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Chrstian Growth quotes by Jonah
#1. The banner waved by the religious leaders reads; do not upset my world! Jesus is one who comes to call an about face and reverse the curse. Jesus call is not half way or three quarters; it is a complete and utter abandonment to his Lordship. Will the Pharisees and Herodians submit to Jesus Lordship? #Quote by Jonah
Chrstian Growth quotes by Bill Gates
#2. As you improve health in a society, population growth goes down. You know, I thought it was ... before I learned about it, I thought it was paradoxical. #Quote by Bill Gates
Chrstian Growth quotes by Seneca The Younger
#3. Real improvement is of slow growth only. #Quote by Seneca The Younger
Chrstian Growth quotes by Confucius
#4. Excessive (population) growth may reduce output per worker, repress levels of living for the masses and engender strife #Quote by Confucius
Chrstian Growth quotes by Jason Versey
#5. If we want to live perfectly happy lives...we must drive out selfish character tendencies such as pride, ego, vanity, jealousy, lusts, envy and worry. When we learn to live selflessly, putting others before ourselves, committing to what is noble, right and good; treating others with love and compassion...that's when true happiness is experienced. A genuine focus on selflessness cures all and creates an environment for true growth. It's the secret to every great relationship. We gain...when we give up self. Sacrificing one's selfish characteristics through diligent thought, meditation, prayer and action gives life to true love and abounding joy.~Jason Versey #Quote by Jason Versey
Chrstian Growth quotes by Ronald Reagan
#6. We who live in free market societies believe that growth, prosperity and ultimately human fulfillment, are created from the bottom up, not the government down. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Chrstian Growth quotes by Erich Fromm
#7. The affirmation of one's own life, happiness, growth and freedom, is rooted in one's capacity to love. #Quote by Erich Fromm
Chrstian Growth quotes by Faith Hunter
#8. Yet understanding one's own nature is often a first step to personal growth. All this psychological crap was making me irritable. #Quote by Faith Hunter
Chrstian Growth quotes by George Herbert
#9. Summe up at night what thou hast done by day; And in the morning what thou hast to do. Dresse and undresse thy soul; mark the decay And growth of it; if, with thy watch, that too Be down then winde up both; since we shall be Most surely judg'd, make thy accounts agree. #Quote by George Herbert
Chrstian Growth quotes by Michael Shermer
#10. Dopamine enhances the ability of neurons to transmit signals between one another. How? By acting as an agonist (as opposed to antagonist), or a substance that enhances neural activity. Dopamine binds to specific receptor molecule sites on the synaptic clefts of the neurons, as if it were the CTS that normally bind there.12 It increases the rate of neural firing in association with pattern recognition, which means that synaptic connections between neurons are likely to increase in response to a perceived pattern, thereby cementing those perceived patterns into long-term memory through the actual physical growth of new neural connections and the reinforcement of old synaptic links.
Increasing dopamine increases pattern detection; scientists have found that dopamine agonists not only enhance learning but in higher doses can also trigger symptoms of psychosis, such as hallucinations, which may be related to that fine line between creativity (discriminate patternicity) and madness (indiscriminate patternicity). The dose is the key. Too much of it and you are likely to be making lots of Type I errors - false positives - in which you find connections that are not really there. Too little and you make Type II errors - false negatives - in which you miss connections that are real. #Quote by Michael Shermer
Chrstian Growth quotes by Mike Yaconelli
#11. Spiritual growth is not running faster, as in more meetings, more Bible studies, and more prayer meetings. Spiritual growth happens when we slow our activity down. If we want to meet Jesus, we can't do it on the run. If we want to stay on the road of faith, we have to hit the brakes, pull over to a rest area, and stop. Christianity is not about inviting Jesus to speed through life with us; it's about noticing Jesus sitting at the rest stop. While the church earnestly warns Christians to watch for the devil, the devil is sitting in the congregation encouraging everyone to keep busy doing "good things. #Quote by Mike Yaconelli
Chrstian Growth quotes by E. M. Forster
#12. She gave up trying to understand herself, and the vast armies of the benighted, who follow neither the heart nor the brain, and march to their destiny by catch-words. The armies are full of pleasant and pious folk. But they have yielded to the only enemy that matters - the enemy within. They have sinned against passion and truth, and vain will be their strife after virtue. As the years pass, they are censured. Their pleasantry and their piety show cracks, their wit becomes cynicism, their unselfishness hypocrisy; they feel and produce discomfort wherever they go. #Quote by E. M. Forster
Chrstian Growth quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#13. Read a short story every day. By the end of the week you would have read volumes of stories. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Chrstian Growth quotes by Victoria L. White
#14. There is no place for the resistance to go but to project outwards until you clear it within yourself. When you make the choice to surrender and release judgments you're able to receive new information from another source for the purpose of growth; in this case for the purpose of growth within the relationship. #Quote by Victoria L. White
Chrstian Growth quotes by Don Maruska
#15. When it comes to your talent, translate the intangible into the tangible. #Quote by Don Maruska
Chrstian Growth quotes by Ilchi Lee
#16. There is a serious discrepancy between what we really wants, and what we usually do to get what we think we want. What we really want is to fill the hole inside and become complete, and what we do is look for success and growth outside. #Quote by Ilchi Lee
Chrstian Growth quotes by John Patrick Hickey
#17. Always our action counts for our success, not our time. #Quote by John Patrick Hickey
Chrstian Growth quotes by Mateo Sol
#18. Soul mate and twin flame relationships are perhaps one of the most powerful vehicles of spiritual awakening in existence. They challenge you on every level, demand that you grow and become all that you're destined to be – all in a loving and nurturing space. #Quote by Mateo Sol
Chrstian Growth quotes by Peach-Pit
#19. I'll tell you a secret about storytelling. Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty ... were not perfect in the beginning. It's only a happy ending on the last page, right? If the princess had everything from the beginning, there wouldn't be a story. Anyone who is imperfect or incomplete can become the main character in the story. #Quote by Peach-Pit
Chrstian Growth quotes by Shauna Niequist
#20. Bless them. But don't spend too much time with them. Draw close to people who honor your no, who cheer you on for telling the truth, who value your growth more than they value their own needs getting met or their own pathologies celebrated. Our #Quote by Shauna Niequist
Chrstian Growth quotes by R.C. Sproul
#21. Just as the Word of God is used in conversion, so it is a critical instrument in our spiritual growth. By immersing ourselves in the Word of God, we begin to gain the mind of Christ and learn what discipleship is.
In #Quote by R.C. Sproul
Chrstian Growth quotes by Edward Lazear
#22. The only way to eliminate the deficit in the long run is through growth. #Quote by Edward Lazear
Chrstian Growth quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#23. the source of a river is narrow. If you could jump over it in a twinkle of an eye at the source, be sure to ponder before you jump over it at its mid or its estuary. #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Chrstian Growth quotes by Bryant McGill
#24. Your hard journey has had a great purpose! #Quote by Bryant McGill
Chrstian Growth quotes by Bryant McGill
#25. What we want for others doesn't work unless they want it for themselves. #Quote by Bryant McGill
Chrstian Growth quotes by Donna Goddard
#26. There is an aid for helping us to learn how to distinguish between the ego way and the higher way. It is pain. The ego way inevitably leads to pain, even if it seems to temporarily satisfy. The higher way does not. It works. And it works harmoniously. It brings the sort of success that has no bitter after-taste. It is not manipulative. It doesn't play one person against another. It doesn't feed anyone's fantasies. It is honest and it protects the good. #Quote by Donna Goddard
Chrstian Growth quotes by Teresa Sue McAdams
#27. Make sure your subconscious knows you love it by stroking it until it purrs. #Quote by Teresa Sue McAdams
Chrstian Growth quotes by Archibald Marwizi
#28. If you check your personal blind spots, you can be able to guard against focusing on what you cannot do, but reduce the areas of weakness by taking their space with more of your strengths. #Quote by Archibald Marwizi
Chrstian Growth quotes by Rob Liano
#29. Motivation is desire or inspiration.
A motive is a reason. What's your reason? #Quote by Rob Liano
Chrstian Growth quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
#30. The truths Phaedrus began to pursue were lateral truths; no longer the frontal truths of science, those toward which the discipline pointed, but the kind of truth you see laterally, out of the corner of your eye. In a laboratory situation, when your whole procedure goes haywire, when everything goes wrong or is indeterminate or is so screwed up by unexpected results you can't make head or tail out of anything, you start looking laterally. That's a word he later used to describe a growth of knowledge that doesn't move forward like an arrow in flight, but expands sideways, like an arrow enlarging in flight, or like the archer, discovering that although he has hit the bull's-eye and won the prize, his head is on a pillow and the sun is coming in the window. Lateral knowledge is knowledge that's from a wholly unexpected direction, from a direction that's not even understood as a direction until the knowledge forces itself upon one. Lateral truths point to the falseness of axioms and postulates underlying one's existing system of getting at truth. #Quote by Robert M. Pirsig
Chrstian Growth quotes by John Patrick Hickey
#31. I believe that each of our lives has a purpose. You have something to do that is unique to you. #Quote by John Patrick Hickey
Chrstian Growth quotes by Julien Smith
#32. You will never be entirely comfortable. This is the truth behind the champion - he is always fighting something. To do otherwise is to settle. #Quote by Julien Smith

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