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Christs Return quotes by Anonymous
#1. Do everything without complaining and arguing, 15 so that no one can criticize you. Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people. 16 Hold firmly to the word of life; then, on the day of Christ's return, I will be proud that I did not run the race in vain and that my work was not useless. #Quote by Anonymous
Christs Return quotes by Randy Alcorn
#2. The currency of this world will be worthless at our death or at Christ's return, both of which are imminent. #Quote by Randy Alcorn
Christs Return quotes by Criss Jami
#3. Growing up I sometimes imagined that for Christ's return perhaps He would appear as 'Black Jesus' to white people and 'White Jesus' to black people just to screw with the racists. #Quote by Criss Jami
Christs Return quotes by Tim LaHaye
#4. The curse of Adam and Eve that fell upon the earth because of their sin will be lifted when Christ returns. #Quote by Tim LaHaye
Christs Return quotes by Jeff Bryant
#5. Our deepest calling is not to grow in our knowledge of God. It is to make disciples. Our knowledge will grow
the Holy Spirit, Jesus promised, will guide us into all truth. But that's not our calling, it is His. Our calling is to prepare the world for Christ's return. The world is not ready yet. And so, we go about introducing a dying world to the Savior of Life. Anything we do toward our own growth must be toward that end. #Quote by Jeff Bryant
Christs Return quotes by Gary DeMar
#6. How many times have you struggled with the interpretation of certain Biblical texts related to the time of Jesus' return because they did not fit with a preconceived system of eschatology? Russell's Parousia takes the Bible seriously when it tells us of the nearness of Christ's return. Those who claim to interpret the Bible literally, trip over the obvious meaning of these time texts by making Scripture mean the opposite of what it unequivocally declares. Reading Russell is a breath of fresh air in a room filled with smoke and mirror hermeneutics. #Quote by Gary DeMar
Christs Return quotes by R.C. Sproul
#7. The rapture will not be secret but open and manifest. Its purpose will not be to whisk the elect away from the earth for a while until Christ returns for a 'second' Second Coming. The purpose of the rapture is to allow the saints to meet Jesus in the air as He returns and be included in His entourage during His triumphal descent from Heaven. His coming in this manner will be attended by the general resurrection, the final judgment, and the end of the world. #Quote by R.C. Sproul
Christs Return quotes by Michael S. Horton
#8. The Next Big Thing is not another Pentecost or another apostle or another political or social cause. It is Christ's return. #Quote by Michael S. Horton
Christs Return quotes by Various
#9. When you grow weary of waiting for Christ's return, remember that God is willing to wait because he is so merciful. Peter said, "The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance" (2 Peter 3:9). He is waiting for everyone who will to come to saving faith. When that time comes, he will keep his promise, just as he said. #Quote by Various
Christs Return quotes by Denis Johnson
#10. The coyotes sounded like hurt dogs. They agitated plainly for Christ's return. May they not be heard. #Quote by Denis Johnson
Christs Return quotes by Wayne A. Grudem
#11. matter what their differences on the details, all Christians who take the Bible as their final authority agree that the final and ultimate result of Christ's return will be the judgment of unbelievers and the final reward of believers, and that believers will live with Christ in a new heaven and a new earth for all eternity. God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit will reign and will be worshiped in a never-ending kingdom with no more sin or sorrow or suffering. #Quote by Wayne A. Grudem
Christs Return quotes by David McMurtrie Gregg
#12. In every grave on earth's green sward is a tiny seed of the resurrection life of Jesus Christ, and that seed cannot perish. It will germinate when the warm south wind of Christ's return brings back the spring-tide to this cold sin-cursed earth of ours; and then they that are in their graves, and we who shall lie down in ours, will feel in our mortal bodies the power of His resurrection, and will come forth to life immortal. #Quote by David McMurtrie Gregg
Christs Return quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#13. I do not come into this pulpit hoping that perhaps somebody will of his own free will return to Christ. My hope lies in another quarter. I hope that my Master will lay hold of some of them and say, "You are mine, and you shall be mine. I claim you for myself." My hope arises from the freeness of grace, and not from the freedom of the will. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Christs Return quotes by John Salmons
#14. I try to leave it in Christ's hands and trust that He knows the situation. He knows the position I'm in. He wouldn't have put me in this position if I couldn't handle it. That's what keeps me going, knowing that He's right there. I can call on Him whenever. #Quote by John Salmons
Christs Return quotes by Sam Harris
#15. According to the most common interpretation of biblical prophecy, Jesus will return only after things have gone horribly awry. Imagine the consequences if any significant component of the U.S. government believed that the world was about to end and that its ending would be glorious. The fact that nearly half of the American population apparently believes this should be considered a moral and intellectual emergency. #Quote by Sam Harris
Christs Return quotes by Enid Bagnold
#16. The children seemed to cast their Precursors like shadows about the house, sometimes tangibly, in the sound of a voice, sometimes by suggestion, because it was striking the hour for their return from a walk, sometimes mysteriously, because inside the shell of their mother's head the children were painted like angels on the roof of a chapel. #Quote by Enid Bagnold
Christs Return quotes by Laura Marx Fitzgerald
#17. but the way i see it is, hasn't it been long enough? Hasn't the world always been full of monsters and lies? Isn't it our place to fight them, to tell the truth, to rewrite the story? to ensure the return of spring in a world of winter #Quote by Laura Marx Fitzgerald
Christs Return quotes by Samuel Rutherford
#18. I know that, as night and shadows are good for flowers, and moonlight and dews are better than a continual sun, so is Christ's absence of special use, and that it hath some nourishing virtue in it, and giveth sap to humility, and putteth an edge on hunger, and funisheth a fairfield to faith to put forth itself, and to exercise its fingers in gripping it seeth not what. #Quote by Samuel Rutherford
Christs Return quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#19. True repentence is to depart from evil. A return to God, seeking his grace for power to obey him. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Christs Return quotes by Victor Hugo
#20. Yes, instruction! Light! Light! Everything comes from light, and to everything it returns. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Christs Return quotes by Victor Hugo
#21. Revolutions spring not from an accident, but from necessity. A revolution is a return from the fictitious to the real. It is because it must be that it is. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Christs Return quotes by Jeff Passan
#22. And it's not like he could walk into Gibson's office and share his pain. At one point during his rehab, Hudson was summoned by Gibson, who told him he couldn't wait for Hudson to return to a pitching staff that lacked the toughness the manager expected. "Everyone in here is a bunch of cunts," Gibson said. #Quote by Jeff Passan
Christs Return quotes by Anonymous
#23. Suffering often changes our ambitions. Before his conversion, Saul cared primarily about his reputation and perfecting his religiosity. The transformed Paul left reputation behind and instead boasted in weakness, longing to suffer and share in Christ's death #Quote by Anonymous
Christs Return quotes by Claire Denis
#24. Growing up outside your own country makes you feel that you don't belong when you return, so you feel free to make friends with whomever you like. #Quote by Claire Denis
Christs Return quotes by John Stott
#25. So close was Christ's connection with God that he equated a man's attitude to himself with the man's attitude to God. #Quote by John Stott
Christs Return quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt
#26. The hard part of loving is that one has to learn so often to let go of those we love, so they can do things, so they can grow, so they can return to us with an even richer, deeper love. #Quote by Eleanor Roosevelt
Christs Return quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#27. So he could talk to Jane and find out what had happened between her and Blakeborough after he left. He could finally get an answer to his marriage proposal.
Proposal? Jane would probably call it a marriage command.
He groaned. Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to talk to her while he waited. He could always pack her off in another hackney before it was time for Meredith to return home. Yes, that would be best.
Climbing inside the hackney, he doffed his hat and shrugged out of his box coat. But all of his perfectly logical reasons for being there went right out of his head the moment he saw her looking so luscious and lovely in her sunny gown.
Because he desired only one thing. Jane. In his arms. Now.
She must have seen the feral need flare in his face, for her eyes went wide. That was the only reaction she had time for, however, before he dragged her into his embrace so he could take her mouth in a hard, urgent kiss.
God, he wanted her. He would never stop wanting her. Fisting his hands in her puffy sleeves to hold her still, he plundered her mouth the way he ached to plunder her body.
Suddenly she shoved him back. "What are you doing? That's not why--"
He clasped her head in his hands, dislodging her bonnet, which tumbled to the floor. Then he kissed her again, demanding her to kiss him back, to need him back. It took her a moment, but then she moaned low in her throat and melted against him.
And he exulted. She was soft, so wonde #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Christs Return quotes by Laozi
#28. Return animosity with virtue. #Quote by Laozi
Christs Return quotes by Imran Khan
#29. I felt like the Islamic scholar Muhammad Abduh (1849-1905), who said on his return from a trip to Europe to his homeland Egypt 'I saw no Muslims in Europe but I saw a lot of Islam,' and of his homeland 'There are a lot of Muslims here but no Islam. #Quote by Imran Khan
Christs Return quotes by Herbert Spencer
#30. Lusts are like agues; the fit is not always on, and yet the man is not rid of his disease; and some men's lusts, like some agues, have not such quick returns as others. #Quote by Herbert Spencer
Christs Return quotes by Samuel Johnson
#31. The return of my birthday, if I remember it, fills me with thoughts which it seems to be the general care of humanity to escape. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Christs Return quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#32. Mrs. Strickland was plainly nervous. "Well, tell us your news," she said. "I saw your husband. I'm afraid he's quite made up his mind not to return." I paused a little. "He wants to paint. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Christs Return quotes by Alistair Begg
#33. Marriage, we learn, is supposed to be a model of Christ's love for the church. It is to be based not upon lust, but upon honor and holiness (Ephesians 5). #Quote by Alistair Begg
Christs Return quotes by V.E Schwab
#34. All right," she said. She got to her feet and crossed to his desk, where her knife still sat atop the maps. She thought of the way he'd plucked it out of her grip. "But I want a favor in return."
"Funny, I thought the favor was allowing you to remain on my ship, despite the fact you're a liar, a thief, and a murderer. But please, do go on. #Quote by V.E Schwab
Christs Return quotes by Jack London
#35. Times have changed since Christ's day. A rich man to-day who gives all he has to the poor is crazy. There is no discussion. Society has spoken. #Quote by Jack London
Christs Return quotes by Dianne Duvall
#36. You still aren't screaming."
"Is that the usual reaction you get when people realize you're, um..."
"Different? Yes, generally."
Marcus stepped up beside him. "We also get shrieks, curses, pant wetting, bowels releasing"--Sarah grimaced--"religious recitations..."
Her eyebrows rose. "Religious recitations?"
"You know--Get thee back, you, ah..." He nudged Roland. "What was it that priest called us?"
Roland rolled his eyes. "Which one?"
"The one in London."
"What century?"
Sarah's mouth fell open.
"The one with hair like Albert Einstein?"
"Spawns of Satan."
"Right." Adopting a raspy elderly man's voice, Marcus shook his fist at Sarah and intoned dramatically, "Get thee back, ye spawns of Satan. Return thee to the bowels of hell where ye belong!" Lowering his fist, he proceeded in a normal voice."Then he hurled numerous biblical versus at our heads as we walked away...But screaming is by far the most common reaction, from both men and women. #Quote by Dianne Duvall
Christs Return quotes by Warren Cassell Jr.
#37. Amidst all the criticisms and prejudgement in life, we should strive to do good in return; however small, instead of just turning your back against the world. #Quote by Warren Cassell Jr.
Christs Return quotes by Paramahansa Yogananda
#38. The soul's first adventure is the fight between two ideas: the wish to return to earth in a human form, and the desire to feel the freedom of having no form. #Quote by Paramahansa Yogananda
Christs Return quotes by Jody Hedlund
#39. Arabella fumbled in her pocket, retrieved the silver cross, and held it out to Pete's dad. "You gave this to Pete, and he gave it to me. It has blessed us both and has taught us to seek after the One who can truly give strength and courage in our greatest hour of need. Now I return it to you. May God give you courage in the days to come. #Quote by Jody Hedlund
Christs Return quotes by Bertrand Russell
#40. After ages during which the earth produced harmless trilobites and butterflies, evolution progressed to the point at which it has generated Neros, Genghis Khans, and Hitlers. This, however, I believe is a passing nightmare; in time the earth will become again incapable of supporting life, and peace will return. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Christs Return quotes by John Milton
#41. On the Morning of Christ's Nativity Perhaps their loves, or else their sheep, was all that did their silly thoughts so busy keep. #Quote by John Milton
Christs Return quotes by Tarif Naaz
#42. Occupation maybe means when army of another country enters our country and refuses to return to their country on one pretext or other. To me occupation does also not mean when the army is at the border, but occupation is when the army knocks at our doors, enters our homes, kills our brothers, rape our sisters and the whole fucking world is silent. Occupation to me is when you need 7 lacs forces to kill 258 militants. To me occupation also means when you need bullets against stones. Occupation is also when you don't die once but several times everyday, when you don't have dreams but long last Nightmares. Occupation is also when a country launches a vicious campaign to present you, as a whole community, terrorists before the fucking world for justifying their violent suppression and other punitive measures. #Quote by Tarif Naaz
Christs Return quotes by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding
#43. Her husband and her children did not consider her beyond criticism. She belonged to them; whatever she did affected them; their pride, their good name in the world lay in her hands. They would give her love, protection, even a sort of homage, but in return for that she must be what they wanted and needed her to be. #Quote by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding
Christs Return quotes by Zhuangzi
#44. There is a saying that Heaven is internal, humanity external and Virtue comes from the Heavenly. Know Heaven and humanity's actions, root yourself in Heaven and follow Virture.Then you can bend, stretch, rush forward or hold back, because you will always return to the core and it will be said you have achieved the supreme. #Quote by Zhuangzi
Christs Return quotes by Brian Ward
#45. To see an input stream at work, enter cat (with no filenames) and press ENTER. This time, you won't get your shell prompt back because cat is still running. Now type anything and press ENTER at the end of each line. The cat command repeats any line that you type. Once you're sufficiently bored, press CTRL-D on an empty line to terminate cat and return to the shell prompt. #Quote by Brian Ward
Christs Return quotes by Mahmoud Darwish
#46. In Damascus:
the traveler sings to himself:
I return from Syria
neither alive
nor dead
but as clouds
that ease the butterfly's burden
from my fugitive soul #Quote by Mahmoud Darwish
Christs Return quotes by Alan Bennett
#47. The nearest my parents came to alcohol was at Holy Communion and they utterly overestimated its effects. However bad the weather, Dad never drove to church because Mam thought the sacrament might make him incapable on the return journey. #Quote by Alan Bennett
Christs Return quotes by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
#48. Strange the affection which clings to inanimate objects - objects which cannot even know our love! But it is not return that constitutes the strength of an attachment. #Quote by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Christs Return quotes by Mary Oliver
#49. From the complications of loving you i think there is no end or return. no answer, no coming out of it. which is the only way to love, isn't it? this isn't a playground, this is earth, our heaven, for a while. therefore i have given precedence to all my sudden, sullen, dark moods that hold you in the center of my world. and i say to my body: grow thinner still. and i say to my fingers, type me a pretty song. and i say to my heart: rave on. #Quote by Mary Oliver
Christs Return quotes by Alanea Alder
#50. It's the ultimate story of survival! Nemo is taken by the enemy, but his father doesn't give up trying to retrieve him. He forms unlikely alliances and conquers his fears to get his son back. Nemo also refuses to remain a prisoner and follows the warrior's code to escape and return to his family unit. #Quote by Alanea Alder
Christs Return quotes by Hamza Yusuf
#51. A comprehensive treatment plan for the heart's diseases is to deny the self of its desires, Enjoin hunger, keep worship vigilance in the night, be silent, and meditate in private; Also keep company with good people who possess sincerity, those who are emulated in their states and statements; And, finally, take refuge in the One unto whom all affairs return. That is the most beneficial treatment for all of the previous diseases. This must be to the point in which you are like a man drowning or someone lost in a barren desert and see no source of succor Except from the Guardian, possessor of the greatest power. He is the One who responds to the call of the distressed. #Quote by Hamza Yusuf
Christs Return quotes by Chuck Missler
#52. The result of these ungodly unions was a race of very wicked and very powerful hybrid (half-fallen angel, half-human) offspring - the Nephilim - who corrupted, harassed, even killed mankind. Now, at the end of the 20th century, we have the return of "alien" entities with apparent supernatural powers. #Quote by Chuck Missler

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