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Cinzano Wine quotes by Andre Hueston Mack
#1. Black vintners in this country make some really great wines. Explore a wine list and you will find at least one of our wines in the best restaurants. Buy a bottle for your table, and let management know you appreciate them including a Black winemaker in their stock. #Quote by Andre Hueston Mack
Cinzano Wine quotes by Moses Ibn Ezra
#2. Bitter is wine, but it sweetens all bitterness. #Quote by Moses Ibn Ezra
Cinzano Wine quotes by Clifton Fadiman
#3. If food is the body of good living, wine is its soul. #Quote by Clifton Fadiman
Cinzano Wine quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#4. Just because I'm resisting the wine doesn't mean I can't appreciate the bouquet. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Cinzano Wine quotes by David Shapiro
#5. I buy us each a 40 oz. of Coors Light because right off the bat, it's important that she knows I am the kind of guy who drinks 40s, not like wine or craft beer or stuff like that. #Quote by David Shapiro
Cinzano Wine quotes by Kim Harrison
#6. 'Dandelion Wine' became one of the few books that I returned to time and again, and while not anywhere near the story crafter as Mr. Bradbury, I hope I managed to absorb by osmosis some of his techniques. #Quote by Kim Harrison
Cinzano Wine quotes by Whitney Barbetti
#7. Take this wine glass for example. If I had poured milk into it and told you it was wine, would you be upset when you took the first sip, expecting the bite of fermented grapes and getting milk instead?"
"I like milk."
Everett fought a smile. "I do too. But I also like to know what's coming. It all boils down to control. #Quote by Whitney Barbetti
Cinzano Wine quotes by Shani Struthers
#8. Liebfraumilch?" Penny looked at the bottle in horror. "What the bloody hell are you doing buying Liebfraumilch?"
"Did I?" replied Layla, surprised. "Sorry, I wasn't concentrating."
Quickly downing the first glass of wine, she advised Layla to do the same. "The next one will be better," she promised. "By the time we're on our third, it'll taste as good as Chablis."
Penny gulped whilst Layla sipped.
Muttering almost to herself as much as Layla, she added, "Never mind, at least we've got plenty of chocolate."
"Oh, chocolate," said Layla, one hand flying up to her mouth. "I forgot."
Forgotten chocolate? Crikey, things were bad. #Quote by Shani Struthers
Cinzano Wine quotes by Charles Dickens
#9. There was a little plate of hothouse nectarines on the table, and there was another of grapes, and another of sponge-cakes, and there was a bottle of light wine ... 'This is my frugal breakfast ... Give me my peach, my cup of coffee, and my claret.' #Quote by Charles Dickens
Cinzano Wine quotes by Isak Dinesen
#10. There are many ways to the recognition of truth, and Burgundy is one of them. #Quote by Isak Dinesen
Cinzano Wine quotes by Anais Nin
#11. Writing more and more to the sound of music, writing more and more like music. Sitting in my studio tonight, playing record after record, writing, music a stimulant of the highest order, far more potent than wine. #Quote by Anais Nin
Cinzano Wine quotes by Eugene O'Neill
#12. I have had my dance with Folly, nor do I shirk the blame;
I have sipped the so-called Wine of Life and paid the price of shame;
But I know that I shall find surcease, the rest my spirit craves,
Where the rainbows play in the flying spray,
'Mid the keen salt kiss of the waves. #Quote by Eugene O'Neill
Cinzano Wine quotes by Plautus
#13. Wine is a cunning wrestler. #Quote by Plautus
Cinzano Wine quotes by Joan G. Robinson
#14. There was a strange exciting smell in the air - the smell of wine, cigar smoke, and perfume, mingled with the scent of the roses. The bright colors merged into one another, and the music rose and fell. #Quote by Joan G. Robinson
Cinzano Wine quotes by Adam Rogers
#15. William Faulkner is supposed to have said, "Civilization begins with distillation," but I'd push even further -- beyond just distilled spirits to wine, beer, mead, sake ... all of it. Booze is civilization in a glass. #Quote by Adam Rogers
Cinzano Wine quotes by George MacDonald
#16. These wedding guests could have done without wine, surely without more wine and better wine. But the Father looks with no esteem upon a bare existence, and is ever working, even by suffering, to render life more rich and plentiful. His gifts are to the overflowing of the cup; but when the cup would overflow, he deepens its hollow, and widens its brim. Our Lord is profuse like his Father, yea, will, at his own sternest cost, be lavish to his brethren. He will give them wine indeed. But even they who know whence the good wine comes, and joyously thank the giver, shall one day cry out, like the praiseful ruler of the feast to him who gave it not, Thou hast kept the good wine until now. #Quote by George MacDonald
Cinzano Wine quotes by Roland Barthes
#17. Other countries drink to get drunk, and this is accepted by everyone; in France, drunkenness is a consequence, never an intention. A drink is felt as the spinning out of a pleasure, not as the necessary cause of an effect which is sought: wine is not only a philtre, it is also the leisurely act of drinking. #Quote by Roland Barthes
Cinzano Wine quotes by Shuli Barzilai
#18. There are four on whose pots the Holy One, blessed he, knocked, only to find them filled with piss, and these are they: Adam, Cain, the wicked Balaam, and Hezekiah.
Again, an abrupt transposition from the divine to the domestic, from upper to lowly spheres, occurs in the midrash. The homely image of the Holy One knocking on pots apparently derives from the practice of tapping on a clay or earthen pot to hear its ring in order to decide if it is worthy of holding wine. In current Hebrew usage, the expression 'to assess or gauge someone's pot' still denotes taking in the measure of a person's character. From Adam's answer to God, we learn that he turned out to be a pisspot. #Quote by Shuli Barzilai
Cinzano Wine quotes by Z.A. Maxfield
#19. Adin looked up at Donte, who was then in the middle of taking a sip of his wine. He took in Donte's demonically beautiful face, long and angular, with its hooded eyes and high cheekbones, its wine-darkened lips. He watched as Donte savored it, imagining the warmth of the wine on the inside of Donte's mouth and against his tongue. He could almost feel it as it slid down the column of Donte's throat, teasing his Adam's apple into a subtle bob, and suddenly Adin was the wine, slipping down that throat, and just as inexplicably, Adin felt Donte's mouth on him everywhere at once, biting ... licking ... sucking. Adin's breath sped up; his skin warmed with the beginnings of a flush brought on by arousal. #Quote by Z.A. Maxfield
Cinzano Wine quotes by William Shakespeare
#20. Good company, good wine, good welcome, can make good people. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Cinzano Wine quotes by Stephen White
#21. I fell in love with the Mediterranean philosophy of good wine, good food and family. #Quote by Stephen White
Cinzano Wine quotes by Mitch Hedberg
#22. I saw this wino, he was eating grapes. I was like, "Dude, you have to wait". #Quote by Mitch Hedberg
Cinzano Wine quotes by Leatrice Eiseman
#23. Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal, while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness. This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors. #Quote by Leatrice Eiseman
Cinzano Wine quotes by Liane Moriarty
#24. Why did she give up wine for Lent? Polly was more sensible. She had given up strawberry jam. Cecilia had never seen Polly show more than a passing interest in strawberry jam, although now, of course, she was always catching her standing at the open fridge, staring at it longingly. The power of denial. #Quote by Liane Moriarty
Cinzano Wine quotes by Kenneth Grahame
#25. Hauled up our wine-casks, and hove them overboard, tied one to the other by a long line. Then the crew took to the boats and rowed shorewards, singing as they went, and drawing after them the long bobbing procession of casks, like #Quote by Kenneth Grahame
Cinzano Wine quotes by Anita Nair
#26. Love is a colorless,volatile Liquid.Love ignites n burns.Love Leaves no residue neither smoke nor ash.Love is a poison masquerading as spirit of Wine #Quote by Anita Nair
Cinzano Wine quotes by Paul Levine
#27. She seemed to be one of those anti-gluten, pro-yoga, organic wine bar, Generation-Y echo boomers. #Quote by Paul Levine
Cinzano Wine quotes by Jenny Lawson
#28. By my tenth glass of wine I started to wonder whether there was something wrong with my palate. Everyone else was marking the wine list with notes like "Pleasant finish. Robust spices." Meanwhile, I was doodling pictures of vampiric cougars. Then I noticed people staring at my doodles, and so I started writing notes next to the wine. Things like "Tastes of NyQuil, but in a good way," and "This one will get you all the way fucked up." "I can't feel my feet anymore." "Did I leave the garage door open? I wonder whether the cat is on fire. I should probably stop drinking now." Everyone else there had a sophisticated palate. I had one that needed therapy, and possibly an intervention. #Quote by Jenny Lawson
Cinzano Wine quotes by Charles Bukowski
#29. I was a man who thrived on solitude; without it I was like another man without food or water. Each day without solitude weakened me. I took no pride in my solitude; but I was dependent on it. The darkness of the room was like sunlight to me. I took a drink of wine. Suddenly #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Cinzano Wine quotes by Sylvia Chidi
#30. Beautiful!

Honesty is beautiful
Kindness is beautiful
Intelligence is beautiful
Talent is beautiful

Beautiful is a romance with such abundance
Beautiful are the flowers that roam the earth
Beautiful is awaking to the sound of singing birds
Beautiful is a disguise
Playing hide and seek inside and outside
Beautiful is as naked as the rising sun
Beautiful is delightful and truthful
Beautiful is the golden daylight that shines
And the taste of sweet colored red wine
Beautiful was never ever created by mistake
Beautiful is the ingredient we bake life's cake
When all or nothing is at stake

I am beautiful
You are beautiful
We are beautiful

Beautiful is great
Beautiful is sweet
Beautiful is love
Beautiful is power

Come to me Mr. & Mrs. Beautiful
Let me into your little secret
Of why you are so obedient and dutiful #Quote by Sylvia Chidi
Cinzano Wine quotes by Steven Erikson
#31. Perhaps some wine will wash things clean,' suggested Bugg.
'Won't hurt. Pour us some, please. You, guard, come and join us - standing there doing nothing must be a dreadful bore. No need to gape like that, I assure you. Doff that helm and relax - there's another guard just like you on the other side of that door, after all. Let him bear the added burden of diligence. Tell us about yourself. Family, friends, hobbies, scandals - '
'Sire,' warned Bugg.
'Or just join us in a drink and feel under no pressure to say anything at all. This shall be one of those interludes swiftly glossed over in the portentous histories of great and mediocre kings. We sit in the desultory aftermath, oblivious to omens and whatever storm waits behind yonder horizon. Ah, thank you, Bugg - my Queen, accept that goblet and come sit on my knee - oh, don't make that kind of face, we need to compose the proper scene. I insist and since I'm King I can do that, or so I read somewhere. Now, let's see . . . yes, Bugg, stand right over there - oh, massaging your brow is the perfect pose. And you, dearest guard - how did you manage to hide all that hair? And how come I never knew you were a woman? Never mind, you're an unexpected delight - ow, calm down, wife - oh, that's me who needs to calm down. Sorry. Women in uniforms and all that. Guard, that dangling helm is exquisite by the way, take a mouthful and do pass judgement on the vintage, yes, like that, oh, most perfect!
'Now, it's just occu #Quote by Steven Erikson
Cinzano Wine quotes by Ada Palmer
#32. I cannot offer wine without the poison of the alcohol within. #Quote by Ada Palmer
Cinzano Wine quotes by James Kavanaugh
#33. Now he haunts me seldom: some fierce umbilical is broken,
I live with my own fragile hopes and sudden rising despair.
Now I do not weep for my sins; I have learned to love them
And to know that they are the wounds that make love real.
His face illudes me; his voice, with its pity, does not ring in my ear.
His maxims memorized in boyhood do not make fruitless and pointless my experience.
I walk alone, but not so terrified as when he held my hand.
I do not splash in the blood of his son
nor hear the crunch of nails or thorns piercing protesting flesh.
I am a boy again
I whose boyhood was turned to manhood in a brutal myth.
Now wine is only wine with drops that do not taste of blood.
The bread I eat has too much pride for transubstantiation,
I, too
and together the bread and I embrace,
Each grateful to be what we are, each loving from our own reality. #Quote by James Kavanaugh
Cinzano Wine quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#34. True, a socialistic society could see that 1000 litres of wine were better than 800 litres. It could decide whether or not 1000 litres of wine were to be preferred to 500 litres of oil. Such a decision would involve no calculation. The will of some man would decide. But the real business of economic administration, the adaptation of means to ends only begins when such a decision is taken. And only economic calculation makes this adaptation possible. Without such assistance, in the bewildering chaos of alternative materials and processes the human mind would be at a complete loss. Whenever we had to decide between different processes or different centres of production, we would be entirely at sea. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Cinzano Wine quotes by John Keats
#35. Though the most beautiful creature were waiting for me at the end of a journey or a walk; though the carpet were of silk, the curtains of the morning clouds; the chairs and sofa stuffed with cygnet's down; the food manna, the wine beyond claret, the window opening on Winander Mere, I should not feel -or rather my happiness would not be so fine, as my solitude is sublime. #Quote by John Keats
Cinzano Wine quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#36. But Teccam claims that out of all the spirits, only wine is suited to reminiscence. He said a good wine allows clarity and focus, while still allowing a bit of comforting coloration of the memory. #Quote by Patrick Rothfuss
Cinzano Wine quotes by Jack Kerouac
#37. ... the loneliness ... the "inexpressibly delicious" sensation of this memory - for as memories are older they're like wine rarer, till if you find a real old memory, one of infancy, not an established often tasted one but a brand new one, it would taste better than the Napoleon brandy Stendhal himself must have stared at ... #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Cinzano Wine quotes by Louis L'Amour
#38. Neither drink [coffee or tea] was known in Frankish lands, but seated in the coffeehouses, I drank of each at various times, twirling my moustache and listening with attention to that headier draught, the wine of the intellect, that sweet and bitter juice distilled from the vine of thought and the tree of man's experience. #Quote by Louis L'Amour
Cinzano Wine quotes by Beryl Dov
#39. Unity
Nothing unites people more strongly than a shared bottle of wine,
a child's welfare and a common loathing. #Quote by Beryl Dov
Cinzano Wine quotes by Mark Twain
#40. Good wine needs no bush; a jug is the thing. #Quote by Mark Twain
Cinzano Wine quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#41. A true German can't stand the French,
Yet willingly he drinks their wines. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Cinzano Wine quotes by Haruki Murakami
#42. That was the first time in my life that anyone had rejected me so completely.' Tsukuru said. 'And the ones who did it were the people I trusted the most, my four best friends in the world. I was so close to them that they had been like an extension of my own body. Searching for the reason, or correcting a misunderstanding, was beyond me. I was simply, and utterly, in shock. So much so that I thought I might never recover. It felt like something inside me snapped.'

The bartender brought over the glass of wine and replenished the bowl of nuts. Once he'd left, Sara turned to Tsukuru.

'I've never experienced that myself, but I think I can imagine how stunned you must have been. I understand that you couldn't recover from it quickly. But still, after time had passed and the shock had worn off, wasn't there something you could have done? I mean, it was so unfair. Why didn't you challenge it? I don't see how you could stand it.'

Tsukuru shook his head slightly. 'The next morning I made up some excuse to tell my family and took the bullet train back to Tokyo. I couldn't stand being in Nagoya for one more day. All I could think of was getting away from there.'

'If it had been me, I would have stayed there and not left until I got to the bottom of it,' Sara said.

'I wasn't strong enough for that.' Tsukuru said.

'You didn't want to find out the truth?'

Tsukuru stared at his hands on the tabletop, careful choos #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Cinzano Wine quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#43. I should say upfront that I have never been in a cellar in my life. In fact, I can see no reason why anyone should ever go into a cellar unless there is wine involved. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins

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