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Chide Define quotes by Timothy Keller
#1. QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION AND REFLECTION 1. How would you describe your own attitude toward cities? Indifferent? Hostile? Romanticized? Positive? In what way has this chapter challenged your attitude toward cities? not be drawn to such masses of humanity if we care about the same things that God cares about? What are some of the reasons that people avoid ministry in the city? What are some of the reasons that they are attracted to urban ministry? 2. Cities are places of safety, diversity, and productivity. How do each one of these characteristics uniquely define urban culture? 4. How can you and the community of believers to which #Quote by Timothy Keller
Chide Define quotes by James C. Collins
#2. It's more important than ever to define yourself in terms of what you stand for rather than what you make, because what you make is going to become outmoded faster than it has at any time in the past ... hang on to the idea of who you are as a company, and focus not on what you do, but on what you could do. By being really clear about what you stand for and why you exist, you can see what you could do with a much more open mind. You enhance your ability to adapt to change. #Quote by James C. Collins
Chide Define quotes by Anthony Labson
#3. Financial Success define value. #Quote by Anthony Labson
Chide Define quotes by Emmitt Smith
#4. I'm very confident I'm one of the best to ever play the game, but once you talk about the greatest, how can you define greatest? #Quote by Emmitt Smith
Chide Define quotes by Andrew Harvey
#5. A spirituality that is only private and self-absorbed, one devoid of an authentic political and social consciousness, does little to halt the suicidal juggernaut of history. On the other hand, an activism that is not purified by profound spiritual and psychological self-awareness and rooted in divine truth, wisdom, and compassion will only perpetuate the problem it is trying to solve, however righteous its intentions. When, however, the deepest and most grounded spiritual vision is married to a practical and pragmatic drive to transform all existing political, economic and social institutions, a holy force - the power of wisdom and love in action - is born. This force I define as Sacred Activism. #Quote by Andrew Harvey
Chide Define quotes by Del Suggs
#6. Old school mission statements defined what an organization did. Contemporary mission statements define why an organization does what it does. #Quote by Del Suggs
Chide Define quotes by Greg Graffin
#7. As I've said, I've never believed in God, which technically makes me an atheist (since the prefix "a" means "not" or "without"). But I have problems with the word "atheism." It defines what someone is not rather than what someone is. It would be like calling me an a-instrumentalist for Bad Religion rather than the band's singer. Defining yourself as against something says very little about what you are for. #Quote by Greg Graffin
Chide Define quotes by Maria De Medeiros
#8. I wouldn't define myself as the girl from 'Pulp Fiction.' #Quote by Maria De Medeiros
Chide Define quotes by Kalyn Josephson
#9. I won´t let my scars define me. Not anymore. From now on, they´re a symbol of what I have left to fight for. #Quote by Kalyn Josephson
Chide Define quotes by Susan Barbara Apollon
#10. What is hope? Like love, it is hard to define, but easy to recognize, a state of being that compels us to go on. It is a feeling that we have what we need to continue our journey to the next moment. #Quote by Susan Barbara Apollon
Chide Define quotes by Jonathan Shapiro
#11. I would think a sense of the absurd is more important for a political cartoonist, because that could define things like a sense of hypocrisy or a sense of the things one has to be skeptical about. #Quote by Jonathan Shapiro
Chide Define quotes by Ehsan Sehgal
#12. None of the dictionaries can accurately define stupidity than practically stupid itself; it authenticates an actual definition. #Quote by Ehsan Sehgal
Chide Define quotes by Mircea Eliade
#13. If Samkhya-Yoga philosophy does not explain the reason and origin of the strange partnership between the spirit and experience, at least tries to explain the nature of their association, to define the character of their mutual relations. These are not real relationships, in the true sense of the word, such as exist for example between external objects and perceptions. The true relations imply, in effect, change and plurality, however, here we have some rules essentially opposed to the nature of spirit.
"States of consciousness" are only products of prakriti and can have no kind of relation with Spirit the latter, by its very essence, being above all experience. However and for SamPhya and Yoga this is the key to the paradoxical situation the most subtle, most transparent part of mental life, that is, intelligence (buddhi) in its mode of pure luminosity (sattva), has a specific quality that of reflecting Spirit. Comprehension of the external world is possible only by virtue of this reflection of purusha in intelligence. But the Self is not corrupted by this reflection and does not lose its ontological modalities (impassibility, eternity, etc.). The Yoga-sutras (II, 20) say in substance: seeing (drashtri; i.e., purusha) is absolute consciousness ("sight par excellence") and, while remaining pure, it knows cognitions (it "looks at the ideas that are presented to it"). Vyasa interprets: Spirit is reflected in intelligence (buddhi), but is neither like it nor different from i #Quote by Mircea Eliade
Chide Define quotes by Parker J. Palmer
#14. In true community we will not choose our companions, for our choices are so often limited by self-serving motives. Instead, our companions will be given to us by grace. Often they will be persons who will upset our settled view of self and world. In fact, we might define true community as that place where the person you least want to live with lives….
Community will teach us that our grip on truth is fragile and incomplete, that we need many ears o hear the fullness of God's word for our lives. And the disappointments of community life can be transformed by our discovery that the only dependable power for life lies beyond all human structures and relationships.
In this religious grounding lies the only real hedge against the risk of disappointment in seeking community. That risk can be borne only if it is not community one seeks, but truth, light, God. Do not commit yourself to community, but commit yourself to God…In that commitment you will find yourself drawn into community.
Parker Palmer, A Place Called Community, 1977 #Quote by Parker J. Palmer
Chide Define quotes by Lysa TerKeurst
#15. Define your week by obedience, not by a number on the scale. #Quote by Lysa TerKeurst
Chide Define quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#16. The Yogic sages say that all the pain of a human life is caused by words, as is all the joy. We create words to define our experience and those words bring attendant emotions that jerk us around like dogs on a leash. We get seduced by our own mantras (I'm a failure ... I'm lonely ... I'm a failure ... I'm lonely ... ) and we become monuments to them. To stop talking for a while, then, is to attempt to strip away the power of words, to stop choking ourselves with words, to liberate ourselves from our suffocating mantras. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Chide Define quotes by Ann Aguirre
#17. You can live without me."
"I don't want to."
I feared a love like this - that made us incomplete without each other. It was beautiful but treacherous, like snow that looked white and pure and lovely from the safety of your window, but when you stepped out to touch the softness, the cold first stole your breath, and then your will to move, until you could just lay down in it and let the numbness take you. yet I didn't want to be without him either, so I didn't chide him for the statement. #Quote by Ann Aguirre
Chide Define quotes by Catherine Jinks
#18. Only because books are better than people, Father. ... Because they are masters who instruct without a rod. If you approach them, they are never asleep; if you are ignorant, they never laugh; if you make mistakes, they never chide. They give to all who ask of them, and never demand payment. ... All the glory of the world would be buried in oblivion, if God hadn't provided us with the remedy of books. #Quote by Catherine Jinks
Chide Define quotes by Starhawk
#19. To Witches, the cosmos is the living body of the Goddess, in whose being we all partake, who encompasses us and is immanent within us. We call her Goddess not to narrowly define her gender, but as a continual reminder that what we value is life brought into the world ... She has infinite names and guises, many of them male. #Quote by Starhawk
Chide Define quotes by Cameron Conaway
#20. I should no longer define myself as the son of a father who couldn't or hasn't or wouldn't or wasn't. #Quote by Cameron Conaway
Chide Define quotes by Miya Yamanouchi
#21. What I am or am not wearing does not correlate with my competency as a professional, a mother, or a feminist role model. My clothes don't define me and neither does my nakedness. I define me. #Quote by Miya Yamanouchi
Chide Define quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#22. It would be wise to define 'living' as walking in the fullest expression of who I am, verses wallowing in the confines of who I'm not. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Chide Define quotes by Brene Brown
#23. When we deny our stories and disengage from tough emotions, they don't go away; instead, they own us, they define us. #Quote by Brene Brown
Chide Define quotes by Theophrastus
#24. I would define boastfulness to be the pretension to good which the boaster does not possess. #Quote by Theophrastus
Chide Define quotes by Kat Von D.
#25. Where you come from, what you look like, and what your past holds do not define you as an individual
you are what you make yourself to be. #Quote by Kat Von D.
Chide Define quotes by Christina Engela
#26. While many people define being a man or a woman as being dependent on reproductive capacity, it is worth noting (should such a superficial argument present itself) that there are many males and females who are born male or female and cannot reproduce either. Are they to be considered 'not male' and 'not female'? Or does that only apply to transgender people? #Quote by Christina Engela
Chide Define quotes by Richard Rohr
#27. In terms of the ego, most religions teach in some way that all of us must die before we die, and then we will not be afraid of dying. Suffering of some sort seems to be the only thing strong enough to destabilize our arrogance and our ignorance. I would define suffering very simply as whenever you are not in control. #Quote by Richard Rohr
Chide Define quotes by Frank J. Oteri
#28. Since hearing beauty in something is essentially a positive response and hearing ugliness is negative, might it ultimately be more difficult for an open-minded listener to define ugliness than it is to define beauty? #Quote by Frank J. Oteri
Chide Define quotes by Kristen Schaal
#29. The more women sit down and write something in a woman's voice for a woman, they more you'll see women in comedy because gender doesn't define sense of humor. Imagination and intelligence and perspective do. #Quote by Kristen Schaal
Chide Define quotes by Clayton M Christensen
#30. Resisting the temptation whose logic was "In this extenuating circumstance, just this once, it's OK" has proven to be one of the most important decisions of my life. Why? My life has been one unending stream of extenuating circumstances. Had I crossed the line that one time, I would have done it over and over in the years that followed.
The lesson I learned from this is that it's easier to hold to your principles 100% of the time than it is to hold to them 98% of the time. If you give in to "just this once," based on a marginal cost analysis, as some of my former classmates have done, you'll regret where you end up. You've got to define for yourself what you stand for and draw the line in a safe place. #Quote by Clayton M Christensen
Chide Define quotes by P.C. Cast
#31. Gender preference does not define you. Your spirit defines you. #Quote by P.C. Cast
Chide Define quotes by Sudeep Nagarkar
#32. Time cannot define your relationship. It's the bonding you share even if you have met a day before. #Quote by Sudeep Nagarkar
Chide Define quotes by Lupe Fiasco
#33. If you feel comfortable, and you feel happy, and successful at your job, then that's success. You define that as success, then that's success. Success is not a general thing. It's a personal thing. It's a personal attribute. #Quote by Lupe Fiasco
Chide Define quotes by E.C. Riegel
#34. When man has mastered money he shall have mastered not only his economic problem of prosperity but also his political problem, for he will see that money has no place in state functions, and, the money power being entirely in his own hands, he will easily master the state and clearly define its services. Thus money must be seen as the means of mastery of all economic and political problems. Until we have mastered money we shall not master any of our problems. Not money, but a false money system, is the root of all evil. #Quote by E.C. Riegel
Chide Define quotes by David Suzuki
#35. Eco" comes from the Greek word oikos, meaning home. Ecology is the study of home, while economics is the management of home. Ecologists attempt to define the conditions and principles that govern life's ability to flourish through time and change. Societies and our constructs, like economics, must adapt to those fundamentals defined by ecology. The challenge today is to put the "eco" back into economics and every aspect of our lives. #Quote by David Suzuki

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