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Coliseum Guns quotes by Matt Ridley
#1. Progress and success are always relative. When the land was unoccupied by animals, the first amphibian to emerge from the sea could get away with being slow, lumbering, and fish-like, for it had no enemies and no competitors. But if a fish were to take to the land today, it would be gobbled up by a passing fox as surely as a Mongol horde would be wiped out by machine guns. In history and in evolution, progress is always a futile, Sisyphean struggle to stay in the same relative place by getting ever better at things. #Quote by Matt Ridley
Coliseum Guns quotes by N. T. Wright
#2. Don't misunderstand me. The terrorist actions of Al-Qaeda were and are unmitigatedly evil. But the astonishing naivety which decreed that America as a whole was a pure, innocent victim, so that the world could be neatly divided up into evil people (particularly Arabs) and good people (particularly Americans and Israelis), and that the latter had a responsibility now to punish the former, is a large-scale example of what I'm talking about - just as it is immature and naive to suggest the mirror image of this view, namely that the western world is guilty in all respects and that all protestors and terrorists are therefore completely justified in what they do. In the same way, to suggest that all who possess guns should be locked up, or (the American mirror-image of this view) that everyone should carry guns so that good people can shoot bad ones before they can get up to their tricks, is simply a failure to think into the depths of what's going on. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Coliseum Guns quotes by Thomas Sowell
#3. The key fallacy of so called gun control laws is that such laws do not in fact control guns. They simply disarm law abiding citizens, while people bent on violence find firearms readily available. #Quote by Thomas Sowell
Coliseum Guns quotes by Charles Todd
#4. We walked away from all that was warm and dear and stood frightened in cold rain where the guns fired, and in the end, we died in pain, the black stinking mud our shroud, embraced at last not by living arms, but by the bones of those who before us died ... #Quote by Charles Todd
Coliseum Guns quotes by Jack London
#5. When you reach out your vaunted strong hands for our palaces and purpled ease, we will show you what strength is. In roar of shell and shrapnel and in whine of machine-guns will our answer be couched.* We will grind you revolutionists down under our heel, and we shall walk upon your faces. The world is ours, we are its lords, and ours it shall remain. As for the host of labor, it has been in the dirt since history began, and I read history aright. And in the dirt it shall remain so long as I and mine and those that come after us have the power. There is the word. It is the king of words - Power. Not God, not Mammon, but Power. #Quote by Jack London
Coliseum Guns quotes by Ernst Junger
#6. The vastness and deadly desolation of the field, the long-distance operation of steel machines, and the relay of every movement in the night drew an unyielding Titan's mask over the proceedings. You moved toward death without seeing it; you were hit without knowing where the shot came from. Long since had the precision shooting of the trained marksman, the direct fire of guns, and with it the charm of the duel, given way to the concentrated fire of mechanized weapons. The outcome was a game of numbers: Whoever could cover a certain number of square meters with the greater mass of artillery fire, won. #Quote by Ernst Junger
Coliseum Guns quotes by The Stationery Office
#7. Come one, come all! Welcome to the world's greatest entertainment since the fall of Rome. Life, death, victims, voyeurs. The best of society, the lowest of plebians. And to keep it all extremely interesting, today's patrons could very easily be tomorrow's entertainment. All compliments of the ultimate showman - Fate. All that's missing is the coliseum. #Quote by The Stationery Office
Coliseum Guns quotes by Bill Dedman
#8. After every massacre in a school, Americans grasp at quick cures. 'Let's install metal detectors and give guns to teachers' Let's crack down on troublemakers, weeding out kids who fit the profile of a gunman. Let's buy bulletproof whiteboards for the students to scurry behind, or train kids to throw erasers or cans of soup at an attacker.' #Quote by Bill Dedman
Coliseum Guns quotes by Mark Mullen
#9. On the other side of the gun debate we have those who wish to eliminate all guns. "Guns kill" is the battle cry. If that argument was true, we would have to label cars as "killers" since they take more lives in a year than guns. But the claim is false. There is no question that guns are deadly and were invented for one thing – to kill. But guns don't think, they don't plan, they don't aim, and they don't pull their own trigger. Guns are just a tool used by an owner to complete a task. Good people use guns for recreation and as insurance against evil. Bad people use guns to commit crimes. How a gun is used is not determined by the gun; it is determined by the holder of the gun. Period. There is nothing else to say on this point. #Quote by Mark Mullen
Coliseum Guns quotes by Sarah Palin
#10. I might add that in small towns, we don't quite know what to make of a candidate who lavishes praise on working people when they are listening, and then talks about how bitterly they cling to their religion and guns when those people aren't listening. #Quote by Sarah Palin
Coliseum Guns quotes by John Farebrother
#11. As one refugee, Amila, from Gradačac, commented 20 years later: "The most important part of being a refugee is being a good loser; it's the only way to survive this. You learn to lose your nationality, your home to strangers with bigger guns, your father to mental illness, one aunt to genocide, and another to nationalism and ignorance. You learn to lose your kids, friends, dreams, neighbours, loves, diplomas, careers, photo albums, home movies, schools, museums, histories, landmarks, limbs, teeth, eyesight, sense of safety, sanity, and your sense of belonging in the world". #Quote by John Farebrother
Coliseum Guns quotes by Chris Rock
#12. White man makes guns? No problem. Black rapper says "gun"? Congressional hearing. #Quote by Chris Rock
Coliseum Guns quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#13. When a government controls both the economic power of individuals and the coercive power of the state ... this violates a fundamental rule of happy living: Never let the people with all the money and the people with all the guns be the same people. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Coliseum Guns quotes by Lorrie Moore
#14. Guns, she was reminded then, were not for girls. They were for boys. They were invented by boys. They were invented by boys who had never gotten over their disappointment that accompanying their own orgasm there wasn't a big boom sound. #Quote by Lorrie Moore
Coliseum Guns quotes by Ian McEwan
#15. Watching him during the first several minutes of his delivery, Cecilia felt a pleasant sinking sensation in her stomach as she contemplated how deliciously self-destructive it would be, almost erotic, to be married to a man so nearly handsome, so hugely rich, so unfathomably stupid. He would fill her with his big-faced children, all of them loud, boneheaded boys with a passion for guns and football and aeroplanes. #Quote by Ian McEwan
Coliseum Guns quotes by Dan Savage
#16. So while gun owners are always saying that owning guns is about defending freedom, the only freedom gun owners seem interested in defending with their guns is the freedom to defend their freedom to own guns. #Quote by Dan Savage
Coliseum Guns quotes by Albert Camus
#17. No one can hope that men who have fought in silence for four years and are now fighting all day long in the din of bombs and the crackle of guns will agree to the return of the forces of surrender and injustice under any circumstances. No one can expect that these men will again accept doing what the best and purest did for twenty-five years - that is, loving their country and silently despising her leaders, #Quote by Albert Camus
Coliseum Guns quotes by Cornell Woolrich
#18. Just inside the doorway he puts down the bags, motions her to stand by them a minute. He saunters out ahead, carefully casual. Peers up one way, down the other. Nothing. The street's dead to the world.
Then suddenly, from nowhere, ping! Something flicks off the wall just behind him, flops at his feet like a dead bug. He doesn't bend down to look closer, he can tell what kind of a bug it is all right. He's seen that kind of bug before, plenty of times. No flash, no report, to show which direction it came from. Silencer, of course.
He hasn't moved. Fsssh! and a bee or wasp in a hurry strokes by his cheek, tingles, draws a drop of slow blood. Another pokk! from the wall, another bug rolling over. The insect-world seems very streamlined, very self-destructive, tonight. ("Jane Brown's Body") #Quote by Cornell Woolrich
Coliseum Guns quotes by Roger Moore
#19. I never liked guns, I hate them, I always blink before they go off. #Quote by Roger Moore
Coliseum Guns quotes by Greg Gutfeld
#20. How funny is it that so many professors labeled Tea Partiers as terrorists, while kissing the asses of real, bona fide terrorists? It's not funny, really. But it's the result of a simple equation: One is cool, and the other isn't. Own a gun and keep it by your bed in your remote farmhouse? You're a redneck. Purchase guns that end up killing a judge? Priceless. As long as you cling to cool, progressive beliefs that deem America evil, whatever you do is cool. And if you do it under a big fuzzy 'fro? Even cooler. Hell, if you 'fro is big enough, you could nuke an orphanage and still get tenure. #Quote by Greg Gutfeld
Coliseum Guns quotes by Quentin R. Bufogle
#21. He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. (Unless the other guy has a gun!) #Quote by Quentin R. Bufogle
Coliseum Guns quotes by Leanne Davis
#22. You hardly asked if I was okay the entire time we were together." (Jessie)
"Okay? You wanted me to ask you if you were okay? Jessie, I saw you! How could I think for one second you were okay? Do you think it's normal for me to watch a girl being raped from the roof? But I was there, loaded down with enough guns to do some serious damage. And what did I do about it? Nothing. Because I could do nothing, because my sole goal was to get you safely out of there. So I sat and watched it ... for hours. I let them do that to you. I heard you. I saw you. And eventually, I had to turn away. I couldn't watch it. It was that bad. I know why you're not okay. I don't have to ask why." (Will) #Quote by Leanne Davis
Coliseum Guns quotes by Marie Lu
#23. You're suicidal.You know how impossible this sounds?"
"Yes." I pause. "But I don't really have much choice."
"Well,go on.What about the square?"
"Diversion." My eyes lock onto Kaede's. "Create chaos in Batalla Square, as much chaos as you can manage. Enough chaos to force most of the soldiers guarding the back exits to enter the square and help contain the crowd-if only for a couple of minutes. That's what the electro-bomb might help you with. Set it off in the air, and it'll shake up the ground in Batalla Hall and around it. It shouldn't hurt anyone, but it'll definitely stir up some panic. And if the guns in the vicinity are disabled,they can't shoot at Day even if they see him escaping along a rooftop.They'll have to chase him or try their luck with less accurate stun guns."
"Okay,genius." Kaede laughs, a little too sarcastically. "Let me ask you this, though. How the hell are you going to get Day out of the building at all? You think you're going to be the only soldier escorting him to the firing squad? Other soldiers will probably flank you.Hell,a whole patrol might join you."
I smile at her. "There will be other soldiers. But who says they can't be Patriots in disguise?"
She doesn't answer me,not in words. But I can see the grin spreading on her face, and I realize that even though she thinks I'm crazy,she has also agreed to help. #Quote by Marie Lu
Coliseum Guns quotes by Quentin R. Bufogle
#24. Personally, I think we should remove the word "shooting" from the vernacular. It's an ugly, biased word that somehow creates the assumption that a gun was involved. Let's go with 'Interpersonal Ballistic Event' (IBE). #Quote by Quentin R. Bufogle
Coliseum Guns quotes by Debbie Harry
#25. I do have fantasies of buying a helicopter and a lot of machine guns, but I don't know if I can do that. I'd like to have a lot of weapons, grenades and things. And I want to have a solar energy machine. And I want to have a sunken garden with a glass roof. I guess that's about it for now. I have a few other wants but I can't remember them. #Quote by Debbie Harry
Coliseum Guns quotes by Elizabeth Mckenzie
#26. Thorstein Veblen would say people hate squirrels, she called up to him, "because that's the only way to motivate expenditure on them - such as buying traps or guns. It's the same with stirring up patriotic emotionalism, because it justifies expenditures for defense. #Quote by Elizabeth Mckenzie
Coliseum Guns quotes by Ren Benton
#27. Rural cops spent much of their time interacting with rural folk who felt a strong attachment to their guns. Rural cops consequently possessed a reasonable distrust #Quote by Ren Benton
Coliseum Guns quotes by Axl Rose
#28. We have a saying in Guns N' Roses: 'When somebody's gonna get yelled at, they're gonna get the corn.' #Quote by Axl Rose
Coliseum Guns quotes by David Henry Hwang
#29. As soon as a Western man comes into contact with the East
he's already confused. The West has sort of an international rape mentality towards the East ... Basically, 'Her mouth says no, but her eyes say yes.' The West thinks of itself as masculine
big guns, big industry, big money
so the East is feminine
weak, delicate, poor ... but good at art, and full of inscrutable wisdom
the feminine mystique. Her mouth says no, but her eyes say yes. The West believes the East, deep down, wants to be dominated
because a woman can't think for herself ... You expect Oriental countries to submit to your guns, and you expect Oriental women to be submissive to your men. #Quote by David Henry Hwang
Coliseum Guns quotes by Grover Norquist
#30. Democrats are people who raise your taxes and spend your money on weird stuff. They steal your guns, and they spit on your faith. And because the Democratic Party was taken over by the aggressive secular guys, they became hostile not just to conservative Catholics and evangelical Christians, but Orthodox Jews and Muslims and Mormons. #Quote by Grover Norquist
Coliseum Guns quotes by Mowbray Thompson
#31. In that silence the angel of death brooded over many a sleeper there. The jackal took the opportunity offered to him to prowl among the animal remains around the intrenchment, without alarm from the guns; and daybreak disclosed to view hosts of adjutant birds and vultures gloating over their carnivorous breakfast. These are the only parties who have any cause to thank the Sepoys for the rebellion of 1857. #Quote by Mowbray Thompson
Coliseum Guns quotes by Dan Simmons
#32. Philosophical poetry by moonlight was all right, but guns that shot straight and true were a necessity. #Quote by Dan Simmons
Coliseum Guns quotes by Neil Walker
#33. You are from Belfast; are you sure that was your first time holding a gun? #Quote by Neil Walker
Coliseum Guns quotes by Max Horkheimer
#34. The Revolution won't happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism. #Quote by Max Horkheimer
Coliseum Guns quotes by Jon S. Lewis
#35. Will you say something?" he asked.
"Like what? Congratulations on almost getting yourself killed? I mean, you just told me that you flew here on some kind of winged motorcycle while masked men in jet packs tried to shoot you with ray guns. Forgive me if I don't do cartwheels through the restaurant while I try to decide if you've lost your mind. #Quote by Jon S. Lewis
Coliseum Guns quotes by Pearl S. Buck
#36. Our bodies can be mobilized by law and police and men with guns, if necessary-but where shall we find that which will make us believe in what we must do, so that we can fight through to victory? #Quote by Pearl S. Buck
Coliseum Guns quotes by Richard Rhodes
#37. But the death machine had only sampled a vast new source of raw material: the civilians behind the lines. It had not yet evolved equipment efficient to process them, only big guns and clumsy biplane bombers. It had not yet evolved the necessary rationale that old people and women and children are combatants equally with armed and uniformed young men. That is why, despite its sickening squalor and brutality, the Great War looks so innocent to modern eyes. #Quote by Richard Rhodes

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