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Cma Cds quotes by Rob Manuel
#1. Libraries have a PR problem - or at least that's what they call it when no one under the age of 40 walks through the door. To bring in a younger crowd, the paper pushers have turned to tech to bring in the public. DVDs, CDs and, yes, even videogames are hitting the shelves of your local library. #Quote by Rob Manuel
Cma Cds quotes by Billy Childish
#2. I'm going to get a pair of wire-snips, and I've also started a new campaign to have blank CDs on jukeboxes so you can play the silence. #Quote by Billy Childish
Cma Cds quotes by Nicki Minaj
#3. Being honest, if I had a daughter I wouldn't want her listening to a Nicki Minaj CD until she was a certain age. Even when I meet my fans and they tell me they are 12, I cringe a little. I always say, 'Listen. I don't want you saying the bad words, put school first.' #Quote by Nicki Minaj
Cma Cds quotes by M.I.A.
#4. I never pigeonholed myself - the only reason you'd want to pigeonhole is to monetize your business and, as a person, I don't see the importance of doing that. My music took off above the rest of those things: You can just make a song, put it on a CD, and get it out to all these people. #Quote by M.I.A.
Cma Cds quotes by Stephen Malkmus
#5. If someone's really busy listening to other CDs, and worried about what's new and what's truly relevant for discourse now, maybe it isn't that interesting. To me it is, because I'm tuned into that and that's what I like, so it's interesting to me. It's all I can do. #Quote by Stephen Malkmus
Cma Cds quotes by Bo Bennett
#6. Traditional investment vehicles such as IRAs, CDs, stocks and bonds do have their place, but for the rich, they are used more as temporary storage facilities rather than life-long homes. #Quote by Bo Bennett
Cma Cds quotes by Dave Willis
#7. I think I'm long past the days where I would go to the store and drop a couple hundred bucks on CDs, so my playlist is gonna be pretty long in the tooth. #Quote by Dave Willis
Cma Cds quotes by Criss Angel
#8. Well I have you know, several CD's out; one of my best friends is Sully Erna from Godsmack - he is Godsmack, and we're going to be working on an album together. #Quote by Criss Angel
Cma Cds quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#9. It seemed like the best weapons in my life had always been the most innocuous: empty plastic bins, a blank CD, an unmarked syringe, my smile in a dark room. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Cma Cds quotes by Edward De Bono
#10. I'm in love with this country called "America." I'm a huge fan of America. I'm one of those annoying fans - you know, the ones that read the cd notes and follow you into bathrooms and ask you all kinds of annoying questions about why you didn't live up to that. I'm that kind of fan. I've read the Declaration of Independence, and I've read the Constitution of the United States, and they are some liner notes, dude. #Quote by Edward De Bono
Cma Cds quotes by Fred Armisen
#11. I've always been a fan of instructional videos. The bass-player ones are insane. The music on them is fascinating. It's not something you hear on CDs or would really ever play in bands. You listen to it and are like, 'What is happening?' It's this blizzard of notes in weird time signatures, and they're trying to teach you that. #Quote by Fred Armisen
Cma Cds quotes by Anthony Pilla
#12. I thought I was the only one who still enjoyed his record collection, but after reading 'How Records Got Their Groove Back,' I happily discovered I was wrong. There is something familiar about my old vinyl. Call it nostalgia, but I don't care for the 'purity' of CDs. They have no personality! The crackle and pop of the stylus on a record player as you wait for the music to begin creates an anticipation that CDs simply can't provide. #Quote by Anthony Pilla
Cma Cds quotes by Brendon Urie
#13. I love every type of listening format, from MP3s to CDs to vinyl. There's something special about each one. It's a sign of the times. I love looking back, and even putting new music on vinyl - if it's right! #Quote by Brendon Urie
Cma Cds quotes by Gretchen Wilson
#14. Today, if you were to look at my CD collection, it might scare some people. #Quote by Gretchen Wilson
Cma Cds quotes by Haruki Murakami
#15. I don't like CDs," he replies. "Why not?" "They're too shiny." Kaoru #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Cma Cds quotes by Tod Machover
#16. I almost never these days sit down with a CD or my laptop and just listen to a piece with a score. I probably would do that while I'm exercising. #Quote by Tod Machover
Cma Cds quotes by Jonathan Davis
#17. I want to hold a CD I didn't burn. I hate burnt CDs. #Quote by Jonathan Davis
Cma Cds quotes by Jason Aldean
#18. Typing in the name of a song and downloading the song you really have no connection with the artist at that point. So I think it is still important to have physical CDs and stuff like that. #Quote by Jason Aldean
Cma Cds quotes by Doug E. Fresh
#19. I was probably like 13 years old, 14. And I used to walk home doing the beatbox from school. That's how I created it. There was no walkmans back then, no iPods, no CDs. There was just me. Back then there was the boom box. #Quote by Doug E. Fresh
Cma Cds quotes by Brendan Fraser
#20. I wish I could have 25,000 years of my personal family history documented in a very powerful computer or a CD-ROM that I could just pop in and my computer would never crash. #Quote by Brendan Fraser
Cma Cds quotes by Utada Hikaru
#21. For the version of this CD released in Japan, a translation of the English lyrics is included, but there are lots of places where meanings are lost in the process of translation. #Quote by Utada Hikaru
Cma Cds quotes by Brian McKnight
#22. People now have been conditioned to believe they should only buy one song at a time, that nobody can make an entire record that would merit you paying, you know, $7, $8, $10 when CDs in the '90s were $18, $19 and people bought millions and millions and millions of them. #Quote by Brian McKnight
Cma Cds quotes by B.B. King
#23. The way I feel today, as long as my health is good and I can handle myself well and people still come to my concerts, still buy my CDs, I'll keep playing until I feel like I can't. #Quote by B.B. King
Cma Cds quotes by Debra Dunbar
#24. I glanced over and saw Wyatt glaring at me. Journey's "Lovin' Touchin', Squeezin'" was playing on the radio.

"What?" I asked.

"You secretly hate me, don't you." He gestured toward the radio. "You can't stand the thought of me taking a much needed nap and leaving you to drive without conversation. You're torturing me with this sappy stuff."

"It's Journey. I love this song."

Wyatt mumbled something under his breath, picked up the CD case, and started looking through it. He paused with a choked noise, his eyes growing huge.

"You're joking, Sam. Justin Bieber? What are you, a twelve-year old girl?"

There's gonna be one less lonely girl, I sang in my head. That was a great song. How could he not like that song? Still, I squirmed a bit in embarrassment.

"A twelve-year old girl gave me that CD," I lied. "For my birthday."

Wyatt snorted. "It's a good thing you're a terrible liar. Otherwise, I'd be horrified at the thought that a demon has been hanging out with a bunch of giggling pre-teens."

He continued to thumb through the CDs. "Air Supply Greatest Hits? No, no, I'm wrong here. It's an Air Supply cover band in Spanish." He waved the offending CD in my face. "Sam, what on earth are you thinking? How did you even get this thing?"

"Some tenant left it behind," I told him. "We evicted him, and there were all these CDs. Most were in Spanish, but I've got a Barry Manilow in there #Quote by Debra Dunbar
Cma Cds quotes by Leslie Mann
#25. Women do not like CDs of live music. We only like the original recordings. If a song sounds different from the version we fell in love with, then it's awful. #Quote by Leslie Mann
Cma Cds quotes by John Updike
#26. Students present themselves ... like a succession of CDs whose shimmering surface gives no clue to their contents without the equipment to play them. #Quote by John Updike
Cma Cds quotes by Noah Baumbach
#27. There are the people who overthink making mix CDs and playlists, and how that works generationally is all really interesting to me. #Quote by Noah Baumbach
Cma Cds quotes by Martin Parr
#28. I am not a huge follower of music and tend to like one CD and play it to death, usually when I am washing up. #Quote by Martin Parr
Cma Cds quotes by Bruce Springsteen
#29. Yeah, my son likes a lot of guitar bands. He gave me something the other day which was really good. He'll burn a CD for me full of things that he has, so he's a pretty good call if I want to check some of that stuff out ... The other two aren't quite into that yet. #Quote by Bruce Springsteen
Cma Cds quotes by Elizabeth Wurtzel
#30. Women who have it all should try having nothing: I have no husband, no children, no real estate, no stocks, no bonds, no investments, no 401(k), no CDs, no IRAs, no emergency fund - I don't even have a savings account. It's not that I have not planned for the future; I have not planned for the present. #Quote by Elizabeth Wurtzel
Cma Cds quotes by Mick Taylor
#31. These days there's so much technology and ways you can learn. There are videos and CD roms. #Quote by Mick Taylor
Cma Cds quotes by Bill Milkowski
#32. With his new CD 'Tactiles' Liberty Ellman emerges as one of the most intriguing, albeit unorthodox, guitarists on the New York scene today. An album of original, esoteric compositions marked by dense polyrhythms, dissonant, angular lines and an organic logic that ties the whole thing together in brilliant fashion ... #Quote by Bill Milkowski
Cma Cds quotes by Neil Young
#33. A lot of people that buy vinyl today don't realise that they're listening to CD masters on vinyl and that's because the record companies have figured out that people want vinyl, And they're only making CD masters in digital, so all the new products that come out on vinyl are actually CDs on vinyl, which is really nothing but a fashion statement. #Quote by Neil Young
Cma Cds quotes by Clark Terry
#34. I was very thrilled to witness the workby my ol' buddy Jim Widner whose expertise in the field of jazz education proved invaluable in putting this masterful CD (Yesterdays & Today) together. #Quote by Clark Terry
Cma Cds quotes by Seth Klarman
#35. Don't short many stocks. Instead they hedge for tail risk with CDS and options. They are happy to incur illiquidity #Quote by Seth Klarman
Cma Cds quotes by Marcel Dzama
#36. Yoko Ono is someone who's music I've discovered more recently. The current cd rereleases of her albums all had bonus tracks recorded just with a tape recorder and I'm really into these at the moment because they have a great intimate feel. #Quote by Marcel Dzama
Cma Cds quotes by Young De
#37. You can put together an album with a bunch of producers, but your vision has to be clear. If you just grab a track from this person and this person and put them on a CD it doesn't mean that they go, just because you are rapping over them. #Quote by Young De
Cma Cds quotes by Statik Selektah
#38. There are so many rappers now that it's cluttering our culture. 90% of the time at a show there are more artists in the crowd than there are fans - it's too much. Too many people try to give you CD's. #Quote by Statik Selektah
Cma Cds quotes by Suze Orman
#39. Cash - in savings accounts, short-term CDs or money market deposits - is great for an emergency fund. But to fulfill a long-term investment goal like funding your retirement, consider buying stocks. The more distant your financial target, the longer inflation will gnaw at the purchasing power of your money. #Quote by Suze Orman
Cma Cds quotes by B. J. Porter
#40. : But the people on the CD are famous. Those people were coming out to see those people. I don't think they need that kind of intimacy with those people. #Quote by B. J. Porter
Cma Cds quotes by Gillibran Brown
#41. Woolies had a DVD sale on so I treated myself to a couple or five plus two CD's, one of which is The Smiths. It'll come in handy when my credit card statement hits the mat and I need something to listen to that's conducive to suicide. #Quote by Gillibran Brown
Cma Cds quotes by Michel Faber
#42. I'm constantly listening to music and thinking about it and compiling my own cassettes and CDs in obsessively specific order. I have quite lunatic agendas for what I want to achieve. They won't make sense to anyone other than me, but it is what I've spent most of my life doing. #Quote by Michel Faber

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