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Correlating quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#1. Take note, Anderson. Size and martial ability do not need to come with a correlating decrease in intelligence. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Correlating quotes by Matthea Harvey
#2. As a reader I don't distinguish between confessional and non-confessional work. After all, how do we even know that certain "I" poems are confessional? It's a tricky business, this correlating of the speaker and the poet. #Quote by Matthea Harvey
Correlating quotes by John C. Wright
#3. The modern bridge between the mind and physical objects is rickety and can sustain little weight. Idealists attempted to cut this bridge by positing that the mind is fundamental, while the materialists sawed the ropes off from the other end, in the constant quest to reduce, eliminate, or ignore the mental. The hard problem of consciousness, of unifying mind and body, and of correlating our mental grasp of the world with extramental objects is all but intractable within the modern paradigm. #Quote by John C. Wright

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