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Cold Heartless quotes by Darynda Jones
#1. Somehow, when you're knocked senseless, the pain doesn't show up till later. Then it's a cold, heartless bitch. #Quote by Darynda Jones
Cold Heartless quotes by Christina Dodd
#2. Family of friends, people she knows only by their voices. She especially likes Griswald, gruff old butler for wealthy Zack Givens. Meeting Griswald is a shock; he is neither gruff nor old, but a powerful, handsome man. In fact, he is Zack Givens, cold, heartless - and charmed by the artless young woman who brings him chicken soup, treats him like a friend ... and falls in love with the humble man she imagines him to be. Inevitably, she will face his betrayal. Then #Quote by Christina Dodd
Cold Heartless quotes by Jennifer Estep
#3. I smiled, but it was a cold, heartless expression. Because you're in my killing fields now, bitch. #Quote by Jennifer Estep
Cold Heartless quotes by George Ade
#4. It is not time for mirth and laughter, the cold, gray dawn of the morning after. #Quote by George Ade
Cold Heartless quotes by Anton Chekhov
#5. Lvov: Now explain, give me an account of how it is that you, an intelligent, honest, almost saintly woman, have allowed yourself to be so brazenly deceived, to be dragged into this owl's nest. Why are you here? What have you in common with this cold, heartless ... but let's forget your husband
what do you have in common with this empty vulgar milieu? #Quote by Anton Chekhov
Cold Heartless quotes by Mikhail Gorbachev
#6. We had 10 years after the Cold War to build a new world order and yet we squandered them. The United States cannot tolerate anyone acting independently. Every US president has to have a war. #Quote by Mikhail Gorbachev
Cold Heartless quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#7. If you think, from this prelude, that anything like a romance is preparing for you, reader, you never were more mistaken. Do you anticipate sentiment, and poetry, and reverie? Do you expect passion, and stimulus, and melodrama? Calm you expectations; reduce them to a lowly standard. Something real, cool, and solid lies before you; something unromantic as Monday morning, when all who have work wake with the consciousness that they must rise and betake themselves thereto. It is not positively affirmed that you shall not have a taste of the exciting, perhaps toward the middle and close of the meal, but it is resolved that the first dish set upon the table shall be one that a Catholic - ay, even an Anglo-Catholic - might eat on Good Friday in Passion Week: it shall be cold lentils and vinegar without oil; it shall be unleavened bread with bitter herbs, and no roast lamb. #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
Cold Heartless quotes by Neil Gaiman
#8. The head of the sledgehammer was cold, icy cold, and it touched his forehead as gently as a kiss.
'Pock! There,' said Czernobog. 'Is done.' There was a smile on his face that Shadow had never seen before, an easy, comfortable smile, like sunshine on a summer's day. The old man walked over to the case, and he put the hammer away, and closed the bag, and pushed it back under the sideboard.
'Czernobog?' asked Shadow. Then, 'Are you Czernobog?'
'Yes. For today,' said the old man. 'By tomorrow, it will all be Bielebog. But today, is still Czernobog.'
'Then why? Why didn't you kill me when you could?'
The old man took out an unfiltered cigarette from a pack in his pocket. He took a large box of matches from the mantelpiece and lit the cigarette with a match. He seemed deep in thought. 'Because,' said the old man, after some time, 'there is blood. But there is also gratitude. And it has been a long, long winter. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Cold Heartless quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#9. There is nothing worse then being surrounded by a bunch of people telling you to do what is right, when they can't define that definition, without a lot of hatred and judgment behind it. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Cold Heartless quotes by Uvi Poznansky
#10. And in a blinding flash my wedding dress, which is hung right there, opposite me, in the corner of the bedroom, comes alive. The heavy satin rustles like it's just about to breathe. The lace trembles in the cold air. And for a moment the beading glitters. It blinks, like it's trying to bring back some memory. So bright, so dazzling!
Then the dress sinks back into the dark. #Quote by Uvi Poznansky
Cold Heartless quotes by Cary Fukunaga
#11. No, ramen's not good for you. But in Japan, our favorite thing to do after drinking all night, especially in Sapporo where it's freezing cold, is to go to the ramen place at two, three in the morning. #Quote by Cary Fukunaga
Cold Heartless quotes by Christopher Boucher
#12. So go ahead. Do it - open the book. See? You see me, right? And I see you. See? I am reading your face, your eyes, your lips. I know the sufferdust on your brow. I can see you reading and I can tell, too, when you are here, when you're absent, what you've read and how it affects you. There is no more hiding. I see your chords - your fractures, your cold gifts, where and when you've hurt people and why. It's all right there - your stories are written right there on your face! #Quote by Christopher Boucher
Cold Heartless quotes by Sabaa Tahir
#13. The ocean waves thunder on, and it is man who must swim amongst them. The wind blows, cold and brittle, and it is man who must protect against it. The earth shakes and cracks, swallows and destroys, but it is man who must walk upon it. So it is with death. I cannot surrender. #Quote by Sabaa Tahir
Cold Heartless quotes by Alexander Haig
#14. As I look back at the span of the Cold War in those early days, in the '50s, for example, there was a great deal of Soviet propaganda here in the United States, but it was clumsy, and it was anchored to a lot of ideological support in certain circles in America itself. #Quote by Alexander Haig
Cold Heartless quotes by David Mitchell
#15. Our truth is terrorsome cold. #Quote by David Mitchell
Cold Heartless quotes by Gary Paulsen
#16. I'm sorry. I was just running them. Running the dogs." I swallowed more soup and looked at the sky. The cold air was so clear the stars seemed to be falling to the ground. Like you could walk right. . . over . . . there and pick them up just lying on the snow. "I couldn't come back. #Quote by Gary Paulsen
Cold Heartless quotes by Sadie Jones
#17. In England, rain was thin and cold, and made you hunch up inside your coat, walking home from the bus stop. In Jamaica, it was wide and thick and invited you to step into it, and see how wet you could get, and be thrilled that it was warmer than the sea and warmer than your skin; it was abandon. #Quote by Sadie Jones
Cold Heartless quotes by Mary McGrory
#18. [On George H.W. Bush:] A man who wishes to lead the Western world should be able to find the right words, string them together in coherent sentences, and steer them to an intelligible conclusion. His sentences have the stuttering start of an old car on a cold morning. They never run smoothly. The only speech part that he has mastered completely is the non sequitur. #Quote by Mary McGrory
Cold Heartless quotes by Arnon Goldfinger
#19. When WWII ended, the Cold War started, and the interest of the Western world was not to completely break Germany. So all those Nazis who had been controlling the country now had the power to rebuild it. I think there were many of them who just continued their life in society; it's a very known fact. #Quote by Arnon Goldfinger
Cold Heartless quotes by Del Howison
#20. A cold, calculating nightmare. Sharp as a finely honed blade. 'The Lucid Dreaming' cuts, separating the flesh before you even know you've been injured. It makes you bleed as a reader. #Quote by Del Howison
Cold Heartless quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#21. Detection is, or ought to be, an exact science and should be treated in the same cold and unemotional manner. You have attempted to tinge it with romanticism, which produces much the same effect as if you worked a love-story ... Some facts should be suppressed, or, at least, a just sense of proportion should be observed in treating them. The only point in the case which deserved mention was the curious analytical reasoning from effects to causes, by which I succeeded in unravelling it.'
- Sherlock Holmes on John Watson's "pamphlet", "A Study in Scarlet". #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Cold Heartless quotes by Meat Loaf
#22. You've been cold to me so long, I'm crying icicles instead of tears. #Quote by Meat Loaf
Cold Heartless quotes by Edward Abbey
#23. To the Technocrats: Have mercy on us. Relax a bit, take time out for simple pleasures. For example, the luxuries of electricity, indoor plumbing, central heating, instant electronic communication and such, have taught me to relearn and enjoy the basic human satisfactions of dipping water from a cold clear mountain stream; of building a wood fire in a cast-iron stove; of using long winter nights for making music, making things, making love; of writing long letters, in longhand with a fountain pen, to the few people on this earth I truly care about. #Quote by Edward Abbey
Cold Heartless quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#24. I like bubbles in everything. I respect the power of silence. In cold or warm weather I favor a mug of hot cocoa. I admire cats―their autonomy, grace, and mystery. I awe at the fiery colors in a sunset. I believe in deity. I hear most often with my eyes, and I will trust a facial expression before any accompanying comment. I invent rules, words, adventures, and imaginary friends. I pretend something wonderful every day. I will never quit pretending. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Cold Heartless quotes by Craig Taylor
#25. London is actually a beautiful place when the weather's good; the mood is lighter and everybody's smiling. But for the other 350 days a year, it's miserable. You're standing there waiting for the bus in the rain or you're waiting for a train on a platform and it's freezing. Always a persistent drizzle - or if it's not drizzling, it's overcast and cold. #Quote by Craig Taylor
Cold Heartless quotes by N.K. Jemisin
#26. When a slave rebels, it is nothing much to the people who read about it later. Just thin words on thinner paper, worn finer by the friction of history. "So you were slaves? So what?" They whisper, like it's nothing. But to the people who live through a slave rebellion, both those who take their dominance for granted, until it comes for them in the dark, and those who would see the world burn before enduring one moment longer in their place.

That is not a metaphor, Essun. Not hyperbole. I did watch the world burn.

Say nothing to me of innocent bystanders, unearned suffering, heartless vengeance. When a comm builds atop a fault line, do you blame its walls when they inevitably crush the people inside? No; you blame whoever was stupid enough to think they could defy the laws of nature forever. Well, some worlds are built on a fault line of pain, held up by nightmares. Don't lament when those worlds fall. Rage that they were built doomed in the first place. #Quote by N.K. Jemisin
Cold Heartless quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#27. It was a cold blustery day when he walked out of the courthouse for the last time. He walked down the steps and out the back door and got in his truck and sat there. He couldnt name the feeling. It was sadness but it was something else besides. And the something else besides was what had him sitting there instead of starting the truck. He'd felt like this before but not in a long time and when he said that, then he knew what it was. It was defeat. It was being beaten. More bitter to him than death. You need to get over that, he said. Then he started the truck. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Cold Heartless quotes by Phoebe Tonkin
#28. I'm into the lyrical side of rap. I listen to some old Eminem songs and think, 'Wow, he's a genius.' He's one of the greatest poets of our time. Even when he's out of control, like on 'Cold Wind Blows,' it's incredible. #Quote by Phoebe Tonkin
Cold Heartless quotes by Zach Braff
#29. When I think about the holidays, I think about the Salvation Army guys ringing bells in front of stores. They're always so nice to you and they're always willing to give a heart to heart conversation. They actually bear the winter cold to ask for your petty cash with a smile on their face. Fudge those guys. #Quote by Zach Braff
Cold Heartless quotes by Heidi Julavits
#30. No one was around to publicly shame me, but I am perfectly able to shame myself. And worse -- around myself it is not a matter of appearing to be stupid and heartless; instead I confirm to myself that I am definitively one or the other. #Quote by Heidi Julavits
Cold Heartless quotes by Alexander Pope
#31. Death, only death, can break the lasting chain;
And here, ev'n then, shall my cold dust remain #Quote by Alexander Pope
Cold Heartless quotes by Larry Charles
#32. The world is a very troubled, very chaotic place. It's a very cold place. It's a very unjust and unfair place in many ways. [As a moviemaker] I have very limited ability to have an impact over all that. #Quote by Larry Charles
Cold Heartless quotes by Ian Hindmarsh
#33. It's an exciting place to go, really. The rain, the drizzle, the cold, the depressing people, the smokes in the bath ... I don't know of anyone who has been to Blackpool and enjoyed it. #Quote by Ian Hindmarsh
Cold Heartless quotes by Thomm Quackenbush
#34. Every weekend, I fall in love again. By Sunday, the last thing I want to do is let her go, release her back into the cold water of life. #Quote by Thomm Quackenbush
Cold Heartless quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#35. That looks feasible. What do you want for lunch? Cake, sandwiches, fruit, and coffee will be all that is necessary, I suppose?"
"Oh, dear, no! We must have cold tongue and chicken, French chocolate and ice cream, besides. The girls are used to such things, and I want my lunch to be proper and elegant, though I do work for my living. #Quote by Louisa May Alcott
Cold Heartless quotes by Christina Henry
#36. The ocean has a rhythm, but it has no heart. #Quote by Christina Henry
Cold Heartless quotes by Sophie Jordan
#37. Kicking off my shoes, I climed in beside him.
I eased toward him. His body radiated heat in the bed. I relaxed, inching closer, burrowing the tip of my nose against his back, savoring the clean smell of his skin, fresh from the shower.
His voice rumled through his back toward me. "Hey, your nose is cold."
I grinned ahainst his skin. "How about my feet?" I wedged them between his calves.
He hissed. "Get some socks on, woman. #Quote by Sophie Jordan
Cold Heartless quotes by Nicki Minaj
#38. My ice is so cold, it should come on a cone. #Quote by Nicki Minaj
Cold Heartless quotes by Melody  Lee
#39. Solitude
creeps into my bones like winter.
Like the cold and the dark.
I am alone, but I am not lonely. #Quote by Melody Lee
Cold Heartless quotes by Gabriele D'Annunzio
#40. And in the kisses, what deep sweetness! There are women's mouths that seem to ignite with love the breath that opens them. Whether they are reddened by blood richer than purple, or frozen by the pallor of agony, whether they are illuminated by the goodness of consent or darkened by the shadow of disdain, they always carry within them an enigma that disturbs men of intellect, and attracts them and captivates them. A constant discord between the expression of the lips and that of the eyes generates the mystery; it seems as if a duplicitous soul reveals itself there with a different beauty, happy and sad, cold and passionate, cruel and merciful, humble and proud, laughing and mocking; and the abiguity arouses discomfort in the spirit that takes pleasure in dark things. #Quote by Gabriele D'Annunzio

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