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Coppinger Carter quotes by John Carter
#1. Magpies have an acquisitive instinct, and a similarly indiscriminate passion for accumulating junk afflicts one in a hundred of the human race. But that is not what we mean by a collector. #Quote by John Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Ally Carter
#2. You're late." Kat said as soon as Hale put the phone to his ear. She wasn't the kind of girl to wait for hello.
"What can I say? Macey McHenry has been throwing herself at me ... "
"See, that's the kind of thing that would make me jealous if she weren't way out of your league."
"You know, if I had feelings, that might have hurt them. #Quote by Ally Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Rachel E. Carter
#3. They are brothers," Benny repeated softly. "That is a bond you cannot break. #Quote by Rachel E. Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Raphael Carter
#4. Those who not regret the dream. #Quote by Raphael Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Billy Carter
#5. I'm not the Carter who'll never tell a lie. #Quote by Billy Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Ally Carter
#6. Will you still want me if I'm poor, Kat?"
"What kind of question is that?"
"No. Seriously. You're the planner. Simon's the genius. The Bagshaws are the muscle. And Gabrielle is ... Gabrielle. But what am I, Kat? I'm the guy who writes the checks."
"No. You're the most naturally gifted inside man I have ever seen. And I was raised by Bobby Bishop." She made him look into her eyes. "I don't care about your money. #Quote by Ally Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Jimmy Carter
#7. I don't believe that China, in my lifetime or maybe my children's lifetime, be equal to the United States militarily speaking, but they are very careful to avoid any engagement in war, they are basically a peaceful country, which gives them another advantage over the United States when we are much more inclined to go to war for various reasons. #Quote by Jimmy Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Ashton Carter
#8. Effective immediately, transgender Americans may serve openly, and they can no longer be discharged or otherwise separated from the military just for being transgender. #Quote by Ashton Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Jimmy Carter
#9. We have the heaviest concentration of lawyers on Earth
one for every five-hundred Americans; three times as many as are in England, four times as many as are in West Germany, twenty-one times as many as there are in Japan. We have more litigation, but I am not sure that we have more justice. No resources of talent and training in our own society, even including the medical care, is more wastefully or unfairly distributed than legal skills. Ninety percent of our lawyers serve 10 percent of our people. We are over-lawyered and under-represented. #Quote by Jimmy Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Helena Bonham Carter
#10. I think smells, like sounds, can be so much immediately affecting. #Quote by Helena Bonham Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Jimmy Carter
#11. Because we are now running out of gas and oil, we must prepare quickly for a third change, to strict conservation and to the use of ... permanent renewable energy sources, like solar power. #Quote by Jimmy Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Noam Chomsky
#12. When Reagan left office, he was the most unpopular living president, apart from Nixon, even below Carter. If you look at his years in office, he was not particularly popular. He was more or less average. He severely harmed the American economy. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Coppinger Carter quotes by Aimee Carter
#13. She's proud of you. She said so herself. And she knows you deserved a chance to be happy. I know that, too" I added. "I just wish Henry could look at me the way he looks at you."
Persephone wrapped her fingers around mine. "You should be glad he doesn't. When he looks at me, he hurts. But when he sees you ... " She smiled faintly "He has hope. I'm not surprised you don't notice it. It took me a while to read him, too. I spent thousands of years with him though, and I know that look. I saw it the day we got married. You don't forget the first time someone looks at you like that. #Quote by Aimee Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Ally Carter
#14. They were both totally laughing, and he was twirling her, and her hair was flying around like she was in a shampoo commercial. Seriously. She could have sold conditioner to a bald man the way she looked out there. #Quote by Ally Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Carter Burwell
#15. I almost never try to make the audience comfortable. I wouldn't want that if I were in the audience. #Quote by Carter Burwell
Coppinger Carter quotes by Angela Carter
#16. Women do not normally fuck in the active sense. They are fucked in the passive tense and hence automatically fucked-up, done over, undone. #Quote by Angela Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Angela Carter
#17. In a secular age, an authentic miracle must purport to be a hoax, in order to gain credit in the world. #Quote by Angela Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Nick Carter
#18. ...What is easier for us isn't necessarily what is better for us. #Quote by Nick Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Ally Carter
#19. Did you know it's possible to crawl all the way from Logan's dad's office to the press room using the air-ducts?"
"No." Charlie shook his head. "It's not."
"Sure it is," Maddie told him. "Logan bet me five dollars that I couldn't do it, so I did it, and then he gave me five ones instead of one five because Lincoln is his favorite."
"You can reach the Oval Office via the air ducts?" Charlie asked, spinning to look at her.
"Yes. But I ruined my favorite pink leggings."
"Then you should definitely tell your dad that."
"He doesn't care about my leggings," Maddie said, and Charlie shook his head.
"Not about that. About ... Never mind, Mad. I'll tell him. #Quote by Ally Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Richelle Mead
#20. All this time ... ever since I sold my soul, I've been clinging to this idea that there is something pure and decent out there. That there was something to give me hope that even if I was a lost cause, at least there was something bright and good in the world. But there isn't. If there was, Seth wouldn't have fallen. Erik wouldn't have died. Andrea Mortensen wouldn't be dying. -Georgina to Carter #Quote by Richelle Mead
Coppinger Carter quotes by J. Carter Brown
#21. The Washingtonian said it shouldn't be built. The gallery's East Building is now considered a triumph, and members of the American Association of Architects have voted it one of the best buildings of all time. #Quote by J. Carter Brown
Coppinger Carter quotes by Ally Carter
#22. When the car stopped, Kat and Hale got out. Kat walked quickly, crunching gravel beneath her feet, and ran her hand through her hair - the very gesture she'd seen her father make a thousand times. . . . Right before he agreed
to do something stupid. #Quote by Ally Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Ron Carter
#23. I felt a responsibility to present a viable alternative to the popular electric sound. #Quote by Ron Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Chance Carter
#24. WANT TO DO WITH YOU WHAT SPRING DOES WITH THE CHERRY TREES." Pablo Neruda, Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair * #Quote by Chance Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Rick Riordan
#25. After my bad experience as a kite, I simply refused to go about as a glowing Sadie-headed chicken. That's fine for Carter, but I have standards. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Coppinger Carter quotes by Jimmy Carter
#26. Before I became President, in the aftermath of the Vietnam War, there had been fairly dramatic, and I think excessive, reductions in the capability of our military forces, and as a former military man myself - I was a professional naval officer, a submarine officer - I thought it was better, on a step-by-step, very carefully planned way, to increase the technical, or technological, capability of our weapons systems. #Quote by Jimmy Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Andrew J. Bacevich
#27. As a turning point, the Bay of Pigs deserves comparison with 9/11 - a moment that created an opening to pose first-order questions, but elicited instead an ill-conceived, reflexive response. As would Johnson, Carter, and George W. Bush, Kennedy in 1961 squandered an opportunity to rethink and reorient U.S. policy, with fateful implications. #Quote by Andrew J. Bacevich
Coppinger Carter quotes by Mina Carter
#28. DEAN H*ll hath no fury like a mamma bear... #Quote by Mina Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Donald Jeffries
#29. When I was a child, I enjoyed thinking about the future, and especially
loved to imagine flying around in one of those cool bubble cars I'd seen
on The Jetsons cartoons. Here we are, fifty years later, and we have the same
gas- and oil-guzzling motor vehicles, the same basic planes, the same trains,
the same utility companies to monitor and charge for our electricity, gas, and
water usage. Jimmy Carter talked a lot about new sources of energy back in
the 1970s. So did some of the hippies. And yet, decades later, there has been
little progression on this front. #Quote by Donald Jeffries
Coppinger Carter quotes by Ally Carter
#30. Maybe wrist corsages cut off circulation to the brain? I mean, is that why so many girls do stupid things on prom night? I was really going to have to investigate this further, I decided #Quote by Ally Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Quil Carter
#31. Did you see their rings? Will you give me something nice one day?" Killian sounded giddy, riding on the emotional overflow he had picked up by osmosis apparently.
"I fucking gave you a gun didn't I? #Quote by Quil Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Angela Carter
#32. Sad; so sad, those smoky-rose, smoky-mauve evenings of late autumn, sad enough to pierce the heart. The sun departs the sky in winding sheets of gaudy cloud; anguish enters the city, a sense of the bitterest regret, a nostalgia for things we never knew, anguish of the turn of the year, the time of impotent yearning, the inconsolable season. #Quote by Angela Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Ken Carter
#33. If you improve 1% a day, then in 100 days, guess what? You're 100% better. #Quote by Ken Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Graydon Carter
#34. Those who remember New York in the 1970s, as I do, look back on a city that had hit a very rough patch - decaying, bankrupt, and crime-ridden. But fun. #Quote by Graydon Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Jimmy Carter
#35. It is difficult for the common good to prevail against the intense concentration of those who have a special interest, especially if the decisions are made behind locked doors. #Quote by Jimmy Carter
Coppinger Carter quotes by Angela Carter
#36. It is a characteristic of human beings that if they haven't got a family of their own, they will invent one. #Quote by Angela Carter

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