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Chrismon Tree quotes by Charles Hanson Towne
#1. I need not shout my faith. Thrice eloquent Are quiet trees and the green listening sod; Hushed are the stars, whose power is never spent; The hills are mute: yet how they speak of God! #Quote by Charles Hanson Towne
Chrismon Tree quotes by Aaron Hill
#2. Mischief and malice grow on the same branch of the tree of evil. #Quote by Aaron Hill
Chrismon Tree quotes by Ming-Dao Deng
#3. An ancient gnarled tree: Too fibrous for a logger's saw, Too twisted to fit a carpenter's square, Outlasts the whole forest. #Quote by Ming-Dao Deng
Chrismon Tree quotes by Amy Carmichael
#4. Let us not be surprised when we have to face difficulties. When the wind blows hard on a tree, the roots stretch and grow the stronger, Let it be so with us. Let us not be weaklings, yielding to every wind that blows, but strong in spirit to resist. #Quote by Amy Carmichael
Chrismon Tree quotes by Rumi
#5. The leaf of every tree brings a message from the unseen world. Look, every falling leaf is a blessing. #Quote by Rumi
Chrismon Tree quotes by Katerina Stoykova Klemer
#6. Unforgiveness,
splinter in your breastbone, lives
there lodged like a small tree.
Withers in winter, looms
in spring. Its fruit is sweet
on first bite, then turns
into the taste of your own flesh. #Quote by Katerina Stoykova Klemer
Chrismon Tree quotes by William T. Vollmann
#7. Best listened to in a windowless room, better than best in an airless room - correctly speaking, a bunker sealed forever and enwrapped in tree-roots - the Eighth String Quartet of Shostakovich (Opus 110) is the living corpse of music, perfect in its horror. Call it the simultaneous asphyxiation and bleeding of melody. The soul strips itself of life in a dusty room. #Quote by William T. Vollmann
Chrismon Tree quotes by George Orwell
#8. A thing which I regret, and which I will try to remedy some time, is that I have never in my life planted a walnut. Nobody does plant them nowadays - when you see a walnut it is almost invariably an old tree. If you plant a walnut you are planting it for your grandchildren, and who cares a damn for his grandchildren? #Quote by George Orwell
Chrismon Tree quotes by Madonna Ciccone
#9. I've studied Kabbalah, as you know, for many years, so there are a lot of things I do that one would associate with practising Judaism. I hear the Torah every Saturday. I observe Shabbat. I say certain prayers. My son was bar mitzvahed. So this appears like I'm Jewish, but these rituals are connected to what I describe as the Tree of Life consciousness and have more to do with the idea of being an Israelite, not Jewish. #Quote by Madonna Ciccone
Chrismon Tree quotes by Oscar Wilde
#10. The crude commercialism of America, its materialising spirit, its indifference to the poetical side of things, and its lack of imagination and of high unattainable ideals, are entirely due to that country having adopted for its national hero a man who, according to his own confession, was incapable of telling a lie, and it is not too much to say that the story of George Washington and the cherry-tree has done more harm, and in a shorter space of time, than any other moral tale in the whole of literature. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Chrismon Tree quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#11. An irrelevant and poignant sensation of pleasure rose in him, like a tree that grew up and flowered all in one moment with its roots in his loins and its flowers in his mind. #Quote by Ursula K. Le Guin
Chrismon Tree quotes by Jeff Lynne
#12. I think from the age of thirteen, I really wanted to be a producer and I've always thought that the producer was the top of the tree. #Quote by Jeff Lynne
Chrismon Tree quotes by Lena Dunham
#13. I think about death, when I lie in bed and imagine disintegrating, my skin going leathery and my hair petrifying and a tree growing out of my stomach, it's a way to avoid what's right in front of me. It's a way to not be here, in the uncertainty of right now. #Quote by Lena Dunham
Chrismon Tree quotes by Seema Gupta
#14. Desire For Thee"
My desire to love thee
is just like a tree,
must have one root
but several branches of fruit
I want to make you feel
as if you are horizon i steal
you are as free as wind
where my love flows in swing
i see thee in glaze shadow around
a graceful presence on passion ground
that is "THEE" you spark everywhere
Everywhere am far and near. #Quote by Seema Gupta
Chrismon Tree quotes by Philip Gilbert Hamerton
#15. I wonder how it is that so cheerful-looking a tree as the willow should ever have become associated with ideas of sadness. #Quote by Philip Gilbert Hamerton
Chrismon Tree quotes by Cameron Dokey
#16. For instance, here is a puzzle that many minds have pondered: If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one there to hear it,does it still make a sound? #Quote by Cameron Dokey
Chrismon Tree quotes by Jonathan Corcoran
#17. She walked down the lawn and surveyed the world as they'd both seen it--the wild limbs of the leaning apple tree, the golden-brown evening sky, the black silhouettes of the mountains. The trunk and the branches of the tree had bent over the years, under the weight of the heavy fruit. One of the biggest branches had grown down from the canopy of the leaves, all the way to the ground and straight along the grass...the end of that same branch had begun growing up again, at a right angle, the wood bending toward the sky. #Quote by Jonathan Corcoran
Chrismon Tree quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#18. This piece of paper I am holding in my hand is something that exists right now. Can we establish a time and place of birth for this paper? That is very difficult to establish, impossible actually because before it manifested as a piece of paper, it was already here in the form of a tree, of the sun, of a cloud. Without the sun, without the rain, the tree would not have lived, and there would have been no piece of paper, I touch the sun. When I touch this piece of paper, I also touch the clouds. There is a cloud floating in this piece of paper. You do not have to be a poet to see it. #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
Chrismon Tree quotes by Charles V. Chapin
#19. Science can never be a closed book. It is like a tree, ever growing, ever reaching new heights. Occasionally the lower branches, no longer giving nourishment to the tree, slough off. We should not be ashamed to change our methods; rather we should be ashamed never to do so. #Quote by Charles V. Chapin
Chrismon Tree quotes by Jorge Valdano
#20. Playing against a defensive opponent is just as bad as making love to a tree. #Quote by Jorge Valdano
Chrismon Tree quotes by Ruth Ozeki
#21. what does separation look like
a wall
a wave
a body of water
a ripple of light
or a shimmer of subatomic particles parting
what does it feel like to push through
her fingers press against the rag surface of her dream
recognizing the tenacity of filaments
and know that it is paper
about to tear
but for the fibrous memory
that still lingers there
and standing tall.
the tree was past
and the paper is present
and yet,
paper still remembers holding itself upright and altogether
like a dream
it remembers its sap #Quote by Ruth Ozeki
Chrismon Tree quotes by John Hillaby
#22. There is scarce a cave, an isolated rock, a lone pine tree or a pile of stones without supporting folklore. #Quote by John Hillaby
Chrismon Tree quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#23. The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life. #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Chrismon Tree quotes by Neil Gaiman
#24. Sweeney took a step closer to Wednesday. "Call me a freeloader, will you, you doomed old creature? You cold-blooded, heartless old tree-hanger." His face was turning a deep, angry red.

Wednesday put out his hands, palms up, pacific. "Foolishness, Sweeney. Watch where you put your words. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Chrismon Tree quotes by Paulo Coelho
#25. the Christmas tree. Do you know where that comes from?" "No idea." "Saint Boniface decided to 'christianize' a ritual intended to honor the god Odin when he was a child. Once a year, the Germanic tribes would place presents around an oak tree for the children to find. They thought this would bring joy to the pagan deity. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Chrismon Tree quotes by Laura Regan
#26. I recently went for a walk in a state park and found that some of my favorite trees had collapsed. It makes me feel vulnerable, personally and for my children. #Quote by Laura Regan
Chrismon Tree quotes by Beth Harbison
#27. I turned and headed back to the parking lot to leave. Passing the tall tree I'd passed every day on my way to and from Nate's car when he'd drop me off and pick me up. Somehow it was the tree that got to me. It made me tremendously sad, not just because of the time that had gone but because the time had somehow gone without me really noticing it. #Quote by Beth Harbison
Chrismon Tree quotes by V.C. Andrews
#28. Though I'm not sure, I thought I saw women dressed in black, with her head and face covered by a black veil, duck behind a tree as we approached the road and parked car. Hiding so we wouldn't see her. But I caught a glimpse, enough to reveal the rope of lustrous pearls she wore. Pearls that were there for a thin white hand to lift and nervously, out of long habit, twist and untwist into a knot. Only one women I knew did that
and she was the perfect one to wear black, and should run to hide!
Forever hide! Color all her days black! Every last one! #Quote by V.C. Andrews
Chrismon Tree quotes by Ernst Junger
#29. For the anarch, little has changed; flags have meaning for him, but not sense. I have seen them in the air and on the ground like leaves in May and November; and I have done so as a contemporary and not just as a historian. The May Day celebration will survive, but with a different meaning. New portraits will head up the processions. A date devoted to the Great Mother is re-profaned. A pair of lovers in the wood pays more homage to it. I mean the forest as something undivided, where every tree is still a liberty tree.
For the anarch, little is changed when he strips off a uniform that he wore partly as fool's motley, partly as camouflage. It covers his spiritual freedom, which he will objectivate during such transitions. This distinguishes him from the anarchist, who, objectively unfree, starts raging until he is thrust into a more rigorous straitjacket. #Quote by Ernst Junger
Chrismon Tree quotes by Charles Dickens
#30. A blight had fallen on the trees and shrubs; and the wind, at length beginning to break the unnatural stillness that had prevailed all day, sighed heavily from time to time, as though foretelling in grief the ravages of the coming storm. The bat skimmed in fantastic flights through the heavy air, and the ground was alive with crawling things, whose instinct brought them forth to swell and fatten in the rain. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Chrismon Tree quotes by Ruskin Bond
#31. Trees make you feel younger. And the older the tree, the younger you feel. Whenever #Quote by Ruskin Bond
Chrismon Tree quotes by Anna Godbersen
#32. We see our sins reflected everywhere: in the pallor of our intimates' faces, in the scratching of tree branches against windows, in the strange movements of everyday objects. These may be messages from God or tricks of the eye, but in neither case are we permitted to ignore them. #Quote by Anna Godbersen

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