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Coworkers From Hell quotes by Charles Bukowski
#1. Love is a Dog from Hell. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Francis Chan
#2. Lukewarm people give money to charity and to the church ... so long as it doesn't impinge on their standard of living. Lukewarm people tend to choose what is popular over what is right. Lukewarm people don't really want to be saved from their sin; they want to be saved from the penalty of their sin. Lukewarm people rarely share their faith with their neighbors, coworkers, or friends. Lukewarm people are thankful for their luxuries and comforts, and rarely consider trying to give as much as possible to the poor. #Quote by Francis Chan
Coworkers From Hell quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#3. We have to touch such men, not with a bargepole, but with a benediction," he said. "We have to say the word that will save them from hell. We alone are left to deliver them from despair when your human charity deserts them. Go on your own primrose path pardoning all your favourite vices and being generous to your fashionable crimes; and leave us in the darkness, vampires of the night, to console those who really need consolation; who do things really indefensible, things that neither the world nor they themselves can defend; and none but a priest will pardon. Leave us with the men who commit the mean and revolting and real crimes; mean as St. Peter when the cock crew, and yet the dawn came. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Jesse Eisenberg
#4. Devils don't come from hell beneath us, they come from the sky. #Quote by Jesse Eisenberg
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Harrison Ford
#5. For some directors, I'm the actor from hell. #Quote by Harrison Ford
Coworkers From Hell quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#6. There is an untapped beauty which lies just below the surface of the face of the ability to strip oneself of all of the veils that one covers himself/herself in before looking into the mirror. I wrote something many years ago, which has to do with the mermaid speaking to the white witch: "I am a mermaid and I know what I am but you are a white witch draped in silver robes"... it was about how people lie to themselves about who they are. They cover themselves in silver linings, in silver veils, in silver robes, while the cauldron they stir comes from hell! This piece that I wrote has since become exceedingly popular and exaggeratedly quoted. But even when we are mermaids, we still need to stop and look into the mirror and remove the silver lining we outline ourselves in, so that we can see who we really are, practice what we really are, thus becoming authentic through-and-through. Because this is the only way that we can reach our full capacities to enliven what we are capable of becoming and being. We often believe that silver linings are what enables us; nevertheless, silver linings often hold us down. Silver is heavy metal. Imagine all you could be, if you could be YOUR ACTUAL SELF. Who are you without your silver paint and paintbrush? It is a very liberating practice, a practice I am most eager to continue cultivating within me. Who are you without all of the adjectives you add to your existence? How do you move? What is that look in your eyes? Does your heartbeat match th #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Patricia Briggs
#7. No, really," I said. "Now that we know that Flores is really this nasty, fiery, superpowerful nothing-can-kill-me demon from hell, maybe we should consider just giving Christy to him? #Quote by Patricia Briggs
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Tellulah Darling
#8. Even if I win, what will my future hold? Can I put "saved world" on a college application? If I fulfil my destiny next week, where do I go from there? A Where Are They Now pity piece in some Greek god trash rag? #Quote by Tellulah Darling
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Siri Hustvedt
#9. Some of us are fated to live in a box from which there is only temporary release. We of the damned-up spirits, of the thwarted feelings, of the blocked hearts, and the pent-up thoughts, we who long to blast out, flood forth in a torrent of rage or joy or even madness, but there is nowhere for us to go, nowhere in the world because no one will have us as we are, and there is nothing to do except to embrace the secret pleasures of our sublimations, the arc of a sentence, the kiss of a rhyme, the image that forms on paper or canvas, the inner cantata, the cloistered embroidery, the dark and dreaming needlepoint from hell or heaven or purgatory or none of those three, but there must be some sound and fury from us, some clashing cymbals in the void. #Quote by Siri Hustvedt
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Stephani Hecht
#10. Logan couldn't have been more surprised if Satan himself had come up from hell and started ladling soup at a homeless shelter. #Quote by Stephani Hecht
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Victor Hugo
#11. The book which the reader has under his eye at this moment is, from one end to the other, as a whole and in detail, whatever may be its intermittences, exceptions and faults, the march from evil to good, from the unjust to the just, from night to day, from appetite to conscience, from rottenness to life, from hell to heaven, from nothingness to God. Point of departure: matter; point of arrival: the soul. The hydra at the beginning, the angel at the end. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Aldous Huxley
#12. I don't care where I'm from. Nor where I'm going. From hell to hell. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Eric Weiner
#13. Social scientists estimate that about 70 percent of our happiness stems from our relationships, both quantity and quality, with friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors. During life's difficult patches, camaraderie blunts our misery; during the good times, it boosts our happiness. #Quote by Eric Weiner
Coworkers From Hell quotes by John Webster
#14. Oh, yes, thy sins Do run before thee to fetch fire from hell, To light thee thither. #Quote by John Webster
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Rasmenia Massoud
#15. We laughed the way that only people who carry each other back from Hell can laugh when they finally get a hunger for the future once again. #Quote by Rasmenia Massoud
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Alan Kinross
#16. Harley's eyes widened in horror, and a low moan of fear escaped his mouth. The back alley was filled with a vision from Hell. #Quote by Alan Kinross
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Robert Englund
#17. For my number-one favorite kill, I almost went with Johnny Depp being eaten alive and then regurgitated by his own bed in A Nightmare on Elm Street, but the winner, by a finger blade's width, has to be the death of that feisty Tina (Amanda Wyss), who put up such a fight while I thrashed her about on the ceiling of her bedroom. Freddy loves a worthy adversary, especially if it's a nubile teenaged girl.

A close second goes to my hearing-impaired victim Carlos (Ricky Dean Logan) in Nightmare 6. In these uber-politically-correct times, it's refreshing to remember what an equal opportunity killer Freddy always was. Not only does he pump up the volume on the hearing aid from hell, but he also adds a nice Latino kid to his body count. Today they probably wouldn't even let Freddy force-feed a fat kid junk food.

Dream death number three is found in a sequence from Nightmare 3. Freddy plays puppet master with victim Phillip (Bradley Gregg), converting his arm and leg tendons into marionette strings, then cutting them in a Freddy meets Verigo moment.

The kiss of death Profressor Freddy gives Sheila (Toy Newkirk) is great, but not as good as Al Pacino's in The Godfather, so my fourth pick is Freddy turning Debbie (Brooke Theiss) into her worst nightmare, a cockroach, and crushing her in a Roach Motel. A classic Kafka/Krueger kill.

For my final fave, you will have to check out Freddy vs. Jason playing at a Hell's Octoplex near you. Here's a hint #Quote by Robert Englund
Coworkers From Hell quotes by William Dalrymple
#18. One day Lal shahbaz was wandering in the desert with his friend Sheikh Bhaa ud-Din Zakariya. It was winter, and evening time, so they began to build a fire to keep warm. They found some wood, but then they realised they had no fire. So Baha ud- Din suggested that Lal Shahbaz turn himself into a falcon and get fire from hell. Off he flew, but an hour later he came back empty handed. "There is no fire in hell," he reported. "Everyone who goes there brings their own fire, and their own pain, from this world. #Quote by William Dalrymple
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Terry Pratchett
#19. It pays to advertise," Nanny agreed. "This is Greebo. Between you and me, he's a fiend from hell." "Well, he's a cat," said Mrs. Gogol, generously. "It's only to be expected. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Coworkers From Hell quotes by William Carr Peel
#20. Unfortunately, some Christians don't look much different from non-Christian coworkers. They talk the same, have the same work habits, compromise on the same issues, and entertain themselves in the same ways as those who have never met God personally. In some cases, the only difference between Christians and non-Christians is where they spend an hour or son on Sunday morning. #Quote by William Carr Peel
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Tellulah Darling
#21. One wrong move and I'm sleeping with the fishes?"

Zeus' brow creased in confusion. "Why would you sleep in water?"

Hades looked at his brother like he was a moron. "It's The Godfather...Forget it. #Quote by Tellulah Darling
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Scott Hawkins
#22. The only real escape from hell is to conquer it. #Quote by Scott Hawkins
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Richard Sibbes
#23. A Christian is the greatest freeman in the world; he is free from the wrath of God, free from hell and damnation, form the curse of the law; but then, though he be free in these respects, yet, in regard of love, he is the greatest servant. Love abaseth him to do all the good that he can; and the more the Spirit of Christ is in us, the more it will abase us to anything wherein we can be serviceable. #Quote by Richard Sibbes
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Odysseus Elytis
#24. And yet from what is to what could be you cross a bridge that takes you, no more, no less, from Hell to Paradise. And more bizarre: a Paradise composed of the exact same material as Hell. The only difference is our perception of the material's arrangement – more easily understood by imagining it applied to ethical and emotional architectures – yet it's enough to pinpoint the immeasurable difference. If the reality created by people whose half-mast emotions and sensations disallow, now and perhaps forever, the other architecture or, in other words, the revolutionary re-synthesis, then, to my thinking, only the spirit is free and able to take it on. #Quote by Odysseus Elytis
Coworkers From Hell quotes by J.K. Rowling
#25. SO WHAT" Harry shouted. "Don't you understand? If Snape gets hold of the Stone, Voldemort's coming back! Haven't you heard what it was like when he was trying to take over? There won't be any Hogwarts to get expelled from! He'll flatten it, or turn it into a school for the Dark Arts! Losing points doesn't matter anymore, can't you see? Do you think he'll leave you and your families alone if Gryffindor wins the house cup? If I get caught before I can get to the Stone, well, I'll have to go back to the Dursleys and wait for Voldemort to find me there, it's only dying a bit later than I would have, because I'm never going over to the Dark Side! #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Joe Bageant
#26. Looking at Great-Great Grandpa Baldwin's photograph, I think to myself: You've finally done it. It took four generations, but you've finally goddamned done it. Gotten that war against reason and uppity secularists you always wanted. Gotten even for the Scopes trial, which they say was one of many burrs under your saddle until your last breath. Well, rejoice, old man, because your tribes have gathered around America's oldest magical hairball of ignorance and superstition, Christian fundamentalism, and their numbers have enabled them to suck so much oxygen out of the political atmosphere that they are now acknowledged as a mainstream force in politics. Episcopalians, Jews, and affluent suburban Methodists and Catholics, they are all now scratching their heads, sweating, and swearing loudly that this pack of lower-class zealots cannot possibly represent the mainstream--not the mainstream they learned about in their fancy sociology classes or were so comfortably reassured about by media commentators who were people like themselves. Goodnight, Grandpa Baldwin. I'll toast you from hell. #Quote by Joe Bageant
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Carrie Fisher
#27. I heard someone say once that many of us only seem able to find heaven by backing away from hell. And while the place that I've arrived at in my life may not precisely be everyone's idea of heavenly, I could swear sometimes
I hear angels sing. #Quote by Carrie Fisher
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Kristen Ashley
#28. Max" Shauna greeted him, her voice a contented purr than she looked at me and her eyes grew cold. "Nina."
"She bitch from hell" I replied, Bitsy's head shot around and she looked at me with wide eyes, her fear had disappears, delighted astonishment in its place while Max grunted his amusement. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#29. Oh, goodie. And here I am without my favorite stake and why is that? Because the ugly winged demon from hell – literally –came after us. Now we got these guys to fight. Well, at least they're not scaly. (Danger)
And they are blond. You like blonds. (Alexion)
True, but after looking at them, I think my tastes just changed. I think I'd rather do the demon that one of them. (Danger) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Coworkers From Hell quotes by David Gemmell
#30. My enemies can soar into the night like invisible demons, conjure wolf creatures from hell, and read minds. On our side is a god that can lead a man to a ferry! #Quote by David Gemmell
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Tellulah Darling
#31. There's blind faith and then there's 'did you walk into a bus and suffer brain damages' faith! #Quote by Tellulah Darling
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Benny Hinn
#32. Poverty comes from Hell. Prosperity comes from Heaven. Adam had complete dominion over the earth and all it contains. A. Adam could fly like a bird. B. Adam could swim underwater and breathe like a fish. Adam went to the moon. Adam walked on water. Adam was a super being; He was the first superman that lived. Adam had dominion over the sun, moon & stars. Christians do not have Christ in their hearts. Sow a big seed, when you confess it, you are activating the supernatural forces of God. #Quote by Benny Hinn
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Mary Kelly
#33. I wish I could show you the little village where I was born. It's so lovely there...I used to think it too small to spend a life in, but now I'm not so sure. #Quote by Mary Kelly
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Sreesha Divakaran
#34. Let storms rage
In the world outside;
Fires rise from hell
Stay, beloved,
From here to eternity,
Should chaos consume us
Or death annihilate us. #Quote by Sreesha Divakaran
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Jayde Scott
#35. Kieran grinned. You look good when you're angry. Now say the pitchfork line again with more oomph. #Quote by Jayde Scott
Coworkers From Hell quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#36. In the airport, luggage-laden people rush hither and yon through endless corridors, like souls to each of whom the devil has furnished a different, inaccurate map of the escape route from hell. #Quote by Ursula K. Le Guin

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