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Compound Sentences quotes by Stephan Pastis
#1. I recently forced myself to read a book on quantum physics, just to try and learn something new. I was confused by the middle of the first sentence and it all went downhill from there. The only thing I can remember learning is that a parallel universe can theoretically be contained on the head of a needle. I don't really know what that means, but I am now more careful handling needles. #Quote by Stephan Pastis
Compound Sentences quotes by Rani Manicka
#2. They didn't finish each other's sentences, rather it was the pauses they shared. #Quote by Rani Manicka
Compound Sentences quotes by Leif Enger
#3. What else exhausts like sustained deception? #Quote by Leif Enger
Compound Sentences quotes by Armand Jean Du Plessis Richelieu
#4. If you give me six sentences written by the most innocent of men, I will find something in them with which to hang them. #Quote by Armand Jean Du Plessis Richelieu
Compound Sentences quotes by Charles Caleb Colton
#5. The Grecian's maxim would indeed be a sweeping clause in Literature; it would reduce many a giant to a pygmy; many a speech to a sentence; and many a folio to a primer. #Quote by Charles Caleb Colton
Compound Sentences quotes by Andrea Camilleri
#6. But then why, when talking on the phone, did they quarrel, on average at least once every four sentences? Maybe, though the inspector, it was an effect of the distance between them becoming less and less tolerable with each passing day, since as we grow old - for every now and then one must, yes, look reality in the eye and call things by their proper names - we feel more keenly the need to have the person we love beside us. #Quote by Andrea Camilleri
Compound Sentences quotes by Robert South
#7. The seven wise men of Greece, so famous for their wisdom all the world over, acquired all that fame, each of them, by a single sentence consisting of two or three words. #Quote by Robert South
Compound Sentences quotes by Irene Hunt
#8. Dear Julie:
If I didn't feel that there is some good in your story, I wouldn't take the time to write a criticism of it. But there is some good in it, some points that make me feel that if you expend the effort(Look who's talking about expending the effort, I couldn't help thinking) you may well achieve your very worthy ambition.
First of all, you have an ear for cadence. Your sentences flow rather smoothly, and the continuity of your paragraphs is quite good.
Secondly, your imagery is sharp and clear-cut. I could smell that dank, rat-infested attic and I was more than a little in love with your pretty heroine by the time she emerged from her third paragraph. Furthermore, you occasionally achieve poetic effects which are pleasing.
But, my darling niece, your villains have nothing but venom in their souls, and your sympathetic characters are ready to step right off into Paradise without one spot to tarnish their purity. People aren't like that, Julie. Take a look around you.
Again, all your colors, your moods, your nusances, are essentially feminine, and it just doesn't ring true to be told that a man is responsible for them. No, Julie, it will be a long time before you speak and think and feel like an anguished old German musician of eighty! And, after all, what do you know about the problems of musical composition, or the life of an impoverised German laborer such as the landlord in his nineteenth-century environment? And how much do you know about s #Quote by Irene Hunt
Compound Sentences quotes by Steven Wright
#9. In school, every period ends with a bell. Every sentence ends with a period. Every crime ends with a sentence. #Quote by Steven Wright
Compound Sentences quotes by Jason Guriel
#10. Reviews and essays that call attention to the critic are kind of like those movies that insist the viewer wear 3-D glasses. They promise depth, middle distance, a more fulsome experience, three-dimensionality: some additional layer of life. But the promise is redundant. Good criticism, like good films, will always give the impression of depth, of a presiding, trustworthy personality. Smart sentences, one after the other, are usually heartbeat enough. #Quote by Jason Guriel
Compound Sentences quotes by William Kingdon Clifford
#11. Every rustic who delivers in the village alehouse his slow, infrequent sentences, may help to kill or keep alive the fatal superstitions which clog his race. #Quote by William Kingdon Clifford
Compound Sentences quotes by William Makepeace Thackeray
#12. O blessed idleness! Divine lazy nymph! Reach me a novel as I lie in my dressing-gown at three o'clock in the afternoon; compound a sherry-cobbler for me, and bring me a cigar! Dear slatternly, smiling Enchantress! They may assail thee with bad names - swear thy character away, and call thee the Mother of Evil; but, for all that, thou art the best company in the world! #Quote by William Makepeace Thackeray
Compound Sentences quotes by Shepard Smith
#13. We don't communicate in full sentences anyway. We don't need all those words. #Quote by Shepard Smith
Compound Sentences quotes by Anna Quindlen
#14. What I expect from my male friends is that they are polite and clean. What I expect from my female friends is unconditional love, the ability to finish my sentences for me when I am sobbing, a complete and total willingness to pour their hearts out to me, and the ability to tell me why the meat thermometer isn't supposed to touch the bone. #Quote by Anna Quindlen
Compound Sentences quotes by Michael Dickinson
#15. If flies are a great model, they're a great model for flies. These animals, you know, they're not like us. We don't fly. We don't have a compound eye. I don't think we process sensory information the same way. The muscles that they use are just incredibly much more sophisticated and interesting than the muscles we use. #Quote by Michael Dickinson
Compound Sentences quotes by Ayn Rand
#16. That's a cute sentence: the years to come. Why are you so sure they're coming? #Quote by Ayn Rand
Compound Sentences quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#17. In my first draft every sentence I put down is to advance the story. Each subsequent draft - the 3rd, the 7th, the 27th - is trying to turn each of those sentences into a poem. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Compound Sentences quotes by George R. Graham
#18. How a human being could have attempted such a book [Wuthering Heights] as the present without committing suicide before he had finished a dozen chapters, is a mystery. It is a compound of vulgar depravity and unnatural horrors. #Quote by George R. Graham
Compound Sentences quotes by Lord Kelvin
#19. Scientific wealth tends to accumulate according to the law of compound interest. Every addition to knowledge of the properties of matter supplies the physical scientist with new instrumental means for discovering and interpreting phenomena of nature, which in their turn afford foundations of fresh generalisations, bringing gains of permanent value into the great storehouse of natural philosophy. #Quote by Lord Kelvin
Compound Sentences quotes by Albert Ellis
#20. If people stopped looking on their emotions as ethereal, almost inhuman processes, and realistically viewed them as being largely composed of perceptions, thoughts, evaluations, and internalized sentences, they would find it quite possible to work calmly and concertedly at changing them. #Quote by Albert Ellis
Compound Sentences quotes by Milan Kundera
#21. And suddenly he realized that all his life he had done nothing but talk, write, lecture, concoct sentences, search for formulations and amend them, so in the end no words were precise, their meanings were obliterated, their meaning lost, they turned into trash, chaff, dust, sand; prowling through his brain, tearing at his head, they were his insomnia, his illness. #Quote by Milan Kundera
Compound Sentences quotes by Tad Williams
#22. One of the fascinating things about researching Heaven and Hell is, of course, the fact that there are so few descriptions of Heaven, because most people can't really explain what it would be like beyond a couple of sentences, whereas Hell is quite often personal. #Quote by Tad Williams
Compound Sentences quotes by Billy Collins
#23. A sentence starts out like a lone traveler heading into a blizzard at midnight, tilting into the wind, one arm shielding his face, the tails of his thin coat flapping behind him. #Quote by Billy Collins
Compound Sentences quotes by Benjamin Haydon
#24. We are a compound of both here and hereafter; we shall be made responsible for the actions of both while here. Anything beyond this is beyond our power to prove, and would be of no real value if we could. #Quote by Benjamin Haydon
Compound Sentences quotes by Samuel Johnson
#25. Moral sentences appear ostentatious and tumid, when they have no greater occasions than the journey of a wit to his home town: yet such pleasures and such pains make up the general mass of life; and as nothing is little to him that feels it with gre #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Compound Sentences quotes by Lauren Slater
#26. Tethered to the ground by quotidian conversation.
... the window rosy with anemic November light. #Quote by Lauren Slater
Compound Sentences quotes by Mary J. Miller
#27. It's also obsessiveness. I'll spend a lot of time working on a single sentence, debating over a dash or a colon, etc. I want things to be perfect. I know nothing will ever be as perfect as I want it, and this is very sad, but sometimes I can get close. #Quote by Mary J. Miller
Compound Sentences quotes by Demetri Martin
#28. Artistically, I find jokes really satisfying aesthetically, because there's something great about getting an idea down to a sentence or two. #Quote by Demetri Martin
Compound Sentences quotes by Damon Galgut
#29. I like to believe that if you pay close attention to the sentences as they unfold, they will draw you in rather than pushing you away. #Quote by Damon Galgut
Compound Sentences quotes by Jennifer Crusie
#30. The therapist, he thought, and it bothered him a lot more than it should have. After all, he had nothing permanent with Sophie. He just needed to touch her on a semiregular basis or he couldn't finish his sentences. #Quote by Jennifer Crusie
Compound Sentences quotes by Avijeet Das
#31. Enraptured by the words
that I craft in my sentences,
she loses herself unknowingly
and surrenders herself
to my poetry! #Quote by Avijeet Das
Compound Sentences quotes by James Agee
#32. By the time I left to go downtown for supper, I was at the high point just short of where intoxication begins to droop into clumsiness or melancholy; and the minute I was outdoors the streets, in the very beautiful late of afternoon weather, improved, that if it can be improved, with the feeling of being alone for a little while, and with the sharp, tender enjoyment of a city I am ordinarily tired in. #Quote by James Agee
Compound Sentences quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#33. To kill for murder is an immeasurably greater evil than the crime itself. Murder by legal process is immeasurably more dreadful than murder by a brigand. A man who is murdered by brigands is killed at night in a forest or somewhere else, and up to the last moment he still hopes that he will be saved. There have been instances when a man whose throat had already been cut, was still hoping, or running away or begging for his life to be spared. But here all this last hope, which makes it ten times easier to die, is taken away FOR CERTAIN; here you have been sentenced to death, and the whole terrible agony lies in the fact that you will most certainly not escape, and there is no agony greater than that. Take a soldier and put him in front of a cannon in battle and fire at him and he will still hope, but read the same soldier his death sentence FOR CERTAIN, and he will go mad or burst out crying. Who says that human nature is capable of bearing this without madness? Why this cruel, hideous, unnecessary, and useless mockery? Possibly there are men who have sentences of death read out to them and have been given time to go through this torture, and have then been told, You can go now, you've been reprieved. Such men could perhaps tell us. It was of agony like this and of such horror that Christ spoke. No, you can't treat a mean like that. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Compound Sentences quotes by Francine Prose
#34. Long before the idea of a writer's conference was a glimmer in anyone's eye, writers learned by reading the work of their predecessors. They studied meter with Ovid, plot construction with Homer, comedy with Aristophanes; they honed their prose style by absorbing the lucid sentences of Montaigne and Samuel Johnson. #Quote by Francine Prose
Compound Sentences quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#35. Everything was quiet, a strange sort of quiet that felt like an unfinished sentence. #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen
Compound Sentences quotes by Adriana Trigiani
#36. A handwritten letter carries a lot of risk. It's a one-sided conversation that reveals the truth of the writer. Furthermore, the writer is not there to see the reaction of the person he writes to, so there's a great unknown to the process that requires a leap of faith. The writer has to choose the right words to express his sentences, and then, once he has sealed the envelope, he has to place those thoughts in the hands of someone else, trusting that the feelings will be delivered, and that the recipient will understand the writer's intent. How childish to think that could be easy. #Quote by Adriana Trigiani
Compound Sentences quotes by William Mitchell Ramsay
#37. It cannot, of course, be stated with absolute certainty that no elements can combine with argon; but it appears at least improbable that any compounds will be formed.

[This held true for a century, until in Aug 2000, the first argon compound was formed, argon fluorohydride, HArF, but stable only below 40 K (−233 °C).] #Quote by William Mitchell Ramsay
Compound Sentences quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#38. Fire, fire! The branches crackle and the night wind of late autumn blows the flame of the bonfire back and forth. The compound is dark; I am alone at the bonfire, and I can bring it still some more carpenters' shavings. The compound here is a privileged one, so privileged that it is almost as if I were out in freedom -- this is an island of paradise; this is the Marfino "sharashka" -- a scientific institute staffed with prisoners -- in its most privileged period. No one is overseeing me, calling me to a cell, chasing me away from the bonfire, and even then it is chilly in the penetrating wind.
But she -- who has already been standing in the wind for hours, her arms straight down, her head drooping, weeping, then growing numb and still. And then again she begs piteously "Citizen Chief! Please forgive me! I won't do it again."
The wind carries her moan to me, just as if she were moaning next to my ear. The citizen chief at the gatehouse fires up his stove and does not answer.
This was the gatehouse of the camp next door to us, from which workers came into our compound to lay water pipes and to repair the old ramshackle seminary building.
Across from me, beyond the artfully intertwined, many-stranded barbed-wire barricade and two steps away from the gatehouse, beneath a bright lantern, stood the punished girl, head hanging, the wind tugging at her grey work skirt, her feet growing numb from the cold, a thin scarf over her head.
It had been warm #Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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