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Cheery quotes by Joseph Roth
#1. He took the Captain as he was, and was fond of him, with his cheery heartlessness, his incapacity to think beyond a couple of thoughts, for which his skull was far too roomy, his insignificant love affairs and childish infatuations, and the pointless and unconnected remarks that came out of his mouth, seemingly at random. He was a mediocre officer, who didn't care about his comrades, his men, his career. #Quote by Joseph Roth
Cheery quotes by Anonymous
#2. Staring at the old woman, while a dreadful thought strolled nonchalantly into her head and gave her brain a cheery wave. #Quote by Anonymous
Cheery quotes by Claire Messud
#3. That cheery, flimsy distraction from Death; or in a pinch Law & Order, because on some station or other, at any time of day or night, you can find it
Detective Benson! Detective Stabler! My long lost!
and no longer be alone. #Quote by Claire Messud
Cheery quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#4. laughter. "Glad to find you so merry, my girls," said a cheery #Quote by Louisa May Alcott
Cheery quotes by Derek Landy
#5. A phone beeped quietly and she woke. It was morning. Friday the 30th of April. One day before May 1st, and Greta Dapple's birthday, and the Summer of Light, when the world would tear itself apart. What a cheery, happy thought to wake up to. #Quote by Derek Landy
Cheery quotes by Katy Perry
#6. For me especially, I always have a very cheery disposition and that's how I've always come off. So I forget that doesn't really allow me to have a bad mood. #Quote by Katy Perry
Cheery quotes by Rachel Haimowitz
#7. At 09:22, Mitchell radioed down. "We're in position."
Pete peered up into the canopy, but of course he couldn't see a thing. "How's it looking up there?"
"Five by five."
He snorted at Mitchell's cheery misuse of the phrase. "Thank you, Faith."
"Any time, Giles. Now go be a good watcher and keep us clear."
"Roger that. Out. #Quote by Rachel Haimowitz
Cheery quotes by Terry Pratchett
#8. Vimes walked forward to the other carriage, poked his head inside and said, "We're going to be ambushed, lads." "Dat's interestin'," said Detritus. He grunted slightly as he wound the windlass of his crossbow. "Oh," said Cheery. "I don't think they'll try to kill us," Vimes went on. "Does dat mean we don't try to kill dem?" "Use your own judgment. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Cheery quotes by Felicia Day
#9. We WILL reach our creative goals if we persist. Stay focused. Look to allies for support. And use the tools in this book to cut off enemies when they start to spring with their cheery "Heyo! Care to hear how much you suck?" voices. #Quote by Felicia Day
Cheery quotes by Franz Kafka
#10. At the expense of Gregor's sacrifice, the sister, at the end of the story, stretches her arrogant body and gets the liberation Gregor longed for. Under Gregor's care first, and then her parents', the sister enjoys a healthy childhood, one leading to physical and mental development, and one in which she isn't trapped. Yet our loyalty to Gregor extends even beyond death, and his sister's cheery success story offers but a bitter pill #Quote by Franz Kafka
Cheery quotes by Steve Jurvetson
#11. Flourishing is everyone's birthright. I'm trying to break this hold that being smiley and cheery has on what people think the good life is. #Quote by Steve Jurvetson
Cheery quotes by John Meade Falkner
#12. It is sad when man's unhappiness veils from him the smiling face of nature. The promise of the early morning was maintained. The sky was of a translucent blue, broken with islands and continents of clouds, dazzling white like cotton-wool. A soft, warm breeze blew from the west, the birds sang merrily in every garden bush, and Cullerne was a town of gardens, where men could sit each under his own vine and fig-tree. The bees issued forth from their hives, and hummed with cheery droning chorus in the ivy-berries that covered the wall-tops with deep purple. The old vanes on the corner pinnacles of Saint Sepulchre's tower shone as if they had been regilt. Great flocks of plovers flew wheeling over Cullerne marsh, and flashed with a blinking silver gleam as they changed their course suddenly. Even through the open window of the organist's room fell a shaft of golden sunlight that lit up the peonies of the faded, threadbare carpet.

But inside beat two poor human hearts, one unhappy and one hopeless, and saw nothing of the gold vanes, or the purple ivy-berries, or the plovers, or the sunlight, and heard nothing of the birds or the bees. #Quote by John Meade Falkner
Cheery quotes by Eileen Myles
#13. As a human being, I'm kind of a cheery melancholic. I have energy; I'm happy. #Quote by Eileen Myles
Cheery quotes by Peter Allison
#14. Bleary-eyed one morning, with caffeine still missing from my system, I fumbled my way along the dusty path to the guest tents, calling out 'Good morning!' in as cheery a voice as the hour would allow (it was barely after five o'clock, and the sun had only just cracked the horizon). I heard a rhythmic thumping, getting rapidly louder, and I turned to find 1,600 pounds of pissed-off cow bearing down on me. Clearly it disagreed with my assessment of the morning. #Quote by Peter Allison
Cheery quotes by Josephine Angelini
#15. Bower City didn't do gloomy or rainy or sad. It didn't dirty its head with the ashes of mourning. It had one bright cheery note, and everyone was forced to sing it. #Quote by Josephine Angelini
Cheery quotes by Nancy B. Brewer
#16. My darling,
My day's sweetest moments are at dawn, for I awake with dreams of you still in my head. As the light touches my lips, I can almost feel yours upon mine. I imagine your footsteps coming up the walk, but today is the same as the day before. It is only fanciful thinking.
As the first beams of morning sunlight dance across my weary shoulders I cry out, "How can you be so cheery and bright with so much sorrow across our land?"
I know I must be strong and face another day, but tears fill my eyes. Suddenly, a white dove lands upon my window sill. Surely this be the omen that peace is near at hand. Just like the breath of the coming Spring, this little dove now brings me new hope. God has heard our prayers and our Southland will flower again. #Quote by Nancy B. Brewer
Cheery quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#17. girls," said a cheery voice at the door, and actors and audience #Quote by Louisa May Alcott
Cheery quotes by Lori Gottlieb
#18. When I asked what she wanted that day to be like, first she said, "Well, I'd rather not be dead that day," but failing that, she didn't want it to be all "sugarcoated" and "cheery." She liked the idea of a "celebration of life," which the party planner told her was all the rage nowadays, but she didn't like the message that came with it.

"It's a funeral, for God's sake," she said. "All these people in my cancer group say, 'I want people to celebrate! I don't want people to be sad at my funeral.' And I'm like, 'Why the fuck not? You died!' #Quote by Lori Gottlieb
Cheery quotes by Russell Smith
#19. Songs are great. I love songs. I sing them in the shower sometimes. They can be poignant or cheery or angry, and they can have catchy and satisfying melodies. There's nothing wrong with songs. #Quote by Russell Smith
Cheery quotes by Robert Falcon Scott
#20. e are in a desperate state, feet frozen &c. No fuel and a long way from food, but it would do your heart good to be in our tent, to hear our songs and the cheery conversation as to what we will do when we get to Hut Point. #Quote by Robert Falcon Scott
Cheery quotes by Peggy Toney Horton
#21. I long for a place that exists only in my memory –
a cheery spot where my heart is happy and my
spirit is free. #Quote by Peggy Toney Horton
Cheery quotes by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
#22. The older books were quite light-hearted. But I think most of my novels do end on a deep note of pessimism. Shadows seem to be closing in. The final conclusion isn't that life is wonderful and everything is bright and cheery and in the garden. #Quote by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
Cheery quotes by Brother Andrew
#23. It was Sunday morning. I woke very early to a bright and cheery day, anxious to join my fellow Christians in this lovely garden of a land. The clerk in the hotel eyed me a little dubiously when I asked for a church. 'We don't have many of those, you know,' he said. 'Besides, you couldn't understand the language.'
'Didn't you know?' I said, 'Christians speak a kind of universal language.'
'Oh. What's that?'
'It's called "agape".'
'Agape? I never heard of it.'
'Too bad. It's the most beautiful language in the world. #Quote by Brother Andrew
Cheery quotes by Ben Stiller
#24. I'm just not a naturally cheery person. I'm naturally moody. I know that from people who spend a lot of time with me. People who spend a lot of time with me may not wish to spend a lot more time with me. #Quote by Ben Stiller
Cheery quotes by Peter York
#25. The White Company offers its loyalists an altogether better, whiter world. The White people have edited out any colours that aren't white, off-white, milk chocolate, grey, taupe or black. They can't be doing with Johnnie Boden's cheery Sloane jokes, his spots and stripes, his occasional 'if it's me, it's U' loud colours. #Quote by Peter York
Cheery quotes by Max Stirner
#26. Where the world comes in my way - and it comes in my way everywhere - I consume it to quiet the hunger of my egoism. For me you are nothing but - my food, even as I too am fed upon and turned to use by you. We have only one relation to each other, that of usableness, of utility, of use. We owe each other nothing, for what I seem to owe you I owe at most to myself. If I show you a cheery air in order to cheer you likewise, then your cheeriness is of consequence to me, and my air serves my wish; to a thousand others, whom I do not aim to cheer, I do not show it. #Quote by Max Stirner
Cheery quotes by Christopher Durang
#27. In my 20s, I was more cynical/despairing (even though I still wrote comically), but I often sent audiences home with rather dark last moments. After a while though, I don't want to send the audience home bummed out, or distressed ... I want to see what's hopeful. I'm not overly cheery all the time, and yet I'm not suicidal either. I do think people can make choices that make their lives happier. #Quote by Christopher Durang
Cheery quotes by Scott Anderson
#28. Waitresses, soldiers, rickshaw drivers, old ladies selling vegetables - my father would schmooze anybody. He was Clintonesque before the word existed. And, of course, it paid dividends. Ill-tempered guards at the most notorious border crossings waved him through with cheery smiles. Haughty maitre d's fawned over him. #Quote by Scott Anderson
Cheery quotes by Richard S. Wheeler
#29. Oklahoma is the Bad Food Capital of the World, and Oklahoma City is as cheery as an opened casket. No one reads in that city, and bookstores are even rarer there than atheists. #Quote by Richard S. Wheeler
Cheery quotes by Terry Pratchett
#30. Vimes, listening with his mouth open, wondered why the hell it was that dwarfs believed that they had no religion and no priests. Being a dwarf was a religion. People went into the dark for the good of the clan, and heard things, and were changed, and came back to tell ...
And then, fifty years ago, a dwarf tinkering in Ankh-Morpork had found that if you put a simple fine mesh over your lantern flame it'd burn blue in the presence of the gas but wouldn't explode. It was a discovery of immense value to the good of dwarfkind and, as so often happens with such discoveries, almost immediately led to a war.
"And afterwards there were two kinds of dwarf," said Cheery sadly. "There's the Copperheads, who all use the lamp and the patent gas exploder, and the Schmaltzbergers, who stick to the old ways. Of course we're all dwarfs," she said, "but relations are strained. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Cheery quotes by Jenn Bennett
#31. Turn left in two hundred feet " the computerized voice said in a cheery voice. "There is no turn in two hundred feet you bitch " I yelled toward the screen. "Zoom out." Nothing happened. "ZOOM. OUT " I said again louder before the screen responded to the voice-activated command. #Quote by Jenn Bennett
Cheery quotes by Emily X.R. Pan
#32. Once upon a time we were the standard colors of a rainbow, cheery and certain of ourselves. At some point, we all began to stumble into the in-betweens, the murky colors made dark and complicated by resentment and quiet anger. #Quote by Emily X.R. Pan
Cheery quotes by Joseph Conrad
#33. Often far away there I thought of these two, guarding the door of Darkness, knitting black wool as for a warm pall, one introducing, introducing continuously to the unknown, the other scrutinizing the cheery and foolish faces with unconcerned old eyes. Ave! Old knitter of black wool. Morituri te salutant. Not many of those she looked at ever saw her again
not half, by a long way. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Cheery quotes by Beryl Dov
#34. Timeless
Days without rhythm
Without bottom or top
In the arms of my lover
Time seems to stop.
Days become months
Which flow into years
Love's hourglass measures
Just two kinds of tears.
The first kind is cheery,
It sweetens the cheek;
The other burns bleary
It's black and it's bleak.

This Sunday or Friday,
I'm not quite sure when,
I'm going to turn thirty,
Or twenty, or ten?
It'll be my love's birthday
Or was it just mine?
I doesn't much matter
There's plenty of wine.
Should she go to heaven,
I dread to know when,
I'll count every second
Till we meet again. #Quote by Beryl Dov
Cheery quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#35. It's a very cheery thing to come into London by any of these lines which run high and allow you to look down upon the houses like this."
I thought he was joking, for the view was sordid enough, but he soon explained himself.
"Look at those big, isolated clumps of buildings rising up above the slates, like brick islands in a lead-coloured sea."
"The board-schools."
"Light-houses, my boy! Beacons of the future! Capsules with hundreds of bright little seeds in each, out of which will spring the wiser, better England of the future. #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Cheery quotes by Scott Weiss
#36. One of the stated values at IronPort was 'work/life balance,' but I wasn't living it. I was rarely home. And when I was home, well, let's just say I wasn't particularly helpful or cheery. #Quote by Scott Weiss
Cheery quotes by Tyler Cowen
#37. If you and your skills are a complement to the computer, your wage and labor market prospects are likely to be cheery. If your skills do not complement the computer, you may want to address that mismatch. Ever more people are starting to fall on one side of the divide or the other. That's why 'average is over.' #Quote by Tyler Cowen
Cheery quotes by Robert Benchley
#38. Sunday morning may be cheery enough, with its extra cup of coffee and litter of Sunday newspapers, but there is always hanging over it the ominous threat of 3 P.M., when the sun gets around to the back windows and life stops dead in its tracks. #Quote by Robert Benchley
Cheery quotes by George W. Crane
#39. A child regards your cheery smile as evidence that you are on his side, so he relaxes and is happier. #Quote by George W. Crane
Cheery quotes by E.R. Braithwaite
#40. Rose shifted her shopping bag off her lap and with a grunt levered her ponderous body upright; she smiled broadly at me, and with a cheery "Ta Gert, ta girls," she waddled towards the exit while I eased my shoulders in relief from the confining pressure of her body. God, what a huge woman. #Quote by E.R. Braithwaite
Cheery quotes by Warren Buffett
#41. An argument is made that there are just too many question marks about the near future; wouldn't it be better to wait until things clear up a bit? You know the prose: "Maintain buying reserves until current uncertainties are resolved," etc. Before reaching for that crutch, face up to two unpleasant facts: The future is never clear and you pay a very high price for a cheery consensus. Uncertainty actually is the friend of the buyer of long-term values. #Quote by Warren Buffett
Cheery quotes by Kate Bowler
#42. I have been all kinds of cheery, but positivity has become a burden. And it's a burden I assumed when I decided that in the darkness of Advent I would save myself. #Quote by Kate Bowler
Cheery quotes by Billy Graham
#43. Just to be tender, just to be true, Just to be glad the whole day through, Just to be merciful, just to be mild, Just to be trustful as a child, Just to be gentle and kind and sweet, Just to be helpful with willing feet, Just to be cheery when things go wrong, Just to drive sadness away with song, Whether the hour is dark or bright, Just to be loyal to God and right Just to believe that God knows best, Just in His promise ever to rest, Just to let love be our daily key, That is God's will for you and me. Our Father and our God, You have shown me such great kindness and gentle mercy. Teach me to be gentle and kind too. Help me reach out to the lost in compassion and love to bring them gently to You through the person of Jesus Christ, through whom I pray. #Quote by Billy Graham
Cheery quotes by Rebecca Wells
#44. Jack says your letters still sound cheery, but I know that's just because you're putting on a good face for him. We think you're the one that needs cheering up, Bébé. #Quote by Rebecca Wells
Cheery quotes by Selena Gomez
#45. I feel like there's a moment, in every young girl's life, whether it happens with your family, or a tragedy or death in your family, or a relationship, where there's a turning point where you go from extremely hopeful and cheery to wondering whether you are okay with where you are. That's always awkward. #Quote by Selena Gomez
Cheery quotes by Jennifer Estep
#46. Oh, man," Finn groaned through the receiver hidden in my ear. " Really, Gin, did you have to smash up the car? I'm starting to think that's some sort of fetish of yours."
"Maybe," I agreed in a cheery voice. " I do quite enjoy it. #Quote by Jennifer Estep
Cheery quotes by Susan Isaacs
#47. She has been excessively cheery. In a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant, that is always a sign of a fairly severe depression. #Quote by Susan Isaacs
Cheery quotes by William Ritter
#48. Wood nymphs," said Jackaby.
"Not a real cheery lot, them," observed Hudson.
"In retrospect, a library is a rather somber locale for their kind. A bit like housing a man in a graveyard. Well, a bit like housing a man in a graveyard in which his people's bones have been mashed to a pulp and reconstituted into slim sheets, onto which one has scribbled a lot of silly words with pictures of monks and satyrs in the margins. #Quote by William Ritter
Cheery quotes by Leta Blake
#49. He lifts his hand in a cheery wave. "Molinaro men, huh?" he says. "Irresistible." Kimberly #Quote by Leta Blake
Cheery quotes by Mark Twain
#50. We had a little slave boy whom we had hired from some one, there in Hannibal. He was from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and had been brought away from his family and his friends, half way across the American continent, and sold. He was a cheery spirit, innocent and gentle, and the noisiest creature that ever was, perhaps. All day long he was singing, whistling, yelling, whooping, laughing - it was maddening, devastating, unendurable. At last, one day, I lost all my temper, and went raging to my mother, and said Sandy had been singing for an hour without a single break, and I couldn't stand it, and wouldn't she please shut him up.
The tears came into her eyes, and her lip trembled, and she said something like this - 'Poor thing, when he sings, it shows that he is not remembering, and that comforts me; but when he is still, I am afraid he is thinking, and I cannot bear it. He will never see his mother again; if he can sing, I must not hinder it, but be thankful for it. If you were older, you would understand me; then that friendless child's noise would make you glad.' It was a simple speech, and made up of small words, but it went home, and Sandy's noise was not a trouble to me any more. #Quote by Mark Twain
Cheery quotes by Mark Walden
#51. I think the Stealth and Evasion lesson was the strangest,' Lucy said. 'Not so much the lesson as the teacher actually. I mean . . . Ms Leon. She's . . . well . . .'

'A cat?' Otto offered with a cheery smile.

'Yeah . . . yeah, that's really the only way of putting it,' Lucy said, sounding slightly bewildered.

'Don't worry, you get used to it,' Shelby said. 'Besides, it's only when the giant mutated flesh-eating plants and android ninjas are around that things really get weird.'

Lucy started to laugh but stopped when she saw the expression on the other students' faces.

'That was a joke, right?' Lucy asked. #Quote by Mark Walden
Cheery quotes by J.D. Robb
#52. His in-house intercom greeted him with a cheery 'Welcome home, Bart,' and his server droid - custom-made to replicate Princess Leia, classic 'Star Wars,' slave-girl mode (he was a nerd, but he was still a guy) - strolled out to offer him his favorite orange fizzy with crushed ice. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Cheery quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#53. Coop introduced her as Ingrid, his massage therapist. "Piper Dove," she said. "I'm actually Mr. Smith's sobriety coach." "Well, God bless you," Marilyn said with a cheery smile. "There's no shame in admitting you need help, Mr. Smith. #Quote by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Cheery quotes by Mrs. Oliphant
#54. Brentwood stands on that fine and wealthy slope of country, one of the richest in Scotland, which lies between the Pentland Hills and the Firth. In clear weather you could see the blue gleam-like a bent bow, embracing the wealthy fields and scattered houses of the great estuary on one side of you; and on the other the blue heights, not gigantic like those we had been used to, but just high enough for all the glories of the atmosphere, the play of clouds, and sweet reflections, which give to a hilly country an interest and a charm which nothing else can emulate. Edinburgh, with its two lesser heights - the Castle and the Calton Hill - its spires and towers piercing through the smoke, and Arthur's Seat lying crouched behind, like a guardian no longer very needful, taking his repose beside the well-beloved charge, which is now, so to speak, able to take care of itself without him - lay at our right hand. From the lawn and drawing-room windows we could see all these varieties of landscape. The colour was sometimes a little chilly, but sometimes, also, as animated and full of vicissitude as a drama. I was never tired of it. Its colour and freshness revived the eyes which had grown weary of arid plains and blazing skies. It was always cheery, and fresh, and full of repose. ("The Open Door") #Quote by Mrs. Oliphant
Cheery quotes by Julie Berry
#55. Come, come," I said. "You may be a lord someday, but you aren't one yet. No need for the courtly manners, and certainly not the moody temper. If you're to be my escort tonight, I insist you be a cheery one. You can even insult me if you like. It always makes you feel better. #Quote by Julie Berry
Cheery quotes by Andie MacDowell
#56. I love 'Forrest Gump;' I like sweet, cheery, happy movies. But it has some dark moments too. #Quote by Andie MacDowell
Cheery quotes by Anyaele Sam Chiyson
#57. If women will have things go their way, no cheery woman would want to get hitched to a cheeseparing man. #Quote by Anyaele Sam Chiyson
Cheery quotes by George Gordon Byron
#58. But 'why then publish?' There are no rewards
Of fame or profit when the world grows weary.
I ask in turn why do you play at cards?
Why drink? Why read? To make some hour less dreary.
It occupies me to turn back regards
On what I've seen or pondered, sad or cheery,
And what I write I cast upon the stream
To swim or sink. I have had at least my dream. #Quote by George Gordon Byron
Cheery quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#59. I mean, when you've got used to a club where everything's nice and cheery, and where, if you want to attract a chappie's attention, you heave a piece of bread at him, it kind of damps you to come to a place where the youngest member is about eighty-seven and it isn't considered good form to talk to anyone unless you and he went through the Peninsular War together. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Cheery quotes by Stephen King
#60. You're cheery, which is important, you're cheeky, which is more important, and you've got a lovely bottom, which is all-important. The ass of a man is the piston that drives the world, and you have a good one. #Quote by Stephen King
Cheery quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#61. In winter we lead a more inward life. Our hearts are warm and cheery, like cottages under drifts ... #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Cheery quotes by Craig Ferguson
#62. Fraser's mother, Janice, was actually quite a happy soul but she had to hide it because, like all pseudo intellectuals, she thought being cheery made her look stupid, which of course she was for believing that rubbish in the first place.
She like to talk about Sartre sometimes, just as insurance. #Quote by Craig Ferguson
Cheery quotes by Orson Scott Card
#63. Never believe a rumor of my death,' said Peter. 'I have as many lives as a cat. Also as many teeth, as many claws, and the same cheery, cooperative disposition. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Cheery quotes by Andrea Dworkin
#64. She will try to find the nice way to exercise intelligence. But intelligence is not ladylike. Intelligence is full of excesses. Rigorous intelligene abhors sentimentality, and women must be sentimental to value the dreadful silliness of the men around them. Morbid intelligence abhors the cheery sunlight of positive thinking and eternal sweetness; and women must be sunlight and cheery and sweet, or the woman could not bribe her way with smiles through a day. Wild intelligence abhors any narrow world; and the world of women must stay narrow, or the woman is an outlaw. No woman could be Nietzsche or Rimbaud without ending up in a whorehouse or lobotomized. Any vital intelligence has passionate questions, aggressive answers; but women cannot be explorers; there can be no Lewis or Clark of the female mind. #Quote by Andrea Dworkin
Cheery quotes by Iain M. Banks
#65. Living either never has any point, or is always its own point; being a naturally cheery soul, I lean towards the latter. #Quote by Iain M. Banks
Cheery quotes by Louise Penny
#66. Gamache loved to see inside the homes of people involved in a case. To look at the choices they made for their most intimate space. The colors, the decorations. The aromas. Were there books? What sort?

How did it feel?

He'd been in shacks in the middle of nowhere, carpets worn, upholstery torn, wallpaper peeling off. But stepping in he'd also noticed the smell of fresh coffee and bread. Walls were taken up with immense smiling graduation photos and on rusty pocked TV trays stood modest chipped vases with cheery daffodils or pussy willows or some tiny wild flower picked by worn hands for eyes that would adore it.

And he'd been in mansions that felt like mausoleums. #Quote by Louise Penny
Cheery quotes by Christie Mellor
#67. Do not make your child your only hobby or you will end up waiting by the telephone in a cheery room covered in brittle, yellowed crayon drawings, regaling those few friends that are left with stale anecdotes about your youngster's accomplishments. Your little baby will be off in college, or backpacking in the Amazon, or on the other side of the country trying to get as far away from home as possible, and you will begin collecting porcelain frogs and feeding stray cats. So now is the time to start getting that life to fall back on. You know what you must do. Do it for your child. Do it for me, and for everyone out there who has to deal with your child for the rest of your child's life. And do it for yourself. #Quote by Christie Mellor
Cheery quotes by Salman Rushdie
#68. There was once, in the country of Alifbay, a sad city, the saddest of cities, a city so ruinously sad that it had forgotten its name. It stood by a mournful sea full of glumfish, which were so miserable to eat that they made people belch with melancholy even though the skies were blue ...
And in the depths of the city, beyond an old zone of ruined buildings that look like broken hearts, there lived a happy young fellow by name of Haroun, the only child of the storyteller Rashid Khalifa, whose cheerfulness was famous throughout that unhappy metropolis, and whose never-ending stream of tall, and winding tales had earned him not one but two nicknames. To his admirers he was Rashid the Ocean of Notions, as stuffed with cheery stories as the sea was full of glumfish; but to his jealous rivals he was the Shah of Blah. #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Cheery quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#69. A comely female inhabiting the Mohammedan Paradise to make things cheery for the good Mussulman, whose belief in her existence marks a noble discontent with his earthly spouse, whom he denies a soul. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
Cheery quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#70. I don't know when I've experienced a more massive silence than the one that followed my reading of his cheery epistle. Young Bingo gulped once or twice and practically every known emotion came and went on his face. Jeeves coughed one soft, low, gentle cough like a sheep with a blade of grass stuck in its throat, and then stood gazing serenely at the landscape. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Cheery quotes by Nicole Williams
#71. He doesn't like me, does he?" I asked.
Maggie made a face like my words were insulting her. "He doesn't like you?"
My eyes connected with hers for a brief moment. "Not in the way you know I'm talking about."
She shook her head, blinking a few times like she was waking up. "Hi, welcome to planet Earth," she said in a mock cheery voice, waving in my direction. "The place where brains and sound-thinking make the planet go round. #Quote by Nicole Williams
Cheery quotes by J.M. Darhower
#72. She looks like a cheery girl, the kind who pledges Kai Beta Bullshit and throws mixers on the weekend with the frat boys at Alpha Kappa Douchebag. #Quote by J.M. Darhower
Cheery quotes by Geraldine Brooks
#73. 'You've got mail!' exclaims the cheery automaton at America Online. The flag on the mailbox icon waves invitingly on my computer screen. For a second, I'm 10 years old again, waiting for the postman's whistle to slice the stillness of an Australian afternoon. #Quote by Geraldine Brooks
Cheery quotes by Kristy Cunning
#74. The vampire's smile is so bright and cheery that you'd genuinely believe he just found heaven.

"This shit is seriously fucked up. Stop acting like it's so exciting, please. I'm internally freaking out because how pleased you look, and I don't want to freak out so soon after giving my monster so much freedom. I…liked it too much."

Arion's smile only grows.

The more she talks, the more it starts sounding as though this is undeniably Violet.

"Again, you're seriously freaking me out. That's not a good thing, Arion," Violet tells him with an abundance of conviction. "For whatever reason, you all think I'm so damn sweet, which means you're all entirely too fucked up. But you can't just grin after what you've seen tonight. Not even you're that crazy."

The vampire is falling in love all over again right in front of our eyes, because she's underestimating just how crazy he gets when he's in love. Unlike her, he loves being underestimated.

Obliterating an adversary, starting a war, dancing on a bloody field, and underestimating him…

She's spent the last several hours doing all his favorite things. #Quote by Kristy Cunning
Cheery quotes by Rachel Fudge
#75. Girl power reduces the theoretical complexity of feminism to a cheery slogan ("GIRLS KICK ASS!"); it represents the ultimate commodification of empowerment; it reinforces the simplistic conception of feminism as being, at heart, "all about choices." But most of all, it it grabbed the rhetoric from one of the most potentially powerful, yet woefully misunderstood, feminist uprisings of my generation, discarded every ounce of political heft, and reduced it to cheap iron-on letters on a baby T. #Quote by Rachel Fudge
Cheery quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#76. I picked up the large lapel button richly worked in purple, green and yellow plastic. 'January 1997,' it announced, 'Day of Visionaries.' Beneath the slogan was a portrait of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. And next to him, sharing the billing as it were, was a same-size picture of our newly elected President. And below was the official logo of the inauguration committee. I'm sorry, but that's too much. Much too much. I can tune out the Chief Executive when he drivels on about building a bridge to Newt Gingrich. I can be shaking a cocktail or grilling a lobster when he intones that 'nothing big ever came from being small.' I can be receiving a telephone call in a foreign language and still keep up with him when he says that the future lies before us, and the past behind, and that we must light the torch of knowledge from the fountain of wisdom (or whatever). As Orwell once remarked, after a point you stop noticing that you have said things like 'The jackboot is thrown into the melting pot,' or 'The fascist octopus has sung its swansong.' Motor-mouth and automatic pilot and sheer flatulence and conceit supply their own mediocre, infinitely renewable energy. But this cheap, cheery little button turned the scale. It's one thing to be bored, or subjected to boredom. It's another to be insulted. This is a pot of piss flung in the face. What does it take to get people disgusted these days? #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Cheery quotes by J.R. Ward
#77. Son of a bitch" Wrath breathed as a figure stopped twenty yards away.
The glowing man laughed "Well, if it isn't good king Wrath and his band of merry-merry happy-happy. I swear you boys should do kiddie shows, you're so fucking cheery."
"Great," Rhage murmered, "his sense of humor's still intact."
Vishous exhaled "Maybe I can try to beat it out of him-"
"Use his own arm to do it, if you can-"
Wrath glared at the two of them, who shot him back a pair of 'who-us?' stares #Quote by J.R. Ward
Cheery quotes by Terry Pratchett
#78. The boldest of the three (thieves) moved suddenly, grabbed Angua and pulled her upright. "We walk out of here unharmed or the girl gets it, all right?" he snarled. Someone sniggered.
"I hope you're not going to kill anyone," said Carrot.
"That's up to us!"
"Sorry, was I talking to you?" said Carrot.
"Don't worry, I'll be fine," said Angua. She looked around to make sure Cheery wasn't there and then sighed.
"Come on, gentlemen, let's get this over with."
"Don't play with your food!" said a voice from the crowd.
There were one or two giggles until Carrot turned in his seat, whereupon everyone was suddenly intensely interested in their drinks.
"It's OK," said Angua quietly.
Aware that something was off kilter, but not quite sure what it was, the thieves edged back to the door. No one moved as they unbolted it and, still holding Angua, stepped out into the fog, shutting the door behind them.
"Hadn't we better help," said a constable who was new to the Watch.
"They don't deserve help," said Vimes. there was a clank of armor and then a long, deep growl, right outside in the street. And a scream and then another scream. and a third scream modulated with "NONONOnonononononoNO!...aarghaarghaargh!" Something heavy hit the door. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Cheery quotes by Lois McMaster Bujold
#79. Gregor grinned. "Congratulations to you, too, Miles. Your father before you needed a whole army to do it, but you've changed Barrayaran history just with a dinner invitation." Miles shrugged helplessly. God, is everybody going to blame me for this? And for everything that follows? "Let's try to avoid making history on this one, eh? I think we should push for unalleviated domestic dullness." "With all my heart," Gregor agreed. With a cheery salute, he cut the com. Miles laid his head down on the table, and moaned. "It's not my fault!" "Yes, it is," said Ivan. "It was all your idea. I was there when you came up with it." "No, it wasn't. It was yours. You're the one who dragooned me into attending the damned state dinner in the first place." "I only invited you. You invited Galeni. And anyway, my mother dragooned me." "Oh. So it's all her fault. Good. I can live with that." Ivan #Quote by Lois McMaster Bujold
Cheery quotes by Terry Pratchett
#80. How big a war?"
"A worse one than the one fifty years ago, I expect," said Cheery.
"I don't recall people talking about that one," said Vimes.
"Most humans didn't know about it," said Cheery. "It mostly took place underground. Undermining passages and digging invasion tunnels and so on. Perhaps a few houses fell into mysterious holes and people didn't get their coal, but that was about it."
"You mean dwarfs just try to collapse mines on other dwarfs?"
"Oh, yes."
"I thought you were all law-abiding?"
"Oh, yes, sir. Very law-abiding. Just not very merciful. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Cheery quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#81. The poet is blithe and cheery ever, and as well as nature. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Cheery quotes by Alicia Thompson
#82. With my misery accomplished, Sydney turned her attention to Rebekah. "So, what do you want be when you grow up?" she asked in a cheery voice. "Not a bitch like you," Rebekah said, making that smacking noise with her lips. Had I ever not liked that sound? Now it was the sweetest thing I'd ever heard. #Quote by Alicia Thompson
Cheery quotes by J.K. Rowling
#83. Harry had not expected Hermione's anger to abate overnight, and was therefore unsurprised that she communicated mainly by dirty looks and pointed silences the next morning. Ron responded by maintaining an unnaturally somber demeanor in her presence as an outward sign of continuing remorse. In fact, when all three of them were together Harry felt like the only non-mourner at a poorly attended funeral. During those few moments he spent alone with Harry, however (collecting water and searching the undergrowth for mushrooms), Ron became shamelessly cheery. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Cheery quotes by Debi Mazar
#84. For holidays, I like doing special cheery touches around the table, like color-coordinating the plates and napkins to fit the theme. #Quote by Debi Mazar
Cheery quotes by Flannery O'Connor
#85. Christianity is a strangely cheery religion. #Quote by Flannery O'Connor
Cheery quotes by Eleanor H. Porter
#86. Pollyanna now, like Mrs. Snow, was knitting wonderful things out of bright colored worsteds that trailed their cheery lengths across the white spread, and made Pollyanna -- like Mrs. Snow -- so glad she had her hands and arms, anyway. #Quote by Eleanor H. Porter
Cheery quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#87. Sippy had described them as England's premier warts, and it looked to me as if he might be about right. Professor Pringle was a thinnish, baldish, dyspeptic-lookingish cove with an eye like a haddock, while Mrs Pringle's aspect was that of one who had had bad news round about the year 1900 and never really got over it. And I was just staggering under the impact of these two when I was introduced to a couple of ancient females with shawls all over them.
"No doubt you remember my mother?" said Professor Pringle mournfully, indicating Exhibit A.
"Oh - ah!" I said, achieving a bit of a beam.
"And my aunt," sighed the Prof, as if things were getting worse and worse.
"Well, well, well!" I said shooting another beam in the direction of Exhibit B.
"They were saying only this morning that they remembered you," groaned the Prof, abandoning all hope.
There was a pause. The whole strength of the company gazed at me like a family group out of one of Edgar Allan Poe's less cheery yarns, and I felt my joie de vivre dying at the roots.
"I remember Oliver," said Exhibit A. She heaved a sigh. "He was such a pretty child. What a pity! What a pity!"
Tactful, of course, and calculated to put the guest completely at his ease. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Cheery quotes by Patricia Pellicane
#88. Oh my, aren't we going to have fun?" Sarah remarked sarcastically as she quickly pulled the covers over herself. A weak sweat covered her body and her arms trembled, feeling no stronger than wet wax. With a weary sigh, she lay down beside her baby. "Imagine staying here for the winter with such a cheery soul."
Thaddeus returned from his sink with a cup of cold water. He glared at her when he saw her trembling and held the cup to her lips himself. "If you were looking for cheery, lady, you shouldn't have come here."
"I didn't come here," she snapped angrily, almost choking on a mouthful of water. "You brought me."
"Would you rather I left you in a blizzard?"
"I'd rather, since we're stuck here together, you spoke civilly and treated me with a measure of kindness."
"Yeah...well, we all want things we can't have. #Quote by Patricia Pellicane
Cheery quotes by Agatha Christie
#89. Will you pour out tea, Miss Brent?' The el­der wom­an replied: 'No, you do it, dear. That tea-​pot is so heavy. And I have lost two skeins of my grey knitting-​wool. So an­noy­ing.' Ve­ra moved to the tea-​ta­ble. There was a cheer­ful rat­tle and clink of chi­na. Nor­mal­ity returned. Tea! Blessed or­di­nary everyday af­ter­noon tea! Philip Lom­bard made a cheery re­mark. Blore re­spond­ed. Dr. Arm­strong told a hu­mor­ous sto­ry. Mr. Jus­tice War­grave, who or­di­nar­ily hat­ed tea, sipped ap­prov­ing­ly.

In­to this re­laxed at­mo­sphere came Rogers. And Rogers was up­set. He said ner­vous­ly and at ran­dom: 'Ex­cuse me, sir, but does any one know what's become of the bath­room cur­tain?'

Lom­bard's head went up with a jerk. 'The bath­room cur­tain? What the dev­il do you mean, Rogers?'

'It's gone, sir, clean van­ished. I was go­ing round draw­ing all the cur­tai­ns and the one in the lav -​ bath­room wasn't there any longer.'

Mr. Jus­tice War­grave asked: 'Was it there this morn­ing?'

'Oh, yes, sir.'

Blore said: 'What kind of a cur­tain was it?'

'Scar­let oil­silk, sir. It went with the scar­let tiles.'

Lom­bard said: 'And it's gone?'

'Gone, Sir.'

They stared at each oth­er.

Blore said heav­ily: 'Well - af­ter all-​what of it? It's mad - ​but so's everything else. Any­way, it doesn't matter. You can't kill any­body with an oil­silk cur­tain. For­ge #Quote by Agatha Christie
Cheery quotes by Lois Lowry
#90. Pretending that there are no choices to be made - reading only books, for example, which are cheery and safe and nice - is a prescription for disaster for the young. #Quote by Lois Lowry
Cheery quotes by Rob Sheffield
#91. One of the things that make Liars so fascinating after five albums, each one so completely different from the others, is that even though they play around with all the classic tropes of art-damaged angst-noise perv-rock, they exude a totally cheery and boyish enthusiasm onstage, goofing around with their keyboards and beatboxes. #Quote by Rob Sheffield
Cheery quotes by David Benatar
#92. Finally, the optimist's impatience with or condemnation of pessimism often has a smug macho tone to it (although males have no monopoly of it). There is a scorn for the perceived weakness of the pessimist who should instead 'grin and bear it'. This view is defective for the same reason that macho views about other kinds of suffering are defective. It is an indifference to or inappropriate denial of suffering, whether one's own or that of others. The injunction to 'look on the bright side' should be greeted with a large dose of both scepticism and cynicism. To insist that the bright side is always the right side is to put ideology before the evidence. Every cloud, to change metaphors, may have a silver lining, but it may very often be the cloud rather than the lining on which one should focus if one is to avoid being drenched by self-deception. Cheery optimists have a much less realistic view of themselves than do those who are depressed. #Quote by David Benatar
Cheery quotes by Sherwood Smith
#93. I do not like to remember that trip.
Not that I was awake for much of it--for which I am grateful. I kept sliding in and out of consciousness, and believe me, the outs were much more welcome than the ins.
I knew that Chovilun Fortress lay at the base of the mountains on the Akaeriki River, which bisects the kingdom, but I didn't know how long it took to reach it.
All I can report is that I felt pretty sick, nearly as sick as I'd been when I fell into Ara's chickenyard. Sick at heart as well, for I knew there was no escape for Meliara Astiar after all; therefore I resolved that my last job was to summon enough presence of mind to die well.
Not, of course, that the truth would ever get to Branaric. The Merindars had captured and held a kingdom by a winning combination of treachery, bullying, and lying. I had made the Baron look silly during that episode at the inn, and I knew he was going to take his revenge on me in the privacy of his fortress, making it last as long as possible. And every weakness he could get me to display was going to get noised as excruciatingly as possible over the entire kingdom--especially aimed at Tlanth.
So my only hope, therefore, was to make him so angry he'd kill me outright and save us both a lot of effort.
These were my cheery thoughts--not that my head was any too clear--as we clattered into a stone courtyard at last. The ever-present rain had nearly drowned me. My hands and feet were numb. When the guards cut me lo #Quote by Sherwood Smith
Cheery quotes by Nancy Wilson
#94. We have to learn to apply wisdom in every situation and not "spiritualize" every temptation. Sometimes we need to overcome temptation by prayer and receiving grace; other times we need to put on some cheery music, open the curtains, and make a pot of coffee. God has given us the blessing of food when we are hungry, Advil when we have a headache, and Starbucks when we need a serious perk-up. We should avail ourselves of these blessings with gratitude to God our Creator, and not think we are somehow being unspiritual if we look to His creation for help and comfort. #Quote by Nancy Wilson
Cheery quotes by Stephen King
#95. cheery as a cherrio #Quote by Stephen King
Cheery quotes by Michele Jaffe
#96. Which left me with the cheery knowledge that my father would wan tto spend time with me even if i were a cold, stiff corpse. not every daughter can say that, i bet! #Quote by Michele Jaffe
Cheery quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
#97. Come! Poor little heart! Be cheery and brave. We'll be a great deal to one another, if we are thrown off and left desolate. #Quote by Elizabeth Gaskell
Cheery quotes by Karen Hawkins
#98. My lord?" Reeves appeared concerned. "Are you well? Does your head pain you?" "No, no. I am fine. I just had a stupid thought, is all." "Ah. And what was that thought, my lord? I take it that it did not have anything to do with wearing that black waistcoat?" "It had nothing to do with clothing." "A pity," Reeves said with a long-suffering sigh. "If you were not thinking of clothing, then your thought must have had something to do with Lady Elizabeth." "Reeves, I am not going to tell you anything." "Yes, my lord." Reeves walked toward the door. "Though it is a pity ... " "What's a pity?" "That you will miss so much sleep. Unsettled thoughts will fester in the night air and leave one tossing and turning. I have seen it many times." With that cheery thought, Reeves opened the door. "I shall be just outside if you decide you wish to discuss the matter further. #Quote by Karen Hawkins
Cheery quotes by J.K. Rowling
#99. She did not seem to want to speak, or perhaps she was not able to, but she mad timid motions toward Neville, holding something in her outstretched hand.
"Again?" said Mrs. Longbottom, sounding slightly weary. "Very well, Alice dear, very well- Neville, take it, whatever it is..."
But Neville had already stretched out his hand, into which his mother dropped an empty Droobles Blowing Gum wrapper.
"Very nice, dear," said Neville's grandmother in a falsely cheery voice, patting his mother on the shoulder. But Neville said quietly, "Thanks Mum."
His mother tottered away, back up the ward, humming to herself. Neville looked around at the others, his expression defiant, as though daring them to laugh, but Harry did not think he'd ever found anything less funny in his life.
"Well, we'd better get back," sighed Mrs. Longbottom, drawing on her long green gloves. "Very nice to have met you all. Neville, put that wrapper in the bin, she must have given you enough of them to paper your bedroom by now..."
But as they left, Harry was sure he saw Neville slip the wrapper into his pocket. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Cheery quotes by Julianna Deering
#100. Nick: "You look rather done in. Anything wrong?"
Drew shrugged. "Not really. The world's not a fit place to live in, but unfortunately there just aren't any other viable options."
"Cheery as always." Nick grinned. "I understand you've been up to London again. Presumably it wasn't to see the queen."
"No, I believe Tuesdays she does the ironing and isn't at home to visitors."
"Pity. All that way for nothing. #Quote by Julianna Deering
Cheery quotes by Sarina Bowen
#101. Will you help me strategize?"

"Sure," Becca said, her voice cheery. "First. Remove all your clothes, and then borrow my trench coat. If a hottie like Leo Trevi called me the love of his life, I wouldn't be eating takeout on the living room floor with my roommate. At least one of us should be having sex with someone who doesn't require batteries. #Quote by Sarina Bowen
Cheery quotes by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
#102. In most cases, it is more satisfying to get a friend's answering machine and leave a cheery, tangible trace of your sincere commitment to the friendship than it is to engage in actual conversation. #Quote by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Cheery quotes by Cornell Woolrich
#103. As the bartender struck a match to light her cigarette, she put her hand on his wrist to steady it. Travis saw him jump, draw back. He held his wrist, blew on it, looked at her reproachfully. Travis said: 'Why, you scratched him, Sarah.'

'Did I?' And as she turned and looked at him, he saw her hand twitch a little, and drew still further away from her. 'What - what's got into you?' he faltered.

There was some kind of tension spreading all around the horseshoe-shaped bar, emanating from her. All the cordiality, the sociability, was leaving it. Cheery conversations even at the far ends of it faltered and died, and the speakers looked around them as though wondering what was putting them so on edge. A heavy leaden pall of restless silence descended, as when a cloud goes over the sun. One or two people even turned and moved away reluctantly, as though they hadn't intended to but didn't like it at the bar any more. The gaunt-faced woman in red and black was the center of all eyes, but the looks sent her were not the admiring looks of men for a well-dressed woman; they were the blinking petrified looks a blacksnake would get in a poultry yard. Even the barman felt it. He dropped and smashed a glass, a thing he hadn't done since he'd been working on the ship. Even the canary felt it, and stood shivering pitifully on its perch, emitting an occasional cheep as though for help. ("I'm Dangerous Tonight") #Quote by Cornell Woolrich
Cheery quotes by Jack Williamson
#104. Hurrying on, Barbee nodded to the workman as casually as he could. His skin felt goose-pimpled under the thin red robe, and he couldn't help shivering to a colder chill than he felt in the frosty air. For the quiet city, it seemed to him, was only a veil of painted illusion. Its air of sleepy peace concealed brooding horror, too frightful for sane minds to dwell upon. Even the cheery bricklayer with the lunch pail might - just might - be the monstrous Child of Night. #Quote by Jack Williamson
Cheery quotes by Iain M. Banks
#105. There was something comforting about having a vast hydrogen furnace burning millions of tons of material a second at the centre of a solar system. It was cheery. #Quote by Iain M. Banks
Cheery quotes by Debbie Viguie
#106. Fall, like the season, like right now. Fall is the transition period between summer and winter. Summer is fun and carefree and cheery. Winter is also beautiful, but it's harder, not as carefree. You're no longer a child, and you're not really an adult yet. You're going through a transition, just like the seasons. #Quote by Debbie Viguie
Cheery quotes by Amerie
#107. Villains. Stories are nothing without them. Heroes cannot rise to greatness without them. In the absence of an enemy, our beloved protagonists are left kicking rocks in the Shire or taking tea and biscuits in a mind-numbingly cheery Spare Oom. We love villains because they turn their aches into action, their bruises into battering rams. They push through niceties and against societal restraints to propel the story forward. Unlike our lovable protagonists, villains - for better or worse - stop at literally nothing to achieve their goals. It's why we secretly root for them, why we find ourselves hoping they make their grand escape, and it's why our shoulders sag with equal parts relief and disappointment when they are caught. After all, how can you not give it up to someone who works that damned hard for what they want?... Look into a villain's eyes long enough and we might find our shadow selves, our uncut what-ifs and unchecked ambitions, a blurry line if ever there was one. #Quote by Amerie
Cheery quotes by Vernon Howard
#108. A cheery relaxation is man's natural state, just as nature itself is relaxed. A waterfall is concerned only with being itself, not with doing something it considers waterfall-like. #Quote by Vernon Howard
Cheery quotes by Terry Pratchett
#109. You're free to wear whatever you want, you know that."
"Yes, sir. And then I thought about Dee. And I watched the king when he was talking to you, and ... well, I can wear what I like, sir. That's the point. I don't have to wear something just because other people don't want me to. Anyway, it made me look a rather stupid lettuce."
"That's all a bit complicated for me, Cheery."
"It's probably a dwarf thing, sir."
"And a female thing," said Vimes.
"Well, sir ... yes. A dwarf thing and a female thing," said Cheery. "And they don't come much more complicated than that. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Cheery quotes by Oliver Bowden
#110. By God, you Assassins are a cheery bunch, eh? All frowns and furrowed brows."
He glared at me. "Captain Kenway. You have remarkable skill."
"Ah, thanks, mate. It comes natural. #Quote by Oliver Bowden
Cheery quotes by Guy De Maupassant
#111. It was then between one o'clock in the morning and half-past that hour; the sky soon cleared a bit before me, and the lunar crescent peeped out from behind the clouds - that sad crescent of the last quarter of the moon. The crescent of the new moon, that which rises at four or five o'clock in the evening, is clear, bright and silvery; but that which rises after midnight is red, sinister and disquieting; it is the true crescent of the witches' Sabbath: all night-walkers must have remarked the contrast. The first, even when it is as narrow as a silver thread, projects a cheery ray, which rejoices the heart, and casts on the ground sharply defined shadows; while the latter reflects only a mournful glow, so wan that the shadows are bleared and indistinct. ("Who Knows?") #Quote by Guy De Maupassant
Cheery quotes by Terry Pratchett
#112. Then Cheery Littlebottom had arrived in Ankh-Morpork and had seen that there were men out there who did not wear chain mail or leather underwear, but did wear interesting colors and exciting makeup, and these men were called "women."
And in the little bullet head the thought had arisen: "Why not me?"
Now she was being denounced in cellars and dwarf bars across the city as the first dwarf in Ankh-Morpork to wear a skirt. It was hard-wearing brown leather and as objectively erotic as a piece of wood but, as some older dwarfs would point out, somewhere under there were his knees*
*They couldn't bring themselves to utter the word "her. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Cheery quotes by Steven Brust
#113. A cheery receptionist met Donovan as he entered and said something with an upside-down question mark at the beginning. #Quote by Steven Brust
Cheery quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#114. When people are missing out in their choices and cannot make a distinction between cheery, witty, funny, filthy or scurrilous walks of life, they will have a hard time to inhabit a pleasing and enriching life; and to integrate into a world of understanding and recognition. ("Love lying fallow " ) #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Cheery quotes by Terry Pratchett
#115. Cheery was aware that Commander Vimes didn't like the phrase 'The innocent have nothing to fear', believing the innocent had everything to fear, mostly from the guilty but in the longer term even more from those who say things like 'The innocent have nothing to fear'. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Cheery quotes by Mark Leyner
#116. Bro, we're living in the Kali Yuga, a Dark Age of petite bourgeoisie ideology, a petite bourgeoisie ideology whose resources and ruses are infinite and which ubiquitously permeates the world
high culture, low culture, bienpensant media, prestige literature, pop music, commerce, sports, academia, you name it. The only reasonable response to this situation is to maintain an implacable antipathy toward everything. Denounce everyone. Make war against yourself. Guillotine all groveling intellectuals. That said, I think it's important to maintain a cheery disposition. This will hasten the restoration of Paradise. I've memorized this line from Andre Breton's magnificent homage to Antonin Artaud
"I salute Antonin Artaud for his passionate, heroic negation of everything that causes us to be dead while alive." Given the state of things, that's what we need to be doing, all the time
negating everything that causes us to be dead while alive. #Quote by Mark Leyner

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