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Contemporary Poets quotes by Rosy Cole
#1. So I don't think I'll make Poet Laureate,
but I swear I'm not twisted and bitter,
If finely-wrought talents
don't weigh in the balance,
I can always write haiku on Twitter. #Quote by Rosy Cole
Contemporary Poets quotes by Paul Ruffin
#2. Contemporary poets got so obscure that poetry kind of fell out of favor, #Quote by Paul Ruffin
Contemporary Poets quotes by Kimberly Kincaid
#3. She might want him, but he craved her. And this time, he wasn't going to let her go. #Quote by Kimberly Kincaid
Contemporary Poets quotes by Katie Reus
#4. He'd made a decision today that he wasn't letting her push him out of his life again. #Quote by Katie Reus
Contemporary Poets quotes by Stephanie Witter
#5. Don't see me as a girl. See me as a buddy of yours or something."
He cast his eyes downward and didn't look back up to my face. I looked down and groaned. Such a guy.
"My buddies don't have boobs, as far as I know."
"Because you felt them up to be sure?" I chuckled, against my better judgement.
Once again, his mouth dropped open. #Quote by Stephanie Witter
Contemporary Poets quotes by Benny Bellamacina
#6. Iron deficiency can lead to a wardrobe full of crumpled clothes #Quote by Benny Bellamacina
Contemporary Poets quotes by Robert Silverberg
#7. There are other themes for poetry besides immersion in the Will, my friends. The love of person for person, the joy of defending one's home, the wonder of standing naked beneath the fiery stars - " The invader laughed. "Can it be that Earth fell so swiftly because its only poets were poets of acquiescence to destiny? #Quote by Robert Silverberg
Contemporary Poets quotes by Sylvia Day
#8. You definitely have the voice for phone sex, but I've got to go. I have a date with my vibrator."
"Oh, Eva." Cross spoke my name in a decadent purr. "You're determined to drive me to my knees, aren't you? What will it take to talk you into a threesome with B.O.B. #Quote by Sylvia Day
Contemporary Poets quotes by Jami Davenport
#9. It's hard to unlock a door with a condom," Emma shot back.
His brilliant smile stole her heart. "Honey, you'd be surprised how many doors those babies have unlocked. #Quote by Jami Davenport
Contemporary Poets quotes by John B. S. Haldane
#10. And if we must educate our poets and artists in science, we must educate our masters, labour and capital, in art. #Quote by John B. S. Haldane
Contemporary Poets quotes by Victor Hugo
#11. Prosperity argues capacity. Win in the lottery, and behold! you are a clever man. He who triumphs is venerated. Be born with a silver spoon in your mouth! everything lies in that. Be lucky, and you will have all the rest; be happy, and people will think you great. Outside of five or six immense exceptions, which compose the splendor of a century, contemporary admiration is nothing but short-sightedness. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Contemporary Poets quotes by Martin Heidegger
#12. The poets are in the vanguard of a changed conception of Being. #Quote by Martin Heidegger
Contemporary Poets quotes by Stephanie Witter
#13. There's only so much a man can survive and as fucking weak as it sounds, I reached my limits when Skye disappeared. - Duke #Quote by Stephanie Witter
Contemporary Poets quotes by Steve McCurry
#14. In our contemporary society, one so over-inundated with imagery, it is easy to overlook the power of a single frame to change the way we look at the world, or rally disparate hearts to a single cause. Yet, ours is a society shaped by this very phenomenon. #Quote by Steve McCurry
Contemporary Poets quotes by Rachel Harris
#15. If you want to recreate yourself in a new image, you must embrace your inner vixen. #Quote by Rachel Harris
Contemporary Poets quotes by Alex Comfort
#16. For poets that have had my luck,
Seldom write when they can kiss. #Quote by Alex Comfort
Contemporary Poets quotes by Harold Bloom
#17. All that a critic, as critic, can give poets is the deadly encouragement that never ceases to remind them of how heavy their inheritance is. #Quote by Harold Bloom
Contemporary Poets quotes by Jeremiah Walton
#18. Words are fossilized butterfly wings,
pretty to look at sometimes,
but only good for Museums.
I want to miserably burn down the Museums. #Quote by Jeremiah Walton
Contemporary Poets quotes by Erin Nicholas
#19. Harper Broussard was the one for him.

But he knew she didn't know that yet. #Quote by Erin Nicholas
Contemporary Poets quotes by May Sarton
#20. Time spent with poets is never wasted. #Quote by May Sarton
Contemporary Poets quotes by Beryl Dov
#21. The Poets Toolbox [10w] + [10w]
Poet's need only two tools: paper and another poet's poem.
You'll wind up with either a plagiarist or a genius. #Quote by Beryl Dov
Contemporary Poets quotes by Sydney J. Harris
#22. The public examination of homosexuality in our contemporary life is still so coated with distasteful moral connotations that even a reviewer is bound to wonder uneasily why he was selected to evaluate a book on the subject, and to assert defensively at the outset that he is happily married, the father of four children and the one-time adornment of his college boxing, track and tennis teams. #Quote by Sydney J. Harris
Contemporary Poets quotes by Collette West
#23. That big chunk of my life that felt like it was missing has slid back into place. With him, I feel whole again. For the first time in a long time, I'm where I'm supposed to be with the person I'm supposed to be with. #Quote by Collette West
Contemporary Poets quotes by Andre Breton
#24. Past and future monopolize the poet's sensory and intellectual faculties, detached from the immediate spectacle. These two philtres become utterly clear the moment one stops being hypnotized by the cloudy precipitate constituted by the world of today. #Quote by Andre Breton
Contemporary Poets quotes by Oswald Spengler
#25. The mathematic, then, is an art. As such it has its styles and style periods. It is not, as the layman and the philosopher (who is in this matter a layman too) imagine, substantially unalterable, but subject like every art to unnoticed changes form epoch to epoch. The development of the great arts ought never to be treated without an (assuredly not unprofitable) side-glance at contemporary mathematics. #Quote by Oswald Spengler
Contemporary Poets quotes by Annonymous Contemporary
#26. If fantasy was realistic, reality would be fantastic. #Quote by Annonymous Contemporary
Contemporary Poets quotes by Orson Scott Card
#27. What we've done is make the categories of science fiction and fantasy larger, freer, and more inclusive than any other genre of contemporary literature. We have room for everybody, and we are extraordinarily open to genuine experimentation. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Contemporary Poets quotes by Avery Flynn
#28. I'm not the kind of girl who ends up with the good guy. I'm the crime boss's daughter. #Quote by Avery Flynn
Contemporary Poets quotes by Cindi Madsen
#29. Nate came back into the kitchen, his hair slightly messy from having had the beanie on. The gray thermal Henley he wore gave him a rugged, all-man look that made her heart skip a couple beats. For someone who was the opposite of her type, he sure was hard not to look at. Add the quiet sense of humor she'd seen last night and delivering chocolate chips, and he'd tiptoed into perfect territory. #Quote by Cindi Madsen
Contemporary Poets quotes by Cindi Madsen
#30. Every second around this girl was asking for trouble and he'd never wanted to be in trouble so bad in his life. #Quote by Cindi Madsen
Contemporary Poets quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#31. Mystery keeps man alive; it opens his ears, his eyes, and his mind! Find a mystery and try to solve it! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Contemporary Poets quotes by William Hirstein
#32. If you look at your average contemporary person, the potential for tragedy is immense. The people and things we love and value are strewn across the globe. Any number of health disasters can befall you or them.
The truth is depressing. We are going to die, most likely after illness; all our friends will likewise die; we are tiny insignificant dots on a tiny planet. Perhaps with the advent of broad intelligence and foresight comes the need for confabulation and self-deception to keep depression and its consequent lethargy at bay. There needs to be a basic denial of our finitude and insignificance in the larger scene. It takes a certain amount of chutzpah just to get out of bed in the morning. #Quote by William Hirstein
Contemporary Poets quotes by Ella Dominguez
#33. Sometimes our balance has to be upset and our course reset in order to help us navigate to our final destination. This is my final destination and where I was meant to be. #Quote by Ella Dominguez
Contemporary Poets quotes by Eli Broad
#34. I've become convinced that Los Angeles is going to become the next contemporary art capital - no other city has more contemporary gallery space than Los Angeles. We've come into our own, finally. #Quote by Eli Broad
Contemporary Poets quotes by Flannery O'Connor
#35. Drama usually bases itself on the bedrock of original sin, whether the writer thinks in theological terms or not. Then, too, any character in a serious novel is supposed to carry a burden of meaning larger than himself. The novelist doesn't write about people in a vacuum; he writes about people in a world where something is obviously lacking, where there is the general mystery of incompleteness and the particular tragedy of our own times to be demonstrated, and the novelist tries to give you, within the form of the book, a total experience of human nature at any time.

For this reason, the greatest dramas naturally involve the salvation or loss of the soul. Where there is no belief in the soul, there is very little drama. The Christian novelist is distinguished from his pagan colleagues by recognizing sin as sin. According to his heritage, he sees it not as a sickness or an accident of the environment, but as a responsible choice of offense against God which involves his eternal future. Either one is serious about salvation or one is not. And it is well to realize that the maximum amount of seriousness admits the maximum amount of comedy.

Only if we are secure in our beliefs can we see the comical side of the universe. One reason a great deal of our contemporary fictions is humorless is because so many of these writers are relativists and have to be continually justifying the actions of their characters on a sliding scale of values. #Quote by Flannery O'Connor
Contemporary Poets quotes by Stephen Dunn
#36. All good poems are victories over something. #Quote by Stephen Dunn
Contemporary Poets quotes by Jess Rizkallah
#37. maybe this organ will be my country
& everyone i love
is safe here. #Quote by Jess Rizkallah
Contemporary Poets quotes by Sahara Sanders
#38. The obscure, unexplainable aspect of the writing process is about how some rhymes appear in your head. It often feels more like tuning in to some kind of channel than composing words in your mind. #Quote by Sahara Sanders
Contemporary Poets quotes by Monica Murphy
#39. Words are meaningless when there are no actions backing them up. Prove to me that you feel that way. Don't just tell me, show me. #Quote by Monica Murphy
Contemporary Poets quotes by Julio Cortazar
#40. Thirsty for being, the poet ceaselessly reaches out to reality, seeking with the indefatigable harpoon of the poem a reality that is always better hidden, more re(g)al. The poem's power is as an instrument of possession but at the same time, ineffably, it expresses the desire for possession, like a net that fishes by itself, a hook that is also the desire of the fish. To be a poet is to desire and, at the same time, to obtain, in the exact shape of the desire. #Quote by Julio Cortazar
Contemporary Poets quotes by Thomas Merton
#41. Life consists in learning to live on one's own, spontaneous, freewheeling: to do this one must recognize what is one's own-be familiar and at home with oneself. This means basically learning who one is, and learning what one has to offer to the contemporary world, and then learning how to make that offering valid. #Quote by Thomas Merton
Contemporary Poets quotes by Frederick Lenz
#42. Molecules are moving. Universes are colliding. Generations are being born and dying simultaneously, throughout eternity. As one of our great American poets, Walt Whitman, once said: "I contain multitudes." #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Contemporary Poets quotes by Ophelia London
#43. He wished he was doing much more than kissing the back of her silky hand, though throwing her on the bar and devouring her like a man-eater wasn't a wise option.
But ... he was only human. #Quote by Ophelia London
Contemporary Poets quotes by Jonathan Swift
#44. When you set about your composing, it may be necessary for your ease, and better distillation of wit, to put on your worst clothes, and the worse the better; for an author, like a limbeck, will yield the better for having a rag about him: besides that, I have observed a gardener cut the outward rind of a tree (which is the surtout of it) to make it bear well; and this is a natural account of the usual poverty of poets, and is an argument why wits, of all men living, ought to be ill clad. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Contemporary Poets quotes by Albert Camus
#45. Rebel poetry, at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century, constantly oscillated between these two extremes: between literature and the will to power, between the irrational and the
rational, the desperate dream and ruthless action. The rebel poets - above all, the surrealists - light the
way that leads from passive acceptance to action, along a spectacular short-cut. #Quote by Albert Camus
Contemporary Poets quotes by Stephen King
#46. And poets, in my view, and I think the view of most people, do speak God's language - it's better, it's finer, it's language on a higher plane than ordinary people speak in their daily lives. #Quote by Stephen King
Contemporary Poets quotes by Erich Fromm
#47. Our contemporary Western society, in spite of its material, intellectual and political progress, is increasingly less conducive to mental health, and tends to undermine the inner security, happiness, reason and the capacity for love in the individual; it tends to turn him into an automaton who pays for his human failure with increasing mental sickness, and with despair hidden under a frantic drive for work and so called pleasure. #Quote by Erich Fromm
Contemporary Poets quotes by Jalal Mansur Nuriddin
#48. Night falls
And the sun rises,
And I dig niggers, niggers, niggers of all shades and sizes
And the sun, the sun it plays on my eyes
And I hear the hungry cries
Of black children
Their stomachs turned inside out
Their minds full of fear and doubt
Being told lies
Being watched by spies
With loophole-proof alibis
While another nigger, nigger, nigger in Vietnam dies
But the sun still rises and the night still falls
And junkies still O.D. in ghetto halls
And Miles he still blows
And the oppression still grows
And where it stops, nobody knows
And black people cry out in vain
Against injustice and pain
To one whose mind is insane...

from "Surprises" by the Last Poets #Quote by Jalal Mansur Nuriddin

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