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Complicated quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#1. The only thing that [Amaranta] did not keep in mind in her fearsome plan was that in spite of her pleas to God she might die before Rebeca. That was, in fact, what happened. At the final moment, however, Amaranta did not feel frustrated, but, on the contrary, free of all bitterness because death had awarded her the privilege of announcing itself several years ahead of time. She saw it on one burning afternoon sewing with her on the porch a short time after Meme had left for school. She saw it because it was a woman dressed in blue with long hair, with a sort of antiquated look, and with a certain resemblance to Pilar Ternera during the time when she had helped with the chores in the kitchen. Fernanda was present several times and did not see her, in spite of the fact that she was so real – so human and on one occasion asked of Amaranta the favor of threading a needle. Death did not tell her when she was going to die or whether her hour was assigned before that of Rebeca, but ordered her to begin sewing her own shroud on the next sixth of April. She was authorized to make it as complicated and as fine as she wanted, but just as honestly executed as Rebeca's, and she was told that she would die without pain, fear, or bitterness at dusk on the day that she finished it. Trying to waste the most time possible, Amaranta ordered some rough flax and spun the thread herself. She did it so carefully that the work alone took four years. Then she started the sewing. As she got closer to #Quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Complicated quotes by Merlin Olsen
#2. Football linemen are motivated by a more complicated, self- determining series of factors than the simple fear of humiliation in the public gaze, which is the emotion that galvanizes the backs and receivers. #Quote by Merlin Olsen
Complicated quotes by David Lindsay-Abaire
#3. I'm just writing about people. People are dark and complicated. I'm trying to tell the truth; that's all that I do. #Quote by David Lindsay-Abaire
Complicated quotes by Six De Los Reyes
#4. It shouldn't be so complicated," she begins, "to want to kiss you and just do it even where people can see. #Quote by Six De Los Reyes
Complicated quotes by Erin Hunter
#5. Why do relationships have to be so complicated? #Quote by Erin Hunter
Complicated quotes by Ann Nocenti
#6. Green Arrow was a very complicated character to take on because he has archaic weaponry. Catwoman, I think is more of a simple archetype to grasp, so it will be about nuance. But I think you need three or four issues before you say, 'Ah ha! Now I really know how to write this character!' You're carrying them around with you. #Quote by Ann Nocenti
Complicated quotes by Nina Bawden
#7. Life isn't so complicated for children. They have more time to think about the really important things. That's why I occasionally moralise in my children's books in a way I wouldn't dare when writing for adults. #Quote by Nina Bawden
Complicated quotes by Richard Neal
#8. The Tax Code today is more complicated than ever, and the very people on the Republican side who denounce the Tax Code's complexity are the ones that put together what they now call a convoluted monstrosity. They put it into effect. #Quote by Richard Neal
Complicated quotes by Coco Chanel
#9. Traveling is so complicated. There are so many people everywhere. I make my best journeys on my couch. #Quote by Coco Chanel
Complicated quotes by Terry Pratchett
#10. Once again he was aware of eyes staring fixedly at him. He glanced sideways into the long, pointed face of Goodboy Bindle Featherstone, rearing up in a pose best described as The Last Puppy in the Shop.
To his astonishment, he found himself reaching over and scratching it behind its ears, or at least behind the two spiky things at the sides of its head which were presumably its ears. It responded with a strange noise that sounded like a complicated blockage in a brewery. He took his hand away hurriedly.
"It's all right," said Lady Ramkin. "It's his stomachs rumbling. That means he likes you."
To his amazement, Vimes found that he was rather pleased about this. As far as he could recall, nothing in his life before had thought him worth a burp. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Complicated quotes by Laura Mullen
#11. Complicated Grief was written in larger and more coherent (if disparate) shapes. The question was how they fit together. The mind is coherent, trust that was the best writing advice I ever got (I got it from Carole Maso and I pass it on). It's true, and clearer and clearer as one grows and gains an improved sense of who one actually is (as versus who one was supposed to be). #Quote by Laura Mullen
Complicated quotes by Steve Coogan
#12. Depending on which side of the fence you're on, you could argue that the sexual liberation of the late '60s, led to women being emancipated in some ways. That they found a voice during that time, with feminism. It's complicated. #Quote by Steve Coogan
Complicated quotes by Blake Mycoskie
#13. Complicated lives and heaps of possessions don't necessarily bring happiness; in fact, they can bring the opposite. #Quote by Blake Mycoskie
Complicated quotes by Tana French
#14. Murder is a high-pressure squad and a small one, only twenty permanent members and under any added strain (anyone leaving, anyone new, too much work, too little work), it tends to develop a tinge of cabin-fevery hysteria, full of complicated alliances and frantic rumors. #Quote by Tana French
Complicated quotes by Robert Fripp
#15. Understanding is simple. Knowing is complicated. #Quote by Robert Fripp
Complicated quotes by Shane E. Bryan
#16. Life is never simple or without challenges. If it is, it will not last long. So stop worrying that because your life is complicated you're doing something wrong. Enjoy the lessons in life, and the chaos they bring. It means you're alive! #Quote by Shane E. Bryan
Complicated quotes by Rick Moody
#17. Words are the oldest information storage and retrieval system ever devised. Words are probably older than the cave paintings in France, words have been here for tens of thousands of years longer than film, moving pictures, video, and digital video, and words will likely be here after those media too. When the electromagnetic pulse comes in the wake of the nuclear blast? Those computers and digital video cameras and videotape recorders that are not melted outright will be plastic and metal husks used to prop open doors. Not so with the utterances of tongues. Words will remain, and the highly complicated and idiosyncratic accounts assembled from them will provide us with the dark news about the blast. The written word will remain, scribbled on collapsed highway overpasses, as a testament to love and rage, as evidence of the wanderers in the ruin. #Quote by Rick Moody
Complicated quotes by Elizabeth Peyton
#18. I like the really human sides of people. To meet them and see that theyre complicated and weird or shy or any of those things sort of makes it even better to know that they can rise above that and make something great. #Quote by Elizabeth Peyton
Complicated quotes by Isaac Asimov
#19. The red glow of the robot's eyes held him. "Do you expect me," said cutie slowly, "to believe any such complicated, implausible, hypothesis as you have just outlined? What do you take me for?"
Powell sputtered apple fragments onto the table and turned red. "Why damn you, it wasn't a hypothesis. Those were facts."
Cutie sounded grim, "Globes of energy millions of miles across! Worlds with three billion humans on them! Infinite emptiness! Sorry, Powell, but I don't believe it. I'll puzzle this thing out for myself. Good-by. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Complicated quotes by Aldous Huxley
#20. One entered the world, Denis pursued, having ready-made ideas about everything. One had a philosophy and tried to make life fit into it. One should have lived first and then made one's philosophy to fit life ... Life, facts, things were horribly complicated; ideas, even the most difficult of them, deceptively simple. In the world of ideas, everything was clear; in life all was obscure, embroiled. Was it surprising that one was miserable, horribly unhappy? #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Complicated quotes by Alan W. Watts
#21. For there is a growing apprehension that existence is a rat-race in a trap: living organisms, including people,are merely tubes which put things in at one end and let them out at the other, which both keeps them doing it and in the long run wears them out. So to keep the farce going, the tubes find ways of making new
tubes, which also put things in at one end and let them out at the other. At the input end they even develop ganglia of nerves called brains, with eyes and ears, so that they can more easily scrounge around for things to swallow. As and when they get enough to eat, they use up their surplus energy by wiggling in complicated patterns, making all sorts of noises by blowing air in and out of the input hole, and gathering together in groups to fight with other groups. In time, the tubes grow such an
abundance of attached appliances that they are hardly recognizable as mere tubes, and they manage to do this in a staggering variety of forms. There is a vague rule not to eat tubes of your own form, but in general there is serious competition as to who is going to be the top type of tube. All this seems marvelously futile, and yet, when you begin to think about it, it begins to be more marvelous than futile. Indeed, it seems extremely odd. #Quote by Alan W. Watts
Complicated quotes by Karen Hawkins
#22. When it's a memory, you already know the outcome so it's easy to think it was an easier time. Looking forward is much more uncertain, and is more complicated. But I don't think it is. Not really. #Quote by Karen Hawkins
Complicated quotes by Molly Harper
#23. Sophisticated and complicated and able to color-coordinate a room like you wouldn't believe. I craved him with a bone-deep lust I'd once reserved exclusively for Godiva truffles. #Quote by Molly Harper
Complicated quotes by Carroll Quigley
#24. A civilization is complicated, in the first place, because it is dynamic; that is, it is constantly changing in the passage of time, until it has perished. #Quote by Carroll Quigley
Complicated quotes by Max Lucado
#25. John teaches us that the strongest relationship with Christ may not necessarily be a complicated one. He teaches us that the greatest webs of loyalty are spun, not with airtight theologies or foolproof philosophies, but with friendships: stubborn, selfless, joyful friendships. #Quote by Max Lucado
Complicated quotes by Gavin Extence
#26. It's possible to find order in chaos, and it's equally possible to find chaos underlying apparent order. Order and chaos are slippery concepts. They're like a set of twins who like to swap clothing from time to time. Order and chaos frequently intermingle and overlap, the same as beginnings and endings. Things are often more complicated, or more simple, than they seem. Often it depends on your angle. I think that telling a story is a way of trying to make life's complexity more comprehensible. It's a way of trying to separate order from chaos, patterns from pandemonium. #Quote by Gavin Extence
Complicated quotes by Alicia Suskin Ostriker
#27. Wanting All

Husband, it's fine the way your mind performs
Like a circus, sharp
As a sword somebody has
To swallow, rough as a bear,
Complicated as a family of jugglers,
Brave as a sequined trapeze
Artist, the only boy I ever met
Who could beat me in argument
Was why I married you, isn't it,
And you have beaten me, I've beaten you,
We are old polished hands.

Or was it your body, I forget, maybe
I foresaw the thousands on thousands
Of times we have made love
Together, mostly meat
And potatoes love, but sometimes
Higher than wine,
Better than medicine.
How lately you bite, you baby,
How angels record and number
Each gesture, and sketch
Our spinal columns like professionals.

Husband, it's fine how we cook
Dinners together while drinking,
How we get drunk, how
We gossip, work at our desks, dig in the garden,
Go to the movies, tell
The children to clear the bloody table,
How we fit like puzzle pieces.
The mind and body satisfy
Like windows and furniture in a house.
The windows are large, the furniture solid.
What more do I want then, why
Do I prowl the basement, why
Do I reach for your inside
Self as you shut it
Like a trunkful of treasures? Wait,
I cry, as the lid slams on my fingers. #Quote by Alicia Suskin Ostriker
Complicated quotes by Victor Hugo
#28. The child watched its disappearance--he was astounded but dreamy. His stupefaction was complicated by a sense of the dark reality of existence. It seemed as if there were experience in this dawning being. Did he, perchance, already exercise judgment? Experience coming too early constructs, sometimes, in the obscure depths of a child's mind, some dangerous balance--we know not what--in which the poor little soul weighs God.

Feeling himself innocent, he yielded. There was no complaint-THE IRREPROACHABLE DOES NOT REPROACH.
(The Man Who Laughs) #Quote by Victor Hugo
Complicated quotes by Paul Delano Butler
#29. Criminal justice is what happens after a complicated series of events has gone bad. It is the end result of failure
the failure of a group of people that sometimes includes, but is never limited to, the accused person. #Quote by Paul Delano Butler
Complicated quotes by Jerry Moss
#30. It's not that complicated. If you hear something and it makes you want to hear it again, that's the ticket. You have to be lucky enough to find geniuses, welcome them and get out of their way. #Quote by Jerry Moss
Complicated quotes by Shawn Levy
#31. I don't know if it's that my own childhood felt brief, or I grew up too fast, or I was pushing myself too much at a young age, but I do feel like I am clinging to a certain childlike quality in myself, as a result of a childhood that was sometimes complicated. #Quote by Shawn Levy
Complicated quotes by Bill McKibben
#32. Management of anything as complicated as a woods requires more humility than comes easily to our species, at least in its American incarnation. #Quote by Bill McKibben
Complicated quotes by Terry Pratchett
#33. The hypothesis behind invisible writings was laughably complicated. All books are tenuously connected through L-space and, therefore, the content of any book ever written or yet to be written may, in the right circumstances, be deduced from a sufficiently close study of books already in existence. Future books exist in potentia, as it were, in the same way that a sufficiently detailed study of a handful of primal ooze will eventually hint at the future existence of prawn crackers. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Complicated quotes by Miguel Ruiz
#34. What you pretend to be is so complicated that I don't even bother to try to understand it. #Quote by Miguel Ruiz
Complicated quotes by Collier Schorr
#35. Having a boy play a girl (and when I say 'play a girl' I don't mean that he is represented as a girl, because he is represented as a young man) is complicated. He knows he's looking at photographs of a girl and copying those poses. So the audience sees him as a man, but he can only see himself as a woman, because that's the model he's looking at. It was a really interesting exchange. #Quote by Collier Schorr
Complicated quotes by Rebecca West
#36. The trouble about man is twofold. He cannot learn truths which are too complicated; he forgets truths which are too simple. #Quote by Rebecca West
Complicated quotes by Curtis Sittenfeld
#37. People are complicated," she continued, "and the ones who aren't are boring."
"Then maybe I'm boring."
We looked at each other, and in a genuinely sad voice, she said, "Maybe you are. #Quote by Curtis Sittenfeld
Complicated quotes by Alan W. Watts
#38. The sensation of "I" as a lonely and isolated center of being is so powerful and commonsensical, and so fundamental to our modes of speech and thought, to our laws and social institutions, that we cannot experience selfhood except as something superficial in the scheme of the universe. I seem to be a brief light that flashes but once in all the aeons of time - a rare, complicated, and all-too-delicate organism on the fringe of biological evolution, where the wave of life bursts into individual, sparkling, and multicolored drops that gleam for a moment only to vanish forever. Under such conditioning it seems impossible and even absurd to realize that myself does not reside in the drop alone, but in the whole surge of energy which ranges from the galaxies to the nuclear fields in my body. #Quote by Alan W. Watts
Complicated quotes by Paul Bettany
#39. You'll still work with some directors where that doesn't happen, and sometimes it's out of necessity because you're in a really complicated, choreographed fight scene and the whole thing is being prevised in a computer, so it's been decided months before, but I think that's sneaking into the way action scenes are shot. #Quote by Paul Bettany
Complicated quotes by Nick Hornby
#40. I have made myself more complicated than I really am. #Quote by Nick Hornby
Complicated quotes by Scott Adams
#41. Every year, it takes more brains to navigate this complicated world. More people are falling below what I call the 'incompetence line' through no fault of their own. #Quote by Scott Adams
Complicated quotes by Penelope Cruz
#42. It doesn't happen every day, but many nights my dreams are like a movie. I don't see normal movement - I see things in very complicated shots. That's why I do remember many of them. #Quote by Penelope Cruz
Complicated quotes by Isaac Asimov
#43. You see, proteins, as I probably needn't tell you, are immensely complicated groupings of amino acids and certain other specialized compounds, arranged in intricate three-dimensional patterns that are as unstable as sunbeams on a cloudy day. It is this instability that is life, since it is forever changing its position in an effort to maintain its identity
in the manner of a long rod balanced on an acrobat's nose. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Complicated quotes by W. Bruce Cameron
#44. This whole kissing process was turning out to be far more complicated and stressful than I'd thought it would be. #Quote by W. Bruce Cameron
Complicated quotes by Alexi Lawless
#45. One glance at the way he looked at her, and Sam knew exactly what he was. A lethal habit, she thought. The accelerator on a race car. A halo jump on a crystal clear day. The best possible rush with the worst possible consequences. #Quote by Alexi Lawless
Complicated quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#46. Life is too short to complicate it. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Complicated quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#47. If you are positive about your calling, then it does not matter how hard or complicated it is #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Complicated quotes by Paul Auster
#48. I don't think that you can be prescriptive about anything, I mean, life is too complicated. Maybe there are novels where the author has not in the least thought about it in terms of film, which can be turned into good films. #Quote by Paul Auster
Complicated quotes by Cassandra Clare
#49. Magnus Bane walked some distance into the Sanctuary, shaking his head as he studied the scene before him. "I want to know what you're doing, but I must confess I'm afraid to find out," he said. "A spot of demon-summoning, I gather?"
"It's a bit complicated," said James. "Hello, Magnus. It's good to see you."
"Last time I saw you, you were facedown in the Serpentine," Magnus said cheerfully. "Now you're fiddling with a Pyxis. I see you have decided to follow in the long Herondale tradition of poor decision-making."
"So have I!" said Lucie, determined not to be left out. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Complicated quotes by Emmylou Harris
#50. You meet a lot of people and have a lot of experiences, and they color you and stay with you - but I'm not the grieving widow. Life is much more complicated and interesting and full of zigs and zags than that. #Quote by Emmylou Harris
Complicated quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#51. The dying tapers off now and then, but the War is still killing lots and lots of people. Only right now it is killing them in more subtle ways. Often in ways that are too complicated, even for us, at this level, to trace. But the right people are dying, just as they do when armies fight. The ones who stand up, in Basic, in the middle of the machine-gun pattern. The ones who do not have faith in their Sergeants. The ones who slip and show a moment's weakness to the Enemy. These are the ones the War cannot use, and so they die. The right ones survive. The others, it's said, even know they have a short life expectancy. But they persist in acting the way that they do. Nobody knows why. Wouldn't it be nice if we could eliminate them completely? Then no one would have to be killed in the War. #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Complicated quotes by Terry Pratchett
#52. Never trust any complicated cocktail that remains perfectly clear until the last ingredient goes in, and then immediately clouds. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Complicated quotes by Alan Hollinghurst
#53. Loving him was all interpretation, creative in its way. We barely used language at all to communicate: he sulked and thought I was putting him down if I made complicated remarks, and sometimes I felt numb at the compromise and self-suppression I submitted to. Yet beyond that it was all guesswork; we were thinking for two. The darkened air of the flat was full of the hints we made. The stupidity and the resentment were dreadful at times. But then in sex he lost his awkwardness. He shows his capacity to change as I rambled over him now with my fingertips and watched him glow and gulp with desire; his clothes seemed to shrivel off him and he lay there making his naked claim for the only certainty in his life. It wasn't something learnt, I suspected, from the guys before me who'd picked him up and fucked him and fucked him around. It was a kind of gift for giving, and while he did whatever I wanted it emerged as the most important thing there was for him. It was all the harder, then, when the resentment returned and I longed for him to go. #Quote by Alan Hollinghurst
Complicated quotes by Anita Moorjani
#54. What I really learned was that life is a gift and our only purpose is to be who we are. We all make it so complicated, and try to find our purpose, I learned that all I have to do is be as me as I can be. #Quote by Anita Moorjani
Complicated quotes by Dermot Mulroney
#55. What people actually refer to as research nowadays is really just Googling. #Quote by Dermot Mulroney
Complicated quotes by Sarah Gailey
#56. I didn't mean to kill Josh Harper.
Really, I didn't. It's just that I was nervous and condoms are more complicated than I was expecting, and one thing led to another and - well.
Now there's blood everywhere and he's dead. #Quote by Sarah Gailey
Complicated quotes by Juliann Garey
#57. The moment he leaves, the bees are back. Buzzing. I breathe in and feel their tiny feet in my bronchi. Buzz. Wings beeting in my alveoli. Flutterbuzz.
[ ... ]
Flutterflutterzzzzzzzzbuzzzzzz. I have to do something to make it stop. I have to feel something simple. This
is too complicated. Too confusing. I want to feel something about which there can be no argument or debate. Soemthing about which everything will be known. Here. Now. Something that will make all the rest stop.
There is an exquisite and audible pop when the hooked tip of the center tine in the fish fork punctures the fat purple vein. #Quote by Juliann Garey
Complicated quotes by Mickey Mantle
#58. Bravery is a complicated thing to describe. You can't say it's three feet long and two feet wide and that it weighs four hundred pounds or that it's colored bright blue or that it sounds like a piano or that it smells like roses. It's a quality, not a thing. #Quote by Mickey Mantle
Complicated quotes by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
#59. I tend to think having an impact on the world is a lot more complicated than government. #Quote by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Complicated quotes by Yael Grobglas
#60. Back home, almost everything I did, I did in Hebrew. I went to drama school in Hebrew, my whole career was in Hebrew, and to switch languages was something that was fascinating and more complicated than I expected it to be, even though I've been speaking English since I could speak. #Quote by Yael Grobglas
Complicated quotes by Par Lagerkvist
#61. In reality all of them want a war. It implies a simplification which comes as a relief. Everybody thinks that life is too complicated, and so it is as they live it. In itself life is not at all complicated; on the contrary its salient feature is its great simplicity, but they can never understand that. They do not realize that it is best when it is left as it is; they can never leave it in peace, or refrain from using it for a number of strange ends. But all the same they think that it is wonderful to be alive! #Quote by Par Lagerkvist
Complicated quotes by Sonya Hartnett
#62. I have spent a great deal of my time defending my work against those who see it as too complicated, too old in approach, too bleak to qualify as children's literature. This has been the bane of my life. #Quote by Sonya Hartnett
Complicated quotes by Malin Akerman
#63. Women have a way of contorting things sometimes. We all have our moods, ups and downs. Or if the guy doesn't say anything when you walk out with a new top and the guy has no idea why you're mad at him. So of course, women are complicated. #Quote by Malin Akerman
Complicated quotes by Judd Apatow
#64. I'm always talking to people. It's not that complicated. I just find somebody and say, "Do you have any ideas." If they do, we just start thinking things around. #Quote by Judd Apatow
Complicated quotes by Isaac Asimov
#65. The human brain, then, is the most complicated organization of matter that we know. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Complicated quotes by Joel Dicker
#66. You're asking me about love, Marcus, but love is complicated. It is at once the most extraordinary and the worst thing that can happen to you. You'll discover it for yourself one day. Love can hurt so much. All the same, you should not be afraid of falling, and especially not of falling in love, because love is also very beautiful. But like everything that's beautiful, it dazzles you and hurts your eyes. #Quote by Joel Dicker
Complicated quotes by Li Shufu
#67. I believe the auto business is a highly comprehensive and complicated business. It's not that easy for people simply to enter and ruin the whole thing. #Quote by Li Shufu
Complicated quotes by Ludwig Wittgenstein
#68. Our civilization is characterized by the word "progress." Progress is its form rather than making progress being one of its features. Typically it constructs. It is occupied with building an ever more complicated structure. And even clarity is sought only. #Quote by Ludwig Wittgenstein
Complicated quotes by Marquis De Custine
#69. The circumstances of human society are too complicated to be submitted to the rigor of mathematical calculation. #Quote by Marquis De Custine
Complicated quotes by Justin Timberlake
#70. I have OCD mixed with ADD; you try living with that. #Quote by Justin Timberlake
Complicated quotes by Susane Colasanti
#71. He never gives up on who I am or who I could be. He doesn't run away when things get complicated. #Quote by Susane Colasanti
Complicated quotes by Seth Gordon
#72. There's a dangerous bottom-lining, and super-summarizing that happens in a lot of our press and our media, and sort of our politicians' talking points, that's dangerously simple. I don't know a better way to say it. And there's usually a lot more complicated facts going on than what is quoted and quotable. #Quote by Seth Gordon
Complicated quotes by Sigmund Freud
#73. We were able to acknowledge that all these mutually contradictory opinions were right on some point in these complicated interrelationships, and to demonstrate that they had discovered something that was correct. #Quote by Sigmund Freud
Complicated quotes by Haruki Murakami
#74. In terms of evolutionary history, it was only yesterday that men learned to walk around on two legs and get in trouble thinking complicated thoughts. So don't worry, you'll burn out. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Complicated quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#75. It only we could recover faith in a seed - and in all the other complicated marvels that can't fit in a sound bite. Then we humans might truly know the glory of knowing our place. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Complicated quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#76. Just as in a clock, the result of the complicated motion of innumerable wheels and pulleys is merely a slow and regular movement of the hands which show the time, so the result of all the complicated human activities of 160,000 Russians and French - all their passions, desires, remorse, humiliations, sufferings, outbursts of pride, fear, and enthusiasm - was only the loss of the battle of Austerlitz, the so-called battle of the three Emperors - that is to say, a slow movement of the hand on the dial of human history. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Complicated quotes by Theaster Gates
#77. I think I'm a full-time artist, a full-time urban planner, and a full-time preacher with an aspiration of no longer needing any of those titles. Rather, I'm trying to do what for some seems a very messy work or a complicated work. #Quote by Theaster Gates
Complicated quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#78. Life is never simple. It's messy, complicated, and at times debilitating. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Complicated quotes by Benton MacKaye
#79. The problem of living is at bottom an economic one. And this alone is bad enough, even in a period of so-called "normalcy." But living has been considerably complicated of late in various ways - by war, by questions of personal liberty, and by "menaces" of one kind or another. #Quote by Benton MacKaye
Complicated quotes by Neal Stephenson
#80. He walked straight out of college into the waiting arms of the Navy.

They gave him an intelligence test. The first question on the math part had to do with boats on a river: Port Smith is 100 miles upstream of Port Jones. The river flows at 5 miles per hour. The boat goes through water at 10 miles per hour. How long does it take to go from Port Smith to Port Jones? How long to come back?

Lawrence immediately saw that it was a trick question. You would have to be some kind of idiot to make the facile assumption that the current would add or subtract 5 miles per hour to or from the speed of the boat. Clearly, 5 miles per hour was nothing more than the average speed. The current would be faster in the middle of the river and slower at the banks. More complicated variations could be expected at bends in the river. Basically it was a question of hydrodynamics, which could be tackled using certain well-known systems of differential equations. Lawrence dove into the problem, rapidly (or so he thought) covering both sides of ten sheets of paper with calculations. Along the way, he realized that one of his assumptions, in combination with the simplified Navier Stokes equations, had led him into an exploration of a particularly interesting family of partial differential equations. Before he knew it, he had proved a new theorem. If that didn't prove his intelligence, what would?

Then the time bell rang and the papers were collected. Lawrence managed to #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Complicated quotes by Elizabeth   Hunter
#81. We can't go back. I'm not who I was then. You're not who you were. We've grown up. Hopefully. But... You know there's still something there. Something good between us, along with the bad. Something that could be great."
Could it?
It could.
"It's complicated, Alex."
"The good stuff always is." He squeezed her hand. "I'm willing if you are, Téa. #Quote by Elizabeth Hunter
Complicated quotes by Alice Hoffman
#82. To love someone so complicated you had to be committed to a single emotion - the way you loved him - no matter what. In that way, it was indeed simple. #Quote by Alice Hoffman
Complicated quotes by Tom Clancy
#83. Hmm. Kelly finished off his Coke. That confirmed his suspicion about Oreza's little visit. So things were getting complicated now, but they'd been pretty complicated the week before, too. He headed off to the bedroom, almost there when there came a knock at the door. That startled him rather badly, but he had to answer it. He'd opened windows to air the apartment out, and it was plain that someone was here. He took a deep breath and opened the door. #Quote by Tom Clancy
Complicated quotes by Katrina Abbott
#84. Boys always make things more complicated. #Quote by Katrina Abbott
Complicated quotes by Andrew J. Bernstein
#85. The number of stressors has multiplied exponentially: traffic, money, success, work/life balance, the economy, the environment, parenting, family conflict, relationships, disease. As the nature of human life has become far more complicated, our ancient stress response hasn't been able to keep up. #Quote by Andrew J. Bernstein
Complicated quotes by Tony Kushner
#86. One has to have a complicated kind of optimism. You can't refuse to look at how horrible things are. #Quote by Tony Kushner
Complicated quotes by Dalai Lama
#87. A good motivation is what is needed: compassion without dogmatism, without complicated philosophy; just understanding that others are human brothers and sisters and respecting their human rights and dignities. That we humans can help each other is one of our unique human capacities. #Quote by Dalai Lama
Complicated quotes by H.J. Bellus
#88. complicated, Annie." "I'm seven. I'm practically a teenager." I laugh at that. "Stop laughing. I am. #Quote by H.J. Bellus
Complicated quotes by Wislawa Szymborska
#89. Even a graphomaniac is an extremely complicated person. #Quote by Wislawa Szymborska
Complicated quotes by Neal Stephenson
#90. What would the engineer say, after you had explained your problem and enumerated all of the dissastisfactions in your life? He would probably tell you that life is a very hard and complicated thing; that no interface can change that; that anyone who believes otherwise is a sucker; and that if you don't like having choices made for you, you should start making your own. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Complicated quotes by Jojo Moyes
#91. It is not the grown man- the galumphing, unshaven, stinking, opinionated offspring- you see before you, with his parking tickets and unpolished shoes and complicated love life. You see all the people he has ever been all rolled up into one. #Quote by Jojo Moyes
Complicated quotes by Frank Sonnenberg
#92. Your life is as complicated as you make it. #Quote by Frank Sonnenberg
Complicated quotes by Kay Redfield Jamison
#93. I have often asked myself whether, given the choice, I would choose to have manic-depressive illness. If lithium were not available to me, or didn't work for me, the answer would be a simple no ... and it would be an answer laced with terror. But lithium does work for me, and therefore I can afford to pose the question. Strangely enough, I think I would choose to have it. It's complicated ... #Quote by Kay Redfield Jamison
Complicated quotes by Maelle Gavet
#94. That's the mantra I use when the team tells me something is too complicated. People keep saying, 'We need more prioritization.' I say, 'Guys, what you want is less work. And that is not going to happen.' #Quote by Maelle Gavet
Complicated quotes by Laura Marling
#95. My reaction to everything in life is when it gets a bit complicated to water it down and make it simple again. #Quote by Laura Marling
Complicated quotes by Masanobu Fukuoka
#96. In nature's cyclical rhythms, there are no grounds for the discriminatory view that underlies Darwin's view of superiority and inferiority that deems single-celled organisms as lower, and more complicated life forms as higher. It would be more appropriate to say we are all one continuous life-form. #Quote by Masanobu Fukuoka
Complicated quotes by George F. Kennan
#97. The truth is sometimes a poor competitor in the market place of ideas – complicated, unsatisfying, full of dilemmas, always vulnerable to misinterpretation and abuse. #Quote by George F. Kennan
Complicated quotes by Holly Bourne
#98. Life's just a complicated mess with absolutely no purpose. #Quote by Holly Bourne
Complicated quotes by Miguel Ruiz
#99. The truth is relative in this world; it's changing all the time because we live in a world of illusions. What is true right now is not true later. Then it could be true again. The truth in hell could also be just another concept, another lie that can be used against you. Our own denial system is so powerful and strong that it becomes very complicated. There are truths covering lies, and lies covering truth. Like peeling an onion, you uncover the truth little by little until in the end, you open your eyes to find out that everyone around you, including yourself, is lying all the time. Almost #Quote by Miguel Ruiz
Complicated quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
#100. Yeah, well, I'm regretting every letting you catch me that night," she huffed, taking no notice of his machinations as she blew back her hair in that charming habit she had. It was an invitation he could not resist. His hands crept into her gorgeous hair, the luxuriant strands settling between his fingers.
"Hey, sweetheart, it was either me or the concrete. One of us had to do it."
"At this point I'm thinking the concrete would've been less painful ... and less complicated. #Quote by Jacquelyn Frank
Complicated quotes by Ernesto Che Guevara
#101. Every person has the truth in his heart. No matter how complicated his circumstances, no matter how others look at him from the outside, and no matter how deep or shallow the truth dwells in his heart, once his heart is pieced with a crystal needle, the truth will gush forth like a geyser. #Quote by Ernesto Che Guevara
Complicated quotes by Syriantous
#102. love is so complicated , all people can make it but only few who can give it . #Quote by Syriantous
Complicated quotes by Bill Atkinson
#103. 'PhotoCard' has 20 times as much code as the sum of 'QuickDraw,' 'MacPaint,' and 'HyperCard.' It is more elaborate and complicated, with all the client and server stuff. It took a lot more of me to do this than other projects, requiring an almost Mother Teresa dedication to do it. #Quote by Bill Atkinson
Complicated quotes by Marcel Proust
#104. Suddenly the memory of his wife came back to him and, no doubt feeling it would be too complicated to try to understand how he could have yielded to an impulse of happiness at such a time, he confined himself, in a habitual gesture of his whenever a difficult question came to his mind, to passing his hand over his forehead, wiping his eyes and the lenses of his lorgnon. Yet he could not be consoled for the death of his wife, but, during the two years he survived her, would say to my grandfather: It's odd, I think of my poor wife often, but I can't think of her for a long time. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Complicated quotes by Amish Tripathi
#105. Some good can emerge from the most horrific of events. There is something positive hidden in every negative, and something negative in every positive. Life is complicated, and a balanced person can see both sides. #Quote by Amish Tripathi
Complicated quotes by Marc Webb
#106. I think that if you make something that's relatable then people will attach themselves to it. You can express it in a lot of different ways but I feel like as long as you are consistent and fair with the audience they'll engage irrespective of how they self-identify. I think it just gets too complicated to track all those differences between demographics. #Quote by Marc Webb
Complicated quotes by Deyth Banger
#107. From listening and silence can be learn a lot of, but these skills to be learn that's the hard and complicated work... #Quote by Deyth Banger
Complicated quotes by Christina Lauren
#108. For once I was looking for complicated, and she was trying on simple. #Quote by Christina Lauren
Complicated quotes by Hiroyuki Sanada
#109. Keanu Reeves learned a lot, respecting the culture. I was surprised when I first met him. He knew a lot already and he learned a lot. And also he learned Japanese. It's incredible. On the set, switching between the Japanese and English, even for us, is very hard. It's complicated. But the first time Keanu spoke in Japanese it was a very important scene between us, and more than the dialogue's meaning, I was moved. His energy for the film, completely perfect Japanese pronunciation. It was moving, surprising, respecting. #Quote by Hiroyuki Sanada
Complicated quotes by Gillian Flynn
#110. Complicated and challenging, than Cool Amy. Nick wanted Cool Amy anyway. Can you imagine, finally showing your true self to your spouse, your soul mate, and having him not like you? So that's how the hating first began. I've thought about this a lot, and that's where it started, I think. NICK DUNNE SEVEN DAYS GONE I made it a few steps into the woodshed before I had to lean against the wall and catch my breath. #Quote by Gillian Flynn
Complicated quotes by Peter Ross Range
#111. He painted a rosy picture of prewar Germany in contrast to its current "disgrace and defeat."8 He made complicated things simple. "Political agitation must be primitive," he said.9 #Quote by Peter Ross Range
Complicated quotes by Michael Lewis
#112. Cause of the financial crisis was "simple. Greed on both sides - greed of investors and the greed of the bankers." I thought it was more complicated. Greed on Wall Street was a given - almost an obligation. The problem was the system of incentives that channeled the greed. The line between gambling and investing is artificial and thin. #Quote by Michael Lewis
Complicated quotes by Dennis Lehane
#113. It's been a complicated decade for me." She #Quote by Dennis Lehane
Complicated quotes by David Lindorff
#114. A square space with complicated ceremonies going on in it, the purpose of which is to transform animals into men. Two snakes, moving in opposite directions, have to be got rid of at once. Some animals are there, e.g. foxes and dogs. The people walk around the square and must let themselves be bitten by these animals in each of the four corners . If they run away all is lost. Now the higher animals come on to the scene-bulls and ibexes. Four snakes glide into the four corners. Then the congregation flies out. Two sacrificial priests carry in a huge reptile and with this they touch the forehead of a shapeless animal lump or life-mass. Out of it there instantly rises a human head, transfigured. A voice proclaims: "These are attempts at being. #Quote by David Lindorff
Complicated quotes by Giorge Leedy
I nod my head no and explain that my sex life is complicated.
"HOW SO?" Tommy asked.
"OH. WOW," Dora said. "MINE TOO."
We laugh. #Quote by Giorge Leedy
Complicated quotes by Alex Berenson
#116. The difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics is a bit like the difference between biology and medicine. Knowing that certain genes increase the risk of cancer is relatively easy. Figuring out exactly which people will get sick, or how to cure them, is a lot more complicated. #Quote by Alex Berenson
Complicated quotes by Eliezer Yudkowsky
#117. The whole idea of a unified universe with mathematically regular laws, that was what had been flushed down the toilet; the whole notion of physics. Three thousand years of resolving big complicated things into smaller pieces, discovering that the music of the planets was the same tune as a falling apple, finding that the true laws were perfectly universal and had no exceptions anywhere and took the form of simple maths governing the smallest parts, not to mention that the mind was the brain and the brain was made of neurons, a brain was what a person was -

And then a woman turned into a cat, so much for all that. #Quote by Eliezer Yudkowsky
Complicated quotes by Edward Bloor
#118. Life is complicated. You don't only have two simple choices: drunk or teetotaler; saint or sinner. It's more complicated than that. #Quote by Edward Bloor
Complicated quotes by Lena Olin
#119. Everyone is complicated one way or another. But it's interesting to dig into a complicated character, to try to find that within yourself. #Quote by Lena Olin
Complicated quotes by Daniel Radcliffe
#120. I'm a serial monogamist. I'm not one of those people that can date loads of people at the same time, it's all too complicated. #Quote by Daniel Radcliffe
Complicated quotes by Eric Kandel
#121. Rather than studying the most complex form of memory in a very complicated animal, we had to take the most simple form - an implicit form of memory - in a very simple animal. So I began to look around for very simple animals. And I focused in on the marine snail Aplysia. #Quote by Eric Kandel
Complicated quotes by Bill Shapiro
#122. In writing anything to you, I always
end up frustrated with the results. One
reason for that is because I don't like my writing (or pretty much anything else
about myself for that matter), and the
other reason is a bit more complicated. I could sit here and write an entire novel about my love for you but it would
never be able to fully express how I feel. Describing my love for you is like trying to explain why snow is white. They are both unchangable facts of life that cannot be argued. I have a hard time remembering if there was ever a time I didn't love you. And you know what, maybe I always did loveI was always in search of someone like you. Someone that would always love me and not be afraid to tell me that she loved me. Someone who would touch me with soft tenderness that showed to me just how much she loved me. Someone that I could say anything to, and who I actually truly enjoyed talking to. Someone that would make a wonderful, nice, caring, loving mother. I love you __ and if you ever want to be reminded of that, just look in my eyes. They will always show my love for you . . . even when you pick at your fingers. you, even before we met. #Quote by Bill Shapiro
Complicated quotes by Lemony Snicket
#123. No matter how many slow and complicated mysteries I encounters in my life, I still hope that one day a slow and complicated mystery will be solved quickly and simply. An associate of mine calls this feeling "the triumph of hope over experience", which simply means that it's never going to happen, and that is what happened then. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Complicated quotes by Alan Lightman
#124. Oh, love is very much a physical thing ... I realize that it's very complicated, and I'm sure it can't be traced to individual neurons and hormones, but I think it's very much a physiological sensation that takes place in the brain. #Quote by Alan Lightman
Complicated quotes by Jodi Picoult
#125. The more complex a behavior is, the more rigorous and complicated the science behind it. Math, chemistry, that's the easy stuff - closed models with discrete answers. To understand behavior - human or elephant - the systems are far more complex, which is why the science behind them must be that much more intricate. But #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Complicated quotes by Ashleigh Brilliant
#126. By using your intelligence, you can sometimes make your problems twice as complicated. #Quote by Ashleigh Brilliant
Complicated quotes by Marcel Proust
#127. But often one hears nothing when one listens for the first time to a piece of music that is at all complicated. [...] And so it is not wrong to speak of hearing a thing for the first time. If one has indeed, as one supposes, received no impression from the first hearing, the second, the third would be equally "first hearings" and there would be no reason why one should understand it any better after the tenth. Probably what is wanting, the first time, is not comprehension but memory. For our memory, relatively to the complexity of the impressions which it has to face while we are listening, is infinitesimal, as brief as the memory of a man who in his sleep thinks of a thousand things and at once forgets them, or as that of a man in his second childhood who cannot recall a minute afterwards what one has just said to him. Of these multiple impressions our memory is not capable of furnishing us with an immediate picture. But that picture gradually takes shape in the memory, and, with regard to works we have heard more than once, we are like the schoolboy who has read several times over before going to sleep a lesson which he supposed himself not to know, and finds that he can repeat it by heart next morning. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Complicated quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#128. Sometimes, readers, when they're young, are given, say, a book like 'Moby Dick' to read. And it is an interesting, complicated book, but it's not something that somebody who has never read a book before should be given as an example of why you'll really love to read, necessarily. #Quote by Gabrielle Zevin
Complicated quotes by Marcel Proust
#129. Ah! whatever you may say, it's good to be alive all the same, my dear Amédée!" And then, abruptly, the memory of his dead wife returned to him, and probably thinking it too complicated to inquire into how, at such a time, he could have allowed himself to be carried away by an impulse of happiness, he confined himself to a gesture which he habitually employed whenever any perplexing question came into his mind: that is, he passed his hand across his forehead, dried his eyes, and wiped his glasses. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Complicated quotes by Monte Lipman
#130. What usually works: Simple sells. When you have to get out an encyclopedia and an Excel sheet to show somebody how much they make on a stream that comes by way of ad revenue, it gets a little complicated. #Quote by Monte Lipman
Complicated quotes by Rachel Kushner
#131. Prayer is so complicated. #Quote by Rachel Kushner
Complicated quotes by Noomi Rapace
#132. I don't have this crazy dream about going to Hollywood, because I really love to watch movies and do movies that are complicated, and I want more strange things and complicated things. #Quote by Noomi Rapace
Complicated quotes by Liz Reinhardt
#133. It's about how love can be so complicated and huge and beautiful, and how there's enough of it for everyone we ever meet. #Quote by Liz Reinhardt
Complicated quotes by Vernon Lee
#134. Despite our complicated civilization, so called, or perhaps on account of it, we are all of us a mere set of barbarians, who find it less trouble to provide a new, cheap, and shoddy thing than to get the full use and full pleasure out of a finely-made and carefully-chosen old one. #Quote by Vernon Lee
Complicated quotes by Aleksandar Hemon
#135. The privilege of a middle-class, stable, bourgeois life is that you can pretend that you are not complicated and project yourself as a solid, uncomplicated person, with refined life goals and achievements. #Quote by Aleksandar Hemon
Complicated quotes by Ken Segall
#136. You're bound to see some fairly complicated URLs designed not only to take you to a specific page but also to enable the company to track who's coming from where. Steve didn't believe in making people work harder just so he could collect data about their movements. His most important concern was making things easier for customers. Apple was there to serve them, not the other way around. #Quote by Ken Segall
Complicated quotes by Jon Stewart
#137. Corporations are the only reason the tax code is so complicated in the first place. Those off-shore loopholes didn't get carved out by poor people. #Quote by Jon Stewart
Complicated quotes by Viola Davis
#138. It would be great to bust through and make history. But what's more important is the opportunity to continue to get roles that are complicated and wonderful, to be a part of the narrative and to get to do what our counterparts are able to do. It doesn't just stop at holding an award. #Quote by Viola Davis
Complicated quotes by Pella Grace
#139. My head is in a world of hurt. My apartment is trashed. At the end of today, I could either be dating the girl who saves my family's future or is going to be the ending of it. When did life get so damn complicated? #Quote by Pella Grace
Complicated quotes by Staci Hart
#140. Our hearts and minds are more complicated than that, with layers on layers of reasoning and feelings and motivation. There's always another side. There's always a reason, even if we can't agree on whether or not it's a valid reason #Quote by Staci Hart
Complicated quotes by Charles R. Swindoll
#141. Jesus kept it simple. The lesson wasn't complicated. 'I speak; you believe My word; your son will be fine.' We complicate what God has made simple by seeing the world through human eyes. We want to see in order to believe and presume that our limitations are His. #Quote by Charles R. Swindoll
Complicated quotes by Guy De Maupassant
#142. He did not know how to make her understand that he would be happy, most happy, to become her husband in his turn. He certainly could not tell her that, now, at this moment, in this place, in the presence of this corpse; nevertheless he could, he believed, find one of those ambiguous, acceptable, complicated statements whose words have hidden significance, and which can, by their calculated reservations, express everything you intend. #Quote by Guy De Maupassant
Complicated quotes by Daniel C. Dennett
#143. Anything that is usefully and voluminously predictable from the intentional stance is, by definition, an intentional system, and as we shall see, many fascinating and complicated things that don't have brains or eyes or ears or hands, and hence really don't have minds, are nevertheless intentional systems. Folk psychology's basic trick, that is to say, has some bonus applications outside the world of human interactions. #Quote by Daniel C. Dennett
Complicated quotes by Matthew Specktor
#144. I do have complicated feelings about Hollywood, but I also have tremendously affectionate ones. #Quote by Matthew Specktor
Complicated quotes by Samael Aun Weor
#145. We need the conflagration of Love to change the world, we need the fire of love to illuminate the society. The cold, insipid and complicated codes don't change anything, don't transform anything. All the best social projects and the best political principles are useless if they are not written with the fire of Love. The real revolution is the result of transformation, only the storms of Love can transform the individual and the society. #Quote by Samael Aun Weor
Complicated quotes by Malala Yousafzai
#146. Perhaps that's because I do not remember a thing about the shooting. Not a single thing. The doctors and nurses offered complicated explanations for why I didn't recall the attack. They said the brain protects us from memories that are too painful to remember. Or, they said, my brain might have shut down as soon as I was injured. I love science, and I love nothing more than asking question upon question to figure out the way things work. But I don't need science to figure out why I don't remember the attack. I know why: God is kind to me. #Quote by Malala Yousafzai
Complicated quotes by Erik Larson
#147. There began to appear before my romantic eyes ... a vast and complicated network of espionage, terror, sadism and hate, from which no one, official or private, could escape. #Quote by Erik Larson
Complicated quotes by Anonymous
#148. First of all, when we are all finished, and we have a mathematical theory by which we can compute consequences, what can we do? It really is an amazing thing. In order to figure out what an atom is going to do in a given situation we make up rules with marks on paper, carry them into a machine which has switches that open and close in some complicated way, and the result will tell us what the atom is going to do! If the way that these switches open and close were some kind of model of the atom, if we thought that the atom had switches in it, then I would say that I understood more or less what is going on. I find it quite amazing that it is possible to predict what will happen by mathematics, which is simply following rules which really have nothing to do with what is going on in the original thing. The closing and opening of switches in a computer is quite different from what is happening in nature. #Quote by Anonymous
Complicated quotes by Paul Valery
#149. A man is infinitely more complicated than his thoughts. #Quote by Paul Valery
Complicated quotes by David Rhodes
#150. His psychic wounds presented a more complicated challenge. Something was needed in addition to the autonomic remedies provided by dreams, shaking, weeping, hollering, sweating, and vomiting. For true recovery -- involution -- Blake required satisfactory relations with other creatures over extended periods of time, and lots and lots of rest ... Blake could sometimes imagine what a reasonably balanced state of mind would be like. He could almost picture a less haunted edition of himself, sense an inheritance that might come due someday. #Quote by David Rhodes
Complicated quotes by Katherine Mansfield
#151. I sometimes wonder whether the act of surrender is not one of the greatest of all - the highest. It is one of the [most] difficult of all ... You see it's so immensely complicated. It needs real humility and at the same time, an absolute belief in one's own essential freedom. It is an act of faith. At the last moments, like all great acts, it is pure risk. This is true for me as a human being and as a writer. Dear Heaven, how hard it is to let go - to step into the blue. And yet one's creative life depends on it and one desires to do nothing else. #Quote by Katherine Mansfield
Complicated quotes by Laozi
#152. See simplicity in the complicated. Achieve greatness in little things #Quote by Laozi
Complicated quotes by Maurice Sendak
#153. In plain terms, a child is a complicated creature who can drive you crazy. There's a cruelty to childhood, there's an anger. #Quote by Maurice Sendak
Complicated quotes by Henry Marsh
#154. Few people outside medicine realize that what tortures doctors most is uncertainty, rather than the fact they often deal with people who are suffering or who are about to die. It is easy enough to let somebody die if one knows beyond doubt that they cannot be saved - if one is a decent doctor one will be sympathetic, but the situation is clear. This is life, and we all have to die sooner or later. It is when I do not know for certain whether I can help or not, or should help or not, that things become so difficult. #Quote by Henry Marsh
Complicated quotes by Richard Madden
#155. I try to live honestly in every aspect of my life, which can make things a bit more complicated, right? #Quote by Richard Madden
Complicated quotes by Jayril Bunch
#156. It's complicated but still I kept to be stronger than I could. Because I know that It is not the distance that will break our relationship. #Quote by Jayril Bunch
Complicated quotes by Orlando Bloom
#157. My childhood was kind of complicated. I have an older sister, but my father, my mother's husband, died when I was four years old. So I only had my mum and sister, really. #Quote by Orlando Bloom
Complicated quotes by Fareed Zakaria
#158. We all accuse Vladimir Putin of Cold War nostalgia, but Washington's elites - politicians and intellectuals - miss the old days as well. They wish for the world in which the United States was utterly dominant over its friends, its foes were to be shunned entirely, and the challenges were stark, moral, and vital. Today's world is messy and complicated. China is one of our biggest trading partners and our looming geopolitical rival. Russia is a surly spoiler, but it has a globalized middle class and has created ties in Europe. #Quote by Fareed Zakaria
Complicated quotes by Jenny Lawson
#159. I had no idea how complicated and solitary it could be to write a simple book. #Quote by Jenny Lawson
Complicated quotes by Russell James
#160. Complicated things for me tend not to be interesting. Simple things, like when it's really direct eye contact, or when you see a really beautiful shape, like when it's clean or well balanced in the frame. #Quote by Russell James
Complicated quotes by Joschka Fischer
#161. The United States is our most important ally. They helped us many times. Without the United States, the unification or German democratisation after the Nazi period would have been much more complicated, or almost impossible. #Quote by Joschka Fischer
Complicated quotes by Richard Siken
#162. Let me tell you what I do know: I am more than one thing, and not all of those things are good. The truth is complicated. It's two-toned, multi-vocal, bittersweet. I used to think that if I dug deep enough to discover something sad and ugly, I'd know it was something true. Now I'm trying to dig deeper. I didn't want to write these pages until there were no hard feelings, no sharp ones. I do not have that luxury. I am sad and angry and I want everyone to be alive again. I want more landmarks, less landmines. I want to be grateful but I'm having a hard time with it. #Quote by Richard Siken
Complicated quotes by Mary Norris
#163. The better the writer, the more complicated the dangler. #Quote by Mary Norris
Complicated quotes by Andre Marie Ampere
#164. Either one or the other [analysis or synthesis] may be direct or indirect. The direct procedure is when the point of departure is known-direct synthesis in the elements of geometry. By combining at random simple truths with each other, more complicated ones are deduced from them. This is the method of discovery, the special method of inventions, contrary to popular opinion. #Quote by Andre Marie Ampere
Complicated quotes by Lysa TerKeurst
#165. [Incomplete people] are complicated and sensitive and messy in their reactions #Quote by Lysa TerKeurst
Complicated quotes by Christia Spears Brown
#166. The reality is that kids are complicated, far too complicated and distinct to be sorted into only one of two bins. #Quote by Christia Spears Brown
Complicated quotes by Terry Pratchett
#167. Triboplasts played a crucial role in evolution, precisely because they did have internal organs, and in particular they could ingest food and excrete it. Their excreta became a major resource for other creatures; to get an interestingly complicated world, it is vitally important that shit happens. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Complicated quotes by Madonna Ciccone
#168. I was named after my mother. And I guess when I started making records, Madonna Ciccone seemed too long and complicated, and I just got stuck with Madonna. #Quote by Madonna Ciccone
Complicated quotes by Chris Abani
#169. It takes me forever to actually finish something like a ten-page essay. But, when I do, I usually love what they are. It's a complicated relationship. #Quote by Chris Abani
Complicated quotes by Jeff Cooper
#170. Not long ago it was easy to tell who the bad guys were. They carried Kalashnikovs. Now it is much more complicated, but one thing is sure - any man who covers his face and packs a gun is a legitimate target for any decent citizen. #Quote by Jeff Cooper
Complicated quotes by Terry Pratchett
#171. ...Greyhald Spold knows that Death is looking for him, and has spent many years designing an impregnable hiding place.
He has just set the complicated clockwork of the lock and shut the lid, lying back in the knowledge that here at last is the perfect defence against the most ultimate of all his enemies, although as yet he has not considered the important part that airholes must play in an enterprise of this kind.
And right beside him, very lose to his ear, a voice has just said: DARK IN HERE, ISN'T IT? #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Complicated quotes by Hank Green
#172. Branding is something designers think about a lot. You take something like a perfume or car tire, or butt-flavored bubblegum, and you ask questions about it that you shouldn't be able to ask. What kind of tuxedo would this car tire wear to the prom? What is this perfume's favorite movie? You try to end up in a place where you understand a product as if it is a person.

The reverse of this, where people become brands, should be easy right? They're already people... End at the beginning. Except that really what you're doing when you brand is a process of simplification. You come to understand the essence of that fucking tire. And so branding a person also benefits dramatically from simplicity. People are complicated, but brands are simple. #Quote by Hank Green
Complicated quotes by Jared Diamond
#173. History as well as life itself is complicated
neither life nor history is an enterprise for those who seek simplicity and consistency. #Quote by Jared Diamond
Complicated quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#174. At three and four and five, children may not be able to follow complicated plots and subplots. But the narrative form, psychologists now believe, is absolutely central to them. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Complicated quotes by Hans Zimmer
#175. I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. #Quote by Hans Zimmer
Complicated quotes by Claire North
#176. You know why the experts don't have an easy answer? Because a fucking expert's the guy who knows how complicated the fucking questions are. #Quote by Claire North
Complicated quotes by Douglas R. Hofstadter
#177. Consistent or inconsistent, no one is exempt from the mystery of the self. Probably we are all inconsistent. The world is just too complicated for a person to be able to afford the luxury of reconciling all of his beliefs with each other. Tension and confusion are important in a world where many decisions must be made quickly. Miguel de Unamuno once said, 'If a person never contradicts himself, it must be that he says nothing.' I would say that we all are in the same boast as the Zen master who, after contradicting himself several times in a row, said to the confused Doko, 'I cannot understand myself.'. #Quote by Douglas R. Hofstadter
Complicated quotes by Graham Greene
#178. Sometimes, instructing children in the old days, he had been asked by some black lozenge-eyed Indian child, What is God like? and he would answer facilely with references to the father and the mother, or perhaps more ambitiously he would include brother and sister and try to give some idea of all loves and relationships combined in an immense and yet personal passion....But at the centre of his own faith there always stood the convincing mystery - that we were made in God's image. God was the parent, but He was also the policeman, the criminal, the priest, the maniac, and the judge. Something resembling God dangled from the gibbet or went into odd attitudes before bullets in a prison yard or contorted itself like a camel in the attitude of sex. He would sit in the confessional and hear the complicated dirty ingenuities which God's image had thought out, and God's image shook now, up and down on the mule's back, with the yellow teeth sticking out over the lower lip, and god's image did its despairing act of rebellion with Maria in the hut among the rats. He said, Do you feel better now? Not so cold, eh? Or so hot? and pressed his hand with a kind of driven tenderness upon the shoulders of God's image.

Such a lot of beauty. Saints talk about the beauty of suffering. Well, we are not saints, you and I. Suffering to us is just ugly. Stench and crowding and pain. That is beautiful in that corner - to them. It needs a lot of learning to see things with a saint's eye: a s #Quote by Graham Greene
Complicated quotes by Sarah Ockler
#179. It's complicated. I think when bad things happen - whether someone dies or people argue or split up - you get to a point where it's just too hard to go back. There's so much lost. So many versions of the truth. So many versions of how things might've turned out differently. We all long for what could have been. For some people, it's just easier to move forward and try to forget. #Quote by Sarah Ockler
Complicated quotes by Zadie Smith
#180. Most of us have complicated backstories, messy histories, multiple narratives. It was a high-wire strategy, for Obama, this invocation of our collective human messiness. His enemies latched on to its imprecision, emphasizing the exotic, un-American nature of Dream City, this ill-defined place where you could be from Hawaii and Kenya, Kansas and Indonesia all at the same time, where you could jive talk like a street hustler and orate like a senator. #Quote by Zadie Smith
Complicated quotes by M.R. Carey
#181. Pritchard tutted. "Justice? Justice is even more problematic than truth. It's an emergent property of a very complicated system. #Quote by M.R. Carey
Complicated quotes by Jacques Derrida
#182. No one can deny seriously any more, or for very long, that men do all they can in order to dissimulate this cruelty or to hide it from themselves; in order to organize on a global scale the forgetting or misunderstanding of this violence, which some would compare to the worst cases of genocide (there are also animal genocides: the number of species endangered because of man takes one's breath away). One should neither abuse the figure of genocide nor too quickly consider it explained away. It gets more complicated: the annihilation of certain species is indeed in process, but it is occurring through the organization and exploitation of an artificial, infernal, virtually interminable survival, in conditions that previous generations would have judged monstrous, outside of every presumed norm of a life proper to animals that are thus exterminated by means of the continued existence or even their overpopulation. As if, for example, instead of throwing a people into ovens and gas chambers (let's say Nazi) doctors and geneticists had decided to organize the overproduction and overgeneration of Jews, gypsies, and homosexuals by means of artificial insemination, so that, being continually more numerous and better fed, they could be destined in always increasing numbers for the same hell, that of the imposition of genetic experimentation, or extermination by gas or by fire. #Quote by Jacques Derrida
Complicated quotes by Ina Garten
#183. I think the best shortcut is to choose really simple recipes. Because I think you can make simple recipes that are as delicious as complicated ones. #Quote by Ina Garten
Complicated quotes by Emery Lord
#184. Ryan Chase was my eighth-grade collage, aspirational and wide-eyed. But Max was the first bite of grilled cheese on a snowy day, the easy fit of my favorite jeans, that one old song that made it onto every playlist. Peanut-butter Girl Scout cookies instead of an ornate cake. Not glamorous or idealized or complicated. Just me. #Quote by Emery Lord
Complicated quotes by Nadia Scrieva
#185. You do not require a license to love someone; you don't need to pass any complicated tests. Love does not have age limitations, rules, or restrictions. Love is our birthright - it is the one thing that all humans know how to do, the one thing we all deserve. You can't force it or fake it. You can know someone for an entire lifetime, and not feel a drop of love for them. And you can know someone for a single day, and give your heart to them completely. #Quote by Nadia Scrieva
Complicated quotes by Geoff Dyer
#186. In the cramped confines of the toilet I had trouble getting out of my wet trousers, which clung to my legs like a drowning man. The new ones were quite complicated too in that they had more legs than a spider; either that or they didn't have enough legs to get mine into. The numbers failed to add up. Always there was one trouser leg too many or one of my legs was left over. From the outside it may have looked like a simple toilet, but once you were locked in here the most basic rules of arithmetic no longer held true. #Quote by Geoff Dyer
Complicated quotes by Carlo Rovelli
#187. We are stories, contained within the twenty complicated centimeters behind our eyes... #Quote by Carlo Rovelli
Complicated quotes by Withered Hand
#188. When I became a parent and hit my thirties, I got my hands on an acoustic guitar. I started writing quiet, simple songs at home and, with a little encouragement, I got more courage and found my voice. I have people and movements who have inspired me to carry on, but I try to write about things I know, nothing too complicated, really. #Quote by Withered Hand
Complicated quotes by Carol Broad
#189. However, we have to acknowledge that living with DID presents huge challenges; it is complex and complicated. But our diagnosis was the key to us accessing services and funding, which has enabled us to return to life within the community and to have a positive future. We can see constructive, productive elements in our life, and our faith plays a strong part in this. #Quote by Carol Broad
Complicated quotes by Sonya Walger
#190. I have no idea what my draw is for science fiction. I hope they come to me because they like complicated women. But I've never played the Bionic Woman. In 'Sarah Connor' and 'Lost,' I am not the orchestrator of what happens. I've played quite peripheral people. #Quote by Sonya Walger
Complicated quotes by Patrick Lindsay
#191. It's not complicated: we have no guarantees for the future; we can't rewind the past; we must live in the present. Use the past for wisdom...and the future for inspiration. Live now! #Quote by Patrick Lindsay
Complicated quotes by Leo Buscaglia
#192. What we need to know about loving is no great mystery. We all know what constitutes loving behavior; we need but act upon it, not continually question it. Over-analysis often confuses the issue and in the end brings us no closer to insight. We sometimes become too busy classifying, separating, and examining, to remember that love is easy. It's we who make it complicated. #Quote by Leo Buscaglia
Complicated quotes by Humphry Davy
#193. Geology, perhaps more than any other department of natural philosophy, is a science of contemplation. It requires no experience or complicated apparatus, no minute processes upon the unknown processes of matter. It demands only an enquiring mind and senses alive to the facts almost everywhere presented in nature. And as it may be acquired without much difficulty, so it may be improved without much painful exertion. #Quote by Humphry Davy
Complicated quotes by Bonnie Bassler
#194. [Bacteria] have an incredibly complicated chemical lexicon that ... allows bacteria to be multicellular. In the spirit of TED they're doing things together because it makes a difference. #Quote by Bonnie Bassler
Complicated quotes by Janet Leigh
#195. The dream factory of that time was much simpler. As media outlets grew, everything became so complicated. #Quote by Janet Leigh
Complicated quotes by Sharon Stone
#196. Divorce is hard and painful and complicated, and something you have to grow through. #Quote by Sharon Stone
Complicated quotes by Joni Eareckson Tada
#197. Christianity isn't all that complicated ... it's Jesus. #Quote by Joni Eareckson Tada
Complicated quotes by Tom Ridge
#198. Remember back then we thought about al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan and a few other places? well, we've seen al Qaeda metastasize. It is now a global scourge. And you have the ascendancy of ISIL. The combination of those two groups
their appeal to the lone wolfs and we see them acting in Belgium and in France and in Canada and the United States so the threat factors and the nature of the threats are far more complicated and far more serious today than on September 12, 2001. #Quote by Tom Ridge
Complicated quotes by Nicholson Baker
#199. I certainly felt I had an idea of World War II, and it's probably the idea that many people share: there was this insane aggressor, and there was really only one way to proceed in resisting him. What I didn't realize is that there were many voices belonging to reasonable, interesting, complicated people who had a different way of interpreting the possible responses to the Hitlerian menace. #Quote by Nicholson Baker
Complicated quotes by Alex Katz
#200. I like to make an image that is so simple you can't avoid it, and so complicated you can't figure it out. #Quote by Alex Katz

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