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Cheating quotes by Steven Erikson
#1. They consider themselves masters at cheating. But then, I think this will be the first time that they sit at a table with mortal humans facing them. Cheating? When it comes to that, the Elder Gods are as children compared to humans. Since the time of my return, this much at least I have learned. #Quote by Steven Erikson
Cheating quotes by Nora Ephron
#2. If your husband is cheating on you with a carhop, get Meryl Streep to play you. You'll feel much better. #Quote by Nora Ephron
Cheating quotes by Bill Watterson
#3. The center snaps the ball to the quarterback!"
"No he doesn't!"
"He doesn't?"
"NO! Secretly, he's the quarterback for the other team! He keeps the ball!"
"A traitor!"
"Calvin breaks for the goal."
"Wheeee! He's at the 30... the 20... the 10! Nobody can catch him!"
"Nobody wants to! Your running toward your own goal!"
"When I learned that you were a spy, I switched goals. This is your goal and mine's hidden!"
"You'll never find it in a million years!"
"I don't need to find it as a traitor to your team, crossing my goal counts as crossing your goal!"
"Ah, so you might think so..."
"In fact, I know so!"
"But the place I hid my goal is right on top of your goal, so the points will go to me!"
"But the fact is, I'm really a double agent! I'm on your team after all, which means you'll lose points if I cross your goal! Ha ha!"
"But I'm a traitor too, so I'm really on your team! I want you to cross my goal! The points will go to your team, which is really my team!"
"That would be true... if I were a football player!"
"You mean...?"
"I'm actually a badminton player disguised as a double-agent football player!!"
"And I'm actually a volleyball-croquet-polo player!"
"Sooner or later, all our games turn into CalvinBall."
"No cheating! #Quote by Bill Watterson
Cheating quotes by Christina Aguilera
#4. Fighter"

After all that you put me through,
You think I'd despise you,
But in the end I wanna thank you,
'Cause you've made me that much stronger

Well I thought I knew you, thinkin' that you were true
Guess I, I couldn't trust called your bluff time is up
'Cause I've had enough
You were there by my side, always down for the ride
But your joy ride just came down in flames 'cause your greed sold me out in shame

After all of the stealing and cheating you probably think that I hold resentment for you
But uh uh, oh no, you're wrong
'Cause if it wasn't for all that you tried to do, I wouldn't know
Just how capable I am to pull through
So I wanna say thank you
'Cause it

Makes me that much stronger
Makes me work a little bit harder
It makes me that much wiser
So thanks for making me a fighter
Made me learn a little bit faster
Made my skin a little bit thicker
Makes me that much smarter
So thanks for making me a fighter

Never saw it coming, all of your backstabbing
Just so you could cash in on a good thing before I'd realize your game
I heard you're going round playing the victim now
But don't even begin feeling I'm the one to blame
'Cause you dug your own grave
After all of the fights and the lies 'cause you're wanting to haunt me
But that won't work anymore, no more,
It's #Quote by Christina Aguilera
Cheating quotes by Michael Lewis
#5. Individual Greeks are delightful: funny, warm, smart, and good company. I left two dozen interviews saying to myself, "What great people!" They do not share the sentiment about one another: the hardest thing to do in Greece is to get one Greek to compliment another behind his back. No success of any kind is regarded without suspicion. Everyone is pretty sure everyone is cheating on his taxes, or bribing politicians, or taking bribes, or lying about the value of his real estate. And this total absence of faith in one another is self-reinforcing. The epidemic of lying and cheating and stealing makes any sort of civic life impossible; the collapse of civic life only encourages more lying, cheating, and stealing. Lacking faith in one another, they fall back on themselves and their families. #Quote by Michael Lewis
Cheating quotes by Sheila Heti
#6. Sholem [a painter] was saying that freedom, for him, is having the technical facility to be able to execute whatever he wants, just whatever image he has in his mind. But that's not freedom! That's control, or power. Whereas I think Margaux understands freedom to be the freedom to take risks, the freedom to do something bad or appear foolish. To not recognize that difference is a pretty big thing. [ ... ]
"It's like with improv," Misha said. "True improv is about surprising yourself
but most people won't improvise truthfully. They're afraid. What they do is pull from their bag of tricks. They take what they already know how to do and apply it to the present situation. But that's cheating! And cheating's bad for an artist. It's bad in life
but it's really bad in art." -p.20-1, How Should A Person Be #Quote by Sheila Heti
Cheating quotes by Elizabeth Warren
#7. It matters whether the government blows tens of billions of dollars on tax loopholes for billionaires or whether that same money is used to lower costs for students who have to borrow money to go to college. It matters whether Wall Street can pocket billions of dollars by cheating people on mortgages and tricking them on credit cards or if there's a cop on the beat to keep them honest. It matters whether the minimum wage is set so low that a full-time worker still lives in poverty or if minimum wage also means a livable wage. When #Quote by Elizabeth Warren
Cheating quotes by Junot Diaz
#8. I think women have been cheating widely as much as men have. #Quote by Junot Diaz
Cheating quotes by Terrence McNally
#9. Cheating is not the American way. It is small, while we are large. It is cheap, while we are richly endowed. It is destructive, while we are creative. It is doomed to fail, while our gifts and responsibilities call us to achieve. It sabotages trust and weakens the bonds of spirit and humanity, without which we perish. #Quote by Terrence McNally
Cheating quotes by George Strait
#10. Life is not the breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away. #Quote by George Strait
Cheating quotes by Wade Barrett
#11. One day I started cheating and after that day, I started winning. #Quote by Wade Barrett
Cheating quotes by Ruth Ware
#12. But I'd seen this kind of willful blindness before, women who insisted their boyfriends weren't cheating in the face of all the evidence, people working for horrendous employers who'd persuaded themselves they were just following orders and doing what was necessary. There seemed to be no limit to the capacity of people to believe what they wanted to see... #Quote by Ruth Ware
Cheating quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#13. I feel incendiary, a wildfire. My spirit licks at the gates of a very elaborate, customized, and distracting emotional Hades. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Cheating quotes by Brooke Hampton
#14. Personally, I don't find swearing offensive. I do find, backstabbing, lying, being a judgmental asshole, cheating and fucking people over offensive, but not swearing. #Quote by Brooke Hampton
Cheating quotes by Leslie Nielsen
#15. I would love to see what's going to happen with science fiction with peoples' heads, because we still have people running around in the year 2050 or 2100 or 2200 and they have incredible technology and you see the effects: laser beams and rays and beaming down and beaming up. Incredible technical things happening, but everybody is still running around jealous, fighting, whacking, cheating. There's got to be something going on! Some kind of change. I'd like to see something starting to happen in that area, with the psychology of the human being and how that changed. #Quote by Leslie Nielsen
Cheating quotes by Al Goldstein
#16. If you cannot work on the marriage or the women is a moron, staying married and cheating makes the most sense because divorce is disruptive to the family life and your bank account. #Quote by Al Goldstein
Cheating quotes by J.R. Ward
#17. When you were contemplating cheating on your mate, it was not easy on the conscience. And not something you wanted to do in the home you shared with her. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Cheating quotes by Jen Stephens
#18. If we never had the courage to take a leap of faith, we'd be cheating God out of a chance to mount us up with wings like eagles and watch us soar. #Quote by Jen Stephens
Cheating quotes by Julian Sanchez
#19. [There is a] strong correlation between market freedom and lower government corruption
not terribly surprising, since the effect of increasing regulatory power is to shift 'cheating' from the private to the public sphere. #Quote by Julian Sanchez
Cheating quotes by Jyoti Patel
#20. My whole world
Was revolving around you
Why did you choose
To collapse it?
- The more I love you, the more often I cry. #Quote by Jyoti Patel
Cheating quotes by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
#21. It was worth it," Faye says after school while she walks me to my car. "It's not fair that you take all the shit for this while the guys get to walk around like nothing happened. They're just as much to blame."
"I'm the one who started it," I say, kicking a beer cap across the parking lot with my shoe. "If I hadn't started it, nothing would have happened.
"Don't let them off the hook so easily," Faye snaps. "They were coming to you. It takes two to have sex. So don't defend them. #Quote by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
Cheating quotes by Dan Ariely
#22. This result suggests that cheating is not driven by concerns about standing out. Rather, it shows that our sense of our own morality is connected to the amount of cheating we feel comfortable with. Essentially, we cheat up to the level that allows us to retain our self-image as reasonably honest individuals. #Quote by Dan Ariely
Cheating quotes by Dan Ariely
#23. participants to choose the sheet that tempted them to cheat. As a result of their depletion, they suffered a double whammy: they picked the premarked bubble sheet more frequently, and (as we saw in the previous experiment) they also cheated more when cheating was possible. When we looked at these two ways of cheating combined, we found that we paid the depleted participants 197 percent more than those who were not depleted. Depletion in Everyday Life Imagine you're on a protein-and-vegetable diet and you go grocery shopping at the end of the day. You enter the supermarket, #Quote by Dan Ariely
Cheating quotes by Meryn G. Callander
#24. While each of us must walk this path alone, we need not do so without the empathy, the encouragement and the love of others who are travelling, or have travelled, this terrain - or those who having lived life long and deep and can meet us there, with wisdom and compassion. #Quote by Meryn G. Callander
Cheating quotes by Alan Shearer
#25. You should always give 100%. If you do that then no-one can ask any more of you. Someone once said to me when I was a kid: 'If you're asked to do ten sprints, by all means do 11 but never do nine because you're only cheating yourself'. #Quote by Alan Shearer
Cheating quotes by Lebo Grand
#26. The worst thing that can ever happen to a couple is not cheating, but it's reaching a plateau in your relationship's sensual growth. #Quote by Lebo Grand
Cheating quotes by David Levithan
#27. Danger comes in many forms, I suppose. For some people, it might be jumping off a bridge or climbing impossible moutains. For others, it could be a tawdry love affair or telling off a mean-looking bus driver because he doesn't like to stop for noisy teenagers. It could be cheating at cards or eating a peanut even though you're allergic. For me, danger might be getting out from the protective cloak of my family and venturing into the world more of my own, even though I don't know what- or who- awaits me. #Quote by David Levithan
Cheating quotes by Nora Roberts
#28. Ut she didn't understand and couldn't accept using that unhappiness as an excuse or rationale for being unfaithful. why didn't people just end it? if they wanted someone else, or something else, why not break it off clean first instead of cheating, lying, tolerating, just existing? #Quote by Nora Roberts
Cheating quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#29. I know my vision is impaired and cannot be trusted with even the simplest tasks, much less dating. Not that I´ve come within talon distance of a man. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Cheating quotes by Will Advise
#30. The more you believe, the more you'll be leaving you, when what you believed turns out to be just lies. Or unjust lies. Or any lies, anyway. #Quote by Will Advise
Cheating quotes by Howard Fast
#31. In L.A., you work like hell because there is nothing else to do, unless you're cheating on your wife. #Quote by Howard Fast
Cheating quotes by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
#32. I don't even consider myself an environmentalist anymore. I'm a free-marketer. I go out into the marketplace and I catch the polluters who are cheating the free market ... #Quote by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Cheating quotes by Carolyn Brown
#33. My mind went back to Bambi. If there were too many deer, then hunters were given the opportunity to shoot them. Cheating husbands were also a problem in the balance of nature, and there were far too many of them. Why couldn't there be open
season on cheating husbands? Deceived wives could purchase a gun, take lessons, and receive a cheating-husband hunting license complete with a big red A label to tie to the man's zipper after the kill. Open season could be scheduled months in advance to give the husbands a fighting chance. They could hide in refuges or stay home and take their chances at being shot through the living room window as they watched Monday Night Football. #Quote by Carolyn Brown
Cheating quotes by Emily R. Austin
#34. I feel abnormally aware of the air in my lungs and of the blood in my body. Brian's breath is loud and reminds me that he is a person and that he is alive and so am I. I put his hand on my throat to stop my breath and try to subdue this feeling of being a person who breathes and takes up space and fucks people, but he won't keep his hand there. He moves it to my waist and kisses my forehead.

I feel a cold rush down my body and suddenly I'm panicked. I wonder if Brian has ever been with a girl who loved him before. I wonder if there is a person out in the world who would feel sick at the thought of him being naked with me. I cannot shake this thought. I become sure of it. I suddenly feel a sickening, overwhelming guilt. I have to close my eyes to stop from crying at the thought of the girl I have imagined. #Quote by Emily R. Austin
Cheating quotes by Tom Simon
#35. Dragons, for instance, have the right of safe conduct anywhere in Faërie. A reader may not like to read stories about dragons, she may be morally offended or aesthetically uninterested or simply sick of the subject; but at any rate she will not complain that the author has cheated by bringing in a dragon, because dragons belong in fantasy. #Quote by Tom Simon
Cheating quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#36. He announces that lately he keeps losing things. "Like your wife and child," I want to say, but don´t. At fourty, I´ve learned not to say everything clever, not to score every point. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Cheating quotes by Mark Manson
#37. The problem here is that most people who get caught cheating apologize and give the 'It will never happen again' spiel and that's that, as if penises fell into various orifices completely by accident. Many cheatees accept this response at face value, and don't question the values and fucks given by their partner (pun totally intended); they don't ask themselves whether those values and fucks make their partner a good person to stay with. They're so concerned with holding on to their relationship that they fail to recognize that it's become a black hole consuming their self respect.

If people cheat, it's because something other than the relationship is more important to them. It may be power over others. It may be validation through sex. It may be giving in to their own impulses. Whatever it is, it's clear that the cheater's values are not aligned in a way to support a healthy relationship. And if the cheater doesn't admit this or come to terms with it, if he just gives the old 'I don't know what I was thinking; I was stressed out and drunk and she was there' response, then he lacks the serious self-awareness necessary to solve any relationship problems. #Quote by Mark Manson
Cheating quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#38. Empowering Women 101-- A strong women knows that cheating isn't a mistake; it's a choice. The choice was made long before you found out. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Cheating quotes by E.M. Tippetts
#39. She does this. Told me JP was cheating on me, trashed my Facebook page-'
'Because she's like that.'
'I thought you two were friends.'
'We are.'
'So how, exactly, do you define the term, "friend"? #Quote by E.M. Tippetts
Cheating quotes by Rick Warren
#41. Your identity is in eternity, and your homeland is heaven. When you grasp this truth, you will stop worrying about "having it all" on earth. God is very blunt about the danger of living for the here and now and adopting the values, priorities, and lifestyles of the world around us. When we flirt with the temptations of this world, God calls it spiritual adultery. The Bible says, "You're cheating on God. If all you want is your own way, flirting with the world every chance you get, you end up enemies of God and his way."6 Imagine #Quote by Rick Warren
Cheating quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#42. I think: I would like to take N back to a story right now, like a rake.
I would say, "Oh, this rake is uneven. Do you have any where the tines go straight across?"
I would like to do a straight exchange.
But there are things that cannot be returned. Errant husbands are one of them. Wives are not. Wives can be exchanged; I have always known this. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Cheating quotes by Brandi Glanville
#43. The most surprising thing about breaking up is that you already know how to do it. Everything you need to know, you learned in kindergarten. Yours should always be better than his (especially when it comes to lawyers). #Quote by Brandi Glanville
Cheating quotes by Hera Leick
#44. With every book I write, I give the Hera Leick Promise. I will never weave into my stories: cheating; sex outside the main characters; sexual abuse; cliffhangars; years of separation; man whores; and lastly my worst pet peeve, insta-love. If one sneaks in, I give you permission to shoot me. Please make note, however, guns are not legal in England. Neither is murder. I hope. #Quote by Hera Leick
Cheating quotes by Steven Kotler
#45. The upper echelon of adventure sport athletes are grappling with the fundamental properties of the universe: gravity, velocity and sanity. They're toying with them, cheating death, refusing to accept there might be limits to what they can accomplish. #Quote by Steven Kotler
Cheating quotes by Saint John Chrysostom
#46. Shall I tell you of their plundering, their covetousness, their abandonment of the poor, their thefts, their cheating in trade? #Quote by Saint John Chrysostom
Cheating quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#47. I´ve blown it, the whole grisly charade. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Cheating quotes by Amari Soul
#48. Cheating is never an accident; it is a conscious decision. #Quote by Amari Soul
Cheating quotes by Dan Ariely
#49. The more cashless our society becomes, the more our moral compass slips. #Quote by Dan Ariely
Cheating quotes by Amanda Laneley
#50. And all this time he was cheating on me! Making a fool out of me! He made me look stupid in front of everyone! #Quote by Amanda Laneley
Cheating quotes by Jay Leno
#51. That must be strange, cheating on your wife with a flight attendant. They're in bed and she's says, 'In the event that wife should come home early please notice the location of the nearest emergency exit.' #Quote by Jay Leno
Cheating quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
#52. The dualistic mind tends to think of mu occurrences in nature as a kind of contextual cheating, or irrelevance, but mu is found throughout all scientific investigation, and nature doesn't cheat, #Quote by Robert M. Pirsig
Cheating quotes by Danka V.
#53. What irritated me most in that entire situation was the fact that I
wasn't feeling humiliated, or annoyed, or even fooled. Betrayal was
what I felt, my heart broken not just by a guy I was in love with, but
also by, as I once believed, a true friend. #Quote by Danka V.
Cheating quotes by Rain In The Sun
#54. A man can fantasize about other women and thinks they are in love with only one person.
A woman cannot. They consider it as cheating. #Quote by Rain In The Sun
Cheating quotes by Viv Albertine
#55. Sometimes my bladder is the only reason I get up. Not even hunger can shift me – the only time I can stand to be hungry is when I'm in bed. I've discovered that if I lie still and count to about ninety, the hunger pangs go away. They're like heartbreak: you just have to acknowledge the pain and wait until it passes. #Quote by Viv Albertine
Cheating quotes by J.D. Robb
#56. I'd trust you a hell of a lot more if you didn't refer to her as an old friend when we both know she was a hell of a lot more"
"What she was is nearly a dozen years in the past. Years before I ever set eyes on you." Now simple bafflement joined the irritation and the ice. "Christ Jesus, are you jealous of a woman I haven't spoken to, seen, or thought of in years?"
Even only looked at him for one long moment. "You're thinking of her now #Quote by J.D. Robb
Cheating quotes by Mick LaSalle
#57. Before the code, women on screen took lovers, had babies out of wedlock, got rid of cheating husbands, enjoyed their sexuality, held down professional positions without apologizing for their self-sufficiency, and in general acted the way many of us think woman acted only after 1969. #Quote by Mick LaSalle
Cheating quotes by John Scarne
#58. The gambling supply house catalog is distinctly not the safest place to learn about cheating devices, beware of catalog men. #Quote by John Scarne
Cheating quotes by Suzanne Collins
#59. Every day when I wake I tell myself that it will be my last. If you are not trying to hold on to time, you are not so afraid of losing it ... And then, if you make it to bedtime, you feel the joy of cheating death out of one more day. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Cheating quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#60. They feel life is for the taking, and that everyone deserves happiness no matter what the cost. I must remember these tricks if I ever decide to have my soul surgically removed. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Cheating quotes by Pete Waterman
#61. I don't mind losing, but I don't like losing to cheats. #Quote by Pete Waterman
Cheating quotes by Dale Murphy
#62. One of the more challenging things in life is not being the guy who does the cheating, but not saying anything about it and going along with it. #Quote by Dale Murphy
Cheating quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#63. I love you as the mother of my child: the kiss of death.
Mother of His Child: demotion. I am beginning to see this truism: Mothers are not always wives. I have been stripped of a piece of self. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Cheating quotes by Karin Slaughter
#64. Claire hates you now. She believes me. She will never, ever take you back.
We are never ever ever getting back together. Taylor Swift. How many times had Dee played that song after she caught Heath Carmichael cheating #Quote by Karin Slaughter
Cheating quotes by Tommy Lasorda
#65. No, we don't cheat. And even if we did, I'd never tell you. #Quote by Tommy Lasorda
Cheating quotes by Emily Giffin
#66. People generally didn't cheat in good relationships. #Quote by Emily Giffin
Cheating quotes by Frank Lampard
#67. I was always pretty good at school, but a lot of it was memorising, maybe cheating off your mates, stuff that gets you through. #Quote by Frank Lampard
Cheating quotes by Lebo Grand
#68. Being a goddess means you are fully capable of satiating your man's hunger for mystery. #Quote by Lebo Grand
Cheating quotes by Charlie Munger
#69. All man's desired geometric progressions, if a high rate of growth is chosen, at last come to grief on a finite earth. And the social system for man on earth is fair enough, eventually, that almost all massive cheating ends in disgrace. #Quote by Charlie Munger
Cheating quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#70. This does not escape my notice, it is a context. I resent the fact of a context; my social status has shifted and no one is going to acknowldege it, that´s certain. I´m expected to be Brave and Rise Above. I dress for the role; I must look far better now that I did when I was married. I must look pulled together into a nice tight Hermès knot of self-containment. I don´t make the rules; I just do my best to follow them. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Cheating quotes by David Reeves
#71. Some people view love and romance as a sacred bond between two individuals. Other people see love as a game, where the goal is to manipulate another individual and gain emotional power over a partner. People who view love as a game are much more likely to have multiple love interest; cheating is just another way to gain control over one's partner. #Quote by David Reeves
Cheating quotes by Ryan Montgomery
#72. I got caught cheating a bunch of times, well now I'm not drinking but you think just because I say, "Oh I'm not cheating on you" that that's good enough? No! It's about action and I think it's the same way with God. It's about action, it's about the way you live your life and how you carry yourself and that's what God sees. I think people should take a page out of that book when they make their decisions and do things ... and I think that the world would be a better place. #Quote by Ryan Montgomery
Cheating quotes by James E. Faust
#73. Cheating in school is a form of self-deception. We go to school to learn. We cheat ourselves when we coast on the efforts and scholarship of someone else. #Quote by James E. Faust
Cheating quotes by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
#74. Of a real, true contract, on whatsoever subject, there is no vestige in Rousseau's book. To give an
exact idea of his theory, I cannot do better than compare it with a commercial agreement, in which
the names of the parties, the nature and value of the goods, products and services involved, the
conditions of quality, delivery, price, reimbursement, everything in fact which constitutes the
material of contracts, is omitted, and nothing is mentioned but penalties and jurisdictions.

"Indeed, Citizen of Geneva, you talk well. But before holding forth about the sovereign and the
prince, about the policeman and the judge, tell me first what is my share of the bargain? What? You
expect me to sign an agreement in virtue of which I may be prosecuted for a thousand
transgressions, by municipal, rural, river and forest police, handed over to tribunals, judged,
condemned for damage, cheating, swindling, theft, bankruptcy, robbery, disobedience to the laws of
the State, offence to public morals, vagabondage,--and in this agreement I find not a word of either
my rights or my obligations, I find only penalties!

"But every penalty no doubt presupposes a duty, and every duty corresponds to a right. Where then
in your agreement are my rights and duties? What have I promised to my fellow citizens? What
have they promised to me? Show it to me, for without that, your penalties are but excesses of
power, your la #Quote by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
Cheating quotes by Nba 2k18 Locker Codes
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Cheating quotes by Stephen Fry
#76. Religionists from pulpits and evangelical TV stations announced that this [AIDS] was all God's punishment for the perverted vice of homosexuality, quite failing to explain why this vengeful deity had no interest in visiting plagues and agonized death upon child rapists, torturers, murderers, those who beat up old women for their pension money (or indeed those cheating, thieving, adulterous and hypocritical clerics and preachers who pop up on the news from time to time weeping their repentance), reserving this uniquely foul pestilence only for men who choose to go to bed with each other and addicts careless in the use of their syringes. What a strange divinity. Later he was to take his pleasure, as he still does, on horrifying numbers of women and very young girls raped in sub-Saharan Africa while transmitting his avenging wrath on the unborn children in their wombs. I should be interested to hear from the religious zealots why he is doing this and what kind of a kick he gets out of it. #Quote by Stephen Fry
Cheating quotes by Jaiendra Puri
#77. No matter how much time of your life you spend on your love,
So easily bitch will left you saying: you don't have enough time for me.
Bitches never admit this. #Quote by Jaiendra Puri
Cheating quotes by Lorraine Maloney Armstrong
#78. I can't assume responsibility for a man's infidelity, no more than I can take credit for his choice to remain faithful. #Quote by Lorraine Maloney Armstrong
Cheating quotes by Ed Krassenstein
#79. We teach our kids not to lie. We teach them not to cheat. Why the hell do some of us still support a President who goes against everything we want in our own kids? Your kids will one day see your hypocrisy. #Quote by Ed Krassenstein
Cheating quotes by Aaron Watson
#80. There's just enough drinking and cheating songs around without me adding to them. Unless you've got something better than "Misery and Gin" by Merle Haggard, you're beating a dead horse. #Quote by Aaron Watson
Cheating quotes by Richelle Mead
#81. Wait," he said. "That's not a word."
I looked down to where, in a moment of desperation, I'd played zixic on a triple-word-score space.
"Uh, sure it is."
"What's it mean?"
"It's sort of like ... quixotic, but with more ... "
I laughed out loud. I'd never heard him swear before.
"More zeal. Hence the z."
"Uh-huh. Use it in a sentence."
"Um ... 'You are a zixic writer.'"
"I don't believe this."
"That you're zixic?"
"That you're trying to cheat at Scrabble." He leaned back against my couch, shaking his head. "I mean, I was ready to accept the whole evil thing, but this is kind of extreme. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Cheating quotes by J.K. Rowling
#82. YOU CHEATING SCUM!" Lee Jordan was howling into the megaphone, dancing out of Professor McGonagall's reach. "YOU FILTHY, CHEATING B - " Professor McGonagall didn't even bother to tell him off. She was actually shaking her finger in Malfoy's direction, her hat had fallen off, and she too was shouting furiously. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Cheating quotes by V.S. Naipaul
#83. And that luck was only fate's cheating, giving an illusion of power. But that illusion lingered, and I became restless. I decided to act, to challenge fate. (...) I gained courage; every afternoon I walked a little farther. And one day I got there. #Quote by V.S. Naipaul
Cheating quotes by Richard Thompson
#84. Amplifying acoustic instruments more than a little is really cheating, and everything becomes a compromise. #Quote by Richard Thompson
Cheating quotes by Rachel  Thompson
#85. I gave my heart to a man who loved me, who wanted to be with me. Who ultimately was afraid of all I offered.
I didn't understand why he sabotaged our future at the time – cheating on me, again, as we were making final plans to move in together. By the time he came over to smooth talk his way out of it, I was done. No more crying. Even my tears had given up on him. I'd already moved on, his cheating was simply the key left in the mailbox. #Quote by Rachel Thompson
Cheating quotes by Adam Nicolson
#86. At that level through out the 18th century, another vision of admirable behavior persisted. The mob did not want the smooth conformable man, the slick hypocrite who could so politely maneuver his way into the rewards of high politics and high society. They wanted his very opposite, the clever thief. The man who thrived not by using the well oiled wheels of society but by opposing them and cheating them; by attending to the well-being of his own heroic self. #Quote by Adam Nicolson
Cheating quotes by William Lane Craig
#87. Certainty is an unrealistic and unattainable ideal.

We need to have pastors who are schooled in apologetics and engaged intellectually with our culture so as to shepherd their flock amidst the wolves.

People who simply ride the roller coaster of emotional experience are cheating themselves out of a deeper and richer Christian faith by neglecting the intellectual side of that faith. They know little of the riches of deep understanding of Christian truth, of the confidence inspired by the discovery that one's faith is logical and fits the facts of experience, and of the stability brought to one's life by the conviction that one's faith is objectively true.

God could not possibly have intended that reason should be the faculty to lead us to faith, for faith cannot hang indefinitely in suspense while reason cautiously weighs and reweighs arguments. The Scriptures teach, on the contrary, that the way to God is by means of the heart, not by means of the intellect.

When a person refuses to come to Christ, it is never just because of lack of evidence or because of intellectual difficulties: at root, he refuses to come because he willingly ignores and rejects the drawing of God's Spirit on his heart. unbelief is at root a spiritual, not an intellectual, problem. Sometimes an unbeliever will throw up an intellectual smoke screen so that he can avoid personal, existential involvement with the gospel. In such a case, further argumentation may #Quote by William Lane Craig
Cheating quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#88. Cheating is easy. There's no swank to infidelity. To borrow against the trust someone has placed in you costs nothing at first. You get away with it, you take a little more and a little more until there is no more to draw on. Oddly, your hands should be full with all that taking but when you open them there's nothing there. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Cheating quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#89. If others were to look attentively into themselves as I do, they would find themselves, as I do, full of emptiness and tomfoolery. I cannot rid myself of them without getting rid of myself. We are all steeped in them, each as much as the other; but those who realize this get off, as I know, a little more cheaply.

That commonly approved practice of looking elsewhere than at our own self has served our affairs well! Our self is an object full of dissatisfaction: we can see nothing there but wretchedness and vanity. So as not to dishearten us, Nature has very conveniently cast the action of our sight outwards. We are swept on downstream, but to struggle back towards our self against the current is a painful movement; thus does the sea, when driven against itself, swirl back in confusion. Everyone says: 'Look at the motions of the heavens, look at society, at this man's quarrel, that man's pulse, this other man's will and testament' - in other words always look upwards or downwards or sideways, or before or behind you. That commandment given us in ancient times by that god at Delphi was contrary to all expectation: 'Look back into your self; get to know your self; hold on to your self.' Bring back to your self your mind and your will which are being squandered elsewhere; you are draining and frittering your self away. Consolidate your self; rein your self back. They are cheating you, distracting you, robbing you of your self.

Can you not see that this world #Quote by Michel De Montaigne
Cheating quotes by Jeri Ryan
#90. Cheating is often more efficient. #Quote by Jeri Ryan
Cheating quotes by Henri
#91. What is photojournalism? Occasionally, a very unique photo, in which form is precise and rich enough and content has enough resonance, is sufficient in itself. But that's rarely the case. The elements of a subject that speak to us are often scattered and can't be captured in one photo; we don't have the right to force them together, and to stage them would be cheating ... which brings us to the need for photojournalism. #Quote by Henri
Cheating quotes by William Lane Craig
#92. Our churches are filled with Christians who are idling in intellectual neutral. As Christians, their minds are going to waste. One result of this is an immature, superficial faith. People who simply ride the roller coaster of emotional experience are cheating themselves out of a deeper and richer Christian faith by neglecting the intellectual side of that faith. #Quote by William Lane Craig
Cheating quotes by Kiera Cass
#93. Because even though you're dating five other women, I think I'm cheating on you. #Quote by Kiera Cass
Cheating quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#94. There is that, and there is also the Irreconcilable Differences line. It seems so catchall, so vague. You could say that about anyone, any man and woman at all. Jesus and Mary Magdalene: "Irreconcilable Differences." JFK and Jackie, anyone at all. It´s built into the man-woman thing. What kind of paltry reason is that? "Insanity" is another box to be checked on the divorce petition, the only alternative to "Irreconcilable Differences." I would like to check it. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Cheating quotes by Maureen Johnson
#95. Did they know that Arthur Conan Doyle went on to investigate mysteries in his real life and absolved a man for a crime for which he has been convicted? Did they know how Agatha Christie brilliantly staged her own disappearance in order to exact an elegant revenge on a cheating husband? They probably did not. And no one was going to discount Stevie Bell, who had gotten into this school on the wings of her interest in the Ellingham case, and who had been a bystander at a death that was now looking more and more suspicious. #Quote by Maureen Johnson
Cheating quotes by Samuel Johnson
#96. I hope I shall never be deterred from detecting what I think a cheat, by the menaces of a ruffian. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Cheating quotes by Farid F. Ibrahim
#97. Relationship is only two on board. It has to sink when there is one extra passenger #Quote by Farid F. Ibrahim
Cheating quotes by Marie Helvin
#98. Cheating is never to do with how attractive you are. #Quote by Marie Helvin
Cheating quotes by Mohammed Zaki Ansari
#99. That one who promised to care my life and to be with in all the way. same one killed me brutally and brutally murder my heart and feelings and My Trust.
Whom i must blame ? God or That person or To my Stupidity of blind trust ?
Some Que Never stop tease #Quote by Mohammed Zaki Ansari
Cheating quotes by Ellen J. Barrier
#100. Those who cheat on their partners who are loyal to them; don't deserve them. It is a trashy attitude to disrespect a person who is loyal in a relationship, by cheating on him or her. #Quote by Ellen J. Barrier
Cheating quotes by Jerry Spinelli
#101. You're cheating yourself out of today. Today is calling to you, trying to get your attention, but you're stuck on tomorrow, and today trickles away like water down a drain. You wake up the next morning and that today that you wasted is gone forever. It's now yesterday. Some of those moments may have had wonderful things in store for you, but you'll never know. #Quote by Jerry Spinelli
Cheating quotes by Panashe Chigumadzi
#102. She was still not at ease with the idea that she was now important enough to have people as accessories. Nor was she comfortable with the idea of these people as gatekeepers with access to the details of their personal lives. Whenever she felt herself shrinking under the indifferent glare of the staff that surrounded her, as she did in this instance, she straightened her back and lifted her chin in the way that Chiedza, her trusted advisor-friend, had instructed her to do. #Quote by Panashe Chigumadzi
Cheating quotes by Brandi Glanville
#103. He kept telling me his affair was over, but I kept catching him in lies. He wouldn't shake this woman, and I simply could not trust him anymore. #Quote by Brandi Glanville
Cheating quotes by Dan Ariely
#104. honesty and dishonesty are based on a mixture of two very different types of motivation. On the one hand, we want to benefit from cheating (this is the rational economic motivation), while on the other, we want to be able to view ourselves as wonderful human beings (this is the psychological motivation). #Quote by Dan Ariely
Cheating quotes by Darrel Ray
#105. What did you know about sex before you started engaging in intercourse? That is rhe level of knowledge a priest has unless he is cheating with another man or woman, or both. #Quote by Darrel Ray
Cheating quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#106. The snag about marriage is, it isn´t worth the divorce. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Cheating quotes by Brandi Glanville
#107. If you discover your partner is cheating, drink like it's your last party, blame everyone else for your problems, let "binging" be your new favorite hobby, and, by all means, FUCKING PANIC. #Quote by Brandi Glanville
Cheating quotes by Karl Marx
#108. Franklin says, "war is robbery, commerce is generally cheating."[164] If the transformation of merchants' money into capital is to be explained otherwise than by the producers being simply cheated, a long series of intermediate steps would be necessary, which, at present, when the simple circulation of commodities forms our only assumption, are entirely wanting. #Quote by Karl Marx
Cheating quotes by Derrick Jaxn
#109. Prince Charming could easily be Prince Cheating. Stop thinking a good personality automatically means good character. #Quote by Derrick Jaxn
Cheating quotes by Sydney Croft
#110. Um, baby? You never watch soaps."

He took a swig from the bottle.

"All the backstabbing and cheating and fucking makes my life look normal. I like that."

~Creed #Quote by Sydney Croft
Cheating quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#111. Bill Clinton became president, and he [Bill Clinton] kept cheating - and she kept destroying the women. She was supposed to be paid off in 2008. They gave her health care; she botched that. Hillarycare, it was called in 1993, '94, whatever. That was her first payoff. Co-presidency was the next payoff. #Quote by Rush Limbaugh
Cheating quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#112. Conversely, I though humiliation would be everything, but it´s such a nothing. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Cheating quotes by Jennifer Harrison
#113. Having two women - one who can't know about the other, and one who must be trusted not to destroy his life - is clearly difficult for him. #Quote by Jennifer Harrison
Cheating quotes by Louisa Leontiades
#114. My needs were covered by layer upon layer of denial. I was scrambling for reasons. But the truth was, even if he had had a successful career, I would have used it as an excuse to complain about neglect. He could never actually win. I was running a very common script, that of deciphering why he wasn't enough for me and why I needed someone else - as if someone else could give me everything. As if there was one person who could be my Mr. Right and who could satisfy every ever-changing facet of my personality. At that point I still believed that this was possible…desirable…and necessary. #Quote by Louisa Leontiades
Cheating quotes by John C. Maxwell
#115. Nobody wanders his or her way to a dream, and nobody achieves a dream by accident. Don't shortcut the process and risk cheating yourself out of your dream! #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Cheating quotes by Dave Barry
#116. This was years ago, I think during the early [Ronald] Reagan years. I came up with a plan that everybody just pay $8.95 in taxes. Cheating would be allowed. But the incentive to cheat wouldn't be nearly as great if you only had to pay the $8.95. There were a few people who would have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars under this plan. I think it was Mark Goodson and Bill Todman, the guys who do the quiz shows. But almost everybody else would be off really cheap. #Quote by Dave Barry
Cheating quotes by Tracy Malone
#117. Why do you need validation? Will it serve you to see proof? Let me tell you it hurts more if you do. Here is where you must set boundaries. Cheating is a one strike rule because for every one strike you catch them on you missed three. #Quote by Tracy Malone
Cheating quotes by L.J.Smith
#118. I never cheat. I practice Gamesmanship - the art of winning games without actually cheating. #Quote by L.J.Smith
Cheating quotes by Emily Giffin
#119. Whether you CAN forgive and whether you SHOULD trust. #Quote by Emily Giffin
Cheating quotes by Zhi Gang Sha
#120. Bad karma is the spiritual debt one has accumulated for one's mistakes from all previous lives and this life. It includes killing, harming, taking advantage, cheating, stealing, and more. On Mother Earth, when you buy a house, you take out a mortgage from a bank. This mortgage is your debt to the bank. You pay every month for fifteen, twenty, or thirty years to clear your financial debt. In the spiritual realm, if you have bad karma, you may have to pay for many lifetimes to clear your spiritual debt. #Quote by Zhi Gang Sha
Cheating quotes by Miranda Lambert
#121. Heartbreak is good fuel for country songs. And cheating. #Quote by Miranda Lambert
Cheating quotes by Yves Montand
#122. I think a man can have two, maybe three, affairs while he is married. But three is the absolute maximum. After that, you're cheating. #Quote by Yves Montand
Cheating quotes by Andy Rooney
#123. There are sixteen cans of coffee here; together they hold a total of thirteen and a half pounds of coffee. Doesn't that seem like cheating? #Quote by Andy Rooney
Cheating quotes by Stevie J. Cole
#124. ...then I wonder, does anyone ever intend on being that kind of person? #Quote by Stevie J. Cole
Cheating quotes by Isobel Irons
#125. A penny for your dirty thoughts A pin for your cheating lips. If a picture's worth a thousand words I hope your counterfeit canvas rips. #Quote by Isobel Irons
Cheating quotes by Jessica Biel
#126. I had my bad-boy moment in my teens. I'll never do that again. It wasn't pleasant, and I learned my lesson. It was sexy and mysterious, and it's like, 'Look how cool they are,' but it's just not worth it. He was lying to me and accusing me of cheating - but then I realized he was the one cheating. #Quote by Jessica Biel
Cheating quotes by Karl Kraus
#127. That an author takes a bow is not humility but presumption. What does the paleface want on the stage afterwards? But before the performance he had even less business there
and paying him royalties is equivalent to cheating the actors. #Quote by Karl Kraus
Cheating quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#128. If he emotionally cheated on you remember this before you take him back. It was a choice to do it and in his mind a chance for a better life than what you offered. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Cheating quotes by Rich Shapero
#129. Every word was a cheat. Every thought and feeling was false. I played the game. Everything I touched, I cheapened. #Quote by Rich Shapero
Cheating quotes by Jarod Kintz
#130. I wrote a thesis on love, and I wrote it in lipstick. Of course, I also got blood on the paper, because the lipstick was still attached to her cheating lips. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Cheating quotes by Cathy Burnham Martin
#131. It's amazing how many cheaters and liars believe they won't be caught. News Flash: In today's age of technology, there won't just be a paper trail. There will be multiple electronic and digital trails, as well. #Quote by Cathy Burnham Martin
Cheating quotes by Saahil Prem
#132. Sometimes there a hundred lies behind a smile and not a single truth behind a tear. #Quote by Saahil Prem
Cheating quotes by Tyrese Gibson
#133. My ex-girl told me, "I love you so much, and I know it's just a phase you're going through." When a woman comes at you like that, you look at her as being so mature because she understands if I'm cheating, it's not her problem, it's mine. When a man cheats, it's not a reflection of what she's not. #Quote by Tyrese Gibson
Cheating quotes by Thomas Boswell
#134. Cheating is baseball's oldest profession. No other game is so rich in skullduggery, so suited to it or so proud of it. #Quote by Thomas Boswell
Cheating quotes by Petina Gappah
#135. Later, as she drove the children to school, she thought how worn the grooves were along which they moved their quarrels. She could feel herself saying all the clichéd phrases of a thousand injured women before her, but she could never stop herself. - 'The Negotiated Settlement #Quote by Petina Gappah
Cheating quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#136. It´s a little song about abandonment, and it goes something like this.... #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Cheating quotes by V.S. Naipaul
#137. Reality is always separate from the ideal; but in Trinidad this fantasy is a form of masochism and is infinitely more cheating than the fantasy which makes the poor delight in films about rich or makes the English singer use and American accent. #Quote by V.S. Naipaul
Cheating quotes by W.C. Fields
#138. If a thing is worth having, it's worth cheating for. #Quote by W.C. Fields
Cheating quotes by Steve Maraboli
#139. Cheaters often accuse you of cheating. Liars often accuse you of lying. Insecure people often crumble your security. Behavior speaks ... How someone treats you may have nothing to do with you; but can be a reflection of who they are. #Quote by Steve Maraboli
Cheating quotes by Dalai Lama
#140. Harmony can not thrive in a climate of mistrust, cheating, bullying; mean-spirited competition. #Quote by Dalai Lama
Cheating quotes by Ha-Joon Chang
#141. If the world were full of the self-seeking individuals found in economics textbooks, it would grind to a halt because we would be spending most of our time cheating, trying to catch the cheaters, and punishing the caught. The world works as it does only because people are not the totally self seeking agents that free-market economics believes them to be. We need to design an economic system that, while acknowledging that people are often selfish, exploits other human motives to the full and gets the best out of people. The likelihood is that, if we assume the worst about people, we will get the worst out of them. #Quote by Ha-Joon Chang
Cheating quotes by John Brandon
#142. Why do people keep doing stuff?" he said, talking to himself it seemed.
Swin hesitated.
"Wiping counters down and taking pictures. Cheating. Defending things."
Swin couldn't see Kyle's face. It appeared he was about to say more, then thought better of it. It seemed he was going to laugh or cry; of course he was going to do neither. It was a moment of defeat, nothing more. Kyle looked back toward the woods where he'd thrown the gun. Swin felt he had to speak.
"It's involved," he said. "Many schools of thought. In layman's terms, being the most sophisticated monkey makes you the most confused monkey. Taking action, any at all, is a way to alleviate that confusion. You, you're one of the least sophisticated of us sophisticated monkeys, and therefore suffer less confusion, and have less use for the empty actions that alleviate confusion. I don't mean that as a put-down."
Though Kyle didn't move, Swin knew he was listening, knew the explanation was somehow helping. #Quote by John Brandon
Cheating quotes by Rollo Tomassi
#143. The only way to determine genuine motivation and/or intent is to observe the behavior of an individual. #Quote by Rollo Tomassi
Cheating quotes by Godfrey
#144. The one thing you don't want to be is a sucky clean comic. I hate sucky clean comics! It's like Christian rock, bro. I'd rather listen to gospel and Christian rock. That's cheating! #Quote by Godfrey
Cheating quotes by Bill Watterson
#145. Calvin: Today at school, I tried to decide whether to cheat on my test or not. I wondered, is it better to do the right thing and fail ... or is it better to do the wrong thing and succeed? On the one hand, undeserved success gives no satisfaction ... but on the other hand, well-deserved failure gives no satisfaction either. Of course, most everybody cheats some time or other. People always bend the rules if they think they can get away with it. Then again, that doesn't justify my cheating. Then I thought, look, cheating on one little test isn't such a big deal. It doesn't hurt anyone. But then I wondered if I was just rationalizing my unwillingness to accept the consequence of not studying. Still, in the real world, people care about success, not principles. Then again, maybe that's why the world is such a mess. What a dilemma!
Hobbes: So what did you decide?
Calvin: Nothing. I ran out of time and I had to turn in a blank paper.
Hobbes: Anymore, simply acknowledging the issue is a moral victory.
Calvin: Well, it just seemed wrong to cheat on an ethics test. #Quote by Bill Watterson
Cheating quotes by Ben E. King
#146. I still think my whole career was accidental. I didn't pursue it. I feel like I'm cheating sometimes. #Quote by Ben E. King
Cheating quotes by Rose Wynters
#147. This woman enabled her husband to cheat, and she wasn't doing either one of them any favors. Instead of leaving him, she would take him home, scold him, and then carry on with business as usual. Inside though, she would be hurting.
No woman could love a cheater and not pay the price for it. #Quote by Rose Wynters
Cheating quotes by Jose Mourinho
#148. You are pushed to behave differently here, you don't really have a choice. If you cheat you have no chance of being admired. Even your own supporters will dislike you. So what do you do? Well, the way is not to be stupid, but not to cheat either. If there is a foul, you have to fall. I call it 'helping the referee to make a decision'. That's not cheating. #Quote by Jose Mourinho
Cheating quotes by Saul Bellow
#149. Because nobody anyhow can show what he is without a sense of exposure and shame, and can't care while preoccupied with this but must appear better and stronger than anyone else, mad! And meantime feels no real strength in himself, cheats and gets cheated, relies on cheating but believes abnormally in the strength of the strong. All this time nothing genuine is allowed to appear and nobody knows what's real. And that's disfigured, degenerate, dark mankind - mere humanity. But #Quote by Saul Bellow
Cheating quotes by Robert B. Reich
#150. Wall Street's shenanigans have convinced a large portion of America that the economic game is rigged. Yet capitalism depends on trust. Without trust, people avoid even sensible economic risks. They also begin trading in gray markets and black markets. They think that if the big guys cheat in big ways, they may as well begin cheating in small ways. And when they think the game is rigged, they're easy prey for political demagogues with fast tongues and dumb ideas. Wall #Quote by Robert B. Reich
Cheating quotes by Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
#151. There are all these athletes out there cheating. I am clean and pure. #Quote by Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
Cheating quotes by Courtney Cole
#152. I focus on my favorite daydream, the one where I return from London at the end of the summer and am all glamorous and drop-dead gorgeous and every girl in my school is completely jealous when Quinn McKeyan asks me to Fall Homecoming because he can't resist my charm.
Hey, it's my daydream. I can dream what I want to.
The thing is, Quinn's face keeps getting replaced in my head by Dante's.
Since I've had a mad crush on Quinn from the time we started kindergarten all the way through our junior year last year, that's saying something.
Every daydream I've had for eleven years has been of him. I'm a very loyal daydreamer. And I suddenly feel like I'm cheating on my imaginary boyfriend, a boy who happens to be real, but who has been dating my best friend Becca for the past two years. And no. Becca has no idea that I'm secretly in love with her boyfriend. It's the one secret that I've kept from her. #Quote by Courtney Cole
Cheating quotes by Carlos Wallace
#153. Whether it's a relationship or business, never settle for being second best. When you allow yourself to become the "next" option instead of THE option you're only cheating yourself. You have the power to determine the level of respect you deserve. Raise the bar high! No one will appreciate your value if you discount your worth. #Quote by Carlos Wallace
Cheating quotes by Dean Koontz
#154. The human species was too fond of lying, cheating, envy, ignorance, self-pity, self-righteousness, and utopian visions that always led to mass murder-but until and if it destroyed itself, it harbored the potential to become nobler, to take responsibility for its actions, to live and let live, and to earn the stewardship of the earth. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Cheating quotes by Kimberly Batiste
#155. One night of cheating, will cause a lifetime of pain'
-Kimberly Batiste #Quote by Kimberly Batiste
Cheating quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#156. Though men in their hundreds of thousands had tried their hardest to disfigure that little corner of the earth where they had crowded themselves together, paving the ground with stones so that nothing could grow, weeding out every blade of vegetation, filling the air with the fumes of coal and gas, cutting down trees and driving away every beast and every bird -- spring, however, was still spring, even in the town. The sun shone warm, the grass, wherever it had not been scraped away, revived and showed green not only on the narrow strips of lawn on the boulevards but between the paving-stones as well, and the birches, the poplars and the wild cherry-trees were unfolding their sticky, fragrant leaves, and the swelling buds were bursting on the lime trees; the jackdaws, the sparrows and the pigeons were cheerfully getting their nests ready for the spring, and the flies, warmed by the sunshine, buzzed gaily along the walls. All were happy -- plants, birds, insects and children. But grown-up people -- adult men and women -- never left off cheating and tormenting themselves and one another. It was not this spring morning which they considered sacred and important, not the beauty of God's world, given to all creatures to enjoy -- a beauty which inclines the heart to peace, to harmony and to love. No, what they considered sacred and important were their own devices for wielding power over each other. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Cheating quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#157. How could you do that to me?" I repeat. I don´t have to itemize. He knows what I speak of.
Eventually N produces three answers, in this order:

1. "Because I am a complete rotter." I silently agree, but it´s a cop-out: I have maggots, therefore I am dead.
2. "I was stressed at work and unhappy and we were always fighting...and you know I was just crazy..."

I cut him off, saying, "You don´t get to be crazy. You did exactly what you chose to do."
Which is true, he did. It is what he has always done. He therefore seems slightly puzzled at the need for further diagnosis, which may explain his third response:

3. "I don´t know."

This, I feel instinctively, is the correct answer. How can I stay angry with him for being what he is? I was, after all, his wife, and I chose him. No coincidences, that´s what Freud said. None. Ever.
I wipe my eyes on my sleeve and walk toward the truck, saying to his general direction, "Fine. At least now I know: You don´t know."
I stop and turn around and fire one more question: a bullet demanding attention in the moment it enters the skin and spreads outward, an important bullet that must be acknowledged.
"What did you feel?"
After a lengthy pause, he answers. "I felt nothing."
And that, I realize too late, was not the whole truth, but was a valid part of the truth.
Oh, and welcome to the Serengeti. That too. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Cheating quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#158. So many events and moments that seemed insignificant add up. I remember how for the last Valentine´s Day, N gave flowers but no card. In restaurants, he looked off into the middle distance while my hand would creep across the table to hold his. He would always let go first. I realize I can´t remember his last spontaneous gesture of affection. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Cheating quotes by Aireen Pontillo
#159. Be ready to defend yourself as I'm coming out of the shelf #Quote by Aireen Pontillo
Cheating quotes by Eli Pariser
#160. What was once an anonymous medium where anyone could be anyone - where, in the words of the famous New Yorker cartoon, nobody knows you're a dog - is now a tool for soliciting and analyzing our personal data. According to one Wall Street Journal study, the top fifty Internet sites, from CNN to Yahoo to MSN, install an average of 64 data-laden cookies and personal tracking beacons each. Search for a word like "depression" on, and the site installs up to 223 tracking cookies and beacons on your computer so that other Web sites can target you with antidepressants. Share an article about cooking on ABC News, and you may be chased around the Web by ads for Teflon-coated pots. Open - even for an instant - a page listing signs that your spouse may be cheating and prepare to be haunted with DNA paternity-test ads. The new Internet doesn't just know you're a dog; it knows your breed and wants to sell you a bowl of premium kibble. #Quote by Eli Pariser
Cheating quotes by Elisabeth Kubler Ross
#161. Lots of my dying patients say they grow in bounds and leaps, and finish all the unfinished business. But assisting a suicide is cheating them of these lessons, like taking a student out of school before final exams. That's not love, it's projecting your own unfinished business #Quote by Elisabeth Kubler Ross
Cheating quotes by Lily Amis
#162. Relationships based on dishonesty, lies,
Secrets and cheats R not only predicted
to fail but also a waste of precious time
and energie! U can't fool yourself 4ever! #Quote by Lily Amis
Cheating quotes by Criss Jami
#163. As cliché as it might sound, I'd rather lose than win by cheating. The latter is a much deeper, more personal loss in that one is admittedly whispering to himself his lack of competence. His cheating then begets more cheating, as he is ever-privately, ever-subconsciously insulting himself; thus, gradually deteriorating any remaining confidence. #Quote by Criss Jami
Cheating quotes by Rachel Cohn
#164. She's the reason he will probably become an embittered old fuck before he's even of legal drinking age, distrusting women and writing rude songs about them, and basically from here into eternity thinking all chicks are lying cheating sluts because one of them broke his heart. He's the type of guy that makes girls like me frigid. I'm the girl who knows he's capable of poetry, because, like I said, there are things I just know. I'm the one who could give him that old-fashioned song title of a thing called Devotion and True Love (However Complicated), if he ever gave a girl like me a second glance. I'm the less-than-five-minute girlfriend who for one too-brief kiss fantasized about ditching this joint with him, going all the way punk with him at a fucking jazz club in the Village or something. Maybe I would have treated him to borscht at Veselka at five in the morning, maybe I would have walked along Battery Park with him at sunrise, holding his hand, knowing I would become the one who would believe in him. I would tell him, I heard you play, I've read your poetry, not that crap your band just performed, but those love letters and songs you wrote to Tris. I know what you're capable of and it's certainly more than being a bassist in an average queercore band - you're better than that; and dude, having a drummer, it's like key, you fucking need one. I would be equipment bitch for him every night, no complaints. But, no, he's the type with a complex for the Tris type: the big tits, #Quote by Rachel Cohn
Cheating quotes by Vince Lombardi
#165. If you give me anything less than your best, you're not only cheating yourself. your coaches, your teamates, everybody in Green Bay, and everything pro football stands for. Your also cheating the Maker who gave you the talent. #Quote by Vince Lombardi
Cheating quotes by Norman Mailer
#166. I won't stay in
with married men
any more
said the wise girl
they're too agreeable,
it's a little too much
like curling
with the good book.
You mean
good book
Oh, dear,
did I say
good book
sighed the witch. #Quote by Norman Mailer
Cheating quotes by Susan Reinhardt
#167. It took an entire month for Miranda's jaundice to clear up, and three more months for her skin to lighten from brownish orange to olive and for her black hair to fade to a softer brown. I will admit she did, indeed, appear to be Mexican. But that's no reason for a husband to accuse a woman of cheating. He ruined the birth. Up and ruined it. #Quote by Susan Reinhardt
Cheating quotes by Kristan Higgins
#168. I'm at a bar with a woman! So there, you disgusting whore! And I'm going to take her back to our house and I'm going to have sex with her!" His voice grew louder and louder, cracking with an intensity. "That's right! On the couch, in our bed, on the kitchen floor, on the goddamn kitchen table! How do you like that, you cheating, miserable skank?" Then he flipped his phone shut, looked at me and smiled. "So where were we?" he asked pleasantly. #Quote by Kristan Higgins
Cheating quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#169. She builds people up because she knows what it is like to be torn down. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Cheating quotes by Sherman Alexie
#170. It really made me wish I was Roman or Greek, you know? A classical Greek god would have killed his lying, cheating father and then given him forgiveness. And a classical Greek god would have better abs, too. That's what Greek gods are all about, you know? Patricide and low body fat. #Quote by Sherman Alexie
Cheating quotes by Oliver Markus Malloy
#171. If it's true that men and women can be 'just friends' then how come all cheaters first start out as 'just friends? #Quote by Oliver Markus Malloy
Cheating quotes by Count Basie
#172. I don't dig that two-beat jive the New Orleans cats play. My boys and I have to have four heavy beats to the bar and no cheating. #Quote by Count Basie
Cheating quotes by Owen Jones
#173. We bar girls don't cheat on wives, we are just the rope that cheating husbands hang themselves with. #Quote by Owen Jones
Cheating quotes by Steven D. Levitt
#174. A person who is lying or cheating will often respond to an incentive differently than an honest person. #Quote by Steven D. Levitt
Cheating quotes by Jenny Diski
#175. There's a cultural conviction that any 'artist' must have personal suffering to back up their work, otherwise there's something undeserved and therefore inauthentic about it, perhaps even some sort of cheating. #Quote by Jenny Diski
Cheating quotes by Akansh Malik
#176. You need not to hide your relationship with someone to stay in touch with other... If you are doing so, you can't be loyal to any. #Quote by Akansh Malik
Cheating quotes by Oliver Markus Malloy
#177. Being faithful and monogamous is not natural for human beings. It takes work. Deep down we all know that. We have all been tempted to stray at some point or another. Even when it was only a fleeting thought and we didn't act on it. Every time we acknowledge that someone of the opposite sex is "attractive" or "sexy" we are doing nothing other than pointing out that they would be a suitable mate. Not acting on that natural impulse to want to mate with a viable mating partner requires a conscious decision. It's a constant struggle between what your body wants, and what the civilized part of your brain says you should do, in order to avoid the negative consequences of cheating on your spouse and ruining your long-term relationship. That's why affairs, and extra-marital sex, are often referred to as "a moment of weakness. #Quote by Oliver Markus Malloy
Cheating quotes by Lebo Grand
#178. I honestly believe that the biggest reason why men cheat on their partners/wives is sensual fatigue. Note, I didn't say sexual fatigue. #Quote by Lebo Grand
Cheating quotes by Martin Bergmann
#179. So I think I am making a bargain with death; I am cheating. I am living more than one life #Quote by Martin Bergmann
Cheating quotes by Tom Lehrer
#180. I am never forget the day I first meet the great Lobachevsky.
In one word he told me secret of success in mathematics:
Let no one else's work evade your eyes!
Remember why the good Lord made your eyes!
So don't shade your eyes,
But plagiarize, plagiarize, plagiarize -
Only be sure always to call it please 'research'.
[Lobachevsky] #Quote by Tom Lehrer
Cheating quotes by Terry Pratchett
#181. But ... it's a nice day today, the birds is singing, there's stuff like ... kittens and stuff, and the sun is shining off the snow, bringin' the promise of spring to come, with flowers, and fresh grass, and more kittens and hot summer days an' the gentle kiss of the rain and wonderful clean things which you won't ever see if you don't give us what's in that drawer 'cos you'll burn like a torch you double-dealing twisty dried-up cheating son of a bitch! #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Cheating quotes by Gabor Mate
#182. It is worth recalling here that the injudicious use of rewards and praise can be pressure tactics no less than verbal or physical coercion. As we have seen, there are three dangers with motivating by means of reward and praise. First, they feed the anxiety that not the person but the desired achievement is what is valued by the parent. They directly reinforce the insecurity of the ADD child. Second, since children can sense the parents' will pushing them, even if under benign disguises such as gifts or warm words, counterwill will be strengthened. Third, praise and reward will themselves become the goal, at the expense of the child's interest in the actual process of what he is doing. Children thus motivated will sooner or later learn to get by with the least amount of effort necessary to earn the praise or the reward. Short cuts and cheating often follow. Accepting #Quote by Gabor Mate
Cheating quotes by K.J. Parker
#183. Of course, I never beat Ogus at anything, unless I cheated. Which I did, whenever I could. I figure, winning is winning. Cheating is just one of many ways of prevailing; just happens to be the way I'm best at. #Quote by K.J. Parker
Cheating quotes by H. P. Blavatsky
#184. How long shall we Spiritualists be turned over like so many scapegoats to the unbelievers, by cheating mediums and speculating prophets? #Quote by H. P. Blavatsky
Cheating quotes by Karl Marx
#185. It is in this sense that Franklin says, war is robbery, commerce is generally cheating. #Quote by Karl Marx
Cheating quotes by Hilary Duff
#186. Oh my God, Rayna…I think something almost happened with Ben and me in Rio."
"What? Wait, back up. When? You mean, 'almost happened' like…what? What exactly almost happened?"
"I'm not sure," I said. "It all went really fast. I was feeling all these things, and he was looking at me like…like he was in that picture, and then…"
"I saw Sage."
"Ooooh," Rayna winced. "What did Ben do?"
"Nothing. I mean, I ran after Sage and…you know everything that happened then. We haven't even talked about it." I looked at her plaintively. "What do I do?"
"What do you want to do?"
I thought about it. "I don't know."
"Well…how do you feel? She asked.
"I don't know that either. I never even thought about Ben that way except for that split second in Rio, and even then I wasn't thinking of it seriously. And Sage…with Sage it's all I think about, but it's all jumbled up with the most insane things: dreams, and other lives, and other people's memories, and…I don't even know what's real."
Rayna took it all in.
"I love Ben," she said. "You know that. I think you guys could be great together. I also believe in soulmates. Not just as romantic flings, like the guys in Europe, but true soulmates, destined to be together forever because they're perfect for each other. Are you and Sage true soulmates? I don't know, but I do know you're cheating yourself if you don't at least try to find out."
"How do I find that out, Rayna?"
"I want #Quote by Hilary Duff
Cheating quotes by Mohammed Zaki Ansari
#187. i am a good toy , guaranteed you will enjoy till you will play with me. and i am quite also . i do not do any complaint as you will throw-out me after get new one.
and you do not need to worry. i do not have heart feelings and emotions so i do not feel pain and hurt.
I am toy. i am just a toy of other's hand for entertain them. #Quote by Mohammed Zaki Ansari
Cheating quotes by Sandra Ramos O'Briant
#188. I was thinking of murder, mutilation and dessert like Ignacia Sandoval's instructions for delectable empanadas made of minced mother-in-law's tongue (said to induce peace and harmony in your household), or the gonads of your cheating husband (a savory dish to add spice to your lovemaking). #Quote by Sandra Ramos O'Briant
Cheating quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#189. I travel back in time, falling back into what I know for certain, the historical data I cling to in order to not go mad, not assume I made a suicidal and well-informed error in marrying this man. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Cheating quotes by Khadija Rupa
#190. Do you ever wonder, do you, why I loved you for such a long time, and still didn't really know you? #Quote by Khadija Rupa
Cheating quotes by Dolly Parton
#191. Wondering if God loves us when we're cheating? Oh, but why he lets us feel things, if it's wrong. #Quote by Dolly Parton
Cheating quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#192. Three things are men most likely to be cheated in, a horse, a wig, and a wife. #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Cheating quotes by Tracy Morgan
#193. My father said: "If you want to catch your girl cheating, you knock on the front door and run to the back, because he's coming out the back." #Quote by Tracy Morgan
Cheating quotes by Peter Kreeft
#194. No one justifies lying, cheating, betraying, promise breaking, devastating and harming strangers. But we expect and we tolerate doing this to the one person in the world we promised most seriously to be faithful to forever: we justify divorce. #Quote by Peter Kreeft
Cheating quotes by Alan Johnson
#195. Cheating is an health issue. #Quote by Alan Johnson
Cheating quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#196. The real genesis is forbidden to me, vis-à-vis N´s inability to confess even the mildest transgressions. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Cheating quotes by Cheryl Hughes
#197. When people cheat in any arena, they diminish themselves-they threaten their own self-esteem and their relationships with others by undermining the trust they have in their ability to succeed and in their ability to be true. #Quote by Cheryl Hughes
Cheating quotes by Jaclyn Friedman
#198. When women act on behalf of our own sexual desires, we get blamed for being raped, for the demise of modern masculinity, for men's cheating, for getting cervical cancer, for street harassment, even for earthquakes. #Quote by Jaclyn Friedman
Cheating quotes by Maureen Johnson, Truly Devious
#199. People might be dismissive of someone obsessed with mystery stories, as if the line between fiction and reality was so distinct. They didn't know, perhaps, that Sherlock Holmes was based on a real man, Dr. Joseph Bell, and that the methods Arthur Conan Doyle created for his fictional detective inspired generations of real-world detectives. Did they know that Arthur Conan Doyle went on to investigate mysteries in his real life and even absolved a man of a crime for which he had been convicted? Did they know how Agatha Christie brilliantly staged her own disappearance in order to exact an elegant revenge on a cheating husband? #Quote by Maureen Johnson, Truly Devious
Cheating quotes by Mark Tufo
#200. I killed the cheating bastard. Who knows, maybe if I'd done it a few days sooner, I could have prevented all of this. But where would the fun be in that? I would have missed out on all this," she said, taking her hands off the steering wheel spreading her arms wide. #Quote by Mark Tufo

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