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Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Jesikah Sundin
#1. Their leafy whispers delighted her, and she promised her confidentiality by gently touching the trunks of both trees. They had held her secrets close to their hearts, she could do no less. #Quote by Jesikah Sundin
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Lisa Kessler
#2. Lia pulled back, moonlight dancing in her dark eyes. "If you're trying to make me go easy on you, it won't work."

Cooper's teeth brushed her lower lip. "No way. Just getting an early taste of my prize."

She grinned. "I feel like I've already won."

He kissed her once more, whispering, "I know I have. #Quote by Lisa Kessler
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Rick Riordan
#3. But it's so bloody unfair"
Walt looked at me, and I realized he was smiling. "That's my line. I've been saying that for years. Sadie, I want to be here. The past two months I've felt like I'm actually living for the first time. And getting to know you ... " He cleared his throat. He was quite attractive when he got nervous. "I started worrying about smile things. My hair. My clothes. Whether I brushed my teeth. I mean, I'm dying , and I'm worrying about my teeth."
"You have a lovely teeth. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Tracy Hickman
#4. Ariakas worked himself into a
fury. Few survived Lord Ariakas's displeasure. None survived his furies.
- Dragons of Spring Dawning (Chronicles of Dragon Lance) #Quote by Tracy Hickman
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Stanisław Lem
#5. We want the Demon, you see, to extract from the dance of atoms only information that is genuine, like mathematical theorems, fashion magazines, blueprints, historical chronicles, or a recipe for ion crumpets, or how to clean and iron a suit of asbestos, and poetry too, and scientific advice, and almanacs, and calendars, and secret documents, and everything that ever appeared in any newspaper in the Universe, and telephone books of the future... #Quote by Stanisław Lem
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#6. That," she says, then clears her throat. "That's a bit terrifying."
His lips twitch. "Isn't that a side effect of love? #Quote by Laura Kreitzer
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Ian Gregor
#7. Discussions of the effects of serial publication of Victorian novels on their authors and readers1 usually draw attention to the author's peculiar opportunities for cliff-hanging suspense, as, for instance, when Thackeray has Becky Sharp counter old Sir Pitt's marriage proposal at the end of Vanity Fair's fourth number with the revelation
that she is already married, and the reader must wait a month before the husband's identity is revealed. Or it may be pointed out how the author can modify his story in response to his readers' complaints or recommendations, as when Trollope records in his
Autobiography how he wrote Mrs Proudie out of the Barchester Chronicles after overhearing two clergymen in the Athenaeum complaining of his habit of reintroducing the same characters in his fiction. #Quote by Ian Gregor
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Milan Kundera
#8. Let us define our terms. A woman who writes her lover four letters a day is not a graphomaniac, she is simply a woman in love. But my friend who xeroxes his love letters so he can publish them someday--my friend is a graphomaniac. Graphomania is not a desire to write letters, diaries, or family chronicles (to write for oneself or one's immediate family); it is a desire to write books (to have a public of unknown readers). In this sense the taxi driver and Goethe share the same passion. What distinguishes Goethe from the taxi driver is the result of the passion, not the passion itself.

"Graphomania (an obsession with writing books) takes on the proportions of a mass epidemic whenever a society develops to the point where it can provide three basic conditions:

1. a high degree of general well-being to enable people to devote their energies to useless activities;
2. an advanced state of social atomization and the resultant general feeling of the isolation of the individual;
3. a radical absence of significant social change in the internal development of the nation. (In this connection I find it symptomatic that in France, a country where nothing really happens, the percentage of writers is twenty-one times higher than in Israel. Bibi [character from the book] was absolutely right when she claimed never to have experienced anything from the outside. It is this absence of content, this void, that powers the moter driving her to write).

#Quote by Milan Kundera
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Jennifer Gilby Roberts
#9. Don't you think you're a little old now to be quoting The Chronicles of Narnia?' I ask, raising an eyebrow at him.
'You read Harry Potter,' Will protests.
'Everyone reads Harry Potter,' I exclaim. 'It's an institution. Besides, it's not really a kids book, it's a metaphor for the world at large. It's almost philosophical in its way. #Quote by Jennifer Gilby Roberts
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Marissa Meyer
#10. Finally, Cinder gulped. "I'm sorry I had to
" She gestured at the unconscious wedding coordinator, then waved her hand like shaking it off. "But she'll be fine, I swear. Maybe a little nauseous when she comes to, but otherwise ... And your android ... Nainsi, right? I had to disable her. And her backup processor. But any mechanic can return her to defaults in about six seconds, so ... " She rubbed anxiously at her wrist. "Oh, and we ran into your captain of the guard in the hallway, and a few other guards, and I may have scared him and he's, um, unconscious. Also. But, really, they'll all be fine. I swear." Her lips twitched into a brief, nervous smile. "Um ... hello, again. By the way. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Julius Wellhausen
#11. It appears a bold thing to say so when one sees how much many a modern author who knows how to make a skilful use of the Book of Chronicles has to tell about the tabernacle. #Quote by Julius Wellhausen
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Lev Grossman
#12. I loved fantasy, but I particularly loved the stories in which somebody got out of where they were and into somewhere better - as in the 'Chronicles Of Narnia,' 'The Wizard Of Oz,' 'The Phantom Tollbooth,' the 'Dungeons & Dragons' cartoon on Saturday morning in the '80s. #Quote by Lev Grossman
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Jasper Fforde
#13. After almost two hours, the phone rang. I could guess who it was.
"Hello, Blix," I said before he could say anything. "Adding kidnapping to your long list of felonies?"
"We prefer to think of it as 'vacationing at the specific invitation of His Majesty," replied Blix. "Open the top drawer of the bureau."
I did so, and found a contract for Kazam to concede the competition, with all the details that Blix had already outlined. The document had been prepared by a law firm in Financia and registered with the Ununited Kingdoms Supreme Court, so even if King Snodd had wanted to reverse the deal, he couldn't.
"It's all there," said Blix. "I knew my or the King's word wouldn't be good enough, so I made it official. Sign it and your vacation in the North Tower is over."
"And if I don't?"
"Then you'll stay there until six Mondays from now, and we'll have Kazam for nothing."
"Are you in the castle watching the top of the North Tower at the moment?"
"I might be."
I ripped the phone from the wall and tossed it out the open window. The telephone took almost five seconds to hit the ground. It was a pointless gesture, but very satisfying. #Quote by Jasper Fforde
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Martin R Mortimer
#14. This series will be released under the author name Martin R Mortimer, in order to distinguish the Fantasy genre works from the Science Fiction works of M R Mortimer, although some of the existing SF would also appeal to a fantasy audience (such as "Shades of Farthrow.") The two will remain connected. The pen name change is for branding purposes, and to allow readers to easily distinguish between the two genres." - #Quote by Martin R Mortimer
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#16. Just in case you're wondering," Gage says, breaking the silence, "this alliance of ours doesn't mean I like you."
"Feeling's mutual." Julian tosses him a disdainful look. #Quote by Laura Kreitzer
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#17. Dear Gods Nick what have you done while I was gone? #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Jasper Fforde
#18. Good," said Moobin. "Any questions?"
"Yes," said Tiger. "Why do inflammable and flammable mean the same thing?"
"Sorry, I should rephrase that: Any questions relating to the job at hand?"
There weren't.
"Well," said Moobin with finality, "there it is, then. Rest well. #Quote by Jasper Fforde
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Anne Rice
#19. Come inside," he had whispered. I was trembling, on the edge of tears. And why was that? So glad to see him, touch him, ah, damn him! We entered the room, the press of his hand against my back oddly comforting. Ah, yes, this intimacy, because that's what it is, isn't it? You, my secret... Secret lover. Then the realization came to me as we stood together. He's going to kill me after all. He won't do it yet, but he's going to kill me. The dance will end like this. "But how could you not know such a thing?" He asked, reading my thoughts. "I love you, if I hadn't grown to love you, I would have killed you before now. #Quote by Anne Rice
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Philip Gourevitch
#20. Mike Stanton is our preeminent aficionado and raconteur of Rhode Island's flamboyantly criminal political follies, and The Prince of Providence is the chronicle of a great American rogue, Mayor Buddy Cianci - a paragon of charisma and corruption. #Quote by Philip Gourevitch
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Charon Lloyd-Roberts
#21. I held my breath was the beast still there or was it done killing for the night? I sincerely hoped for the latter upon reaching the cabin the lights where still on and the massive trail of blood was splattered all over the walls the place was a mess "Get it together Ris." I say to myself as I continue to examine the cabin. #Quote by Charon Lloyd-Roberts
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Alexander Pope
#22. Old men, for the most part, are like old chronicles that give you dull but true accounts of times past, and are worth knowing only on that score. #Quote by Alexander Pope
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#23. Why won't you look at me?" she murmurs.
He doesn't speak, seemingly at a loss for words.
"It's my scars." It comes out as barely a whisper.
Horror spasms across his face. "What? No," he says, a bit breathless. "You're beautiful. All of you. #Quote by Laura Kreitzer
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Yevgeny Yevtushenko
#24. No people are uninteresting. Their fate is like the chronicles of planets. Nothing in them is not particular, and planet is dissimilar from planet. #Quote by Yevgeny Yevtushenko
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Jocelyn Gibb
#25. It may be that the Chronicles of Narnia may outlive The Allegory of Love, and Perelandra outlive them both. Few works of learning and criticism survive a hundred years; what it was learned to know in 1950 will be expected of scholarship-candidates in 2000; new things will be discovered, old notions disproved, other critical values asserted; but a piece of genuine imagination in fiction may have a long life. #Quote by Jocelyn Gibb
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#26. Your destiny is shaped by choice, never by chance. Beware the decisions you make, no matter how small, for they will be your salvation ... or your death. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Rebecca Harris
#27. I lost my temper," I finish. "I lost my temper. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."
"Well, no one means to lose their temper, my boy," the Captain smiles. "If they did, it wouldn't be lost. #Quote by Rebecca Harris
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Cassandra Clare
#28. He could sleep in the ruins of cities lost for centuries. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Mary E. Pearson
#29. We already had three steps behind us.
"Hold on, Lia," I whispered.
Hold on for me. #Quote by Mary E. Pearson
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Marissa Meyer
#30. Do you think she is?" Her voice trembled. Her heart throbbed as she waited for him to answer. "You think they've killed her?"
Every moment wrapped around Scarlet's neck, strangling her, until the only possiblbe word from Wolf's mouth had to be yes. Yes, she was dead. Yes, she was gone. They'd murdered her. These monsters had murdered her.
Scarlet pressed her palms into the crate, trying to push through the plastic. "Say it."
"No," he murmured, shoulder sinking, "No, I don't think they've killed her. Not yet."
Scarlet shivered with relief. She covered her face with both hands, dizzy with the hurricane of emotions. "Thank the stars," she whispered. "Thank you. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#31. You all know that each title in the Chronicles has a chess theme; that's partly because of the overall design of the Chronicles themselves - the game of chess as an analogue of the game of life. #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Marissa Meyer
#32. At least we have each other. He held out his arms, like he would have given her a huge hug if they hadn't been strapped into their seats. The nose of the ship tipped to the right and he quickly grasped the controls again, leveling it out just in time to dodge flock of pigeons. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Marissa Meyer
#33. The captivity of Carswell Thorne had gotten off to a rocky start, what with the catastrophic soap rebellion and all. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Bob Colacello
#34. I could write an entirely new book about Andy Warhol, but I don't think I will. I certainly don't think Nancy Reagan would like that, as she's been patiently waiting for Volume 2 of my chronicle of the life of her and Ronnie. #Quote by Bob Colacello
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by A&E Kirk
#35. Am I early? Human time so bores me. Besides, surprises are a better way to assure you are helping instead of sabotaging me, said the woman who - let's take a wild leap here and call this sex bomb, Aphrodite.
A & E Kirk (2014-05-26). Drop Dead Demons: The Divinicus Nex Chronicles: Book 2 (Divinicus Nex Chronicles series) (p. 484). A&E Kirk. Kindle Edition. #Quote by A&E Kirk
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Josie Campbell
#36. I would welcome death with open arms and embrace its judgement of my risk eternal days."
- The First Chronicles Book I #Quote by Josie Campbell
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Al Kooper
#37. Unlike so many Dylan-writer-wannabes and phony 'encyclopedia' compilers, Sean Wilentz makes me feel he was in the room when he chronicles events that I participated in. Finally a breath of fresh words founded in hardcore, intelligent research. #Quote by Al Kooper
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Marissa Meyer
#38. Of course, we know that the world sees this wedding as a historical event. The first recorded marriage union between a Lunar and an Earthen since the second era. And maybe that is important. Maybe the love and compassion these two people have for each other is symbolic of hope for the future. Maybe this wedding signifies the possibility that someday our two races will not only learn to tolerate each other, but to love and appreciate each other as well. Or, maybe ... " Kai's eyes glinted. " ... this relationship has absolutely nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with our shared human need to find someone who will care for us as much as we care for them. To find a partner who complements us and teaches us. Who makes us stronger. Who makes us want to be our best possible self. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Anne Rice
#39. Never in all this time since you first came to me, never once have I ever looked into your eyes or heard your voice, or even thought of you, without feeling pain. It's the pain connected to loving you ,to realizing my limits, and what I'll never have. Do you remmeber feeling my heartbeat? You'll never feel such a rhythm as you will with me. I'm your Savage Garden, and yet so tame and soft and safe! #Quote by Anne Rice
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#40. Oh, I remember how beautiful you were. You didn't have any hair. You were such a bald little booger, I thought I was going to have to save up to buy you a toupee. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Jesikah Sundin
#41. Multi-colored lights flashed and glared on the wet road and cast eerie reflections, reminiscent of artistic surrealism. Fillion imagined that his distress and anger swirled and moved with the refracted lights, creating an urban masterpiece of demented fury. #Quote by Jesikah Sundin
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Rick Riordan
#42. Awkward. Sorry."
"Don't be," Sadie said. "I'll rather enjoy bashing my brother's face in. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Anne Rice
#43. But let me be a lover in the Savage Garden with you, and the light that went out of life would come back in a great burst of glory. Out of mortal flesh I would pass into eternity. I would be one of you. - Daniel #Quote by Anne Rice
Chronicles Of Avonlea quotes by Melina Marchetta
#44. Froi saw the rage in Arjuro's eyes, his clenched fists.

'If I could find the men who did those things to you as a child I would tear them limb from limb.'

Froi embraced him.

'One day,' Froi said, clearing his voice of emotion, 'I'll introduce you to my queen and my king and my captain; and Lord August and Lady Abian, who have given me a home; and the Priestking and Perri and Tesadora and my friend Lucian; and then you'll understand that I would never have met them if you hadn't journeyed to Sarnak all those years ago, Arjuro. And if the gods were to give me a choice between living a better life, having not met them, or a wretched life with the slightest chance of crossing their path, then I'd pick the wretched life over and over again.'

He kissed Arjuro's brow. Finnikin called it a blessing between two male blood kin. It always had made Froi ache seeing it between Finnikin and Trevanion.

'I'd live it again just to have crossed all of your paths. Keep safe, Arjuro. Keep safe so I can bring your brother home to you. #Quote by Melina Marchetta

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