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Circuitous Route quotes by Louis De Bernieres
#1. All war is fratricide, and there is therefore an infinite chain of blame that winds its circuitous route back and forth across the path and under the feet of every people and every nation, so that a people who are the victims of one time become the victimisers a generation later, and newly liberated nations resort immediately to the means of their former oppressors. #Quote by Louis De Bernieres
Circuitous Route quotes by Adam Gopnik
#2. When handsome men or beautiful women take up the work of the intellect, it impresses us because we know they could have chosen other paths to being impressive; that they chose the path of the mind suggests that there is on it something more worthwhile than a circuitous route to the good things that the good-looking get just by showing up. #Quote by Adam Gopnik
Circuitous Route quotes by Kurt Timmermeister
#3. If I had planned this farm from the outset, it might have looked different, perhaps more deliberate. As it happened, the circuitous route of development gave this project a more 'organic' style of growth. Through successes and failures the farm took shape and now reflects my interests and skills, the nature of this soil and the climate here. #Quote by Kurt Timmermeister
Circuitous Route quotes by Jeff Zentner
#4. I still have a last-day-of-sixth-grade feeling. All year you're excited for school to end so you can move on to junior high, but then the day comes and you realize that something that was an important part of your life is dying. And endings are still so new that you don't know quite how to feel. You find an excuse not to run out the door when the bell rings and school's out. You talk to your teacher one last time. You use the restroom one last time. You take a circuitous route back to your classroom. On your way out, you look back and sigh, and you experience this deep wishfulness, and you wonder if life is just a series of endings. New beginnings don't make endings any easier. #Quote by Jeff Zentner
Circuitous Route quotes by John Pfahl
#5. I want to make photographs whose very ambiguity provokes thought, rather than cuts it off prematurely. I want to make pictures that work on a more mysterious level, that approach the truth by a more circuitous route. #Quote by John Pfahl
Circuitous Route quotes by David Whyte
#6. Things have a way of being richer in the end, a product better made, for the circuitous route we take to include all the elements that are necessary for a job well done. #Quote by David Whyte
Circuitous Route quotes by Jane Roberts
#7. Our lives, I've learned, don't simply proceed nicely and directly from "birth" to "death." Instead, I see each one of us as traveling a most curious and branching-out or circuitous route, one that is creative in ways that are both known and, I'm sure now, unknown. Ah, #Quote by Jane Roberts
Circuitous Route quotes by Jenn Bennett
#8. That's the thing about being an evader. You have to be flexible and know when to bail before it all gets weird. Better for everyone, really. I'm a giver.

My plane landed half an hour ago, but I'm taking a circuitous route to what I hope is the backside of baggage claim, where my dad is supposed to pick me up. The key to avoiding uncomfortable situations is a preemptive strike: make sure you see them first. And before you accuse me of being a coward, think again. It's not easy being this screwed up. It takes planning and sharp reflexes. A devious mind. My mom says I'd make a great pickpocket, because I can disappear faster than you can say, Where's my wallet? The Artful Dodger, right here. #Quote by Jenn Bennett
Circuitous Route quotes by Heather Boushey
#9. When I was in high school, I would drive into Seattle to see bands and sip coffee late into the night, and I always ended up taking the long way home. I'd be a little anxious about stalling my Datsun on one of the hills around the city, so when I saw Denny Way, I always turned onto it, even though it led away from my home to Seattle's Capitol Hill district. From there I navigated winding hills and eventually ended up at home. A quick look at a map would have revealed the freeway that heads straight to my house, but since my circuitous route was familiar, I stuck to it. I should have known better, but I was just a kid. What excuse does the richest nation on earth have for driving around in the dark like an adolescent? Just because our familiar arguments over how best to help families and the economy lead us along well-trod paths doesn't make them the best ones we could be taking. #Quote by Heather Boushey
Circuitous Route quotes by Robin Bielman
#10. Charlie brought her dandelion to her mouth. "I've heard that, too. But this happens to be something I've done a lot and it's easy. Just take a deep breath, put your lips together, and blow." She closed her eyes and blew. When she lifted her lids, she found him watching her.
Or rather, watching her mouth. She let go of the flower stem and swallowed. "I'm thinking those lips of yours could make any man's wish come true. #Quote by Robin Bielman
Circuitous Route quotes by Tana French
#11. What-if-maybe crap is for weak people. It belongs to the ones who don't have the strength to make actual situations go their way, so they have to hide away in daydreams where they can play at controlling what comes next. And that makes them even weaker. Every what-if is a gift to anyone who's looking for a hold on you, and that means us. If a guy's whole head is in reality, then reality is the only route we can take to get to him. If he's letting his mind prance off down dozens of twisty hypothetical fairy tales, every one of those is a crack we can use to prize him open. Breslin #Quote by Tana French
Circuitous Route quotes by William Westney
#12. Music study presents a natural, here-and-now route to selfknowledge and self-integration. #Quote by William Westney
Circuitous Route quotes by Zach Braff
#13. You know how they do that effect in movies, where they make it look like you have a twin, but it's really just the same actor playing both characters in the scene? I knew this would be the best route, but I just wasn't comfortable dressing as a woman, so I had to hire other actors. #Quote by Zach Braff
Circuitous Route quotes by Bill Nye
#14. We should educate more women and girls. Because that is the surest route to controllably, manageably reducing the human population. Educated women have fewer kids. And the kids they do have are better cared for and are more successful. As I like to say, it's not one thing that we need to focus on. It's everything all at once. #Quote by Bill Nye
Circuitous Route quotes by George Orwell
#15. There is no swifter route to the corruption of thought than through the corruption of language #Quote by George Orwell
Circuitous Route quotes by Betty Smith
#16. A person who pulls himself up from a low environment via the boot strap route has two choices. Having risen above his environment, he can forget it; or, he can rise above it and never forget it and keep compassion and understanding in his heart for those he has left behind him in the cruel up climb. #Quote by Betty Smith
Circuitous Route quotes by Susan Mallery
#17. I promised myself no regrets," she whispered into the darkness. "No what-ifs, no second guessing. I promised myself that I was going to live my life, instead of always taking the safe route. #Quote by Susan Mallery
Circuitous Route quotes by Susan Powter
#18. I know the guru route, I know you go sit on a mountain. But screw India. I ain't going there. #Quote by Susan Powter
Circuitous Route quotes by Rose George
#19. There are few industries as defiantly opaque as shipping. Even offshore bankers have not developed a system as intricately elusive as the flag of convenience, under which ships can fly the flag of a state that has nothing to do with its owner, cargo, crew, or route. #Quote by Rose George
Circuitous Route quotes by Geraldine McCaughrean
#20. It isn't that I don't tackle issues; it's just that they're secondary to giving somebody an escape route from the banal routine of everyday life. #Quote by Geraldine McCaughrean
Circuitous Route quotes by Bob Dole
#21. If something happened along the route and you had to leave your children with Bob Dole or Bill Clinton, I think you would probably leave them with Bob Dole. #Quote by Bob Dole
Circuitous Route quotes by Ilan Ramon
#22. The route to the target is more important than the target. We are going to go for the target, but we enjoy the route as well. #Quote by Ilan Ramon
Circuitous Route quotes by Paige VanZant
#23. I used to be a cheerleader, but fighting just seemed more, "me". So I went that route. #Quote by Paige VanZant
Circuitous Route quotes by John Michael Greer
#24. The attitude that psychologists call inflation and the traditional lore of Cabalistic magic, borrowing a term from religion, calls spiritual pride is one of the most serious dangers of this work.

Those who enter the path of magic with too great an appetite for flattery or too strong a need for ego reinforcement will very likely find these things, but they are also rather too likely to find fanaticism, megalomania and mental breakdown along the same route. The thing has happened far too often in the history of magic in the West. #Quote by John Michael Greer
Circuitous Route quotes by Two Chainz
#25. The independent route was the best move for me. But I think I've maximized everything I could do independently. I've done everything out the mixtape market. I think getting the big machine behind you is the next stage when you've maximized the independent level. #Quote by Two Chainz
Circuitous Route quotes by Max Tegmark
#26. This brief century of ours is arguably the most significant one in the history of our universe. We'll have the technology either to self-destruct, or [to] seed our cosmos with life. The situation is so unstable that I doubt we can dwell at this fork in the road for more than another hundred years. But if we end up going the life route instead of the death route, then in a distant future our cosmos will be teaming with life, all of which can be traced back to what we do-here and now. I don't know how we'll be thought of, but I'm sure that we won't be remembered as insignificant. #Quote by Max Tegmark
Circuitous Route quotes by Jim Courier
#27. The reason I didn't take the baseball route is because they don't have rankings for baseball players. #Quote by Jim Courier
Circuitous Route quotes by Mark Hodgson
#28. substance which the body believes to be dangerous enters the body, by any route (it may be eaten, breathed or taken in through the skin), defence mechanisms begin to operate to deal with this challenge. This is happening all #Quote by Mark Hodgson
Circuitous Route quotes by Rachel Moran
#29. Homelessness is a recognised entry route into prostitution, which, in the case of young people and children, is often a result of running away (Home Office, 2004a). Running away can be an attempt to make a positive move, a means of breaking away from an intolerable home life in order to make a fresh start. It can also be seen as an attempt to exercise control over the situation. However, while a young woman may be making an attempt to be assertive, she would simultaneously be increasing her vulnerability to manipulation.' (Cusick et al, 2003) The #Quote by Rachel Moran
Circuitous Route quotes by Jennifer E. Smith
#30. Though it's not as bad until we get up in the air."
"How come?" he asks. "Plenty of wide open spaces up there."
"But no escape route."
"Ah," he says. "So you're looking for an escape route."
Hadley nods. "Always."
"Figures," he says, sighing dramatically. "I get that from girls a lot. #Quote by Jennifer E. Smith
Circuitous Route quotes by Nako
#31. Most marriages failed due to lack of communication. In the bed laid two lost people, both seeking the same thing, but no one had the courage to speak up and be the bigger person. Neither one of them had the strength to fight for the other. So every night, they laid in bed, secretly praying for an exit route. #Quote by Nako
Circuitous Route quotes by Steven Johnson
#32. The timing of Thomas Lewis' illness suggests one chilling alternative history. The Broad Street outbreak had subsided in part because the only viable route between the well and the neighborhood's small intestines had run through the cesspool at 40 Broad. When baby Lewis died, the connection had died with it. But when her husband fell ill, Sarah Lewis began emptying the buckets of soiled water in the cesspool all over again. If Snow had not persuaded the Board of Governors to remove the handle when he did, the disease might have torn through the neighborhood all over again, the well water restocked with a fresh supply of V. cholerae. And so Snow's intervention did not just help bring the outbreak to a close. It also prevented a second attack. #Quote by Steven Johnson
Circuitous Route quotes by Christopher Titus
#33. By the way, six A.M.? Not a real great time for me; you know, I'm a comic. I get off work at two. Six A.M., I'm a little grumpy. Six A.M., I'm a little P.O.ed. Six A.M., I'm like a vampire with a paper route. #Quote by Christopher Titus
Circuitous Route quotes by J.R. Ward
#34. I have a trainer," she confirmed while searching for an escape route.
Standing closer to this man is like being stuck in an elevator, she decided. You'd bargain with God to get free.
"But not just any trainer. Not only does this woman tackle a stallion no one else can seem to tame but she resurrects the dead, n'est-ce pas? You have done wonders to stir McCloud's blood again, or so I have heard."
A.J.'s mouth dropped open at the insinuation. "What are you talking about?"
"Surely you jest. The news is all around." He gesticulated with a limp wrist. "Although I must say, you are faithless to leave your family in favor of a man who is not your husband. No matter how good you find his services."
Her vision narrowed on the man's jugular. "Why, you little - "
Devlin appeared at her side. "A.J.! Time to go pace off the course."
"Ah," Philippe said grandly. "And here is your good teacher, the man you gave up so much for. Myself, I could not imagine leaving my family for someone else's stable, but I am French and we are known for our loyalty. Then again, I also don't need the particular kind of instruction this McCloud offers."
A.J. could sense her face tuning brick red and felt like a boxer winding up for a punch.
"Come on," Devlin said.
"Yes, run along, you two. I imagine there is much you must do to each other."
That did it. She lost it.
"Why, you tar-mouthed gossip hound - "
She was itching to go further but Devlin pu #Quote by J.R. Ward
Circuitous Route quotes by Neville Goddard
#35. Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and observe the route that your attention follows. #Quote by Neville Goddard
Circuitous Route quotes by Marianne Williamson
#36. Religion is like a map. The route isn't important. It's the destination that matters. #Quote by Marianne Williamson
Circuitous Route quotes by Honoree Corder
#37. Ants are a terrific analogy for the route to success. They will go over, under, around, or through whatever gets in their way. They never stop moving, and neither should you. Take the word impossible and turn it into I'm Possible. #Quote by Honoree Corder
Circuitous Route quotes by George R. Stewart
#38. The original route, whether called U. S. 40 or something else, will furnish the main-traveled road until someone disproves the geometrical proposition that a straight line is the shortest distance between points. #Quote by George R. Stewart
Circuitous Route quotes by Colleen Hoover
#39. Normally when I'm attempting a risky, clandestine, secret date and I need to escape my house undetected, I ask myself, 'What would MacGyver do?'"
Oh, my god, this chick just mentioned MacGyver?
I break my eyes away from hers long enough to hide the fact that I think I just fell for her and also to assess our escape route. I glance at the swing on the porch, then look back at Six when I'm sure the cheesy grin is gone from my face.
"I think MacGyver would take your porch swing and build an invisible force field out of grass and matches. Then he would attach a jet engine to it and fly it out of here undetected. Unfortunately I'm all out of matches. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Circuitous Route quotes by Tim Dorsey
#40. Route 27 was the spinal cord of Florida, practically vacant since the interstates, which took them up through towns with main streets that had the same early-evening closing hours since 1957. The only signs of life were the parking lights of local police cars on side streets, waiting for the local delinquents. Clewiston, Sebring, Clermont, Leesburg. #Quote by Tim Dorsey
Circuitous Route quotes by Stephen King
#41. On either side of them the essence of honky tonk beach resort had now enclosed them: gas stations, fried clam stands, Dairy Treets, motels painted in feverish pastel colors, mini golf.

Larry was drawn two painful ways by these things. Part of him clamored at their sad and blatant ugliness and at the ugliness of the minds that had turned this section of a magnificent, savage coastline into one long highway amusement park for families in station wagons. But there was a more subtle, deeper part of him that whispered of the people who had filled these places and this road during other summers. Ladies in sunhats and shorts too tight for their large behinds. College boys in red and black striped rugby shirts. Girls in beach shifts and thong sandals. Small screaming children with ice cream spread over their faces. They were American people, and there was a kind of dirty, compelling romance about them whenever they were in groups never mind if the group was in an Aspen ski lodge or performing their prosaic/ arcane rites of summer along Route 1 in Maine. And now all these Americans were gone. #Quote by Stephen King
Circuitous Route quotes by Elizabeth Kenny
#42. Some minds remain open long enough for the truth not only to enter but to pass on through by way of a ready exit without pausing anywhere along the route. #Quote by Elizabeth Kenny
Circuitous Route quotes by Seth Godin
#43. When you set down the path to create art, whatever sort of art it is, understand that the path is neither short not easy. That means you must determine if the route is worth the effort. If it's not, dream bigger. #Quote by Seth Godin
Circuitous Route quotes by Richard Dawkins
#44. A tiger's DNA is also a 'duplicate me' program but it contains an almost fantastically large digression as an essential part of the efficient execution of its fundamental message. That digression is a tiger, complete with fangs, claws, running muscles, stalking and pouncing instincts. The tiger's DNA says, 'Duplicate me by the round-about route of building a tiger first.' At the same time, antelope DNA says, 'Duplicate me by the round-about route of building an antelope first, complete with long legs and fast muscles, complete with timorous instincts and finely honed sense organs tuned to the danger from tigers. #Quote by Richard Dawkins
Circuitous Route quotes by Stephen E. Ambrose
#45. Of courage undaunted, possessing a firmness and perseverance of purpose which nothing but impossibilities could divert from its direction, careful as a father of those committed to his charge, yet steady in the maintenance of order and discipline, intimate with the Indian character, customs, and principles; habituated to the hunting life, guarded by exact observation of the vegetables and animals of his own country against losing time in the description of objects already possessed; honest, disinterested, liberal, of sound understanding, and a fidelity to truth so scrupulous that whatever he should report would be as certain as if seen by ourselves – with all these qualifications as if selected and implanted by nature in one body for this express purpose, I could have no hesitation in confiding the enterprise to him. To fill up the measure desired, he wanted nothing but a greater familiarity with the technical language of the natural sciences, and readiness in the astronomical observations necessary for the geography of his route. To acquire these he repaired immediately to Philadelphia, and placed himself under the tutorage of the distinguished professors of that place. #Quote by Stephen E. Ambrose
Circuitous Route quotes by Paul Weller
#46. I never get too many problems. You can never please everyone anyway, obviously. And some people take the easy route and just play the greatest hits, and their audience is happy to hear that as well, and that's fine, but it wouldn't please me. But it doesn't trouble me. #Quote by Paul Weller
Circuitous Route quotes by Frank Ocean
#47. Some people focus more on sonics. Some people focus more on story. I focus on both sonics and story, but music sometimes, just music itself, can turn into more of a maths problem. I guess everything in life is a math problem, but it can be more about an empirical route to getting the symmetry that you want, and this vibe, sonically. #Quote by Frank Ocean
Circuitous Route quotes by Matthew Arnold
#48. Oxus, forgetting the bright speed he had In his high mountain cradle in Pamere, A foiled circuitous wanderertill at last The longed-for dash of waves is heard, and wide His luminous home of waters opens, bright And tranquil, from whose floor the new-bathed stars Emerge, and shine upon the Aral Sea. #Quote by Matthew Arnold

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