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Clarim Soap quotes by Jenn Bennett
#1. Coconut," I say. "You always smell coconut-y." Then, because it's dark in the van, and because I'm wiped out from all the panic and my guard is down, I add, "You always smell good."

"Sex Wax."

"What?" I sit up a little straighter.

He reaches down to the floorboard and tosses me what looks like a plastic-wrapped bar of soap. I hold it up to the window to see the label in the streetlight. "Mr. Zog's Sex Wax," I read.

"You rub it on the deck of your board," he explains. "For traction. You know, so you don't slip off while you're surfing." I sniff it. That's the stuff, all right.

"I bet your feet smell heavenly."

"You don't have a foot fetish thing, do you?" he asks, voice playful.

"I didn't before, but now? Who knows."

The tires of the van veer off the road onto the gravelly shoulder, and he cuts the wheel sharply to steer back onto the pavement. "Oops."

We chuckle, both embarrassed.

I toss the wax onto the floorboard. "Well, another mystery solved #Quote by Jenn Bennett
Clarim Soap quotes by Ally Carter
#2. Despite having known him for almost a year, there were a lot of things I still didn't know about Zachary Goode. Like how soap and shampoo could smell so much better on him than anyone else. Like where he went when he wasn't mysteriously showing up at random (and frequently dangerous) points in my life. And, most of all, I didn't know how, when he mentioned the jacket, he made me think about the sweet, romantic part of the night last November when he'd given it to me, and not the terrible, bloody, international-terrorists-are-trying-to-kidnap-me part that came right after #Quote by Ally Carter
Clarim Soap quotes by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
#3. We are all, in the last analysis, alone. And this basic state of solitude is not something we have any choice about. It is, as the poet Rilke says, "not something that one can take or leave. We are solitary. We may delude ourselves and act as though this were not so. That is all. But how much better it is to realize that we are so, yes, even to begin by assuming it. Naturally," he goes on to say, "we will turn giddy."
Naturally. How one hates to think of oneself as alone. How one avoids it. It seems to imply rejection or unpopularity. An early wallflower panic still clings to the world. One will be left, one fears, sitting in a straight-backed chair alone, while the popular girls are already chosen and spinning around the dance floor with their hot-palmed partners. We seem so frightened today of being alone that we never let it happen. Even if family, friends and movies should fail, there is still the radio or the television to fill up the void. Women, who used to complain of loneliness, need never be alone any more. We can do our housework with soap-opera heroes at our side. Even day-dreaming was more creative than this; it demanded something of oneself and it fed the inner life. Now, instead of planting our solitude with our own dream blossoms, we choke the space with continuous music, chatter and companionship to which we do not even listen. It is simply there to fill the vacuum. When the noise stops there is no inner music to take its place. We must re-learn to be al #Quote by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Clarim Soap quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#4. Just try to let yourself be carried away blindly by your feelings, without reflection, without a primary cause, suppressing consciousness even for a moment; hate or love, anything, just in order not to sit idly by with your arms folded. The day after tomorrow at the very latest, you'll begin to despise yourself for having deceived yourself knowingly. The result: a soap bubble and inertia. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Clarim Soap quotes by J.D. Salinger
#5. When I'd checked into the bathroom with Seymour's diary under my arm, and had carefully secured the door behind me, I spotted a message almost immediately. It was not, however, in Seymour's handwriting but, unmistakably, in my sister Boo Boo's. With or without soap, her handwriting was always almost indecipherably minute, and she had easily managed to post the following message up on the mirror; 'Raise high the roof beam, carpenters. Like Ares comes the bridegroom, taller far than a tall man. Love, Irving Sappho, formerly under contract to Elysium Studios Ltd. Please be happy happy happy with your beautiful Muriel. This is an order. I outrank everybody on this block. #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Clarim Soap quotes by Omar Epps
#6. People don't want to pay 8 or 9 dollars to go see a problem that they have in their life, on screen. They pay to get away from that. That's why they watch soap operas. #Quote by Omar Epps
Clarim Soap quotes by Kiera Cass
#7. What are you doing here?" I whispered, smiling in the dark.
"I had to see you," he breathed into my cheek as he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me down until we were lying side by side on the bed.
"I have so much to tell you, Aspen."
"Shhh, don't say a word. If anyone hears, there'll be hell to pay. Just let me look at you."
And so I obeyed. I stayed there, quiet and still, while Aspen stared into my eyes. When he had his fill of that, he went to nuzzling his nose into my neck and hair. And then his hands were moving up and down the curve of my waist to my hip over and over and over. I heard his breathing get heavy, and something about that drew me in.
His lips, hidden in my neck, started kissing me. I drew in sharp breaths. I couldn't help it. Aspen's lips traveled up my chin and covered my mouth, effectively silencing my gasps. I wrapped myself around him, our rushed grabbing and the humidity of the night covering us both in sweat.
It was a stolen moment.
Aspen's lips finally slowed, though I was nowhere near ready to stop. But we had to be smart. If we went any further, and there was ever evidence of it, we'd both be thrown in jail.
Another reason everyone married young: Waiting is torture.
"I should go," he whispered.
"But I want you to stay." My lips were by his ears. I could smell his soap again.
"America Singer, one day you will fall asleep in my arms every night. And you'll wake up to my kisses every morning. #Quote by Kiera Cass
Clarim Soap quotes by Anonymous
#8. SOAP is like a mortgage while REST is like borrowing $10 from a friend. #Quote by Anonymous
Clarim Soap quotes by Toni Morrison
#9. This notion of rest, it's attractive to her, but I don't think she would like it. They are all like that, these women. Waiting for the ease, the space that need not be filled with anything other than the drift of their own thoughts. But they wouldn't like it. They are busy and thinking of ways to be busier because such a space of nothing pressing to do would knock them down. No fields of cowslips will rush into that opening, nor mornings free of flies and heat when the light is shy. No. Not at all. They fill their mind and hands with soap and repair and dicey confrontations because what is waiting for them, in a suddenly idle moment, is the seep of rage. Molten. Thick and slow-moving. Mindful and particular about what in its path it chooses to bury. Or else, into a beat of time, and sideways under their breasts, slips a sorrow they don't know where from. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Clarim Soap quotes by Trevor St. John
#10. I didn't go out for a soap until I moved to New York. I wasn't even considering soaps, but my agents talked me into it and said it's nice, steady work. #Quote by Trevor St. John
Clarim Soap quotes by Lewis Carroll
#11. They sought it with thimbles, they sought it with care;
They pursued it with forks and hope;
They threatened its life with a railway-share;
They charmed it with smiles and soap. #Quote by Lewis Carroll
Clarim Soap quotes by Elisabeth Rohm
#12. I had a soap opera, and my next job was working with Kyle McLachlan on The Invisible Man. #Quote by Elisabeth Rohm
Clarim Soap quotes by Charles D'Ambrosio
#13. her knees, which looked, in the faint blue light, as though they'd been carved by water from a bar of soap. #Quote by Charles D'Ambrosio
Clarim Soap quotes by Sara King
#14. Until then, I suggest you begin hoarding things like cigarettes, coffee, drugs, alcohol, soap - especially concentrated, antibacterial dish detergent - rope, wire, antibiotics, birth control pills, matches, ammunition, airtight storage containers, water purification systems, vegetable seeds, potatoes, marijuana seeds, knives, guns, salt, spices, and flammable liquids. #Quote by Sara King
Clarim Soap quotes by Leo F. Buscaglia
#15. Even after centuries of human interacting, children still continue to rebel against their parents and siblings. Young marrieds look upon their in-laws and parents as obstacles to their independence and growth. Parents view their children as selfish ingrates. Husbands desert their wives and seek greener fields elsewhere. Wives form relationships with heroes of soap operas who vicariously bring excitement and romance into their empty lives. Workers often hate their bosses and co-workers and spend miserable hours with them, day after day. On a larger scale, management cannot relate with labour. Each accuses the other of unreasonable self-interests and narrow-mindedness. Religious groups often become entrapped, each in a provincial dogma resulting in hate and vindictiveness in the name of God. Nations battle blindly, under the shadow of the world annihilation, for the realization of their personal rights. Members of these groups blame rival groups for their continual sense of frustration, impotence, lack of progress and communication. We have obviously not learned much over the years. We have not paused long enough to consider the simple truth that we humans are not born with particular attitudinal sets regarding other persons, we are taught into them. We are the future generation's teachers. We are, therefore, the perpetrators of the confusion and alienation we abhor and which keeps us impotent in finding new alternatives. It is up to us to diligently discover new solutions and #Quote by Leo F. Buscaglia
Clarim Soap quotes by Odd Nerdrum
#16. Contemporary art is based on that an artist is supposed to go into art history in the same way as an art historian. When the artist produces something he or she relates to it with the eye of an art historian/critic. I have the feeling that when I am working it is more like working with soap opera or glamour. It is emotional and not art criticism or history of art. #Quote by Odd Nerdrum
Clarim Soap quotes by William S. Burroughs
#17. The Industrial Revolution is primarily a virus revolution, dedicated to proliferation of identical objects and persons. You are making soap, you don't give a shit who buys your soap, the more the soapier. #Quote by William S. Burroughs
Clarim Soap quotes by Emma Rigby
#18. When you're in a soap, it's fantastic, and I'm really grateful for the fans who watch you and support you. For me, it was the best experience because I was able to act every day and work with so many different directors and get some great storylines and learn on-screen. #Quote by Emma Rigby
Clarim Soap quotes by Marvin Hoffman
#19. I try to understand you. You look so civilized. Not a hint of the criminal in you. Perhaps, though, something of the Nazi criminal. That super honest, loyal citizen who checked the number of soap boxes. He would take great care not to make mistakes in figures (four, less than four), but he does not question whether the soap is made from human fat. #Quote by Marvin Hoffman
Clarim Soap quotes by Sofia Coppola
#20. I never studied directing and I never really thought about doing it, and then I just found myself in that situation and tried it. I like to be observing everything else, and I get self-conscious in front of the camera. #Quote by Sofia Coppola
Clarim Soap quotes by Tom Robbins
#21. If little else, the brain is an educational toy.
The problem with possessing such an engaging toy is that other people want to play with it, too. Sometime they'd rather play with yours than theirs. Or they object if you play with yours in a different manner from the way they play with theirs. The result is, a few games out of a toy department of possibilities are universally and endlessly repeated. If you don't play some people's game, they say that you have "lost your marbles," not recognizing that, while Chinese checkers is indeed a fine pastime, a person may also play dominoes, chess, strip poker, tiddlywinks, drop-the-soap or Russian roulette with his brain. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Clarim Soap quotes by Gina Torres
#22. You have Showtime, you have AMC, you have all of these, you know, incredible networks that are now bringing forth their product without the handcuffs, if you will, of trying to sell soap to the entire country. #Quote by Gina Torres
Clarim Soap quotes by Mata Amritanandamayi
#23. In this age of selfishness, selfless service is the only soap that truly purifies. #Quote by Mata Amritanandamayi
Clarim Soap quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#24. The discovery of some toy duck in the soap dish, presumably the property of some former juvenile visitor, contributed not a little to this new and happier frame of mind. What with one thing and another, I hadn't played with toy ducks in my bath for years, and I found the novel experience most invigorating. For the benefit of those interested, I may mention that if you shove the thing under the surface with the sponge and then let it go, it shoots out of the water in a manner calculated to divert the most careworn. Ten minutes of this and I was enabled to return to the bedchamber much more the merry old Bertram. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Clarim Soap quotes by Marian Keyes
#25. I knew it, I just knew it! The person who had the job of writing my life's dialogue used to work on a very low budget soap opera. #Quote by Marian Keyes
Clarim Soap quotes by Jarod Kintz
#26. I always wear gloves when I wash my hands. That's also how I make love, and if you buy now I'll throw in an extra bar of soap for FREE. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Clarim Soap quotes by Book Of Eli Movie
#27. Eli: You know what's good about no soap, you can smell a hijacker from a mile away!
Hijack Leader: I am impressed, this man can smell us from thirty feet away, now what's that say about our hygiene! #Quote by Book Of Eli Movie
Clarim Soap quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#28. Many great religions, Pagan and Christian, have insisted on wine. Only one, I think, has insisted on Soap. You will find it in the New Testament attributed to the Pharisees. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Clarim Soap quotes by Tommy Shaw
#29. I'd better be on the road, or I'll be going nuts. I'm not the kind of guy who sits around with a pipe and slippers watching soap operas. #Quote by Tommy Shaw
Clarim Soap quotes by Terry Pratchett
#30. He could hear his granny speaking. "No one's too poor to buy soap." Of course, many people were. But in Cockbill Street they bought soap just the same. The table might not have any food on it but, by gods, it was well scrubbed. That was Cockbill Street, where what you mainly ate was your pride. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Clarim Soap quotes by Jenny Lawson
#31. Once, we came home to find Rambo in the sink, washing a tiny sliver of soap that had been a new bath-size bar that morning. He looked exhausted, and like he wanted someone to stop him and put him to bed, but when we tried to take away the last bit of soap he growled at us, and so we let him finish, because at that point I guess it was like a vendetta, if raccoons had vendettas. #Quote by Jenny Lawson
Clarim Soap quotes by Neil Gaiman
#32. She was my dream; and if you touch a dream it vanishes, like a soap bubble. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Clarim Soap quotes by Barbara Pym
#33. If it is true that men only want one thing, Jane asked herself, is it perhaps just to be left to themselves with their soap animals or some other harmless little trifle? #Quote by Barbara Pym
Clarim Soap quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#34. She could be quite brave in the presence of a Wyverary, but tall and lovely ladies made her shy, even if they were made of soap. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Clarim Soap quotes by Karla Telega
#35. 1.Ghost hunting
2.Target practice: rifles and handguns
3.Rock collecting
4.Photography-south Carolina wildlife
5.Soap making
7.Belly dancing
8.Tie dying
9.Dog agility course training
10.Crawdad racing
11.Bull riding
12.Worm collecting #Quote by Karla Telega
Clarim Soap quotes by Dennis Miller
#36. We are overeducated pharmacy clerks (with doctorate degrees) answering the phone, running the cash register, ringing up donuts and dish soap while juggling 10 or more drug related issues per minute with our one technician yelling Override! #Quote by Dennis Miller
Clarim Soap quotes by Ragnar Tornquist
#37. You're just being cryptic again. It's like soap opera sex. Lots of boring dialogue and when they finally do go to bed, everything's dark and covered by blankets. #Quote by Ragnar Tornquist
Clarim Soap quotes by S.C. Stephens
#38. I love you ... even if you are insane."
Kellan was chuckling as he opened the shower door. "Good, because I think I'm going to be burping soap bubbles for a week. #Quote by S.C. Stephens
Clarim Soap quotes by R.L. Mathewson
#39. With a shrug, he grabbed the laundry soap out of the basket by his feet, figuring that she'd never miss it, and poured the soap in the washing machine. "Oops," he sighed, when he realized that he'd used the last of the soap. Not really caring, he tossed the now empty container back on the basket as he made a mental note to pick up another bottle for his little neighbor when he went to the grocery store later. #Quote by R.L. Mathewson

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