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Compete quotes by Michael Josephson
#1. When you compete with someone as good or better than you, you may not always win, but you never lose. #Quote by Michael Josephson
Compete quotes by Orlando Figes
#2. Whereas in Europe new ideas were forced to compete against other doctrines and attitudes, with the results that people tended towards healthy skepticism about claims to absolute truth, and a climate of pluralism developed, In Russia there was a cultural void. The censor forbade all political expression, so that when ideas were introduced there they easily assumed the status of holy dogma, a panacea for all the world's ills, beyond questioning or indeed the need to test them in real life. #Quote by Orlando Figes
Compete quotes by Theresa Lewis
#3. Don't wear yourself out trying to compete with others. You were uniquely designed by God to do great things with the talents He blessed you with. Celebrate who you are and keep working hard to become a better you! #Quote by Theresa Lewis
Compete quotes by Kelly Ripa
#4. Having been a cheerleader, I know all too well what these girls give up to join forces and compete. #Quote by Kelly Ripa
Compete quotes by Stephanie Mills
#5. I'm 47 years old. I couldn't compete with Beyonce. I'm not competing with anyone. I've already established myself as an artist. I've been in this business for 30 years. There's no reason for me to compete with anyone. #Quote by Stephanie Mills
Compete quotes by Martina Hingis
#6. I was never happy that my injuries cut my career short and ultimately forced my decision to step away from tennis. I have enjoyed my time away from the court, a period that has allowed me to experience a different side of life. However, I miss the game and the challenge of competing at the highest level of tennis, and I want to gauge whether I can stay healthy and compete against today's top players. #Quote by Martina Hingis
Compete quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
#7. Democracy, if it is reasonable, limits itself to giving everyone an equal opportunity to compete and to obtain. #Quote by Napoleon Bonaparte
Compete quotes by Vincente Minnelli
#8. If anybody reads a story in a magazine or book, different pictures compete in their minds. #Quote by Vincente Minnelli
Compete quotes by David Halberstam
#9. Because Japan had no defense industry, he knew, and not even an airplane industry, the best engineers of a generation were being funneled into other, seemingly more prosaic sectors, like automobiles, for example, and steel. These industries, which in America were having increasing difficulty competing for top engineers, were getting the absolute cream in Japan. This advantage in talent was already making a considerable difference, Hayashi believed, as Japan's heavy industries began to compete in the world's markets. #Quote by David Halberstam
Compete quotes by Charlie Munger
#10. It's hard to predict what will happen with two brands in a market. Sometimes they will behave in a gentlemanly way, and sometimes they'll pound each other. I know of no way to predict whether they'll compete moderately or to the death. If you could figure it out, you could make a lot of money. #Quote by Charlie Munger
Compete quotes by Carl Lewis
#11. After I left the podium in Atlanta, I felt so fulfilled in my career that I lost my desire to compete at that level again. #Quote by Carl Lewis
Compete quotes by Scott Anderson
#12. For sheer mindless futility, though, it was hard to compete with the newly opened Southern Front in northeastern Italy. Having belatedly joined the war on the side of the Entente, by November 1915 Italy had already flung its army four times against a vastly outnumbered Austro-Hungarian force commanding the heights of a rugged mountain valley, only to be slaughtered each time; before war's end, there would be twelve battles in the Isonzo valley, resulting in some 600,000 Italian casualties. #Quote by Scott Anderson
Compete quotes by Warren Farrell
#13. If women really earned fifty-nine cents to the dollar for the same work as men, what business could compete effectively by hiring men at any level? #Quote by Warren Farrell
Compete quotes by Ned Vizzini
#14. I know a lot of famous people didn't do well at school, like James Brown; he dropped out in fifth grade to be an entertainer, I respect that ... but that's not going to be me. I'm not going to be able to do anything but work as hard as possible all the time and compete with everyone I know all the time to make it. #Quote by Ned Vizzini
Compete quotes by Jenna Cornell
#15. Art is the essence of life in creative form. If you want to compete, run a damn race. If you truly want to create essence, you need to leave competition out of it. 2014 #Quote by Jenna Cornell
Compete quotes by Mickey Drexler
#16. I never wanted to compete on price in my history because on price, you don't always win. #Quote by Mickey Drexler
Compete quotes by Kathleen Silber
#17. The adoptee benefits because his collective parents are permitted to grow secure in their particular roles in his life. His adoptive parents are not unwittingly encouraged to compete to possess him. Nor are his birth parents punished and banished from a place in his life. #Quote by Kathleen Silber
Compete quotes by Suzanne Collins
#18. I thought ... I'll never compete with that. No matter how much pain I'm in. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Compete quotes by Bryan Burrough
#19. Everyone in the room knew about leveraged buyouts, often called LBOs. In an LBO, a small group of senior executives, usually working with a Wall Street partner, proposes to buy its company from public shareholders, using massive amounts of borrowed money. Critics of this procedure called it stealing the company from its owners and fretted that the growing mountain of corporate debt was hindering America's ability to compete abroad. Everyone knew LBOs meant deep cuts in research and every other imaginable budget, all sacrificed to pay off debt. Proponents insisted that companies forced to meet steep debt payments grew lean and mean. On one thing they all agreed: The executives who launched LBOs got filthy rich. #Quote by Bryan Burrough
Compete quotes by Daryl Gregory
#20. The problem with getting old was that each day had to compete with the thousands of others gone by. How wonderful would a day have to be to win such a beauty contest? To even make it into the finals? Never mind that memory rigged the game, airbrushed the flaws from its contestants, while the present had to shuffle into the spotlight unaided, all pockmarked with mundanities and baggy with annoyances. #Quote by Daryl Gregory
Compete quotes by Shiv Khera
#21. An uneducated thief may steal goods from the train but an educated one may steal the entire train. We need to compete for knowledge and wisdom, not for grades. #Quote by Shiv Khera
Compete quotes by John Cheever
#22. Fiction must compete with first-rate reporting. If you cannot write a story that is equal to a factual account of battle in the streets or demonstrations, then you can't write a story. #Quote by John Cheever
Compete quotes by Aaron Lauritsen
#23. When you compete, you gain more than you lose, even when you lose. #Quote by Aaron Lauritsen
Compete quotes by Alexander Rossi
#24. Americans are very patriotic and they want someone to support. In order to entice more fans, and to allow F1 to compete with Nascar and IndyCar, there needs to be an American driver. #Quote by Alexander Rossi
Compete quotes by Li Keqiang
#25. Enterprises of different ownerships should all enjoy fair opportunities and conditions to compete in the market. #Quote by Li Keqiang
Compete quotes by Howard Zinn
#26. Another black woman, Margaret Wright, said she was not fighting for equality with men if it meant equality in the world of killing, the world of competition. "I don't want to compete on no damned exploitative level. I don't want to exploit nobody. . . . I want the right to be black and me. . . . #Quote by Howard Zinn
Compete quotes by Karen Mills
#27. I grew up in a family business ... that really has provided the core of my belief in American small business, and in America's ability to grow and operate important businesses that can compete and be successful. #Quote by Karen Mills
Compete quotes by Lance Berkman
#28. When I started to play consistently and produce consistently, that's when I knew that I could compete and do well in the big leagues. #Quote by Lance Berkman
Compete quotes by Anonymous
#29. Given that Russia cannot compete with Europe on the basis of economic efficiency and political appeal, it has to do so with the form of power in which it has some advantage: brute force. #Quote by Anonymous
Compete quotes by Taylor Swift
#30. I don't compete with other people in the industry, I compete with myself. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Compete quotes by Cal Ripken, Jr.
#31. So many good things have happened to me in the game of baseball. When I do allow myself a chance to think about it, it's almost like a storybook career. You feel so blessed to have been able to compete this long. #Quote by Cal Ripken, Jr.
Compete quotes by Chelsea Handler
#32. She had Nick Lachey's body, a deep voice, very small boobies, and a crew cut. It would have come as no surprise if she had walked into the backyard to compete in a rock-hurling competition after dinner. #Quote by Chelsea Handler
Compete quotes by Naomi Klein
#33. The main power of divestment is not that it financially harms Shell and Chevron in the short term but that it erodes the social license of fossil fuel companies and builds pressure on politicians to introduce across-the-board emission reductions. That pressure, in turn, increases suspicions in the investment community that fossil fuel stocks are overvalued. The benefit of an accompanying reinvestment strategy, or a visionary investment strategy from the start, is that it has the potential to turn the screws on the industry much tighter, strengthening the renewable energy sector so that it is better able to compete directly with fossil fuels, while bolstering the frontline land defenders who need to be able to offer real economic alternatives to their communities. #Quote by Naomi Klein
Compete quotes by Dominique Wilkins
#34. Like I said, when you have to play against a great player every night, that defines who you are if you can compete on that same level night in and night out. #Quote by Dominique Wilkins
Compete quotes by Rafael García
#35. If you are to live in this world, then you must be willing to actively participate in life." You cannot just be an expectator. You cannot just be sitting down at the bleachers and comtemplate the game and expect to win. You are to step out of your comfortable zone. You are to participate and do your very best. Remember, "Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner." And every beginner once decided to step down from the bleachers and start participating.
Build a solid foundation for your life. Stay rooted in the Word. Don't let the holy things become common. Be disciplined and be committed. Sacrifice what you are to sacrifice in order to succeed. But never ever your values, integrity, character, and principles. Never give up nor give in.
Be aware that people will hate you on your way up. People will rate you. They'll will shake you and try to bring you down. "But how strong you stand, is what makes you."
Choose to live by choice not by chance.
Be motivated and not manipulated. BE useful not used. Make changes and not excuses. Aim to excel not to compete. Choose self-esteem, not self pitty.
Choose to listen to your inner voice, (which is GOd's word whispering to you) not to the random opinions of others.
And finally, choose to live for yourself and not to please others.
Word of advice, "make your goals so big, that your everyday problems seem insignificant."
Have a bless day #Quote by Rafael García
Compete quotes by Mystikal
#36. The best bounce rapper ain't gonna be able to compete with Jay-Z, not on a major scale. #Quote by Mystikal
Compete quotes by Michael Bennet
#37. Our ability to compete for the jobs of tomorrow depends, above all, on our capacity to educate children today. #Quote by Michael Bennet
Compete quotes by John Baldacci
#38. Just as the Red Sox proved the critics wrong, Maine can compete and can win. #Quote by John Baldacci
Compete quotes by Marco Rubio
#39. We must educate and train our children to compete and succeed in the 21st century. Our kids are not going to grow up to compete with children in Alabama or Mississippi. They're going to grow up to compete with kids in India, and China, all over the world; children who are learning to compete and succeed in the 21st century themselves. #Quote by Marco Rubio
Compete quotes by J.K. Rowling
#40. Albus: First question. What do you know about the Triwizard tournament?
Scorpius(happy): Ooooh, a quiz! Three schools pick three champions to compete in three tasks for one cup. What's that got to do with anything?
Albus: You really are an enormous geek, you know that?
Scorpius: Ya-huh. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Compete quotes by Patricia Riggen
#41. The idea that women compete or don't like each other or undermine each other or sabotage each other, that's a big miss. That is not true at all. At all. My women connect with each other instantly and help each other. #Quote by Patricia Riggen
Compete quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#42. A terrible thing has now happened to religion. Except in the places where it can still enforce itself by fear superimposed on ignorance, it has become one opinion among many. It is forced to compete in the free market of ideas and, even when it strives to retain the old advantage of inculcating its teachings into children (for reasons that are too obvious to need underlining), it has to stand up in open debate and submit to free inquiry. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Compete quotes by Barack Obama
#43. In addition to giving our children the science and math skills they need to compete in the new global context, we should also encourage the ability to think creatively that comes from a meaningful arts education. #Quote by Barack Obama
Compete quotes by Nancy Gibbs
#44. I feel like my competition is everything else that's competing for people's attention, not just other print magazines, newspapers and cable. It's your kid's report card and the games you want to play, all the things that compete for people's time. #Quote by Nancy Gibbs
Compete quotes by Jose N Harris
1. Be honest with everyone.
2. Change before you have to.
3. Control your own destiny or someone else will.
4. Face reality as it is, not as it was ... or as you wish it to be.
5. Instill in others- faith, hope and self-confidence.
6. If you can't develop a competitive attitude or have a competitive advantage, don't try to compete. You'll lose.
7. Don't waste your time always looking for shortcuts.
8. Man-up when necessary.
9. Never lose faith in God.
10. Love. #Quote by Jose N Harris
Compete quotes by Victoria Osteen
#46. All through the day, there are two voices that compete for your attention - the voice of faith and the voice of defeat. Tune into the voice of faith because it is the voice of victory! #Quote by Victoria Osteen
Compete quotes by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
#47. Filipino businessmen must have the ability to compete freely in the global economy. #Quote by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
Compete quotes by Nicola Yoon
#48. He remembers another moment: They'd just found each other again after their fight. She'd talked about the number of events that had to exactly right to form their universe. She'd said falling in love couldn't compete.

He's always thought she was wrong about that.

Because everything looks like chaos up close. Daniel thinks it's a matter of scale. If you pull back far enough and wait for long enough, then order emerges.

Maybe their universe is just taking longer to form. #Quote by Nicola Yoon
Compete quotes by David Liss
#49. Coffee, he insisted, has all but destroyed the plague in England. It preserves health in general and makes those who drink it hearty and fat; it helps the digestion and cures consumption and other maladies of the lung. It is wonderful for fluxes, even the bloody flux, and has been known to cure jaundice and every kind of inflammation. Besides all that, the Englishman wrote, it imparts astonishing powers of reason and concentration. In the years to come, the author said, the man who does not drink coffee may never hope to compete with the man who avails himself of its secrets. #Quote by David Liss
Compete quotes by Nathan Myhrvold
#50. It's really hard to compete with Apple on pure coolness, and if you do, you're probably going to use some of the things they pioneered. #Quote by Nathan Myhrvold
Compete quotes by Joshua Cohen
#51. Death is the only monopoly. Nothing can compete. #Quote by Joshua Cohen
Compete quotes by Martin O'Malley
#52. There is an adage in business that says that you should only compete when you have a competitive advantage. When it comes to cybersecurity, Maryland has a whole host of competitive advantages. #Quote by Martin O'Malley
Compete quotes by Rob Kardashian
#53. I don't want to compare myself to anyone else, but there's Paul Smith, who I think does a great job. I feel like once I sort everything to the best quality, I'll be able to compete with them. #Quote by Rob Kardashian
Compete quotes by Jazmin Anguiano
#54. I read to learn from the greats but I write to compete with them. #Quote by Jazmin Anguiano
Compete quotes by Kerry Washington
#55. I was really lucky because I went to an all-girl school and that single sex education really helped me because I really learned to bond with women and to not compete with or compare myself as much because we were all allowed to be ourselves and be unique and kind of have our unique strengths. #Quote by Kerry Washington
Compete quotes by Tom Freston
#56. I think online is a better platform. If you look at the metrics, if you look at the delivery system, if you look at social - all of the things that online can do - TV can't compete. #Quote by Tom Freston
Compete quotes by Neil Strauss
#57. Instead of putting others down, try improving yourself instead. The only person you have a right to compete with is you. #Quote by Neil Strauss
Compete quotes by Mortimer Adler
#58. Let me roughly divide books into those which compete with the movies and those with which the movies cannot compete. They are the books that can elevate or instruct. If they are fine works of fiction, they can deepen your appreciation of human life. If they are serious works of nonfiction, they can inform or enlighten you. #Quote by Mortimer Adler
Compete quotes by Debasish Mridha
#59. The ego always wants to compete and win, but the spirit always wants to find unity and harmony. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Compete quotes by Elton John
#60. I don't have to compete in the charts. I can just be myself as a musician, a songwriter and play with the musicians that I really love. #Quote by Elton John
Compete quotes by Kelly Boyce
#61. the best way to enhance one's beauty was to let it shine through on its own, rather than trying to compete with a bunch of shiny bobbles or overdone fripperies. #Quote by Kelly Boyce
Compete quotes by Bonolo Giwu
#62. The reason why I don't compete, is because I find no reason to stress about another persons success. #Quote by Bonolo Giwu
Compete quotes by Barack Obama
#63. The countries who out-educate us today will out-compete us tomorrow. #Quote by Barack Obama
Compete quotes by Connie Nielsen
#64. I say no to a lot of things that just don't fit my life. I involve my kids in what I'm struggling with so they don't compete with it. #Quote by Connie Nielsen
Compete quotes by Jeanne Shaheen
#65. We're only going to be able to compete in the world if we continue to be innovative. #Quote by Jeanne Shaheen
Compete quotes by Norm Dicks
#66. Over 30 years ago, Airbus was founded by a European consortium of French, German, and later Spanish and British companies to compete in the large commercial aircraft industry with U.S. companies. #Quote by Norm Dicks
Compete quotes by Marianne Williamson
#67. Angels light the way. Angels do not begrudge anyone anything, angels do not tear down, angels do not compete, angels do not constrict their hearts, angels do not fear. That's why they sing and that's how they fly. We, of course, are only angels in disguise. #Quote by Marianne Williamson
Compete quotes by Megan Abbott
#68. „I choose to excel, not compete - do you?
I choose to make changes, not excuses - do you?
To be motivated, not manipulated.
To be useful, not used.
I choose to live by choice, not by chance - do you? #Quote by Megan Abbott
Compete quotes by Tim Tebow
#69. The lows are disappointing but that makes the highs much sweeterThat's what drives you to compete. #Quote by Tim Tebow
Compete quotes by Ian Kinsler
#70. They wanted me to lead these young players, teach them the way to compete, when the only thing I should be worried about is how I'm performing in the game. #Quote by Ian Kinsler
Compete quotes by Jeno Marz
#71. Eyuran," I addressed his Node. "What was in this one?"

He came closer and studied the huge case, which was easily twice the height of an adult Danna and had body slots for some kind of gear.

"I don't know for sure. I haven't seen this before. It resembles a gearbot sarx, but those are usually larger. Must be a new, compact model." Observing the empty sarx, a wave of bad feelings came over me.

"I also saw some of the weapon crates with broken locks."

"If someone is operating a gearbot, a bunch of guns will be the least of our worries. A hull repairer can't even begin to compete with the power of an assault exomachine." He looked around and frowned. "By the way, the whole hull repairer rack is empty. Counting the one you took out, we should have seven more roaming somewhere on the ship. #Quote by Jeno Marz
Compete quotes by Tim Duncan
#72. Competition is great for everyone. Sports can teach you so much at an early age, including camaraderie and sportsmanship. Competition aspect is something I've always been big on - I always wanted to compete in something. It was swimming for many years, then I moved on to basketball. I had to find a way to channel my competitive energy, so I'm lucky that basketball worked out for me. #Quote by Tim Duncan
Compete quotes by Pat Riley
#73. When you're playing against a stacked deck, compete even harder. #Quote by Pat Riley
Compete quotes by Gary Johnson
#74. All I suggest is to make K-12 like higher education. Higher education in the United States is the best in the world because these institutions compete with each other for your tuition dollar. Let's just bring competition to public education. #Quote by Gary Johnson
Compete quotes by Alison Owen
#75. YouTube clips get millions, billions of hits. Reality TV programs have their own channels. How can movies attempt to compete with these kinds of numbers? And do we even need to? Are we scaring ourselves by unnecessary comparisons, by not comparing apples with apples? #Quote by Alison Owen
Compete quotes by Geoffrey Harvey
#76. The setting, concerns, and mood of The Woodlanders are consonant with the Wessex of the earlier novels. There is an element of nostalgia in Hardy's treatment of the woodlands of Little Hintock. Although such rural economies were very much alive in Hardy's day, he strikes an elegiac note in his evocation of a world that will inevitably pass away. However, the woodlands do not form the backdrop to an idyllic pastoral of humanity living in tranquil harmony with nature. The trees, which are such a dominant presence in the novel, compete with each other for nourishment and light, are vulnerable to disease and damage, and are frightening in their moaning under the lash of the storm. The woodlands represent the Darwinian struggle for existence that Hardy sees as extending not only to the inhabitants of this little world but also beyond ... #Quote by Geoffrey Harvey
Compete quotes by John Carlin
#77. A private company can't compete against the resources of the second largest economy in the world. #Quote by John Carlin
Compete quotes by Joe Rogan
#78. The two things I understand best are stand-up comedy and martial arts. And those things require an ultimate grasp of the truth. You have to be objective about your skills and abilities to compete in both. #Quote by Joe Rogan
Compete quotes by James Joyce
#79. She asked him why did he not write out his thoughts. For what, he asked her, with careful scorn. To compete with phrasemongers, incapable of thinking consecutively for sixty seconds? To submit himself to the criticisms of an obtuse middle class which entrusted its morality to policemen and its fine arts to impressarios? #Quote by James Joyce
Compete quotes by Peter Singer
#80. The big corporations and those who must compete with them are not concerned with a sense of harmony among plants, animals, and nature. #Quote by Peter Singer
Compete quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#81. Neither compares nor competes. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Compete quotes by Harry Reid
#82. It's time that America's government lived by the same values as America's families. It's time we invested in America's future and made sure our people have the skills to compete and thrive in a 21st century economy. That's what Democrats believe. #Quote by Harry Reid
Compete quotes by Larry Ellison
#83. I enjoy the competition and the process of learning as we compete. The whole thing is just fascinating. I don't know what I'll do when I retire. When I go sailing, I look around ... anyone want to race? I just love competing as opposed to just going out and watching the sunset. #Quote by Larry Ellison
Compete quotes by Satya Nadella
#84. When we think about even the PC market and what is required in the student as well as in the consumer market, we want to be able to compete in the opening price point. #Quote by Satya Nadella
Compete quotes by Daniel Tosh
#85. Comedy Central wanted to do a show with me, I had a couple failures under my belt with them already, but they still wanted to try something else. They came to me and said they wanted to do something that was internet focused and created original content on their site, so they could compete with the funny or dies and what not. So that was the premise, and they gave us a small amount of money, $5000, and from there it turned into the show. #Quote by Daniel Tosh
Compete quotes by Jay-Z
#86. Boxing is a glorious sport to watch and boxers are incredible, heroic athletes, but it's also, to be honest, a stupid game to play. Even the winners can end up with crippling brain damage. In a lot of ways, hustling is the same. But you learn something special from playing the most difficult games, the games where winning is close to impossible and losing is catastrophic: You learn how to compete as if your life depended on it. That's the lesson I brought with me to the so-called "legitimate" world. #Quote by Jay-Z
Compete quotes by Hannah Arendt
#87. When evil is allowed to compete with good, evil has an emotional populist appeal that wins out unless good men and women stand as a vanguard against abuse. #Quote by Hannah Arendt
Compete quotes by Jeffrey Fry
#88. Unless you can demonstrate your benefits, all you are left to compete with is price. #Quote by Jeffrey Fry
Compete quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#89. You have a real life if and only if you do not compete with anyone in any of your pursuits. #Quote by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Compete quotes by Emraan Hashmi
#90. You never compete with the people in your crew; you have your own team. Competition is only with those people whose film is releasing alongside on Friday and never with one's own team. #Quote by Emraan Hashmi
Compete quotes by T.F. Hodge
#91. If you have no competition there's no need to debate. #Quote by T.F. Hodge
Compete quotes by Jack Nicklaus
#92. Ben Hogan was not really a big hitter. He was long enough. But Ben Hogan today? Ben Hogan today could not compete at Augusta because he did not have the massive length to compete against the long hitters. Power was always an issue at Augusta, but never so dominant that you couldn't play it. #Quote by Jack Nicklaus
Compete quotes by Bob Mould
#93. There's so many companies that are spending so much money on 17-year-olds ... I can't compete with that. I'm not that guy anymore, they can't dress me up and roll me out there and make me look good. I am what I am! #Quote by Bob Mould
Compete quotes by Ethan Hawke
#94. We live in a funny time. If you don't go corporate, you can't compete. You're relegated as irrelevant. People used to admire that. #Quote by Ethan Hawke
Compete quotes by Barack Obama
#95. Are we a nation that educates the world's best and brightest in our universities, only to send them home to create businesses in countries that compete against us? Or are we a nation that encourages them to stay and create jobs, businesses, and industries right here in America? #Quote by Barack Obama
Compete quotes by Arnold Palmer
#96. The game has such a hold on golfers because they compete not only against an opponent, but also against the course, against par, and most surely- against themselves. #Quote by Arnold Palmer
Compete quotes by Mark McKinnon
#97. Consumers can choose from hundreds of channels today, including dozens for kids. At a time of dwindling resources, we don't need to be subsidizing PBS. It's time for Big Bird the mooch to compete with 'Dora the Explorer' and 'Bob the Builder.' #Quote by Mark McKinnon
Compete quotes by Karch Kiraly
#98. I couldn't be messing around and acting like an 11-year-old if we expected to compete well. I wanted to compete well, because it was great to see the looks in the eyes of men-like, "Wow, I am having a hard time beating this kid." #Quote by Karch Kiraly
Compete quotes by Ross Levinsohn
#99. Yahoo is still in many ways the definitive brand of the consumer Internet, but I don't think they can or should compete with Google any longer. That game is over. #Quote by Ross Levinsohn
Compete quotes by Simon Mainwaring
#100. Often motivated by a desire to maintain the existing status quo, sloth almost cost the U.S. its auto industry, as it refused for decades to build fuel-efficient cars to compete with Japanese, Korean and European imports. #Quote by Simon Mainwaring
Compete quotes by William Golding
#101. There ought to be some mode of life where all love is good, where one love can't compete with another but adds to it. #Quote by William Golding
Compete quotes by Lawrence Eagleburger
#102. Any Ambassador or Foreign Service Officer who has his or her head screwed on right knows that the U.S. position in the world is far more dependent on our ability to compete in world markets. #Quote by Lawrence Eagleburger
Compete quotes by Matthew Culberson
#103. I knew when I got into self-publishing I would have to compete with other authors' words. I did not, however, know that I was going to have to compete with so many sculpted abs! #Quote by Matthew Culberson
Compete quotes by Ibn Rajab The Evil Of Craving For Wealth And Status
#104. From the subtle afflictions caused by love of status is seeking after and aspiring positions of authority – this is something whose reality is hidden and obscure.

It is not understood except by those who have knowledge of Allah, those who love Him and who are at enmity with those ignorant ones from His creation who desire to compete with Him with regard to His Lordship and Divinity and right to worship, despite their despicability and the contemptible position they have before Allah and in the eyes of His chosen servants who have knowledge of Him.

Know that love of status attained by having one's orders and prohibitions obeyed and enacted, and by merely the attainment of a position above the people and to have importance over
them, and that it be seen that the people are in need of him and seek their needs from him – then the soul of this person is seeking to compete with Allah in His Lordship and His Divinity and right to worship. Some such people may even seek to put the people into such a condition of need that they are compelled to request their needs from them, and to display their poverty before them and their need of them. Then he is inflated with pride and self-importance because of that, whereas this befits none except Allah alone. #Quote by Ibn Rajab The Evil Of Craving For Wealth And Status
Compete quotes by Miles Davis
#105. You can't compete with Sweets' sound and time feel. It's impossible. #Quote by Miles Davis
Compete quotes by Debasish Mridha
#106. If you compete with others, you may not win. If you compete with yourself, you always win by becoming better. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Compete quotes by Tsipi Keller
#107. Indeed, most mornings she wakes with a heart that still beats, but is heavy with defeatist thoughts about the futility of life, her life, and, reluctant to face the day she burrows deeper into the covers, seeking shelter in darkness. Unhelpfully, she remembers that she is alone in the world, and not as smart and "with it" as others seem to be, and that her only true talents are hope and delusion. But, she reminds herself, she does have a gift: she is tenacious. And being tenacious means she wants to live. Wanting to live means she must compete, she must participate. She tells herself that these bad, early-morning thoughts are just the residue of some dream she dreamt in the night, and that the sooner she is up and running, the better, and soon she does, she jumps out of bed with sudden determination, and the mere physicality of movement alters something in her brain, and she is awake and back in the column of the living. #Quote by Tsipi Keller
Compete quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#108. I would not have believed it, either. No human has ever come back from being made Pri-ya, and, although I am pleased that you have recovered from what was done to you, I am not pleased that I must now compete for you with no glamour, without the glory of my birthright. They were Unseelie, MacKayla, the foulest of the foul, the darkest of my race, the abominations. I am Seelie, and we are vastly different. I had hoped that one day, when you trusted me, you would let me share with you the ecstasy of being one like me. With no pain, MacKayla, and no price. Now that can never be. You have no idea how exquisite the experience might have been and now never will. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Compete quotes by Charlie Jane Anders
#109. I am, as you know, a fan of nature, said Reginald. And yet, nature doesn't find ways to do anything. Nature has no opinion, no agenda. Nature provides a playing field, a not particularly level one, on which we compete with all creatures great and small. #Quote by Charlie Jane Anders
Compete quotes by Aldo Leopold
#110. All ethics so far evolved rest upon a single premise: that the individual is a member of a community of interdependent parts. His instincts prompt him to compete for his place in that community, but his ethics prompt him also to co-operate (perhaps in order that there may be a place to compete for). The land ethic simply enlarges the boundaries of the community to include soils, waters, plants, and animals, or collectively: the land. #Quote by Aldo Leopold
Compete quotes by Michael Dell
#111. Visionaries have the unique ability to dream of what's possible and then make it a reality. We are excited to watch these visionaries use technology to help students develop skills in collaboration, critical thinking and teamwork that they'll need to compete in the global economy. #Quote by Michael Dell
Compete quotes by Sylvester Stallone
#112. The champion's management says let's do this for real, for charity. Rocky says no but decides to be true to himself even though he's going to be berated by everyone. Just to compete, not to win. #Quote by Sylvester Stallone
Compete quotes by Steve Blake
#113. My oldest son always wants to race. He's kind of like me and it now has carried over to the other two. They're all pretty competitive now. We do stuff in the pool. They're like fish in water. They go all over the place. They're kids. They like to play, have fun and compete with everything they do. #Quote by Steve Blake
Compete quotes by Tamim Iqbal
#114. If you start a chocolate company, you can't compete with Cadbury in the first ten years because they are a big company. #Quote by Tamim Iqbal
Compete quotes by Jim Barksdale
#115. Where we can compete on merit, we do very well. #Quote by Jim Barksdale
Compete quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#116. Compete with no man but thyself.
Always seek opportunities to improve upon your best performance. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Compete quotes by Derrek Lee
#117. Sometimes it's more fun to compete with your friends, because you can talk a little trash with them. #Quote by Derrek Lee
Compete quotes by Tiger Woods
#118. I love to compete. That's the essence of who I am. #Quote by Tiger Woods
Compete quotes by Supervert
#119. I'm not in the advice business. However, people have been sending increasing
amounts of books / videos / manuscripts / poems / photographs / artworks / long raving emails
describing plans for certain masterpieces. Mostly this is a pleasure, but I would like to take the
opportunity to offer one piece of advice to young artists and writers.

Be disciplined. Be hard on yourself. Remember that you are competing with some of the greatest minds in history. If you are a painter, for example, you are entering into a race where Michelangelo
and Picasso already have leads. Ask yourself if you have done everything you can, everything in
your power, to compete with those guys. It's not a matter of painting like them or of conceiving of
art like them. You can do your own thing. It's a matter of pushing yourself, the way they pushed
themselves, to do in art what no one else could do. Why accept anything less of yourself?

Wittgenstein: "What you have achieved cannot mean more to others than it does to you. Whatever
it has cost you, that's what they'll pay. #Quote by Supervert
Compete quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#120. Compete with yourself, it is the fastest way to eclipse all of your competition. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Compete quotes by Brenna Yovanoff
#121. I assumed it was a matter of time. One day I'd meet someone who counteracted my chemical structure. We would compete for supremacy, collide until one of us was forced to yield, or else go forth together, suspended in eternal stalemate. But my model is inaccurate. The poets are wrong. The opposite of ice isn't fire. It's water. #Quote by Brenna Yovanoff
Compete quotes by Richard Powers
#122. I happen to believe that the deepest value of fiction is that, in its very fictiveness, it is the one arena where we can, at least temporarily, take apart and refuse to compete within the terms that the rest of existence insists on. Market value may come to drive out all other human values, except, perhaps, in the country of invented currency, the completely barter-driven economy of the imagination. Fiction, when it remembers its innate priority over other human transactions, can deal not in price but in worth. And that seems to me an act filled with political potential, as well as with pleasure. #Quote by Richard Powers
Compete quotes by T. Boone Pickens
#123. You want to compete, and you want to compete at the highest level. #Quote by T. Boone Pickens
Compete quotes by Rose Waldman
#124. These days, when people compete for ever more imaginative ways to make themselves stand out, when all of life is one big exhibition and if it's not on Facebook and Twitter it's like it never happened, I suppose many people would enjoy standing out. But that's because they don't have to stand out. Standing out is their luxury, not their necessity. #Quote by Rose Waldman
Compete quotes by Marjorie Garber
#125. A study conducted by the State University of New York at Buffalo Medical School suggested that in times of stress a dog is likely to be more help in calming you down than a spouse or partner. Most dog owners can guess the reason why: dogs never judge us and never compete with us. #Quote by Marjorie Garber
Compete quotes by Beth Brooke
#126. There's no doubt about it that my participation in sports allowed me to compete in the business world in a very gender-neutral way. #Quote by Beth Brooke
Compete quotes by Georgina Haig
#127. The American films just have so much more publicity and so much more money behind them that it's so hard to compete. #Quote by Georgina Haig
Compete quotes by Clayton Christensen
#128. The mistake that makes launching a venture expensive is when you try to make a disruptive technology so good that it can compete on a quality basis with an established product. #Quote by Clayton Christensen
Compete quotes by Lynne C. Lancaster
#129. People learn best and fastest from making their own mistakes and fixing them. It's painful to watch a child flounder, but in the long run children become more resilient and resourceful if they have to deal with failure once in a while. One of the biggest fears of today's business strategists is that we are producing a coddled workforce of straight "A" students who are afraid to go out on a limb for fear they'll fall. American innovation was born out of metaphorical scraped knees and bloody noses. A generation that's been told they shouldn't even touch a doorknob without applying antibacterial hand sanitizer may not have the rough and tumble qualities needed to compete in a global dog-eat-dog economy. #Quote by Lynne C. Lancaster
Compete quotes by Shaun White
#130. I usually eat a pretty big steak the night before I compete. #Quote by Shaun White
Compete quotes by Glenn Greenwald
#131. Not only was all this collaboration conducted with no transparency, but it contradicted public statements made by Skype. ACLU technology expert Chris Soghoian said the revelations would surprise many Skype customers. "In the past, Skype made affirmative promises to users about their inability to perform wiretaps," he said. "It's hard to square Microsoft's secret collaboration with the NSA with its high-profile efforts to compete on privacy with Google. #Quote by Glenn Greenwald
Compete quotes by Nick Saban
#132. It's about how the players play and compete. I know everybody is going to equate that on winning or losing, like they always do, but if we play hard and compete well in the game .. then I think we are building on something. #Quote by Nick Saban
Compete quotes by William Butler Yeats
#133. For how can you compete Being honour bred, with one Who, were it proved he lies, Were neither shamed in his own Nor in his neighbour's eyes? #Quote by William Butler Yeats
Compete quotes by Sherry Turkle
#134. Ray, twenty-eight, comments on what it's like to have a relationship when you compete with screens: I think the way we're going, a lot of people are getting the feeling that even though the person they're with is there, you don't get the feeling of real connection. You just have information. #Quote by Sherry Turkle
Compete quotes by Hannes Alfven
#135. Scientists tend to resist interdisciplinary inquiries into their own territory. In many instances, such parochialism is founded on the fear that intrusion from other disciplines would compete unfairly for limited financial resources and thus diminish their own opportunity for research. #Quote by Hannes Alfven
Compete quotes by Kate Morton
#136. All true readers have a book, a moment when real life is never going to be able to compete with fiction again. #Quote by Kate Morton
Compete quotes by Jennae Cecelia
#137. Team
I found love in sheets wrinkled
around his body as I lay next to
In the way he hated how I drove,
so he would always have his hands
heading for the keys first for our
The way that he called me at least
six hundred different nicknames
but never once called me a harsh
name out of anger.
I found love in the way he drove
two hours with his hand in my
hand every moment
to surprise me with a gift he
researched for in secret.
In the way he never left me feeling
uncertain about who we were.
The way that I was his,
he was mine,
and we were us.
He called us a team.
I believe everyone needs a teammate.
One who supports you, and isn't
trying to compete against you as an
opposing rival. #Quote by Jennae Cecelia
Compete quotes by S.E. Jakes
#138. It's just you now."
"Just you." Tom closed his eyes for just a second, soothed by the warm rub of Prophet's palm, then opened them. "I love you. Who the fuck else could compete?"
Prophet pulled back for a second. Repeated, "Who the fuck else could compete?" with his hand on Tom's heart. #Quote by S.E. Jakes
Compete quotes by Tarryn Fisher
#139. I want a cigarette. I want a cigarette. I want to kill the woman my husband loves. This is all her fault. I got pregnant to secure the man that I had already married. A woman shouldn't have to do that. She should feel safe in her marriage. That's why you got married - to feel safe from all the men who were trying to siphon your soul. I'd yielded my soul to Caleb willingly. Offered it up like a sacrificial lamb. Now, I was not only going to have to compete with the memory of another woman, but a shriveled up baby. He was already staring into her eyes like he could see the Grand Canyon tucked away in her irises. I #Quote by Tarryn Fisher
Compete quotes by Clayton M Christensen
#140. Colleges would compete by adding professors, enhancing programmes or building nicer facilities. So they competed by making institutions better. #Quote by Clayton M Christensen
Compete quotes by Howard Berman
#141. Steroids can seem necessary to compete at the highest levels, and the quick rewards can outweigh the long term consequences to the user's health. #Quote by Howard Berman
Compete quotes by Paul Simon
#142. When I first heard Elvis perform "Bridge Over Trouble Water" it was unbelivable,and I thought to myself, how the hell can I compete with that? #Quote by Paul Simon
Compete quotes by Kathy Sierra
#143. In many cases, the more you try to compete, the less competitive you actually are. #Quote by Kathy Sierra
Compete quotes by Kiersten White
#144. I looked at the door, at war with myself. On the one hand, I hated going anything Reth wanted me to. On the other hand, there was a mop with my name on it inside.
"Fine, but if you try anything-"
"Really, Evelyn,how I've missed your charming company."
Keeping a wary eye on the faerie, I followed hi, through the alley. We made our way down the lamp-lined street, his step so light it bordered on dancing. I felt like a graceless clod next to him. Then there was the aspect of his ethereal, near-angelic beauty compared to my..well, for the sake of my self-esteem, it was probably best not to compete. #Quote by Kiersten White
Compete quotes by Charles Duhigg
#145. Most economists are accustomed to treating companies as idyllic places where everyone is devoted to a common goal: making as much money as possible. In the real world, that's not how things work at all. Companies aren't big happy families where everyone plays together nicely. Rather, most workplaces are made up of fiefdoms where executives compete for power and credit, often in hidden skirmishes that make their own performances appear superior and their rivals' seem worse. Divisions compete for resources and sabotage each other to steal glory. Bosses pit their subordinates against one another so that no one can mount a coup.

Companies aren't families. They're battlefields in a civil war.

Yet despite this capacity for internecine warfare, most companies roll along relatively peacefully, year after year, because they have routines – habits – that create truces that allow everyone to set aside their rivalries long enough to get a day's work done. #Quote by Charles Duhigg
Compete quotes by Anthony Padilla
#146. At the beginning, there was this competitive vibe, like, 'Oh, we've got to compete for this audience.' But then, over the next few years afterwards, everyone on YouTube realized the more we work together, the more we collaborate, it just benefits everyone. It just became a really friendly community. #Quote by Anthony Padilla
Compete quotes by Banana Yoshimoto
#147. You have the nicest window, you know? None of the others can even compete. It´s not flashy like the others, or bleary – your window gives of this nice, quiet light. #Quote by Banana Yoshimoto
Compete quotes by Graham Joyce
#148. Every day the eye is subject to a thousand tiny shocks as a thousand industries compete for the eye-kick, the visual hook that will lock the consumer into product for that crucial second where the tiny - or not so tiny - leap of the imagination is made. #Quote by Graham Joyce
Compete quotes by Eric Hoffer
#149. Yet the need for justifying the wealth and power of great corporations in the eyes of the people has never been greater. Why not hark back to Florence, Venice, Antwerp and Amsterdam? The great corporations could devote wealth and energies to cleaning up, improving and adorning our cities. Each large corporation might adopt a city and vie with other corporations to see whose city shines brightest. In the center of each financial district there should be a large plaza in which periodically poets, singers, storytellers and artists of every sort would compete for rich prizes. The corporations should see it as their duty to spot and encourage talent, and celebrate greatness. There should be social intimacy between the powerful and the creative. #Quote by Eric Hoffer
Compete quotes by Larry Bird
#150. I wanted to compete at the highest level again - and that's the NBA. #Quote by Larry Bird
Compete quotes by Angela Y. Davis
#151. One of the reasons that so many people of color and poor people are in prison is that the deindustrialization of the economy has led to the creation of new economies and the expansion of some old ones – I have already mentioned the drug trade and the market for sexual services. At the same time, though, there are any number of communities that more than welcome prisons as a source of employment. Communities even compete with one another to be the site where new prisons will be constructed because prisons create a significant number of relatively good jobs for their residents #Quote by Angela Y. Davis
Compete quotes by Lucy Powell
#152. Globalisation means that for a high-wage, developed economy like Britain's to compete we need to focus our efforts on the highly skilled, added-value sectors such as advanced manufacturing, creative industries, engineering and even financial services. #Quote by Lucy Powell
Compete quotes by Robin Williams
#153. There's a show in America where all these people compete with ferrets, and they don't even do anything. They basically just hold them up, and if they don't bite you, they might win. #Quote by Robin Williams
Compete quotes by Bill Paxton
#154. When you start out as a filmmaker, you do parodies, because you can't really compete on a studio level. #Quote by Bill Paxton
Compete quotes by Ann Voskamp
#155. You can give up the need to compete in the world- when you accept being complete in Christ. #Quote by Ann Voskamp
Compete quotes by Jason Babin
#156. I like to win; I like to compete; I like to sack the quarterback. #Quote by Jason Babin
Compete quotes by Sylvia Plath
#157. At this rate, I'd be lucky if I wrote a page a day.
Then I knew what the problem was.
I needed experience.
How could I write about life when I'd never had a love affair or a baby or even seen anybody die? A girl I knew had just won a prize for a short story about her adventures among the pygmies in Africa. How could I compete with that sort of thing? #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Compete quotes by John Le Carre
#158. Shane was horrid to her, always sneering at her because she was honest and simple about the things she liked. Shane hated Stella - I think it was because Stella didn't want to be a lady of quality. She was quite happy to be herself. That's what really worried Shane. Shane likes people to compete so that she can make fools of them. #Quote by John Le Carre
Compete quotes by Ayn Rand
#159. Money is the barometer of a society's virtue. When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion–when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing–when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors–when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don't protect you against them, but protect them against you–when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice–you may know that your society is doomed. Money is so noble a medium that does not compete with guns and it does not make terms with brutality. It will not permit a country to survive as half-property, half-loot #Quote by Ayn Rand
Compete quotes by Marianne Williamson
#160. A tulip doesn't strive to impress anyone. It doesn't struggle to be different than a rose. It doesn't have to. It is different. And there's room in the garden for every flower. You didn't have to struggle to make your face different than anyone else's on earth. It just is. You are unique because you were created that way. Look at little children in kindergarten. They're all different without trying to be. As long as they're unselfconsciously being themselves, they can't help but shine. It's only later, when children are taught to compete, to strive to be better than others, that their natural light becomes distorted. #Quote by Marianne Williamson
Compete quotes by Jay Samit
#161. Instagram, Swiffer, and Nest had to compete with consumer habits and perceptions. Breakout products face competition from the formidable inertia powering the status quo. #Quote by Jay Samit
Compete quotes by Roger Scruton
#162. The leading virtue of conservative politics as I see it is the preference for procedure over ideological programs. Liberals tend to believe that government exists in order to lead the people into a better future, in which liberty, equality, social justice, the socialist millennium, or something of that kind will be realized. ... Conservatives believe that the role of government is not to lead society towards a goal but to ensure that, wherever society goes, it goes there peacefully. Government exists in order to conciliate opposing views, to manage conflicts, and to ensure peaceful transactions between the citizens, as they compete in the market, and associate in what Burke called their "little platoons. #Quote by Roger Scruton
Compete quotes by Pete Hamill
#163. You will never have enough space in a tabloid paper to compete with the 'New York Times' on foreign coverage. #Quote by Pete Hamill
Compete quotes by J. C. Watts
#164. I am willing to compete on my merits and on my character - not with the color of my skin. We talk about being a color-blind society, but I don't think the political process could actually handle that. #Quote by J. C. Watts
Compete quotes by Frederick Lenz
#165. You must ban together with other women of like mind and for the first time find fellowship, womanship, without the need to compete, without having to climb to the top over each other. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Compete quotes by David Foster Wallace
#166. And then also, again, still, what are those boundaries, if they're not baselines, that contain and direct its infinite expansion inward, that make tennis like chess on the run, beautiful and infinitely dense? The true opponent, the enfolding boundary, is the player himself. Always and only the self out there, on court, to be met, fought, brought to the table to hammer out terms. The competing boy on the net's other side: he is not the foe: he is more the partner in the dance. He is the what is the word excuse or occasion for meeting the self. As you are his occasion. Tennis's beauty's infinite roots are self-competitive. You compete with your own limits to transcend the self in imagination and execution. Disappear inside the game: break through limits: transcend: improve: win. Which is why tennis is an essentially tragic enterprise… You seek to vanquish and transcend the limited self whose limits make the game possible in the first place. It is tragic and sad and chaotic and lovely. All life is the same, as citizens of the human State: the animating limits are within, to be killed and mourned, over and over again…Mario thinks hard again. He's trying to think of how to articulate something like: But then is battling and vanquishing the self the same as destroying yourself? Is that like saying life is pro-death? … And then but so what's the difference between tennis and suicide, life and death, the game and its own end? #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Compete quotes by Connie Mack IV
#167. Freedom is the core of all human progress. It believes that nothing's given to us, but if you're willing to work hard. If you're willing to compete, the American dream is there for you. #Quote by Connie Mack IV
Compete quotes by Farshad Asl
#168. I don't compete, I dominate. I don't participate, I partner. I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR. #Quote by Farshad Asl
Compete quotes by Hillary Clinton
#169. If you can't compete fairly, honestly, effectively, no government should intervene. Now, some governments do. They prop up failing industries. #Quote by Hillary Clinton
Compete quotes by Eddie Huang
#170. Porridge is our soup, our grits, our sustenance, so it's pretty much the go-to for breakfast. For the first time, I ate with a bunch of other Taiwanese-Chinese kids my age who knew what the hell they were doing. Even at Chinese school, there were always kids that brought hamburgers, shunned chopsticks, or didn't get down with the funky shit. They were like faux-bootleg-Canal Street Chinamen.
That was one of the things that really annoyed me about growing up Chinese in the States. Even if you wanted to roll with Chinese/Taiwanese kids, there were barely any around and the ones that were around had lost their culture and identity. They barely spoke Chinese, resented Chinese food, and if we got picked on by white people on the basketball court, everyone just looked out for themselves. It wasn't that I wanted people to carry around little red books to affirm their "Chinese-ness," but I just wanted to know there were other people that wanted this community to live on in America. There was on kid who wouldn't eat the thousand-year-old eggs at breakfast and all the other kids started roasting him.
"If you don't get down with the nasty shit, you're not Chinese!"
I was down with the mob, but something left me unsettled. One thing ABCs love to do is compete on "Chinese-ness," i.e., who will eat the most chicken feet, pig intestines, and have the highest SAT scores. I scored high in chick feet, sneaker game, and pirated good, but relatively low on the SAT. I had made Na #Quote by Eddie Huang
Compete quotes by Richard Branson
#171. We love Formula One and think Formula One's great. But we think Formula E is different. We would be making a big mistake if we tried to compete with Formula One and be similar to Formula One, we have to be radically different to Formula One to have a chance of survival. I don't mean survival by beating Formula One but co-existing complimentary to Formula One. #Quote by Richard Branson
Compete quotes by Baba Kalyani
#172. I am able to compete not because my labour is cheap, but because I can use technology better than others. #Quote by Baba Kalyani
Compete quotes by Gar Alperovitz
#173. First, the very idea that there should be any serious kind of health insurance for Americans (beyond tiny elites) simply did not have much reality until World War II - and it was (again) the war that gave it reality. With wartime labor scarce, wage-price controls were enacted to keep bidding wars in check. Corporations, unable to offer more pay, tried to compete with benefits instead. The modern idea of widespread employer-provided health insurance developed as a strategy to attract wartime workers, and continued in many industries after the war, especially during the boom era. #Quote by Gar Alperovitz
Compete quotes by Henry Flynt
#174. When I came to New York, I began to meet the people who became the most famous artists of our time. I was insecure about my own level of ability, I didn't know whether I could compete with these people and, at the same time. I was wondering what is this anyway? #Quote by Henry Flynt
Compete quotes by Laura Wright
#175. Walking through the resturant,looking like six feet three inches of branded,terrifying sex appeal was Alexander.The other patrons seemed to either shrink in his presence or,and this was mostly the female clientele,stare covetously while their dates slumped in their chairs unable to compete with the godforce walking past.Even the staff stopped what they were doing and had the good sense to look nervous. #Quote by Laura Wright
Compete quotes by Learned Hand
#176. The successful competitor, having been urged to compete, must not be turned on when he wins. #Quote by Learned Hand
Compete quotes by Craig Groeschel
#177. Sunday is God's day, and he was committed to honoring it. Just because he was in Paris to compete in the Olympics didn't justify changing his lifelong commitment. #Quote by Craig Groeschel
Compete quotes by Wangari Maathai
#178. When these resources are degraded or polluted, then there are fewer of them for the rest of us, and then we start competing for them and eventually as we compete, there are those of us, who have the capacity, who have the ability to be the controllers, to decide who accesses them, how much they access, and eventually there is a conflict. Those who feel marginalized, those who feel excluded, eventually react in an effort to get their own justice, and we have conflict. #Quote by Wangari Maathai
Compete quotes by Dathan Ritzenhein
#179. For me, the hardest part of an injury is watching the races go by that I had hoped to compete in. The only thing that makes it easier is thinking of how certain struggles make other accomplishments mean so much. #Quote by Dathan Ritzenhein
Compete quotes by Thomas Friedman
#180. I said that more people in more places can now compete, connect and collaborate with equal power and equal tools than ever before. #Quote by Thomas Friedman
Compete quotes by Lexxie Couper
#181. I bet Josh doesn't kiss you like that, Lauren," he said, his voice as strained as her own. He pulled a ragged breath, his eyes half-lidded, his pupils dilated. "Tell me he does and I'll walk away right now, but I'll know if you're lying. I always did. I don't want to compete for you, babe, but I will. I will show you what this Josh can't give you, I will reawaken the pleasure I gave you all those years ago until you can't think of anyone else but me. Until you forget all about Josh and let me make you mine again. #Quote by Lexxie Couper
Compete quotes by Joseph E. Stiglitz
#182. While it is not always clear what is fair, and people's judgments of fairness can be biased by their self-interest, there is a growing sense that the present disparity in wages is unfair. When executives argue that wages have to be reduced or that there have to be layoffs in order for corporations to compete, but simultaneously increase their own pay, workers rightly consider that what is going on is unfair. That will affect their effort today, their loyalty to the firm, their willingness to cooperate with others, and their willingness to invest in its future. #Quote by Joseph E. Stiglitz
Compete quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#183. I believe that when a woman is given the chance to come to the defense of another woman, that is an opportunity that she should take in behalf of not only that woman; but in behalf of herself and all other women, everywhere. Men don't have low opinions of women because women are sluts and whores; but men have low opinions of women because they see how women compete with one another, pull one another down in order to rise above and backbite one another endlessly. There are men who have low opinions of women because of how women treat other women. They see that and they think, "What kind of a species can do that to their own species?" So if you really want the guy, why not get him by showing him what a true friend you are to your girlfriends? Or by showing him how happy you are for the good fortune of another woman and how much you admire her? And if he doesn't appreciate that then he doesn't deserve you! I know we've got a long, long way to go before we change the way our gender treats one another; but it's got to start somewhere and I suggest we start right now. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Compete quotes by Shanaé Jordan
#184. NEVER been nor will I EVER be interested in being a back-burner, rebound, spare-of-the-moment, side-piece, booty-call fly-by-night, drive-thru bang & go, "friends-with-benefits" type of Woman. Yes…..I may be flawed, I may not be the best looker, I have NEVER nor do I EVER think that I am better than anyone or think that I am too good, but I AM Valuable & Worth it. So, I will NEVER beg or compete for a Friendship/Companionship/Relationship from any man nor will I ever be the Woman a man settles for or just another Woman on some guys list. SETTLING BEING THE "OTHER" WOMAN WILL NEVER BE SUITABLE FOR ME---I TO DESERVE TO BE PUT ON A PEDESTAL.....#IPromiseMe #Quote by Shanaé Jordan
Compete quotes by Edward L. Glaeser
#185. A wealth of research confirms the importance of face-to-face contact. One experiment performed by two researchers at the University of Michigan challenged groups of six students to play a game in which everyone could earn money by cooperating. One set of groups met for ten minutes face-to-face to discuss strategy before playing. Another set of groups had thirty minutes for electronic interaction. The groups that met in person cooperated well and earned more money. The groups that had only connected electronically fell apart, as members put their personal gains ahead of the group's needs. This finding resonates well with many other experiments, which have shown that face-to-face contact leads to more trust, generosity, and cooperation than any other sort of interaction.
The very first experiment in social psychology was conducted by a University of Indiana psychologist who was also an avid bicyclist. He noted that "racing men" believe that "the value of a pace," or competitor, shaves twenty to thirty seconds off the time of a mile. To rigorously test the value of human proximity, he got forty children to compete at spinning fishing reels to pull a cable. In all cases, the kids were supposed to go as fast as they could, but most of them, especially the slower ones, were much quicker when they were paired with another child. Modern statistical evidence finds that young professionals today work longer hours if they live in a metropolitan area with plenty of competitors in th #Quote by Edward L. Glaeser
Compete quotes by Nas
#186. Big L scared me to death. When I heard that on tape, I was scared to death. I was like there's no way I can compete if this is what I gotta compete with. #Quote by Nas
Compete quotes by Leonard Ravenhill
#187. Christ has not conquered my affections if He has to compete for my attention. #Quote by Leonard Ravenhill
Compete quotes by Barack Obama
#188. You can choose a future where more Americans have the chance to gain the skills they need to compete, no matter how old they are or how much money they have. Education was the gateway to opportunity for me. It was the gateway for Michelle. And now more than ever, it is the gateway to a middle-class life. #Quote by Barack Obama
Compete quotes by Vinod Khosla
#189. How would you compete against yourself? #Quote by Vinod Khosla
Compete quotes by A&E Kirk
#190. If you hadn't been jealous of Ayden and thrown me in your car, Eros would never have had to come to my rescue which started this whole fiasco." "Don't try to pin this on me!"
"The lonely lone wolf didn't deny he loved Aurora." Blake chuckled and dodged out of the Aussie's swack.
"Ugh." Ayden walked beside me and put a hand around my waist.
"Now I have to compete for your affection with both Blake and Matthias."
I rolled a dramatic shrug. "I tried to put him down easy, but he's so infatuated. It's embarrassing. Even with all those other girls after him."
"I can't bloody stand you!" Blake sighed. "Me thinks he doth confess too much."
A & E Kirk (2014-05-26). Drop Dead Demons: The Divinicus Nex Chronicles: Book 2 (Divinicus Nex Chronicles series) (p. 565). A&E Kirk. Kindle Edition. #Quote by A&E Kirk
Compete quotes by Jack Ma
#191. Never ever compete on prices, instead compete on services and innovation. #Quote by Jack Ma
Compete quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#192. Never compete with any man but yourself. Seek to develop yourself. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Compete quotes by Jose Eduardo Dos Santos
#193. The merit of a democratic regime rests on one's continual willingness to exchange views, and to compete on the basis of individual merit and capacities. #Quote by Jose Eduardo Dos Santos
Compete quotes by Ndabaningi Sithole
#194. In the USA, where so many people compete for one and the same thing, where job opportunities, residential facilities, and food resources have to be spread over so many people, the question of justice becomes more imperative than ever before if communal and individual life is to be made possible and enjoyable. #Quote by Ndabaningi Sithole
Compete quotes by Linda Sanchez
#195. Gender equality cannot be achieved by cutting programs that allow girls to get the same chance to compete, learn, and play. The United States has had a solid history of commitment to its female athletes and expanding opportunity for women, and it is imperative that we continue on this path. #Quote by Linda Sanchez
Compete quotes by Mitchell Heisman
#196. The land of opportunity", "The American dream", "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness": these are the sounds of the great sucking mechanism of the American parasite. The reliance of seduction and persuasion over coercion that sold democracy to the American people eventually sold it to the rest of the world. Although there are a minority of examples of the direct parasitism of involuntary immigration, especially slaves from Africa and the "legal" incorporation of Native Americans, voluntary immigration through the lure of freedom and and equality is only a more indirect form of parasitic predation. What is voluntary can be no less predatory than coercion, just as capitalism can be no less predatory than military imperialism. From the point of view of competition among nations, the point is not whether a citizen or their ancestor originally arrived voluntarily or involuntarily, but whether a nation or ideology is successful in harnessing its human resources towards its national interest or way of life. American parasitism works because it offers the secular Judaism of liberalism rather than the secular Christianity of communism. Communism could never compete with the immigrant American hope that they themselves might one day be a filthy rich capitalist. #Quote by Mitchell Heisman
Compete quotes by Steve Backley
#197. If you want to continue to be the best in the world, then you have to train and compete like you are second best in the world. #Quote by Steve Backley
Compete quotes by Heather Bixler
#198. What does it mean to delight in the Lord? Delighting in the Lord is simply having a heart motivated by the Lord. When our heart is cluttered with desires that compete with God, then our hearts is not one with God. When we delight in Him everything we do is for Him, and is encouraged by Him #Quote by Heather Bixler
Compete quotes by Freequill
#199. Imagine what we could achieve if we all tried to help, or if at the very least we caused no harm. Imagine if we tried to be of worth rather than stockpile wealth. Or if we tried to contribute rather than compete. What if we committed to not just being the best husbands or wives, mothers or fathers, siblings and friends, but also the best neighbours and the best strangers? #Quote by Freequill
Compete quotes by Park Dietz
#200. I like to have success experiences rather than failure experiences. So I'm more likely to compete in things I'm good at, and more likely to spend time on the things I expect to succeed at. #Quote by Park Dietz

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