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Contemporary quotes by Beck Anderson
#1. And this, my friends, is how love f*cks up your life. #Quote by Beck Anderson
Contemporary quotes by Kailin Gow
#2. It was the way he communicated it, while still being the man's man that he was, the alpha, who liked being in charge #Quote by Kailin Gow
Contemporary quotes by John Irving
#3. I believe in rules of behavior, and I'm quite interested in stories about the consequences of breaking those rules. #Quote by John Irving
Contemporary quotes by Leslea Tash
#4. You're not a nuthatch, Laurie."
"Oh, but I am. I'm totally upside down. I'm a very backward kind of guy. #Quote by Leslea Tash
Contemporary quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#5. The persistence of the story of animal consent into the contemporary era tells of a human appreciation of the stakes, and a desire to do the right thing. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Contemporary quotes by Moriah McStay
#6. The winter of love is a cellar of empty bins / In an orchard soft with rot."

The soft with rot part sounded so familiar, but it took a few moments before she made the connection as to why. "He was mumbling that to me," she said. A clear image of Marcus, gaunt and pale in his dining room deathbed, lit up her brain. She hadn't thought of him like that in so long. "The last time I saw him."

"He said it was you," Jackson said, suddenly looking at somber as she felt. "You were going to be those empty bins, once he died. And it was maybe the saddest thing I had ever heard. #Quote by Moriah McStay
Contemporary quotes by Tan Redding
#7. Their conversation was like root canal without anaesthesia. #Quote by Tan Redding
Contemporary quotes by Alain Badiou
#8. In my view, only those who have had the courage to work through Lacan's anti-philosophy without faltering deserve to be called 'contemporary philosophers'. #Quote by Alain Badiou
Contemporary quotes by Hirokazu Koreeda
#9. I don't believe in making movies to cater to a foreign audience. You never know what the reaction is going to be anyhow. At the time I made Maborosi, the Japanese movies getting any foreign attention were all period dramas and seemed to be about some representative element of Japanese life, and my movie was contemporary movie about one specific woman trying to understand her husband's suicide. #Quote by Hirokazu Koreeda
Contemporary quotes by Michael Douglas
#10. All the pictures I do are contemporary. I've sort of discovered I haven't really been into science fiction or period pictures. And so, in that vein, psychological thrillers play a big part. #Quote by Michael Douglas
Contemporary quotes by Collette West
#11. That big chunk of my life that felt like it was missing has slid back into place. With him, I feel whole again. For the first time in a long time, I'm where I'm supposed to be with the person I'm supposed to be with. #Quote by Collette West
Contemporary quotes by Mary J. Williams
#12. I made the first move. Now it's up to him."
"Telling him you should hit the sack and get it out of your system is not making the first move. #Quote by Mary J. Williams
Contemporary quotes by Jack Messenger
#13. I always feel apprehensive when someone reads my work for the first time. Most writers are probably the same, with a desperate need to be liked – preferably expressed as lavish praise and uncritical admiration. #Quote by Jack Messenger
Contemporary quotes by Claudette Melanson
#14. She sounded like she really meant it, and I wondered if I actually was standing here on the sidewalk with her, and not still asleep in my room. #Quote by Claudette Melanson
Contemporary quotes by M. Russell Ballard
#15. My dear young women, with all my heart I urge you not to look to contemporary culture for your role models and mentors. Please look to your faithful mothers for a pattern to follow. Model yourselves after them, not after celebrities whose standards are not the Lord's standards and whose values may not reflect an eternal perspective. Look to your mother. #Quote by M. Russell Ballard
Contemporary quotes by Briana Pacheco
#16. You're like a newly discovered universe, and I plan on taking my time exploring everything about you. #Quote by Briana Pacheco
Contemporary quotes by Katie MacAlister
#17. There's a bit of a difference between a guy lying back being all sexy and come hither and mmrowr-worthy, and a man who has a toy stuffed parrot hanging from his nips. #Quote by Katie MacAlister
Contemporary quotes by Michael Hardt
#18. Through luminous and erudite readings of the texts, Hasana Sharp shows us how profound and radical is Spinoza's conception of nature and his claim that humans always remain part of nature, acting solely according to the same rules. She demonstrates the political consequences of adopting this perspective through a provocative intervention in contemporary feminist theory, while along the way opening promising avenues for future work in a variety of other fields, such as animal studies and ecology. This is a challenging and important book. #Quote by Michael Hardt
Contemporary quotes by Michael Craig-Martin
#19. I have never understood, for instance, why some people see contemporary art as divided between 'painting' and 'conceptual art', as though this represented a genuine division. #Quote by Michael Craig-Martin
Contemporary quotes by Kate Bush
#20. I listen to very little music, particularly contemporary. If I listen to it, it's going to be my own music, some arrangement or something. I spend so much time listening that the way I relax is by watching things, a comedy; that's my way to wind down. #Quote by Kate Bush
Contemporary quotes by Ronald Carter

Had we but world enough, and time,
This coyness, lady, were no crime

(Andrew Marvell, To His Coy Mistress)

While theatre was the most public literary form of the period, poetry tended to be more personal, more private. Indeed, it was often published for only a limited circle of readers. This was true of Shakespeare's sonnets, as we have seen, and even more so for the Metaphysical poets, whose works were published mostly after their deaths. John Donne and George Herbert are the most significant of these poets.
The term 'Metaphysical' was used to describe their work by the eighteenth-century critic, Samuel Johnson. He intended the adjective to be pejorative. He attacked the poets' lack of feeling, their learning, and the surprising range of images and comparisons they used. Donne and Herbert were certainly very innovative poets, but the term 'Metaphysical' is only a label, which is now used to describe the modern impact of their writing. After three centuries of neglect and disdain, the Metaphysical poets have come to be very highly regarded and have been influential in recent British poetry and criticism. They used contemporary scientific discoveries and theories, the topical debates on humanism, faith, and eternity, colloquial speech-based rhythms, and innovative verse forms, to examine the relationship between the individual, his God, and the universe. Their 'conceits', metaphors and images, paradoxes and inte #Quote by Ronald Carter
Contemporary quotes by Alexander Herzen
#22. This socialism will develop in all its phases until it reaches its own extremes and absurdities. Then once again a cry of denial will break from the titanic chest of the revolutionary minority and again a mortal struggle will begin, in which socialism will play the role of contemporary conservatism and will be overwhelmed in the subsequent revolution, as yet unknown to us. #Quote by Alexander Herzen
Contemporary quotes by Kailin Gow
#23. I guess it depends on whether you want perfect. I hear some girls prefer their boyfriends a little more flawed and troubled.", Loving Summer by Kailin Gow #Quote by Kailin Gow
Contemporary quotes by Jennifer E. Smith
#24. This," I say softly, "is going to change everything."
I don't mean it the way I usually do.
I don't mean that change is hard or scary, though it's definitely both.
I mean only to say this: that sometimes, through good luck or bad, through curses or fate, the world cracks itself open, and afterward nothing will ever be the same.
All I mean is that this seems like one of those times. #Quote by Jennifer E. Smith
Contemporary quotes by Mel Bochner
#25. In 1967 there was no place for photography in a contemporary art gallery. It was almost impossible to get an art dealer to look at, let alone exhibit, anything photographic. #Quote by Mel Bochner
Contemporary quotes by Mark Blyth
#26. The "German problem" after 1970 became how to keep up with the Germans in terms of efficiency and productivity. One way, as above, was to serially devalue, but that was beginning to hurt. The other way was to tie your currency to the deutsche mark and thereby make your price and inflation rate the same as the Germans, which it turned out would also hurt, but in a different way.

The problem with keeping up with the Germans is that German industrial exports have the lowest price elasticities in the world. In plain English, Germany makes really great stuff that everyone wants and will pay more for in comparison to all the alternatives. So when you tie your currency to the deutsche mark, you are making a one-way bet that your industry can be as competitive as the Germans in terms of quality and price. That would be difficult enough if the deutsche mark hadn't been undervalued for most of the postwar period and both German labor costs and inflation rates were lower than average, but unfortunately for everyone else, they were. That gave the German economy the advantage in producing less-than-great stuff too, thereby undercutting competitors in products lower down, as well as higher up the value-added chain. Add to this contemporary German wages, which have seen real declines over the 2000s, and you have an economy that is extremely hard to keep up with. On the other side of this one-way bet were the financial markets. They looked at less dynamic economies, such as the Un #Quote by Mark Blyth
Contemporary quotes by J.M. Stewart
#27. Before she could ponder what on earth he meant or come up with a proper response, he took their charade a step further.

He kissed her. #Quote by J.M. Stewart
Contemporary quotes by Jane Rainwater
#28. He was a Marine, for heaven's sake! He knew how to kill a man with his bare hands. He'd been shot and stabbed and nearly died. He'd faced down evil in its purest form; met the Grim Reaper and spit in his eye. None of that had prepared him for this - facing the wrath of the woman he loved and knowing that wrath was justified. #Quote by Jane Rainwater
Contemporary quotes by Timothy C.W. Blanning
#29. But the relationship between the between the two cultural paradigms has always been a dialectical, not cyclical. The romantics were not repeating their ancestors. On the contrary, they brought about a cultural revolution comparable in its radicalism and effects with the roughly contemporary American, French, and Industrial Revolutions.
By destroying natural law and by reorienting concern from the work to the artist they tore up the old regime's aesthetic rule book just as thoroughly as any Jacobin [a 18th century political French club] tore down social institutions. In the words of Ernst Troeltsch: "Romanticism too is a revolution, a thorough and genuine revolution: a revolution against the respectability of the bourgeois temper and against a universal equalitarian ethic: a revolution, above all, against the whole of the mathematico-mechanical spirit of science in western Europe, against a conception of Natural Law which sought to blend utility with morality, against the bare abstraction of a universal and equal Humanity." [Unquote Troeltsch]
As will be argued in the subsequent chapters, it was Hegel who captured the essence of this revolution in his pithy definition of romanticism as "absolute inwardness" [absloute Innerlichkeit - in German - אינערליכקייט]. It will also be argued that its prophet was Jean-Jacques Rousseau: if not the most consistent, then certainly the most influential of all the eighteenth-century thinkers.
Writing in 1907, Lytton Strachey ca #Quote by Timothy C.W. Blanning
Contemporary quotes by Anna Wiener
#30. Sometimes I would worry about my internet habits and force myself awy from the computer, to read a magazine or book. Contemporary literature offered no respite: I would find the prose cluttered with data points, tenuous historical connections, detail so finely tuned it could have only been extracted from a feverish night of search-engine queries. Aphorisms were in; authors were wired. I would pick up books that had been heavily documented on social media, only to find that the books themselves had a curatorial affect: beautiful descriptions of little substance, arranged in elegant vignettes - gestural text, the equivalent of a rumpled linen bedsheet or a bunch of dahlias placed just so. Oh, I would think, turning the page. This author is addicted to the internet, too. #Quote by Anna Wiener
Contemporary quotes by Keira D. Skye
#31. Can I kiss you?" And she would let him, lightly on her lips, a moment of brief anticipation. "Your kisses are like sugar woman." He would tell her affectionately. "So sweet." He would close in on her and then ask softly, "Please spend the night with me. #Quote by Keira D. Skye
Contemporary quotes by Nicola Marsh
#32. All pomp and show." Anjali's glare at the house would've exploded bricks if she'd had superhuman powers. "A fat cow needs a big barn. #Quote by Nicola Marsh
Contemporary quotes by Jenny Lundquist
#33. Words are a weapon, and rotten kids like Tyler Jones get a free pass when it comes to using them because the marks they leave are invisible. Why don't more adults realize that? #Quote by Jenny Lundquist
Contemporary quotes by Agatha Christie
#34. The evidence of history is against you. The contemporary historian never writes such a true history as the historian of a later generation. It is a question of getting the true perspective, of seeing things in proportion. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Contemporary quotes by Kylie Mansfield
#35. Whispering Echoes, a contemporary fiction with Gothic undertones...

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we still live…

This is the tale of two women standing at opposite ends of the tunnel of life. Sally Donaldson is at the beginning, whilst Miss Bella Connelly , is at the end.

The story opens in the winter of 1990. Sally is a young woman on the verge of a breakdown, slowly drowning in the sorrow of an unimaginable loss. When her husband sends her to Brackenleigh Manor to recover, she encounters the unconventional healing methods of Miss Bella Connelly.

Sally quickly discovers that the manor itself harbor's its own sorrow, and the secrets that lay within the old groaning house are none other than the sad Whispering Echoes of Miss Bella Connelly's past.

The Story then shifts back to 1939 – Britain on the eve of WW2 – and reveals the secrets and lies that transform Bella, and completely change the lives of all who meet Miss Bella after.

The events that carved and marked Miss Bella's journey finally draw Sally out of her own shadows and back into life.

For it is within Miss Bella's story, that Sally learns that life has a measure that no one can count…

A measure that far outweighs Death… #Quote by Kylie Mansfield
Contemporary quotes by Barney Norris
#36. The old are a regular subject for sympathy. #Quote by Barney Norris
Contemporary quotes by George Orwell
#37. A writer inevitably - and less directly this applies to all the arts - about contemporary events, and his impulse is to tell what he believes to be truth. But no government, no big organisation, will pay for the truth. #Quote by George Orwell
Contemporary quotes by Ophelia London
#38. I'd wondered about it before, even felt a few pretty strong impulses, but this was the first time I really thought about kissing her, right this instant, like I could already taste her lips, breathe in her skin at the side of her neck, feel the curves of her body against mine as I eased her back onto the sand, my fingers tangling in her soft blond hair, sliding under her clothes ... #Quote by Ophelia London
Contemporary quotes by Daniele Lanzarotta
#39. That should have been my first kiss and every kiss after that. #Quote by Daniele Lanzarotta
Contemporary quotes by Colleen Hoover
#40. And when you love someone, seeing them sad also makes you sad. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Contemporary quotes by Robin Bielman
#41. This kiss was better than any climb or bungee jump or zip line. Better than any other kiss. Damn him. #Quote by Robin Bielman
Contemporary quotes by Jamie Farrell
#42. Cinna slid down the bar, sassing three groomsmen and
winking at a fourth on her way.
"I totally get why some animals eat their young," Pepper said. #Quote by Jamie Farrell
Contemporary quotes by Thomas Szasz
#43. The passion to interpret as madness that with which we disagree seems to have infected the best of contemporary minds. #Quote by Thomas Szasz
Contemporary quotes by Mark Galli
#44. As Wade Clark Roof noted in his study, the 'weightlessness' of contemporary belief in God is a reality ... for religious liberals and many evangelicals. #Quote by Mark Galli
Contemporary quotes by Irene Hannon
#45. Skip had loved that lighthouse - and all it symbolized. Light in the darkness. Guidance through turbulent waters. Salvation for the floundering. Hope for lost souls~pg. 11 #Quote by Irene Hannon
Contemporary quotes by Molly Harper
#46. A boot up the ass could be considered a 'nudge' right? #Quote by Molly Harper
Contemporary quotes by Rebecca West
#47. It's an absurd error to put modern English literature in the curriculum. You should read contemporary literature for pleasure or not at all. You shouldn't be taught to monkey with it. #Quote by Rebecca West
Contemporary quotes by Kristen Ashley
#48. Apparently Super Max was pretty content with taking care of half the town, such was his wonderfulness. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Contemporary quotes by Jill Shalvis
#49. Fine. It's your life, but - " "But you're still going to tell me what to do?" he asked, a small smile on his lips. She went into defense mode at his amused tone. "Well, I'm sure as hell not going to be quiet about it." "Duly noted," he said dryly. "And for the record? I never want you to be quiet, Elle. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Contemporary quotes by Arne Glimcher
#50. In the early 1990s we witnessed the emergence of a revitalized contemporary Chinese art world that began as a reaction against the government-approved Social Realist style. Zhang Xiaogang, Huang Yong Ping, Ai WeiWei, Yue Minjun, and Wang Guangyi were among the first group of artists to establish a movement that became known as Cynical Realism. #Quote by Arne Glimcher
Contemporary quotes by Christine Stovell
#51. I believe in making my potential models comfortable,' he explained when she shot a surprised look at him. 'I'm considerate, unlike some artists who bend their sitters into difficult positions and expect them to stay there for hours. My demands are entirely reasonable.'
For a moment, her libido got interested in his demands. What would it be like to listen to the soft caress of his voice as he told her how he wanted her? To have those midnight-blue eyes roam over every inch of her body? To be passive, helpless, whilst he did whatever he pleased? #Quote by Christine Stovell
Contemporary quotes by Brian De Palma
#52. You know, I listen to contemporary music all the time. #Quote by Brian De Palma
Contemporary quotes by Lisa Renee Jones
#53. My head drops back and I have a fleeting out-of-body moment where I see myself in the window, my hands tied above my head with my legs wrapped around the neck of Chris Merit, while he does delicious things to my body. #Quote by Lisa Renee Jones
Contemporary quotes by Venita Ellick
#54. Is a First Lady truly a necessity? Shouldn't each wife of a president have a right to choose to accept the position or not? #Quote by Venita Ellick
Contemporary quotes by Don DeLillo
#55. I am aware that when we see something, we are getting only a measure of information, a sense, an inkling of what is really there to see. I don't know the details or the terminology but I do know that the optic nerve is not telling the full truth. We're seeing only intimations. The rest is our invention, our way of constructing what is actual, if there is any such thing, philosophically, that we can call actual. #Quote by Don DeLillo
Contemporary quotes by Tara West
#56. You wish for what's called wooing. This customary game, where the man shows the woman that resistance is impractical, strikes me as quite pointless. #Quote by Tara West
Contemporary quotes by Joseph Campbell
#57. How, in the contemporary period, can we evoke the imagery that communicates the most profound and most richly developed sense of experiencing life? These images must point past themselves to that ultimate truth which must be told: that life does not have one absolutely fixed meaning. These images must point past all meanings given, beyond all definitions and relationships, to that really ineffable mystery that is just the existence, the being of ourselves and of our world. If we give that mystery an exact meaning we diminish the experience of its real depth. But when a poet carries the mind into a context of meanings and then pitches it past those, one knows that marvelous rapture that comes from going past all categories of definition. Here we sense the function of metaphor that allows us to make a journey we could not otherwise make ... #Quote by Joseph Campbell
Contemporary quotes by Sylvia Day
#58. Romance isn't in my repertoire, Eva. But a thousand ways to make you come are. Let me show you. #Quote by Sylvia Day
Contemporary quotes by Brian Joyce
#59. Eventually, that feeling fades, but there is always the memory of those days. When you're young, everything is butterflies. What I mean is - it's all new. I guess he was telling you to still believe, to hold on to your butterflies. #Quote by Brian Joyce
Contemporary quotes by C.P. Snow
#60. No scientist or student of science, need ever read an original work of the past. As a general rule, he does not think of doing so. Rutherford was one of the greatest experimental physicists, but no nuclear scientist today would study his researches of fifty years ago. Their substance has all been infused into the common agreement, the textbooks, the contemporary papers, the living present. #Quote by C.P. Snow
Contemporary quotes by Jill Shalvis
#61. Open your eyes." His voice caressed her as surely as his work-roughened hands did. "Open your eyes and come with me. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Contemporary quotes by Nick Hornby
#62. It didn't help that I was never allowed to study anything remotely contemporary until the last year of university: there was never any sense of that leading to this. If anything, my education gave me the opposite impression, of an end to cultural history round about the time that Forster wrote A Passage to India. The quickest way to kill all love for the classics, I can see now, is to tell young people that nothing else maters, because then all they can do is look at them in a museum of literature, through glass cases. Don't touch! And don't think for a moment that they want to live in the same world as you! And so a lot of adult life
if your hunger and curiosity haven't been squelched by your education
is learning to join up the dots that you didn't even know were there. #Quote by Nick Hornby
Contemporary quotes by Roxanne Snopek
#63. Great. He had a ranch with no power, a burgeoning blizzard, animals depending on him and now, a frightened, felonious elf to look after. #Quote by Roxanne Snopek
Contemporary quotes by Jill Shalvis
#64. Ugh. You're being ... you."
"Was that in English?"
"This is all your fault."
"Nope. Definitely not English."
"You're being all hot and sexy, dammit," she said. She banged her head on his chest a few times. "And I can't seem to ... not notice said hotness and sexiness. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Contemporary quotes by Wyndham Lewis
#65. A sort of war of revenge on the intellect is what, for some reason, thrives in the contemporary social atmosphereThe ideas of a time are like the clothes of a season: they are as arbitrary, as much imposed by some superior will which is seldom explicit. They are utilitarian and political, the instruments of smooth-running government. #Quote by Wyndham Lewis
Contemporary quotes by Briana Pacheco
#66. Looking at her is like looking up at a sky full of stars. You don't know what you'll see today, but you know it'll still be breathtaking. #Quote by Briana Pacheco
Contemporary quotes by Charles Ferguson
#67. I thought I should try something relatively inexpensive, relatively contained, relatively small. I started working on a feature, a film I'd still like to make: a very talky film of people and ideas about our contemporary state with regard to relationships, marriage, sex, and romance. I started trying to educate myself about filmmaking. #Quote by Charles Ferguson
Contemporary quotes by Robin Bielman
#68. His mouth opened, nudging her lips apart, and she let him in. He tangled his tongue with hers and made it impossible for her to breathe without him.
The kiss took turns at tender, hot, relentless. She loved them all. She could kiss him all night, the passion and intensity always there
in her mind, her body, her heart. This was the kind of first kiss she'd dreamed about.,,,
She knew he'd just wiped out every other kiss she'd had. Knew deep down in her soul that no one would ever compare to Zane.
Her Mr. Right Now. #Quote by Robin Bielman
Contemporary quotes by Iain Macleod Higgins
#69. one might argue that the Mandeville author's original deception was not a simple trick for its own sake, but rather that it allowed him the freedom to speak his mind in a society that did not encourage such expression: to critique the moral state of his fellow Christians through an unusually open-minded presentation of the sectarian Christian and non-Christian world beyond Latin Christendom,2 an open-mindedness extended to nearly every group except the Jews and some nomads like the Bedouins. If so, the deception can be considered akin to the sort of literary device used by his near contemporary, William Langland, who, to obtain similar critical freedom, couched his impassioned critique of Christendom in an allegorical dream vision called Piers Plowman (five of whose some fifty surviving copies are bound with TBJM, suggesting that they have concerns in common).3 #Quote by Iain Macleod Higgins
Contemporary quotes by Justine Dell
#70. Another flash of recognition sped through her mind. It's him, her thoughts whispered through the fog of arousal. And she wanted to know who he was. What else he could do for her. What he'd feel like inside her. What he would unleash within her. #Quote by Justine Dell
Contemporary quotes by Rachael Wade
#71. The second he slipped inside of me, all I'd doubted, questioned, or feared evaporated, leaving me with one single, definite truth
I'd fallen in love with him in an all-consuming blaze that would blind me if I wasn't careful. We fit together like poorly cut puzzle pieces, but when the edges joined and were positioned just right, our scattered images came together to create a solid, deliberate piece of art, completely crystal clear and in focus. I was a goner. #Quote by Rachael Wade
Contemporary quotes by Jill Shalvis
#72. I can't think in your presence."
"Why not?"
"Because looking at you is like ... " She tossed up her hands. "It's like walking down the chips and cookie aisle at the grocery store. I can't resist you, and then I'll forget why you're bad for me. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Contemporary quotes by John Burnside
#73. The way I mainly use the Internet is keeping in touch with poets that live far away. My main interest is contemporary American poets and some Spanish language poets, and I keep in touch with their work through either their websites or email. #Quote by John Burnside
Contemporary quotes by Faith Dismuke
#74. You used me. You made me feel special then threw me away when you were bored. You took my trust. You broke my trust. You turned people against me. You turned me against myself. #Quote by Faith Dismuke
Contemporary quotes by Michael Douglas
#75. My entire career is contemporary based, not by choice, but just by character. So, all the movies I've done, except for one in 40 years, are contemporary. But I never did an effects movie. So, I'm also a producer and I was really curious about how this whole thing went together. #Quote by Michael Douglas
Contemporary quotes by Michael Ondaatje
#76. He moved with a slow gait. I never saw him dance. He was a man who wrote, who interpreted the world. Wisdom grew out of being handed just the smallest sliver of emotion. A glance could lead to paragraphs of theory. If he witnessed a new knot among a desert tribe or found a rare palm, it would charm him for weeks. When we came upon messages on our travels – any wording, contemporary or ancient, Arabic on a mud wall, a note in English written in chalk on the fender of a jeep – he would read it and then press his hand upon it as if to touch its possible deeper meanings, to become as intimate as he could with the words. #Quote by Michael Ondaatje
Contemporary quotes by Nancy Pearcey
#77. Author conveys contemporary respect for Methodist preachers who rode the circuit of frontier settlements to put themselves at risk for the Gospel near the Second Great Awakening. They were dubbed 'God's light artillery'. #Quote by Nancy Pearcey
Contemporary quotes by Luke Evans
#78. In the future, I would like to do more films with contemporary themes. Perhaps comedy, which is something I have done in theater but not in cinema. #Quote by Luke Evans
Contemporary quotes by Stephanie Witter
#79. It only wakes up the burning desire I always feel whenever I'm close to this man and the shadows of my fears back away. - Skye #Quote by Stephanie Witter
Contemporary quotes by Stephanie Witter
#80. With you and me, I don't know what anything means. We're pushing each other away and yet I don't seem to be able to let you go. #Quote by Stephanie Witter
Contemporary quotes by Doug Ose
#81. Currently under FCC policy, indecency determinations hinge on two factors. First, material must describe or depict sexual or excretory organs or activities. Second, the material must be patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium. #Quote by Doug Ose
Contemporary quotes by Rene Webb
#82. She's mine now.
And I protect what's mine. #Quote by Rene Webb
Contemporary quotes by Alain De Botton
#83. Logically enough, the office and the nunnery have been singularly popular in the imaginations of pornographers. We should not be surprised to learn that the erotic novels of the early modern period were overwhelmingly focused on debauchery and flagellation amongst clergy in vespers and chapels, just as contemporary Internet pornography is inordinately concerned with fellatios and sodomies performed by office workers against a backdrop of work stations and computer equipment. #Quote by Alain De Botton
Contemporary quotes by Elle Lothlorien
#84. As you know, the International Poker Tour, by its own admission, knows very little about poker games, one of which ended tragically last week when an IPT-sanctioned tournament aboard a yacht in Australia accidentally used tarot cards instead of playing cards. That's right, it's true! Apparently no one noticed until someone laid down a full house and the dealer died. #Quote by Elle Lothlorien
Contemporary quotes by Emma Hart
#85. The way to Braden's heart is through his dick. It's just wrapped up in latex and usually between some girl's legs. #Quote by Emma Hart
Contemporary quotes by Robin Bielman
#86. What prince wouldn't make a country girl a little restless? Those eyes, that mouth, the broad chest, were a royal combination unlike any other. He only held power over her if she let him, though. He brushed his teeth just like every other person. Put on his shoes one foot at a time.
Prince Theo was just extraordinarily normal.
And she could handle him and her story.
Probably. #Quote by Robin Bielman
Contemporary quotes by Courtney Summers
#87. You know all the ways you can kill a girl?
God, there are so many. #Quote by Courtney Summers
Contemporary quotes by Siobhan Davis
#88. He's a mass of contradictions. Unfortunately, that only seems to enhance his appeal. I'm one sick bitch, that's for sure. #Quote by Siobhan Davis
Contemporary quotes by Susan Cain
#89. We organize many of our most important institutions - our schools and our workplaces - tells a very different story. It's the story of a contemporary phenomenon that I call the New Groupthink - a phenomenon that has the potential to stifle productivity at work and to deprive schoolchildren of the skills they'll need to achieve excellence in an increasingly competitive world. #Quote by Susan Cain
Contemporary quotes by Thomas Van Nortwick
#90. our contemporary ideas about manliness, reflected in action movies and westerns, generally prohibit so-called real men from displaying high emotion, with the exception of anger. John Wayne doesn't cry. By contrast, Achilles, the epitome of manliness in Homer's Iliad, weeps openly and at length over the loss of his friend Patroclus. #Quote by Thomas Van Nortwick
Contemporary quotes by Robin Bielman
#91. Live a little...
Try new things...
Don't be a wimp... #Quote by Robin Bielman
Contemporary quotes by Mike Greenberg
#92. The contemporary authors I most admire are Nick Hornby and Jonathan Tropper. #Quote by Mike Greenberg
Contemporary quotes by Billy Graham
#93. Far too many young people today have no spiritual roots. The've been deprived of values by an agnostic, contemporary culture. #Quote by Billy Graham
Contemporary quotes by Jessica Sorensen
#94. Quinton: I think if every person had a Nova Reed in this world, then life would be a little sunnier. #Quote by Jessica Sorensen
Contemporary quotes by Robin DeJarnett
#95. Mom was silent for a moment. I'm sorry, Melissa, but can you blame me for worrying? In less than an hour I found out you're being stalked by a killer, sleeping with a stranger, and hiding with him in an empty apartment. You have to admit that sounds ... unsettling. #Quote by Robin DeJarnett
Contemporary quotes by Roy L. Pickering Jr.
#96. A tightrope walker uncertain if he could make it to the other side probably would not. A race car driver wondering if he was taking a turn too fast was likely to lose control. If a man feared death, whether his own or the taking of another's, death would surely come calling. #Quote by Roy L. Pickering Jr.
Contemporary quotes by Laura Kaye
#97. The guy in your book? I'm that guy,"
"I've never done any of the stuff in that book," she said, "But I want to. I've wanted to for a while. #Quote by Laura Kaye
Contemporary quotes by Aliyah Burke
#98. Christ, woman, were you ever going to say anything?"
He grabbed her by the wrist and tugged her down the hall to
the single bathroom. "Get out of that shirt. #Quote by Aliyah Burke
Contemporary quotes by Robin Bielman
#99. His smile, a little mischievous around the edges, had her melting into the sand. Then his lips brushed hers, and the stars collided. She cupped his face in her hands and shut her eyes.
Kissing had always ranked high on her list of favorite things to do, but Bryce took it to a whole new level. Forget about his mouth on her fingertips, this linked to all her happy zones and more.
He'd literally swept her off her feet and his kiss quickened the beat of her heart. His lips were soft and warm and hungry. His kiss moved through her like warm honey, filling all the places inside her that had been cold for so long.
He slid his tongue along the seam of her lips, licking her before he pressed further. She willingly opened to him, stroked his tongue, kissed him harder. He groaned. He tasted like champagne and everything good as he delved deeper and committed a full-on assault inside her mouth. His hand gripped her waist. They sank further into the sand.
She clutched his shoulders, smoothed her palms down his back. He pulled gruffly away, nipped at her ear. "You have no idea how much I want you," he said. #Quote by Robin Bielman
Contemporary quotes by Elana Johnson
#100. The lights disappear,
The elevator shudders,
All in the same nanosecond.

All that exists is darkness so thick I can't think,
And Travis so close I can't breathe. #Quote by Elana Johnson
Contemporary quotes by Sara Barnard
#101. She was crazy, and she was unpredictable, but she was also generous and open-hearted and like no friend I'd ever had before. #Quote by Sara Barnard
Contemporary quotes by William Boyd
#102. Even though I've been an avid consumer of contemporary music since my early teens, the world of rock music has always been at something of a distance - I listen to it, read about it, I talk about it, but I've had little or no contact with its denizens. #Quote by William Boyd
Contemporary quotes by Ai Weiwei
#103. This so-called contemporary art is not a form, but a philosophy of society, #Quote by Ai Weiwei
Contemporary quotes by Chris Rice
#104. there is a widespread notion in some of the most energetic contemporary Christian movements that the biblical call to reconciliation is solely about reconciling God and humanity, with no reference to social realities. In this view, preaching, teaching, church life and mission are only about a personal relationship between people and God. Christian energy is focused on winning converts, planting and growing churches, and evangelistic efforts. We have heard pastors say, "We appreciate the work you're doing, but as the leader of my church I'm called to stay focused on the gospel and not get distracted by other ministries." For them, Christianity is exclusively about personal piety and morals. #Quote by Chris Rice
Contemporary quotes by Tara Janzen
#105. The man in 4B wondered if he could have your autograph. He told me his daughter is a huge fan.
Fan? What the hell? Dylan lifted himself up and looked over the back of his seat. Since when did covert operators have fans? #Quote by Tara Janzen
Contemporary quotes by Angela Claire
#106. Listen, do you think we could, you know, have sex ? I could pay you extra of course. I know it's not part of your job , but I'd love to strip you bare to just those pearls and bury myself in your - #Quote by Angela Claire
Contemporary quotes by Phillipa Bornikova
#107. I was between them, and as the tension sparked, I felt like a small rodent trapped between mastodons. #Quote by Phillipa Bornikova
Contemporary quotes by Alasdair MacIntyre
#108. Imprisoning philosophy within the professionalizations and specializations of an institutionalized curriculum, after the manner of our contemporary European and North American culture, is arguably a good deal more effective in neutralizing its effects than either religious censorship or political terror #Quote by Alasdair MacIntyre
Contemporary quotes by Emily McKay
#109. When you're lucky enough to catch lightning in a bottle, you put the lid on as fast as you can. #Quote by Emily McKay
Contemporary quotes by Katie Reus
#110. She didn't deserve him. Even if she desperately wanted him. #Quote by Katie Reus
Contemporary quotes by Trinity Lemm
#111. Love was consideration and kindness. Love was soft and wholesome. Love was what was standing in front of me. #Quote by Trinity Lemm
Contemporary quotes by Thomas C. Oden
#112. Contemporary cultures present no tougher challenges to Christianity than did the fall of Rome, the collapse of the medieval synthesis, the breakup of the unity of Christendom in the sixteenth century, or the French Enlightenment. Christian teaching today must be pursued amid a similar collapse of modern assumptions. #Quote by Thomas C. Oden
Contemporary quotes by Frederick Lenz
#113. The word "Guru", as it is used in the contemporary American scene, is someone who takes all your money and tells you what to do with your life. You assume no responsibility. A lot of people want that free ride. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Contemporary quotes by Beth Moore
#114. Sometimes all you could do for the suffering was to make sure they knew someone was suffering right there with them. Someone who had also felt stricken, and smitten, and afflicted. #Quote by Beth Moore
Contemporary quotes by Bono
#115. I have learned to interface - what I think would be the contemporary term - with various different lexicons, and people speak very different languages. I've learned to speak in a lot of tongues, and I can live with the bellicose language of some fervent, fire-breathing Christians, sure. #Quote by Bono
Contemporary quotes by Samantha Chase
#116. I just want to be with you. You're my home. My heart. I love you. #Quote by Samantha Chase
Contemporary quotes by Christina L. Barr
#117. I liked to count my blessings in a world where they were so few, and he was one of mine. #Quote by Christina L. Barr
Contemporary quotes by Don DeLillo
#118. ...Take the leap, they said. Live the billionaire's myth of immortality. And why not now, I thought. What else was there for Ross to acquire? Give the futurists their blood money and they will make it possible for you to live forever.
The pod would be his final shrine of entitlement. #Quote by Don DeLillo
Contemporary quotes by Katie MacAlister
#119. I have to say that you're the last person I'd have expected would have a seventeen-year-old daughter. You're so ... " Alice stopped, suddenly looking guilty.
"Dashing?" Gunner supplied. "Debonair?"
"A bit of a dawg, actually. #Quote by Katie MacAlister
Contemporary quotes by Sara Humphreys
#120. He couldn't suppress the grin that curves his lips. "In fact, I'm the only man who belongs in your bed from now on. #Quote by Sara Humphreys
Contemporary quotes by Elana Johnson
#121. LAST YEAR,
Honesty and I still talked,
Planned weekend activities together.

Last year,
I used to have friends,

Last year,
Honesty lived,

But now -
Now I live with the knowledge that
Some things
Kill others #Quote by Elana Johnson
Contemporary quotes by Chris Cannon
#122. Since he didn't seem to understand the situation, I felt it my duty to enlighten him. "Wrong. You started this stupid rumor and half the school probably believes it's true. Now you have to stick around and pretend to be my boyfriend to convince everyone I don't have sex with random guys. Not to mention the fact that if you'd kept your mouth shut about getting laid, you wouldn't be in this situation."
He raised a brow. "So you're my punishment? #Quote by Chris Cannon
Contemporary quotes by Terry Eagleton
#123. The 'healthy' sign, for Barthes, is one which draws attention to its own arbitrariness - which does not try to palm itself off as 'natural' but which, in the very moment of conveying a meaning, communicates something of its own relative, artificial status as well. …Signs which pass themselves off as natural, which offer themselves as the only conceivable way of viewing the world, are by that token authoritarian and ideological. It is one of the functions of ideology to 'naturalize' social reality, to make it seem as innocent and unchangeable as Nature itself. Ideology seeks to convert culture into Nature, and the 'natural' sign is one of its weapons. Saluting a flag, or agreeing that Western democracy represents the true meaning of the word 'freedom', become the most obvious, spontaneous responses in the world. Ideology, in this sense, is a kind of contemporary mythology, a realm which has purged itself of ambiguity and alternative possibility. #Quote by Terry Eagleton
Contemporary quotes by Alyssa Goodnight
#124. He looked like a Greek god. Jade's thoughts snapped from togas to white sheets to sex in the span of two seconds. #Quote by Alyssa Goodnight
Contemporary quotes by Melvin Glover
#125. If Graffiti is art and art is a crime then how come piccaso never done time? #Quote by Melvin Glover
Contemporary quotes by Faith Sullivan
#126. I sort of figured we'd be dating. It makes things like sharing a room a little easier. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
Contemporary quotes by Dmitry Merezhkovsky
#127. Before us is mighty, so to speak, transformative and preparatory work. From a period which is creative, immediate and elemental, we must proceed to a period which is critical, conscious and cultural. These are the two worlds between which exists the entire abyss. The contemporary generation has the misfortune of being born between these two worlds, before this abyss. Herein is explained its frailty, diseased anxiety, hungry search for new ideals and a certain fateful impotency in all of its efforts. The best youth and vigor of talent is not expended on vital creativity but on an internal destructiveness and struggle with the past, on the passage across the abyss to that land, to that shore, to the frontiers of a free and divine idealism. How many people are perishing in this passage or are losing their strength irrevocably!...

("On The Reasons For The Decline And On The New Tendencies In Contemporary Literature") #Quote by Dmitry Merezhkovsky
Contemporary quotes by Philip Pullman
#128. [I]n adult literary fiction, stories are there on sufferance. Other things are felt to be more important: technique, style, literary knowingness. Adult readers who do deal in straightforward stories find themselves sidelined into a genre such as crime or science fiction, where no one expects literary craftsmanship. But stories are vital. Stories never fail us, because, as Isaac Bashevis Singer says, "events never grow stale." There's more wisdom in a story than in volumes of philosophy. [Contemporary writers, however,] take up their stories as with a pair of tongs. They're embarrassed by them. If they could write novels without stories in them, they would. Sometimes they do. #Quote by Philip Pullman
Contemporary quotes by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
#129. It must never be forgotten that for non-modern man - whether he be ancient or contemporary - the very stuff of the Universe has a sacred aspect. The cosmos speaks to man and all of its phenomena contain meaning. They are symbols of a higher degree of reality which the cosmic domain at once veils and reveals. The very structure of the cosmos contains a spiritual message for man and is thereby a revelation coming from the same source as religion itself. Both are the manifestations of the Universal Intellect, the Logos, and the cosmos itself is an integral part of that total Universe of meaning in which man lives and dies. #Quote by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Contemporary quotes by Sylvia Day
#130. I want there to be happily-ever-afters for the fucked-up crowd. Show me the way, Eva honey. Make me believe. #Quote by Sylvia Day
Contemporary quotes by Penelope Douglas
#131. My eyes burn with tears, and I'm so tired. So tired of holding back everything I feel and want to say. So tired of being someone I'm not and making mistakes that I didn't have any fun making. #Quote by Penelope Douglas
Contemporary quotes by J.M. Stewart
#132. Doubt filled her eyes. "What are we betting for, anyway?"

He hadn't thought about that, but it took his brain all of three seconds to come up with an answer. He knew damn well what he wanted from her. Had for years.

"A kiss." The words slipped from his lips before he could stop them, but once out, he didn't want to take them back. "One kiss after you come back and see she's all right. #Quote by J.M. Stewart
Contemporary quotes by Faith Sullivan
#133. If you want to hit me, scratch me, punch me, I'll take it. If you want to yank my hair, spit on me, kick me, I'll endure it. I deserve to be punished. Leave your mark on my body. Show me how much I hurt you, then show me again. Because I'm prepared to withstand anything in order to keep you by my side. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
Contemporary quotes by Frank Wedekind
#134. Kitsch is the contemporary form of the Gothic, Rococo, Baroque. #Quote by Frank Wedekind
Contemporary quotes by E.L. James
#135. It's the fantasy of first love. If you've been married for 400 years, as I have, it's nice to experience first love again and you can vicariously through a book. And it is such a fantasy. It takes you away from doing the dishes and the laundry. I think of this as a contemporary romance rather than erotic fiction. #Quote by E.L. James
Contemporary quotes by David Silverman
#136. The worse thing that contemporary qualitative research can imply is that, in this post-modern age, anything goes. The trick is to produce intelligent, disciplined work on the very edge of the abyss. #Quote by David Silverman
Contemporary quotes by Keri Hilson
#137. My dad used to sing in a quartet. He loved everything: adult contemporary, anything smooth. He'd listen to the quartets. #Quote by Keri Hilson
Contemporary quotes by Orlando Bloom
#138. Obviously I always wanted to do a contemporary piece. #Quote by Orlando Bloom
Contemporary quotes by Mary J. Williams
#139. She looks like a Disney princess, but is a total badass. #Quote by Mary J. Williams
Contemporary quotes by Rachel Lynn Solomon
#140. You wrote a fucking book. Do you know how many people
wish they could do that, or how many people talk about doing it
and never do? #Quote by Rachel Lynn Solomon
Contemporary quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#141. The coming peril is the intellectual, educational, psychological and artistic overproduction, which, equally with economic overproduction, threatens the well-being of contemporary civilisation. People are inundated, blinded, deafened, and mentally paralysed by a flood of vulgar and tasteless externals, leaving them no time for leisure, thought, or creation from within themselves. #Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Contemporary quotes by Elle Lothlorien
#142. Alice, winning means manipulation. It means taking people - people who may have helped you in the past, even people you care about - and using them without hesitation or regret. It means making decisions that would be viewed by any normal-thinking human being as cynical at best and dishonorable at worst #Quote by Elle Lothlorien
Contemporary quotes by S. Elle Cameron
#143. His smile is beautiful. It's the kind of smile that can take away all nervousness and tension in a room, no matter how big. I have no choice but to smile back. #Quote by S. Elle Cameron
Contemporary quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#144. I should have wanted you. I wanted so much to want you. #Quote by Elizabeth Morgan
Contemporary quotes by Isobel Irons
#145. Bitch, please," Brady pursed his lips like a duck. "You know I'll be the belle of the cell block with my creamy smooth skin and my tight little ass. #Quote by Isobel Irons
Contemporary quotes by William Dalrymple
#146. Certainly If John moschos where to come back today it is likely that he would find much more than that was familiar and the practices of a modern Muslim Sufi then he would with those of, say, a contemporary American evangelical. Yet the simple truth has been lost by our tendency to think of Christianity as a western religion rather than the Oriental faith it actually is. Moreover the modern demonization of Islam in the west, and the recent growth of Muslim fundamentalism (itself in many ways a reaction to the West's repeated humiliation of the Muslim world), have led to an atmosphere where few are aware of, or indeed wish to be aware of, the profound kinship of Christianity and Islam. #Quote by William Dalrymple
Contemporary quotes by Carolyn Brown
#147. Sometimes you've got to get a machete and hack your way through the kudzu to make your own path in life. #Quote by Carolyn Brown
Contemporary quotes by Arthur Koestler
#148. A writer's ambition should be to trade a hundred contemporary readers for ten readers in ten years' time and for one reader in a hundred years' time. #Quote by Arthur Koestler
Contemporary quotes by Jill Shalvis
#149. I really am all sorts of messed up…"
"Well you're not alone there. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Contemporary quotes by Karl Mannheim
#150. In our contemporary social and intellectual plight, it is nothing less than shocking to discover that those persons who claim to have discovered an absolute are usually the same people who also pretend to be superior to the rest. To find people in our day attempting to pass off to the world and recommending to others some nostrum of the absolute which they claim to have discovered is merely a sign of the loss of and the need for intellectual and moral certainty, felt by broad sections of the population who are unable to look life in the face. #Quote by Karl Mannheim
Contemporary quotes by Robin R. Meyers
#151. Contemporary Christians have declared war on individual immorality but seem remarkably silent about the evil of systems, especially corporate greed and malfeasance. (p. 176) #Quote by Robin R. Meyers
Contemporary quotes by George Will
#152. Creative semantics is the key to contemporary government; it consists of talking in strange tongues lest the public learn the inevitable inconveniently early. #Quote by George Will
Contemporary quotes by Samantha Chase
#153. I've been thinking about this all day," he said between kisses. "All. Day."
Who was she kidding? She'd been harboring this fantasy for weeks. And then in a move that was becoming her 'thing', Alesha leaned back and pulled her sweater over her head and gave Reece a sexy smile. "Was this part of what you were thinking?"
His hands came up and cupped her breasts, his breath ragged, but his eyes were on hers. "This is better. #Quote by Samantha Chase
Contemporary quotes by James Ladyman
#154. Given that the `common sense' of many contemporary philosophers is shaped and supplemented by ideas from classical physics, the locus of most metaphysical discussions is an image of the world that sits unhappily between the manifest image and an out of date scientific image.11 #Quote by James Ladyman
Contemporary quotes by Jamie Farrell
#155. She was fixated on replaying the image of a tall, broad, Highland warrior marching into battle against the evil waterfalls of doom to rescue a stuffed dinosaur.
He'd saved Cindy.
For Noah.
CJ Blue was making it very difficult for Natalie to continue to dislike him. #Quote by Jamie Farrell
Contemporary quotes by Tracy March
#156. Welcome to Thistle Bend
Wildflower Capital of Colorado #Quote by Tracy March
Contemporary quotes by Kristin Miller
#157. She couldn't detach from him, couldn't catch her breath, and didn't want to. Not ever again. #Quote by Kristin Miller
Contemporary quotes by David Edelstein
#158. It's easy to say "This year in art sucked." After all, about 85 percent of all shows of contemporary art are bad. But 85 percent of all art made in the Renaissance was bad. #Quote by David Edelstein
Contemporary quotes by Elle Lothlorien
#159. Souris says you wanted to see me, so here I am. Talk quick before I decide to beat the shit out of you and throw your bloody carcass back across the International Date Line. #Quote by Elle Lothlorien
Contemporary quotes by Elle Lothlorien
#160. Are you saying that you need an attorney? For what? As far as I know, being a dick isn't against the law in any country. #Quote by Elle Lothlorien
Contemporary quotes by Sara Humphreys
#161. A hot man like that was made for more than friendship. #Quote by Sara Humphreys
Contemporary quotes by Kristen Hope Mazzola
#162. Mags, I don't know how many more times I will have to say this, but here it goes. You're amazing, you deserve the best, and I want nothing more than to be whatever you need me to be. #Quote by Kristen Hope Mazzola
Contemporary quotes by Katie Reus
#163. One of the stipulations is that you sleep in my bed every night. #Quote by Katie Reus
Contemporary quotes by Kailin Gow
#164. I'm going to go after what I want.", Summer Jones in Loving Summer by Kailin Gow #Quote by Kailin Gow
Contemporary quotes by Alasdair MacIntyre
#165. Contemporary moral argument is rationally interminable, because all moral, indeed all evaluative, argument is and always must be rationally interminable. Contemporary moral disagreements of a certain kind cannot be resolved, because no moral disagreements of that kind in any age, past, present or future, can be resolved. #Quote by Alasdair MacIntyre
Contemporary quotes by Liam Gillick
#166. People think that the art market is about opportunists and hedge-fund managers getting broken art, but what really happened is that there was a new configuration of bourgeois values in the U.S. and an acceptance among the bourgeoisie of contemporary art as an idea. I think that bourgeois people are horrible. #Quote by Liam Gillick
Contemporary quotes by Nancy Pearcey
#167. The contemporary design argument does not rest, however, on gaps in our knowledge but rather on the growth in our knowledge due to the revolution in molecular biology. Information theory has taught us that nature exhibits two types of order. The first type is produced by natural causes-shiny crystals, hexagonal patterns in oil, whirlpools in the bathtub. But the second type-the complex structure of the DNA molecule-is not produced by any natural processes known to experience. #Quote by Nancy Pearcey
Contemporary quotes by Amy Harmon
#168. This thing we have, it hurts, he continued. But the pain is almost sweet because it means YOU happened. We happened. And I can't regret that, no matter how little or how long I get to tag along with you and pretend that I don't hate having people recognize me or take pictures or having people whisper about my record
" Your record?"
" My criminal record, Bonnie, Nothing platinum there. I'm an ex-con, and starting over and building a new life where I can put it behind me, I'm building a new life where it will never be behind me, and for you, its worth it. It's easy math. #Quote by Amy Harmon
Contemporary quotes by Karpov Kinrade
#169. When we share in each other's grief and pain, we lighten it. Or maybe we just give each other permission to feel it fully and, through that act of acceptance, the grief becomes more bearable. Because, like the rain, tears too have an end. And with deep emotions, we are open to each other in unexpected ways. #Quote by Karpov Kinrade
Contemporary quotes by Catherine Cullen
#170. Its history is an especially rich and intriguing one for women: the great salons of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries gave women an intellectual influence and freedom; in the nineteenth century, for the bohemian and the flâneuse pleasure and revolution were a seductive mix; in the mid-twentieth century, Paris spelled freedom for Simone de Beauvoir who set the standard for contemporary feminism in her exhilarating The Second Sex. #Quote by Catherine Cullen
Contemporary quotes by Codi Gary
#171. Make Me Crazy. Make me nuts! I don't care as long as you're here. With me. #Quote by Codi Gary
Contemporary quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#172. Mystery keeps man alive; it opens his ears, his eyes, and his mind! Find a mystery and try to solve it! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Contemporary quotes by Albert Camus
#173. That is the answer to the question which is always being asked: why has
the revolutionary movement identified itself with materialism rather than with idealism? Because to
conquer God, to make Him a slave, amounts to abolishing the transcendence that kept the former masters
in power and to preparing, with the ascendancy of the new tyrants, the advent of the man-king. When
poverty is abolished, when the contradictions of history are resolved, "the real god, the human god, will
be the State." Then homo homini lupus becomes homo homini deus. This concept is at the root of the
contemporary world. #Quote by Albert Camus
Contemporary quotes by Andrew Davies
#174. I'd love to adapt more contemporary novels. But there isn't really enough story and character to make a really satisfying serial, so they tend to be single dramas. #Quote by Andrew Davies
Contemporary quotes by Takashi Murakami
#175. I've been immersed in manga since I was a kid. I grew up with this culture. So I started to think about how to compare manga to contemporary art. #Quote by Takashi Murakami
Contemporary quotes by Bill Ayers
#176. Dunbar-Ortiz strips us of our forged innocence, shocks us into new awareness, and draws a straight line from the sins of our fathers-settler-colonialism, the doctrine of discovery, the myth of manifest destiny, white supremacy, theft and systematic killing-to the contemporary condition of permanent war, invasion and occupation, mass incarceration, and the constant use and threat of state violence. #Quote by Bill Ayers
Contemporary quotes by Jill Shalvis
#177. He slid his fingers over her jaw and tilted her face up to his. "You're smarter than hell, sexier than hell, and I like you way more than I should," he said. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Contemporary quotes by David Rockefeller
#178. Mother's interest in contemporary American artists emerged during the 1920s. #Quote by David Rockefeller
Contemporary quotes by Ian McEwan
#179. Intent on her phone, reading, tapping, frowning in the contemporary manner. #Quote by Ian McEwan
Contemporary quotes by Neale Sourna
#180. My characters push the limits of the envelope when it comes to passion, love, and lust. They can be as elegant and distinguished as Lizzie's Darcy, or as wild and unrelenting as Cathy's Heathcliff; sometimes all in one bold personality. I also believe there is a wider universal mosaic on our planet than mere black and white. My contemporary healer/surgeon in the novel 'Hobble' is half Native American (Mayan Mexican + Peruvian, plus Scottish) and his lover is African American (African + European + American Indian). My people see the world differently; they're often mixed race or of a race, color, or nationality not normally associated with nor depicted in romantic and erotic novels or films as central, positively sexual, and realistic. #Quote by Neale Sourna
Contemporary quotes by Amy Harmon
#181. Sometimes funny is all you've got. #Quote by Amy Harmon
Contemporary quotes by Mary E. Pearson
#182. I am undependable. You might get gritty contemporary with one book, science fiction, magical realism, or high fantasy with another. #Quote by Mary E. Pearson
Contemporary quotes by Seraphina Donavan
#183. I write books that I want to read. I write books that feature curvy heroines because I'm a curvy woman myself and it gets tiresome to read books about skinny women all the time. There's nothing wrong with skinny women, I just don't relate to their lives, and it would be really hard for me, as a writer, to fully inhabit that character otherwise. #Quote by Seraphina Donavan
Contemporary quotes by Gretchen Rubin
#184. One of the things that you see ancient philosophers and contemporary scientists agree on is that strong relationships are a key to happiness, maybe the key to happiness. People who have more strong relationships in their lives just feel happier. #Quote by Gretchen Rubin
Contemporary quotes by Molly McAdams
#185. Any you really need to work on faking it. You sound pathetic even from my bed. #Quote by Molly McAdams
Contemporary quotes by Jenn Marie Thorne
#186. Not because of you. You were perfect. Are perfect. You're considerate, moral, brave. But you reminded me…"He couldn't finish.
I swallowed through a dry throat. "Of her."
"No." He blinked. "Of me. Who I used to be. Somebody who would stick up for his friends, even if it was risky. Somebody who put other people first. Somebody who…" He let out a helpless laugh. "Somebody who screwed up a lot. #Quote by Jenn Marie Thorne
Contemporary quotes by Ophelia London
#187. The way he looked at her made her heart beat fast. "I like you, Natalie."
She could not let that mean anything to her.
"That's natural. I'm likable. #Quote by Ophelia London
Contemporary quotes by Iva Kenaz
#188. You are the author of your life. So please don't let anyone including yourself make you think otherwise. If you feel like you don't like how your story goes, just write it differently. You have the tools, the courage, the power…you have it all! #Quote by Iva Kenaz
Contemporary quotes by James Cook
#189. Our contemporary brand of socialism has one fatal flaw. It's too expensive. When you try to shower benefits on so many recipients, you eventually must resort to subterfuge. Foremost among those tricks is money and credit expansion. Inevitably, you debase your currency. #Quote by James Cook
Contemporary quotes by Candice Olson
#190. I simply love classic design when it's reinterpreted. These collections reflect the spirit of this design philosophy; clean pared down lines and forms rooted in tradition yet made to feel new and modern with unexpected or stylized scale, finishes and detailing. This contemporary take on tradition creates a look that's at once current yet timeless, fresh yet familiar ... the essence of both beautiful design and a beautifully designed home. #Quote by Candice Olson
Contemporary quotes by Ophelia London
#191. And you do know I'm the one who decides who I date" - she glared at Sam - "not you. If I want to drag this guy into the janitor's closet and have my way with him, that's none of your business."
"Drag me into a closet?" Hunter asked, his eyebrows up near his hairline. "Offer to buy me dinner first, then I'm all yours. #Quote by Ophelia London
Contemporary quotes by Jill Shalvis
#192. The special please," she said, waving a coupon from the week's paper. "The young rejuvenating facial. I want to look thirty."
"Mom," Jonathan said. "It's a facial, not a magic wand."
She rolled up the paper and swatted him with it. "Fine, I'll take forty." She gave Lily a hug. "And you! How lovely to see you again!" She turned to Jonathan. "So ... you can make me look forty, right?"
"How about gorgeous?" Jonathan asked his mom. "Does gorgeous work for you? #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Contemporary quotes by Carol Shields
#193. She has confided to her Aunt Daisy, for instance, that she can understand the genealogical phenomenon that as burst forth all around her. She finds it moving, she says to see men and women - though, oddly, they mostly women - tramping through cemeteries or else huddled over library tables in the university's records room, turning over the pages of county histories, copying names and dates into small spiral notebooks and imagining, hoping, that their unselfish labors will open up into a fabric of substance and comity. all they want is for their to be revealed as simple, honest, law-abiding folks, quiet in their accomplishments, faithful in their vows, cheerful, solvent, and well intentioned, and that their robustly rounded lives will push up against, and perhaps pardon, the contemporary plagues of displacement and disaffection. #Quote by Carol Shields
Contemporary quotes by Bharati Mukherjee
#194. I am aware of myself as a four-hundred-year-old woman, born in the captivity of a colonial, pre-industrial oral culture and living now as a contemporary New Yorker. #Quote by Bharati Mukherjee
Contemporary quotes by Victoria James
#195. A year ago, you fell into my arms and I felt some crazy connection to you. I'm sure as hell not good enough for you, and I'm sure as hell not making any promises, but I'm damn sure you were worth waiting for. #Quote by Victoria James
Contemporary quotes by Blanche Wiesen Cook
#196. In one way, it is this sense of order and also love that, I think, really saved Eleanor Roosevelt's life. And in her own writing, she's very warm about her grandmother, even though, if you look at contemporary accounts, they're accounts of horror at the Dickensian scene that Tivoli represents: bleak and drear and dark and unhappy. But Eleanor Roosevelt in her own writings is not very unhappy about Tivoli. #Quote by Blanche Wiesen Cook
Contemporary quotes by Leopold Von Ranke
#197. You have reckoned that history ought to judge the past and to instruct the contemporary world as to the future. The present attempt does not yield to that high office. It will merely tell how it really was. #Quote by Leopold Von Ranke
Contemporary quotes by Tariq Ali
#198. History, when they do it, is ancient history, and they sensationalize even that. Contemporary history is virtually ignored on television. #Quote by Tariq Ali
Contemporary quotes by Jamie McGuire
#199. Because even if we were struggling, we had goals. It didn't matter that we weren't there yet. What mattered is that we both experienced setbacks, and full-blown failures, but we got up, brushed ourselves off, and kept going-and were making the best of it. #Quote by Jamie McGuire
Contemporary quotes by Jay Parini
#200. Who was Jesus anyway? After twenty centuries, there is not much anyone can agree on. The four canonical gospels don't measure up to modern standards of biographical writing, and - outside of this material - there is precious little contemporary evidence, apart from a few glancing mentions of Jesus or the movement centered on him. #Quote by Jay Parini

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