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Class Dojo quotes by Claire LaZebnik
#1. Man, I hated not being able to figure someone out.
And from the slightly uncertain look he gave me as we all went to class, I suspected he felt the same way. #Quote by Claire LaZebnik
Class Dojo quotes by Sarvesh Jain
#2. Not clothes, but what kind of accessories you spend your money on defines your class. #Quote by Sarvesh Jain
Class Dojo quotes by David Harewood
#3. Normally for work I will fly business class. #Quote by David Harewood
Class Dojo quotes by Nina Easton
#4. The centerpiece of Obamanomics - raising taxes on high earners and investors and lowering them on the middle class - is attacked by free-marketers for penalizing economic success and possibly further stalling economic growth. #Quote by Nina Easton
Class Dojo quotes by Angela Y. Davis
#5. To reiterate, rather than try to imagine one single alternative to the existing system of incarceration, we might envision an array of alternatives that will require radical transformations of many aspects of our society. Alternatives that fail to address racism, male dominance, homophobia, class bias, and other structures of domination will not, in the final analysis, lead to decarceration and will not advance the goal of abolition. #Quote by Angela Y. Davis
Class Dojo quotes by Bryce Dallas Howard
#6. My parents would never throw the kids in first class for the flights; they'd be up front, and we'd be economy - we knew we were lucky just to be travelling. #Quote by Bryce Dallas Howard
Class Dojo quotes by Emma Goldman
#7. The dominant, almost general, idea of revolution - particularly the Socialist idea - is that revolution is a violent change of social conditions through which one social class, the working class, becomes dominant over another class, the capitalist class. It is the conception of a purely physical change, and as such it involves only political scene shifting and institutional rearrangements #Quote by Emma Goldman
Class Dojo quotes by David Ogilvy
#8. My motto has always been: Only first class business and that in a first class way #Quote by David Ogilvy
Class Dojo quotes by Mao Zedong
#9. It will take a long period to decide the issue in the ideological struggle between socialism and capitalism in our country. The reason is that the influence of the bourgeoisie and of the intellectuals who come from the old society will remain in our country for a long time to come, and so will their class ideology. If this is not sufficiently understood, or is not understood at all, the gravest mistakes will be made and the necessity of waging the struggle in the ideological field will be ignored. #Quote by Mao Zedong
Class Dojo quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#10. Boots, it's college. We're segregated regardless, whether it be by major or class. This is just the way things are here. It keeps everyone safe. #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
Class Dojo quotes by Jonathan Franzen
#11. The American middle-class appetite for illegal drugs provided the capital to build some of the most sophisticated and effective companies on earth. #Quote by Jonathan Franzen
Class Dojo quotes by John Updike
#12. Writers take words seriously - perhaps the last professional class that does - and they struggle to steer their own through the crosswinds of meddling editors and careless typesetters and obtuse and malevolent reviewers into the lap of the ideal reader. #Quote by John Updike
Class Dojo quotes by Francesca Annis
#13. Everything is about class in England, whether it's upper, lower or middle. Why should that be? #Quote by Francesca Annis
Class Dojo quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
#14. When the pioneers of university training for women demanded that women should be admitted to the universities, the cry went up at once: 'Why should women want to know about Aristotle?' The answer is NOT that all women would be the better for knowing about Aristotle … but simply: 'What women want as a class is irrelevant. I want to know about Aristotle. It is true that many women care nothing about him, and a great many male undergraduates turn pale and faint at the thought of him – but I, eccentric individual that I am, do want to know about Aristotle, and I submit that there is nothing in my shape or bodily functions which need prevent my knowing about him. #Quote by Dorothy L. Sayers
Class Dojo quotes by Anne-Marie Duff
#15. The level of sacrifice in the world of dancing is incredibly intense, that work ethic if nothing else - get up, go to class, rehearsal, performance, get up, go to class - that's your life, and it's like that for a finite time, usually. #Quote by Anne-Marie Duff
Class Dojo quotes by Lincoln Chafee
#16. A strong, educated middle class is what made America the greatest country in the world. #Quote by Lincoln Chafee
Class Dojo quotes by Harold Hobbs
#17. One wide-awake persistent enemy may be worth twenty friends. Friends point out all the good things you do. You know all about that. Your enemies point out your mistakes. Get yourself a first-class enemy, cultivate him, and when you achieve success thank him. #Quote by Harold Hobbs
Class Dojo quotes by Camille Paglia
#18. Ambitious young women today are taught to ignore or suppress every natural instinct, if it conflicts with the feminist agenda posed on them. All literary and artistic works, no matter how great, that document the ambivalence of female sexuality they are trained to dismiss as "misogynous." In other words, their minds are being programmed to secede from their bodies ... there is a huge gap between feminist rhetoric and women's actual sex lives, where feminism is of little help except with a certain stratum of deferential, malleable, white middle-class men. #Quote by Camille Paglia
Class Dojo quotes by Liz Murray
#19. But I know I didn't love school for school's sake. I had never really been what people call an 'academic' person, nor did I see myself becoming one. Instead, I took pleasure in the fact that my work existed in a social setting, one that was based on the promise of a brighter future. I knew that what I adored about school was that each of my assignments - readings, essays, or in-class presentations - was inseparable from my relationships [ ... ] If I loved school at all, I loved it for what it provided me access to: bonds with people I grew to cherish. And nothing was better than working toward my dreams alongside people I loved who were doing the same. #Quote by Liz Murray
Class Dojo quotes by H. Rap Brown
#20. And understand: class differences will not save you. #Quote by H. Rap Brown
Class Dojo quotes by Lauren Child
#21. Ruby's hand shot up. "Mrs. Schneiderman, could I possibly be excused? I just remembered something really, really urgent that I must do."
Mrs Schneiderman looked bewildered. "But Ruby, this is history, you are in class, how can I excuse you without a note?"
"Good point," said Ruby, and she began to scribble something on a piece of Redfort headed notepaper. Then she handed it to Mrs. Schneiderman.
"But Ruby, you just wrote this, the ink is still wet."
"Just wave it around a bit, it'll dry in no time," Ruby had already gathered up all her things and was heading to the door.
"But that's not what I meant, I mean it wasn't written by your mother."
"Don't worry, Mrs Schneiderman, my mom would give you the big 'OK' if only she was here - look, it has her signature."
Mrs Schneiderman looked at the note, and indeed it did.

My daughter Ruby is to be excused from history if she feels an urgent need to be somewhere else.
Yours faithfully, S Redfort.
P.S. thank you for teaching my daughter about the Jade Buddha of Khotan, lord knows I've tried.

By the time Mrs Schneiderman could form a word, Ruby had already skidded down the corridor and was very nearly out of the school gates. #Quote by Lauren Child
Class Dojo quotes by William Howard Taft
#22. The laboring man and the trade-unionist, if I understand him, asks only equality before the law. Class legislation and unequal privilege, though expressly in his favor, will in the end work no benefit to him or to society. #Quote by William Howard Taft
Class Dojo quotes by Melina Marchetta
#23. What did she say to you?"
"Oh, great. I have to try to get you out of this mess after you hit a girl for nothing," he whispered angrily. "Josephine, don't waste my time. You don't seem like a violent type. She had to have said something to rile you.
"I just don't like her. She's vain. She puts her hair all over my books when she sits in front of me in class."
"So you hit her?"
"No ... yes."
"A girl puts her hair all over your books, so you break her nose?"
"Well, I don't think it's broken, personally."
"Doctor Kildare, we are not here to give a medical opinion. I want to know what she said to you."
"God," I yelled exasperated. "She said something to upset me, okay?"
"What? That you were ugly? That you smell? What?"
I looked horrified.
"I'm not ugly. I don't smell."
He sighed and took off his glasses, sitting down in front of me and pulling my chair towards him. "I was just asking for a reason."
"Never mind," I said.
"That creep out there wants -you to pay for his daughter's nose-job. Because of that nose-job she will be a famous model one day and you'll be working in a fast-food chain because you couldn't finish your Higher School Certificate due to expulsion. Now tell me what she said."
"There's nothing wrong with a fast-food chain," I said, thinking of my McDonald's job.
"I'm really getting pissed off now, Josephine. You called me out of work for this and you won't tell me why."< #Quote by Melina Marchetta
Class Dojo quotes by Blaise Pascal
#24. Evil is easily discovered; there is an infinite variety; good is almost unique. But some kinds of evil are almost as difficult to discover as that which we call good; and often particular evil of this class passes for good. It needs even a certain greatness of soul to attain to this, as to that which is good. #Quote by Blaise Pascal
Class Dojo quotes by John Bartholomew Gough
#25. Society is doing a great deal for the workingman, for the lower classes; but it seems to me, sometimes, as if it formed associations to obtain for them toys, and then formed other associations to teach them to play with them. #Quote by John Bartholomew Gough
Class Dojo quotes by Joe Bageant
#26. If middle-class Americans do not feel threatened by the slow encroachment of the police state or the Patriot Act, it is because they live comfortably enough and exercise their liberties very lightly, never testing the boundaries. You never know you are in a prison unless you try the door. #Quote by Joe Bageant
Class Dojo quotes by SonReal
#27. I'm from a middle class family. I didn't grow-up rich, but I didn't grow-up poor. Each guy has to stick to his own story. #Quote by SonReal
Class Dojo quotes by Karl Pilkington
#28. Classes teaching you how to breathe. I'm 32, I think I've got the hang of it. #Quote by Karl Pilkington
Class Dojo quotes by Caitlin Moran
#29. If you've been fat, you will always feel and see the world as a fat person; you know how difficult it is ... It's the same coming from a working-class background ... it never leaves you. #Quote by Caitlin Moran
Class Dojo quotes by Daniel Levitin
#30. Ten thousand hours is equivalent to roughly three hours a day, or 20 hours a week, of practice over 10 years ... No one has yet found a case in which true world-class expertise was accomplished in less time. It seems that it takes the brain this long to assimilate all that it needs to know to achieve true mastery. #Quote by Daniel Levitin
Class Dojo quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#31. I could have done even better, miss, and I'd know a lot more, if it wasn't for my destiny ever since childhood. I'd have killed a man in a duel with a pistol for calling me low-born, because I came from Stinking Lizaveta without a father, and they were shoving that in my face in Moscow. It spread there thanks to Grigory Vasilievich. Grigory Vasilievich reproaches me for rebelling against my nativity: 'You opened her matrix,' he says. I don't know about her matrix, but I'd have let them kill me in the womb, so as not to come out into the world at all, miss. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Class Dojo quotes by Carolyn See
#32. Yes, I do think the ruling class in America would like to grab everything for themselves, because they were brought up that way, and early American Puritans somehow had it wired into their religion that poverty is a sign that God doesn't like you, that you're not "saved," that money, on the other hand, is a sign of God's approval. They say the middle class in this country is shrinking, but I don't really know who the "they" is in that sentence. I tend to think there's a natural process of balances -- that when the very rich press their luck too far, there's a danger of a backlash, and the rich know it. There's often a time when the bully on the playground does one bad thing too many and all the little weaklings gang up on him, and that's the end of that particular pattern. I look at that stuff as a novelist, and as a human being, but I try not to get too worked up about it. I think of myself as wearing the invisible tee shirt with "You can kill me but you can't impress me" printed on it. Every second I spend laughing is a second I don't have to think about Vice President Cheney, for instance. #Quote by Carolyn See
Class Dojo quotes by John H. Vincent
#33. In the highest class of God's school of suffering we learn not resignation nor patience, but rejoicing in tribulation. #Quote by John H. Vincent
Class Dojo quotes by Omar Khayyam
#34. The value of three things is justly appreciated by all classes of men: youth, by the old; health, by the diseased; and wealth, by the needy. #Quote by Omar Khayyam
Class Dojo quotes by Rashmi Bansal
#35. The very act of becoming an entrepreneur is contrarian to middle class values, study hard, get a good job, be happy with secure income and steady salary. #Quote by Rashmi Bansal
Class Dojo quotes by Gerald Priestland
#36. Journalists belong in the gutter because that is where the ruling classes throw their guilty secrets. #Quote by Gerald Priestland
Class Dojo quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#37. Does all your underwear look like it belongs in a high-class strip show? #Quote by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Class Dojo quotes by Margaret Sanger
#38. The emergency problem of segregation and sterilization must be faced immediately. Every feeble-minded girl or woman of the hereditary type, especially of the moron class, should be segregated during the reproductive periodwe prefer the policy of immediate sterilization, of making sure that parenthood is absolutely prohibited to the feeble-minded. #Quote by Margaret Sanger
Class Dojo quotes by Tommy Lasorda
#39. Ernie Banks was a great great player and when he no longer could play, he became a great ambassador for the game. He represented the game with the highest of class and dignity. Everybody loved Ernie Banks. He enjoyed baseball, life and people. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. We have truly lost a baseball giant. #Quote by Tommy Lasorda

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