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Chrismon Patterns quotes by Rupert Sheldrake
#1. Creativity gives new forms, new patterns, new ideas, new art forms. And we don't know where creativity comes from. Is it inspired from above? Welling up from below? Picked up from the air? What? Creativity is a mystery wherever you encounter it ... #Quote by Rupert Sheldrake
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Jill Alexander Essbaum
#2. There are two basic groups of German verbs ... strong and weak. Weak verbs are regular verbs that follow typical rules. Strong verbs are irregular. They don't follow patterns. You deal with strong verbs on your own terms ... Like people, ... The strong ones stand out. The weak ones are the same. #Quote by Jill Alexander Essbaum
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Christine Feehan
#3. So you don't think I'm crazy because I see patterns all around me?" Airiana asked, drawing her knees up to rest her chin on top of them.
"No, I think you're perfectly sane," Blythe said. "A little mixed up, but that's to be expected given what you've been through."
"Let's not go that far," Lissa teased. "She's got it in her head that we're all going to find ourselves with a Prakenskii man in our laps."
Lexi nearly spewed her tea across the room. "Don't say that. Good grief, Lissa. This is Sea Haven. You can't put something like that out into the universe and not expect repercussions."
"It wasn't me," Lissa denied, holding up both hands. "Airiana said it first, and I told her the exact same thing."

-Airiana, Blythe, Lissa, & Lexi #Quote by Christine Feehan
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Danny Elfman
#4. Or certainly I would need time - which I would love to have but there almost never is on a film - to just spend a week with a roomful of guys laying down these patterns. #Quote by Danny Elfman
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Connie Zweig
#5. In order to protect its own control and sovereignty the ego instinctively puts up a great resistance to the confrontation with the shadow; when it catches a glimpse of the shadow the ego most often reacts with an attempt to eliminate it. Our will is mobilized and we decide. "I just won't be that way any more!" Then comes the final shattering shock, when we discover that, in part at least, this is impossible no matter how we try. For the shadow represents energically charged autonomous patterns of feeling and behavior. Their energy cannot simply be stopped by an act of will. What is needed is rechanneling or transformation. #Quote by Connie Zweig
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Margaret Heffernan
#6. A great deal of creativity is about pattern recognition, and what you need to discern patterns is tons of data. Your mind collects that data by taking note of random details and anomalies easily seen every day: quirks and changes that, eventually, add up to insights. #Quote by Margaret Heffernan
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Martha Graham
#7. We are all of us, unique - each a unique pattern of creativity and if we do not fulfill it, it is lost for all time. #Quote by Martha Graham
Chrismon Patterns quotes by W.G. Sebald
#8. I remember to this day how easily I could grasp what he called his tentative ideas when he talked about the architectural style of the capitalist era, a subject which he said had fascinated him since his own student days, speaking in particular of the compulsive sense of order and the tendency towards monumentalism evident in law courts and penal institutions, railway stations and stock exchanges, opera houses and lunatic asylums, and the dwelling built to rectangular grid patterns for the labor force. #Quote by W.G. Sebald
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Arthur Koestler
#9. Insight depends on the multi-dimensional analysis of the input in its various aspects, on extracting relevant messages from irrelevant noise, identifying patterns in the mosaic until it has become saturated, as it were, with meaning. #Quote by Arthur Koestler
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Marcus Sakey
#10. Trying to analyze a situation without enough data was like looking at a photograph of a ball in flight and trying to gauge its direction. Is it going up, down, sideways? Is it about to collide with a baseball bat? Is it moving at all, or is something on the blind side holding it in place? A single frame didn't mean a thing. Patterns were based on data. With enough datapoints, you could predict just about anything. #Quote by Marcus Sakey
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Timothy Keller
#11. In Ephesians 5, Paul shows us that even on earth Jesus did not use his power to oppress us but sacrificed everything to bring us into union with him. And this takes us beyond the philosophical to the personal and the practical. If God had the gospel of Jesus's salvation in mind when he established marriage, then marriage only 'works' to the degree that approximates the pattern of God's self-giving love in Christ. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Bruce Lee
#12. All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. The truth is outside of all fixed patterns. #Quote by Bruce Lee
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#13. Remember that the expressions and vocal patterns you are committing to film will become synecdoches ... That means something little that stands in for something big. Your smile will stand in for all human happiness. Your tears will be a model for everyone else's sadness.
... You have a responsibility to the people who will repeat your lines, wink your winks, imitate your laughter without knowing they are imitating anything. This is the secret power that actors hold. It is almost like being a god. We create what it is to be human when we stand fifty feet tall on a silk screen.
So you'd better be good at it, for God's sake. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Erich Fromm
#14. Indeed, with the experience of self disappears the experience of identity - and when this happens, man could become insane if he did not save himself by acquiring a secondary sense of self; he does that by experiencing himself as being approved of, worthwhile, successful, useful - briefly, as a salable commodity which is he because he is looked upon by others as an entity, not unique but fitting into one of the current patterns. #Quote by Erich Fromm
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Debra Kaye
#15. Look for patterns, and then ask why those patterns exist. #Quote by Debra Kaye
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Keri Smith
#16. How To Be An Explorer Of The World
1. Always Be LOOKING (notice the ground beneath your feet.)
2. Consider Everything Alive & Animate
3. EVERYTHING Is Interesting. Look Closer.
4. Alter Your Course Often.
5. Observe For Long Durations (and short ones).
6. Notice The Stories Going On Around You.
8. DOCUMENT Your Findings (field notes) In A VAriety Of Ways.
9. Incorporate Indeterminacy.
10. Observe Movement.
11. Create a Personal DIALOGUE With Your Environment. Talk to it.
12. Trace Things Back to Their ORIGINS.
13. Use ALL of the Senses In Your Investigations. #Quote by Keri Smith
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Ann Brashares
#17. I felt as though the
past and the future, cause and effect, patterns and connections, were a huge complicated artifice, and it was only by my efforts that they kept going.
If I gave up it would all dissolve into the raw chaos of the senses. That's all we really have. The rest is romanticism and storytelling. But we need
those stories. I guess I do. #Quote by Ann Brashares
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Neal Stephenson
#18. The sand was hard-packed and solid and wet, speckled all over with cockle shells in colors and patterns of such profusion and variety that they must have given the first Dutchmen the idea to go out into the sea and bring back precious things from afar. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Alan Watts
#19. Of what use is the universe? What is the practical application of a million galaxies? Yet just because it has no use, it has a use- which may sound like a paradox, but is not. What, for instance, is the use of playing music? If you play to make money, to outdo some other artist, to be a person of culture, or to improve your mind, you are not really playing- for your mind is not on the music. You don't swing. When you come to think of it, playing or listening to music is a pure luxury, an addiction, a waste of valuable time and money for nothing more than making elaborate patterns of sound. #Quote by Alan Watts
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Rebecca Musser
#20. Perhaps one of my biggest lessons was learning the healthy difference between passive, aggressive, and assertive characteristics of behavior. I think this is one of the great balances necessary for healthy individuals and cultures, and I have considered it carefully. To be passive means you don't stand up for your own rights. To be aggressive means that you stand up for your rights while not honoring the rights of others. Both of these patterns of unhealthy behavior were dominant in our society, with men and women in substantial measure and in all of their relationships. What was missing was assertiveness, as it was predominantly programmed right out of us. Assertiveness means that you stand up for your rights while honoring the rights of others. It is difficult to be manipulated or to manipulate others when you are genuinely assertive, so that was why it was a danger in a culture built on manipulation. #Quote by Rebecca Musser
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Chester Elijah Branch
#21. The continental philosopher comes to a philosophical conversation looking to have a communal experience where both sides learn from each other. Their perspective is often that we may be on different paragraphs but we are all on the same page.

They'll often speak in stories as an attempt to create a world where everyone listening works together to create agreed upon language/inside jokes/slang.

By contrast, the analytic philosopher often comes to a philosophical conversation looking to win an argument. They often have a set of patterns, labels and pre-packaged arguments. To them, clever double speak and long drawn out narratives are not profound. They'll often label it halfway through as just a bunch of made up gibberish that leaves things even more confusing than before.

It is as if the analytic philosopher says to the continental philosopher 'you are speaking gibberish' and the continental philosopher responds with 'exactly. #Quote by Chester Elijah Branch
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Libbie Hawker
#22. You might think it's better to prove to your reader that your book is unlike anything else out there - that this is a totally unique reading experience that doesn't have any similarity to any other story. I hate to break it to you, but that's a losing game. Even readers who think they only want to read 100% original fiction, totally unlike anything else that's ever been done before, are mistaken. The human mind is drawn like a magnet to established story patterns. That's why the "hero's journey" pattern of ancient myth has persisted throughout all of human history. #Quote by Libbie Hawker
Chrismon Patterns quotes by LeVar Burton
#23. I feel like I have been able to notice throughout the incremental march of history during the course of my own lifetime patterns emerging, and there's a sort of a rubber band effect that happens where social growth and change is concerned. #Quote by LeVar Burton
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Iain Banks
#24. All our lives are symbols. Everything we do is part of a pattern we have at least some say in. The strong make their own patterns and influence other people's, the weak have their courses mapped out for them. The weak and the unlucky, and the stupid. #Quote by Iain Banks
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#25. Two people may arrive at a conversation with very different conversational patterns. But almost instantly they reach a common ground. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#26. One by one they are being picked off around him: in his small circle of colleagues the ratio slowly grows top-heavy, more ghosts, more each winter, and fewer living ... and with each one, he thinks he feels patterns on his cortex going dark, settling to sleep forever, parts of whoever he's been losing all definition, reverting to dumb chemistry ... #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#27. Capitalism and socialism are two distinct patterns of social organization. Private control of the means of production and public control are contradictory notions and not merely contrary notions. There is no such thing as a mixed economy, a system that would stand midway between capitalism and socialism. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Betty Friedan
#28. A woman is handicapped by her sex, and handicaps society, either by slavishly copying the pattern of man's advance in the professions, or by refusing to compete with man at all. #Quote by Betty Friedan
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Terry Riley
#29. I really didn't have a plan, I just went in and started playing. one of my specialties was to be able to play for a really long time without stopping and I would play these repeated patterns for hours and hours and I wouldn't seem to get tired. #Quote by Terry Riley
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Paul Hawken
#30. Writing is my way of diving deep into an issue. My approach is to watch, read and listen - sometimes for years - in order to grasp the dynamics, resistance and patterns of thought that repeat and impede progress and breakthrough. #Quote by Paul Hawken
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Mariella Frostrup
#31. Every friendship goes through ups and downs. Dysfunctional patterns set in; external situations cause internal friction; you grow apart and then bounce back together. #Quote by Mariella Frostrup
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Aleksandr Voinov
#32. You really do love him, don't you?" she said quietly.
Vadim blinked, then looked to the side, without seeing colours and patterns, but it helped him find words. Speaking about love without cliché, without borrowing somebody else's well-worn words that were too comfortable. "Dan changed me in ways that stripped away the man I wanted to be, and the man I was made to be, and the man I was expected to be. He skinned me alive, and left only…..somebody who…." He breathed but barely. "…can live and die now, like a human being, not an automation, not somebody else's creation. Dan took my fear of death. I can't die now. I know I'm immortal."

"Immortal?" she said quietly, sitting still. "Your soul? Your being?"

"I don't believe there's anything like a soul. But I believe most people are asleep. They aren't even aware what they are, or that they are alive. And we are all scared to die, so when it happens we scream for our mothers and clutch our guts because we're scared. I'm not. I'm not afraid of death. The only thing I'm afraid of is losing Dan." But if that happens, he thought, Dan might just keep the promise and kill him on the way out. #Quote by Aleksandr Voinov
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Patrick Sweeney
#33. Our beliefs are the lens through which we see the world. They are the glasses we put on in the morning, which provide the patterns we see. As we become more self-aware, we can identify our patterns, and then, to the extent we desire, change our lenses. #Quote by Patrick Sweeney
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Robert Moss
#34. On a psychic level, we could be carrying energies and entities and cravings and habits and confusion and patterns of behavior from generation to generation that we don't want. We could also have picked up loose energies or entities from places we visit or live, and this could be very confusing. It could reinforce or even produce addictions and cravings that don't really belong to us. #Quote by Robert Moss
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Georg C. Lichtenberg
#35. Do not judge God's world from your own. Trim your own hedge as you wish and plant your flowers in the patterns you can understand, but do not judge the garden of nature from your little window box. #Quote by Georg C. Lichtenberg
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Amy Poehler
#36. The pressure of "What are you going to do?" makes everybody feel like they haven't done anything yet. Young people can remind us to take chances and be angry and stop our patterns. Old people can remind us to laugh more and get focused and make friends with our patterns. Young and old need to relax in the moment and live where they are. #Quote by Amy Poehler
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Ian Watson
#37. Tokyo in the late 1960s seemed to be like one of the futures that science fiction presents. Here was the proto- super-technology of the future, electronically, robotically, blahblahblah, intercut with traditional Japanese cultural patterns, Shinto patterns. #Quote by Ian Watson
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Michael Gerber
#38. You have to see the pattern, understand the order and experience the vision. #Quote by Michael Gerber
Chrismon Patterns quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#39. Beauty is an experience, nothing else. It is not a fixed pattern or an arrangement of features. It is something felt, a glow or a communicated sense of fineness. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Louise Erdrich
#40. At times the whole sky was ringed in shooting points and puckers of light gathering and falling, pulsing, fading, rhythmical as breathing. All of a piece. As if the sky were a pattern of nerves and our thought and memories traveled across it. As if the sky were one gigantic memory for us all. #Quote by Louise Erdrich
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Lynn Steen
#41. Philosophically, mathematics is not a part of science. Mathematics studies patterns, science studies nature #Quote by Lynn Steen
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Nikki Rowe
#42. Without the pain there would not be art, the patterns are the pieces of me i've lost and gained along the way. #Quote by Nikki Rowe
Chrismon Patterns quotes by Michael Zadoorian
#43. I am constantly mystified by what John ends up remembering… I just don't understand why he's able to hang on to information like that, while so many other more important memories evaporate.
Then again, I suppose so much of what stays with us is often insignificant. The memories we take to the ends of our lives have no real rhyme or reason, especially when you think of the endless things that you do over the course of a day, a week, a month, a year, a lifetime. All the cups of coffee, hand-washings, changes of clothes, lunches, goings to the bathroom, headaches, naps, walks to school, trips to the grocery store, conversations about the weather - all the things so unimportant they should be immediately forgotten.
Yet they aren't. I often think of the Chinese red bathrobe I had when I was twenty-seven years old; the sound of our first cat Charlie's feet on the linoleum of our old house; the hot rarefied air around aluminum pot the moment before the kernels of popcorn burst open. I think of these things as often as I think about getting married or giving birth or the end of the Second World War.
What is truly amazing is that before you know it, sixty years go by and you can remember maybe eight or nine important events, along with a thousand meaningless ones. How can that be?
You want to think there's a pattern to it all because it makes you feel better, gives you some sense of a reason why we're here, but there really isn't any. People look for God in thes #Quote by Michael Zadoorian

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