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Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Donna Grant
#1. You sparkle even in the dark. #Quote by Donna Grant
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Ella Maise
#2. I didn't want to miss out on another second with this girl. Fuck everything. Fuck everyone. None of it mattered. #Quote by Ella Maise
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Fen Wilde
#3. I have a plethora of adjectives like "luminous" and "extraordinary" tucked away for my consideration. Phrases like "you don't belong here" to comfort and enrage me, to take home at 5 a.m.
Like a man in a strip club might know where I belong. #Quote by Fen Wilde
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Elle James
#4. I'm concerned about the woman you're holding prisoner in there," Beckett said. "Knock three times if you're being held against your will."
Phoebe gasped and answered, "I'm fine, too."
"Good." Beckett said with a chuckle. "I was afraid I'd have to call the cops on my cop brother. #Quote by Elle James
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Melissa Cutler
#5. You make velocity look good. #Quote by Melissa Cutler
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Robert Farrar Capon
#6. If marriage is the great mystery of the City, the image of the Coinherence - if we do indeed become members one of another in it - then there is obviously going to be a fundamental need in marriage for two people to be able to get along with each other and with themselves. And that is precisely what the rules of human behavior are about. They are concerned with the mortaring of the joints of the City, with the strengthening of the ligatures of the Body. The moral laws are not just a collection of arbitrary parking regulations invented by God to make life complicated; they are the only way for human nature to be natural.

For example, I am told not to lie because in the long run lying destroys my own, and my neighbor's nature. And the same goes for murder and envy, obviously; for gluttony and sloth, not quite so obviously; and for lust and pride not very obviously at all, but just as truly. Marriage is natural, and it demands the fullness of nature if it is to be itself. But human nature. And human nature in one piece, not in twenty-three self-frustrating fragments. A man and a woman schooled in pride cannot simply sit down together and start caring. It takes humility to look wide-eyed at somebody else, to praise, to cherish, to honor. They will have to acquire some before they can succeed. For as long as it lasts, of course, the first throes of romantic love will usually exhort it from them, but when the initial wonder fades and familiarity begins to hobble biology, #Quote by Robert Farrar Capon
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Avery Flynn
#7. Why don't you let me get a good look at what I'm working with." She sank to her knees, sliding one palm across his length, the barrier of his pants practically nonexistent at the heat of her touch. "Oh, I'm going to need to look at this up close. #Quote by Avery Flynn
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by S. Elle Cameron
#8. His smile is beautiful. It's the kind of smile that can take away all nervousness and tension in a room, no matter how big. I have no choice but to smile back. #Quote by S. Elle Cameron
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Linda Morris
#9. You have got to do the shiatsu. I had one back home a month ago. Fantastic."
Marisa Finley frowned under her carrot-ginger-turmeric facial mask.
"What's a shiatsu?" It sounded like an unusual breed of dog.
"I'm taking my shiatsu to the groomers this week to have it shampooed and blow-dried.
And possibly beribboned. #Quote by Linda Morris
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by A.M. Willard
#10. That night he showed up and watched me work, it was the most romantic thing that has happened to me in years. With that, I need to analyze my life and figure out where I want it to go. Find the path that will lead me to a happy old age. It might not be the fairy tale I pictured, but it will be my life. As long as I'm happy, and my friends are happy, that's all we need. #Quote by A.M. Willard
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Jerry Z. Muller
#11. Yet despite...accommodations with commerce, Möser regarded the market as primarily a threat--to the artisanal citizens of the town, to the traditional wants of the peasantry, and to the political structure to society, since it created a growing class of people outside the traditional paternalistic relations of the countryside. Möser's conception of contemporary political and economic trends in Osnabrück was essentialy tragic and tinged with that idealization of the past that would later be called romantic. Möser's heroes were the artisan-citizen and the independent peasant, his villains the shopkeeper and the peddler. #Quote by Jerry Z. Muller
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Joseph Hansen
#12. Cecil reached for Dave, but Dave stepped back. "Dave, why are you doing this? You're not getting paid. Lovejoy called you off the case. You want the truth? You're compulsive. You can't leave it alone. You're like Adam Streeter, you know that? You live for danger."
"I live for justice," Dave said.
"Justice is a dream," Cecil scoffed, "a romantic ideal. Who the fuck gets justice in this life?( ... ) #Quote by Joseph Hansen
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Grace Willows
#13. The dark sky seemed to swallow the moon, as Samantha stood alone on the deserted highway. #Quote by Grace Willows
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Olivia Stocum
#14. Tangled Moon ~ Sometimes you have to break the rules. Sometimes you have to let go of the past. And sometimes you have to accept the impossible. #Quote by Olivia Stocum
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Jennifer Walkup
#15. Did you mean what you said before? About the dead hanging around? You really believe it? #Quote by Jennifer Walkup
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Keira D. Skye
#16. Can I kiss you?" And she would let him, lightly on her lips, a moment of brief anticipation. "Your kisses are like sugar woman." He would tell her affectionately. "So sweet." He would close in on her and then ask softly, "Please spend the night with me. #Quote by Keira D. Skye
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Linda Weaver Clarke
#17. Someone else is looking for him?"
"That's right, two men." Mrs. Brody softly laughed and said "They look just like those men in that alien movie. Dressed in black suits and sunglasses. They don't have much of a sense of humor though. When they came to my door, I asked them if they were seeking aliens and I assured them I wasn't one. They didn't laugh at my joke. #Quote by Linda Weaver Clarke
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Katie Reus
#18. He'd made a decision today that he wasn't letting her push him out of his life again. #Quote by Katie Reus
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by B. J. Daniels
#19. He met her challenging gaze. "You really have no idea what is good for you," he said as he caged her against the side of the pickup with a hand on each side of her.
I used to think you would be good for me," she said quietly, her voice rough with emotion. #Quote by B. J. Daniels
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Jill Shalvis
#20. If I call him back here," Cooper whispered in her ear, "will you crawl up my body again? #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Ben Brantley
#21. I've seen plays that are, objectively, total messes that move me in ways that their tidier brethren do not. That's the romantic mystery of great theater. Translating this ineffability into printable prose is a challenge that can never be fully met. #Quote by Ben Brantley
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Tamara Morgan
#22. Ryan allowed himself a moment to enjoy the sight of her legs, long and muscular and indicative of her previous life as a dancer.

Off-limits nannies shouldn't be allowed to have legs like that. A man could only get through so many lonely nights before he started to dream of sleek limbs wrapping around him and never letting go.

Thankfully for them both, she lifted those sleek limbs away from his grasp. Out of reach, out of mind.

Or at least in theory, anyway. #Quote by Tamara Morgan
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Amit Chaudhuri
#23. The detective embodies, even more than the romantic drifter, rationality; this intriguing and apparent dichotomy pertains to a significant part of Bengali children's literature as well – that ofen, especially in the proliferation of adventure, spy and mystery genres in Bengali in the first half of the twentieth century, children's literature is not so much an escape from the humanist logos of 'high' literary practice, but a coming to its irreducible possibilities from a different direction. #Quote by Amit Chaudhuri
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by B.J. Daniels
#24. Every woman wants a cowboy. #Quote by B.J. Daniels
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Jacki Delecki
#25. Extraordinary women who love and heal. #Quote by Jacki Delecki
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Samantha Chase
#26. She'd always been in love with Quinn. Ever since they were kids. She just... she knew. He was the one for her. Her soul mate. The only problem was Quinn didn't feel the same way. She was his pal. His buddy. There'd never once been anything romantic between them, and if he even suspected how she felt, he'd never let on. #Quote by Samantha Chase
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Ella Maise
#27. No," he said roughly. "Stay."
It took only one word.
I stayed until he was ready to let go. #Quote by Ella Maise
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Heather Hall
#28. Anabelle knew she was feeling too much, too fast. That was dangerous. Especially with a guy like Giorgio. #Quote by Heather Hall
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by B. J. Daniels
#29. She shot him a look she thought he might still remember, the same one a rattler gives right before it strikes. #Quote by B. J. Daniels
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Sara Humphreys
#30. Maddy pressed her fingers to her lips, a smile blooming there. The man could kiss like the devil. Hot, passionate, demanding. Holy hell. Ronan McGuire was a force of nature, and equally dangerous. #Quote by Sara Humphreys
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Marissa Clarke
#31. She came out of nowhere like a two-by-four against the skull, knocking all common sense out of him and turning him into a walking woody. #Quote by Marissa Clarke
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Marcel Proust
#32. The glow of a sunset more lasting, more roseate. more human - filling, perhaps, with romantic wonder the thoughts of some solitary lover, wandering in the street below and brought to a standstill before the mystery of the human presence which those lighted windows at once revealed and screened from sight ... #Quote by Marcel Proust
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Stephanie Bond
#33. A lot of good the door did. The man's pheromones oozed through the keyhole and the crack underneath the panelled wood. #Quote by Stephanie Bond
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Savannah Stuart
#34. What are you looking for?"
The look he gave her pinned her to the spot. "You. #Quote by Savannah Stuart
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Beth Yarnall
#35. Great. This girl was going to seriously mess with my ability to stay on parole. ~Maggie Mae Castro #Quote by Beth Yarnall
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Zack Love
#36. Speaking of body decorations, I luuhhhvv your belly piercing!" Heeb said, looking at the gold ring in the center of her slim, tan waist. Despite the artic cold, Angelina had opted for a skin tight, black tube top that ended just above her belly, on the assumption that a warm cab, a winter coat, and a short wait to get into the club was an adequate frosty weather strategy. Heeb was still reverently staring at her belly when Angelina finally caught her breath from laughing.

"Do you really like it? You're just saying that so that you can check out my belly!"

"And what's so bad about that? I mean, didn't you get that belly piercing so that people would check out your belly?"

"No. I just thought it would look cool…Do you have any piercings?"

"Actually, I do," Heeb replied.


"My appendix."


"I wanted to be the first guy with a pierced organ. And the appendix is a totally useless organ anyway, so I figured why the hell not?"

"That's pretty original," she replied, amused.

"Oh yeah. I've outdone every piercing fanatic out there. The only problem is when I have to go through metal detectors at the airport."

Angelina burst into laughs again, and then managed to say, "Don't you have to take it out occasionally for a cleaning?"

"Nah. I figure I'll just get it removed when my appendix bursts. It'll be a two for one operation, if you know what I m #Quote by Zack Love
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Sara Humphreys
#37. Ronan cupped her neck with his other hand and brushed his lips lightly over hers. "I want you, Maddy. I want you more than I've ever wanted any woman in my life. #Quote by Sara Humphreys
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Monique DeVere
#38. Ethan: "I'm not asking you to continue that night."
Karis: "Then what are you asking?"
Ethan: "For a whole new night. #Quote by Monique DeVere
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Sara Humphreys
#39. Once we set our sights on something we want," Ronan rasped, "we don't quit until we get it." She wasn't sure if he bent to her or she reached for him, but the end result was explosive. Ronan's mouth covered hers, and with a strangled groan, she opened to him immediately. His tongue sought entrance and lashed along hers with swift, furious strokes. Maddy's arms tightened around his neck as she met his greedy kiss with one of her own. Devoured - that's how she felt - and she couldn't get enough. #Quote by Sara Humphreys
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Aleatha Romig
#40. Then, if you want, we can bring her back to New York and keep her safe. If she means that much to you, she means that much to me." My head continued to move from side to side. "Who the fuck are you?" Nox leaned close, his cologne clouding my thoughts. "I'm Batman, princess. Next time you want to fly across the country, tell me. I won't delay two hundred people's plans, and we can just fly in the bat plane. #Quote by Aleatha Romig
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Charlotte Fallowfield
#41. Some people just don't find their Prince Charming straight away, they have to search for him. #Quote by Charlotte Fallowfield
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Lida Sideris
#42. She swore she'd never turn into her P.I. father...but that was before she ran over the body. #Quote by Lida Sideris
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Michelle Warren
#43. I can't take any more of being careful around her. I want her. Not just for now, but for always. - HEW #Quote by Michelle Warren
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Sara Humphreys
#44. Tell me what you want, Mads."
"You," she said in a shaky whisper. "I want you, Ronan. #Quote by Sara Humphreys
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Sharon K. Garner
#45. Listen up, Nic," she said firmly, looking straight into his gray-blue eyes. "If you die on me out here, so help me I'll hold seances and pester you. I won't give you a moment's peace in the hereafter," she threatened in a fierce whisper. Gabrielle O'Hara, River of Dreams #Quote by Sharon K. Garner
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Isobel Irons
#46. Bitch, please," Brady pursed his lips like a duck. "You know I'll be the belle of the cell block with my creamy smooth skin and my tight little ass. #Quote by Isobel Irons
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Krista Tippett
#47. You realized you were surrounded by love, that you were held by love, and that you'd had too small an imagination about that word, that thing. Romantic love, absolutely. Our notion of love - it just seems a very unevolved and very unenlightened notion. That it's this one person who you will meet. Eve Ensler #Quote by Krista Tippett
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Lawren Leo
#48. Only the ocean kept the same rhythm. Crashing in and slowly pulling back out, it never lied, never changed. It tried to teach them a life of romantic consistency. #Quote by Lawren Leo
Contemporary Romantic Mystery quotes by Sara Humphreys
#49. Ronan's tall, broad-shouldered form cut a striking figure, and with Bowser at his side, the two of them had an almost superhero-like air about them. They were resolute and unwavering in the face of frightening and hopeless situations.
Man and beast, strong and steady. #Quote by Sara Humphreys

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