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Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Alanis Morissette
#1. I make up new lyrics to well-known lullabies. Mostly because I don't actually know a lot of the lyrics. #Quote by Alanis Morissette
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Leila Aboulela
#2. I've come down in the world. I've slid to a place where the ceiling is low and there isn't much room for me to move.Most of the time I'm good. I accepted my sentence and do not brood or look back. But sometimes a shift makes me remember. Routine is ruffled and a new start makes me suddenly conscious of what I've become - #Quote by Leila Aboulela
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Morrissey
#3. I am hated for loving.
I am haunted for wanting. #Quote by Morrissey
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Joy Harjo
#4. My mother wrote lyrics and sang but was overtaken by life with four children and worked. #Quote by Joy Harjo
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Deborah Cox
#5. He doesn't make it so complicated but just really allows the lyric to come through even though there's a lot of production going on. I think that's the key and that's the magic, it's making sure that people could still connect with the lyrics while they're on the dance floor. #Quote by Deborah Cox
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Douglas Coupland
#6. Or maybe memories are like karaoke - where you realize up on the stage, with all those lyrics scrawling across the screen's bottom, and with everybody clapping at you, that you didn't even know the lyrics to your all-time favourite song. Only afterwards, when someone else is up on stage humiliating themselves amid the clapping and laughing, do you realize that what you liked most about your favourite song was precisely your ignorance of its full meaning - and you read more into it than maybe existed in the first place. I think it's better not to know the lyrics to your life. #Quote by Douglas Coupland
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Brie Larson
#7. I usually get my lyrics when I let my mind wander, when you're not really awake, but not yet fully asleep. I keep an open notebook by my bed and then just write whatever comes to me. #Quote by Brie Larson
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Kevin Dalton - Faubush Hill
#8. Put some fiddle in the middle, it'll make it better. Warm your heart like an old love letter. Make you feel like the day you met her. #Quote by Kevin Dalton - Faubush Hill
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Kenneth Hite
#9. This is Lovecraft's best terrible story. It is so artificial...and so overblown...and so ludicrous...that it slithers-through tiramisu-rich prose that might as well be heavy metal lyrics ("a wolf-fanged ghost that rode the midnight lightning")-all the way to the summit of high camp. #Quote by Kenneth Hite
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Dan Piraro
#10. I'd like to do a song that I wrote today about our government's increasing infringement on our right to privacy, but the lyrics mysteriously disappeared from my guitar case. #Quote by Dan Piraro
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Arctic Monkeys
#11. You used to get it in your fishnets
Now you only get it in your nightdress
Discarded all the naughty nights for niceness ...
... Remeber when the boys were all electric? #Quote by Arctic Monkeys
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Lily Morton
#12. The new stuff's brilliant," I volunteer somewhat hesitantly because I really, really don't want him thinking that I'm trying to kiss his arse, but to my amazement he wrinkles his nose and seesaws his hand. "You don't like it?"
He shifts slightly. "No, it's fine. It's just sometimes it gets a bit uncomfortable singing lyrics that seem to be an ode to my sister in law's vagina! #Quote by Lily Morton
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Alan Moore
#13. Way back in the day, when I first started and had delusions of adequacy as a cartoonist, I would listen to music. When I switched to a career as a writer, I would try to listen to music, but if the songs had lyrics they would get in the way of the words I was trying to write. So I switched to listening to purely instrumental pieces. #Quote by Alan Moore
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Carly Chaikin
#14. I have Bob Dylan lyrics on my ribs. I'm a diehard Dylan fan, and my dad and I joke that if I ever met him, I'd have him sign his name right under my tattoo and then I'd run to the parlor to get his signature tattooed. #Quote by Carly Chaikin
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Austin Mahone
#15. Say somethin' if your feelin the vibe, say somethin' baby don't be so shy! #Quote by Austin Mahone
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Debra Anastasia
#16. Blake had picked the song for their first dance, and Livia laughed when she realized they'd selected music by the same artist, just different songs. She stopped laughing when she heard the lyrics. None present could miss the deeply felt meaning in the words. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Oscar Hammerstein II
#17. A lady known as Paris, Romantic and Charming
Has left her old companions and faded from view
Lonely men with lonely eyes are seeking her in vain
Her streets are where they were, but there's no sign of her
She has left the Seine
The last time I saw Paris, her heart was warm and gay,
I heard the laughter of her heart in every street café

The last time I saw Paris, her trees were dressed for spring,
And lovers walked beneath those trees and birds found songs to sing.
I dodged the same old taxicabs that I had dodged for years.
The chorus of their squeaky horns was music to my ears.

The last time I saw Paris, her heart was warm and gay,
No matter how they change her, I'll remember her that way.
I'll think of happy hours, and people who shared them
Old women, selling flowers, in markets at dawn

Children who applauded, Punch and Judy in the park
And those who danced at night and kept our Paris bright
'til the town went dark. #Quote by Oscar Hammerstein II
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by The Script
#18. Standing in The Hall of Fame
And the world's going to know your name
-The Hall of Fame #Quote by The Script
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Elvis Costello
#19. I don't wanna be a lover,
I just wanna be your victim. #Quote by Elvis Costello
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Laura Marling
#20. I would never sit and write a song in front of anyone, because you're so vulnerable. I don't know at what point in the process that it becomes acceptable to pass them on. When a song wants to be written, it will be written. When it does come, I will very rarely go back and edit lyrics. I'm quite a rational human being, and the only part of my life that I can't rationalise, or can't make sense of, is how a song gets written or why. #Quote by Laura Marling
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Morrissey
#21. Because ENOUGH is TOO MUCH!
And look around ... can you blame us?! #Quote by Morrissey
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Marc Almond
#22. I thinks it really interesting how they throw the world music samples in there. I often wonder what it would be like to do something like that, but use my lyrics and my kind of style. #Quote by Marc Almond
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Morrissey
#23. Close your eyes, and think of someone you physically admire, and let me kiss you. #Quote by Morrissey
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Bruce Forsyth
#24. Did you write the words, or the lyrics? #Quote by Bruce Forsyth
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Valerie Z. Lewis
#25. And this song," Doug said as the CD advanced to the next track, "Makes me think about how Stephen's love completes my soul." Rapid-fire drumming led into lyrics describing the satisfaction one felt when pointing a Glock at a filthy puta. #Quote by Valerie Z. Lewis
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Walt Disney Company
#26. I'll be there someday, I can go the distance.
I will find my way, if I can be strong.
I know every mile, will be worth my while,
When I go the distance, I'll be right where I belong. - Hercules #Quote by Walt Disney Company
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Linkin Park
#27. But I know just what it feels like to have a voice in the back of my head, like a face that I hold inside, face that awakes when I close my eyes, face that watches everytime I lie, face that laughs everytime I fall. (It watches EVERYTHING) ... But the face inside is hearing me, right beneath my skin. #Quote by Linkin Park
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Win Butler
#28. I try not get too self-aware when writing lyrics. #Quote by Win Butler
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Phil Ochs
#29. I write all my own songs and they are just simple melodies with a lot of lyrics. They usually have to do with current events and what is going on in the news. You can call them topical songs, songs about the news, and then developing into more philosophical songs later. #Quote by Phil Ochs
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Morrissey
#30. I am very serious about my baby. #Quote by Morrissey
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Juanes
#31. Always when I write my music, I take my guitar, and I improvise always with a melody, you know, lyrics in Spanish. But sometimes I use some words in English. I don't know why. Maybe because I listen to a lot of music in English. #Quote by Juanes
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Fredrika Bremer
#32. I have not, in general, much belief in the ability of woman as a creative artist. Unwritten lyrics, as [Ralph Waldo] Emerson said once when we conversed on this subject, should be her forte. #Quote by Fredrika Bremer
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Bucky Pope
#33. I think I took a few stabs at writing socially conscious lyrics. I had never intended to write a song about the Gulf War, but when I wrote "Before You Hit The Floor," I didn't know what the hell was going on in the world. #Quote by Bucky Pope
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Courtney C. Stevens
#34. I know your story.
Got one of my own.
Yeah, I know lonely and alone.
Happen in a crowd, happen in a kiss.
But I know how to change all this. #Quote by Courtney C. Stevens
Chidananda Lyrics quotes by Christopher Moore
#35. Why write a song when no one can play the notes or understand the lyrics? #Quote by Christopher Moore

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