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Cheapshots Bar quotes by Roberto Bolano
#1. At the bar on the Favoritenstrasse, Julius the policeman talked to us about dignity, evolution, the great Darwin and the great Nietzsche. I translated so that my good friend Ulises could understand what he was saying, although I didn't understand any of it. The prayer of the bones, said Julius. The yearning for health. The virtue of danger. The tenacity of the forgotten. Bravo, said my good friend Ulises. Bravo, said everyone else. The limits of memory. The wisdom of plants. The eye of parasites. The agility of the earth. The merit of the soldier. The cunning of the giant. The hole of the will. Magnificent, said my good friend Ulises in German. Extraordinary. #Quote by Roberto Bolano
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Daniel Amory
#2. Look, girls know when they're cute," he said. "You don't have to tell them. All they need to do is look in the mirror. I have one friend out in New York, an attorney. She moved out there after the school year to take the bar. She doesn't have a job. I was like, 'How are you going to get a job there in this market?' And she's like, 'I'll wink and I'll smile.' She's a pretty girl. Whether that works despite her poor grades is yet to be seen. #Quote by Daniel Amory
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Mark Z. Danielewski
#3. Maybe it hadn't entered my head at all. Maybe it had just brushed past me, like someone easing by in a dark room, the face lost in shadow, my thoughts lost in another conversation, though something in her movement or perfume is disturbingly familiar, though how familiar is impossible to tell because by the time I realize she's someone I should know she's already gone, deep into the din, beyond the bar, taking with her any chance of recognition. Though she hasn't left. She's still there. Embracing shadows. #Quote by Mark Z. Danielewski
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Neil Gaiman
#4. He had only ever seen one episode of it - the one where Coach's daughter comes to the bar - although he had seen that several times. Shadow had noticed that you only ever catch one episode of shows you don't watch, over and over, years apart; he thought it must be some kind of cosmic #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Wakas Mir
#5. If a Snickers chocolate bar has 50% sugar, wouldn't it be safe to eat the other half? #Quote by Wakas Mir
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Sam Hunter
#6. You don't pick a fight when you're drunk."
"I had to punch someone in the face, Mark."
"So you picked up four-hundred pound tattoo-guy?"
"He did have awesome tats didn't he?"
"You would know. You got to see them up close while they were in your face. #Quote by Sam Hunter
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Marlon James
#7. Only a matter of time before you make enemies as ruthless as you, after all you're the one raising the bar #Quote by Marlon James
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Charles D'Ambrosio
#8. her knees, which looked, in the faint blue light, as though they'd been carved by water from a bar of soap. #Quote by Charles D'Ambrosio
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Malcolm Lowry
#9. Closing his eyes again, standing there, glass in hand, he thought for a minute with a freezing detached almost amused calm of the dreadful night inevitably awaiting him whether he drank much more or not, his room shaking with daemonic orchestras, the snatches of fearful tumultuous sleep, interrupted by voices which were really dogs barking, or by his own name being continually repeated by imaginary parties arriving, the vicious shouting, the strumming, the slamming, the pounding, the battling with insolent archfiends, the avalanche breaking down the door, the proddings from under the bed, and always, outside, the cries, the wailing, the terrible music, the dark's spinets: he returned to the bar. #Quote by Malcolm Lowry
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Marco Rubio
#10. My father stood behind a bar in the back of the room all those years, so one day I could stand behind a podium in the front of a room. That journey, from behind that bar to behind this podium, goes to the essence of the American miracle - that we're exceptional not because we have more rich people here. We're special because dreams that are impossible anywhere else, come true here. #Quote by Marco Rubio
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Ted Danson
#11. My job playing Sam Malone was to let the audience in, to love my bar full of people. And that informed my life. #Quote by Ted Danson
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Kate Atkinson
#12. This was their third bar since Piccadilly and they were both agreed that the two of them were very drunk but had the capacity to get a good deal drunker yet. #Quote by Kate Atkinson
Cheapshots Bar quotes by David Ayer
#13. When you put a movie together, you're continually screening it for yourself and you're screening it for other people. It's like a video game power meter. When the power bar starts going down, you've gotta look at what's going on. #Quote by David Ayer
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Ursula Vernon
#14. There is something about a bathroom that feels like a fortress. A closed bathroom door may only be about two inches of plywood, but it feels like an iron bar. #Quote by Ursula Vernon
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Jon Taffer
#15. I never thought I'd ever do a pirate bar, to be honest with you. #Quote by Jon Taffer
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Zoe Saldana
#16. I'm more of a guy's girl. I like having a beer in a bar, and I don't bicker or sit down and do my nails. #Quote by Zoe Saldana
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Jess Walter
#17. I teach in M.F.A. programs now, and I think that's a great way to become a novelist, but I mourn that Pete Dexter and Joan Didion's route is maybe less likely because there are fewer of those jobs. I always liken it to playing piano in some great dive jazz bar. You didn't pick the songs, you played what people asked for, but you got your chops. #Quote by Jess Walter
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Miriam Toews
#18. When I listened to her play I felt I should not be in the same room with her. There were hundreds of people but nobody left. It was a private pain. By private I mean to say unknowable. Only the music knew and it held secrets so that her playing was a puzzle, a whisper, and people afterward stood in the bar and drank and said nothing because they were complicit. There were no words. #Quote by Miriam Toews
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Jason Spezza
#19. I was 13 or 14 and I met Donald Trump at a bar mitzvah of a good friend of ours, who's friends with him. He had his girlfriend at the time with him, that Melania with him. He said, 'Hey guys, if you work hard and be successful, you'll get one of these.' I'll never forget that. And now he's married to her. #Quote by Jason Spezza
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Jarod Kintz
#20. If I took a candy bar, ripped off the wrapper, ate the candy bar, and pinned the wrapper to the wall, is that art, performance art, both, or neither? #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Cheapshots Bar quotes by John Oliver
#21. If your name is Sepp, at the bare minimum you've strangled someone in a bar fight. #Quote by John Oliver
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Jennifer Rardin
#22. I pictured Cupid sitting in a crappy little bar, drunk and depressed, while he moaned to the bartender, That Jasmine Parks, gods, she pisses me off! Did you see what she just did? Totally blew off this immortal stud to play kiss-the-boo-boo with a fickle little rent-a-cop. Why? 'Cause she's the biggest chickenshit on the planet! I'm ready to toss my bow and pick up a bazooka! #Quote by Jennifer Rardin
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Timothy Olyphant
#23. The basic thing a man should know is how to change a tyre and how to drive a tractor. Whatever that bearded dude is doing on the Dos Equis beer commercials sets the bar. That's your guy. Every man should be aiming to be like him. The beard is just the tip of the iceberg. #Quote by Timothy Olyphant
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Jake Owen
#24. I went from a playing in a bar on a bar stool for free beer and tip money, where people weren't paying attention to me, to now I've got their attention. It's up to me to what I feed them with my music. It's up to me how I do that. I've put a lot of thought into how great the songs are, and how I want people to perceive me. #Quote by Jake Owen
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Matt Damon
#25. Will: Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you never met your wife?

Sean: What? Do I wonder if I'd be better off if I never met my wife? No, that's okay. It's an important question. 'Cause you'll have your bad times, which wake you up to the good stuff you weren't paying attention to. And you can fail, as long as you're trying hard. But there's nothing worse than regret.

Will: You don't regret meetin' your wife?

Sean: Why? Because of the pain I feel now? I have regrets Will, but I don't regret a single day I spent with her.

Will: When did you know she was the one?

Sean: October 21, 1975. Game six of the World Series. Biggest game in Red Sox history. Me and my friends slept out on the sidewalk all night to get tickets. We were sitting in a bar waiting for the game to start and in walks this girl. What a game that was. Tie game in the bottom of the tenth inning, in steps Carlton Fisk, hit a long fly ball down the left field line. Thirty-five thousand fans on their feet, screamin' at the ball to stay fair. Fisk is runnin' up the baseline, wavin' at the ball like a madman. It hits the foul pole, home run. Thirty-five thousand people went crazy. And I wasn't one of them.

Will: Where were you?

Sean: I was havin' a drink with my future wife.

Will: You missed Pudge Fisk's home run to have a drink with a woman you had never met?

Sean: That's right.

Will: So wait #Quote by Matt Damon
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Book Of Eli Movie
#26. Carnegie: And who are you?
Eli: Nobody.
Carnegie: Oh, I doubt that. The men you killed in my bar, now they were nobody. #Quote by Book Of Eli Movie
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Kevin Cook
#27. The Perkins Bar has always demonstrated a commitment to the community and excelled in service not only to the minority community, but to the community at large. #Quote by Kevin Cook
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Kresley Cole
#28. The crowd quieted as a whole, but more than one creature cursed under his breath, "Not Regin."
A drunk hunched over the bar muttered, "That glowing one made me eat a transistor radio once. #Quote by Kresley Cole
Cheapshots Bar quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#29. sand-bar, sorrowful #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Marcus Samuelsson
#30. The darker the chocolate is, the more antioxidants it contains. So when eaten in moderation - just a few bites from a well-made dark chocolate bar, for instance - there's no need to feel bad about indulging once in a while. #Quote by Marcus Samuelsson
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Tessa Bailey
#31. Despite his overtly masculine appearance, his reserve suggested he would be the type to order a glass of milk at the bar.
That offended her as a bartender and as a recreational drinker. #Quote by Tessa Bailey
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Lew Wasserman
#32. That room was not available, and the only other room had been booked for a Jewish bar mitzvah. I called the father and told him I needed the room and I would pay him to move the bar mitzvah to an adjoining room which was smaller. #Quote by Lew Wasserman
Cheapshots Bar quotes by David Sedaris
#33. At a chain coffee bar in San Francisco, I saw a sign near the cream counter that read NAPKINS COME FROM TREES - CONSERVE! In case you missed the first sign, there was a second one two feet away, reading YOU WASTE NAPKINS - YOU WASTE TREES!!! The cups, of course, are also made of paper, yet there's no mention of the mighty redwood when you order your four-dollar coffee. The guilt applies only to those things that are being given away for free. Were they to charge you ten cents per napkin, they would undoubtedly make them much thinner so you'd need to waste even more in order to fight back the piping hot geyser forever spouting from the little hole conveniently located in the lid of your cup. #Quote by David Sedaris
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Elle Kennedy
#34. In hockey, nearly everyone plays with a partner. The offense forward line is made up of a left wing, a center, and a right wing. The defense skates in pairs. Only the goalie is alone and he's always weird. Always.

Kenny Simms, who graduated last year, was one of the greatest goalies at Briar and probably the reason we won three Frozen Fours in a row, but that guy had the strangest fucking habits. He talked to himself more than he talked to anyone else, sat in the back of the bus, preferred to eat alone. On the rare occasion that he came out with us, he'd argue the entire time. I once got into it with him over whether there was too much technology available to children. We argued about that topic for the entire three hours we were knocking back beers at the bar.

Sabrina reminds me of Simms. #Quote by Elle Kennedy
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Kim Harrison
#35. I didn't like this. I didn't like this at all. I had been worried about Al trashing a bar. What if he showed up here amid Cincy's finest citizens and its most helpless orphans? I'd be lynched. #Quote by Kim Harrison
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Matthew Zorich
#36. We are lost; waiting tables at Denny's or forgetting ourselves stripping on poles, or working at a coffee shop misplaced in history or slowly dying on the inside as a secretary or landscaping lawns out of desperation working jobs with no futures, like bartending. The next generation of teachers, historians, lawyers, police officers and civil engineers work at this bar because the money can not be passed up, when you're drowning in debt. The world brings us to our knees and we service it because it nourishes us just enough to get by. We are tired and we don't understand why. We, the over educated searching for happiness at the bottom of the bottle. #Quote by Matthew Zorich
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Matthew Henry
#37. Prophets often foretold destruction and sometimes the destruction did not come, yet this did not disprove their divine mission, as in the case of Jonah. For God is gracious, and ready to turn away his wrath from those who turn away from their sins. But the prophet who prophesied peace and prosperity absolutely and unconditionally without adding the necessary proviso, that they do not by willful sin put a bar in their own door and stop the coming of God's favors, will be proved a true prophet only by the accomplishment of his prediction. #Quote by Matthew Henry
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Kathy Acker
#38. Death is another bar which lies several steps below the normal world. I'm at its threshold, but not yet in it. Its doorway is doorless. #Quote by Kathy Acker
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Sara King
#39. Men, Blaze had learned from hundreds of lonely nights at the bar, did not like their women taller than them, #Quote by Sara King
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Robert B. Leighton
#40. Let us rejoice that we are poor, And have no gold to keep: We do not need to bar the door Ere we can go to sleep. #Quote by Robert B. Leighton
Cheapshots Bar quotes by Jonathan Franzen
#41. She quickly discovered that the world is divided into people who know how to be comfortable by themselves on a bar chair and people who do not. #Quote by Jonathan Franzen

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