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Costumes quotes by Alessandro Nivola
#1. I love costumes. I love getting dressed up because it really helps my imagination make the leap to believe that I am who I say I am. #Quote by Alessandro Nivola
Costumes quotes by Gary Oldman
#2. I'm not the best audience for that because I'm not a great science-fiction fan. I just never got off on space ships and space costumes, things like that. #Quote by Gary Oldman
Costumes quotes by R.L. Stine
#3. She wasn't wearing a mask! The monstrous green face was her face. She wasn't wearing a monster costume. None of the Horrors were wearing costumes, I realized. I stepped back, raising my hands in horror as if trying to shield myself. #Quote by R.L. Stine
Costumes quotes by Whitney Gardner
#4. I can curl my hair and paint my nails and wear my hand-sewn summer dresses. I can roll dice and design costumes for heroes and flip through comic books. All as myself. Finally. #Quote by Whitney Gardner
Costumes quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#5. Sleep takes off the costume of circumstance, arms us with terrible freedom, so that every will rushes to a deed. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Costumes quotes by James Frain
#6. I would want to keep that in a little glass sphere, perhaps in the corner of my living room, lit up. But, I think that's an extremely expensive rig. The costumes were crazy expensive, beyond anything they could afford to give you, to take away. They're going to be in a museum of some kind, on display until they get the go for Tron: Legacy 2. It would have been awesome to keep, though. I don't think there was anything that they could afford to let go. I probably would have been arrested. #Quote by James Frain
Costumes quotes by J.D. Robb
#7. She sat down, grinned - and made her lip throb again. "I love you."
"Excellent news. You can prove it with lots of sex."
"We had sex a few hours ago."
"No, we made love a few hours ago - angels surely wept. I want sex for this job, as it's given me a buggering headache trying to straddle your far-famed line. I want mad sex, with costumes - maybe props - and an intriguing story line."
"Milking it, pal. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Costumes quotes by Gustave Flaubert
#8. One thinks of nothing,' he continued; 'the hours slip by. Motionless we traverse countries we fancy we see, and your thought, blinding with the fiction, playing with the details, follows the outline of the adventures. It mingles with the characters, and it seems as if it were yourself palpitating beneath their costumes. #Quote by Gustave Flaubert
Costumes quotes by Prince Harry
#9. I am very sorry if I have caused any offence. It was a poor choice of costume. #Quote by Prince Harry
Costumes quotes by Ray Winstone
#10. The other thing is that when people mention computers - and I'm pretty much the same - they find it hard to comprehend that there's a performance there. They look at it as something that's just been made by a computer but in a way the difference is that when you make a normal film - and I'm simplifying it here - you put on the make-up and you put the scenery in before you start shooting, but with this you still perform in the same way but then you put the make-up on after, along with the costumes and scenery. #Quote by Ray Winstone
Costumes quotes by Warwick Davis
#11. In a costume, you need very exaggerated body language - as you say, sort of mime-type skills. #Quote by Warwick Davis
Costumes quotes by Margaret Atwood
#12. This is the kind we like best. They have a certain gaiety to them, a power of invention, they don't care what people think. They have escaped, though what it is they've escaped from isn't clear to us. We think that their bizarre costumes, their verbal ties, are chosen, and that when the time comes we also will be free to choose. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Costumes quotes by Edie Falco
#13. With everything that you do, once the costume is on, and you're in the pretend hospital, and you're there with your co-workers, it all sort of snaps into place: Who you are, what it feels like, who these people are to you. #Quote by Edie Falco
Costumes quotes by Jenny Gardiner
#14. When I look at a pumpkin muffin, I see the brilliant orange glow of a sugar maple in its full autumnal glory. I see the crisp blue sky of October, so clear and restorative and reassuring. I see hayrides, and I feel Halloween just around the corner, kids dressed up in homemade costumes, bobbing for apples and awaiting trick or treat. I think of children dressed as Pilgrims in a pre-school parade, or a Thanksgiving feast, the bounty of harvest foods burdening a table with its goodness. I picture pumpkins at a farmer's market, piled happy and high, awaiting a new home where children will carve them into scary faces or mothers will bake them into a pie or stew. #Quote by Jenny Gardiner
Costumes quotes by Mason Cooley
#15. Nudity is the costume of lovers and corpses. #Quote by Mason Cooley
Costumes quotes by Anna Held
#16. Costumes and scenery alone will not attract audiences. #Quote by Anna Held
Costumes quotes by Nick Spalding
#17. The festivities have a fancy dress theme... inevitable. Here's what i consider to be an undisputed fact: nobody actually likes going to fancy dress parties. If the government declared tomorrow that fancy dress parties were banned, nobody would mind. Why? Because you spend the weeks before the bloody thing worrying about what to wear and how much it's going to cost you. Then you either trawl around the charity shops every afternoon until you find a leather jacket that look slightly like the one Indiana Jones wears, or you throw in the towel and buy one of those mass-produced nasty costumes that come in a bag and fall apart before you've even arrived at the party. Then you realize that everybody's costume is a hundred times better than yours, and you look like the special kid who always stand at the back of the school concert waving at the fire exit. #Quote by Nick Spalding
Costumes quotes by Mary Jo Bang
#18. Bertrand Russell said, 'Electricity is not a thing like St. Paul's Cathedral; it is a way in which things behave.' And it's not 'they' who say, but Walter Benjamin who said, 'Things are only mannequins and even the great world-historical events are only costumes beneath which they exchange glances with nothingness, with the base and the banal.' In September, 1940, Benjamin died under ambiguous circumstances in the French-Spanish border town of Portbou, while attempting to flee the Nazis. #Quote by Mary Jo Bang
Costumes quotes by Conor McPherson
#19. I would love to make a 1830's period piece, a house in the country, a classic atmospheric haunted house movie, visually it would be so beautiful, the costumes, the candles, the darkness, and the quiet, no radio, to TV, the clock ticking away. #Quote by Conor McPherson
Costumes quotes by Lou Doillon
#20. Singing is the rawest thing. Having been naked in films or naked in photo shoots, it's nothing compared to singing. It's absolute nakedness. You are stripped bare! It's very strange. Acting seems much easier, in fact, because you are putting on a costume - whereas here, you are taking everything off. #Quote by Lou Doillon
Costumes quotes by Meryl Streep
#21. I'm a pain in the ass to all of the costume designers with whom I work because I have very strong feelings about the subject. #Quote by Meryl Streep
Costumes quotes by J.W. Ocker
#22. It was a strange experience to be looking out the window of an eighteenth-century Chinese house at a seventeenth-century colonial graveyard full of people in twenty-first-century Halloween costumes. Salem, guys. #Quote by J.W. Ocker
Costumes quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
#23. Diplomacy is the police in grand costume. #Quote by Napoleon Bonaparte
Costumes quotes by Marcel Proust
#24. The costumes of these two ladies seemed to me like the materialisation, snow-white or patterned with colour, of their inner activity, and, like the gestures which I had seen the Princesse de Guermantes make and which, I had no doubt, corresponded to some latent idea, the plumes which swept down from her forehead and her cousin's dazzling and spangled bodice seemed to have a special meaning, to be to each of these women an attribute which was hers and hers alone. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Costumes quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#25. Who claims Truth, Truth abandons. History is hir'd, or coerc'd, only in Interests that must ever prove base. She is too innocent, to be left within the reach of anyone in Power,- who need but touch her, and all her Credit is in the instant vanish'd, as if it had never been. She needs rather to be tended lovingly and honorably by fabulists and counterfeiters, Ballad-Mongers and Cranks of ev'ry Radius, Masters of Disguise to provide her the Costume, Toilette, and Bearing, and Speech nimble enough to keep her beyond the Desires, or even the Curiosity, of Government. #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Costumes quotes by Bonnie McKee
#26. In my head, I wanted to be Madonna, but the music I was writing on paper was not what you'd choreograph dancers in costumes to. It was more coffee-house stuff. #Quote by Bonnie McKee
Costumes quotes by Matt De La Pena
#27. He stared at the glowing moon again, and he listened to the whispering ocean. His thoughts were more staticky than before, but for the first time since the summer started, he felt like he understood the ocean's whispering. It all came down to this. The darkness. The loneliness. The mystery. The fact that everyone's days were numbered, and it didn't matter if you were in premier class or worked in housekeeping. Those were only costumes people wore. And once you stripped them away you saw the truth. This giant ocean and this dark pressing sky. We only have a few minutes, but the unexplainable world is constant and forever marching forward. #Quote by Matt De La Pena
Costumes quotes by Mark Shearman
#28. Pedro, the Guardia, asked him if he could inspect the inside of his van because hundreds of very expensive ham legs had been stolen recently and the robbery perpetrated by a gang of men dressed as priests ‒ how do you say, monks. Danny felt the beads of sweat trickle down his back as he slid open the door. Along the side was a clothes rack with different costumes hung on hangers. He couldn't actually remember when he'd last cleaned the van out, hadn't the front to admit to such slovenliness. Pedro the cop lifted off a cassock.
"I use that for my work."
Pedro put his hand on the van and poked his nose in, sniffed and backed his face away and looked at his hand covered in sticky egg yolk and shell.
"It's for the wash," continued Danny, fighting a smirk.
Pedro pointed at his eyes with his fingers and then at Danny's to indicate, I'm watching you.
Danny reluctantly handed the cash over to the cop. They ambled off as he watched his money scrunch into his pocket.
Danny slumped at the bar, deflated. #Quote by Mark Shearman
Costumes quotes by Philippa Gregory
#29. We all had parts to play, we all had costumes to wear, we all had to be as merry as we could be, for the King was always laughing this winter and the Queen never stopped smiling. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Costumes quotes by E.L. Konigsburg
#30. Just because I don't have on a silly black costume and carry a silly broom and wear a silly black hat, doesn't mean that I'm not a witch. I'm a witch all the time and not just on Halloween. #Quote by E.L. Konigsburg
Costumes quotes by Chris Roberson
#31. A big part of the fun of working on Superman has been coming up with new characters and concepts to toss in, helping to design their costumes, things like that. And I spent ages coming up with the name 'Fortress of Solidarity,' so I want to get as much use out of it as I can! #Quote by Chris Roberson
Costumes quotes by Harold Prince
#32. When I started producing, it was George Abbott directing and he would let me do the scenery. He just wanted to know where the doors were - the entrances, the exits; the tables, the props - and then I would hire the designer. I took charge of the visuals - scenery and costumes and so on. And, the shows looked wonderful. #Quote by Harold Prince
Costumes quotes by Meghan Daum
#33. No matter where they are or who they're with, dogs are incapable of being anything but themselves. Show me a dog that puts on airs or laughs politely at an unfunny joke and I'll show you a human in a dog costume, possibly one owned and licensed by the Walt Disney Company. #Quote by Meghan Daum
Costumes quotes by Carey Mulligan
#34. I didn't want to do a costume drama. It's a great thing to do, but I've done them, and I didn't want to do the same thing again. Of course, costume dramas can be from all different eras, but at the time, I just felt very sure that I didn't want to be boxed in as an English actress. I wanted to be an actress, rather than an English actress. #Quote by Carey Mulligan
Costumes quotes by John Boyne
#35. It reminds me of how grandmother always had the right costume for me to wear. You wear the right outfit and you feel like the person you're pretending to be. #Quote by John Boyne
Costumes quotes by Richard Avedon
#36. You can't get at the thing itself, the real nature of the sitter, by stripping away the surface. You can only get beyond the surface by working with the surface. All that you can do is manipulate that surface-gesture, costume, expression-radically and correctly. #Quote by Richard Avedon
Costumes quotes by Kate Adie
#37. People always seem to assume that we have a full, back-up support team - make-up, costume and a driver - but usually, in a war zone, there's only me and the cameraman. #Quote by Kate Adie
Costumes quotes by Sam Hunt
#38. I had some interesting costumes ... the one that I remember right offhand is Zorro when I was a lot younger. I was a big time Zorro fan. My mom helped me make it, and I remember having a big issue with the fact that she wouldn't let me carry around a real metal sword; it just had to be plastic. #Quote by Sam Hunt
Costumes quotes by Amy Sedaris
#39. I need a costume to be convinced that I'm somebody else. Otherwise, it's just me. It's just Amy saying lines. I haven't really become somebody else. And what's the fun in that? #Quote by Amy Sedaris
Costumes quotes by Chuck Klosterman
#40. In some ways, Halloween is much easier for women. They can just dress as sluts, and it's kind of a costume, if they never do any other time. #Quote by Chuck Klosterman
Costumes quotes by Amos Bronson Alcott
#41. A good style fits like a good costume. #Quote by Amos Bronson Alcott
Costumes quotes by Boris Vallejo
#42. You can't do a machine without knowing something about how it's going to work. As for the romantics, the costumes bored me and I don't enjoy doing period clothes. #Quote by Boris Vallejo
Costumes quotes by Donald McCaig
#43. Rosemary, in his heart your brother is a lover. The shrewd businessman, the adventurer, the dandy are but costumes the lover wears. #Quote by Donald McCaig
Costumes quotes by Michael Shannon
#44. When you put your costume on and you get your hair and your makeup done [for a role] and you stare in the mirror you feel like a different person. #Quote by Michael Shannon
Costumes quotes by Annette Marie
#45. They came to the door of the ladies' club and Ash reached for the handle. Before he could touch it, the door flew open and Lyre fell out, still dressed in the white waiter "uniform" and his arms full of his clothes and weapons. Shouts burst from the building's interior.

"There you are!" Lyre blurted, wild-eyed. "Time to go."

"What happened?" Ash barked.

Clio was still gawking when Lyre launched down the alley, leaving her and Ash to rush after him.

"Some women react poorly to rejection," Lyre explained breathlessly. "Especially when they've paid a lot of money to not be rejected."

"You blew your cover by rejecting her?" Ash snapped.

They fled down several alleys before Lyre skidded to a stop and whirled on Ash, still clutching his belongings.

"I'll dress up in stupid costumes," the incubus snarled with unexpected temper, "and I'll pretend to be a paid whore, and I'll even let a crucial informant pinch and paw at me." He thrust an accusatory finger at Ash. "But I will not allow that nasty old hag's tongue anywhere near me, not even to save the damn world!"

Ash blinked.

Scowling blackly, Lyre shoved his armload at Ash, then pulled a dagger from the pile and cut his leather-strap top off. "Next time, you can do the nasty stuff and I'll kill people. #Quote by Annette Marie
Costumes quotes by Mick Jagger
#46. You know, being in a rock band, you can't overdo the costume changes too much because everyone thinks, 'Oh, that's not a real rock band. Look how many times he changes costumes! That's not rock. Rock's about going on in a T-shirt and staying in it and getting it all dirty.' But that's not really my approach. #Quote by Mick Jagger
Costumes quotes by Andre Dirrell
#47. I'm a festive guy to begin with and Halloween is my favorite holiday. I went all out on this one costume. It's a ghoul that makes me approximately 10 feet tall when I wear it. I actually got an offer to work at a haunted house because the costume is so great, and I did it for about an hour and a half before I got too cold and had to quit to go inside. Michigan winters are no joke. #Quote by Andre Dirrell
Costumes quotes by Meg Cabot
#48. Inside the envelope with the letter was a little Princess Leia action figure USB flash drive. (they make these?) For me to store my novel on, since he was right-I never back up my computer's hard drive.
The sight of it-it's Princess Leia in her Hoth outfit, my favorite of her costumes (how had he remembered?) brought tears to my eyes. #Quote by Meg Cabot
Costumes quotes by Victoria Wood
#49. Acting is not my favourite thing. I don't like wearing costumes and wigs. #Quote by Victoria Wood
Costumes quotes by Stephen Daldry
#50. I am, in fact, Superman. Every morning I wake up and go into a telephone booth and change my costume, and then go to work. #Quote by Stephen Daldry
Costumes quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#51. Dave and Tate were dressed with equal heinousness. More black leather, chains, and whips. Either Don's staff truly had costumes for all possible occasions on hand, or someone at wardrobe had a lot of explaining to do. #Quote by Jeaniene Frost
Costumes quotes by Greg Proops
#52. If you have a funny costume, you can't really wear it when you get older. #Quote by Greg Proops
Costumes quotes by Louise Gluck
#53. I had nothing and I was still changed. Like a costume, my numbness was taken away. Then hunger was added. #Quote by Louise Gluck
Costumes quotes by James P. Carse
#54. Therefore, poets do not 'fit' into society, not because a place is denied them but because they do not take their 'places' seriously. They openly see its roles as theatrical, its styles as poses, its clothing costumes, its rules conventional, its crises arranged, its conflicts performed and its metaphysics ideological. #Quote by James P. Carse
Costumes quotes by Marc Jacobs
#55. I always wanted to be a fashion designer so I just have to remember that as long as I'm doing it I'm living the dream. #Quote by Marc Jacobs
Costumes quotes by Baradwaj Rangan
#56. it's a fitting salute to a heroine who rose over bad costumes and unflattering cinematography (remember those days of relentless soft-focus?) to become the sole reason many of us watched Hindi films at one time. And all these years on, Madhuri Dixit still makes it look as easy as ek, do, teen. #Quote by Baradwaj Rangan
Costumes quotes by Robert Fulghum
#57. All of these are names given me by other people, but not names I would have given myself. My name is not mine, it's theirs. It's a series of costumes put on my life by other people. #Quote by Robert Fulghum
Costumes quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#58. When you look at a wall spotted with stains ... you may discover a resemblance to various landscapes, beautiful with mountains, rivers, rocks, trees. Or again, you may see battles and figures in action, or strange faces and costumes, and an endless variety of objects which you could reduce to complete and well-drawn figures. #Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci
Costumes quotes by Lois Lowry
#59. A stage adaptation of The Giver has been performed in cities and towns across the USA for years. More recently an opera has been composed and performed. And soon there will be a film. Does The Giver have the same effect when it is presented in a different way: It's hard to know. A book, to me is almost sacrosanct: such an individual and private thing. The reader brings his or her own history and beliefs and concerns, and reads in solitude, creating each scene from his own imagination as he does. There is no fellow ticket-holder in the next seat. The important thing is that another medium
stage, film, music
doesn't obliterate a book. The movie is here now, on a big screen, with stars and costumes and a score. But the book hasn't gone away. It has simply grown up, grown larger, and begun to glisten in a new way. #Quote by Lois Lowry
Costumes quotes by Emilie Autumn
#60. DeathWish: You spent some time working with Courtney Love and Billy Corgan on a creative level, how did this experience help your growth as an artist?
EA: It didn't
it stunted it entirely. I gave up over a year of my life and career helping Billy with his flop of an album and designing and building all of the costumes for his music video. With Courtney, we were friends, but I spent years working to record and promote her flop of an album only to find that my value increased every time I peed in an orange juice bottle so that she could fake her way through a drug test. Not exactly a haven for artistic growth. #Quote by Emilie Autumn
Costumes quotes by Ted Dekker
#61. The temptation to forget is woven into the fabric of these... costumes. #Quote by Ted Dekker
Costumes quotes by Truth Hurts
#62. Strip is the power. I'm ready to strip ... I think everyone is. In that I'm saying I think everyone is ready to take off masks and pretentious costumes that don't represent who they truly are. #Quote by Truth Hurts
Costumes quotes by Hiroyuki Sanada
#63. 47 Ronin is a very special movie for me. Not only a Samurai thing. Not only a Hollywood fantasy. It has a very special mixture between Japanese traditional culture and Western culture for the costume, set, story. Everything. I believe it will be a very special film that no one has ever seen. #Quote by Hiroyuki Sanada
Costumes quotes by Eddie Griffin
#64. Add the hippie-rock-drugs atmosphere circa 1970, and you get Clinton's rechristened group Parliament, decked out in weird costumes, singing cosmic lyrics and laying down amazing funk lines - also lines of other kinds. One observer describes Maggot Brain ... one of those guys with super technique that took a lot of acid and just went out from there. #Quote by Eddie Griffin
Costumes quotes by Anna Pavlova
#65. Get my swan costume ready. #Quote by Anna Pavlova
Costumes quotes by Meg Cabot
#66. Of course I didn't think I'd heard him correctly. Why would he have told me something so important now, so casually, in the middle of a street fair?
Before I could stop myself, I blurted out the first thing I thought.
"Just one?"
The look he gave me was shattering.
Given everything I knew about him, though, I'd expected him to have killed a man.
It was the fact that his having taken a single life had resulted in his banishment to the Underworld for all eternity that I found so astonishing.
"I had no idea," he said, with a dry smile, "that you were so bloodthirsty, Pierce. Should we try to find you one of those pirate costumes? #Quote by Meg Cabot
Costumes quotes by Greg Behrendt
#67. I have two rules when you come to my house on Halloween. Wear a costume - 'cause if you've manned your door at your own house, you know how many kids will roll up, 14 years old with no costume and an attitude. My other rule: don't grab. Let me assess you and then design a candy situation for you. #Quote by Greg Behrendt
Costumes quotes by Philip Glass
#68. In retrospect, I think those people dressed in costumes walking up Montparnasse must have seen someting before anybody else did. When they looked at me and said, "This guy comes with us," I think it wasn't just an accident, it was as clear a sign as I would ever get that I was going to enter the life of the artist. I was going to disrobe myself, I was going to put on a new identity, I was going to be somebody else. #Quote by Philip Glass
Costumes quotes by Mary Woronov
#69. Costumes are so much better than clothes. They're like drugs, they change your personality. #Quote by Mary Woronov
Costumes quotes by Sarah Skilton
#70. The idea was to anger the drama kids, not hurt any of them. I'm not a deer hunter. I decided to prey on their most basic, cherished fear. "This play sucks! No one likes it. Not even the junior high bloggers will review this lame excuse for a Moliere," I yelled, and chucked tomatillos at the stager, over, under, and past the ducking, traumatized performers in French aristocrat costumes. #Quote by Sarah Skilton
Costumes quotes by Larry Truman
#71. A producer is a man with a dream. I say, 'I don't write, I don't direct, I don't act, I don't compose music, I don't design costumes. What do I do? I make things happen.' A producer is like a chef. You get all the right ingredients together and make a tasty stew. You put the wrong ingredient together, it'll taste bad" David Wolpert #Quote by Larry Truman
Costumes quotes by Darnell Lamont Walker
#72. Relationships fail often because some of us are too afraid to go naked. Not literally, but with out these costumes we made. #Quote by Darnell Lamont Walker
Costumes quotes by Dane DeHaan
#73. I loved the movies and I loved cartoon superheroes - superheroes in general. I had all the pajama costumes and I would wear my underwear on the outside of the pajamas because that's what Superman does. #Quote by Dane DeHaan
Costumes quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#74. Look at walls splashed with a number of stains, or stones of various mixed colours. If you have to invent some scene, you can see there resemblances to a number of landscapes, adorned with mountains, rivers, rocks, trees, great plains, valleys and hills, in various ways. Also you can see various battles, and lively postures of strange figures, expressions on faces, costumes and an infinite number of things, which you can reduce to good integrated form. This happens on such walls and varicoloured stones, (which act) like the sound of bells, in whose peeling you can find every name and word that you can imagine.
Do not despise my opinion, when I remind you that it should not hard for you to stop sometimes and look into the stains of walls, or the ashes of a fire, or clouds, or mud or like places, in which, if you consider them well, you may find really marvelous ideas. The mind of the painter is
stimulated to new discoveries, the composition of battles of animals and men, various compositions of landscapes and monstrous things, such as devils and similar things, which may bring you honor, because by indistinct things the mind is stimulated to new inventions. #Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci
Costumes quotes by Lily Collins
#75. My parents read me fairy tales every night and I used to believe I was a fairytale princess, like every young girl. I had all the Disney dressing-up costumes and would play every character. #Quote by Lily Collins
Costumes quotes by J.L. Merrow
#76. I just asked you, Alan, what was your opinion about the trend towards modernisation in the performance of the classics?" Larry's dad said, with his lip curled up all funny.[ ... ]
"I think it's okay. I don't think you should diss actors just 'cause they can't afford proper costumes."
Then Larry laughed, but his family all looked at me like I had sauce all over my face or something. So I wiped my mouth, but it was clean anyhow. But I made sure I was extra careful eating after that, just in case. #Quote by J.L. Merrow
Costumes quotes by Garnette Cadogan
#77. We, the vulnerable, have to wear costumes in order to feel safe, or to feel less unsafe. #Quote by Garnette Cadogan
Costumes quotes by Meghan Quinn
#78. Soon, droves of children start to show up, keeping us rather busy. We start tallying up the number of Trolls, Batmans, Lego men, and princesses we see. The most popular costume? Batman and Superwoman with the fabrics and accessories varying from child to child. But my favorite so far is the girl who dressed as Little Debbie, but then again, I may be biased.

"I think she might be my new favorite," Emma says as a little girl dressed as a nurse walks away.

"That's because you're a nurse, but you can't play favorites," I say, reminding Emma of the rules.

She levels with me. "This coming from the guy whose favorite child was dressed as Little Debbie."

"Come on." I lean back in my chair and motion to my head. "She had the rim of blue on her hat. That's attention to detail."

"And good fucking parenting," Tucker chimes in, and we clink our beer bottles together.

Amelia chuckles next to me as Emma shakes her head. "Ridiculous. What about you, Amelia? What costume has been your favorite so far?"

"Hmm, it's been a tough competition. There has been some real winning costumes and some absolute piss-poor ones." She shakes her head. "Just because you put a scarf around your neck and call yourself Jack Frost doesn't mean you dressed up."

"Ugh, that costume was dumb."

"It shouldn't be referred to as a costume, but that's beside the point." I like how much Amelia is getting into this little prete #Quote by Meghan Quinn
Costumes quotes by Yann Martel
#79. I quite deliberately dressed wild animals in tame costumes of my imagination. #Quote by Yann Martel
Costumes quotes by Michelle Dockery
#80. The journey matters as much as the destination. By engaging in the moment on set, I've stopped rushing and now find pleasure in the collaborative process - the characters, the costumes - rather than worrying about the finished product. #Quote by Michelle Dockery
Costumes quotes by E.A. Bucchianeri
#81. A mask you ask? Optional I find!
Masks lend appeal of a mysterious kind. #Quote by E.A. Bucchianeri
Costumes quotes by Emun Elliott
#82. I had a Spider-man costume when I was about three, and I lost the mask. So I went to the underwear drawer and put a pair of red pants on my head. My dad came home and just laughed, and I ran into my room and burst into tears. #Quote by Emun Elliott
Costumes quotes by Ken Fox
#83. I haven't put on a baseball uniform since about age 12. It's like I'm wearing a Halloween costume. I'm pretending to be a ballplayer. #Quote by Ken Fox
Costumes quotes by Christian Siriano
#84. It was something I was more interested in myself. When I went to see my sister dance at ballet, I was really into costumes and the arts, and my family was also supportive of whatever me and my sister wanted to do. I would say I pushed myself the most to be into design. #Quote by Christian Siriano
Costumes quotes by Johnny Weir
#85. I design all of my costumes. I like to go out there and feel like I have contributed to every part of what I do. I choose the music, the choreographer, I've obviously chosen my coach, my costumes - all if that falls under my realm of power, my realm of influence. #Quote by Johnny Weir
Costumes quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#86. He shouldn't want to see her, but he did. He shouldn't want to know how she felt, how she tasted, but he did. He shouldn't want to know what food she liked or what she thought about when she was alone. He shouldn't want to know what her favorite music was or what she did when she wasn't modeling, if she did anything at all, but he did. He wanted to know everything there was to know about Razel D'Punz; the real Razel. No makeup. No costumes. No lights or camera. #Quote by Elizabeth Morgan
Costumes quotes by Mark Morris
#87. Being queer you're supposed to adore figure skating. It's a sport, not an art. I love the costumes and hate the music and of course I worship Johnny Weir because so does he. Also he's real. It's a full gay thing and it always has been. #Quote by Mark Morris
Costumes quotes by Sam Riley
#88. For me the costume is always a huge part of getting into character. #Quote by Sam Riley
Costumes quotes by Jean De La Bruyere
#89. A simple garb is the proper costume of the vulgar; it is cut for them, and exactly suits their measure, but it is an ornament for those who have filled up their lives with great deeds. I liken them to beauty in dishabille, but more bewitching on that account. #Quote by Jean De La Bruyere
Costumes quotes by Jim Dale
#90. We talk about theatre museums filled with old costumes and things. What we also need is a theatre museum of the old routines on videotape. We are only the custodians of those techniques, and they should be preserved. #Quote by Jim Dale
Costumes quotes by Fiona Gubelmann
#91. I'm definitely excited about roles where I get to wear cool costumes. I love Game of Thrones, and would love to do something like that. I'm totally a dork. #Quote by Fiona Gubelmann
Costumes quotes by Michael Foley
#92. So a contemporary wedding is like the Olympic Games, a spectacle of detailed research and preparation but lasts only a short time. Even if it all goes according to plan, a wedding is over in a day, much of it spent being ordered around by photographers, and when the audience is gone and the costumes returned to their boxes (never again to be taken out), an ordinary man and woman look to each other and think: 'Is this all it is? #Quote by Michael Foley
Costumes quotes by Edward Norton
#93. When I was very small, I had that first-time-you-see-a-play experience, which immediately made me want to act, because it seemed like this incredible outlet for something I was already doing fairly compulsively anyway, which was putting on hats and costumes and doing funny voices. It was a very natural compulsion for me. #Quote by Edward Norton
Costumes quotes by Suzy Kassem
#94. Just because a man is dressed in a clean white robe does not mean his heart and hands are clean. Any man who neglects his conscience is a dangerous animal. Never judge a man by his image. Images can be bought or produced by any Hollywood producer, marketing team or fleet of stylists. Even kids know how to wear amazing costumes for Halloween. Always judge a man by the coloring of his heart and only his heart. Truth can be found in his record of actions, not intentions. #Quote by Suzy Kassem
Costumes quotes by Coco Chanel
#95. Nothings makes a woman look older that a rich costume. #Quote by Coco Chanel
Costumes quotes by Mary Elizabeth Ellis
#96. I have the weirdest job. The hair and makeup people were talking the other day about how weird their job is. And costumes, they have to be in people's faces and have to reach in their skirts to pull their shirts down and stuff. I was like, "You guys, I meet someone, I shake their hand, and then I kiss them. And sober. During midday. For money." #Quote by Mary Elizabeth Ellis
Costumes quotes by Amy Poehler
#97. I hate Halloween. I hate dressing up. I hate - I wear wigs, makeup, costumes every day. Halloween is like, my least favorite holiday. #Quote by Amy Poehler
Costumes quotes by Dolly Parton
#98. My best country record only sold 200,000 copies. #Quote by Dolly Parton
Costumes quotes by Karl Marx
#99. Men make their own history, but they do not make it as they please; they do not make it under self-selected circumstances, but under circumstances existing already, given and transmitted from the past. The tradition of all dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brains of the living. And just as they seem to be occupied with revolutionizing themselves and things, creating something that did not exist before, precisely in such epochs of revolutionary crisis they anxiously conjure up the spirits of the past to their service, borrowing from them names, battle slogans, and costumes in order to present this new scene in world history in time-honored disguise and borrowed language. #Quote by Karl Marx
Costumes quotes by Colleen Atwood
#100. I'd say probably the most expensive costumes I've ever made were the costumes in 'The Planet of the Apes,' because of the research and development that went into them and the amount of layers. #Quote by Colleen Atwood
Costumes quotes by Colleen Atwood
#101. I get more distracted by hair or a really bad wig than I do costumes any day of the week. #Quote by Colleen Atwood
Costumes quotes by Paloma Picasso
#102. A perfume is like a piece of clothing, a message, a way of presenting oneself a costume that differs according to the woman who wears it. #Quote by Paloma Picasso
Costumes quotes by Suzy Kassem
#103. I ask people of the world and children of light to start reflecting the stories of their souls to vibrate wisdom around the earth. Pick up a paintbrush or microphone. Press the inks of your pens to paper or tap words onto your screens, and start sharing what you know and have learned with the masses. Turn your personal painting into a piece of the earth's puzzle so that our unified assemblage of thoughts, experiences and lessons reveal common truths that cannot be denied. Imagine the changes that could happen if everyone suddenly stopped acting like someone else, became true to themselves, and celebrated the beauty of their uniqueness? Only after people have willingly removed their masks and costumes, and have begun pouring light from their hearts to reveal their vulnerability, dreams and pains, will we be able to see that beneath the surface we are all the same. After all, how can the world collectively fight for Truth, if soldiers in its army are void of truth? We must first all be true by putting truth in our words and actions. And to do so, everyone must learn to think and react with their conscience. Imagine what Truth could do to neutralize the clutches of evil once this black and white world suddenly became embraced by a strong rainbow of loud powerful voices. We could put color back into every home, every school, every industry, every nation, and every garden on earth where flowers have been crushed by corruption. #Quote by Suzy Kassem
Costumes quotes by Carol Burnett
#104. I'm glad I was born when I was. My time was the golden age of variety. If I were starting out again now, maybe things would happen for me, but it certainly would not be on a variety show with 28 musicians, 12 dancers, two major guest stars, 50 costumes a week by Bob Mackie. The networks just wouldn't spend the money today. #Quote by Carol Burnett
Costumes quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#105. A legion of horribles, hundreds in number, half naked or clad in costumes attic or biblical or wardrobed out of a fevered dream with the skins of animals and silk finery and pieces of uniform still tracked with the blood of prior owners, coats of slain dragoons, frogged and braided cavalry jackets, one in a stovepipe hat and one with an umbrella and one in white stockings and a bloodstained wedding veil and some in headgear or cranefeathers or rawhide helmets that bore the horns of bull or buffalo and one in a pigeontailed coat worn backwards and otherwise naked and one in the armor of a Spanish conquistador, the breastplate and pauldrons deeply dented with old blows of mace or sabre done in another country by men whose very bones were dust and many with their braids spliced up with the hair of other beasts until they trailed upon the ground and their horses' ears and tails worked with bits of brightly colored cloth and one whose horse's whole head was painted crimson red and all the horsemen's faces gaudy and grotesque with daubings like a company of mounted clowns, death hilarious, all howling in a barbarous tongue and riding down upon them like a horde from a hell more horrible yet than the brimstone land of Christian reckoning, screeching and yammering and clothed in smoke like those vaporous beings in regions beyond right knowing where the eye wanders and the lip jerks and drools. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Costumes quotes by Tad Williams
#106. Were all these castle folk in their ornate finery no more than confused souls hiding inside costumes, as the hard shells of snails protected the helpless, naked things that lived within them? #Quote by Tad Williams
Costumes quotes by Ralph Lauren
#107. They know they're going to look beautiful, and I don't think women should look like costumes. They shouldn't look like fashion victims. #Quote by Ralph Lauren
Costumes quotes by Austin Grossman
#108. I saw the misadjusted dials and the whirling gauges and the bubbling green fluid and the electricity arcing around, and a story laid out for me, my sorry self alchemically transmuted into power and robots and fortresses and orbital platforms and costumes and alien kings. #Quote by Austin Grossman
Costumes quotes by Naomi Klein
#109. In 1991, Disney forced a group of New Zealand parents in a remote country town to remove their amateur renditions of Pluto and Donald Duck from a playground mural; and Barney has been breaking up children's birthday parties across the U.S., claiming that any parent caught dressed in a purple dinosaur suit is violating its trademark. The Lyons Group, which owns the Barney character, "has sent 1,000 letters to shop owners" renting or selling the offending costumes. "They can have a dinosaur costume. It's when it's a purple dinosaur that it's illegal, and it doesn't matter what shade of purple, either," says Susan Elsner Furman, Lyons' spokesperson. #Quote by Naomi Klein
Costumes quotes by Emily Dickinson
#110. We outgrow love like other things and put it in a drawer, till it an antique fashion shows like costumes grandsires wore. #Quote by Emily Dickinson
Costumes quotes by Barbara Hambly
#111. The costumes help. They make it less real, disguise what it really is both for the actors and for the people who'll see it on the screen. It's like the people who read Anna Karenina, and because it's in Russia they can say, 'Oh, that's not my pain they're talking about.' And Chris is tough. She goes from one thing to the next and doesn't worry about the past. When a cat sits mere purring on your lap, you know for a fact she isn't thinking about her former owner; she's thinking about her dinner. That's Chris. #Quote by Barbara Hambly
Costumes quotes by Fiona Apple
#112. I think I'm better at live shows than I used to be because I'm way more comfortable with the uncomfortable pauses between songs. Now, rather than trying to talk or do a costume change, I'll use those moments for myself. I listen to what other people are playing, or just rest, or dance, even though I don't know how to. #Quote by Fiona Apple
Costumes quotes by Penny Reid
#113. I have two sisters, and I tell them this all the time. Be the marriage girl. Don't be the hook-up girl. Don't be her. She's stupid and shallow. Yes, she gets lots of male attention, dressing in her sexy lumberjack or sexy nun costumes ... for a time. But then she's used up, hardened, disillusioned and desperate, because no one stays with the hook-up girl. #Quote by Penny Reid
Costumes quotes by Jay Leno
#114. With Halloween coming this weekend, they say not one person in the country is planning to dress up as Governor Sarah Palin. You know why? ... The costume costs $150,000. #Quote by Jay Leno
Costumes quotes by Cassandra Peterson
#115. Every year, I have to spend another hour working out. Pretty soon I'll be spending eight hours working out just to fit in the costume. I have the feeling that the minute I stop doing the character, boom, Roseanne Barr. #Quote by Cassandra Peterson
Costumes quotes by Ross King
#116. Manet nonetheless seems to have been captivated by her appearance, or at least by the visual possibilities of dressing her in exotic costumes and placing her in beguiling poses. #Quote by Ross King
Costumes quotes by Meg Leder
#117. I stared at Eph, envying the fact that he already had a costume, though whether it was actually qualified as a costume was debatable. He was dressed in all black- black jeans, black knit hat, black boots, long-sleeved, black T-shirt, black thermal on top of it.
"I'm the dark night of the soul. Or a black hole. Or something like that," He'd said when I'd asked him earlier.
"You're copping out," I said.
"How is being in more than one costume copping out? I'm actually so investing in this, I am in an infinite number of costumes. It's meta and crap. #Quote by Meg Leder
Costumes quotes by James Spader
#118. Fear plays an interesting role in our lives. How dare we let it motivate us. How dare we let it into our decision-making, into our livelihoods, into our relationships. It's funny, isn't it? We take a day a year to dress up in costumes and celebrate fear. #Quote by James Spader
Costumes quotes by Alexander McQueen
#119. I want to be honest about the world that we live in, and sometimes my political persuasions come through in my work. Fashion can be really racist, looking at the clothes of other cultures as costumes ... That's mundane and it's old hat. Let's break down some barriers. #Quote by Alexander McQueen
Costumes quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#120. Neither of the costumes fit properly. Inej's purple silks were far too loose, and as for Nina ... "What the hell is this supposed to be?" she said, looking down at herself. The plunging gown barely covered her substantial cleavage and clung tightly to her buttocks. It had been wrought to look like blue-green scales, giving way to a shimmering chiffon fan. "Maybe a mermaid?" suggested Inej. "Or a wave?" "I thought I was a horse." "Well they weren't going to put you in a dress of hooves. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Costumes quotes by Jacob Nordby
#121. The thing is, you're beautiful.
Yes, you…
In your wild, mundane glory.
Your daily life hides from you the possibilities of why you're here
And who you are.
But never forget that every breath you take is actual alchemy.
With your eyes you record visions of this place.
With your fingertips you read the bumps in life,
Sending messages back from whence you came.
You're a soul traveler,
An explorer.
You make this place home for now;
Trying on the costumes,
Playing out your roles.
Every so often, take off your masks.
Drop your robes.
See yourself reflected in the very mirror of your life.
And remember…
When you leave this stage,
The only thing you will wonder is,
"Did I love brilliantly? #Quote by Jacob Nordby
Costumes quotes by Iris Apfel
#122. I never had a fondness for gems or the extravagance of Harry Winston or Van Cleef & Arpels. I've always liked the more flamboyant, imaginative things. I lusted after costume jewelry. My husband was a very lucky man. #Quote by Iris Apfel
Costumes quotes by Dave Pelzer
#123. At night I no longer dreamed, nor did I let my imagination work during the day. The once vibrant escapes of watching myself fly through the clouds in bright blue costumes, were now a thing of the past. When I fell asleep, my soul became consumed in a black void. I no longer awoke in the mornings refreshed; I was tired and told myself that I had one day less to live in this world. I shuffled through my chores, dreading every moment of every day. With no dreams, I found that words like hope and faith were only letters, randomly put together into something meaningless - words only for fairy tales. #Quote by Dave Pelzer
Costumes quotes by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
#124. A lot of movies try to set up a world with cool sets, costumes, camera work. In Brick, the world is born from the words. #Quote by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Costumes quotes by Ray Winstone
#125. You've always got to have an imagination in the game we're in but it explodes on this. You get to try the costumes on before you start and feel the weight of them, which is great. But then you're opposite some of the greatest actors in the world and away you go. You find your imagination takes over without you really even thinking about it. #Quote by Ray Winstone
Costumes quotes by Ralph Lauren
#126. I don't think women should look like costumes. I don't think they should look like fashion victims. I think these (clothes) are for women that want to look sexy. They want to look smart. #Quote by Ralph Lauren
Costumes quotes by Lemony Snicket
#127. The Baudelaire orphans hung on to one another, and wept and wept while the adults argued endlessly behind them. Finally-as, I'm sorry to say, Count Olaf forced the Quagmires into puppy costumes so he could sneak them onto the airplane without anyone noticing-the Baudelaires cried themselves out and just sat on the lawn together in weary silence. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Costumes quotes by Alan Jay Lerner
#128. We used to say that inside Cecil Beaton there was another Cecil Beaton sending out lots of little Cecils into the world. One did the sets, another did the costumes. A third took the photographs. Another put the sketches in an exhibition, then into magazines, then in a book. #Quote by Alan Jay Lerner
Costumes quotes by Loki Laufeyson
#129. Oh, this is much better. Woah! Costume's a bit much, it's so tight! But the confidence! I can feel the righteousness surging! Hey, wanna have a rousing discussion about truth, honor, patriotism? God bless America… #Quote by Loki Laufeyson
Costumes quotes by Lucy Liu
#130. Once you embody the language, the character comes really naturally, especially when you put the costume on. #Quote by Lucy Liu
Costumes quotes by Dave Barry
#131. You men out there probably think you already know how to dress for success. You know, for example, that you should not wear leisure suits or white plastic belts and shoes, unless you are going to a costume party disguised as a pig farmer vacationing at Disney World. #Quote by Dave Barry
Costumes quotes by Rachel Vincent
#132. So, did the costume come with a condom, or is that sold separately? #Quote by Rachel Vincent
Costumes quotes by Karen White
#133. Madame LaFleur would say that you're more of a classical ballet dancer instead of a jazz dancer. But sometimes all you have to do is change costumes to become something different. #Quote by Karen White
Costumes quotes by Sadie Grubor
#134. Next an Intimacy Consultant named Anita arrived. When Anita walked in she looked very studious. However, when she started to set up I would have never guessed that she did this for a living. First came all types of lingerie; see through, lacy, racy, edible, and even costumes.
"Okay," Phoebe cleared her throat. "The idea here is to purchase things for our dear Lilli to wear or use on her honeymoon." Phoebe giggled and I scowled at her.
"Don't waste your money," I spat quickly, earning a laugh from Maggie and Viola.
"Oh, honey, if Aidan is anything like his uncle then you will definitely want to get yourself some."
"Mom," Maggie yelled and covered her ears.
We all burst into laughter.
"I'm just saying," Viola shrugged. "Your father is quite - "
"Seriously? Seriously, mom? No ... Ew, ew, ew!" Maggie screamed as she left the room. "God, please let my car get here soon! #Quote by Sadie Grubor
Costumes quotes by Brenda Holloway
#135. My costumes were made for sex appeal not for women. #Quote by Brenda Holloway
Costumes quotes by Lily James
#136. When you're filming in Russia in Catherine's Palace, and you're in the real place where the Tsar's ball really happened, all those years ago, it does so much of the work for you. It's so vivid. You escape into this different time through the costumes, the sets and the atmosphere. #Quote by Lily James
Costumes quotes by Chris Jericho
#137. There are a lot of similarities between dancing and wrestling. The costumes are the same, the spandex and all that, but you have to be light on your feet to do both, and you have to remember choreography. #Quote by Chris Jericho
Costumes quotes by Kristen Bell
#138. I have friends who wear Star Wars costumes and act like the characters all day. I may not be that deep into it, but there's something great about loving what you love and not caring if it's unpopular. #Quote by Kristen Bell
Costumes quotes by Jason Robert Brown
#139. I don't want costumes and makeup between me and the audience - I want more direct communication. There's something for me about being honest on stage, and I'm at my most honest when I'm behind a piano. So I prefer my concert performances. #Quote by Jason Robert Brown
Costumes quotes by Mike Madrid
#140. If all superheroines were as indestructible as Superman, leaping across rooftops, smashing through windows, and flying through flames in a skimpy swimsuit wouldn't be such a problem. However, male heroes are usually presented as being unquestionably more powerful than women.Yet, they wear costumes that cover and protect most of their bodies. Women on the other hand, are written as weaker, and presumable less able to protect themselves. Yet they charge into battle with most of their bodies exposed...............................................
...............The reason for this superhero fashion double standard is that comic books have always been primarily targeted to a heterosexual male reader. As a result, female superheroes must look attractive to these readers. And in the world of male fantasy, attractive= sexy. So, revealing costumes are fitted onto idealized bodies with large breasts, tiny waists and impossible long legs. Men need to look powerful and virile, but can't display bulging genitalia showing through their spandex, as it would be too threatening for most straight male readers. #Quote by Mike Madrid
Costumes quotes by John Lanchester
#141. It seemed too as if many of the people were on display, behaving as if they expected to be looked at, as if they were on show: so many of them seemed to be wearing costumes, not just policemen and firemen and waiters and shop assistants, but people in their going-to-work costumes, their I'm-a-mother-pushing-a-pram costumes, babies and children in outfits that were like costumes; workers digging holes in their costume-bright orange vests; joggers in jogging costume; even the drinkers in the streets and parks, even the beggars, seemed to be wearing costumes, uniforms. #Quote by John Lanchester
Costumes quotes by Dave Barry
#142. The universe has fascinated mankind for many, many years, dating back to the very earliest episodes of Star Trek, when the brave crew of the Enterprise set out, wearing pajamas, to explore the boundless voids of space, which turned out to be as densely populated as Queens, New York. Virtually every planet they found was inhabited, usually by evil beings with cheap costumes and Russian accents, so finally the brave crew of the Enterprise returned to Earth to gain weight and make movies. #Quote by Dave Barry
Costumes quotes by Conan O'Brien
#143. I picked out my Halloween costume. I'm going as 'Slutty Madeleine Albright.' #Quote by Conan O'Brien
Costumes quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#144. Shigure Sohma: [got Tohru a maid costume for White Day] I can't wait to for her to call me master while wearing this.
Hatsuharu Sohma: Just don't get arrested, okay? #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Costumes quotes by Dana Gould
#145. For men there are costumes like fireman, policeman and vampire. For women there are costumes like slutty fireman, slutty policeman and slutty vampire. #Quote by Dana Gould
Costumes quotes by Elizabeth Scott
#146. Vitamins ruined my life.
Not that there was much left to ruin, but still.
I know that blaming vitamins for my horrible life sounds strange. After all, vitamins are supposed to keep people healthy. Also, they're inanimate objects. But thanks to them I was stuck in the Jackson Center Mall watching my father run around in a bee costume. #Quote by Elizabeth Scott
Costumes quotes by Stephen H. Segal
#147. We walk a fine line between commendable passion for that which we love--starships, superpowers, costumes, fantastic stories--and an almost frightening militancy about the Right Way to Enjoy Them. #Quote by Stephen H. Segal
Costumes quotes by Sophie Kinsella
#148. I've come to think of my lizard brain as basically a version of Felix. It's totally random and makes no sense and you can't let it run your life. If we let Felix run our lives, we'd all wear superhero costumes all day long and eat nothing but ice-cream. But if you try to fight Felix, all you get is wails and screams and tantrums, and it all gets more and more stressy. So the thing is to listen to him with half an ear and nod your head and then ignore him and do what you want to do. Same with the lizard brain. #Quote by Sophie Kinsella
Costumes quotes by Oliver Bowden
#149. Ezio considered the new century they were in - the sixteenth. And only near its beginning. What would unfold during it, he could only guess; he knew that, at his age, he would not see very much more of it. More discoveries, and more wars, no doubt. But essentially the same play repeating itself - and the same actors, only with different costumes and different props for each generation that swallows up the last, each thinking that it would be the one to do better. #Quote by Oliver Bowden
Costumes quotes by Lydia Minatoya
#150. Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying motherhood lacks meaning. There's great dignity in the smallness of motherhood; we're essential in our contingency. And though we may not follow the Western model of the epic hero, we mothers can find a metaphor for our lives.

The metaphor is in the kuroko, the Kabuki theater stage assistant. You've heard of Kabuki - with its wildly theatrical actors, its gorgeous costumes, and spectacular scale. The kuroko are assistants who help the actors move through their elaborate dramas. Meant to provide unobtrusive assistance with props and costumes, kuroko try to remain in the wings. They huddle in half-kneeling posture, wearing black bags over their heads and bodies - the better to recede into both actors' and audience's preconscious mind.

Scurrying to arrange the trailing hems of heavy brocade kimonos, like an American mother repeatedly straightening her daughter's wedding train, the kuroko's role is to suport the real players of life's dramas. #Quote by Lydia Minatoya
Costumes quotes by Jane Levy
#151. Costume is a huge part of getting into character. Your body soaks in what you're wearing, and you turn into someone else. #Quote by Jane Levy
Costumes quotes by Clara E. Laughlin
#152. In the evening, the tarantella dancers will come to the hotel; perhaps they'll dance and sing in the courtyard that is dripping with wistaria blooms and pungent with citrus perfumes.
They wear gay costumes, these who sing and dance for us to keep alive the romance of other days; and they are full of that joy in living which seems the gift of these siren shores. #Quote by Clara E. Laughlin
Costumes quotes by Majel Barrett
#153. You put funny people in funny costumes and paint them green and we could talk about anything we wanted to, because that was the only thing that fascinated Gene about this particular genre. #Quote by Majel Barrett
Costumes quotes by Philip G. Zimbardo
#154. That seduction or initiation into evil can be understood by recognizing that most actors are not solitary figures improvising on the empty stage of life. Rather, they are often an ensemble of different players, on a stage with various props and changing costumes, scripts, and stage directions from producers and directors. #Quote by Philip G. Zimbardo
Costumes quotes by John Tavener
#155. The thing I regret most about my life are those inane photos of me with icons. They used to come down here and dress me up, and I just tolerated it. It's my fault. But I shouldn't have done it. They literally brought down costumes, candles, and icons! It was unbelievable stupidity. #Quote by John Tavener
Costumes quotes by Peter Mayhew
#156. It was amazing that during rehearsals, without any of the costume on, the character was there complete. It just happened. Half the time, I didn't know I was doing it. #Quote by Peter Mayhew
Costumes quotes by Ginnifer Goodwin
#157. I think of clothes a lot like costumes. I think of what I wear in real life as being my real life character's costume. #Quote by Ginnifer Goodwin
Costumes quotes by Rachel Vincent
#158. My stomach flip-flopped, and I let his words play over in my head. "So, no costume?"
Tod shrugged. "Nah. Don't get me wrong - it's hot. But it's hot in an obvious kind of way. It's not really you."
I frowned. "Because I'm not obviously sexy?"
"Because you are obviously sexy. Some girls may need costumes to make guys want them, but I couldn't possibly want you more
than I do right now, no matter what you were wearing. Or not wearing."
I stared up at him. "How is it possible that every time you open your mouth, I - " fall more in love with you " - melt a little more? #Quote by Rachel Vincent
Costumes quotes by Florence Welch
#159. I've always been attracted to romantic secondhand clothes. But my style developed as I started going to these strange raves where everybody had these very definitive costumes. #Quote by Florence Welch
Costumes quotes by Adriana Trigiani
#160. It [money] doesn't have anything have anything to do with the magnificence of a person. It doesn't. What matters is what you make. Whether it's a cake for bingo night or a costume for a saint or a wall of water
whatever you pour into this life is what makes you rich. #Quote by Adriana Trigiani
Costumes quotes by Pippa Evans
#161. I knew 'Be Our Guest' would be performed on a set and in costume, but anyone with a history in Theatre In Education will know that can mean anything. #Quote by Pippa Evans
Costumes quotes by Mike Lee
#162. The agency even had its own mascot - the Blue Eagle. Paying a disturbing, un-American kind of homage to this new, powerful, government agency, shopkeepers displayed the Blue Eagle in their store windows to advertise their compliance with the regulatory rules, and chorus girls wore emblems of the bird on their costumes.11 Consumers, meanwhile, were encouraged to shop only where the Blue Eagle was proudly displayed. In fact, the mascot inspired the name of the NFL franchise created in Philadelphia in 1933, the Philadelphia Eagles. #Quote by Mike Lee
Costumes quotes by Paul Taylor
#163. In those days he seemed to be a nice old gentleman, and his existence always served practical purposes, such as when I was accused of misconduct, for then I could shift the blame to him by saying, "Old Tacet did it." Naturally, no one would believe me, this being a last-ditch effort to avoid the hairbrush. If my mother were alive today, she'd laugh at me for still fantasizing - yet it's the truth.
Even now, whenever necessary, I still summon forth the old geezer - in theater programs, for example, to credit him for costumes that I've designed, ones for which I prefer not getting the hook. Yes, he's another of my names: the unlikely but lovely and perfectly logical #Quote by Paul Taylor
Costumes quotes by Wildflower Veins
#164. On Halloween, I made us ghosts
but when we slipped on our costumes,
we looked exactly the same. #Quote by Wildflower Veins
Costumes quotes by Maury Yeston
#165. Every show is a mess at its first preview. No one's had enough time to rehearse in costumes, traffic patterns backstage haven't been worked out, machinery weighing thousands of pounds is being operated for the first time. And, also, it's the first time all the material you've written is before the public. #Quote by Maury Yeston
Costumes quotes by Pamela Brown
#166. We have entered a world of shorthand, precis, digest, summary, news flash, comic strip. We are bombarded with visual images, cutting from one to another, stabbing at the mind and put out with the rubbish sacks at the end of the week. The novel that took a man or woman years to create - in research, in planning of the plot and counter-plot, in construction - each word chosen, each phrase weighed against another, themes recurring, climaxes achieved - is now reduced to a four part serial, produced with pride in the accuracy of its sets and costumes, brilliantly acted, the music of the background authentic to the period. The words, but not the minds. The science, but not the significance. THE BOOK HAS BEEN MADE A THING TO WATCH, NOT TO LIVE. WE must FIGHT to save the WRITTEN WORD as we fight to save the whale. We must keep in our minds, a place apart, a sanctuary, where a lamp lights only the table at which we sit, where the curtains are drawn against the present time. Let us begin. #Quote by Pamela Brown
Costumes quotes by Romola Garai
#167. I've done a few costume dramas, and people say, 'What was it like wearing the costumes? Did they really help you with your character?,' and most of the time it doesn't make any difference. You're wearing something a bit weird, and it's sort of uncomfortable, but it doesn't really have a huge impact on the part that you're playing. #Quote by Romola Garai
Costumes quotes by Mineko Iwasaki And Rande Brown
#168. Kimono, the. Costumes of our profession, are sacred to us. They are the emblems of our calling. Kimono embody beautyas we understand!!! #Quote by Mineko Iwasaki And Rande Brown
Costumes quotes by Florence Welch
#169. I saw 'The Artist.' It's really beautiful and it's all done to the letter with all the silent film techniques. The costumes were amazing and the dog is so good. #Quote by Florence Welch
Costumes quotes by Kerri Maniscalco
#170. Don't worry, this isn't what your role in the finale is going to be. This is just for fun."

I seriously questioned their idea of a good time. Swinging from a tiny little bar more than twenty feet in the air seemed like certain death. How she managed it in beaded costumes with long trains was either a miracle or magic or both.

Sebastián swung over from his side of the practice room, legs over the bar and arms extended outward, a wide grin on his face. As if he weren't already talented enough with his contortions, now he was doing them in the sky. "Easy, see? All you have to do is let go."

"You're all mad," I muttered under my breath. "Absolutely mad. #Quote by Kerri Maniscalco
Costumes quotes by Heather O'Neill
#171. Boys are good at personas. There are a certain number that you can get at the drugstore, like costumes before Halloween. Being cool is pretending that you're not afraid of anything. But everybody is afraid. Everybody is afraid. #Quote by Heather O'Neill
Costumes quotes by Zooey Deschanel
#172. It's an addiction. I love clothes. I like to go down Melrose and look in all the windows and I go to different flea markets. I have lots of costumes. You never know when you're going to have to dress up like a milkmaid from the 1600s. #Quote by Zooey Deschanel
Costumes quotes by Eric Bana
#173. I always use the analogy that when you go to a jeans store and put on a new pair of jeans, it's a pair of jeans and they feel different; so, when you're dealing with these sort of costumes it's a very big departure and really does make you feel quite different. But it's wonderful. #Quote by Eric Bana
Costumes quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#174. Satan himself can't save a woman who wears thirty-shilling corsets under a thirty-guinea costume. #Quote by Rudyard Kipling
Costumes quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#175. Thieves are not so bad, and killing wears all possible costumes. There is no death, no murder that is better than any other. If you can kill me, the manner hardly bears consideration. You want to kill your own father, and you think it will make your sleep easier for the next seventy years if you can say you did it honorably. But your honor is blackened by patricide, and no amount of high-sounding formalities will make it white again. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Costumes quotes by Renee Fleming
#176. My mother was the worst kind of stage mother. She would make me and my younger sister and brother little duckling costumes and put us in kiddie shows. #Quote by Renee Fleming
Costumes quotes by Dominic West
#177. I went to America to get away from constantly being cast in costume dramas, playing posh people. #Quote by Dominic West
Costumes quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#178. Mal adjusted his hood to better hide his face and tipped up his mask, then reached forward and did the same with mine. He leaned in. Our jackal masks bumped snouts.
I started to laugh.
"Next time, different costumes," he grumbled.
"Bigger hats? #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Costumes quotes by Ioan Gruffudd
#179. I know I'm as comfortable doing period as I am contemporary. I suppose we grow up with it in a sense, in the theater. We get to put on costumes and play a lot of period dramas or plays so we're exposed to it a little bit more I think because of our theatrical background. #Quote by Ioan Gruffudd
Costumes quotes by Terry Pratchett
#180. His eyeless skull took in the line of costumes, the waxy debris of the makeup table. His empty nostrils snuffed up the mixed smells of mothballs, grease, and sweat. There was something here, he thought, that nearly belonged to the gods. Humans had built a world inside the world, which reflected it in pretty much the same way as a drop of water reflects the landscape. And yet... and yet... Inside this little world they had taken pains to put all the things you might think they would want to escape from - hatred, fear, tyranny, and so forth. Death was intrigued. They thought they wanted to be taken out of themselves, and every art humans dreamt up took them further in. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Costumes quotes by James Kahn
#181. Look, a couple years ago my mom and dad got on that big game show. Remember, Brand? Mom spent a month makin' those funny costumes. She was a giant egg. Dad was a frying pan. Dad kept sayin' we were gonna live on Easy Street. So we drove all the way to Hollywood. When we got there, they put us in this big audience with all these other people in funny costumes. Then some dude with lipstick and sprayed hair came down the stairs. He #Quote by James Kahn
Costumes quotes by Cary Fukunaga
#182. I used to do Civil War re-enacting between the ages of 15 and 19. I was part of a unit that was considered very authentic. We would source the right wools, the right buttons for the costumes. We had the right look. #Quote by Cary Fukunaga
Costumes quotes by Julianne Hough
#183. There was a time when my mum would sew costumes for the dance studio so we could keep doing our classes because we couldn't afford them. #Quote by Julianne Hough
Costumes quotes by Colleen Atwood
#184. As for futuristic costumes, I loved doing 'Gattaca' because I'm a minimalist at heart, and it's a very minimal film. Plus, with Uma Thurman, Ethan Hawke and Jude Law, how could you go wrong? #Quote by Colleen Atwood
Costumes quotes by Christine Bieselin Clark
#185. It was all about how we were going to build these costumes with lighting in them, and trying to make them a little more high fashion, a little sexier, and a little edgier. But we just did tons and tons of research, and we would constantly be bringing things to each other and inspiring each other. #Quote by Christine Bieselin Clark
Costumes quotes by Steve Coogan
#186. As soon as I see period costume, I turn off. It's like hearing drama on Radio 4. #Quote by Steve Coogan
Costumes quotes by Michael Jackson
#187. I love putting on an outfit or a costume and just looking at myself in the mirror. Baggy pants or some real funky shoes and a hat and just feeling the character of it. That's fun to me. #Quote by Michael Jackson
Costumes quotes by Jamake Highwater
#188. For the Indian,dance is a personal form of prayer. When the Eagle Dancer puts on his costume,when he begins to dance to the music,he doesn't simply perform it; he actually becomes the eagle itself. The dancer is virtually inseparable from the dance. #Quote by Jamake Highwater
Costumes quotes by Louis Leterrier
#189. I'll tell you what, I had complete control on 'Unleashed.' I directed, produced, chose the musician, picked the costumes, and everything. I never had anyone saying, 'I don't like this and I don't like that.' The studio, Universal, were easy. It was this weird movie no one cared about. #Quote by Louis Leterrier
Costumes quotes by James Frain
#190. The costumes, the light rigs and the effects are seamlessly joined. I'm kind of bummed that I don't get the experience that you get with just watching it cold. By the time we'd seen all the visuals put together, I'd sort of become used to that world. It's still pretty impressive. #Quote by James Frain
Costumes quotes by Gerald Durrell
#191. We stared at the odd garment and wondered what it was for. 'What is it?' asked Larry at length. 'It's a bathing costume, of course,' said Mother. 'What on earth did you think it was?' 'It looks like a badly skinned whale,' said Larry, peering at it closely. #Quote by Gerald Durrell
Costumes quotes by Rainn Wilson
#192. You have total control of it, and when you're an actor, you're subject to production design and costumes and directors and studio choices and producer choices, but when you're writing it, you're creating your own little world in your head, peopled with your little characters. No one is in there monkeying with it, at least not at first - though they will. With this and the other projects I'm working on, it'll have to be given away, and it'll have to be someone else's property. #Quote by Rainn Wilson
Costumes quotes by Anne Sexton
#193. Taking into consideration all your loveliness
why can't you burn your bootsoles and your
draft card? How can you sit there saying yes
to war? You'll be a pauper when you die, sore
boy. Dead, while I still live at our addresss.
Oh my brother, why do you keep making plans
when I am at seizures of hearts and hands?
Come dance the dance, the Papa-Mama dance;
bring costumes from the suitcase pasted Ille de France,
the S.S. Gripsholm. Papa's London Harness case
he took abroad and kept i our attic laced
with old leather straps for storage and his
scholar's robes, black licorice - that metamorphosis
with it's crimson blood.
The Papa and Mama Dance #Quote by Anne Sexton
Costumes quotes by Federico Fellini
#194. Don't forget that costumes, like dreams, are symbolic communication. Dreams teach us that a language for everything exists - for every object, every color worn, every clothing detail. Hence, costumes provide an aesthetic objectification that helps to tell the character's story. #Quote by Federico Fellini
Costumes quotes by Stephen Costello
#195. In productions such as 'Anna Bolena' and 'Rigoletto,' the costumes are tailored, and they're tight. In 'Moby,' it's like you're wearing pajamas, and you have more freedom. It's very comfortable on stage. #Quote by Stephen Costello
Costumes quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#196. Yet at least he had believed in the cars, maybe to excess: how could he not, seeing people poorer than him come in, Negro, Mexican, cracker, a parade seven days a week, bring with them the most godawful of trade-ins: motorized, metal extensions of themselves, of their families and what their whole lives must be like, out there so naked for anybody, a stranger like himself, to look at, frame cockeyed, rusty underneath, fender repainted in a shade just off enough to depress the value, if not Mucho himself, inside smelling hopeless of children, of supermarket booze, or two, sometimes three generations of cigarette smokers, or only of dust--and when the cars were swept out you had to look at the actual residue of these lives, and there was no way of telling what things had been truly refused (when so little he supposed came by that out of fear most of it had to be taken and kept) and what had simply (perhaps tragically) been lost: clipped coupons promising savings of 5 or 10¢, trading stamps, pink flyers advertising specials at the market, butts, tooth-shy combs, help-wanted ads, Yellow Pages torn from the phone book, rags of old underwear or dresses that already were period costumes, for wiping your own breath off the inside of a windshield with so you could see whatever it was, a movie, a woman or car you coveted, a cop who might pull you over just for drill, all the bits and pieces coated uniformly, like a salad of despair, in a grey dressing of ash, condensed exhaust, dust, b #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Costumes quotes by Christina Ricci
#197. This is my costume. I'm a homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else. #Quote by Christina Ricci
Costumes quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
#198. It's the monsters that don't wear costumes that scare me the most at Halloween. #Quote by Anthony T. Hincks
Costumes quotes by Elizabeth Spurr
#199. I'm sorry," said the kitty.
"I've wrecked your broomstick ride."
"No matter," said Witch Mildred.
"We're here. Let's go inside!"

The clock atop the castle
read twenty after eight,
but the promised buffet table
held only emptied plates!
"No eye or newt? No sautéed slug?
No pickleworm pate?

No casserole of cockroach!
No spiderweb soufflé!
Those greedy gobbling goblins
left zilch for us to eat."
Said the starving skeleton,
"Why don't we trick-or-treat?"

They passed a lighted cottage,
from which rose song and laughter.
The mummy boldly rang the bell,
All others traipsing after.

The children squealed and giggled
as they greeted their new guests,
for of all the trick-or-treaters,
these costumes were the best!

The hostess asked the callers
to join them at their party.
"Check out this spread!" the mummy said.
The hostess said, "Eat hearty."

"Taffy apples! Candy corn!
Purple punch, ice-cold!
My tongue's not touched such tastiness
since I was six years old!"

In the corner of the kitchen
Witch Mildred found a mop.
"I think this will do nicely
while my broom is in the shop."

"May I, please?" asked Mildred,
and seated her new friends.
With a loud "Thank you!" away they flew,
in loopy swoops and bends.

That night Witch Mildred dreamed
#Quote by Elizabeth Spurr
Costumes quotes by Tracie Bennett
#200. Our world was Northern, black and white, so it was a great thing for my sisters and me to sit down at Christmastime and watch these fabulous MGM musicals. All that color, all those beautiful costumes. #Quote by Tracie Bennett

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