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Contemptorary Romance quotes by Codi Gary
#1. I want to make you laugh like that." "Like what?" "Like you're free. #Quote by Codi Gary
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Nalini Singh
#2. Hawke," he said. "That's the word you need to be saying. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Codi Gary
#3. He couldn't stop the grin that spread across his face. Who knew Miss California would be good in a bar fight. #Quote by Codi Gary
Contemptorary Romance quotes by S.K. Logsdon
#4. Men have firm beautiful bodies with cut muscles. But the curves and gentleness of a woman's body is beyond a words measure; with their dazzling rawness it's impossible to perfect but I crave the need to depict such a fathomless beauty. #Quote by S.K. Logsdon
Contemptorary Romance quotes by J.E. Keep
#5. Pretty doll," rasped the dark haired vampire as he went about behind her, and she could feel his ravenous hunger practically radiating off him. #Quote by J.E. Keep
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Shelly Laurenston
#6. I'm a whore!"
Miki hit the brakes ... her hands.. gripping the steering wheel, glanced at Sara. "You're not wearing any underwear, are you?"
Sara let out a strangled squeal ... #Quote by Shelly Laurenston
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Rachel Harris
#7. She's not close enough. She'll never be close enough ... #Quote by Rachel Harris
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Dulce Amor Soriano
#8. Please, don't die on me . . . not on my watch . . . not this time . . . not again- Ashbel Saunders #Quote by Dulce Amor Soriano
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Katharine Anthony
#9. The lovers of romance can go elsewhere for satisfaction but where can the lovers of truth turn if not to history? #Quote by Katharine Anthony
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Dianna Hardy
#10. I love your independence, I love that you don't swoon, I love that you'll fight me with your last breath if you think I'm wrong, and if I ever have to catch you, I swear I'll make sure you're standing on your feet as quickly as you can manage it. #Quote by Dianna Hardy
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Kelly Moran
#11. If the gods of Gorgeousness and Charm and Sexiness had a threesome, Jason Burkwell would've been the resulting love child. #Quote by Kelly Moran
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Starla Kaye
#12. She had a problem, which meant they had a problem. #Quote by Starla Kaye
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Rachel Caine
#13. Shane kissed her one more time, lightly and softly, and fluffed her hair back from her face. "To be continued," he said.
"I hate cliff-hangers."
"Blame Eve. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Contemptorary Romance quotes by De Philosopher DJ Kyos
#14. To Lovers out there …

Being romantic it doesn't mean spending money or buying expensive gifts or doing expensive things, but it means doing what you partner wants, needs, loves and appreciates. Doing what you think it will make them happy. Doing something that will make them feel special. That is being romantic. #Quote by De Philosopher DJ Kyos
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Sofia Grey
#15. Icy fingers walked down my spine, and I realized I was trembling. I wanted this to stop. Wanted Jas to stop before he made this whole situation a million times worse, but I couldn't speak. #Quote by Sofia Grey
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Ruby Dixon
#16. MADDIE: I know what it's like to be ignored. I know what it's like to feel like everyone in the world is against you. I know what it feels like to be on the outside and wanting desperately to be accepted. #Quote by Ruby Dixon
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Karen Witemeyer
#17. You got someone else courting you?"
"No." The fork she'd been scrubbing slid from her hand, returning to the murky depths. "But then, I wasn't sure I had you courting me, either. I seem to recall you expressing a number of objections to my suitability in the past. #Quote by Karen Witemeyer
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Savannah Stuart
#18. She gritted her teeth. "You can't just... get into my bed like this."
A ghost of a smile played across his face.
"I already have," he murmured. #Quote by Savannah Stuart
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Huntley Fitzpatrick
#19. This is Sailor Supergirl," George says. "She knows all about black holes. #Quote by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Contemptorary Romance quotes by James Nicoll
#20. Romeo and Juliet *died*. I always liked that in a teen romance story. #Quote by James Nicoll
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Debra Holland
#21. With the way Bertha can cook and her good-natured personality, she'll be married in no time. We'll see to it!" She cast a speculative glance around. "Why I see ten available men within a hundred feet of us. ... Bertha will manage just fine…" I hope. #Quote by Debra Holland
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Carolyn Brown
#22. You like legs?" she asked.
"On you, yes. On a chicken, I prefer wings and breasts."
She picked up both legs with her fingers. "Then we are going to get along just fine. #Quote by Carolyn Brown
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Cristin Harber
#23. Eyes locked, they stared. She felt bleeding pain down to her soul. #Quote by Cristin Harber
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Rachel Harris
#24. Hi, I'm Justin." Then, unable to help myself, I shot Peyton a sly grin and added," Or, as someone people like to call me, "Baseball Stud. #Quote by Rachel Harris
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
#25. Romance and poetry, ivy, lichens and wallflowers need ruin to make them grow. #Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Contemptorary Romance quotes by L.J. Kentowski
#26. Look, are we almost there? Or are you just taking me in circles in order to molest me? I'm tired, I'm pissed, and I really kind of hate you, so could you just take me to my quarters and poof away somewhere? #Quote by L.J. Kentowski
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Amy Jarecki
#27. She glanced at him over her shoulder with a seductive grin. "Being adventurous is new for me - and a bit scary."
"And 'tis my duty to ensure you enjoy it. #Quote by Amy Jarecki
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Franca Storm
#28. Nice moves, darlin'." He gripped her hands gently and pried them off his shirt. "You're getting stronger. That almost hurt. #Quote by Franca Storm
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Julie Garwood
#29. The man irritated her just like a rash. #Quote by Julie Garwood
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Ryan Field
#30. I can't help feeling as if this is my last chance, Evan said. He was sitting opposite Dr. Lorne, a psychiatrist at the Havilland Recovery Cabin in north western New Jersey. It was the next to the last day of his fourth pass through a twenty-eight day program for sex and alcohol addiction. The sex addiction was questionable; the alcohol was not. #Quote by Ryan Field
Contemptorary Romance quotes by D.S. Mixell
#31. My Christmas wish: To feel your arms around me, to have your lips on mine, and to hold you close one more time, while there's time. #Quote by D.S. Mixell
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Ivan Stoikov
#32. Knowing all the languages in the world could help you to really understand all the jokes you can hear ... from my future Kids' Funny Business. #Quote by Ivan Stoikov
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Donna Grant
#33. They couldn't turn back time. What was done, was done.
He dropped his arms and lowered his head. Despondency filled him to the very brim. He was a dragon. A creature of magic and fire. A being that was lethal and dangerous.
The Kings had forgotten that. All but one. #Quote by Donna Grant
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Victoria Vane
#34. What is your name, my pet?"
"Kitty," she replied.
DeVere threw back his head with a guffaw. "Kitty? How delightfully apropos!" His erstwhile companions forgotten, he patted a muscular thigh. "Come then, Kitty, my sweet, little puss. Sit on your master's lap, and I'll stroke you 'till you purr."
-A WILD NIGHT'S BRIDE #Quote by Victoria Vane
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Elizabeth Wurtzel
#35. Love is rather impotent and pitiful: My father must have told me a million times how much he loved me, but that emotion - assuming it was even real - hardly had the strength to counter the many other acts of wrong he committed against me. Contrary to romance novels and the love-conquers-all mentality that even those of us who grow up in an era of divorce are - in response to some atavistic instinct - still raised to believe, love is always a product and a victim of circumstances. It is fragile and small. #Quote by Elizabeth Wurtzel
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Poppet
#36. M possessed, gripping her head and looking at the deep crimson bruise on her neck, fading to black at the edges. Her wrists are banded with yellow-green bruises, and when I turn her I spot the finger marks left on her thigh.
Did he do this to you? #Quote by Poppet
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Brynn Myers
#37. Girls, you listen to every word your mamma is saying, cause the only way you'll ever get a better piece of chicken is if you're a rooster. #Quote by Brynn Myers
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Madison Thorne Grey
#38. It's not the having of the gift that makes the difference in life here or in another place. It's how we use that gift that shows the true heart. ~ Acronis #Quote by Madison Thorne Grey
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Elizabeth   Hunter
#39. She unbuckled her seatbelt and scooted closer to him, laying her head on his shoulder. "Don't crash."
"Don't do anything crazy and I'll do my best."
"Was that a veiled reference to road head?"
He shook his head and tried unsuccessfully to smother a smile. "Woman, you have a dirty mind."
"I read a lot of romance novels. They're good for the imagination."
"I'll remember that. #Quote by Elizabeth Hunter
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Shanora Williams, 100 Proof
#40. those eyes - those fucking eyes. They hooked me every time, clamping down on my soul, trapping me like I was in chains. #Quote by Shanora Williams, 100 Proof
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Joseph Conrad
#41. And we all nodded at him: the man of finance, the man of accounts, the man of law, we all nodded at him over the polished table that like a still sheet of brown water reflected our faces, lined, wrinkled; our faces marked by toil, by deceptions, by success, by love; our weary eyes looking still, looking always, looking anxiously for something out of life, that while it is expected is already gone – has passed unseen, in a sigh, in a flash – together with the youth, with the strength, with the romance of illusions. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Contemptorary Romance quotes by B. Mauritz
#42. I would let you take me through a million nightmares if it meant that I could have one dream with you. #Quote by B. Mauritz
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Destiny Baker, Breathless: In Love With An Alpha Billionaire
#43. Somewhere between the depth of his stroke and warmth of his tongue, all worries had vanished. #Quote by Destiny Baker, Breathless: In Love With An Alpha Billionaire
Contemptorary Romance quotes by Emily Arden
#44. Her voice faltered to a stop. Fear and confusion clutched at her throat like some terrible beast, and suddenly she was finding it difficult to breathe. #Quote by Emily Arden

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