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Ciccarone Pork quotes by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
#1. Love is a lot like pork: there's loin steak and there's bologna. Each has its own place and function. #Quote by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Sergio Troncoso
#2. There is a certain pride in work and in your body throbbing beyond any boundaries you imagined you could endure. You identify with those who come home with pieces of pork fat wedged into their boots, with gashes on their arms and legs from their tools and machines, and with black grime etched into the folds of their dark skin.
Too often this country has turned its back on the working class and the working poor, not to mention the undocumented workers who harvest the food for American tables and build our houses. #Quote by Sergio Troncoso
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Joel Salatin
#3. Industrial agriculture, because it depends on standardization, has bombarded us with the message that all pork is pork, all chicken is chicken, eggs eggs, even though we all know that can't really be true. #Quote by Joel Salatin
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Delia Smith
#4. The thing I can't resist is a pork pie. That's my idea of a lovely treat. #Quote by Delia Smith
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Kathleen Peacock
#5. Here, eat this. The chicken gives it protein and I got them to hold the bacon bits.
We'd watched Charlotte's Web on cable last week, so I knew it'd be at least a month before she would eat pork again. #Quote by Kathleen Peacock
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#6. Smithfield spilled more than 20 million gallons of lagoon waste into the New River in North Carolina. The spill remains the largest environmental disaster of its kind and is twice as big as the iconic Exxon Valdez 6 years earlier... at the time of the spill, Smithfield was the 7th largest pork producer in the US; two years later it was the biggest. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Matthew Olzmann
#7. Here's what I've got, the reasons why our marriage
might work: Because you wear pink but write poems
about bullets and gravestones. Because you yell
at your keys when you lose them, and laugh,
loudly, at your own jokes. Because you can hold a pistol,
gut a pig. Because you memorize songs, even commercials
from thirty years back and sing them when vacuuming.
You have soft hands. Because when we moved, the contents
of what you packed were written inside the boxes.
Because you think swans are overrated.
Because you drove me to the train station. You drove me
to Minneapolis. You drove me to Providence.
Because you underline everything you read, and circle
the things you think are important, and put stars next
to the things you think I should think are important,
and write notes in the margins about all the people
you're mad at and my name almost never appears there.
Because you make that pork recipe you found
in the Frida Khalo Cookbook. Because when you read
that essay about Rilke, you underlined the whole thing
except the part where Rilke says love means to deny the self
and to be consumed in flames. Because when the lights
are off, the curtains drawn, and an additional sheet is nailed
over the windows, you still believe someone outside
can see you. And one day five summers ago,
when you couldn't put gas in your car, when your fridge
was so empty - n #Quote by Matthew Olzmann
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Jesse Andrews
#8. It's like a buffet, basically. Like this really expensive buffet, except also you have to eat all of what's on your plate or they expel you. So conceptually that's kind of fucked up. If that happened at real buffets, that would be incredible. If you were like, 'Hmm, this moo shu pork has kind of a chalky dirt taste,' and then some enormous Chinese guy is like, 'EAT IT OR WE WILL GIVE YOU AN F, AND ALSO WE WILL KICK YOU OUT OF THE RESTAURANT,' that just doesn't seem like a good business model. #Quote by Jesse Andrews
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Herman Wouk
#9. He had in his Bronx apartment a lodger less learned than himself, and much fiercer in piety. One day when we were studying the laws of repentance together, the lodger burst from his room. "What!" he said. "The atheists guzzles his whiskey and eats pork and wallows with women all his life long, and then repents the day before he dies and stands guiltless? While I spend a lifetime trying to please God?" My grandfather pointed to the book. "So it is written," he said gently. - "Written!" the lodger roared. "There are books and there are books." And he slammed back into his room.
The lodger's outrage seemed highly logical. My grandfather pointed out afterward that cancelling the past does not turn it into a record of achievement. It leaves it blank, a waste of spilled years. A man had better return, he said, while time remains to write a life worth scanning. And since no man knows his death day, the time to get a grip on his life is the first hour when the impulse strikes him. #Quote by Herman Wouk
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Sam Lipsyte
#10. I needed to talk to Vargina, to straighten this out, but felt suddenly faint, headed for the deli across the street. Just standing in the vicinity of comfort food was comfort. The schizophrenic glee with which you cold load your plastic shell with spinach salad, pork fried rice, turkey with cranberry, chicken with pesto, curried yams, clams casino, breadsticks, and yogurt, pay for it by the pound, this farm feed for human animals in black chinos and pleated chinos, animals whose enclosure included the entire island of Manhattan, this sensation I treasured deeply. #Quote by Sam Lipsyte
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Suzanne Somers
#11. For a slim, sexy body, it's important to eat protein every day - preferably at every meal. Be sure to ask about the origins of your meat, poultry and seafood. If you can't afford organic, free-range meats, opt for natural poultry, pork, and beef that's raised without antibiotics or hormones. #Quote by Suzanne Somers
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Roald Dahl
#12. The little pig began to pray
But Wolfie blew his house away.
He shouted, "Bacon, Pork, and Ham!
Oh what a lucky wolf I am!"
And though he ate the pig quite fast,
He carefully kept the tail till last. #Quote by Roald Dahl
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Cat Sebastian
#13. He tended to think that when the Bible condemned something practically everyone did, whether it be tossing oneself off or eating pork, there was likely some nuance that had been lost either to history or to translation. And then he didn't think about it anymore. #Quote by Cat Sebastian
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#14. I like that Zarek. He quality people! He even gave me a can opener so I don't have to use my fangs. I like that. Metal is hard on the teeth. Pork and beans popsicle. Yummy! My favorite! (Simi) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Nadia Bolz-Weber
#15. The week that the gospel text was that awesomely weird story of Jesus casting a legion of demons out of a naked dude and into a herd of pigs, pigs who then threw themselves over a cliff and drowned in a lake? My pastor friend Heather posted the following question on my Facebook wall: Dear Pastor Nadia: how can I get on board with Jesus when so much pork was wasted in the lake? Signed: a bacon-loving Christian. #Quote by Nadia Bolz-Weber
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Yossi Ghinsberg
#16. When we came out of the cookhouse, we found the boy's father, the Indian man who had been grazing the horses in the pasture, waiting for us. He wanted someone to tell his troubles to. He looked about guardedly, afraid that the Señora might overhear him.

'Take a look at me' he said. I don't even know how old I am. When I was young, the Señor brought me here. He promised to pay me and give me a plot of my own. 'Look at my clothes' he said, pointing to the patches covering his body. 'I can't remember how many years I've been wearing them. I have no others. I live in a mud hut with my wife and sons. They all work for the Señor like me. They don't go to school. They don't know how to read or write; they don't even speak Spanish. We work for the master, raise his cattle and work his fields. We only get rice and plantains to eat. Nobody takes care of us when we are sick. The women here have their babies in these filthy huts.'

'Why don't you eat meat or at least milk the cows?' I asked.

'We aren't allowed to slaughter a cow. And the milk goes to the calves. We can't even have chicken or pork - only if an animal gets sick and dies. Once I raised a pig in my yard' he went on. 'She had a litter of three. When the Señor came back he told the foreman to shoot them. That's the only time we ever had good meat.'

'I don't mind working for the Señor but I want him to keep his promise. I want a piece of land of my own so I can grow rice and yucca and #Quote by Yossi Ghinsberg
Ciccarone Pork quotes by George Carlin
#17. Bowling is not a sport because you have to rent the shoes. When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops? This title offends all three major religions, and even vegetarians! #Quote by George Carlin
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Weezer
#18. Imma do the things that i wanna do, I ain't gotta thing to prove to you. I'll eat my candy with my pork and beans, Excuse my manners if i cause a scene. I ain't gonna wear the clothes that you like, im fine and dandy with the me inside. One look in the mirror and im tickled pink. I don't give a hoot about what you think! #Quote by Weezer
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Duff Goldman
#19. [A]nything served in a Chinese restaurant is Kosher, even pork.
from The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals #Quote by Duff Goldman
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#20. Mary had become anxious in her old age, and she hated being away from the house for long. She'd hold the girls' hands tightly and calm herself by telling them what she would make for first frost that year- pork tenderloins with nasturtiums, dill potatoes, pumpkin bread, chicory coffee. And the cupcakes, of course, with all different frostings, because what was first frost without frosting? Claire had loved it all, but Sydney had only listened when their grandmother talked of frosting. Caramel, rosewater-pistachio, chocolate almond. #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Dave Barry
#21. We are talking about mutated women, the result of cruel genetic experiments performed by fashion designers so lacking in any sense of human decency that they think nothing of putting their initials on your eyeglass lenses. The leading cause of death among fashion models is falling through street grates. If a normal woman puts on clothing designed for these unfortunate people, she is quite naturally going to look like Revenge of the Pork Person. #Quote by Dave Barry
Ciccarone Pork quotes by J.K. Rowling
#22. Harry's mouth fell open. The dishes in front of him were now piled with food. He had never seen so many things he liked to eat on one table: roast beef, roast chicken, pork chops and lamb chops, sausages, bacon and steak, boiled potatoes, roast potatoes, fries, Yorkshire pudding, peas, carrots, gravy, ketchup, and, for some strange reason, peppermint humbugs. The Dursleys had never exactly starved Harry, but he'd never been allowed to eat as much as he liked. Dudley had always taken anything that Harry really wanted, even if it made him sick. Harry piled his plate with a bit of everything except the peppermints and began to eat. It was all delicious. "That does look good," said the ghost in the ruff sadly, watching Harry cut up his steak. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Heidi Cullinan
#23. You can't say that you need to burn witches and shun gay men but eat pork and wear all the mixed fibers you want!! #Quote by Heidi Cullinan
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Barry Loudermilk
#24. Conservatives in general, and even so called Tea Party conservatives, are not against transportation spending. Indeed, interstate commerce is one purpose of interstate highways and byways, and is one of the things the federal government is actually supposed to spend our tax dollars on. What conservatives are opposed to is needless and excessive spending, pork-barrel spending, deficit spending, spending to pick winners and losers among American individuals and corporations, and spending to promote the social and economic whims of the Washington few. #Quote by Barry Loudermilk
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Stephen Colbert
#25. After Jesus showed up, the Old Testament basically became a way for Bible publishers to keep their word count up.
Of course, just because Jesus replaces the Old Testament doesn't mean that you should necessarily skip it. That would be like skipping Batman and Robin just because the story starts over in Batman Begins. The important thing to realize is that both the old and new stories are about an all-powerful being trying to rid the world of evildoers, only in the new one The Batman can eat pork. #Quote by Stephen Colbert
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Ilona Andrews
#26. Desandra shrugged her shoulders. "Hey, Kate? Have you thought of walking up to Hugh and telling him that he's got the biggest dick ever?" She spread her arms to the size of a baseball bat.
"No, you think it would work?" I asked.
"It's worth a try. May be he'll be so happy you noticed his pork sword, he'll forget all about trying to kill us."
Pork sword. Kill me now. "I'll think about it."
Ascanio began patting his clothes.
"What?" Derek growled.
"Looking for something to take notes with. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#27. As they wove their way through the crowded street, they passed numerous barbecue tents, the focus of the festival, after all. Inside the tents, the barbecue sandwiches were made in an assembly line. Sauce, no sauce? Coleslaw on your sandwich? Want hush puppies in a cup with that? The sandwiches could be seen in the hands of every other person on the street, half-wrapped in foil. There were also tents selling pork rinds and boiled corn on the cob, chicken on a stick and brats, and, of course, funnel cakes. #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Stacey Ballis
#28. The menu is spectacular. Passed hors d'oeuvres include caramelized shallot tartlets topped with Gorgonzola, cubes of crispy pork belly skewered with fresh fig, espresso cups of chilled corn soup topped with spicy popcorn, mini arepas filled with rare skirt steak and chimichurri and pickle onions, and prawn dumplings with a mango serrano salsa. There is a raw bar set up with three kinds of oysters, and a raclette station where we have a whole wheel of the nutty cheese being melted to order, with baby potatoes, chunks of garlic sausage, spears of fresh fennel, lightly pickled Brussels sprouts, and hunks of sourdough bread to pour it over. When we head up for dinner, we will start with a classic Dover sole amandine with a featherlight spinach flan, followed by a choice of seared veal chops or duck breast, both served with creamy polenta, roasted mushrooms, and lacinato kale. Next is a light salad of butter lettuce with a sharp lemon Dijon vinaigrette, then a cheese course with each table receiving a platter of five cheeses with dried fruits and nuts and three kinds of bread, followed by the panna cottas. Then the cake, and coffee and sweets. And at midnight, chorizo tamales served with scrambled eggs, waffle sticks with chicken fingers and spicy maple butter, candied bacon strips, sausage biscuit sandwiches, and vanilla Greek yogurt parfaits with granola and berries on the "breakfast" buffet, plus cheeseburger sliders, mini Chicago hot dogs, little Chinese take-out containers of #Quote by Stacey Ballis
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Jim Cooper
#29. In Congress, it's all pork, all the time. #Quote by Jim Cooper
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Dana Gould
#30. My dog keeps looking at me as if he knows my secret, as if he and he alone can see my soul. That or he wants this pork chop. #Quote by Dana Gould
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Tom Douglas
#31. Pork is my friend. #Quote by Tom Douglas
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Lorraine Bracco
#32. The truth in acting is that we are all hired help. We are a commodity. There is no difference between being an actor and pork bellies. #Quote by Lorraine Bracco
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Ken Follett
#33. It had taken Jack awhile to get used to Spanish cooking. They never served the great joints of beef, legs of pork and haunches of venison without which no feast was complete in England; nor did they consume thick slabs of bread. They did not have the lush pastures for grazing vast herds of cattle or the rich soil on which to grow fields of waving wheat. They made up for the relatively small quantities of meat by imaginative ways of cooking it with all kinds of spices #Quote by Ken Follett
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Jack Kerouac
#34. One fast more or I'm gone', I realize, gone the way of the last three years of drunken hopelessness which is a physical and spiritual and metaphysical hopelessness you can't learn in school no matter how many books on existentialism or pessimism you read, or how many jugs of vision-producing Ayahuasca you drink, or Mescaline you take, or Peyote goop up with-- That feeling when you wake up with the delirium tremens with the fear of eerie death dripping from your ears like those special heavy cobwebs spiders weave in the hot countries, the feeling of being a bent back mudman monster groaning underground in hot steaming mud pulling a long hot burden nowhere, the feeling of standing ankledeep in hot boiled pork blood, ugh, of being up to your waist in a giant pan of greasy brown dishwater not a trace of suds left in it--The face of yourself you see in the mirror with its expression of unbearable anguish so hagged and awful with sorrow you can't even cry for a thing so ugly, so lost, no connection whatever with early perfection and therefore nothing to connect with tears or anything: it's like William Seward Burroughs' 'Stranger' suddenly appearing in your place in the mirror- Enough! 'One fast move or I'm gone' so I jump up, do my headstand first to pump blood back into the hairy brain, take a shower in the hall, new T-shirt and socks and underwear, pack vigorously, hoist the rucksack and run out throwing the key on the desk and hit the cold street...I've got to escape or die... #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Jordon Quattlebaum
#35. Pork is not a vegetable. #Quote by Jordon Quattlebaum
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Graham Greene
#36. He went upstairs and opened the telegram; it was addressed to a department in the British Consulate, and the figures which followed had an ugly look like the lottery tickets that remained unsold on the last day of a draw. There was 2674 and then a string of five-figure numerals: 42811 79145 72312 59200 80947 62533 10605 and so on. It was his first telegram and he noticed that it was addressed from London. He was not even certain (so long ago his lesson seemed) that he could decode it, but he recognised a single group, 59200, which had an abrupt and monitory appearance as though Hawthorne that moment had come accusingly up the stairs. Gloomily he took down Lamb's 'Tales from Shakespeare' - how he had always detested Elia and the essay on Roast Pork. The first group of figures, he remembered, indicated the page, the line and the word with which the coding began. 'Dionysia, the wicked wife of Cleon,' he read, 'met with an end proportionable to her deserts'. He began to decode from 'deserts'. To his surprise something really did emerge. It was rather as though some strange inherited parrot had begun to speak. #Quote by Graham Greene
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#37. When men are employ'd, they are best content'd; for on the days they worked they were good-natur'd and cheerful, and, with the consciousness of having done a good day's work, they spent the evening jollily; but on our idle days they were mutinous and quarrelsome, finding fault with their pork, the bread, etc. #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Adi Alsaid
#38. I peered at the bowl, which was piled high with shrimp and vegetables, little cubes of what looked like meat or fish. The broth was a beautiful golden color, with little circles of orange oil floating on the surface, near the edge of the bowl. My heart rate slowed, oblivion averted. "More chances at wishes. But also, this looks damn good."
I realized I was still holding the spoon with the dumpling, the steam not wafting out like a volcano anymore. So I closed my eyes and readied myself for another bite.
This time the heat took a step back and allowed everything else to come forward. The savory richness of pork, a bite of ginger and scallions, the broth. Oh, man, the broth. I hadn't ever tasted anything quite like this before. I chewed the dumpling, which was starchy but also managed to melt away, letting its texture dominate. For a moment, I wanted to reach for something beyond the flavor, but failed. Would I recognize the taste of magic, if magic even had a taste? Then I let the flavor itself take over. #Quote by Adi Alsaid
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#39. There is a Yiddish saying: If I am going to be forced to eat pork, it better be of the best kind. #Quote by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Tessa Dare
#40. Gray burst into the galley. "Miss Turner is not eating."
The cramped, boxed-in nature of the space, the oppressive heat-it seemed an appropriate place to take this irrational surge of resentment. If only his emotion could dissipate through the ventilation slats as quickly as steam.
"And good morning to you, too." Gabriel wiped his hands on his apron without glancing up.
"She's not eating," Gray repeated evenly. "She's wasting away." He didn't even realize his knuckled cracked. He flexed his fingers impatiently.
"Wasting away?" Gabriel's face split in a grin as he picked up a mallet and attacked a hunk of salted pork. "Now what makes you say that?"
"Her dress no longer fits properly. The neckline of her bodice is too loose."
Gabriel stopped pounding and looked up, meeting Gray's eyes for the first time since he'd entered the galley. The mocking arch of the old man's eyebrows had Gray clenching his teeth. They stared at each other for a second. Then Gray blew out his breath and looked away, and Gabriel broke into peals of laughter.
"Never thought I'd live to see the day," the old cook finally said, "when you would complain that a beautiful lady's bodice was too loose."
"It's not that she's a beautiful lady-"
Gabriel looked up sharply.
"It's not merely that she's a beautiful lady," Gray amended. "She's a passenger, and I have a duty to look out for her welfare."
"Wouldn't that be the captain's duty?"
Gray narrowed his e #Quote by Tessa Dare
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Margaret Weis
#41. You know sometimes I wish I'd been born a kender. No worries. No cares. No responsibilities. Nothing but pork chops. See you tonight Brother. I'd ask you to say a prayer but we're up to our eyeballs in gods as it is. #Quote by Margaret Weis
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Benedict Cumberbatch
#42. I ate healthily, but there was no snacking, no drinking, no bread, no sugar, no smoking. Afterwards I had a pork belly roast. #Quote by Benedict Cumberbatch
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Patricia Briggs
#43. Kelly looked at the cop, then sighed. "What a cluster. I take it you haven't been killing young women and leaving their half-eaten bodies in the desert?"
Adam was ticked. I could tell it even if he was looking like a reasonably calm businessman. Adam's temper was the reason he wasn't one of Bran's werewolf poster boys. When angered, he often gave in to impulses he wouldn't otherwise have given in to.
"Sorry to disappoint you," Adam told Kelly in silky tones. "But I prefer rabbits. Humans taste like pork." And then he smiled. Kelly took an involuntary step backward.
Tony gave Adam a sharp look. "Let's not make things worse, if we can help it, gentlemen. #Quote by Patricia Briggs
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Ed Harris
#44. I can make a damn pork chop. My best dish is actually lasagna, which I do a couple times a year. My wife wishes I cooked a little bit more often, but I can put a frozen pizza in the oven and I make a good salad. #Quote by Ed Harris
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Stacie Orrico
#45. I do not like onions. It's so funny because I am probably one of the least picky eaters ever. Pretty much any type of new food, I'll try it, I'll eat it. But onions, and pork. Pork and onions. #Quote by Stacie Orrico
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#46. I used to dream about bringing a knife to therapy and slicing her into pork chop-sized pieces. #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Charlie Higson
#47. Nasty little dragon. It wouldn't happen again. He was St George and he would slay the dragon. That was how it worked, wasn't it? He knew the story. He was a hero, a patron saint. He was England. This country was his. His people were marching towards him from all corners. He would take his throne. But first he had to destroy the dragon. He would butcher him like a piece of meat; a long pig, that's all he was: cutlets, chops, ribs and chitterlings. He would make sausages out of him, ha, because in the end he was nothing more than a side of pork ... No, smaller than that. He was just a lamb. A leg of lamb. Yes. He would slaughter the lamb. #Quote by Charlie Higson
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Sarah Loudin Thomas
#48. Maybe that's how I'll know I've found true love--when I find a man who will eat burnt biscuits and dry pork chops. #Quote by Sarah Loudin Thomas
Ciccarone Pork quotes by Daniel Klawitter
#49. A Short Ode To Sausage

"Sad to say, there are people who regard lovers of sausages
as relics from a kind of nutritional Dark Ages"…---Charles Simic, poet.

Theologically, I'd say I was predestined
to eat animals carefully stuffed
inside their own intestines.

I'm the first to eat knockwurst,
and the last in a cholesterol tsunami
to relinquish my salami to the authorities.

Whether beef, lamb or pork--
it will end up on my fork.
(I'm clear about my priorities.)

And for those who go into hysterics
proclaiming sausages barbaric,
I want you to understand:

That though you might be leaner
you can only have my wiener
if you pry it from my cold dead hands. #Quote by Daniel Klawitter

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