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Contractive Lines quotes by Denis Johnson
#1. The lines of her tears sparkled on her cheeks. "I am a prisoner here," she said. I took the chair across from her and watched her cry. I sat upright, one hand on the table's surface and the other around my drink. I felt the ecstasy of a dancer, but I kept still. #Quote by Denis Johnson
Contractive Lines quotes by Hans Reichenbach
#2. The differential element of non-Euclidean spaces is Euclidean. This fact, however, is analogous to the relations between a straight line and a curve, and cannot lead to an epistemological priority of Euclidean geometry, in contrast to the views of certain authors. #Quote by Hans Reichenbach
Contractive Lines quotes by Joe Lieberman
#3. Let us break through some of the inhibitions that have existed to talk together across the flimsy lines of separation of faith, to talk together, to study together, to pray together, and ultimately to sing together His Holy name. #Quote by Joe Lieberman
Contractive Lines quotes by Leopold Kronecker
#4. Analysis does not owe its really significant successes of the last century to any mysterious use of sqrt(-1), but to the quite natural circumstances that one has infinitely more freedom of mathematical movement if he lets quantities vary in a plane instead of only on a line. #Quote by Leopold Kronecker
Contractive Lines quotes by Joni Mitchell
#5. I looked a coyote right in the face
On the road to Baljennie near my old home town
He went running thru the whisker wheat
Chasing some prize down
And a hawk was playing with him
Coyote was jumping straight up and making passes
He had those same eyes just like yours
Under your dark glasses
Privately probing the public rooms
And peeking thru keyholes in numbered doors
Where the players lick their wounds
And take their temporary lovers
And their pills and powders to get them thru this passion play
No regrets Coyote
I just get off up aways
You just picked up a hitcher
A prisoner of the white lines on the freeway

Coyote's in the coffee shop
He's staring a hole in his scrambled eggs
He picks up my scent on his fingers
While he's watching the waitresses' legs
He's too far from the Bay of Fundy
From appaloosas and eagles and tides
And the air conditioned cubicles
And the carbon ribbon rides
Are spelling it out so clear
Either he's going to have to stand and fight
Or take off out of here
I tried to run away myself
To run away and wrestle with my ego
And with this flame
You put here in this Eskimo
In this hitcher
In this prisoner
Of the fine white lines
Of the white lines on the free freeway #Quote by Joni Mitchell
Contractive Lines quotes by Charlaine Harris
#6. I gripped the stapler even harder and felt like a fool planning to battle a crazy man with a stapler that even, I suddenly remembered, contained no staples. Well, strike that line of defense. #Quote by Charlaine Harris
Contractive Lines quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#7. I do not believe in eternal progress, that we are growing on ever and ever in a straight line. It is too nonsensical to believe. There is no motion in a straight line. A straight line infinitely projected becomes a circle. The force sent out will complete the circle and return to its starting place. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
Contractive Lines quotes by Woody Harrelson
#8. Sometimes I feel people think I live on a commune but I don't. We are all solar, though. There are no power lines. It's mostly farmers, so everyone who has tractors uses bio-diesel. #Quote by Woody Harrelson
Contractive Lines quotes by Ayn Rand
#9. Dagny listened to the Fourth Concerto, her head thrown back, her eyes closed. She lay half-stretched across the corner of a couch, her body relaxed and still; but tension stressed the shape of her mouth on her motionless face, a sensual shape drawn in lines of longing. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Contractive Lines quotes by Andrew Greeley
#10. God draws straight with crooked lines. #Quote by Andrew Greeley
Contractive Lines quotes by Lucy Hale
#11. Basically, I just want to make movies and maybe even produce TV later down the line, do some writing, maybe a tour with my music. And start a family! That's really important to me. #Quote by Lucy Hale
Contractive Lines quotes by Thomas Kyd
#12. Let dangers go; thy war shall be with me,
But such a war, as breaks no bonds of peace.
Speak thou fair words, I'll cross them with fair words;
Send thou sweet looks, I'll meet them with sweet looks;
Write loving lines, I'll answer loving lines;
Give me a kiss, I'll countercheck thy kiss.
Be this our warring peace, or peaceful war. #Quote by Thomas Kyd
Contractive Lines quotes by Napoleon Hill
#13. There is some one thing that you can do better than anyone else in the world could do it. Search until you find out what this particular line of endeavor is, then organize all of your forces and attack it with the belief that you are going to win. #Quote by Napoleon Hill
Contractive Lines quotes by Oscar Wilde
#14. Art never expresses anything but itself. It has an independent life, just as thought has, and develops purely on its own lines (...) So far from being the creation of its time, it is usually in direct opposition to it, and the only history that it preserves for us is the history of its own progress. (...) In no case it represents its age. To pass from the art of a time to the time itself is the great mistake that all historians commit. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Contractive Lines quotes by Ryan Lilly
#15. I'm creating a self help show called Self Talk. I'll insult myself for an hour then open phone lines to a fitness coach & my mother-in-law. #Quote by Ryan Lilly
Contractive Lines quotes by Josh Fox
#16. The first line in the first 'Gasland' is: 'I'm not a pessimist. I've always had a great deal of faith in people that we won't succumb to frenzy or rage or greed. That we'll figure out a solution without destroying the things that we love.' I have not lost that sense. #Quote by Josh Fox
Contractive Lines quotes by Norah Jones
#17. For me, there's a fine line between being a cheeseball and being a good performer. #Quote by Norah Jones
Contractive Lines quotes by Samantha Van Leer
#18. The question is not if you're willing to die for her. The question is, can you live without her? #Quote by Samantha Van Leer
Contractive Lines quotes by Thomas A. Edison
#19. We have merely scratched the surface of the store of knowledge which will come to us. I believe that we are now, a-tremble on the verge of vast discoveries - discoveries so wondrously important they will upset the present trend of human thought and start it along completely new lines . #Quote by Thomas A. Edison
Contractive Lines quotes by Jacob Taubes
#20. The first few lines of the third chapter run as follows: All significant concepts of the modern theory of the state are secularized theological concepts not only because of their historical development - in which they were transferred from theology to the theory of the state, whereby, for example, the omnipotent God became the omnipotent lawgiver - but also because of their systematic structure, the recognition of which is necessary for a sociological consideration of these concepts. The state of exception in jurisprudence is analogous to the miracle in theology. Only by being aware of this analogy can we appreciate the manner in which the philosophical idea of the state developed over the last few centuries. I had quickly come to see Carl Schmitt as an incarnation of Dostoevsky's Grand Inquisitor. During a stormy conversation at Plettenberg in 1980, Carl Schmitt told me that anyone who failed to see that the Grand Inquisitor was right about the sentimentality of Jesuitical piety had grasped neither what a Church was for, nor what Dostoevsky - contrary to his own conviction - had "really conveyed, compelled by the sheer force of the way in which he posed the problem." I always read Carl Schmitt with interest, often captivated by his intellectual brilliance and pithy style. But in every word I sensed something alien to me, the kind of fear and anxiety one has before a storm, an anxiety that lies concealed in the secularized messianic dart of Marxism. Carl Schmitt seemed to me #Quote by Jacob Taubes
Contractive Lines quotes by James Richardson
#21. On Writing: Aphorisms and Ten-Second Essays

1. A beginning ends what an end begins.

2. The despair of the blank page: it is so full.

3. In the head Art's not democratic. I wait a long time to be a writer good enough even for myself.

4. The best time is stolen time.

5. All work is the avoidance of harder work.

6. When I am trying to write I turn on music so I can hear what is keeping me from hearing.

7. I envy music for being beyond words. But then, every word is beyond music.

8. Why would we write if we'd already heard what we wanted to hear?

9. The poem in the quarterly is sure to fail within two lines: flaccid, rhythmless, hopelessly dutiful. But I read poets from strange languages with freedom and pleasure because I can believe in all that has been lost in translation. Though all works, all acts, all languages are already translation.

10. Writer: how books read each other.

11. Idolaters of the great need to believe that what they love cannot fail them, adorers of camp, kitsch, trash that they cannot fail what they love.

12. If I didn't spend so much time writing, I'd know a lot more. But I wouldn't know anything.

13. If you're Larkin or Bishop, one book a decade is enough. If you're not? More than enough.

14. Writing is like washing windows in the sun. With every attempt to perfect clarity you make a new smear.
#Quote by James Richardson
Contractive Lines quotes by James Joyce
#22. Evening had fallen. A rim of the young moon cleft the pale waste of sky line, the rim of a silver hoop embedded in grey sand: and the tide was flowing in fast to the land with a low whisper of her waves, islanding a few last figures in distant pools. #Quote by James Joyce
Contractive Lines quotes by Michael Cox
#23. After killing the red-haired man, I took myself off to Quinn's for an oyster supper. #Quote by Michael Cox
Contractive Lines quotes by Anne Lamott
#24. If you don't believe in God, it may help to remember this great line of Geneen Roth's: that awareness is learning to keep yourself company. And then learn to be more compassionate company, as if you were somebody you are fond of and wish to encourage. I doubt that you would read a close friend's early efforts and, in his or her presence, roll your eyes and snicker. I doubt that you would pantomime sticking your finger down your throat. I think you might say something along the lines of, 'Good for you. We can work out some of the problems later, but for now, full steam ahead! #Quote by Anne Lamott
Contractive Lines quotes by George Orwell
#25. there were the directing brains who co-ordinated the whole effort and laid down the lines of policy which made it necessary that this fragment of the past should be preserved, that one falsified, and the other rubbed out of existence. #Quote by George Orwell
Contractive Lines quotes by Jeff Chang
#26. The future of desegregation was not just about reaching mere numerical diversity. It was about fostering radical diversity, the wild protean sort. It was about what might flower when people could really meet across the lines. The cover of the fifth volume of the Yardbird Reader, rendered in day-bright Oakland A's yellow and green, featured the collective caught as they laughed at someone's wisecrack. They looked simultaneously hip and welcoming. In this colorized vision of American renewal, everyone could share in the joy. #Quote by Jeff Chang
Contractive Lines quotes by Edie Sedgwick
#27. I made a mask out of my face because I didn't realize I was quite beautiful. God blessed me so. I practically destroyed it. I had to wear heavy black eyelashes like bat wings, and dark lines under my eyes, and cut all my hair off, my long dark hair. Cut it off and stripped it silver and blonde. All those little maneuvers I did out of things that were happening in my life that upset me. #Quote by Edie Sedgwick
Contractive Lines quotes by Dean Koontz
#28. I've got evil in me as much as anyone, some desires that scare me. Even if I don't give in to them, just having them scares the living bejesus out of me sometimes. I'm no saint, the way you kid about. But I've always walked the line, walked that goddamned line. It's a mean mother of a line, straight and narrow, sharp as a razor, cuts right into you when you walk it long enough. You're always bleeding on that line, and sometimes you wonder why you don't just step off and walk in the cool grass. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Contractive Lines quotes by Julius Evola
#29. I see nothing but a world of ruins, where a kind of front line is possible only in the catacombs. #Quote by Julius Evola
Contractive Lines quotes by Alan Armstrong
#30. We're coming off a quarter here that was in-line with our expectations, but much lower at WPZ due to Geismar's extended outage and a continued heavy capital investing period all as was expected. #Quote by Alan Armstrong
Contractive Lines quotes by Nas
#31. My earliest memories of rap music was mixed with my earliest memories of reggae music. They were big sounds around the way, heavy bass lines, strong messages, definitely. #Quote by Nas
Contractive Lines quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#32. The appalling destruction and misery of this war mount hourly: destruction of what should be (indeed it is) the common wealth of Europe, and the world, if mankind were not so besotted, wealth the loss of which will affect us all, victors or not. Yet people gloat to hear of the endless lines, 40 miles long, of miserable refugees, women and children pouring West, dying on the way. There seems no bowels of mercy or compassion, no imagination, left in this dark diabolic hour. By which I do not mean that it may not all, in the present situation, mainly (not solely) created by Germany, be necessary or inevitable. But why gloat! We were supposed to have reached a stage of civilization in which it might still be necessary to execute a criminal, but not to gloat, or to hang his wife and child by him while the orc-crowd hooted. The destruction of Germany, be it 100 times merited, is one of the most appalling world-catastrophes. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Contractive Lines quotes by Esther Hicks
#33. You're not ever going to get it done. Every time you evaluate contrast and conclude and then line up your Energy and allow it into your experience ... at the same time you are achieving the result that you intended, you also achieve a new perspective from which to intend. You can't stand still. In every moment, there is a whole new set of stuff ... new ideas, new desires being born. #Quote by Esther Hicks
Contractive Lines quotes by Jeff Goodell
#34. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who also happens to be the 10th richest person in America, with a personal fortune of some $18 billion, likes to pick a fight - especially fights where the line between good and evil is particularly stark. #Quote by Jeff Goodell
Contractive Lines quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#35. She had grown. Kate's vicious friend, once so elevated, was taller by little more than a head. She drew her brows together, and studied the circles under his eyes. He said lightly, 'My dear girl; it's Almoner's Saturday. With six frails of figs and a sackful of almonds, I am offering you my name.'
Philippa's lips parted. The smith in her chest, changing a wooden mallet for a small charge of gunpowder, pulverized brain, lungs and stomach and left her standing, wan as a blown egg. She said shakily, 'How would that help?'
Round his mouth, the curled lines deepened, and his eyes, very blue, lit suddenly with something like the flame she had seen struck in them at other times, by other things and other people. 'Stout Philippa,' he said. 'Sit down and hear... There is no guarantee for you now except marriage. Do it now, and you go home a respectable matron of fifteen...sixteen--'
'Nearly seventeen,' said Philippa.
'Yes. Well: with no money but a good many friends and enough property to keep a roof over your head and Kuzum's. Then, as you choose, you may divorce me.'
She cleared her throat. 'On what grounds?'
He looked at her directly, his voice level. 'On very obvious grounds. We shall find another Kislar Agha, if you like, to give you a guarantee... You must have no fears that this will be anything but a marriage on paper. But I want it done now. Tomorrow, if the Embassy's chaplain can do it.'
Philippa's gaze was also direct. 'You think there is #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Contractive Lines quotes by Harold Pinter
#36. EMMA: We're lovers.
ROBERT: Ah, yes. I thought it might be something like that. Something along those lines.
EMMA: When?
EMMA: When did you think?
ROBERT: Yesterday. Only yesterday. When I saw his handwriting on the letter. Before yesterday I was quite ignorant.
EMMA: Ah. (pause) I'm sorry.
ROBERT: Sorry? (silence) How long?
EMMA: Some time.
ROBERT: Yes, but how long exactly?
EMMA: Five years.
ROBERT: Five years? #Quote by Harold Pinter
Contractive Lines quotes by Casey Stoner
#37. Even in motocross, you're struggling to see people pass each other anymore. There seems to be one line in motocross. #Quote by Casey Stoner
Contractive Lines quotes by N.D. Wilson
#38. Imagine a poem written with such enormous three-dimensional words that we had to invent a smaller word to reference each of the big ones; that we had to rewrite the whole thing in shorthand, smashing it into two dimensions, just to talk about it. Or don't imagine it. Look outside. Human language is our attempt at navigating God's language; it is us running between the lines of His epic, climbing on the vowels and building houses out of the consonants. #Quote by N.D. Wilson
Contractive Lines quotes by Luccini Shurod
#39. Now drawing four fingers up the sides of her stomach, my hands create a kind of invisible wave that sounds beneath her skin. Molding her torso every which way as if it were clay for me to experiment, I study the lines of her iridescent form flowing in a rhythmic beauty that fascinates me into this fixation. My finger circles around the rim of her belly button as if to enjoy the sounds that might come from a crystal glass. Her every touch absorbs my ability to discern thought as I become rested in this feeling of absolute ecstasy. Life without her I know would indefinitely destroy me, having already solemnly delivered my spirit to this angel that comes down to be with me. #Quote by Luccini Shurod
Contractive Lines quotes by Robert Kuttner
#40. The combination of these two trends - declining real wages and inflated asset prices - led the American middle class to use debt as a substitute of income. People lacked adequate earnings but felt wealthier. A generation of Americans grew accustomed to borrowing against their homes to finance consumption, and banks were more than happy to be their enablers. In my generation, second mortgages were considered highly risky for homeowners. The financial industry re-branded them as home equity loans, and they became ubiquitous. Third mortgages, even riskier, were marketed as 'home equity lines of credit. #Quote by Robert Kuttner
Contractive Lines quotes by Marian Keyes
#41. You know what it's like. Sometimes, you meet a wonderful person, but it's only for a brief instant. Maybe on vacation or on a train or maybe even in a bus line. And they touch your life for a moment, but in a special way. And instead of mourning because they can't be with you for longer, or because you don't get the chance to know them better, isn't it better to be glad that you met them at all? #Quote by Marian Keyes
Contractive Lines quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#42. Why did I walk so purposefully in a straight line? Where would it take me? He went round and round and we got there all the same. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Contractive Lines quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#43. Some may remain imprisoned in a gridlock of lies or keep on blurring the lines between facts and fables, expecting us to buy the debilitating and fake narrative of their life, until they eventually end up on the chopping block of the inexorable truth. Be that as it may, one can "fool people some of the time, but not all of the time". ("Bribe payers' index ») #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Contractive Lines quotes by Bryan Magee
#44. To take, for example, my own death: what I consider most likely to be true is that death will be the complete and utter end of my existence, with no successor existence of any kind that can be related to me as I now am. And if that is not the case, the next most likely scenario, it seems to me, is something along the lines indicated by Schopenhauer. But neither of these is what I most want. What I want to be true is that I have an individual, innermost self, a soul, which is the real me and which survives my death. That too could be true. But alas, I do not believe it. #Quote by Bryan Magee
Contractive Lines quotes by David Lynch
#45. Film can't just be a long line of bliss. There's something we all like about the human struggle. #Quote by David Lynch
Contractive Lines quotes by Henry Rollins
#46. It's hard to get along with people. As much as you try to like them and accept them as individuals, it becomes difficult because they keep getting out of line and wasting your time. #Quote by Henry Rollins
Contractive Lines quotes by Ryu Si-won
#47. An age where you feel like you could love anyone, where you put everything on the line for the smallest of things. Eighteen. Adults say that it's an age where we laugh if a leaf tumbles by. But back then, we were more serious than any adult, more intense, and had our strength tested. 1997. That was how our eighteen was beginning. #Quote by Ryu Si-won
Contractive Lines quotes by Peter Diamandis
#48. True disruption means threatening your existing product line and your past investments. Breakthrough products disrupt current lines of businesses. #Quote by Peter Diamandis
Contractive Lines quotes by Louie Gohmert
#49. There is no clear place to draw the line once you eliminate the traditional marriage, and it's the same once you start putting limits on what guns can be used, then it's just really easy to have laws that make them all illegal. #Quote by Louie Gohmert

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