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Cockily quotes by Noah Galloway
#1. We arrived at the battalion just as it was getting dark. Ryan's wife was a mechanic at battalion and he'd asked me to go see her. She had a carton of cigarettes to give him. I asked if he needed anything else before I left and he said, "Nah. Tell her I love her." I told him I would. So when I got there I went straight to see her. She led me into this little café and we sat down with some hot tea. She gave me the cigarettes and we talked for a while about this and that and as I stood up to head out she said, "Hey, Noah, be careful out there. It's dangerous where y'all are at." I tilted my head to the side and said, "Be careful? I'm Noah, what can happen to me?" I smiled cockily and walked out. #Quote by Noah Galloway
Cockily quotes by Brandon Mull
#2. I think we should probably get Vanessa out of the Quiet Box to help us. What do you guys say?'
'Absolutely,' Newel affirmed. 'Best idea I've heard all day.'
'I'll second that,' Doren said gladly.
Seth gave the satyrs a doubtful scowl. 'Wait a minute. You guys just think she's pretty.'
'I've been around a long time,' Newel said. 'Vanessa Santoro is not jut pretty.'
'He's right,' Doren agreed. 'She's walking dynamite. My pulse is rising just talking about her.'
'She also might be a traitor,' Seth stressed.
'The lethal temptress,' Newel said with relish. 'Even better.'
'It will definitely spice up the adventure,' Doren encouraged.
'I'm obviously talking to wrong guys,' Seth sighed.
'Believe me,' Newel said cockily. 'you're talking to the right guys. We've been chasing babes since the world was flat.'
Seth rolled his eyes. #Quote by Brandon Mull
Cockily quotes by David Foster Wallace
#3. ....the Crocodiles say they can't even begin to say how many new guys they've seen Come In and then get sucked back Out There, Come In to AA for a while and Hang In and put together a little sober time and have things start to get better, head-wise and life-quality-wise, and after a while the new guys get cocky, they decide they've gotten `Well,' and they get really busy at the new job sobriety's allowed them to get, or maybe they buy season Celtics tickets, or they rediscover pussy and start chasing pussy (these withered gnarled toothless totally post-sexual old fuckers actually say pussy), but one way or another these poor cocky clueless new bastards start gradually drifting away from rabid Activity In The Group, and then away from their Group itself, and then little by little gradually drift away from any AA meetings at all, and then, without the protection of meetings or a Group, in time--oh there's always plenty of time, the Disease is fiendishly patient--how in time they forget what it was like, the ones that've cockily drifted, they forget who and what they are, they forget about the Disease, until like one day they're at like maybe a Celtics-Sixers game, and the good old Fleet/First Interstate Center's hot, and they think what could just one cold foamer hurt, after all this sober time, now that they've gotten `Well.' Just one cold one. What could it hurt. And after that one it's like they'd never stopped, if they've got the Disease. And how in a month or six months or #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Cockily quotes by Talis Jones
#4. So you're not dead, huh?"

I grin cockily as I lean against the nearest bedpost. "Not yet. #Quote by Talis Jones

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