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Communication In Workplace quotes by Timothy Keller
#1. Nonetheless, Christians are equipped with an ethical compass and power of the gospel that can set us apart - sometimes sharply, sometimes subtly - from those around us. This is because biblical Christian faith gives us significant resources not present in other worldviews, which, if lived out, will differentiate believers in the workplace. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Communication In Workplace quotes by Mwanandeke Kindembo
#2. Sometimes, I shut my mouth in order to communicate directly with my soul. You can give it a try too! #Quote by Mwanandeke Kindembo
Communication In Workplace quotes by Alex Pareene
#3. Most of us don't think forwarding a racist joke or speaking in an insulting 'comedic' accent is appropriate at the workplace. Unfortunately, for those raised in the toxic culture of conservatism, the sort of mentality that leads government employees to do those things is widespread. #Quote by Alex Pareene
Communication In Workplace quotes by Steven Pinker
#4. Speaking of metaphor, the dative construction works with a number of verbs of communication, as in Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies and Sing me no song, read me no rhyme. It's as if we think of ideas as things, knowing as having, communicating as sending, and language as the package. This is sometimes called the conduit metaphor, and it can be seen in dozens of expressions for thinking, saying, and teaching. We gather our ideas to put them into words, and if our verbiage is not empty or hollow, we might get these ideas across to a listener, who can unpack our words to extract their content. #Quote by Steven Pinker
Communication In Workplace quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#5. The purest lesson our era has taught is that man, at his highest, is an individual, single, isolate, alone, in direct soul-communication with the unknown God, which prompts within him. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Communication In Workplace quotes by Iris Murdoch
#6. All the time when I speak to you, even now, I'm saying not precisely what I think, but what will impress you and make you respond. That's so even between us - and how much more it's so where there are stronger motives for deception. In fact, one's so used to this one hardly sees it. The whole language is a machine for making falsehoods. #Quote by Iris Murdoch
Communication In Workplace quotes by Khoi Vinh
#7. I think design does evolve in a meaningful sense. I think if you look at design as a part of the continuum of communication, since even before Guttenberg. #Quote by Khoi Vinh
Communication In Workplace quotes by Turcois Ominek
#8. Don't assume your partner knows about everything you expect in a relationship. Let them know. A relationship should be based on communication, not on assumptions. #Quote by Turcois Ominek
Communication In Workplace quotes by Laurence Meyer
#9. There are broader and narrower definitions of the new economy. The narrow version defines the new economy in terms of two principal developments: first, an increase in the economy's maximum sustainable growth rate and, second, the spread and increasing importance of information and communications technology. #Quote by Laurence Meyer
Communication In Workplace quotes by Alain De Botton
#10. On paper, being good sounds great but a lot depends on the atmosphere of the workplace or community we live in. We tend to become good or bad depending on the cues sent out within a particular space. #Quote by Alain De Botton
Communication In Workplace quotes by Ethan Hawke
#11. I believe in the healing restorative power of art and communication. And so that's probably my rule. But that doesn't apply to bedtimes. And stuff like that. #Quote by Ethan Hawke
Communication In Workplace quotes by Tom DeMarco
#12. Very successful companies have never struck me as particularly busy; in fact, they are, as a group, rather laid-back. Energy is evident in the workplace, but it's not the energy tinged with fear that comes from being slightly behind on everything. #Quote by Tom DeMarco
Communication In Workplace quotes by Edward Snowden
#13. To do that, the NSA specifically targets the communications of everyone. It ingests them by default. It collects them in its system and it filters them and it analyzes them and it measures them and it stores them for periods of time simply because that's the easiest, most efficient and most valuable way to achieve these ends. So while they may be intending to target someone associated with a foreign government, or someone that they suspect of terrorism, they are collecting YOUR communications to do so. #Quote by Edward Snowden
Communication In Workplace quotes by Stephen Covey
#14. To carefully listen is a powerful way of saying to another that we value that person. When we take the time to understand we communicate that we care, we want to understand, we respect their expression, we give dignity and an individual sense of worth. Communication lies more in feeling than in words. #Quote by Stephen Covey
Communication In Workplace quotes by William J. Clinton
#15. In the budget I will present to you, we will try to do more to speed the deportation of illegal aliens who are arrested for crimes, to better identify illegal aliens in the workplace as recommended by the commission headed by former congresswoman Barbara Jordan. We are a nation of immigrants, but we are also a nation of laws. It is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years, and we must do more to stop it. #Quote by William J. Clinton
Communication In Workplace quotes by Kevin Murray
#16. Inspiring leadership communication is not about great oratory or great charisma; rather it is about getting others to believe in themselves and believe in your cause, and then achieve more than they thought was possible. #Quote by Kevin Murray
Communication In Workplace quotes by Isaac Asimov
#17. After all, all devices have their dangers. The discovery of speech introduced communication - and lies. The discovery of fire introduced cooking - and arson. The discovery of the compass improved navigation - and destroyed civilizations in Mexico and Peru. The automobile is marvelously useful - and kills Americans by the tens of thousands each year. Medical advances have saved lives by the millions - and intensified the population explosion. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Communication In Workplace quotes by Kristin Schell
#18. We live in a world where people profile and label each other, size each other up. What if we shifted our focus to our similarities? To welcoming one another, listening to stories, learning from one another? It's time to change the conversation. I believe most social ills can be healed or prevented by the simple act of talking to one another, face-to-face, at a common table. #Quote by Kristin Schell
Communication In Workplace quotes by Marshall B. Rosenberg
#19. NVC helps us connect with each other and ourselves in a way that allows our natural compassion to flourish. #Quote by Marshall B. Rosenberg
Communication In Workplace quotes by Connie Eble
#20. Over a seven year span, only 10% of college slaying remained in place. #Quote by Connie Eble
Communication In Workplace quotes by Dmitry Manuilsky
#21. We shall begin by launching the most spectacular peace movement on record. There will be electrifying overtures and unheard of concessions. The capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to cooperate in their own destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down, we will smash them with our clenched fist. #Quote by Dmitry Manuilsky
Communication In Workplace quotes by John Mackey
#22. In many companies, the person who talks the best usually gets the job. I got snowed by a few of those people over the years. I still think communication is important, but I don't think there's always a correlation between being a great communicator and other virtues that make for a great leader. #Quote by John Mackey
Communication In Workplace quotes by Nathan Hill
#23. We are more politically fanatical than ever before, more religiously zealous, more rigid in our thinking, less capable of empathy. The way we see the world is totalizing and unbreakable. We are completely avoiding the problems that diversity and worldwide communication imply. Thus, nobody cares about antique ideas like true or false. #Quote by Nathan Hill
Communication In Workplace quotes by Vicente Fox
#24. We are a nation in which freedom is alive in the squares and streets, in the daily work of the communications media, in the open relationship between the governing and the governed. #Quote by Vicente Fox
Communication In Workplace quotes by Ted Turner
#25. Once again, victims of disaster have turned to the UN and the international community in their time of need, .. The world needs the UN's leadership in these times, and the UN needs the world's support. We are communicating with the UN and its agencies to learn where UN Foundation funds may be of greatest assistance to the UN's relief efforts. #Quote by Ted Turner
Communication In Workplace quotes by Aaron Blaylock
#26. If asked for an opinion we'll say what we think. And by "what we think" I mean the answer that comes to our mind first, seems most logical and requires the least amount of effort to articulate, while getting us in the least amount of trouble. Really that's what our communication boils down to. #Quote by Aaron Blaylock
Communication In Workplace quotes by Roger Ebert
#27. At the end of the day, some authors will endure and most, including some very good ones, will not. Why do I think reading is important? It is such an effective medium between mind and mind. We think largely in words. A medium made only of words doesn't impose the barrier of any other medium. It is naked and unprotected communication. That's how you get pregnant. May you always be so. #Quote by Roger Ebert
Communication In Workplace quotes by Robert H. Schuller
#28. One classical role of the pulpit in Protestantism has been to 'preach sermons' which imply indoctrination more than education. Within this from of communication, there is an inherent, intrinsic inclination to intimidate, manipulate, and, hence, offend the person's most prized quality of humanness - his dignity. #Quote by Robert H. Schuller
Communication In Workplace quotes by Susan C. Young
#29. Whether you are staying in someone's home as a house guest, attending a dinner party, or visiting a sick friend, when you bring a "hostess gift" or a thoughtful token, you are providing a gesture of kindness which will extend far beyond your visit. #Quote by Susan C. Young
Communication In Workplace quotes by Sarah Combs
#30. Phones are this generation's cigarettes. It's an addiction, dude, but it's not about communication, just like it's not about nicotine. It's about holding something in your hand that makes you feel important. It's about props. Drama. I'm just saying. #Quote by Sarah Combs
Communication In Workplace quotes by Franz Kafka
#31. I am constantly trying to communicate something incommunicable, to explain something inexplicable, to tell about something I only feel in my bones and which can only be experienced in those bones. Basically it is nothing other than this fear we have so often talked about, but fear spread to everything, fear of the greatest as of the smallest, fear, paralyzing fear of pronouncing a word, although this fear may not only be fear but also a longing for something greater than all that is fearful. #Quote by Franz Kafka
Communication In Workplace quotes by Neil Postman
#32. Moreover, we have seen enough by now to know that technological changes in our modes of communication are even more ideology-laden than changes in our modes of transportation. Introduce the alphabet to a culture and you change its cognitive habits, its social relations, its notions of community, history and religion. Introduce the printing press with movable type, and you do the same. Introduce speed-of-light transmission of images and you make a cultural revolution. Without a vote. Without polemics. Without guerrilla resistance. Here is ideology, pure if not serene. Here is ideology without words, and all the more powerful for their absence. All that is required to make it stick is a population that devoutly believes in the inevitability of progress. And in this sense, all Americans are Marxists, for we believe nothing if not that history is moving us toward some preordained paradise and that technology is the force behind that movement. #Quote by Neil Postman
Communication In Workplace quotes by Tariq Ramadan
#33. Destroying the nation state are mainly three things: the global economy, global communication technology and global culture. And this is where we are lost in the process. What could be something that can provide us a transversal political sense of belonging? At the end of the day, without an alternative we end up with populism in the name of very narrow identities. #Quote by Tariq Ramadan
Communication In Workplace quotes by Marcus Buckingham
#34. Every company wants to know how to find and keep highly talented women in the workplace. #Quote by Marcus Buckingham
Communication In Workplace quotes by Rowan Williams
#35. To conclude: good journalism is one of the models of good conversation and communication in the wider social context. #Quote by Rowan Williams
Communication In Workplace quotes by Tom Wolfe
#36. There are some people who have the quality of richness and joy in them and they communicate it to everything they touch. It is first of all a physical quality; then it is a quality of the spirit. #Quote by Tom Wolfe
Communication In Workplace quotes by Mary Douglas
#37. Our technological infrastructure alienates us from each other. No need to form a workplace community, everybody there will be out in a year or two, and so will you, looking for a better place. #Quote by Mary Douglas
Communication In Workplace quotes by Note To Self
#38. I'm and aspiring author who writes in Fantasy and YA Genre. Although this year has been filled with many hardships, regrets it's also taught me a lot. In 2018 I got a great opportunity to travel, met new people, set goals. Unfortunately due to stress, anxiety, lack of communication and fear of losing a great opportunity I lost it all. More importantly I lost a kind person, writer, and friend. I learned that I wasn't as great of a person I had hoped to be.

When I'm upset I say things I don't mean. There's no excuse. I learnt that the hard way. I let my anxiety build up and I don't make any progress. I wanted nothing more than to join the navy but I was so scared I'd lose my last chance from hurting my back. I was terrified but my anxiety was keeping me from progressing. So when I lost it and a friend I realized that was it. I hade several anxiety attacks for the first time. It was terrifying, I was shaken. But I learned we all have to hit rock bottom and I found mine.

I am determined to change, be a better person, overcome my anxiety and let go of the past. In the last 6 months I've started working, made huge progress in my book,won a writing contest and even published a few chapters/drafts of my first book. In 3 days it made it to #1 in Sorcery & Alchemy, # 14 in magic, #23 in fantasy, #26 in dark fantasy and many more categories. I started a writing blog about tips, writers block, overthinking, fear of rejection from publishers, and much more!
#Quote by Note To Self
Communication In Workplace quotes by Alan Alda
#39. I came to the conclusion that, even in life, unless I'm responding with my whole self - unless, in fact, I'm willing to be changed by you - I'm probably not really listening. But if I do listen - openly, naïvely, and innocently - there's a chance, possibly the only chance, that a true dialogue and real communication will take place between us. #Quote by Alan Alda
Communication In Workplace quotes by Ernst Toller
#40. Gradually I became aware of details: a company of French soldiers was marching through the streets of the town. They broke formation, and went in single file along the communication trench leading to the front line. Another group followed them. #Quote by Ernst Toller
Communication In Workplace quotes by T.F. Hodge
#41. Not every instance requires a response. Truth resides silently in the seat of power. #Quote by T.F. Hodge
Communication In Workplace quotes by Caitlin Moran
#42. Ladies, we are at a massive disadvantage in the workplace. Your male peers are flirting with their male bosses constantly. The average workplace is like f*cking Bromancing the Stone. That's basically what male bonding is. Flirting. They're flirting with each other playing golf, they're flirting with each other going to the football, they're flirting with each other chatting at the urinals – and, sadly, flirting with each other in after-hours visits to strip clubs and pubs. They are bonding with each other over their biological similarities. If the only way you can bond with them is over your biological differences, you go for it. Feel pressurised to actually f*ck them if you do? Then don't flirt. Find it an easy way to just crack on? Then crack on – and don't blame other women for doing it. #Quote by Caitlin Moran
Communication In Workplace quotes by Ashley Montagu
#43. Human communication, 'as the saying goes, is a clash of symbols' it covers a multitude of signs. But it is more than media and messages, information and persuasion; it also meets a deeper need and serves a higher purpose. Whether clear or garbled, tumultuous or silent, deliberate or fatally inadvertent, communication is the ground of meeting and the foundation of community. It is, in short, the essential human connection. #Quote by Ashley Montagu
Communication In Workplace quotes by Bernard Kelvin Clive
#44. The pride of the digital age is not just in the possession of innovative tools but the ability to skillfully connect with humans behind them #Quote by Bernard Kelvin Clive
Communication In Workplace quotes by Alex Steffen
#45. The Internet has made some phenomenal breakthroughs that are still only poorly understood in terms of changing people's ideas of us and them. If mass media, social isolation in the suburbs, alienating workplaces and long car commutes create a bunker mentality, the Internet does the opposite. #Quote by Alex Steffen
Communication In Workplace quotes by Robert Rauschenberg
#46. Photography is the most direct communication in non-violent contacts. #Quote by Robert Rauschenberg
Communication In Workplace quotes by Les Brown
#47. We are living in very challenging times. Pressured in the workplace and stressed out at home, people are trying to make sense of their lives. #Quote by Les Brown
Communication In Workplace quotes by Phillip Roth
#48. The English Language is a form of communication! Words aren't only bombs and bullets - no, they're little gifts, containing meanings. What is true in love, is equally true at law #Quote by Phillip Roth

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