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Famous Quotes About Cool Darth Vader

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Cool Darth Vader quotes by Tre Cool
#1. I have a homosexual crush on most adolescents. #Quote by Tre Cool
Cool Darth Vader quotes by Chris Van Allsburg
#2. Some people may contend that there is no image more charming that a child holding a puppy or kitten. But for me that's a distant second. When I see a child clutching a book ... to his or her tiny bosom, I'm moved. Children can possess a book in a way they can never possess a video game, a TV show, or a Darth Vader doll. A book comes alive when they read it. They give it life themselves by understanding it. #Quote by Chris Van Allsburg
Cool Darth Vader quotes by Laura Mvula
#3. London audiences have this reputation for being a bit too cool for school. #Quote by Laura Mvula
Cool Darth Vader quotes by James Ramos
#4. What's on your shirt?" she asked suddenly. "Darth Vader," I answered briskly. For someone who held me in such obvious contempt, she asked a lot of questions. "So you're a Trekkie." This was a statement rather than a question. I cringed. "Not exactly." "I think Star Trek is silly." "Not #Quote by James Ramos
Cool Darth Vader quotes by Margo Vader
#5. We are individually responsible for our own happiness and destiny #Quote by Margo Vader
Cool Darth Vader quotes by James Luceno
#6. For the moment it was enough that his advisers and minions respected him–for reestablishing peace, for eliminating the group that had posed the greatest threat to continued stability–but eventually those same advisers would need to fear him. To understand the great power he wielded, as both Emperor and Dark Lord of the Sith. And to that end, Sidious needed Vader. For if someone as potent as Vader answered to the Emperor, then how powerful must the Emperor be! #Quote by James Luceno
Cool Darth Vader quotes by LL Cool J
#7. I'm cold gettin' paid cause Rick said so. #Quote by LL Cool J
Cool Darth Vader quotes by Beth Ditto
#8. All this fashion stuff - who's cool now - is just a bigger version of the cool kids versus the nerds. #Quote by Beth Ditto
Cool Darth Vader quotes by Victor Koo
#9. 'YouKu' means what's best and what's cool in Chinese. So, the whole product philosophy really revolves around how to help users, from a massive video database, finds what's best and what's cool. #Quote by Victor Koo
Cool Darth Vader quotes by Gary Coleman
#10. Star Wars was magnificent, but you could tell Darth Vader's ships were glued together. #Quote by Gary Coleman
Cool Darth Vader quotes by Criss Jami
#11. Any fool can do something cool and look cool, but it takes skill to make something uncool cool again. #Quote by Criss Jami
Cool Darth Vader quotes by Chuck Wendig
#12. Worry more about being a COOL HUMAN meeting other COOL HUMANS." - Chuck Wendig.
To that end, "Hello," said the cool human to all the others. #Quote by Chuck Wendig
Cool Darth Vader quotes by Dan Brown
#13. By way of fairy tales, this primeval battle of "good vs. evil" is ingrained into us as children through our stories: Merlin vs. Morgan le Fay, Saint George vs. the Dragon, David vs. Goliath, Snow White vs. the Witch, and even Luke Skywalker battling Darth Vader. #Quote by Dan Brown
Cool Darth Vader quotes by Brad Stone
#14. Rudeness is not cool. Defeating tiny guys is not cool. Close-following is not cool. Young is cool. Risk taking is cool. Winning is cool. Polite is cool. Defeating bigger, unsympathetic guys is cool. Inventing is cool. Explorers are cool. Conquerors are not cool. Obsessing over competitors is not cool. Empowering others is cool. Capturing all the value only for the company is not cool. Leadership is cool. Conviction is cool. Straightforwardness is cool. Pandering to the crowd is not cool. Hypocrisy is not cool. Authenticity is cool. Thinking big is cool. The unexpected is cool. Missionaries are cool. Mercenaries are not cool. #Quote by Brad Stone
Cool Darth Vader quotes by Paul Giamatti
#15. Am I really cool? You're telling me I'm cool? Well, that's good to hear. #Quote by Paul Giamatti
Cool Darth Vader quotes by Selena Gomez
#16. Being cool, having a 'cool' energy is just not attractive to me. #Quote by Selena Gomez
Cool Darth Vader quotes by Jesse Andrews
#17. Oh! Hello! I didn't see you there. My name is Darth Vader, and I'm the president of Evil Villains In favor of Leukemia, a.k.a. EVIL. Appearing in the lower left-hand corner: Evil Villains In favor of Leukemia #Quote by Jesse Andrews
Cool Darth Vader quotes by Dakota Johnson
#18. When I did 'The Social Network', David Fincher told me that I managed to make a thankless character pretty awesome. I thought that was really cool because I think he's really cool. #Quote by Dakota Johnson
Cool Darth Vader quotes by Nick Woodman
#19. I come from surfing, and surfing is the worst cool-guy industry of all. I decided long ago to try and kill the cool guy. #Quote by Nick Woodman
Cool Darth Vader quotes by Benjamin Percy
#20. My voice is rather quirky. It's abysmally low. People often think I'm putting it on at first. Think drunk Darth Vader. Or Barry White singing country. It suits my dark material. When I do readings, I really play it up and go subterranean. I can make the phone book sound terrifying. #Quote by Benjamin Percy
Cool Darth Vader quotes by Margo Vader
#21. Live responsibly and eat healthily #Quote by Margo Vader
Cool Darth Vader quotes by John Green
#22. Maura (fucking witch ass bitch Mussolini Al Qaeda darth vader non-entity) #Quote by John Green

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