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Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Matthew Norman
#1. That's me, giving myself a tough-love speech. I'm going to start doing that more often, I've decided. One might as well put his inner monologue to good use. #Quote by Matthew Norman
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Woody Harrelson
#2. In the courtroom, it's where a lawyer really becomes an actor. There's a very fine line between delivering a monologue in a play and delivering a monologue to a jury. I've always felt that way - I've been in a lot of courtrooms. The best lawyers are really theatrical. #Quote by Woody Harrelson
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Hassan Abukar
#3. My mother made sweet tea for him. He seemed a good conversationalist, but perhaps not a good listener, because at times he appeared to be engaged in a monologue with himself. In the midst of the conversation, my father gave me five Somali shillings, an amount equivalent to one U.S dollar. I was so excited to have paper money that I left immediately to go to a neighborhood store to buy cold soda and candy. My father was still talking and laughing when I returned to the house. I watched him closely, studying his every move. I wondered if had come to visit me or to consume large quantities of tea. #Quote by Hassan Abukar
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Paul Theroux
#4. But: all journeys were return journeys. The farther one traveled, the nakeder one got, until, towards the end, ceasing to be animated by any scene, one was most oneself, a man in a bed surrounded by empty bottles. The man who says, "I've got a wife and kids" is far from home; at home he speaks of Japan. But he does not know - how could he? - that the scenes changing in the train window from Victoria Station to Tokyo Central are nothing compared to the change in himself; and travel writing, which cannot but be droll at the outset, moves from journalism to fiction, arriving promptly as the Kodama Echo at autobiography. From there any further travel makes a beeline to confession, the embarrassed monologue in a deserted bazaar. The anonymous hotel room in a strange city ... #Quote by Paul Theroux
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Graham Greene
#5. Every monologue sooner or later becomes a discussion. #Quote by Graham Greene
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Marcelo Figueras
#6. A monologue defines its author as reliably as his fingerprints. #Quote by Marcelo Figueras
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Michel Foucault
#7. The language of psychiatry is a monologue of reason about madness #Quote by Michel Foucault
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Julia Blackburn
#8. The monologue of an isolated person who allows the threads of private thoughts to surface in letters and conversations, even in conversations with strangers. #Quote by Julia Blackburn
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Nanamoli Thera
#9. When we are young the noise of general conversation seems much the most fun. When we grow up we discover the possibilities of the tete-a-tete. In maturity the monologue habit sets is. But now at last there is the chance to investigate the rich depth of the silence when the monologue is suspended. #Quote by Nanamoli Thera
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Elizabeth Berrien
#10. Journeying through grief is one of the most "normal human" experiences you can have. Nevertheless, all too frequently the heartbroken seem to feel alienated by society. Unfortunately in our culture, we are taught to hold our feelings in. If someone asks us, "How are you doing today?" the expected answer is, "I'm okay." But what if you aren't okay? You obviously don't want to go into a monologue of why you're not okay, but sometimes you feel as if you're going to explode if you can't "tell off" that well-meaning person for even daring to ask you such a thing in the first place! #Quote by Elizabeth Berrien
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Michael Dobbs
#11. Morality, Sir, is the monologue of the unexcited and the unexcitable, the revenge of the unsuccessful, the punishment of those who tried and failed, or who never had the courage to try at all. #Quote by Michael Dobbs
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Anthony Jeselnik
#12. In a late-night monologue, it's not just about being funny; you have to come off as knowledgeable. You have to cultivate a persona of trust and intelligence and likeability. #Quote by Anthony Jeselnik
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Albert Camus
#13. Contrary to the current presumption, if there is any man who has no right to solitude, it is the artist. Art cannot be a monologue. When the most solitary and least famous artist appeals to posterity, he is merely reaffirming his fundamental vocation. Considering a dialogue with deaf or inattentive contemporaries to be impossible, he appeals to a more far-reaching dialogue with the generations to come. But in order to speak about all and to all, one has to speak of what all know and of the reality common to us all. The sea, rains, necessity, desire, the struggle against death - these are the things that unite us all. We resemble one another in what we see together, in what we suffer together. Dreams change from individual to individual, but the reality of the world is common to us all. #Quote by Albert Camus
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Samantha Harvey
#14. One of the most unsettling things about 'Monologue' is its long silences, in which the man sits alone, staring into the middle distance, without grip of his narrative, lost to the past. #Quote by Samantha Harvey
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Norman Lock
#15. As a practical matter, I like the dramatic monologue for its compelling intimacy. To be inside one's character, to register his or her every vagrant thought, emotion, and response - the first-person viewpoint grants this privilege and immediacy. #Quote by Norman Lock
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Jeanne Safer
#16. He talked about her in a way that only the obsessed do. It was always a pressured monologue, and it was always the same. He had to relate every detail, interpreting and seeking meaning in her every utterance or action, like a fundamentalist minutely analyzing a biblical text. #Quote by Jeanne Safer
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Matthew Desmond
#17. Still, I know I missed a lot, especially in the beginning, not only because I was an outsider but also because I was constantly overanalyzing things. A buzzing inner monologue would often draw me inward, hindering my ability to remain alert to the heat of life at play right in front of me. It's safer that way. Our ideas allow us to tame social life, to order it according to typologies and theories. As Susan Sontag has warned, this comfort can "deplete the world" and get in the way of seeing. #Quote by Matthew Desmond
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Henry Miller
#18. I like the monologue even more than the duet, when it is good. It's like watching a man write a book expressly for you: he writes it, reads it aloud, acts it, revises it, savours it, enjoys it, enjoys your enjoyment of it, and then tears it up and throws it to the winds. It's a sublime performance, because while he's going through with it you are God for him-unless you happen to be an insensitive and impatient dolt. But in that case the kind
of monologue I refer to never happens. #Quote by Henry Miller
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Greg Dening
#19. Reading. The erotics of reading for me -- its moment of trembling pleasure -- lie in those times when I realise that what I am reading is just what I was about to say. It is a moment of jealousy and disappointment, as if the occasion had been stolen from me, but it is a moment of excitement, too -- because I think I would like to try and say it better, because now the monologue in my mind has become dialogue. My immediate impulse is to write something, anything, notes to tell me the significance of what I have read, an appreciative letter to the author, the first sentences in a preface to a book that will never be written. Th archives of my readings are monumentally high. I can never let these erotic moments go. They are the paper trail of my mind. #Quote by Greg Dening
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by William Shakespeare
#20. Nay, 'twill be this hour ere I have done weeping. All the kind of the Launces have this very fault. I have received my proportion, like the prodigious son, and am going with Sir Proteus to the Imperial's court. I think Crab, my dog, be the sourest-natured dog that lives. My mother weeping, my father wailing, my sister crying, our maid howling, our cat wringing her hands, and all our house in a great perplexity, yet did not this cruel-hearted cur shed one tear. He is a stone, a very pebble stone, and has no more pity in him than a dog. A Jew would have wept to have seen our parting. Why, my grandam, having no eyes, look you, wept herself blind at my parting. Nay, I'll show you the manner of it. This shoe is my father. No, this left shoe is my father. No, no, this left shoe is my mother. Nay, that cannot be so neither. Yes, it is so, it is so -- it hath the worser sole. This shoe with the hole in it is my mother, and this my father. A vengeance on't! There 'tis. Now, sir, this staff is my sister, for, look you, she is as white as a lily and as small as a wand. This hat is Nan, our maid. I am the dog. No, the dog is himself, and I am the dog -- O, the dog is me, and I am myself. Ay, so, so. Now come I to my father: 'Father, your blessing.' Now should not the shoe speak a word for weeping. Now should I kiss my father -- well, he weeps on. Now come I to my mother. O, that she could speak now like a wood woman! Well, I kiss her -- why, there 'tis: here's my mother's breath up and d #Quote by William Shakespeare
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
#21. For many of us prayer means nothing more than speaking with God. And since it usually seems to be a quite one-sided affair, prayer simply means talking to God. This idea is enough to create great frustrations. If I present a problem, I expect a solution; if I formulate a question, I expect an answer; if I ask for guidance, I expect a response. And when it seems, increasingly, that I am talking into the dark, it is not so strange that I soon begin to suspect that my dialogue with God is in fact a monologue. Then I may begin to ask myself: To whom am I really speaking, God or myself? #Quote by Henri J.M. Nouwen
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Chris Hardwick
#22. Nerds obsess. We zealously deconstruct. We have a very active internal monologue (which may feel more like a dialogue sometimes). I think that so many of the things we undertake are a partial attempt to distract this monologue. We are hyper-self-aware. We have difficulty chilling out. #Quote by Chris Hardwick
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Norman Lock
#23. Theatre aside, my penchant for the extended monologue began with my reading of Browning's dramatic monologues, in high school. My inclination to adopt the form for prose was confirmed by Richard Howard's book of dramatic monologues, Untitled Subjects. #Quote by Norman Lock
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by William Shakespeare
#24. Be patient till the last.
Romans, countrymen, and lovers! hear me for my
cause, and be silent, that you may hear: believe me
for mine honour, and have respect to mine honour, that
you may believe: censure me in your wisdom, and
awake your senses, that you may the better judge.
If there be any in this assembly, any dear friend of
Caesar's, to him I say, that Brutus' love to Caesar
was no less than his. If then that friend demand
why Brutus rose against Caesar, this is my answer:
--Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved
Rome more. Had you rather Caesar were living and
die all slaves, than that Caesar were dead, to live
all free men? As Caesar loved me, I weep for him;
as he was fortunate, I rejoice at it; as he was
valiant, I honour him: but, as he was ambitious, I
slew him. There is tears for his love; joy for his
fortune; honour for his valour; and death for his
ambition. Who is here so base that would be a
bondman? If any, speak; for him have I offended.
Who is here so rude that would not be a Roman? If
any, speak; for him have I offended. Who is here so
vile that will not love his country? If any, speak;
for him have I offended. I pause for a reply. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Odeya Rush
#25. I've always been into theater and movies. When I was in school, I did a monologue for my talent show. I would go to the local theater. I was always in dance. I was always performing. That was always my thing. #Quote by Odeya Rush
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Diana Palmer
#26. Seen Tate lately?" Colby asked carelessly.
She stiffened. "No."
He looked down at her with a wry grin. "It was a boring banquet, anyway. You made all the news shows that night, and I hear one of the bigger late-night television hosts did a monologue about it!"
"Go ahead," she invited with a gesture. "Rub it in."
"I can't help myself," he said with an involuntary chuckle. "I believe it's the first time in American political history that an ex-CIA agent was baptized with a tureen of crab bisque right in the middle of a televised political affair." Colby had to work hard not to crack a smile. He sipped his coffee instead. Before he met Cecily, he couldn't have imagined any woman doing that to tall, handsome, elegant Tate Winthrop. "Matt Holden seems to have forgiven you," he added.
She smiled wickedly. "He loved it," she said. "Just between you and me, he thrives on publicity."
Colby's dark eyes went to Holden. "You might also have been invited because he likes embarrassing Tate," he mused. "Talk about natural enemies! #Quote by Diana Palmer
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Sarah Kane
#27. the capture
the rapture
the rupture
of a soul
a solo symphony #Quote by Sarah Kane
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Spalding Gray
#28. All the beautiful waitresses existed like eternal responsibilities. #Quote by Spalding Gray
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Mark Batterson
#29. We often think of prayer as nothing more than words spoken to God, but maybe it's more than that. Prayer is not a monologue; it's a dialogue. We speak to God with everything from words to groans to thoughts. And God speaks to us through dreams, desires, promptings, impressions, and ideas. #Quote by Mark Batterson
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Agatha Christie
#30. I've always jumped on sentiment - and here I am being more sentimental than anybody. What idiots girls are! I've always thought so. I suppose I shall sleep with his photograph under my pillow, and dream about him all night. It's dreadful to feel you've been false to your principles. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Louis Auchincloss
#31. Great lecturers seldom hesitate to use dramatic tricks to enshrine their precepts in the minds of their audiences, and at Yale perhaps Chauncey B. Tinker was the most noted. To read one of his lectures was like reading a monologue of the great actress Ruth Draper
you missed the main point. You missed the drop in his voice as he approached the death in Rome of the tubercular Keats; you missed the shaking tone in which he described the poet's agony for the absent Fanny with him his love had never been consummated; you missed the grim silence of the end. #Quote by Louis Auchincloss
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Warren Heiti
#32. The taste of chalk. The sun lays its copper thumbs on my eyelids. The radio plays the monologue of a dog. What is the formula for tomorrow? #Quote by Warren Heiti
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Carol S. Dweck
#33. What's more, it's not as though the fixed mindset wants to leave gracefully. If the fixed mindset has been controlling your internal monologue, it can say some pretty strong thing to you ... The fixed mindset once offered you a refuge from that very feeling, and it offers it to you again.
Don't take it. #Quote by Carol S. Dweck
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Mike Birbiglia
#34. With a monologue, you can be unendingly elliptical. #Quote by Mike Birbiglia
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Azealia Banks
#35. The beats are like scripts, and the raps are my monologue. #Quote by Azealia Banks
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Anne Elisabeth Stengl
#36. Do you understand, mortal?" Eanrin said. "We Faerie know it's the spirit that counts, and all else is malleable. Beauty or ugliness; brawn or frailty; height or lack thereof
these appearances can be exchanged with scarcely a thought! But the truth ... now, that's another issue. The truth of the thing, the person behind what you perceive with any of your paltry five senses ... Creature of dust, it's the truth that counts! And you'll rarely find more truth than in Faerie tales."
With those words, the golden man dwindled into the golden cat, and try as he might, the Chronicler could perceive him as nothing else. But he was still Eanrin, and he smiled, pleased with himself.
"That wasn't a half-bad monologue. Do you find yourself inspired to new heights of ambition? #Quote by Anne Elisabeth Stengl
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#37. I am quite scandalous, you see. I come packaged with unpredictable moments, brutal honesty, calamitous outbursts, the ghastly need for love, a fiendish lack of filter, the horrific need to question everything, nauseating affection, offensive kindness, indecent spirituality, obscene beauty, monstrous creativity, barbaric embellishments, contemptuous passion, sinful childhood traumas, unscrupulous hobbies, vexatious caring, abominable sensitivity, reprehensible humor, hideous sarcasm, displeasing feelings, unpalatable confidence, offensive compassion, villainous inspiration and a devilish wit. I am quite grotesque in my imperfectness and I am not ashamed to admit it. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Hannah  Johnson
#38. Shhh," she orders, reaching across the table and pressing her finger against my lips. "This is Mommy's Lifetime monologue. #Quote by Hannah Johnson
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
#39. The monologue is her form of revenge. FLAUBERT #Quote by Simone De Beauvoir
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Kerry Washington
#40. I feel like any single woman of color who's been onstage has a Shakespeare monologue in her back pocket, and a monologue from 'For Colored Girls.' It's just part of what you should have, as a woman of color. #Quote by Kerry Washington
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Truman Capote
#41. A conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue. That's why there are so few good conversations: due to scarcity, two intelligent talkers seldom meet. #Quote by Truman Capote
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
#42. I'm not talking to anyone, I'm delivering a monologue. It's the inebriated man's prerogative. #Quote by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Yvan Goll
#43. On your lips I read the monologue of goddesses, #Quote by Yvan Goll
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Ian Doescher
#44. My favorite play is Hamlet. It was my first love when it comes to Shakespeare, and I've read it and seen it performed more than just about every other Shakespeare play. I've had the "To be or not to be" monologue memorized since I was 15, and it's just really close to my heart. #Quote by Ian Doescher
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by M.R. Carey
#45. Parks waits a long while, until he's absolutely certain that Justineau's monologue is finished. The truth is, for most of the time he's been trying to figure out what it is exactly that she's trying to tell him. Maybe he was right the first time about where they were heading, and Justineau airing her ancient laundry is just a sort of palate-cleanser before they have sex. Probably not, but you never know. In any case, the countermove to a confession is an absolution, unless you think the sin is unforgivable. Parks doesn't.

"It was an accident," he tells her, pointing out the obvious. "And probably you would have ended up doing the right thing. You don't strike me as the sort of person who just lets shit slide." He means that, as far as it goes. One of the things he likes about Justineau is her seriousness. He frigging flat-out hates frivolous, thoughtless people who dance across the surface of the world without looking down.

"Yeah, but you don't get it," Justineau says. "Why do you think I'm telling you all this?"

"I don't know," Parks admits. "Why are you telling me?"

Justineau steps away from the parapet wall and squares off against him – range, zero metres. It could be erotic, but somehow it's not.

"I killed that boy, Parks. If you turn my life into an equation, the number that comes out is minus one. That's my lifetime score, you understand me? And you … you and Caldwell, and Private Ginger f**king Rogers … my God, whe #Quote by M.R. Carey
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#46. Stop it! Just give me a second!"

"Alright, alright, everyone - " Hank flashed his palms like stop signs and then waved them around as if he were a city flagman exercising his authority to halt traffic. "Stand back, stand back - hands to yourself... in your pockets… there you go." Hank loved the spotlight and demanded it whenever opportunity presented itself. For once, I actually welcomed his inflated need for attention. The pressing against my back let up, and my friends stepped aside.

Pausing first for dramatic effect (typical Hank) he drew in a deep breath and delivered an improvised monologue (also typical Hank.)

"People, people, people… look at what you're doing. Can't you see the effect you're having on this sweet, innocent frightened child? I mean, what is up with the sudden aggressive-mob behavior here? Remember, people, this is our friend! Our colleague! Our schoolmate, chum, pal, our number-one supporter most days! Does she deserve this kind of peer pressure? …this group coercion? …this physical harassment? I say nay! Nay, I tell you! Now I know how excited you are to see her fi~nal~ly agree - after many, many grueling months of relentless persuading - to become one of us. To attempt a mad stab at initiation. To feel what it is to be spectacular! But give the girl some room to breathe! If you push a frightened lamb, she's gonna turn tail and scamper off in the opposite direction, baaaahhing all the way. Then what will our efforts be #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Chebutikin Monologue quotes by Alyxandra Harvey
#47. It seems only fair," Matthew continued. "A bit of karma, if you will." He twirled the stake again. "Shall we see how long you scream?"
"Are you ever going to shut up?" I snapped, fear and irritation filling me in equal measures. "This isn't your monologue, Hamlet. It's the battle scene, in case you've forgotten."
His eyes narrowed so fast they nearly sparked. They were the color of honey on fire. One of the others growled like an animal, low in his throat. It made all the hairs on my arms stand straight up.
I was going to die for making fun of Shakespeare.
My English Lit professor would be so proud. #Quote by Alyxandra Harvey

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