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Common Men quotes by Mary Parker Follett
#1. The best leader does not ask people to serve him, but the common end. The best leader has not followers, but men and women working with him. #Quote by Mary Parker Follett
Common Men quotes by Anthony Trollope
#2. Colonial governors at their seats of government, and Ministers Plenipotentiary in their ambassadorial residences are very great persons indeed; and when met in society at home, with the stars and ribbons which are common among them now, they are less, indeed, but still something. But at the Colonial and Foreign Offices in London, among the assistant secretaries and clerks, they are hardly more than common men. All the gingerbread is gone there. His Excellency is no more than Jones, and the Representative or Alter Ego of Royalty mildly asks little favours of the junior clerks. #Quote by Anthony Trollope
Common Men quotes by R. H. Tawney
#3. Private property is a necessary institution, at least in a fallen world; men work more and dispute less when goods are private than when they are in common. #Quote by R. H. Tawney
Common Men quotes by Pope Pius II
#4. Common men should esteem learning as silver, noble men prize it as gold, and princes as jewels. #Quote by Pope Pius II
Common Men quotes by H.G. Wells
#5. It doesn't take ten years of study, you don't need to go to the University, to find out that this is a damned good world gone wrong. Gone wrong, because it is being monkeyed with by people too greedy and mean and wrong-hearted altogether to do the right thing by our common world. They've grabbed it and they won't let go. They might lose their importance; they might lose their pull. Everywhere it's the same. Beware of the men you make your masters. Beware of the men you trust.

We've only got to be clear-headed to sing the same song and play the same game all over the world, we common men. We don't want Power monkeyed with, we don't want Work and Goods monkeyed with, and, above all, we don't want Money monkeyed with. That's the elements of politics everywhere. When these things go wrong, we go wrong. That's how people begin to feel it and see it in America. That's how we feel it here -- when we look into our minds. That's what common people feel everywhere. That's
what our brother whites -- "poor whites" they call them -- in those towns in South Carolina are fighting for now. Fighting our battle. Why aren't we with them? We speak the same language; we share the same blood. Who has been keeping us apart from them for a hundred and fifty-odd years? Ruling classes. Politicians. Dear old flag and all that stuff!

Our school-books never tell us a word about the American common man; and his school-books never tell him a word about us. They flutter flags betw #Quote by H.G. Wells
Common Men quotes by Hudson Taylor
#6. God is not looking for men of great faith, He is looking for common men to trust His great faithfulness. #Quote by Hudson Taylor
Common Men quotes by Izaak Walton
#7. Blessings we enjoy daily, and for the most of them, because they be so common, men forget to pay their praises. [and miss much of their benefits from grateful appreciation] #Quote by Izaak Walton
Common Men quotes by Raymond Chandler
#8. All language begins with speech, and the speech of common men at that, but when it develops to the point of becoming a literary medium it only looks like speech. #Quote by Raymond Chandler
Common Men quotes by Georg Simmel
#9. Man's nature, originally good and common to all, should develop unhampered. #Quote by Georg Simmel
Common Men quotes by Mary Renault
#10. Men are seldom helpless against their own evil wishes, and in their souls they know it. But common men love flattery not less than tyrants, if anyone will sell it to them. If they are told that the struggle for the good is an illusion, that no one need be ashamed to drop his shield and run, that the coward is the natural man, the hero is fable, many will be grateful. But will the city, or mankind, be better?'

No being a sophist, trained to bring out answers pat, I could only say, 'But it's such marvelous theater. #Quote by Mary Renault
Common Men quotes by James A. Michener
#11. I decided (after listening to a "talk radio" commentator who abused, vilified, and scorned every noble cause to which I had devoted my entire life) that I was both a humanist and a liberal, each of the most dangerous and vilified type. I am a humanist because I think humanity can, with constant moral guidance, create a reasonably decent society. I am terrified of restrictive religious doctrine, having learned from history that when men who adhere to any form of it are in control, common men like me are in peril. I do not believe that pure reason can solve the perpetual problems unless it is modified by poetry and art and social vision. So I am a humanist. And if you want to charge me with being the most virulent kind - a secular humanist - I accept the accusation. [Interview, Parade magazine, 24 November 1991] #Quote by James A. Michener
Common Men quotes by John Thomason
#12. There is nothing particularly glorious about sweaty fellows, laden with killing tools, going along to fight. And yet-such a column represents a great deal more than 28,000 individuals mustered into a division. All that is behind those men is in that column too: the old battles, long forgotten, that secured our nation -- Brandywine and Trenton and Yorktown, San Jacinto and Chapultepec, Gettysburg, Chickamauga, Antietam, El Caney; scores of skirmishes, far off, such as the Marines have nearly every year in which a man can be killed as dead as ever a chap in the Argonne; traditions of things endured and things accomplished, such as regiments hand down forever; and the faith of men and the love of women; and that abstract thing called patriotism, which I never heard combat soldiers mention -- all this passes into the forward zone, to the point of contact, where war is grit with horrors. Common men endure these horrors and overcome them, along with the insistent yearnings of the belly and the reasonable promptings of fear; and in this, I think, is glory. #Quote by John Thomason
Common Men quotes by Irving Kristol
#13. If God does not exist, and if religion is an illusion that the majority of men cannot live without ... let men believe in the lies of religion since they cannot do without them, and let then a handful of sages, who know the truth and can live with it, keep it among themselves. Men are then divided into the wise and the foolish, the philosophers and the common men, and atheism becomes a guarded, esoteric doctrine - for if the illusions of religion were to be discredited, there is no telling with what madness men would be seized, with what uncontrollable anguish. #Quote by Irving Kristol
Common Men quotes by Aristotle
#14. Creative writer has artistic sensibility. He observes the world like any common men. But his vision observes the world quite differently. He can perceive from life-experience what common man cannot see at all. This experience and observation get imaginative colours with the help of artistic sensibility. He creates a world of imaginative reality. His world is more beautiful and artistic than the real world. He is naturally gifted to create the work which has power to move or transport the reader. He gets his raw material from the life. He is critic of life. Criticism is a task of those who write on the creative writings. The word criticism has been derived from the Greek word Kritikos, which means 'able to discern and judge' and whoever does the act of judging is called Critic. Criticism is the art of judging the merits and demerits of creative composition.

In the words of Thomas De Quincey criticism may be termed as the literature of knowledge and creative writing as the literature of power. Literature of power deals with life, where as literature of knowledge share information on creative composition. Alexander Pope has rightly said:

"Both from Heaven derive their light These born to judge, as well as those to write."

He gives equal value to both the critic and the creative writer. To him both are gifted writers, one to write creatively and the other to judge the creativity. But Dryden does not agree with the views of Pope. To him "the corrup #Quote by Aristotle
Common Men quotes by Winston Churchill
#15. Little did we guess that what has been called the century of the common man would witness as its outstanding feature more common men killing each other with greater facilities than any other five centuries together in the history of the world. #Quote by Winston Churchill
Common Men quotes by N. R. Narayana Murthy
#16. When people get rich, they cut themselves off from the context that has earned them these riches - the context of the common men. They forget they are part of society. #Quote by N. R. Narayana Murthy
Common Men quotes by George R.R. Martin
#17. The justice of your cause means naught to the common men of Qarth. Why should my sailors care who sits upon the throne of some kingdom at the edge of the world? #Quote by George R.R. Martin
Common Men quotes by H.G.Wells
#18. You have turned your back on common men, on their elementary needs and their restricted time and intelligence [ ... ] I ask: who the hell is this Joyce who demands so many waking hours of the few thousands I have still to live for a proper appreciation of his quirks and fancies and flashes of rendering? #Quote by H.G.Wells
Common Men quotes by Peter Maass
#19. The people were divided into the persecuted and those who persecuted them. That wild beast, which lives in man and does not dare to show itself until the barriers of law and custom have been removed, was now set free. The signal was given, the barriers were down. As has so often happened in the history of man, permission was tacitly granted for acts of violence and plunder, even for murder, if they were carried out in the name of higher interests, according to established rules, and against a limited number of men of a particular type and belief....In a few minutes the business quarter, based on centuries of tradition, was wiped out. It is true that there had always been concealed enmities and jealousies and religious intolerance, coarseness and cruelty, but there had also been courage and fellowship and a feeling for measure and order, which restrained all these instincts within the limits of the supportable and, in the end, calmed them down and submitted them to the general interest of life in common. Men who had been leaders in the commercial quarter for forty years vanished overnight as if they had all died suddenly, together with the habits, customs and institutions which they represented.

p. 11 #Quote by Peter Maass
Common Men quotes by H.G. Wells
#20. And suddenly he became almost lyric. "For three thousand years the Common Man has been fended off from the full and glorious life he might have had, by Make Believe. For three thousand years in one form or another he has been asking for an unrestricted share in the universal welfare. He has been asking for a fair dividend from civilisation. For all that time, and still it goes on, the advantaged people, the satisfied people, the kings and priests, the owners and traders, the gentlefolk and the leaders he trusted, have been cheating him tacitly or deliberately, out of his proper share and contribution in the common life. Sometimes almost consciously, sometimes subconsciously, cheating themselves about it as well. When he called upon God, they said 'We'll take care of your God for you', and they gave him organised religion. When he calls for Justice, they say 'Everything decently and in order', and give him a nice expensive Law Court beyond his means. When he calls for order and safety too loudly they hit him on the head with a policeman's truncheon. When he sought knowledge, they told him what was good for him. And to protect him from the foreigner, so they said, they got him bombed to hell, trained him to disembowel his fellow common men with bayonets and learn what love of King and Country really means.

"All with the best intentions in the world, mind you.

"Most of these people, I tell you, have acted in perfect good faith. They manage to believe that i #Quote by H.G. Wells
Common Men quotes by Lin Yutang
#21. Alas, our rulers are not gods, but puny, fallible men, like the kings who constantly forget their parts, and we common men should be their prompters. #Quote by Lin Yutang
Common Men quotes by Orison Swett Marden
#22. Great men are but common men more fully developed and ripened. #Quote by Orison Swett Marden
Common Men quotes by George Orwell
#23. He wondered about the people in houses like those. They would be, for example, small clerks, shop-assistants, commercial travellers, insurance touts, tram conductors. Did they know that they were only puppets dancing when money pulled the strings? You bet they didn't. And if they did, what would they care? They were too busy being born, being married, begetting, working, dying. It mightn't be a bad thing, if you could manage it, to feel yourself one of them, one of the ruck of men. Our civilization is founded on greed and fear, but in the lives of common men the greed and fear are mysteriously transmuted into something nobler. The lower-middle-class people in there, behind their lace curtains, with their children and their scraps of furniture and their aspidistras - they lived by the money-code, sure enough, and yet they contrived to keep their decency. The money-code as they interpreted it was not merely cynical and hoggish. They had their standards, their inviolable points of honour. They 'kept themselves respectable' - kept the aspidistra flying. Besides, they were alive. They were bound up in the bundle of life. They begot children, which is what the saints and the soul-savers never by any chance do.

The aspidistra is the tree of life, he thought suddenly. #Quote by George Orwell
Common Men quotes by H.G.Wells
#24. The day of democracy is past," he said. "Past for ever. That day began with the bowmen of Crecy, it ended when marching infantry, when common men in masses ceased to win the battles of the world, when costly cannon, great ironclads, and strategic railways became the means of power. To-day is the day of wealth. Wealth now is power as it never was power before - it commands earth and sea and sky. All power is for those who can handle wealth ... #Quote by H.G.Wells
Common Men quotes by William Shakespeare
#25. You were used to say extremity was the trier of spirits; that common chances common men could bear; that when the sea was calm all boats alike showed mastership in floating #Quote by William Shakespeare
Common Men quotes by Ray Anyasi
#26. To do what you want is not a privilege. It is a curse. It is the curse of ordinary men. Men with no responsibilities do whatever they want. Common men with no value and self worth do whatever they want. Men whose lives have no worthy purpose are free to do whatever they want. Not you. You are a prince for whom a heavy crown and a powerful throne await. You do not do whatever you want; you do what must be done.- King Chuka #Quote by Ray Anyasi
Common Men quotes by James A. Michener
#27. I am terrified of restrictive religious doctrine, having learned from history that when men who adhere to any form of it are in control, common men like me are in peril. [The World Is My Home (1991)] #Quote by James A. Michener
Common Men quotes by William Shakespeare
#28. These signs have marked me extraordinary, And all the courses of my life do show I am not in the roll of common men. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Common Men quotes by Paul Washer
#29. People who only listen to preachers have a tendency to put them on a pedestal, but those who live with preachers recognize that they are just common men. #Quote by Paul Washer
Common Men quotes by Calvin C. Jillson
#30. The American Dream is a constant reminder that America's true nature and distinctive grandeur is in promising the common man, thr man on the make, a better chance to succeed here than common men enjoy anywhere else on earth.
Pursuing the American Dream, 9, 269 #Quote by Calvin C. Jillson
Common Men quotes by Richard K. Morgan
#31. Common men make a distinction between gods and demons, Poltar, but it's ignorance to talk that way. When the powers do our will, we worship them as gods; when they thwart and frustrate us, we hate and fear them as demons. They are the same creatures, the same twisted unhuman things. The shaman's path is negotiation, nothing more. We tend the relationship with the powers so they bring us more benefit than ruin. We can do no more. #Quote by Richard K. Morgan
Common Men quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#32. The man who said, "Blessed is he that expecteth nothing, for he shall not be disappointed," put the eulogy quite inadequately and even falsely. The truth "Blessed is he that expecteth nothing, for he shall be gloriously surprised." The man who expects nothing sees redder roses than common men can see, and greener grass, and a more startling sun. Blessed is he that expecteth nothing, for he shall possess the cities and the mountains; blessed is the meek, for he shall inhereit the earth. Until we realize that things might not be we cannot realize that things are. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Common Men quotes by Primo Levi
#33. Monsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are the common men, the functionaries ready to believe and to act without asking questions. #Quote by Primo Levi
Common Men quotes by A.H. Septimius
#34. What is rank if not protection from the consequences which fall upon common men? #Quote by A.H. Septimius
Common Men quotes by Grigori Rasputin
#35. When the bell tolls three times, it will announce that I have been killed. If I am killed by common men, you and your children will rule Russia for centuries to come; if I am killed by one of your stock, you and your family will be killed by the Russian people! Pray Tsar of Russia. Pray. #Quote by Grigori Rasputin
Common Men quotes by Russell Kirk
#36. Ambition without pious restraint must end in failure, often involving in its ruin that beautiful reverence which solaces common men for the obscurity and poverty of their lot. #Quote by Russell Kirk
Common Men quotes by Ruth Benedict
#37. What really binds men together is their culture, the ideas and the standards they have in common. #Quote by Ruth Benedict
Common Men quotes by Awdhesh Singh
#38. The actions of a leader are always criticised by scholars as well as common men. A scholar has no obligation to produce result, so he is free to rebuke leaders for not sticking to noble means. Common men envy leaders their position and power, thus feeling happy in vilifying them to pull them down to their own levels. #Quote by Awdhesh Singh
Common Men quotes by Baba Amte
#39. The future belongs to the common man with uncommon determination. #Quote by Baba Amte
Common Men quotes by Jacob Bronowski
#40. Fifty years from now if an understanding of man's origins, his evolution, his history, his progress is not in the common place of the school books we shall not exist. #Quote by Jacob Bronowski
Common Men quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#41. The key stone of Westem civilization is the sphere of spontaneous action it secures to the individual. There have always been attempts to curb the individuais initiative, but the power of the persecutors and inquisitors has not been absolute. It could not prevent the rise of Greek philosophy and its Roman offshoot or the development of modem science and philosophy. Driven by their inborn genius, pioneers have accomplished their work in spite of ali hostility and opposition. The innovator did not have to wait for invitation or order from anybody. He could step forward of his own accord and defy traditional teachings. In the orbit of ideas the West has by and large always enjoyed the blessings of freedom.
Then came the emancipation of the individual in the field of business, an achievement of that new branch of philosophy, economics. A free hand was given to the enterprising man who knew how to enrich his fellows by improving the methods of production. A horn of plenty was poured upon the common men by the capitalistic business principie of mass production for the satisfaction of the needs of the masses. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Common Men quotes by Alexis Carrel
#42. Prayer, the basic exercise of the spirit, must be actively practiced in our private lives. The neglected soul of the human being must be made strong enough to assert itself once more. For if the power of prayer is again released and used in the lives of common men and women; if the spirit declares its aims clearly and boldly, there is yet hope that our prayers for a better world will be answered. #Quote by Alexis Carrel
Common Men quotes by James Shirley
#43. Death calls ye to the crowd of common men. #Quote by James Shirley
Common Men quotes by H.G.Wells
#44. And this spreading usurpation of the world was so dexterously performed - a proteus - hundreds of banks, companies, syndicates, masked the Council's operations - that it was already far advanced before common men suspected the tyranny that had come. The #Quote by H.G.Wells
Common Men quotes by Giorgio De Chirico
#45. Art is the fatal net which catches these strange moments on the wing like mysterious butterflies, fleeing the innocence and distraction of common men. #Quote by Giorgio De Chirico
Common Men quotes by Christopher Daniel Mechling
#46. Poets and children sometimes see things that escape the eyes of common men. #Quote by Christopher Daniel Mechling
Common Men quotes by John Locke
#47. As much land as a man tills, plants, improves, cultivated, and can use the product of, so much is his property. He by his labour does, as it were, enclose it from the common. #Quote by John Locke
Common Men quotes by Bhagavad Gita
#48. Whatever action is performed by a great man, common men follow in his footsteps, and whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, all the world pursues. #Quote by Bhagavad Gita
Common Men quotes by Miyamoto Musashi
#49. Aspire to be like Mt. Fuji, with such a broad and solid foundation that the strongest earthquake cannot move you, and so tall that the greatest enterprises of common men seem insignificant from your lofty perspective. With your mind as high as Mt Fuji you can see all things clearly. And you can see all the forces that shape events; not just the things happening near to you. #Quote by Miyamoto Musashi
Common Men quotes by Peter Drucker
#50. No organization can depend on genius; the supply is always scarce and unreliable. It is the test of an organization to make ordinary human beings perform better than they seem capable of, to bring out whatever strength there is in its members, and to use each man's strength to help all the others perform. The purpose of an organization is to enable common men to do uncommon things. #Quote by Peter Drucker
Common Men quotes by George R R Martin
#51. Treason ... is only a word. When two princes fight for a chair where only one may sit, great lords and common men alike must choose. And when the battle's done, the victors will be hailed as loyal men and true, whilst those who were defeated will be known forevermore as rebels and traitors. That was my fate. #Quote by George R R Martin
Common Men quotes by Charles Dickens
#52. Though it may be, Jo, that there is a history so interesting and affecting even to minds as near the brutes as thine, recording deeds done on this earth for common men, that if the Chadbands, removing their own persons from the light, would but show it thee in simple reverence, would but leave it unimproved, would but regard it as being eloquent enough without their modest aid - it might hold thee awake, and thou might learn from it yet! #Quote by Charles Dickens
Common Men quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#53. If you go back through history, you'll find that the people who have been most eager to rule, to make the laws, to enforce the laws and to tell everybody exactly how God Almighty wants things here on Earth - those people have forgiven themselves and their friends for any-thing and everything. But they have been absolutely disgusted and terrified by the natural sexuality of common men and women. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Common Men quotes by Pope John Paul II
#54. Without wonder, men and women would lapse into deadening routine and little by little would become incapable of a life which is genuinely personal. #Quote by Pope John Paul II
Common Men quotes by Marguerite Yourcenar
#55. A part of every life, even a life meriting very little regard, is spent in searching out the reasons for its existence, its starting point, and its source. My own failure to discover these things has sometimes inclined me toward magical explanations, and has led me to seek in the frenzies of the occult for what common sense has not taught me. #Quote by Marguerite Yourcenar
Common Men quotes by Anthony Hamilton
#56. Not only am I a musician, but I'm a businessman and a family man. #Quote by Anthony Hamilton
Common Men quotes by Orison Swett Marden
#57. No man can hope to accomplish anything great in this world until he throws his whole soul, flings the force of his whole life, into it. It is not enough simply to have a general desire to accomplish something. There is but one way to do that; and that is, to try to be somebody with all the concentrated energy we can muster. #Quote by Orison Swett Marden
Common Men quotes by Graham Coxon
#58. I think it's better if blokes can admit that they can have crushes on other blokes. I've probably had crushes but never really sexual crushes on men. #Quote by Graham Coxon
Common Men quotes by Abdullah Ibrahim
#59. Music is only a means to an end - it is not the end. The concern is with the condition of man #Quote by Abdullah Ibrahim
Common Men quotes by Christopher Marlowe
#60. BARABAS: Why, I esteem the injury far less,
To take the lives of miserable men
Than be the causers of their misery. #Quote by Christopher Marlowe
Common Men quotes by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
#61. You hear that boy laughing?you think he's all fun; But the angels laugh, too, at the good he has done; The children laugh loud as they troop to his call, And the poor man that knows him laughs loudest of all. #Quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Common Men quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#62. The denial of the right of ownership to a man is a denial of his basic freedom: freedom without property is always incomplete. To be "secured" - but with no accompanying responsibility - is to be the slave of whatever group provides the security. #Quote by Fulton J. Sheen
Common Men quotes by Gorgias
#63. Man and woman and speech and deed and city and object should be honored with praise if praiseworthy and incur blame if unworthy, for it is an equal error and mistake to blame the praisable and to praise the blamable. #Quote by Gorgias
Common Men quotes by Simon R. Green
#64. I am the scalpel that cuts out infection, and the heartbreak that makes men wiser. #Quote by Simon R. Green
Common Men quotes by Yukio Mishima
#65. Yet why must it be that men always seek out the depths, the abyss ? Why must thought, like a plumb line, concern itself exclusively with vertical descent? Why was it not feasible for thought to change direction and climb vertically up, ever up, towards the surface? Why should the area of the skin, which guarantees a human being's existence in space, be most despised and left to the tender mercies of the senses? I could not understand the laws governing the motion of thought - the way it was liable to get stuck in unseen chasms whenever it set out to go deep; or, whenever it aimed at the heights, to soar away into boundless and equally invisible heavens, leaving the corporeal form undeservedly neglected. #Quote by Yukio Mishima
Common Men quotes by Claudette Walker
#66. Men like us believe we are gods... #Quote by Claudette Walker
Common Men quotes by Diane Ravitch
#67. A democratic society must seek to give every young person, whether native-born or newcomer, the knowledge and skills to succeed as an adult. In a political system that relies on the participation of informed citizens, everyone should, at a minimum, learn to speak, read and write a common language. Those who would sustain our democratic life must understand its history. Tailoring children's education to the color of their skin, their national origins, or their presumed ethnicity is in some fundamental sense contrary to our nation's founding ideals of democracy, equality and opportunity. #Quote by Diane Ravitch
Common Men quotes by C.J. Bulliet
#68. Further light - a whole flood of it - is thrown upon this attraction of the male in petticoats for the female, in the diary of Abbé de Choisy, one of the most brilliant men-women of history, of whom we shall hear a great deal more later. The abbé, a churchman of Paris, was a constant masquerader in female attire. He lived in the days of Louis XIV, and was a great friend of Louis' brother, also addicted to women's clothes. A young girl, Mademoiselle Charlotte, thrown much into his company, fell desperately in love with the abbe, and when the affair had progressed to liaison, the abbe asked her how she came to be won... "I stood in no need of caution as I should have with a man. I saw nothing but a beautiful woman, and why should I be forbidden to love you? What advantages a woman's dress gives you! The heart of a man is there, and and what makes a great impression upon us, and on the other hand, all the charms of the fair sex fascinate us, and prevent us from taking precautions. #Quote by C.J. Bulliet
Common Men quotes by Hanna Rosin
#69. If you look at total numbers in the working and middle class, men still on average make more than women. #Quote by Hanna Rosin
Common Men quotes by Boniface Wimmer
#70. The life of man is a struggle on earth. But without a cross, without a struggle, we get nowhere. The victory will be ours if we continue our efforts courageously, even when at times they appear futile. #Quote by Boniface Wimmer
Common Men quotes by George R R Martin
#71. Gendry, do you swear before the eyes of gods and men to defend those who cannot defend themselves, to protect all women and children, to obey your captains, your liege lord, and your king, to fight bravely when needed and do such other tasks as are laid upon you, however hard or humble or dangerous they may be? #Quote by George R R Martin
Common Men quotes by Frederick Lenz
#72. We see the most beautiful creations whither. The beautiful young maiden becomes the old woman and she hates her body because it isn't what it used to be. The young man becomes the old dotard who has trouble remembering. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Common Men quotes by Rachel Held Evans
#73. Psychologists say the best way to handle children at this stage of development is not to answer their questions directly but instead to tell them a story. As pediatrician Alan Greene explained, "After conversing with thousands of children, I've decided that what they really mean is, 'That's interesting to me. Let's talk about that together. Tell me more, please?' Questions are a child's way of expressing love and trust. They are a child's way of starting a conversation. So instead of simply insisting over and over again that the object of my son's attention is, in fact, an elephant, I might tell him about how, in India, elephants are symbols of good luck, or about how some say elephants have the best memories of all the animals. I might tell him about the time I saw an elephant spin a basketball on the tip of his trunk, or about how once there was an elephant named Horton who heard a Who. I might tell him that once upon a time, there was an elephant and four blind men; each man felt a different part of the elephant's body: the ears, the tail, the side, and the tusk . . . #Quote by Rachel Held Evans
Common Men quotes by J.K. Rowling
#74. Can you think what the Mirror of Erised shows us all?" Harry shook his head.

"Let me explain. The happiest man on earth would be able to use the Mirror of Erised like a normal mirror, that is, he would look into it and see himself exactly as he is. Does that help."
Harry thought. Then he said slowly, "It shows us what we want... whatever we want..."
"Yes and no," said Dumbledore quietly.
"It shows us nothing more or less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts. You, who have never known your family, see them standing around you. Ronald Weasley, who has always been overshadowed by his brothers, sees himself standing alone, the best of all of them. However, this mirror will give us neither knowledge or truth. Men have wasted away before it, entranced by what they have seen, or been driven mad, not knowing if what it shows is real or even possible.

"The Mirror will be moved to a new home tomorrow, Harry, and I ask you not to go looking for it again. If you ever do run across it, you will now be prepared. It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that. Now, why don't you put that admirable cloak back on and get off to bed. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Common Men quotes by Isabel Allende
#75. She was one of those stoical, practical women of our country, the kind of woman who has a child with every man who passes through her life and, on top of that, takes in other people's abandoned children, her own poor relatives, and anybody else who needs a mother, a sister, or an aunt; the kind of woman who's the pillar of many other lives, who raises her children to grow up and leave her and lets her men leave too, without a word of reproach, because she has more pressing things to worry about. #Quote by Isabel Allende
Common Men quotes by Liza Palmer
#76. My hero finally found me in that too-high tower, rescued me from it's cold walls, set me down among free men and bolted.
Freedom, with all it's possibilities, just feels cold and lonely. I want to go back to my tower. I need those walls. I need the protection.
The walls were always my true plus-one. #Quote by Liza Palmer
Common Men quotes by Henry Adams
#77. Double standards are inspiration to men of letters, but they are apt to be fatal to politicians. #Quote by Henry Adams
Common Men quotes by Melanie Phillips
#78. Along with the rest of the establishment, the BBC which, to be fair, can make superb documentaries has swallowed wholesale the lies and distortions about domestic violence promoted by extreme, man-hating feminism through the vehicle of deeply dodgy 'research'. #Quote by Melanie Phillips
Common Men quotes by Katherine Pine
#79. Great. Men affectionately attacked me with sticks to show their admiration. #Quote by Katherine Pine
Common Men quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
#80. Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and I have founded empires. But on what did we rest the creations of our genius? Upon force. Jesus Christ founded his empire upon love; and at this hour millions of men would die for him. #Quote by Napoleon Bonaparte
Common Men quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#81. What an immense mass of evil must result ... from allowing men to assume the right of anticipating what may happen. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Common Men quotes by Alexis Carrel
#82. Religion brings to man an inner strength, spiritual light, and ineffable peace. #Quote by Alexis Carrel
Common Men quotes by Chris Kilham
#83. Hot Plants enhance sexual experience. They increase sensitivity and make sex more urgent. Men get better erections. Women benefit, too. Your orgasms are like Chinese New Year fireworks. #Quote by Chris Kilham
Common Men quotes by Jacob Bigelow
#84. It is common error to infer that things which are consecutive in order of time have necessarily the relation of cause and effect. #Quote by Jacob Bigelow
Common Men quotes by Seanan McGuire
#85. The humans aren't stupid, no matter what the purebloods say; they're just blind, and sometimes, that's worse. They put their fear in stories and songs, where they won't forget it. "Up the airy mountains and down the rushy glen, I dare not go a-hunting for fear of little men." We've given them plenty of reasons to fear us. Even if they've almost forgotten - even if they only remember that we were beautiful and not why they were afraid - the fear was there before anything else. There were reasons for the burning times; there's a reason the fairy tales survive. And there's a reason the human world doesn't want to see the old days come again. #Quote by Seanan McGuire

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