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Famous Quotes About Comedy Satire

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Comedy Satire quotes by St John Morris
#1. Your toaster's a puff. #Quote by St John Morris
Comedy Satire quotes by Kristin Gore
#2. I love the satire and skewering of comedy writing. #Quote by Kristin Gore
Comedy Satire quotes by Rupert Dreyfus
#3. Social media is basically standing at a bucket filled with other people's vomit and you suck the vomit through a straw, and gag and wince at the unbearable taste of other people's vomit. Yet strangely we continue to suck through the straw as if we've never tasted such lovely vomit. And then before you know it you're old and you're grey. And that's the end of you. A lonely death. Your gravestone is marked with the six saddest words:

Social Media Drained My Soul Away

And they all mourn your loss at a budget funeral service while updating their social media statuses on mobile phones apps. And in years to come nobody remembers any of your updates; even those updates that you deep-down believed were going to bring about world peace. The Digital Age is more disposable than nappies and just as full of shit. #Quote by Rupert Dreyfus
Comedy Satire quotes by Kevin Kline
#4. When you have satire, it has to be real. No matter how outrageous the comedy becomes, you have to believe in the characters. #Quote by Kevin Kline
Comedy Satire quotes by Stephen Gaghan
#5. I came to Hollywood originally writing comedy and writing satire. #Quote by Stephen Gaghan
Comedy Satire quotes by Stephen Colbert
#6. Status is always ripe for satire, status is always good for comedy. #Quote by Stephen Colbert
Comedy Satire quotes by Saira Viola
#7. A good lawyer serves you from the cradle to the grave #Quote by Saira Viola
Comedy Satire quotes by John Cusack
#8. When you see a culture where the intellectual architects of the invasion are not shamed for their behavior but rewarded within the mainstream media culture, black comedy, satire, absurdism is the only response. #Quote by John Cusack
Comedy Satire quotes by Eva Mendes
#9. I think it would be so fun to do some kind of comedy, something - I'm not exactly sure, but something like I just did Moliere's "Tartuffe" in class, and wow, what a stretch. Why go to classes? I get to play in Moliere's "Tartuffe," and I could never - nobody would ever think that they would be, I'd be right for that. #Quote by Eva Mendes
Comedy Satire quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
#10. There's very little advice in men's magazines, because men don't think there's a lot they don't know. Women do. Women want to learn. Men think, 'I know what I'm doing, just show me somebody naked.' #Quote by Jerry Seinfeld
Comedy Satire quotes by John Cena
#11. I think I'm not uber into the comedy scene, but I love to laugh, especially in our business, where you're always front and center over an extremely, sometimes overly-critical live audience. I think it helps to laugh. #Quote by John Cena
Comedy Satire quotes by Debra Granik
#12. Sometimes I wonder about the people who can do very reflective work about their own ethnic group or their own families, or comedies that take place in the life that they've grown up in. That's a very special fortitude. Other brains have a curiosity for what they don't know - the life they're not leading. #Quote by Debra Granik
Comedy Satire quotes by Jennifer Shirk
#13. You snore."
She stopped in the middle of the hallway and gaped. "I do not."
"Oh yeah, you do." He nodded, beaming from ear to ear. "Cute, kind of baby snores, but still snores by standard definition. Maybe that was the problem that broke up you and David. Doctors need their sleep, you know. #Quote by Jennifer Shirk
Comedy Satire quotes by Pierre Bayle
#14. If an historian were to relate truthfully all the crimes, weaknesses, and disorders of mankind, his readers would take his work for satire rather than for history. #Quote by Pierre Bayle
Comedy Satire quotes by Ann Coulter
#15. This week's winner for best comedy line about the war is New York Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer. Referring to - well, it doesn't really matter what he was referring to ... #Quote by Ann Coulter
Comedy Satire quotes by Tom Hiddleston
#16. I am desperate to do a comedy now. #Quote by Tom Hiddleston
Comedy Satire quotes by Brian Regan
#17. I think comedy is a good way to deal with anything. I hear about people in the hospital who are ill, and they use humor to help them through it. I think it's a great remedy for many things. #Quote by Brian Regan
Comedy Satire quotes by Reid Scott
#18. The more cerebral, slightly darker comedy stuff is where I love to live. #Quote by Reid Scott
Comedy Satire quotes by Val Kilmer
#19. It was very serious and I wanted to do something really different so there was this comedy called TOP SECRET. #Quote by Val Kilmer
Comedy Satire quotes by Fred Allen
#20. Her hat is a creation that will never go out of style; it will just look ridiculous year after year. #Quote by Fred Allen
Comedy Satire quotes by Dick Van Dyke
#21. You have to be able to laugh at yourself. Attitude is almost more important than what happens to you. #Quote by Dick Van Dyke
Comedy Satire quotes by Scott Simon
#22. Murder is easy. Comedy is hard. #Quote by Scott Simon
Comedy Satire quotes by Noah Hathaway
#23. I don't want to sit and cry for an hour in a movie. I'd rather have an action or a comedy. #Quote by Noah Hathaway
Comedy Satire quotes by Bernie Mac
#24. I'm looking for laughs, you know? If it take me to flip over a table, if I have to go physical comedy, I will do it. But whatever the joke needs at that particular time, is where I'm dedicated to. I'm not into beating somebody down and beating myself up. I don't do insults and things like that. I don't do it - I'm a storyteller. #Quote by Bernie Mac
Comedy Satire quotes by Lewis Black
#25. Just relax and breathe through your ass. #Quote by Lewis Black
Comedy Satire quotes by B. J. Porter
#26. Brian Posehn went up at 4:45 in the morning. And he gets lost at a certain point. I don't know if we kept him getting lost on the CD. That joke isn't as technically well delivered as I'm sure it is in his Comedy Central special. But the whole disk has this looseness and flavor to it where anything can happen that a lot of people will prefer. #Quote by B. J. Porter
Comedy Satire quotes by Helen LaKelly Hunt
#27. One way to respond to these "sins" is found in The Divine Comedy, in which Dante is ultimately led to the vision of God by his guide, Beatrice. In first traversing through the Inferno, Dante reveals that the inhabitants of the Inferno are not there because they are sinners. Sinners also make up the populations of Purgatory and Paradise. Rather, those souls are in the Inferno because they are sinners who refused to admit to their own sins. They denied their faults and projected them onto others, blaming everyone around them. The lesson we learn is that only when our sins become acknowledged and deeply felt can they be integrated. Deep reflection and prayer are an important part of the integration of the [inner] shadow. Once we admit to our shadow with honesty and an open heart, the shadow has the potential to become transformed.

Once the shadow is integrated, the Seven Deadly Sins can become aspects of a healthy self. Greed and lust become passion, imbuing our journey with heart and fire. Anger transforms into righteousness that acts compassionately for own and other's behalf. The healthy side to gluttony is self-care, something many women have to learn. Envy, once integrated, becomes an appreciation of others. And in a society where doing is valued over being, sloth turns into the ability to be still. Pride enables us to feel good about our accomplishments and grow in confidence and strength. But the path to authenticity is to admit these qualities are within us. I #Quote by Helen LaKelly Hunt
Comedy Satire quotes by Frank Oz
#28. I just want to work with talented people who are enjoyable to be with, and take big huge risks from high comedy to deep, dark, brooding drama, to thriller. I just want to go back and forth. #Quote by Frank Oz
Comedy Satire quotes by Doc Brown
#29. When I slid into comedy, naturally the first thing I said was, "hello, I am a washed up rapper." #Quote by Doc Brown
Comedy Satire quotes by Deyth Banger
#30. I never watch comedies they suck if something sucks it sucks there isn't doubt about it. #Quote by Deyth Banger
Comedy Satire quotes by Jay Leno
#31. The University of Nebraska says that elderly people that drink beer or wine at least four times a week have the highest bone density. They need it - they're the ones falling down the most. #Quote by Jay Leno
Comedy Satire quotes by Katey Sagal
#32. I've done comedy most of my career, which I love, but I wanted to expand. #Quote by Katey Sagal
Comedy Satire quotes by Megan Mullally
#33. Many of the people I've worked with over the years came from a sketch-comedy background or an improv background, and I've learned a lot from them. #Quote by Megan Mullally
Comedy Satire quotes by Josh Gad
#34. I think physical comedy is an amazing asset because it tells a story that's more universal than just language and dialogue. I grew up watching Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. They're very powerful figures in my life. #Quote by Josh Gad
Comedy Satire quotes by Sorin Suciu
#35. The coding was anachronistic, kind of like bokeh in a renaissance painting. #Quote by Sorin Suciu
Comedy Satire quotes by V.S. Naipaul
#36. Though no one recognized his strength, Anand was among the strong. His satirical sense kept him aloof. At first this was only a pose, and imitation of his father. But satire led to contempt, and at Shorthills contempt, quick, deep, inclusive, became part of his nature. It led to inadequacies, to self-awareness and a lasting loneliness. But it made him unassailable. #Quote by V.S. Naipaul
Comedy Satire quotes by Christopher Moore
#37. Rivera rubbed his temples. "Satan told you to do it?" he said wearily.
"I told you, it's supernatural. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Comedy Satire quotes by Nicholas Stoller
#38. I love the romantic comedy genre. It's a genre rich with many of the best movies ever made and I try to treat it with the respect that Shakespeare treated it with. #Quote by Nicholas Stoller
Comedy Satire quotes by Terry Kiser
#39. I've been fortunate because I got the gift to do comedy and drama. When you can do both, you get twice as many parts as anyone else. #Quote by Terry Kiser
Comedy Satire quotes by Xosha Roquemore
#40. I'm pretty goofy. I really do like to sing and dance in real life. I'm a rhythmic person. I love comedy; I love making people laugh. That's my brand. #Quote by Xosha Roquemore
Comedy Satire quotes by Lykke Li
#41. Some people watch comedy to relax. I watch '21 Grams.' I can recognize sadness and tragedy really easily because it's been with me forever. #Quote by Lykke Li
Comedy Satire quotes by Janet Evanovich
#42. My father hired you to protect me," Ahmed said, "not to go off chasing men."
Grandma leaned forward, keeping her eye on the Taurus. "We think this guy killed Fred."
"Who's Fred?"
"My uncle," I told him. "He's married to Mabel."
"Ah so you're avenging a murder in the family. This is a good thing. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Comedy Satire quotes by Reece Thompson
#43. A couple of friends and I started a sketch comedy group when we were teenagers, just for fun and to start creating stuff. It was a blast. #Quote by Reece Thompson
Comedy Satire quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#44. I learned young that moments of comedy during the horror show can be a life raft, enough to keep you bobbing in a violent, killing sea. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Comedy Satire quotes by Jennifer Echols
#45. Stay away from her."
"Keep your hands off her."
"I'll try."
He scowled at me.
"I will," I said. #Quote by Jennifer Echols
Comedy Satire quotes by Robin Williams
#46. My comedy is like emotional hang-gliding. #Quote by Robin Williams
Comedy Satire quotes by Michel Templet
#47. Presenting a rational argument to a person who has forsaken the use of reason is like asking a vegetarian to eat a cheeseburger. #Quote by Michel Templet
Comedy Satire quotes by Bill Hader
#48. To be honest, I watch way more dramatic films when I'm chilling at home. I think when you work in comedy, you just want something different in your private life. Makes you feel balanced, I guess. #Quote by Bill Hader
Comedy Satire quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#49. A farce or comedy is best played; a tragedy is best read at home. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Comedy Satire quotes by Jane Austen
#50. Nobody could catch cold by the sea; nobody wanted appetite by the sea; nobody wanted spirits; nobody wanted strength. Sea air was healing, softening, relaxing
fortifying and bracing
seemingly just as was wanted
sometimes one, sometimes the other. If the sea breeze failed, the seabath was the certain corrective; and where bathing disagreed, the sea air alone was evidently designed by nature for the cure. #Quote by Jane Austen

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