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Connor Kenway quotes by Oliver Bowden
#1. A warning to you both - choose to follow me or oppose me and I will kill you.
-Connor Kenway #Quote by Oliver Bowden
Connor Kenway quotes by Connor Kenway
#2. It's better to have faith in something than none at all. #Quote by Connor Kenway
Connor Kenway quotes by Luis Samways
#3. This is not a game, and I am tired of people around here forgetting where they put their nuts!' Frank draws the attention of the officers gawking at the TV set; waiting for Connor to start streaming again. #Quote by Luis Samways
Connor Kenway quotes by Connor Franta
#4. When taking a photo, I tend to look for one of the following: depth, symmetry, color or contrast. All of those things catch my eye to the point where I stop dead in my tracks to capture whatever it is that I've seen. #Quote by Connor Franta
Connor Kenway quotes by Robin Bielman
#5. Connor couldn't be sure, but he thought he heard him mumble, First Dean, then McCall. These boys are dropping like flies. #Quote by Robin Bielman
Connor Kenway quotes by Connor Chalfant
#6. Love those who appreciate you, and appreciate those who love you. #Quote by Connor Chalfant
Connor Kenway quotes by Anne Lange
#7. Yeah, impress her with your carpentry skills. Judging by some of the books she reads, she likes big, strong, guys - men who do honest work to build their muscles. She's horny as hell when she comes to bed some nights. I'm thinking you could offer to mend some fencing, finish my deck, or something. Watching you work would get her juices flowing."

"Is this your way of tricking me into doing your yard work?" Connor snickered and raised his beer. "Strange way to go about it, bud. #Quote by Anne Lange
Connor Kenway quotes by Connor Franta
#8. Now, four years out of high school, I'm in an environment where people appreciate personality over appearance, and that makes me happy. #Quote by Connor Franta
Connor Kenway quotes by Connor Franta
#9. The work I've done through my Common Culture Music series has enabled me not only to share my joy of music at scale but also promote the artists I love. #Quote by Connor Franta
Connor Kenway quotes by Chelsea Field
#10. Connor loved heels. So did masochists. #Quote by Chelsea Field
Connor Kenway quotes by Claudia Connor
#11. No one could help but love you. #Quote by Claudia Connor
Connor Kenway quotes by Shan O' Connor
#12. Words are a powerful aphrodisiac. They have the ability to awaken emotion, to excite the minds and senses. The right words entice, creep and crawl along the skin like the sensuous touch of a skilled lover. THAT my friends, is truly magical indeed ... #Quote by Shan O' Connor
Connor Kenway quotes by Claudia Connor
#13. I shouldn't squeeze a ladybug. She might fly right away. #Quote by Claudia Connor
Connor Kenway quotes by Kirsty Murray
#14. We're OConchobhairs and they're our friends. Dad always said that what our name means - friend of the wolves. #Quote by Kirsty Murray
Connor Kenway quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
#15. But if you have to go, then go. Go if it hurts. Go if it's time. Just go knowing you were loved, that I will never forget you, that you will live in everything Connor and I do. Go knowing I love you purely, Harry, that you were an amazing father. Go knowing I told you all my secrets. Because you were my best friend. #Quote by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Connor Kenway quotes by Patrick Ness
#16. Connor:I let her go. I could have held on but I let her go.
The Monster:And that is the truth.
Connor:I didn't mean it, though! I didn't mean to let her go! And now it's for real! Now she's going to die and it's my fault!
The Monster:And that is not the truth at all. #Quote by Patrick Ness
Connor Kenway quotes by Connor Franta
#17. I don't want anyone to hold back who they are. It's not okay… it's not a good thing #Quote by Connor Franta
Connor Kenway quotes by Claudia Connor
#18. I do need you. So much. My heart hurts from it... #Quote by Claudia Connor
Connor Kenway quotes by Krista Ritchie
#19. It's like abusing a kid that's been shit on his whole life. I'm not going to add to those bruises. #Quote by Krista Ritchie
Connor Kenway quotes by Rick Riordan
#20. First thing I'd do is make sure the poor newbie demigods don't have to suffer through the orientation film."
All conversation stopped. "What orientation film?" Will Solace asked.
Nico looked puzzled. "You know ..." He glanced side to side, clearly uncomfortable with everybody watching him. Finally he cleared his throat and sang in a warbly voice to the tune of "The Hokey Cokey": "It lets the demigods in! It shuts the monsters out! It keeps the half-bloods safe, but turns mortals all about! It's Misty, and it's magic, and it makes me want to shout: the border is all about!" He punctuated the last line of the song with some half-hearted claps.
We stared at him in stunned silence.
"Nico." Will patted his boyfriend's arm. "You're scaring the other campers."
"More than usual," Julia Feingold muttered under her breath.
"Oh, come on," Nico protested. "You've all heard that annoying song, right? It's from Welcome to Camp Half-Blood."
Nobody responded.
"The orientation film," Nico added.
We shared a group shrug.
Nico groaned. "You mean I just sang in public and ... I'm the only one who's ever seen that stupid film?"
"So far, anyway," said Connor Stoll. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Connor Kenway quotes by Connor Franta
#21. It allows you to be yourself, good and bad. And it's a two-way street: you give and take equally. #Quote by Connor Franta
Connor Kenway quotes by R.S. Grey
#22. Is this your idea of a joke?" she whispered as Mr. Jenkins stood to begin that day's lesson. I pulled out my notebook and shook my head. "No joke. My plan is to win you back one physics problem at a time." Connor laughed. "Does this make me Jacob? #Quote by R.S. Grey
Connor Kenway quotes by Ellen Connor
#23. I don't make vows I don't intend to keep. Will you bind yourself to me tonight? Will you be my wife? #Quote by Ellen Connor
Connor Kenway quotes by Wendy Mass
#24. Now that Connor's gotten a job helping Tara's uncle, an inventor, he gets to keep all of Mr. St. Claire's old tools. I think our parents should focus less on me, and pay more attention to the fact that Connor has dismantled most of the electronic devices in our house, our old lawn mower, and basically any object that has more than one part. #Quote by Wendy Mass
Connor Kenway quotes by Rysa Walker
#25. Not bad," he said. "Chewy and sweet, too. They sell these in New York?"
I nodded, washing it down with lemonade. That wasn't where Connor had bought it, but I was pretty sure they sold them in New York and pretty much anywhere else in the country, although definitely not in 1893. I wondered how much Kiernan knew about the CHRONOS key from his time on the Cyrist farm, and what his reaction would be if I told him he was eating something purchased by his great-grandson. #Quote by Rysa Walker
Connor Kenway quotes by Connor Franta
#26. i am broken up after being broken up with #Quote by Connor Franta
Connor Kenway quotes by Eden Connor
#27. My brain caught up to my emotions. He meant for Colt and Caine to take me drag racing? Oh, hell to the no. #Quote by Eden Connor
Connor Kenway quotes by Alyxandra Harvey
#28. We need to buy some time," Connor said, frowning at the Hel-Blar. "And we're running out of stakes."
"We could blow up the car," I suggested. Kieran didn't even look surprised, though it was his car.
"What is it with you and blowing up shit?" Quinn asked as Magda leaped off the hood, stabbing down with two daggers and catching two Hel-Blar at the same time. She was like a feral cat in a rainstorm, all claws and teeth.
"Hey, I didn't blow up that ghost town. That was all Hunter. #Quote by Alyxandra Harvey
Connor Kenway quotes by Chase Connor
#29. The real question is when didn't I know I loved you?"
"When didn't you know?" He asked.
"When I didn't know you existed," I said. "Once I knew you existed, well, there wasn't a time I didn't love you. #Quote by Chase Connor
Connor Kenway quotes by Eden Connor
#30. She longed for a man who'd be just her man, not some player who'd have a bunch of other women on the side. She wanted a man who'd work, not some jerk who was always getting fired because his job description was smaller than his ego. Someone reliable and solid, like her Grandpa Earl had been. #Quote by Eden Connor
Connor Kenway quotes by Connor Franta
#31. Why tomorrow when there is today? #Quote by Connor Franta
Connor Kenway quotes by Keegan Connor Tracy
#32. I'm always playing extremes, either the vulnerable girl or the vixen. #Quote by Keegan Connor Tracy
Connor Kenway quotes by Connor Franta
#33. You are who you are in this given moment. Label-less. Limitless. #Quote by Connor Franta

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