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Famous Quotes About Columbus Day

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Columbus Day quotes by John Waters
#1. I also hate those holidays that fall on a Monday where you don't get mail, those fake holidays like Columbus Day. What did Christopher Columbus do, discover America? If he hadn't, somebody else would have and we'd still be here. Big deal. #Quote by John Waters
Columbus Day quotes by Tamara Tunie
#2. I'm Irish on St. Patrick's Day. I'm Italian on Columbus Day. I'm a New Yorker every day. #Quote by Tamara Tunie
Columbus Day quotes by Andrew Young
#3. If Congress can move President's Day, Columbus Day and, alas, Martin Luther King's Birthday celebration for the convenience of shoppers, shouldn't they at least consider moving Election Day for the convenience of voters? #Quote by Andrew Young
Columbus Day quotes by Eduardo Galeano
#4. In 1492, the natives discovered they were indians, discovered they lived in America, discovered they were naked, discovered that the Sin existed, discovered they owed allegiance to a King and Kingdom from another world and a God from another sky, and that this God had invented the guilty and the dress, and had sent to be burnt alive who worships the Sun the Moon the Earth and the Rain that wets it. #Quote by Eduardo Galeano
Columbus Day quotes by Evgeni Kostitsyn
#5. Should we stop celebrating the Columbus day - the day when the first illegal immigrants entered America? #Quote by Evgeni Kostitsyn
Columbus Day quotes by Craig Alanson
#6. The Ruhar hit us on Columbus Day. There we were, innocently drifting along the cosmos on our little blue marble, like the native Americans in 1492. Over the horizon come ships of a technologically advanced, aggressive culture, and BAM! There go the good old days, when humans only got killed by each other. #Quote by Craig Alanson
Columbus Day quotes by Amit Ray
#7. Be a Columbus smell the fragrance of the new lands and discover them. #Quote by Amit Ray
Columbus Day quotes by Bill Bryson
#8. Columbus's real achievement was managing to cross the ocean successfully in both directions. Though an accomplished enough mariner, he was not terribly good at a great deal else, especially geography, the skill that would seem most vital in an explorer. It would be hard to name any figure in history who has achieved more lasting fame with less competence. He spent large parts of eight years bouncing around Caribbean islands and coastal South America convinced that he was in the heart of the Orient and that Japan and China were at the edge of every sunset. He never worked out that Cuba is an island and never once set foot on, or even suspected the existence of, the landmass to the north that everyone thinks he discovered: the United States. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Columbus Day quotes by Les Miles
#9. I just want to remind everybody that it's Columbus Day. That all those of you that know Italians and like Italians are the people that might venture on to a ship and travel to explore and find new lands, this is your day. It's not St. Patty's Day. That's a different day entirely. #Quote by Les Miles
Columbus Day quotes by Carlos Mencia
#10. Do you think we care about the feelings of Native Americans when we celebrate Columbus Day? That's the day that the white man discovered a land where Indians had been living for a few thousand years. #Quote by Carlos Mencia
Columbus Day quotes by Cuthbert Soup
#11. Advice to explorers everywhere: if you would like to recieve due credit for your discoveries, keep a detailed account of your journeys as Columbus did. On Septemeber 28, 1492, after four weeks at sea, he writes: Dear diary ... I means journal. Yes, dear journal. That's what I meant to say. Whew. Anyway, we have yet to discover America, and the crew has become increasingly rebellious. I have decided to turn back if we have not spotted it by Columbus Day. Will write again later if not killed by crew. P.S. Last night's buffet was fabulous, the ice sculptures magnificent. #Quote by Cuthbert Soup
Columbus Day quotes by Naomi Watts
#12. Sometimes you arrive late in the process of filming, which makes it a little scary because they've already got this well-established technique going on, and all of the relationships are comfy and cozy. You have to figure out how to fit in, which can always be a scary first day. #Quote by Naomi Watts
Columbus Day quotes by Oscar Wilde
#13. Every day. I couldn't be happy if I didn't see him every day. He is absolutely necessary to me. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Columbus Day quotes by Sibel Hodge
#14. I don't know why I've always been interested in the evil things people do. I'm not alone, I know that. People who devour true crime stories. People who watch the horrors on the news every day or read about them in the paper. People who rubberneck at accidents. They want to see it, hear it, talk about it. The dark side of human nature is fascinating to people. We're so obsessed with all the bad things that happen in the world and not with the good. #Quote by Sibel Hodge
Columbus Day quotes by Suzanne Somers
#15. For a slim, sexy body, it's important to eat protein every day - preferably at every meal. Be sure to ask about the origins of your meat, poultry and seafood. If you can't afford organic, free-range meats, opt for natural poultry, pork, and beef that's raised without antibiotics or hormones. #Quote by Suzanne Somers
Columbus Day quotes by Mitt Romney
#16. If you felt that excitement when you voted for Barack Obama, shouldn't you feel that way now that he's President Obama? You know there's something wrong with the kind of job he's done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him. #Quote by Mitt Romney
Columbus Day quotes by Barry Lyga
#17. And my parents made me want i am. So what? We get stuff from our parents, but we also get stuff from the world around us. From people around us. And at the end of the day, we're us. #Quote by Barry Lyga
Columbus Day quotes by Rob Thurman
#18. Told me that when you bury emotions like that, you're only pissing them off ... making them stronger, because you're burying them alive. They don't like that, and one day they'll make sure that you don't like it either. #Quote by Rob Thurman
Columbus Day quotes by Anonymous
#19. Meditation does not have to be long or complicated for you to receive its benefits. If you haven't done it before, I suggest you begin by meditating for five minutes a day. A good time to engage in this practice is in the morning just after you've awakened, but you can do it at any time that works for you. Find a comfortable position where you are sitting with your spine straight. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. Just follow your breath in and out for five minutes. If you find that you have started to think of something other than your breath during those five minutes, gently pull yourself back to concentrating on your breath. What you are seeking is five minutes of relaxed, easy focus on your breath. In, out, in, out, in, out. Summarizing how important this centeredness practice is, the Zen master Pao-chih simply said, "If the mind is never aroused toward objects, then wherever you walk is the site of enlightenment. #Quote by Anonymous
Columbus Day quotes by Jessica N. Watkins
#20. Because of escorting, I often had sex twice in one day; with a client and with the man that I was seeing intimately. It #Quote by Jessica N. Watkins
Columbus Day quotes by Jason Day
#21. I remember not having a hot water tank, so we had to use a kettle for hot showers. So, you know, we would put the kettle on and go have a shower, and then my mum would come bring three or four kettles in, just to heat them up. And it would take five, 10 minutes for every kettle to heat up. #Quote by Jason Day
Columbus Day quotes by Keith Roberts
#22. She remembered how one day she'd gone running to him with a shell, told him to listen and hear the waves inside. He'd taken time off from his endless making of money and driven her way up into the hills and found a quarry and dug a fossil out the rocks and made her put that to her ear as well; she'd heard the same singing and he'd told her that was the noise the years made, all the millions of them shut inside buzzing to get free. She kept the stone a long while after that; and when more time had passed and she knew the whispering and piping were only echoes of her blood she did't care because she'd still heard what she heard, the sound of trapped eternities. #Quote by Keith Roberts
Columbus Day quotes by Theognis
#23. Happy the lover who exercises, then
Goes home to sleep all day with a handsome boy. #Quote by Theognis
Columbus Day quotes by Jeremy Clarkson
#24. It won't be a volcano that ends man's existence on this planet. It'll be the no-win no-fee lawyers. They are the ones who brought Europe to a halt last week. They are the ones who made a simple trip from Berlin to London into a five-country, all-day hammer blow on your licence fee. They are the ones who must be stopped. #Quote by Jeremy Clarkson
Columbus Day quotes by Anne Graham Lotz
#25. When I was a teenager, I was trying to please people. I kept changing who I was to please the people I was with. And so once I just decided I wasn't going to do that anymore. I was going to live my life to please God. And so from that day to this, that's been my aim. Some people don't understand, but you can't please everybody anyway. #Quote by Anne Graham Lotz
Columbus Day quotes by Amelia Kingston
#26. I drop my forehead to hers and vow, "I will feed you when you're hungry. I will keep you safe when you're scared. I will hold you when you're hurt. I will find you when you're lost. I will tell you that you're my goddess every single day. And I will love you no matter what." I kiss her with what I can only describe as unending devotion. #Quote by Amelia Kingston
Columbus Day quotes by Olivia Thirlby
#27. I feel naked without jewelry. If I'm having a bad hair day, I pick something from my huge collection of hats. #Quote by Olivia Thirlby
Columbus Day quotes by Felicia Day
#28. My dad was in the military, yeah. He was in the Air Force, and he was a doctor, so he would go places for six months here, and two years there. And I was home-schooled because I played the violin, and I did a lot of competitions. #Quote by Felicia Day
Columbus Day quotes by Novalis
#29. It is not merely the multiplicity of tints, the gladness of tone, or the balminess of the air which delight in the spring; it is the still consecrated spirit of hope, the prophecy of happy days yet to come; the endless variety of nature, with presentiments of eternal flowers which never shall fade, and sympathy with the blessedness of the ever-developing world. #Quote by Novalis
Columbus Day quotes by Bohumil Hrabal
#30. When I start reading I'm somewhere completely different, I'm in the text, it's amazing, I have to admit I've been dreaming, dreaming in a land of great beauty, I've been in the very heart of truth. Ten times a day, every day, I wonder at having wandered so far, and then, alienated from myself, a stranger to myself, I go
home, walking the streets silently and in deep meditation, passing trams and cars and pedestrians in a cloud of books, the books I found that day and am carrying home in my briefcase #Quote by Bohumil Hrabal
Columbus Day quotes by Richard Rohr
#31. The place which God takes in our soul he will never vacate, for in us is his home of homes, and it is the greatest delight for him to dwell there ... The soul who contemplates this is made like the one who is contemplated. Lady Julian of Norwich, Showings On that day, you will know that you are in me and I am in you. John 14:20 #Quote by Richard Rohr
Columbus Day quotes by Dr. Dre
#32. Everything in my life has been about sound and making music, so Beats represents just that - the improvement of sound and the dedication to everything I've been doing from the day I started. #Quote by Dr. Dre
Columbus Day quotes by William Gay
#33. The day drew on, was swallowed in dusk. No bird called, no insect. Life in abeyance, the world itself grinding to a halt, who knew what would follow. Light through the glass grew dim but he read on as if the passage of day into night was of no moment. The world was winding down, and young Bloodworth wound down with it. #Quote by William Gay
Columbus Day quotes by Gary A. Kowalski
#34. Everyone needs a spiritual guide: a minister, rabbi, counselor, wise friend, or therapist. My own wise friend is my dog. He has deep knowledge to impart. He makes friends easily and doesn't hold a grudge. He enjoys simple pleasures and takes each day as it comes. Like a true Zen master he eats when he is hungry and sleeps when he is tired. He's not hung up about sex. Best of all, he befriends me with an unconditional love that human beings would do well to imitate. #Quote by Gary A. Kowalski
Columbus Day quotes by Fidel Castro
#35. Nowhere in the world, in no act of genocide, in no war, are so many people killed per minute, per hour and per day as those who are killed by hunger and poverty on our planet. #Quote by Fidel Castro
Columbus Day quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
#36. I encourage you to make a similar commitment to spending time alone with God each day for prayer and meditation. Biblical meditation is a traditional method of solitary prayer. By selecting a particular scripture verse from the gospel reading for the day, or a favourite psalm, or a sentence from a letter from Paul, you can create a safe wall around your heart that will allow you to pay attention. #Quote by Henri J.M. Nouwen
Columbus Day quotes by Elle Fanning
#37. One boy made fun of me because one day, I had really curly hair, and I wear glasses normally, and I also bite my nails. I feel like everyone is different in their own way, so, people shouldn't try to make them feel bad because of that. #Quote by Elle Fanning
Columbus Day quotes by Shay Mitchell
#38. Personally, I don't really have a set style or look. It's pretty much what I feel like wearing that day, from a floral-print dress and high heels to ripped jeans and army boots. #Quote by Shay Mitchell
Columbus Day quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#39. And Jo laid the rustling sheets together with a careful hand, as one might shut the covers of a lovely romance, which holds the reader fast till the end comes, and he finds himself alone in the work-a-day world again. #Quote by Louisa May Alcott
Columbus Day quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#40. When thou diest, thy soul will be tormented alone; that will be a hell for it, but at the day of judgment they body will join thy soul, and then thou wilt have twin hells, thy soul sweating drops of blood, and thy body suffused with agony. In fire exactly like that which we have on earth thy body will lie, asbestos-like, forever unconsumed, all they veins roads for the feet of pain to travel on, every nerve a string on which the devil shall forever play his diabolical tune of 'Hell's Unutterable Lament'. #Quote by Charles Spurgeon
Columbus Day quotes by Chris Fabry
#41. sometimes you need permission to remember. There are things locked up inside all of us that we don't think are affecting us but have bearing on our lives every day." "You #Quote by Chris Fabry
Columbus Day quotes by J.D. Salinger
#42. You ought to go to a boys' school sometime. Try it sometime," I said. "It's full of phonies, and all you do is study so that you can learn enough to be smart enough to be able to buy a goddam Cadillac some day, and you have to keep making believe you give a damn if the football team loses, and all you do is talk about girls and liquor and sex all day, and everybody sticks together in these dirty little goddam cliques. The guys that are on the basketball team stick together, the Catholics stick together, the goddam intellectuals stick together, the guys that play bridge stick together. Even the guys that
belong to the goddam Book-of-the-Month Club stick together. #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Columbus Day quotes by Jessica Hische
#43. If you try in whatever ways you can to brighten someone's day, to be fair and respectful to everyone, and to grow your network without being "networky", you will be a rockstar. Have a plan, but be willing to deviate from it if awesome opportunities arise. While it's important to think about your future and what you want to be doing in 5 years, don't let that plan be so concrete that you ignore opportunities around you. #Quote by Jessica Hische
Columbus Day quotes by Euripides
#44. In adverse hours the friendship of the good shines most; each prosperous day commands its friends. #Quote by Euripides
Columbus Day quotes by Kim Zetter
#45. Richard Clarke, former cybersecurity czar under the Bush administration and a member of the panel, later explained the rationale for highlighting the use of zero days in their report. "If the US government finds a zero-day vulnerability, its first obligation is to tell the American people so that they can patch it, not to run off [and use it] to break into the Beijing telephone system," he said at a security conference. "The first obligation of government is to defend."40 #Quote by Kim Zetter
Columbus Day quotes by M T Anderson
#46. And I realize that the decision to be human is not one single instant, but is a thousand choices made very day. It is choices we make every second and requires constant vigilance. We have to fight to remain human. #Quote by M T Anderson
Columbus Day quotes by Alicia Witt
#47. It occured to me the other day that I've made out with more people on camera than I have in real life! #Quote by Alicia Witt
Columbus Day quotes by Dannii Minogue
#48. Also, there are seats in the diner that always fall off the table. If you have a scene where you're packing up at the end of the day and putting them on the table, they just slide off. #Quote by Dannii Minogue
Columbus Day quotes by Robert Penn Warren
#49. Season late, day late, sun just down, and the sky
Cold gunmetal but with a wash of live rose, and she,
From water the color of sky except where
Her motion has fractured it to shivering splinters of silver,
Rises. Stands on the raw grass. Against
The new-curdling night of spruces, nakedness
Glimmers and, at bosom and flank, drips
With fluent silver. The man,

Some ten strokes out, but now hanging
Motionless in the gunmetal water, feet
Cold with the coldness of depth, all
History dissolving from him, is
Nothing but an eye. Is an eye only. Sees

The body that is marked by his use, and Time's,
Rise, and in the abrupt and unsustaining element of air,
Sway, lean, grapple the pond-bank. Sees
How, with that posture of female awkwardness that is,
And is the stab of, suddenly perceived grace, breasts bulge down in
The pure curve of their weight and buttocks
Moon up and, in swelling unity,
Are silver and glimmer. Then

The body is erect, she is herself, whatever
Self she may be, and with an end of the towel grasped in each hand,
Slowly draws it back and forth across back and buttocks, but
With face lifted toward the high sky, where
The over-wash of rose color now fails. Fails, though no star
Yet throbs there. The towel, forgotten,
Does not move now. The gaze
Remains fixed on the sky. The body,

Profiled against the darkn #Quote by Robert Penn Warren
Columbus Day quotes by Jussi Adler-Olsen
#50. Carl: Do I happen to see a twinkle in your eye, or do you always look so fantastic Lis?

Lis: Carl dear, the twinkle in my eye is reserved for my husband and children, When are you going to accept that?

Carl: I'll accept it the day the light vanishes and eternal darkness swallows me up along with the rest of the earth. #Quote by Jussi Adler-Olsen

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