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Famous Quotes About Cinema Verite

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Cinema Verite quotes by Werner Herzog
#1. There are deeper strata of truth in cinema, and there is such a thing as poetic, ecstatic truth. It is mysterious and elusive, and can be reached only through fabrication and imagination and stylization. #Quote by Werner Herzog
Cinema Verite quotes by George Hickenlooper
#2. I think that narrative, fiction filmmaking is the culmination of several art forms: theater, art history, architecture. Whereas doc filmmaking is more pure cinema, like cinema verite is film in its purest form. #Quote by George Hickenlooper
Cinema Verite quotes by Mira Nair
#3. I came from the school of cinema verite documentaries, which was: Do not manipulate reality as it was happening but create a narrative in the editing room. #Quote by Mira Nair
Cinema Verite quotes by A.O. Scott
#4. Campaign may invite a certain skepticism about democracy, but it will surely restore your faith in cinema verite. #Quote by A.O. Scott
Cinema Verite quotes by Mira Nair
#5. For seven years, I made films in the cinema verite tradition - photographing what was happening without manipulating it. Then I realised I wanted to make things happen for myself, through feature films. #Quote by Mira Nair
Cinema Verite quotes by Jean Rouch
#6. I don't think there's any border between science and art. All the fiction films I have made were always on the same subject, - a discovery of the "Other," an exploration of difference. #Quote by Jean Rouch
Cinema Verite quotes by Jean Rouch
#7. I look at the human sciences as poetic sciences in which there is no objectivity, and I see film as not being objective, and cinema verite as a cinema of lies that depends on the art of telling yourself lies. If you're a good storyteller then the lie is more true than reality, and if you're a bad one, the truth is worse than a half lie. #Quote by Jean Rouch
Cinema Verite quotes by Andrei Tarkovsky
#8. Art is by nature aristocratic, and naturally selective in its effect on the audience. For even in its 'collective' manifestations, like theatre or cinema, its effect is bound up with the intimate emotions of each person who comes into contact with a work. The more the individual is traumatised and gripped by these emotions, the more significant a place will the work have in his experience.
The aristocratic nature of art, however does not in any way absolve the artist of his responsibility to his public and even, if you like, more broadly, to people in general. On the contrary, because of his special awareness of his time and of the world in which he lives, the artist becomes the voice of those who cannot formulate or express their view of reality. In that sense the artist is indeed vox populi. That is why he is called to serve his own talent, which means serving his people. #Quote by Andrei Tarkovsky
Cinema Verite quotes by Serge Daney
#9. A cinephile is someone who expects too much of cinema. #Quote by Serge Daney
Cinema Verite quotes by Francis Ford Coppola
#10. The essence of cinema is editing. #Quote by Francis Ford Coppola
Cinema Verite quotes by Jeanne Moreau
#11. Although for some people cinema means something superficial and glamorous, it is something else. I think it is the mirror of the world. #Quote by Jeanne Moreau
Cinema Verite quotes by Richard Attenborough
#12. Well, I think In Love and War, which had a wonderful performance by Sandy, Sandra Bullock, who the authorities and, the supposed authorities, in cinema didn't want to know about. #Quote by Richard Attenborough
Cinema Verite quotes by Peter Mullan
#13. I guess I'm part of the art house, but we really have to shake up our ideas, because we're kind of self-parodying ourselves. We go places commercial cinema doesn't go, but sometimes it's to our own detriment. #Quote by Peter Mullan
Cinema Verite quotes by Kenneth Anger
#14. I've always considered movies evil; the day that cinema was invented was a black day for mankind. #Quote by Kenneth Anger
Cinema Verite quotes by Joshua Oppenheimer
#15. The whole tradition of cinema is dominated, really, by films about good guys versus bad guys, good versus evil. But we have very few films about the nature of evil itself. #Quote by Joshua Oppenheimer
Cinema Verite quotes by Mitra Farahani
#16. Never seek financial independence in independent cinema since independent cinema doesn't make money. #Quote by Mitra Farahani
Cinema Verite quotes by Joshua Leonard
#17. Even in the realest American cinema that I see, there's still not that sense that this is reality. There's still that sense that you are watching a movie. And hopefully, if we did get our jobs right, that sense disappears when you watch this movie. #Quote by Joshua Leonard
Cinema Verite quotes by Alexander Payne
#18. The novel succeeds on terms exclusive to literature. A good film succeeds on terms exclusive to the cinema. That's why so many bad novels can become good movies, like 'Jaws' or 'The Godfather.' #Quote by Alexander Payne
Cinema Verite quotes by Antoine Fuqua
#19. I became a director just for the love of movies, because of the power of cinema. #Quote by Antoine Fuqua
Cinema Verite quotes by Jo Walton
#20. They were ghosts, I suppose, the procession of the dead. They weren't pale kings and pale maidens, they were work-worn men and women - perfectly ordinary people, except for being dead. You'd never mistake them for living people. You couldn't quite see through them, but they were even more drained of colour than everything else, and they weren't quite as solid as they ought to be. One of the men I recognised. He had been sitting in Fedw Hir near Grampar making blubbing sounds with his mouth. Now he strode along easily with a spring in his step. His face was grave and composed, he was a man with dignity and purpose. He bent and picked up one of my oak leaves from the path and offered it like a ticket at the cinema as he passed between the two trees. I didn't see anyone take it. I couldn't see into the darkness at all. #Quote by Jo Walton
Cinema Verite quotes by Robert Davi
#21. In the eighth grade I found I had a voice for opera, so I followed that path a little, but my impulse has always been an actor. I have always liked cinema, and let's face it, opera singers are just bad actors! I didn't want to translate myself in that direction. #Quote by Robert Davi
Cinema Verite quotes by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
#22. I didn't have a normal academic career. I never studied cinema. I learned from life. #Quote by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Cinema Verite quotes by Agnes Varda
#23. I live in cinema. I feel I've lived here forever. #Quote by Agnes Varda
Cinema Verite quotes by Robert Palmer
#24. The music I heard growing up, since there was no TV or cinema or record covers, I didn't know if it was black, white, hip, square, male, female ... whatever. I'd hear melodies and things and got intrigued on that level. #Quote by Robert Palmer
Cinema Verite quotes by Ben Daniels
#25. I saw David Lynch's 'The Elephant Man' when I was 15. I was completely bowled over. I found it so beautiful, strange and mesmerizing that I went back to the cinema every night for a week to see it. #Quote by Ben Daniels
Cinema Verite quotes by Wim Wenders
#26. I'm getting a little bored by the juxtaposition of American and other cinema. I no longer think this division is as true as it might have been in the 1980s, or the early part of the 90s. #Quote by Wim Wenders
Cinema Verite quotes by Melanie Laurent
#27. The thing is, making movies as an actress, you learn so many things. Like when you're making a movie with Quentin Tarantino you're just at the best cinema school ever. #Quote by Melanie Laurent
Cinema Verite quotes by Tom Hiddleston
#28. America and Europe are so different in the way they conceive of themselves and art and cinema. #Quote by Tom Hiddleston
Cinema Verite quotes by Julie Gayet
#29. Agnes Varda changed my view of cinema; she directs from an artistic point of view, and a film is most of all the expression of an artistic director. I learnt to enter the world and the imagination of a director. #Quote by Julie Gayet
Cinema Verite quotes by Kenneth Cranham
#30. When I was in Lochgelly as a boy, I went to the cinema every night - and on Sundays, I used to go to Cowdenbeath and see something there. #Quote by Kenneth Cranham
Cinema Verite quotes by Sally Potter
#31. I am not interested in making didactic polemical statements. That is not the way I want to make films. There is a place for polemics, but I don't think that it is in fictional cinema. Fictional cinema works subtly and deeply. #Quote by Sally Potter
Cinema Verite quotes by Philip Kerr
#32. Plato talks about something called anamnesis, which is when something long forgotten comes to the surface of a man's consciousness. Now, I'll admit that just sounds like a fancy word for remembering something, but actually it's more than that because with remembering, it's not necessary to have forgotten anything, which makes for a subtle distinction. That's what cinema does. #Quote by Philip Kerr
Cinema Verite quotes by Ira Sachs
#33. I started making movies in the early '90s, a few years after I discovered 'the cinema' during a three month stay in Paris during which I watched 100s of films. #Quote by Ira Sachs
Cinema Verite quotes by Michelle Yeoh
#34. With an award like the Asian Film Awards, we've sent a message saying that 'Asian Cinema is here, it matters, and more importantly, we are all part of the same fraternity!' The AFA is truly, then, an award for Asia, by Asia. #Quote by Michelle Yeoh
Cinema Verite quotes by Jacques Audiard
#35. Used properly, cinema is the coolest thing in the world. #Quote by Jacques Audiard
Cinema Verite quotes by Christopher Kenneally
#36. Digital has really achieved a certain image quality for capture. There's also the way we view and exhibit films. It really touches all aspects of cinema. #Quote by Christopher Kenneally
Cinema Verite quotes by Sean Bean
#37. I saw 'The Exorcist' at the cinema when I was quite young, maybe 14. When I went back home, my mum and dad weren't in, so I had to wait for them on the main road. I were too scared to enter the house. #Quote by Sean Bean
Cinema Verite quotes by Jeremy Irons
#38. I love being part of a group who tells stories, whether it be in the theater or in cinema, and I love creating imaginary worlds rather as children do, but I never had a burning desire to act, but it just sort of suited me. #Quote by Jeremy Irons
Cinema Verite quotes by Martin Amis
#39. Very broadly, literature concerns itself with the internal, cinema with the external. #Quote by Martin Amis
Cinema Verite quotes by Karisma Kapoor
#40. If I want to, I can sign 20 films for ridiculous amounts of money, but I really want to do different kinds of cinema. I want creative satisfaction. #Quote by Karisma Kapoor
Cinema Verite quotes by Tom Hooper
#41. American cinema tends to express a patriotic relationship to national identity on a regular basis. #Quote by Tom Hooper
Cinema Verite quotes by John Hurt
#42. I've done some stinkers in the cinema. You can't regret it; there are always reasons for doing something, even if it's just the location. #Quote by John Hurt
Cinema Verite quotes by Ottessa Moshfegh
#43. I lay awake for a long time. It was like sitting in a cinema after the lights go down, waiting for the previews to begin. But nothing was happening. I regretted the coffee. #Quote by Ottessa Moshfegh
Cinema Verite quotes by Iona Opie
#44. The literature of childhood abounds with evidence that the peaks of a child's experience are not visits to the cinema, or even family outings to the sea, but occasions when he escapes into places that are disused and overgrown and silent. To a child there is more joy in a rubbish tip than a flowery rockery, in a fallen tree than a piece of statuary, in a muddy track than a gravel path. #Quote by Iona Opie
Cinema Verite quotes by Kazuo Ishiguro
#45. I'm always trying to make something that is impossible to film. Why would somebody just read a novel when they can see it on TV or in the cinema? I really have to think of the things fiction can do that film can't and play to the strengths of the novel. With a novel, you can get right inside somebody's head. #Quote by Kazuo Ishiguro
Cinema Verite quotes by Nicholas Meyer
#46. So the Lincoln movie gets trashed because Connecticut voted for the amendment - not to mention how the people in Connecticut feel - but there's a lot of that. And I think it precedes from a fundamental misunderstanding of cinema. They are entertainment. And I'd like to say that entertainment isn't a synonym for disposable or mindless or stupid. Hamlet? Pretty entertaining from where I come from. #Quote by Nicholas Meyer
Cinema Verite quotes by Wong Kar-Wai
#47. In a way, this is what the difference is between Hong Kong and Chinese cinema - Chinese cinema was made for their own communities. It was for propaganda. But Hong Kong made films to entertain, and they know how to communicate with international audiences. #Quote by Wong Kar-Wai
Cinema Verite quotes by Maurice Bejart
#48. In the dance, one finds the cinema, the comic strips, the Olympic hundred meters and swimming, and what's more, poetry, love and tenderness. #Quote by Maurice Bejart
Cinema Verite quotes by Ken Russell
#49. In childhood we inhabit a world of wonderful contrasts that later we often come to see as bizarre and do our best to rearrange, with everything in its 'proper' place. Unusual juxtapositions we label surrealistic. Yet what is surrealism but a second childhood with Freudian overtones which we have to be re-educated to enjoy? -- part of the tragedy of growing up #Quote by Ken Russell
Cinema Verite quotes by Nicole Kidman
#50. That sort of detailed filmmaking is one, hard to do and not have it be pretentious, and two, have it tell the story, which is what you're taught, that cinema is the language of images and you really should be able to make a film with no dialogue and tell a story. #Quote by Nicole Kidman
Cinema Verite quotes by Elfriede Jelinek
#51. You have often seen in the cinema, erich, haven't you, that between extraordinary people extraordinary things like for example extraordinary love can arise. so we only have to be extraordinary and see what happens. #Quote by Elfriede Jelinek
Cinema Verite quotes by Takashi Miike
#52. Every medium has its own kind of freedom. I don't want to just cross from one to the next. I want to enjoy the freedom each one has. Sometimes, you can do something for TV that you can't do in the cinema. #Quote by Takashi Miike

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