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Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Sarah Harrison
#1. Free speech and freedom of the press are under attack in the U.K. I cannot return to England, my country, because of my journalistic work with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and at WikiLeaks. There are things I feel I cannot even write. #Quote by Sarah Harrison
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Margaret Cho
#2. There's this idea like feminism is humorless and humorless in a way that's like a whistleblower. Like you're going to - you're going to make sure that nobody has any fun. And that's not true at all. I think feminism allows me to do what I do, and I'm so grateful to the idea of it and grateful to all the women that came before. #Quote by Margaret Cho
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Laura Poitras
#3. It's not everyday that a whistleblower is actually willing to be identified. #Quote by Laura Poitras
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Glenn Greenwald
#4. Edward Snowden: The Whistleblower Behind the NSA Surveillance Revelations #Quote by Glenn Greenwald
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Joshua Oppenheimer
#5. My first memory of cinema is my mother taking me to see 'Silkwood,' which is about a whistleblower at a nuclear power plant. #Quote by Joshua Oppenheimer
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#6. Fear has always been a very important whistleblower. Our emotion and our history can provoke fear that may arrest us at any time or at any place. Above and beyond, fear might be contagious and its scent, sometimes sensual, sometimes mystical or animal, can exude the musty and arcane smell of destiny. ("One could still feel the smell of fear" ) #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Robert Altman
#7. [From a May 1, 2004 article entitled "Still Up to Mischief" from The Guardian reporting on and quoting Altman]
Still, it's worth noting that by the age of 20 this whistle- blower had resisted two of the most powerful institutions - church and army, both. He is an atheist, 'And I have been against all of these wars ever since. #Quote by Robert Altman
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Herve Falciani
#8. Most Swiss banks do have a whistleblower program, but they use it to punish those who avail themselves of it. #Quote by Herve Falciani
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Steven Magee
#9. Once you have realized that Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are not going to uphold your legal rights, you should recognize that making a future whistle-blower report is a futile activity to engage in. #Quote by Steven Magee
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Jay Leno
#10. In the Enron scandal, whistleblower Sherron Watkins is now calling herself Enron Brokovitch. She testified Ken Lay was duped by the other executives. Oh, yeah. When is the last time you got duped and made $100 million? #Quote by Jay Leno
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Toko-pa Turner
#11. The willingness to rebel from the expected norms, rules, and silent contracts of establishment comes out of knowing that one cannot afford to build resentment. Resentment, which comes from the decision to go against one's truth, embitters the self. It somaticizes in the body and takes on the burden of pain as if it were ours alone. The whistleblower, on the other hand, reveals a shared complicity. It says, "I expect more from myself and from you." And in that stance, the pain becomes, in a sense, communal. #Quote by Toko-pa Turner
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by David Mitchell
#12. Hershey is so bent on avoiding cliché that each sentence is as tortured as an American whistleblower. #Quote by David Mitchell
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Julian Assange
#13. That's a problem. I mean, like any sort of growing startup organization, we are sort of overwhelmed by our growth. And that means we're getting enormous quantity of whistleblower disclosures of a very high caliber, but don't have enough people to actually process and vet this information. #Quote by Julian Assange
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Fuad Alakbarov
#14. Every country needs its whistleblowers. They are crucial to a healthy society. The employee who, in the public interest, has the independence of judgement and the personal courage to challenge malpractice or illegality is a kind of public hero. #Quote by Fuad Alakbarov
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Edward Snowden
#15. My case clearly demonstrates the need for comprehensive whistleblower protection act reform. If we had had a real process in place, and reports of wrongdoing could be taken to real, independent arbiters rather than captured officials, I might not have had to sacrifice so much to do what at this point even the President seems to agree needed to be done. #Quote by Edward Snowden
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Ron Kind
#16. As many will remember, a respected Army Corps economist filed a whistleblower complaint about the Corps' use of faulty data to justify lock and dam expansion. #Quote by Ron Kind
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Glenn Greenwald
#17. The United States government in Washington constantly gives amnesty to its highest officials, even when they commit the most egregious crimes. And yet the idea of amnesty for a whistleblower is considered radical and extreme. #Quote by Glenn Greenwald
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Edward Snowden
#18. These programs were never about terrorism: they're about economic spying, social control, and diplomatic manipulation. They're about power. #Quote by Edward Snowden
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by John Doe
#19. The collective impact of these failures has been a complete erosion of ethical standards, ultimately leading to a novel system we still call Capitalism, but which is tantamount to economic slavery. In this system - our system - the slaves are unaware both of their status and of their masters, who exist in a world apart where the intangible shackles are carefully hidden amongst reams of unreachable legalese. #Quote by John Doe
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Laura Poitras
#20. I think one of the most shocking things is how little our elected officials knew about what the NSA was doing. Congress is learning from the reporting and that's staggering. Snowden and [former NSA employee] William Binney, who's also in the film as a whistleblower from a different generation, are technical people who understand the dangers. #Quote by Laura Poitras
Ciarelli Whistleblower quotes by Lionel Fisher
#21. Curmudgeons speak up because they have to, because it's become critically important for them to tell the truth as they see it. Telling the truth is as natural to them once more as it was when they were children. The fact that no one cares to listen is inconsequential. Curmudgeons speak up, raise their voices, stand for something too right to be silent about anymore, whatever the cost, despite a world that deals with what it doesn't want to hear by crucifying the messenger.

Increasingly these days, they're being called by another name: whistleblower. #Quote by Lionel Fisher

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