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Claire Gilly quotes by Tiffany Baker
#1. Goddamn it, Joanna!' Claire called. After twelve years her voice was sharper than Jo remembered. 'I know you're standing on the stairs,' she said. 'I can see you. Get down here and help me! #Quote by Tiffany Baker
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire Danes
#2. My go-to gifts are scarves from my friend Matin Maulawizada's nonprofit organization, Afghan Hands, which supports disenfranchised women in Afghanistan. In exchange for their beautiful embroidery, the women are given financial aid and classes in math and literacy. The scarves are all stunning and one of a kind. #Quote by Claire Danes
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire Trevor
#3. Don't fall in love with your leading man. Of course, that's just what I did. #Quote by Claire Trevor
Claire Gilly quotes by Francine Scott
#4. Claire. - Venus hung low on the Atlantic horizon of a dawn sky. Continuing to shine brightly, her watery reflection lit up a path on the sea across the bay to where Claire stood on the patio. The shining goddess was the last thing she remembered seeing through the bedroom window, before succumbing to sleep. She was high in the night sky then, the brightest of all heavenly bodies, casting an apparent examination of what was euphemistically known as Orion's 'sword'. #Quote by Francine Scott
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire Hennessy
#5. And then Julia's thinking about the internet and blogging; how everyone with a keyboard thinks they can just bang out articles no problem, never mind research or quality control. #Quote by Claire Hennessy
Claire Gilly quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#6. What Claire could do with the edible flowers that grew around the cranky apple tree in the backyard was the stuff of legend. Everyone knew that if you got Claire to cater your anniversary party, she would make aioli sauce with nasturtiums and tulip cups filled with orange salad, and everyone would leave the party feeling both jealous and aroused. And if you got her to cater your child's birthday party, she would serve tiny strawberry cupcakes and candied violets and the children would all be well behaved and would take long afternoon naps. Claire had a true magic to her cooking when she used her flowers. #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen
Claire Gilly quotes by Janet Fitch
#7. It's the difference between a true artist and everybody else." Claire sighed. "They can remake the world. #Quote by Janet Fitch
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire B. Shaeffer
#8. When pockets were first added to women's clothing in 1913, a Paris reporter wrote, "It's all over with men's superiority over women." Pockets are indeed indispensable, and they come in two types: patch and set-in #Quote by Claire B. Shaeffer
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire Forlani
#9. Depression is close to me, but suicide hasn't been. #Quote by Claire Forlani
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire McCaskill
#10. I do not begrudge Bill Clinton's working for his wife, but the one thing I would say is really important to President Clinton to think about right now, because of the larger megaphone he has as a former president, he really needs to be careful with the truth. #Quote by Claire McCaskill
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire Messud
#11. That cheery, flimsy distraction from Death; or in a pinch Law & Order, because on some station or other, at any time of day or night, you can find it
Detective Benson! Detective Stabler! My long lost!
and no longer be alone. #Quote by Claire Messud
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire Lombardo
#12. It's my plan to outlive everyone and spend my days reveling in a disgusting level of opulence, #Quote by Claire Lombardo
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire Merle
#13. In the Community everything was black and white. Here, romantic relationships took on shades of grey; they were full of uncertainty, maybes, broken promises. #Quote by Claire Merle
Claire Gilly quotes by Toni Aleo
#14. I love making dances and I love the sexiness of burlesque," I admit and she smiles. "But I'm worried they won't see it that way, they'll think it's stripping or something degrading. #Quote by Toni Aleo
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire Robertson
#15. Admit only your victories until you have hooked their interest, then you draw them closer and admit the sort of failings that reflect well on a fellow, sentimental failings: that was the theory of courtship the young master had formulated... #Quote by Claire Robertson
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire McClennan
#16. Tradition can not justify such misery. Surely people can enjoy themselves at a non-animal circus with exciting human acts instead? #Quote by Claire McClennan
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire Cook
#17. I confronted the fact that I was not only talking to a dog, but answering for one. #Quote by Claire Cook
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire Farrell
#18. Bit of a hormone imbalance today, yeah? #Quote by Claire Farrell
Claire Gilly quotes by Tessa Dare
#19. Damn it, why was he wondering about her? Why did he feel this need to know everything about an impertinent, managing, none-too-pretty female? But he did. Oh, he did not want to engage in anything so gauche or peril-fraught as inquiry. He merely wanted a reference - the comprehensive cotex of all things Amelia Claire d'Orsay. A chart of her ancestry back to the Norman invaders. The catalogue listing every book she'd ever read. A topographical map indicating the precise location of every freckle on her skin. #Quote by Tessa Dare
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire Contreras
#20. Fine. I'll go back to my room," he says gruffly, his blazing eyes boring into mine. "Just know that I'll be thinking very naughty thoughts and doing very naughty things to myself while I picture you naked and wet. #Quote by Claire Contreras
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire Bloom
#21. When I was in England doing Romeo and Juliet as a child star, I was interviewed by the British press, who are even more vicious and cruel than the Americans. So I have been extremely guarded ever since. #Quote by Claire Bloom
Claire Gilly quotes by Rachel Caine
#22. Claire was struggling through last summer's diary volume when Myrnin popped in through the portal, wearing a big floppy black hat and a kind of crazy/stylish pimp coat that covered him from neck to ankles, black leather gloves, and a black and silver walking stick with a dragon's head on it. And, on his lapel was a button that said, If you can read this, thank a teacher. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Claire Gilly quotes by Roxanne St. Claire
#23. Deep, dark secrets always hurt to share. That's why we keep them in the deep dark. #Quote by Roxanne St. Claire
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire Thompson
#24. Ah well. You know what they say. Progress, not perfection. That's why it's called training. Shall we begin again? #Quote by Claire Thompson
Claire Gilly quotes by Roxanne St. Claire
#25. The people you love and the people who love you, no matter how piss-poor a job they do of showing it, are all you have in this life. #Quote by Roxanne St. Claire
Claire Gilly quotes by Aleatha Romig
#26. She sat back down, arms once again crossed over her breasts. It was the most direct she'd ever spoken to him, and it felt liberating. Unfortunately, the resentment coursing through her veins wouldn't allow her to relish her new found independence.
She expected her words to incite anger; after all, she'd experienced his anger before. Nevertheless, carelessly and unapologetically Claire forged ahead, I would prefer the words, but you are welcome to say, one through four, if that's easier for you. #Quote by Aleatha Romig
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire Scovell LaZebnik
#27. Sometimes people say that kids with autism aren't capable of love. That's ridiculous. My son loves deeply. He just doesn't communicate well. #Quote by Claire Scovell LaZebnik
Claire Gilly quotes by Rachel Caine
#28. I – talked to her. She understands. She won't do anything stupid." He didn't look at Claire when he said that, and she wondered what kind of talking that might have been.
Her mother had always said, when in doubt, ask.
"Was it the kind of talk where you gave her something to live for? Like maybe, um, you?"
"Did I – what the hell are you talking about?"
"I just thought maybe you and her–"
"Claire, Jesus!" Michael said. She'd actually made him flinch. Wow. That was new. "You think banging me is going to make her forget about charging out to commit cold-blooded vampire slaying? I don't know what kind of standards you have on sex, but those are pretty high. Besides, whatever's between me and Eve – well, it's between me and Eve." Until she tells me about it later, Claire thought. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire Lombardo
#29. I wish I could take it all away from you sweet thing. Her mom said simply. It was a strange sentence. Darkly poetic. One that with a subtle shift in vocal inflection could have been a curse instead of a sweet proclamation of motherly selflessness. #Quote by Claire Lombardo
Claire Gilly quotes by Glenn Cooper
#30. inscription, which reads in part, HINC CINERES TANTI HOMINIS RESURRECTIONEM MORTUORUM EXPECTANT RIP. Arthur heard Claire reading the dedication aloud then translating, "From the ashes of so great a man look for the resurrection of the dead. Rest in peace. #Quote by Glenn Cooper
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire Wolfe
#31. I don't trust a government I can't shoot back at #Quote by Claire Wolfe
Claire Gilly quotes by Claire McCaskill
#32. I'm going to work with Republicans when they do things I agree with and I'm going to fight Republicans when they're doing things that I think are damaging. #Quote by Claire McCaskill

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