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Conference Issues quotes by Errol Morris
#1. A lot of the distinctions that we make between drama and documentary are spurious. We're deeply confused about these issues. About the difference between the two, about where documentary ends and drama begins. #Quote by Errol Morris
Conference Issues quotes by Pedro Noguera
#2. The origins of these [schooling] federal policies were tied to President Johnson's war on poverty. Supplemental funds were sent to school districts serving poor children to compensate for issues related to poverty. Since the enactment of NCLB, the focus on mitigating poverty has been replaced by a focus on accountability as measured by test scores. #Quote by Pedro Noguera
Conference Issues quotes by Angela Merkel
#3. Implementing parts of European constitution and leaving out others - without knowing where we're going - isn't an option. That would be detrimental to the overall balance, which is why we must embark on another comprehensive discussion of the issue once again. I would like to see Europe retain the idea of a constitution in the end, and I plan to campaign on its behalf. #Quote by Angela Merkel
Conference Issues quotes by Graham Nelson
#4. If you're setting a game during the Cuban Missile Crisis, look through a library. find out what people were wearing, what other issues were in the news, how houses were furnished, what cars were being driven. Especially include things which now seem foreign. #Quote by Graham Nelson
Conference Issues quotes by Kim Chernin
#5. It is possible to study fashion the way one can study a work of art, so that it reflects significantly upon the issues and conflicts of its own day. #Quote by Kim Chernin
Conference Issues quotes by Jeffrey Sachs
#6. The world got side-tracked from development issues during the post-9/11 crisis period. #Quote by Jeffrey Sachs
Conference Issues quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#7. The job of the president of the United States is to talk to the public, is to explain to them. Now, some presidents talk too much, like Bill Clinton. Some presidents try to talk but don't know how, like George Bush senior. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Conference Issues quotes by Roy L. Pickering Jr.
#8. Perhaps all love stories no matter how varied are essentially the same. #Quote by Roy L. Pickering Jr.
Conference Issues quotes by C. Northcote Parkinson
#9. The matters most debated in a deliberative body tend to be the minor ones where everybody understands the issues. #Quote by C. Northcote Parkinson
Conference Issues quotes by Ryan Braun
#10. The fans appreciate the success the young guys are having now because they know the game is clean, that they've finally got rid of all the performance-enhancing drug issues. #Quote by Ryan Braun
Conference Issues quotes by C.P. Snow
#11. The main issue [of the Scientific Revolution] is that the people in the industrialised countries are getting richer, and those in the non-industrialised countries are at best standing still: so the gap between the industrialised countries and the rest is widening every day. On the world scale this is the gap between the rich and the poor. #Quote by C.P. Snow
Conference Issues quotes by Matt Damon
#12. I think it's something that the citizenry needs to be vigilant about - participating in democracy, and that includes issues like what's going on and how much secrecy and transparency there should be. That's an on-going thing - in a democracy you want checks and balances and oversight, but you need a covert agency to protect the country. It's a very tricky balance and I think it changes as the world changes and I think we all need to be mindful of that. #Quote by Matt Damon
Conference Issues quotes by H.L. Mencken
#13. Whenever a reporter is assigned to cover a Methodist conference, he comes home an atheist. #Quote by H.L. Mencken
Conference Issues quotes by Jodi Kantor
#14. Jodi cut to the point: The United States had a system for muting sexual harassment claims, which often enabled the harassers instead of stopping them. Women routinely signed away the right to talk about their own experiences. Harassers often continued onward, finding fresh ground on which to commit the same offenses. The settlements and confidentiality agreements were almost never examined in law school classrooms or open court. This was why the public had never really understood that this was happening. Even those in the room with long histories of covering gender issues had never fully registered what was going on. #Quote by Jodi Kantor
Conference Issues quotes by Mara Liasson
#15. On the other side, you have the conservative intelligentsia - magazines like National Review, which has a big anti-Trump issue; Weekly Standard editor, conservative talk show hosts - they're mounting a big anti-Trump effort, pro-Cruz effort because they think [Donald] Trump is dangerous and he's not qualified to be commander in chief. #Quote by Mara Liasson
Conference Issues quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#16. Entertainers are seen by people from all walks of life as some sort of allknowing prophet - if they say, a certain health drink is good, the masses would most naively embrace that health drink in their life - if they say, a certain watch or perfume or handbag is the symbol of elegance, the masses would most blindly run after it - and if they run for office, the masses would most stupidly vote for them, without actually knowing their psychological capacity to run a people and maintain peace. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Conference Issues quotes by Howard Schultz
#17. I do think - as self-serving as it sounds - that I was the right person, given the very, very strong headwind we had from the economy and our own issues, to come back and rewrite the future of the company. #Quote by Howard Schultz
Conference Issues quotes by Jacob Lew
#18. I think it's very important not to confuse the importance of dealing with Social Security in the long term with these short-term deficit reduction challenges. They're different issues. #Quote by Jacob Lew
Conference Issues quotes by Barack Obama
#19. I do think that you're starting to see young people pay attention to some longterm issues that they feel Washington has neglected. #Quote by Barack Obama
Conference Issues quotes by Sean Hannity
#20. A strong-willed child - a strong-willed child, more than anyone else, needs to learn to use emotion and discussion to resolve issues. That's the last child in the whole world you want to hit. #Quote by Sean Hannity
Conference Issues quotes by Terry Tempest Williams
#21. In this era where the war on terror is used as an excuse to exploit and plunder, and sell off our public lands, in this new world where the World Bank and World Trade Organization honor corporate rule over local enterprises, and where environmental issues are being usurped in the favor of more jobs and a robust economy, Where is the place for wilderness? #Quote by Terry Tempest Williams
Conference Issues quotes by Théun Mares
Conference Issues quotes by Jerry Bridges
#23. We must be careful to let the Holy Spirit do this searching. If we try to search our own hearts, we are apt to fall into one or both of two traps. The first is the trap of morbid introspection. Introspection can easily become the tool of Satan, who is called the "accuser" (Revelation 12:10). One of his chief weapons is discouragement. He knows that if he can make us discouraged and dispirited, we will not fight the battle for holiness. The second trap is that of missing the real issues in our lives. #Quote by Jerry Bridges
Conference Issues quotes by Marianne Williamson
#24. Trying to suppress or eradicate symptoms on the physical level can be extremely important, but there's more to healing than that; dealing with psychological, emotional and spiritual issues involved in treating sickness is equally important. #Quote by Marianne Williamson
Conference Issues quotes by Mark Salling
#25. Glee's good because it tackles the issues by embracing what's different, and telling people, 'That's what makes you special' - I think that's the underlying thing. #Quote by Mark Salling
Conference Issues quotes by Francis Ford Coppola
#26. A lot of the young people make beautiful films or big films or are able to finance them, but they can't get anyone to distribute them, they can't get anyone to see them, so they go to these thousands of film festivals. So I still believe that even though a young kid might be able to make a masterpiece or something that changes the direction of cinema, the issue of how to get it to people is still not solved. #Quote by Francis Ford Coppola
Conference Issues quotes by David McRaney
#27. If three men couldn't see eye to eye on who among them was and was not the real Jesus, your chances of swaying someone on the Internet to trade in his belief system concerning religion, art, wedge issues, politics, or literally anything else at all are pretty grim. Personal narratives and private mythologies don't flip in an instant; they don't trade places in a single argument. If minds change at all, they change slowly. #Quote by David McRaney
Conference Issues quotes by Lisa Loomer
#28. [Using humor to explore serious issues] disarms people. It's a way in. It's gentle, but at the same time it's subversive, and I like that duality. #Quote by Lisa Loomer
Conference Issues quotes by John Roos
#29. My career was always about working with people, and understanding issues and problems and helping them to solve those issues and problems. How you deal with people - that's what diplomacy is all about. So while I'm not a career diplomat, many of the skills I had seemed to directly translate into the diplomatic arena. #Quote by John Roos
Conference Issues quotes by Peter L. Berger
#30. Our institute's agenda is relatively simple. We study the relationship between social-economic change and culture. By culture we mean beliefs, values and lifestyles. We cover a broad range of issues, and we work very internationally. #Quote by Peter L. Berger
Conference Issues quotes by Barack Obama
#31. I think the Prime Minister is the first to acknowledge that Malaysia's still got some work to do. Just like the United States, by the way, has some work to do on these issues. Human Rights Watch probably has a list of things they think we should be doing as a government. #Quote by Barack Obama
Conference Issues quotes by Gwynne Shotwell
#32. I always encourage employees to feel free to raise any issues that prevent them from getting good work done. #Quote by Gwynne Shotwell
Conference Issues quotes by Rose Byrne
#33. Art, a book, a painting, a song, can definitely inspire change, whether it's a small change or a big change but you know there's novels I've read or a scene in a film that I've seen where I definitely inspired something and made a change or addressed an issue in my life or done something cliche like make a phone call. #Quote by Rose Byrne

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