Creepy I A Way quotes by Scott Walker
#31. We for sure need to secure the border. I think we need to enforce the legal system. I'm not for amnesty, I'm not an advocate of the plans that have been pushed here in Washington ... we need to find a way for people to have a legitimate legal immigration system in this country, and that doesn't mean amnesty. #Quote by Scott Walker
Creepy I A Way quotes by Bill Gates
#32. I find golf very relaxing. It's a way to get away from work and get outside. It's a lot of fun, and once you get going it's almost kind of addictive. #Quote by Bill Gates
Creepy I A Way quotes by Lloyd Alexander
#33. A shade of sorrow passed over Taliesin's face. 'There are those,' he said gently, 'who must first learn loss, despair, and grief. Of all paths to wisdom, this is the cruelest and longest. Are you one who must follow such a way? This even I cannot know. If you are, take heart nonetheless. Those who reach the end do more than gain wisdom. As rough wool becomes cloth, and crude clay a vessel, so do they change and fashion wisdom for others, and what they give back is greater than what they won. #Quote by Lloyd Alexander
Creepy I A Way quotes by Robin Stevenson
#34. Would've been useful when I was about eight," I said. "I used to have wicked nightmares." I did, too: stupid dreams about being chased by Elmo. A psycho Elmo with eyes like that Chucky doll. I'd wake up screaming and Vicky would come running in and ask what the nightmare was about. I never told her. I was too embarrassed. #Quote by Robin Stevenson
Creepy I A Way quotes by Saul Alinsky
#35. Everybody owned stock in the Capone mob; in a way, he was a public benefactor. I remember one time when he arrived at his box seat in Dyche Stadium for a Northwestern football game on Boy Scout Day, and 8,000 scouts got up in the stands and screamed in cadence, 'Yea, yea, Big Al. Yea, yea, Big Al.' #Quote by Saul Alinsky
Creepy I A Way quotes by Ivan Illich
#36. I believe that a desirable future depends on our deliberately choosing a life of action over a life of consumption, on our engendering a lifestyle which will enable us to be spontaneous, independent, yet related to each other, rather than maintaining a lifestyle which only allows to make and unmake, produce and consume - a style of life which is merely a way station on the road to the depletion and pollution of the environment. The future depends more upon our choice of institutions which support a life of action than on our developing new ideologies and technologies. #Quote by Ivan Illich
Creepy I A Way quotes by S.J. Pierce
#37. I think of writing as a partnership with the reader. My goal is to feed their imagination, but only partially. If you give them everything, you limit their ability. It's borderline insulting. The key with description is to give the reader just enough so they experience what's going on, but leave a little out so they're encouraged to fill in the blanks. This is where the magic happens. Let them breathe life into your story in a way only they can. #Quote by S.J. Pierce
Creepy I A Way quotes by Hugh Grant
#38. I think maybe in a way it gets worse because you come in with a real reputation and they've paid you lots of money and all that. #Quote by Hugh Grant
Creepy I A Way quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#39. I didn't know what to say. It kind of hurt just to look at her, in a way i'd forgotten. Sort of like a splinter - not when you first get it under your skin, but the slow ache after it has been taken out. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Creepy I A Way quotes by Ann Voskamp
#40. This. I live in this place, make porridge, scrub toilets, do laundry, and for days, weeks, I am brave and I do get out of bed and I think on this. I study this, the full life, the being fully ready for the end. I start to think that maybe there is a way out of nightmares to dreams? Maybe? #Quote by Ann Voskamp
Creepy I A Way quotes by Viggo Mortensen
#41. Being an actor, imitating to the point of inhabiting the lives of others, may simply be a way of continuing to do what I learned to do as a boy - to travel, mentally and physically. #Quote by Viggo Mortensen
Creepy I A Way quotes by Dale Chihuly
#42. I want people to be overwhelmed with light and color in a way they have never experienced. #Quote by Dale Chihuly
Creepy I A Way quotes by Tori Amos
#43. And if there is a way to find you, I will find you. but will you find me if Neil makes me a tree #Quote by Tori Amos
Creepy I A Way quotes by Sarah Dessen
#44. I couldn't remember the last time I'd seen her actually relax and sit still in a way that made it obvious she wasn't already thinking about the next six things she had to do, and maybe the six after that #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Creepy I A Way quotes by John Green
#45. Because it's kind of great, being an idea that everybody likes. But I could never be the idea to myself, not all the way. And Agloe is a place where a paper creation became real. A dot on the map became a real place, more real than the people who created the dot could never have imagined. I thought maybe the paper cutout of a girl could start becoming real here also. And it seemed like a way to tell that paper girl who cared about popularity and clothes and everything else: 'You are going to the paper towns. And you are never coming back. #Quote by John Green

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