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Charming quotes by Diane Schoemperlen
#1. Talking to Clarence can be like talking to a child, although it is much more charming in children. #Quote by Diane Schoemperlen
Charming quotes by Jonathan Edwards
#2. Holiness appeared to me to be of a sweet, pleasant, charming, serene, calm nature; which brought an inexpressible purity, brightness, peacefulness and ravishment to the soul. #Quote by Jonathan Edwards
Charming quotes by Delano Johnson
#3. The charming grass, elegant water, fascinating winds, admirable rocks and delicate sands are never alone. #Quote by Delano Johnson
Charming quotes by Cassandra Clare
#4. You don't sound very patriotic," observed Tessa.
"Weren't you just reminiscing about the mountains?"
"Patriotic?" Will looked smug.
"I'll tell you what's patriotic," he said.
"In honor of my birthplace, I've the dragon of Wales tattooed on my - "
"You're in a charming temper, aren't you, William?" interrupted Jem,
though there was no edge to his voice. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Charming quotes by Hans Holzer
#5. There are several cats smoothly moving about, which helped me greatly to relax, for I have always felt that no house is wholly bad where there are cats, and conversely, where there are several cats, a house is bound to be wonderfully charming. #Quote by Hans Holzer
Charming quotes by Melissa Jensen
#6. Leo!
Scusi, Nonna." But he still managed to get a good, quiet curse or two out as he backed his way gingerly through the swinging door.
"Here.I got it." Tina took the beer and glass from me. "Ya know them?"
I nodded.
"She looks like butter wouldn't melt.But her kid..." She pursed brilliantly pink lips. "All that and a bag of baked tofu chips?"
I had to smile a little at the image. "No.He's not...He doesn't act like..." I wasn't entirely sure why I was defending him.He hadn't exactly been the Prince Charming of Dinner Orders. Come to think of it, I couldn't completely vouch for Alex Bainbridge being Prince Charming of Anything. Except my own little Villink fantasy. "Maybe."
"Yeah?" I have no idea what is was Tina saw in my face. Something. "Aw, sweetie." She sighed. "Want me to shake up Daddy's beer a little?"
"No," I answered. "but thanks for the offer. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Charming quotes by Melinda Smart
#7. In the long run, people will not remember you for your appearance but for your kind attitude towards others. Remember, being beautiful will make you look charming temporarily but it's pure soul that has the ability to win others' hearts forever. #Quote by Melinda Smart
Charming quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#8. I love everything about Tyler Durden, his courage and his smarts. His nerve. Tyler is funny and charming and forceful and independent, and men look up to him and expect him to change their world. Tyler is capable and free, and I am not. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Charming quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#9. I agree that two times two makes four is an excellent thing; but if we are dispensing praise, then two times two makes five is sometimes a most charming little thing as well. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Charming quotes by Marissa Meyer
#10. Timid or arrogant, Charming or infuriating, and Catherine was falling, falling, falling. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Charming quotes by Annabel Joseph
#11. It is a lovely day, isn't it?" she said, because she couldn't think of anything else to say to his daunting shoulder. "Yes, and a lovely party, as you mentioned some moments ago. You seem to find everything lovely. What a charming quirk." Aurelia wished she could quirk him right between his eyes with the heel of her slipper. #Quote by Annabel Joseph
Charming quotes by Terry Crews
#12. A lot of people, especially comedians, just feel like, 'Oh, I can be charming and whatever, and have fun, and everybody is just going to like me.' But you've got to work. There's got to be a real work ethic that gets you better. #Quote by Terry Crews
Charming quotes by Rose Macaulay
#13. Parents are untamed, excessive, potentially troublesome creatures; charming to be with for a time, in the main they must lead their own lives, independent and self-employed, with companions of their own age and selection ... #Quote by Rose Macaulay
Charming quotes by Ryan Howard
#14. Anybody can be Prince Charming one day a year, with the dinner and the flowers and all that. But you know what impresses me? When a guy can do that NO days a year. #Quote by Ryan Howard
Charming quotes by Martha Gellhorn
#15. It is charming the way everyone in the South says, 'Come back.' This is the regulation farewell at gas stations, soda fountains, general stores, tourist camps. 'Come back,' they call, 'come back.' Do they feel marooned in one place, lost, needing to believe someone will return to share their exile on the similar main streets, in the varied but always new-looking land? #Quote by Martha Gellhorn
Charming quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#16. Amelia took a deep breath. "What you didn't mention, Mr. Rohan, was that if a Roma steals a woman from her bed according to tradition, it is with the purpose of marriage in mind. And the so-called stealing is prearranged and encouraged by the bride-to-be."
Cam gave her a charming smile, deliberately dispelling the tension. "It lacks subtlety, but it hastens the proceedings considerably, doesn't it? No asking for the father's permission, no banns, no prolonged betrothal. Very efficient, a Romany courtship. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Charming quotes by Guy De Maupassant
#17. She was, in fact, one of those people of exalted principles; one of those opinionated puritans, of which England produces so many; one of those good and insupportable old maids who haunt the tables d'hôte of every hotel in Europe, who spoil Italy, poison Switzerland, render the charming cities of the Mediterranean uninhabitable, carry everywhere their fantastic manias, their manners of petrified vestals, their indescribable toilets and a certain odor of india-rubber which makes one believe that at night they are slipped into a rubber casing. #Quote by Guy De Maupassant
Charming quotes by David Nicholls
#18. Maybe I've just read too many novels. In novels, alcoholics are always attractive and fuuny and charming and complex, like Sebastian Flyte or ABe North in Tender in the Night, and they're drinking because of a deep, unquenchable sadness of the soul, or the terrible legacy of the First World War, whereas I just get drunk because I'm thirsty, and I like the taste of lager ... #Quote by David Nicholls
Charming quotes by Ron Chernow
#19. In his self-serving view of events, Lee believed that he had performed a prodigious feat, rescuing his overmatched army from danger and organizing an orderly retreat. "'The American troops would not stand the British bayonets," he insisted to Washington. "You damned poltroon," Washington rejoined, "you never tried them!" Always reluctant to resort to profanities, the chaste Washington cursed at Lee "till the leaves shook on the tree," recalled General Scott. "Charming! Delightful! Never have I enjoyed such swearing before or since. #Quote by Ron Chernow
Charming quotes by William Shakespeare
#20. On your eyelids crown the god of sleep,
Charming your blood with pleasing heaviness,
Making such difference 'twixt wake and sleep
As is the difference betwixt day and night
The hour before the heavenly-harness'd team
Begins his golden progress in the east. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Charming quotes by Michael Jackson
#21. Because I think every child star suffers through this period because you're not the cute and charming child that you were. You start to grow, and they want to keep you little forever. #Quote by Michael Jackson
Charming quotes by Oscar Wilde
#22. It is a great mistake for men to give up paying compliments, for when they give up saying what is charming, they give up thinking what is charming. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Charming quotes by Janet Weiss
#23. You can ride your bike to anywhere in Portland if you want to. I think there was a charming underdog mentality when I first moved here in the late '80s that is definitely gone. People acted more like underdogs, dressed more like underdogs. #Quote by Janet Weiss
Charming quotes by Lev Grossman
#24. But before they could arrive at a consensus they came across a streampercolating through the woods.
It was a lovely little winter stream, wide and shallow and perfectly clear, twinkling and lapping along as if it were delighted to have just found this twisty channel. Wordlessly, they gathered at its edge. The rocks were capped with round dollops of snow, and the quieter eddies along the banks had iced over. A branch poking up in the middle of the stream was hung with fabulous Gothic-sculpted icy drops and buttresses all along its length. There was nothing overtly supernatural about it, but it temporarily satisfied their appetite for wonder. On Earth it would have been a charming little rill, nothing more, but the fact that they were seeing it in Fillory, in another world, possibly the first Earth beings ever to do so, made it a glittering miracle. #Quote by Lev Grossman
Charming quotes by Qian Zhongshu
#25. Why do charming girls all have fathers? She can be hidden away all by herself in one's heart to cuddle, but when her father, uncle, and brother are dragged along with her, the girl stops being so cute and carefree and it's not so easy to conceal her away in your heart anymore. Her charm has been mixed in with the dregs. Some people talk about marriage as though it were homosexual love. It's not the girl they fancy, but her old man or her elder brother they admire. #Quote by Qian Zhongshu
Charming quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#26. What offended you this time? His charming manner? His too broad smile? His well-groomed appearance?"
"I don't like him," she said with her usual maddening half-smile.
"Don't like him! He's fashionable and handsome, with fortune to spare-"
"So is my reticule. Unfortunately, it also has more personality, and nearly as much intelligence. #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Charming quotes by Harrison Ford
#27. 'May the Force be with you' is charming but it's not important. What's important is that you become the Force - for yourself and perhaps for other people. #Quote by Harrison Ford
Charming quotes by Deborah Willis
#28. But his lack of artfulness is charming. #Quote by Deborah Willis
Charming quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#29. When they met again two days later it was Gatsby who was breathless, who was somehow betrayed. Her porch was bright with the bought luxury of star-shine; the wicker of the settee squeaked fashionably as she turned toward him and he kissed her curious and lovely mouth. She had caught a cold and it made her voice huskier and more charming than ever and Gatsby was overwhelmingly aware of the youth and mystery that wealth imprisons and preserves, of the freshness of many clothes and of Daisy, gleaming like silver, safe and proud above the hot struggles of the poor. #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Charming quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#30. "Charming people, when not actively shooting one another," a friend had once said, which was so unkind, but, like so many unkind comments, had a grain of truth in it. They did shoot one another and had been doing so for centuries. They did bicker over and brood on long-dead history
or history that should be long dead. The problem with history was that it refused to lie down and die. #Quote by Alexander McCall Smith
Charming quotes by Haruki Murakami
#31. Still, her plumpness was charming. Resting an ear on her hip was like lying in a meadow on an idyllic spring afternoon, her thighs as soft as freshly aired futon, the rolling flow of her curves leading gracefully to her pubis. When I complimented her on her qualities, though, all she said was, Oh yeah? #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Charming quotes by Thomas Sprat
#32. Forever all goodness will be most charming; forever all wickedness will be most odious. #Quote by Thomas Sprat
Charming quotes by Danka V.
#33. As far as boyfriends were concerned, I dated, had a lot of
meaningless relationships and that was pretty much it. It was really
hard to find a decent guy. A guy that would be worthwhile. They
were all great in the beginning, sweet and caring, sensitive and
romantic. But if you scratched deeper, you would find NOTHING.
Plenty of nothing. Sometimes one might even be surprised just how
much nothing there was, but not me. No. Somehow, I had learned
to brace myself for the worst. But, to be honest, it wasn't always
the case. Some of the guys weren't that empty beneath the surface,
some even proved to be quite the opposite. True-Prince-charming
kind of guys... And their girlfriends! They were even more charming
princesses when they found out. Well, I guess we all have our little
flaws... So, after some time, I was finally coming to terms with the
genuine truth that there was no such thing as a perfect boyfriend.
On the other hand, Melina was waiting for her prince on a
white horse, and was honestly expecting him to show up single. No
matter how many times I'd tried to convince her that all a girl gets
from that prince-on-a-white-horse fairytale is actually and inevitably
a horse and no prince, she never believed that. #Quote by Danka V.
Charming quotes by Vachel Lindsay
#34. Old Euclid drew a circle
On a sand-beach long ago.
He bounded and enclosed it
With angles thus and so.
His set of solemn greybeards
Nodded and argued much
Of arc and circumference,
Diameter and such.
A silent child stood by them
From morning until noon
Because they drew such charming
Round pictures of the moon. #Quote by Vachel Lindsay
Charming quotes by Oscar Wilde
#35. The weather still continues charming. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Charming quotes by Ilona Andrews
#36. Somehow this new, on-his-best-behavior version was scarier than witnessing him calmly breaking a man with his bare hands.
After what we'd been through, I would've expected him to hole up somewhere dark, eating raw meat, chain-smoking, guzzling some sort of ridiculously tough drink, like whiskey or kerosene or something, and thinking grim thoughts about life and death. But no, here he was, charming and untroubled, sipping coffee. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Charming quotes by Jane Austen
#37. She has many rare and charming qualities, but Sobriety is not one of them. #Quote by Jane Austen
Charming quotes by John Milton
#38. I will point ye out the right path of a virtuous and noble Education; laborious indeed at first ascent, but else so smooth, so green, so full of goodly prospect, and melodious sounds on every side, that the harp of Orpheus was not more charming. #Quote by John Milton
Charming quotes by Katarina Bivald
#39. In books, people were charming and friendly, and life followed certain set patterns. If a person dreamed of doing something, then you could be almost certain that, by the end of the book, they would almost certainly be doing that very thing. And they would find someone to do it with. In the real world, you could be almost certain that person would end up doing absolutely anything other than what they had dreamed of. "They're #Quote by Katarina Bivald
Charming quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#40. He wasn't into one-night stands, he wasn't into scoring just to see if he could, he wasn't into acting just charming enough to get what he wanted before cutting loose in favor of someone new and attractive. He just wasn't like that. He would never be like that. When he met a girl, the first question he asked himself wasn't whether she was good for a few dates; it was whether she was the kind of girl he could imagine spending time with in the long haul. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Charming quotes by Abbi Waxman
#41. Mystery readers were everywhere, voracious, highly partisan, and passionate. They were among the store's best customers, and unfailingly polite. In private they embraced a bloodthirsty desire for vengeance and the use of arcane poisons and sneaky sleuthing, but in public they were charming and generous. Romance readers tended to be fun and have strong opinions. Nonfiction readers asked a lot of questions and were easily amused. It was the serious novel folks and poetry fans you had to watch out for. #Quote by Abbi Waxman
Charming quotes by Morgan Rhodes
#42. - "Can you do me a couple of favors, Farrell?"
- "Depends on what they are."
- "Tell Markus if he's going to send spies after me, he should send smarter ones."
- Charming. "I'll think about it. And the second favor?"
Crys stood up, took a final sip from her glass of ice water, and then poured the rest onto his lap."Go to hell. #Quote by Morgan Rhodes
Charming quotes by Anne Carson
#43. Although a monster Geryon could be charming in company. #Quote by Anne Carson
Charming quotes by Julian Fellowes
#44. Their pretensions are naked and vulnerable and for that reason, to me at least, rather charming. #Quote by Julian Fellowes
Charming quotes by Alexander Pope
#45. foreign Tyrants and of Nymphs at home; Here thou, great ANNA! whom three realms obey. Dost sometimes counsel take - and sometimes Tea. Hither the heroes and the nymphs resort, To taste awhile the pleasures of a Court; 10 In various talk th' instructive hours they past, Who gave the ball, or paid the visit last; One speaks the glory of the British Queen, And one describes a charming Indian screen; A third interprets motions, looks, and eyes; 15 At ev'ry word a reputation dies. #Quote by Alexander Pope
Charming quotes by Jewel E. Ann
#46. She's beautiful, delightful, elegant, exquisite, charming, divine, captivating, gorgeous, stunning, bewitching, admirable, and a million other inadequate words. #Quote by Jewel E. Ann
Charming quotes by Ninya Tippett
#47. I am no prince if not yours. -Brandon Maxfield #Quote by Ninya Tippett
Charming quotes by Ted Cruz
#48. Donald [Trump] is a charming person. He can be fun. He can make you laugh.But he can turn on you.And get nasty and personal and vicious. #Quote by Ted Cruz
Charming quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
#49. Yeah, well, I'm regretting every letting you catch me that night," she huffed, taking no notice of his machinations as she blew back her hair in that charming habit she had. It was an invitation he could not resist. His hands crept into her gorgeous hair, the luxuriant strands settling between his fingers.
"Hey, sweetheart, it was either me or the concrete. One of us had to do it."
"At this point I'm thinking the concrete would've been less painful ... and less complicated. #Quote by Jacquelyn Frank
Charming quotes by John Milton
#50. The Angel ended, and in Adam's ear So charming left his voice, that he awhile Thought him still speaking, still stood fix'd to hear. #Quote by John Milton
Charming quotes by Mikhail Bulgakov
#51. My humble ... I don't drink ... '
'A shame! What about a game of dice, then? Or do have some other favourite game? Dominoes? Cards?
'I don't play games,' the already weary barman responded.
'Altogether bad,' the host concluded. 'As you will, but there's something noce nice hidden in men who avoid wine, games, the society of charming women, table talk. Such people are either gravely ill or secretly hate everybody around them. True, there may be exceptions. Among persons sitting down with me at the banqueting table, there have been on occasion some extraordinary scoundrels! Chapter 18 #Quote by Mikhail Bulgakov
Charming quotes by Aleister Crowley
#52. But neither Europe nor Africa can show any such desolation as America. The proudest, stubbornest, bitterest peasant of deserted Spain, the most primitive and superstitious Arab of the remotest oases, are a little more than kin and never less than kind at their worst; whereas in the United States one is almost always conscious of an instinctive lack of sympathy and understanding with even the most charming and cultured people. #Quote by Aleister Crowley
Charming quotes by Karina Halle
#53. His smile is infectious. But again, so was the plague. #Quote by Karina Halle
Charming quotes by Lance Blomgren
#54. 5236 rue St. Urbain

The baby girl was a quick learner, having synthesized a full range of traits of both of her parents, the charming and the devious. Of all the toddlers in the neighbourhood, she was the first to learn to read and also the first to tear out the pages. Within months she mastered the grilling of the steaks and soon thereafter presented reasons to not grill the steaks. She was the first to promote a new visceral style of physical comedy as a means of reinvigorate the social potential of satire, and the first to declare the movement over. She appreciated the qualities of movement and speed, but also understood the necessity of slowness and leisure. She quickly learned the importance of ladders. She invented games with numerous chess-boards, matches and glasses of unfinished wine.

Her parents, being both responsible and duplicitous people, came up with a plan to protect themselves, their apartment and belongings, while also providing an environment to encourage the open development of their daughter's obvious talents. They scheduled time off work, put on their pajamas and let the routines of the apartment go. They put their most cherished books right at her eye-level and gave her a chrome lighter. They blended the contents of the fridge and poured it into bowls they left on the floor. They took to napping in the living room, waking only to wipe their noses on the picture books and look blankly at the costumed characters on the TV shows. They #Quote by Lance Blomgren
Charming quotes by Louis Garrel
#55. Because I'm Parisian, I wanted to show a Paris that I don't see at the movies, so I spent a lot of time looking for places that have never been filmed, for streets that have never been filmed because there's a thing about Paris, where it's kind of like a charming music box, this luminous cocoon, like those things that have fake snow in them that you turn upside down. #Quote by Louis Garrel
Charming quotes by Sebastian Smee
#56. Pastoureau combines a charming, conversational tone with a haughtiness I found entirely endearing. A director of studies at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes at the Sorbonne in Paris, he writes from a position of professorial confidence. He has conducted extensive research into the history of colour for a quarter century and his aim is to correct misapprehensions and banish ignorance. His style is not to inquire, explore or interrogate, in the fashion of academic studies today. It is to impart knowledge. #Quote by Sebastian Smee
Charming quotes by Esi Edugyan
#57. Chip recons that he is charming as hell, and who am I to poke holes in his theory. That means that sometimes lies leave his mouth dressed like truth. He just can't help it. #Quote by Esi Edugyan
Charming quotes by Lucie B. Amundsen
#58. My favorite chick was the tawny-colored Buff Orpington. She promised to one day be a bodacious plus-sized model of a chicken, wearing fluffy pantaloons under full feathery skirts and with as charming a personality as her appearance suggested. Predictably named Buffy, she didn't mind being handled and rather seemed to enjoy the company, clucking softly with a closed beak as I picked her up and stroked her silky feathers. #Quote by Lucie B. Amundsen
Charming quotes by Henry James
#59. More charming than that over there, you know! She made me very welcome, but her son had told her about the Patagonia, for which she was sorry, as this would mean a longer voyage. She was a poor creature in any boat and mainly confined to her #Quote by Henry James
Charming quotes by Greg Bear
#60. Ray Bradbury is, for many reasons, the most influential writer in my life. Throughout our long friendship, Ray supplied not only his terrific stories but a grand model of what a writer could be, should be, and yet rarely is: brilliant and charming and accessible, willing to tolerate and to teach, happy to inspire but also to be inspired. #Quote by Greg Bear
Charming quotes by Wallace Stegner
#61. She has had no role in my life except to keep me sane, fed, housed, amused, and protected from unwanted telephone calls, also to restrain me fairly frequently from making a horse's ass of myself in public, to force me to attend to books and ideas from which she knows I will learn something; also to mend my wounds when I am misused by the world, to implant ideas in my head and stir the soil around them, to keep me from falling into a comfortable torpor, to agitate my sleeping hours with problems that I would not otherwise attend to; also to remind me constantly (not by precept but by example) how fortunate I have been to live for fifty-three years with a woman that bright, alert, charming, and supportive. #Quote by Wallace Stegner
Charming quotes by Neil Postman
#62. Since intelligence is primarily defined as one's capacity to grasp the truth of things, it follows that what a culture means by intelligence is derived from the character of its important forms of communication. In a purely oral culture, intelligence is often associated with aphoristic ingenuity, that is, the power to invent compact sayings of wide applicability. the wise Solomon, we are told in First Kings, knew three thousand proverbs. In a print culture, people with such a talent are thought to be quaint at best, more likely pompous bores. In a purely oral culture, a high value is always placed on the power to memorize, for where there are no written words, the human mind must function as a mobile library. To forget how something is to be said or done is a danger to the community and a' gross form of stupidity. In a print culture, the memorization of a poem, a menu, a law or most anything else is merely charming. It is almost always functionally irrelevant and certainly not considered a sign of high intelligence. #Quote by Neil Postman
Charming quotes by Shannon Hale
#63. We found it!" Charlotte yelled, as they ran back through the house. "We found it, we found it!"
Eddie, Mr. Mallery, and Colonel Andrews came from separate directions, converging in the front hall. Miss Charming was hopping up and down, her bosom nearly rising to slap her own forehead. #Quote by Shannon Hale
Charming quotes by Sarah Cross
#64. Blue smiled. He had one of those devastatingly charming smiles that made you hate him even more when you noticed it. It was like he was fighting dirty. #Quote by Sarah Cross
Charming quotes by Lauren Weisberger
#65. He could be so charming and irreverent and witty, and then-bam!-a switch flipped and he reverted right back to the cocky asshole everyone reported him to be. #Quote by Lauren Weisberger
Charming quotes by Henry Fielding
#66. Here, reader, thou must pardon us if we stop a while to lament the capriciousness of Nature in forming this charming part of the creation designed to complete the happiness of man; with their soft innocence to allay his ferocity, with their sprightliness to soothe his cares, and with their constant friendship to relieve all the troubles and disappointments which can happen to him. Seeing then that these are the blessings chiefly sought after and generally found in every wife, how must we lament that disposition in these lovely creatures which leads them to prefer in their favour those individuals of the other sex who do not seem intended by nature as so great a masterpiece! For surely, however useful they may be in the creation, as we are taught that nothing, not even a louse, is made in vain, yet these beaus, even that most splendid and honoured part which in this our island nature loves to distinguish in red, are not, as some think, the noblest work of the Creator. For my own part, let any man chuse to himself two beaus, let them be captains or colonels, as well-dressed men as ever lived, I would venture to oppose a single Sir Isaac Newton, a Shakespear, a Milton, or perhaps some few others, to both these beaus; nay, and I very much doubt whether it had not been better for the world in general that neither of these beaus had ever been born than that it should have wanted the benefit arising to it from the labour of any one of those persons.

If this be true, how m #Quote by Henry Fielding
Charming quotes by Walker Percy
#67. Thought Experiment: Imagine that you are Johnny Carson and find yourself caught in an intolerable one-on-one conversation at a cocktail party from which there is no escape. Which of the two following events would you prefer to take place: (1) That the other person become more and more witty and charming, the music more beautiful, the scene transformed to a villa at Capri on the loveliest night of the year, while you find yourself more and more at a loss; or (2) that you are still in Beverly Hills and the chandeliers begin to rattle, a 7.5 Richter earthquake takes place, and presently you find yourself and the other person alive and well, and talking under a mound of rubble.
If your choice is (2), explain why it is possible for a true conversation to take place under the conditions of (2) but not (1). #Quote by Walker Percy
Charming quotes by Sacha Guitry
#68. An ideal wife is one who remains faithful to you but tries to be just as charming as if she weren't. #Quote by Sacha Guitry
Charming quotes by Charles Dickens
#69. Those darling byegone times, Mr Carker,' said Cleopatra, 'with their delicious fortresses, and their dear old dungeons, and their delightful places of torture, and their romantic vengeances, and their picturesque assaults and sieges, and everything that makes life truly charming! How dreadfully we have degenerated! #Quote by Charles Dickens
Charming quotes by Donna Grant
#70. Lord, did he have the best smile. It was in turns sweet, seductive, and downright sexy. How could a man look so good without even seeming to try? Laith was charming, enticing, handsome, and fascinating.
If she had to classify him, it would be sex-on-a-stick. #Quote by Donna Grant
Charming quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#71. But she was delightful and charming and welcoming and behind her, as high as the wall and stretching out into the back room which gave onto the inner court of the building, were the shelves and shelves of the richness of the library. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Charming quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#72. A lie isn't a lie until someone believes it. It doesn't matter how charming you are if there's no one to charm. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Charming quotes by Martin Luther
#73. There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage. #Quote by Martin Luther
Charming quotes by John Flanagan
#74. Me?" he said in some surprise. "I won't be dancing! It's the bridal dance. The bride and groom dance alone!"
For one circuit of the room," she told him. "After which they are joined by the best man and first bridesmaid, then by the groomsman and the second bridesmaid."
Will reacted as he had been stung. He leaned over to speak across Jenny on his left, to Gilan.
Gil! Did you know we have to dance?" he asked. Gilan nodded enthusiastically.
Oh yes indeed. Jenny and I have been practicing for the past three days, haven't we, Jen?"
Jenny looked up at him adoringly and nodded. Jenny was in love. Gilan was tall, dashing, good-looking, charming and very ammusing. Plus he was cloaked in the mystery and romance tat came with being a Ranger. Jenny had only ever known one ranger and that had been grim-faced, gray-bearded Halt. #Quote by John Flanagan
Charming quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#75. He was naturally kind, she was starting to realize, which was better than being charming. #Quote by Sarah Rees Brennan
Charming quotes by Bill Murray
#76. I'm just an obnoxious guy who can make it appear charming, that's what they pay me to do. #Quote by Bill Murray
Charming quotes by Gertrude Stein
#77. She told her father Mr. Abram Colhard that she did not like it at all being one being living then. He never said anything. She was afraid then, she was one needing charming stories and happy telling of them and not having that thing she was always trembling. #Quote by Gertrude Stein
Charming quotes by Juliette Cross
#78. A dragon was ten times more capable of swooping in and stealing the maiden away than that prissy fuckstick, prince charming. #Quote by Juliette Cross
Charming quotes by Laura Wade
#79. Old Etonians are the most charming people in the world. It's not just the analytic ability and the great education; there is a really easy confidence to them that draws people to them and makes their passage though the world a little easier. #Quote by Laura Wade
Charming quotes by Sarah Dalton
#80. Welhewan is charming us,' Sasha says in an unsure voice. 'It is trying to soothe us with its lullaby. Do not let yourself . . . Oh, a butterfly. Look how beautiful it is! No, don't look. The forest is making us happy, and we cannot let it. #Quote by Sarah Dalton
Charming quotes by Victor LaValle
#81. Here's the thing: I was charming. Well read and well spoken. Observant and even kind. In other words, I was kind of a catch. And I knew this was true. As long as you couldn't see me. If you saw me, you'd think I was the sea cow that had swallowed your catch. #Quote by Victor LaValle
Charming quotes by Robert B. Parker
#82. Few places are more charming than a quiet cocktail lounge in the middle of the day with the ice tinkling in the glasses and the starched look of a bartender's white shirt and the clarity of the beer in the glass with the bubbles drifting up. #Quote by Robert B. Parker
Charming quotes by M.E. Thomas
#83. Failure to conform to social norms. I prefer to define my sociopathy as a set of traits that inform my personality but don't define me: I am generally free of entangling and irrational emotions, I am strategic and canny, I am intelligent and confident and charming, but I also struggle to react appropriately to other people's confusing and emotion-driven social cues. #Quote by M.E. Thomas
Charming quotes by Shae Scott
#84. Modern day fairytale. Women loved shit like that. Real life was never good enough for them. Everyone wanted some ideal price charming that didn't exist. It's why they all spent so much money buying books they could get lost in. #Quote by Shae Scott
Charming quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#85. All right ... anyone who gets into one of these cars outside is in it for the long haul ... If you even think you're not ready to put your life on the line for everyone here, then you stay behind. If you screw us out there, I will end you." He flashed a rather charming smile. "And I will probably enjoy it. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Charming quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#86. Kiss a frog with your eyes wide open. If he turns into a prince you won't miss the transformation, but if he doesn't, you won't be fooled by some wishful illusion in your head. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Charming quotes by Jacki Weaver
#87. I usually do get to play the very sweet, charming roles ... but I'm not an obvious kind of villain. #Quote by Jacki Weaver
Charming quotes by Robert Frost
#88. The style is the man. Rather say the style is the way the man takes himself; and to be at all charming or even bearable, the way is almost rigidly prescribed. If it is with outer seriousness, it must be with inner humor. If it is with outer humor, it must be with inner seriousness. No other way will do. #Quote by Robert Frost
Charming quotes by Andrzej Sapkowski
#89. The witcher smiled faintly but quite nastily. "If I understand correctly," he said, "I'm to fight the duel because, if I refuse, I'll be hanged. If I fight, I'm to allow my opponent to injure me because if I wound him, I'll be put to the rack. What charming alternatives. Maybe I should save you the bother? I'll thump my head against the pine tree and render myself helpless. Will that grant you satisfaction?" "Don't #Quote by Andrzej Sapkowski
Charming quotes by Andre Breton
#90. Without you what shall I do with my abiding love of genius, in whose name I have at least been able to attempt a few acknowledgments here and there? I flatter myself I know where genius is, almost what it consists of, and I held it capable of conciliating all the other great passions with itself. I believe blindly in your genius. Reluctantly, sadly, I withdraw this word, if it shocks you. But in that case, I prefer to banish it altogether. Genius ... what could I still expect from the few possible intercessors who have appeared to me under this sign, and which, at your side, I have ceased to possess!

Without doing it on purpose, you have taken the place of forms most familiar to me, as well as several figures of my foreboding.

All I know is that this substitution of persons stops with you, because [and this is my favorite part!] nothing can be substituted for you, and because for me it was for all eternity that this succession of terrible or charming enigmas was to come to an end at your feet.

You are not an enigma for me.
I say that you have turned me from engimas forever.
Since you exist, as you alone know how to exist .. #Quote by Andre Breton
Charming quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#91. I reviewed in thought the modern era of raps and apparitions, beginning with the knockings of 1848, at the hamlet of Hydesville, N.Y., and ending with grotesque phenomena at Cambridge, Mass.; I evoked the anklebones and other anatomical castanets of the Fox sisters (as described by the sages of the University of Buffalo ); the mysteriously uniform type of delicate adolescent in bleak Epworth or Tedworth, radiating the same disturbances as in old Peru; solemn Victorian orgies with roses falling and accordions floating to the strains of sacred music; professional imposters regurgitating moist cheesecloth; Mr. Duncan, a lady medium's dignified husband, who, when asked if he would submit to a search, excused himself on the ground of soiled underwear; old Alfred Russel Wallace, the naive naturalist, refusing to believe that the white form with bare feet and unperforated earlobes before him, at a private pandemonium in Boston, could be prim Miss Cook whom he had just seen asleep, in her curtained corner, all dressed in black, wearing laced-up boots and earrings; two other investigators, small, puny, but reasonably intelligent and active men, closely clinging with arms and legs about Eusapia, a large, plump elderly female reeking of garlic, who still managed to fool them; and the skeptical and embarrassed magician, instructed by charming young Margery's "control" not to get lost in the bathrobe's lining but to follow up the left stocking until he reached the bare thigh - upon the wa #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Charming quotes by Keith Gessen
#92. The sanatorium itself was charming, a group of cabins in the woods, a place for overworked urbanites to feel pleasantly melancholic. A slackertorium. #Quote by Keith Gessen
Charming quotes by Victor Hugo
#93. It is a charming quality of the happiness we inspire in others that, far from being diminished like a reflection, it comes back to us enhanced. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Charming quotes by Guy De Maupassant
#94. She was, in truth, one of those bigoted fanatics, one of those stubborn Puritans, whom England breeds in such numbers, those pious and insupportable old maids, who haunt all the tables d'hôte in Europe, who ruin Italy, poison Switzerland, and render the charming towns on the Riviera uninhabitable, introducing everywhere their weird manias, their manners of petrified vestals, their indescribable wardrobes, and a peculiar odour of rubber, as if they were put away in a waterproof case every night. #Quote by Guy De Maupassant
Charming quotes by J.R. Ward
#95. So why was tonight not so good?" he asked, desperate to shut himself the fuck up.
"My father. And then…well, I got stood up."
Rehv frowned so hard he actually felt a slight sting between his eyes. "For a date?"
He hated the idea of her out with another male. And yet envied the motherfucker, whoever he was.
"What an ass. I'm sorry, but what an ass."
Ehlena laughed, and he loved everything about the sound, especially the way his body warmed a little more in response.
Man, to hell with a hot shower. That soft, quiet chuckle was what he needed.
"Are you smiling," he said softly.
"Yeah. I mean, I guess. How did you know?"
"Was just hoping you were."
"Well, you can be kind of charming."
Quickly, as if to cover up the compliment, she said, "The date wasn't a big deal or anything. I didn't know him that well. It was just coffee."
"But you ended the night on the phone with me. Which is so much better."
She laughed again. "Well, I won't ever know what it's like to go out with him."
"You won't?"
"I just…well, I thought about it, and I don't think dating is a good idea for me right now."
His surge of triumph was sacked when she tacked on, "With anyone."
"Hm? What does hm mean?"
"It means I have your phone number."
"Ah, yes, you do - " Her voice caught as he shifted around. "Wait, are you…in bed?"
"Yeah. And before you go any farther, you don't #Quote by J.R. Ward
Charming quotes by Jalaluddin Rumi
#96. saw my sweetheart wandering about the house; he had taken a rebec and was playing a melody.
With a plectrum like fire he was playing a sweet melody, drunken and dissolute and charming from the Magian wine.
He was invoking the saqi in the air of Iraq2 ; the wine was his object, the saqi was his excuse.
The moonfaced saqi pitcher in his hand, entered from a corner and set it in the middle.
He filled the first cup with that flaming wine; did you ever see water sending out flames?
He set it on his hand for the sake of the lovers, then prostrated and kissed the threshold.
My sweetheart seized it from him and quaffed the wine; flames from that wine went running over his face.
He was beholding his own beauty, and saying to the evil eye, "Never has there been, nor shall there come in this age, another like me. #Quote by Jalaluddin Rumi
Charming quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#97. The girl who lives in 8G used to be a lovely charming girl, but the girl is a monster bitch monster. The girl is infectious human waste, and she's confused and afraid to commit to the wrong thing so she won't commit to anything. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Charming quotes by Wendy Plump
#98. As a young woman, I schooled my romantic sensibilities on the most impossible examples. "Romeo and Juliet" is one of my favorites. I once plotted out the length of time it took them to conjoin. Four days. Four days for one of the world's greatest stories of love and marriage to play out. I do not see how that is an example for the rest of us. If every marriage on record lasted only four days, then there wouldn't be a word for infidelity. There wouldn't be a word for divorce. There wouldn't be time for anything but sex and adoration. Sounds like a charming recipe. I just have trouble practicing it in extension. #Quote by Wendy Plump
Charming quotes by Susie Kaye Lopez
#99. Lily, I have known you all my life, and I have watched you grow up from my sister's annoying best friend who followed me around everywhere I went into the woman who I love with all my heart and all my soul. You are my best friend, my soul mate and the wife that I will love and cherish for the rest of my days. You are my every heart beat and the reason that I breathe. I love you. I love you forever. I love you beyond forever. #Quote by Susie Kaye Lopez
Charming quotes by Debasish Mridha
#100. Loving was so joyful and charming.
Forgetting is so tearful and never ending. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Charming quotes by Karen Hawkins
#101. I dinna normally answer the door."
"Ah," Strath said, offering a charming smile as he whipped off his hat. "You are doing a fine job thus far. Well done, Mrs. Pitcairn."
She eyed Strath the way a cat might eye a snake. "It dinna take much in the way o'talent. #Quote by Karen Hawkins
Charming quotes by Oscar Wilde
#102. VICOMTE DE NANJAC. And you are younger and more C
beautiful than ever. How do you manage it?
MRS. CHEVELEY. By making it a rule only to talk to per- Y
fectly charming people like yourself. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Charming quotes by Lauren Myracle
#103. Henrietta Swanson: "She was voted young lady most likely to become charming."
Sheriff Taylor: "Well, say now. Becoming charming - that is something to look forward to, ain't it. #Quote by Lauren Myracle
Charming quotes by Cobie Smulders
#104. I've read a lot of scripts and I'm really luck to be able to play a woman who's funny and can be charming and has a mischievous side to her as well. I'm really lucky. #Quote by Cobie Smulders
Charming quotes by Sylvain Neuvel
#105. Hey! Can you hear me? I'm talking to the American asshole who just told my daughter she was going to die. She says you put something inside her head, some sort of explosive. If that's true, you better hope that thing doesn't go off because if it does, you might as well kill yourself. I know what you're thinking. There's a good chance Moscow will do the same thing and kill me. There's always a possibility the Chinese or Koreans will kill me, but I wouldn't bet on that. You see, I'm not the easiest person to be with. I can be a bit of a dick sometimes, just ask my daughter. My point is if people keep me around, it's not because of my charming personality, it's because I have legs that bend the wrong way, and that's kind of useful if you also happen to have Themis. So on the off chance that I make it through this, I want you to listen to me very carefully. I don't give a shit who this robot belongs to an hour from now. I will fucking kill you. I will mow down whatever place you work at and the house you live in. I will kill everyone you've ever known, your high-school teacher, people you play softball with. I will march down Washington Avenue and turn DC into a fucking sandbox. I will end you and everything you hold dear. There. Will. Be. No United States when I'm done with you, and there is nothing, not a goddamn thing, you can do to stop me. Do you hear me? DO YOU HEAR ME, MOTHERFUCKER? ANSWER ME! #Quote by Sylvain Neuvel
Charming quotes by Michelle Obama
#106. I want the young people to pay attention because, see, back when I first met Barack, we started dating, he had everything going for him. All right, ladies, listen to this. This is what I want you to be looking for. Yes, he was handsome-still is. I think so. He was charming, talented, and oh-so smart, truly. But that is not why I married him. Now, see, I want the fellas to pay attention to this. You all listening? What truly made me fall in love with Barack Obama was his character. You hear me? It was his character. It was his decency, his honesty, his compassion and conviction. #Quote by Michelle Obama
Charming quotes by Peter Hayward
#107. Learn with Alex and Anna are charming every-day life stories for children. #Quote by Peter Hayward
Charming quotes by Rosanne Cash
#108. When I was eleven I stopped dreaming the dreams that didn't come true, I stopped talking to people who didn't listen, I lost hope and I retreated. I assumed that the root of the problem was that I was too strange for the real world. That being the case, I created a charming and dynamic personality to make the necessary forays into the Outside, and I kept my strangeness for myself; my own peculiar jewels under lock and key. #Quote by Rosanne Cash
Charming quotes by Oscar Wilde
#109. The highest as the lowest form of criticism is a mode of autobiography. Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Charming quotes by Oscar Wilde
#110. The Philistine element in life is not the failure to understand art. Charming people, such as fishermen, shepherds, ploughboys, peasants and the like, know nothing about art, and are the very salt of the earth. He is the Philistine who upholds and aids the heavy, cumbrous, blind, mechanical forces of society, and who does not recognise dynamic force when he meets it either in a man or a movement. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Charming quotes by Alice McDermott
#111. I am trying to cultivate the notion that constantly misplacing one's cell phone is a charming eccentricity ... my children aren't buying it. #Quote by Alice McDermott
Charming quotes by Anthony De Mello
#112. If you find me charming, it means that right now you're in a good mood, nothing more. #Quote by Anthony De Mello
Charming quotes by Honore De Balzac
#113. We flew back home like swallows. 'Is it happiness that makes us so light?' Agathe asked. #Quote by Honore De Balzac
Charming quotes by Paula Quinn
#114. Let every lady in Camlochlin swoon over a charming smile. She had won the love of a man who shared his most intimate smiles for her alone #Quote by Paula Quinn
Charming quotes by Nancy Atherton
#115. The Handsome Prince Handbook is mute on the subject of chronic workaholism - Prince Charming, apparently, knew how to delegate - and I didn't know where else to turn for help. What do you do when life begins to go wrong and you've used up all three wishes? #Quote by Nancy Atherton
Charming quotes by Judith Martin
#116. As if etiquette weren't magnificently capable of being used to make others feel uncomfortable. All right. Miss Manners will give you an example, although you are spoiling her Queen Victoria mood: If you are rude to your ex-husband's new wife at your daughter's wedding, you will make her feel smug. Comfortable. If you are charming and polite, you will make her feel uncomfortable. Which do you want to do? On #Quote by Judith Martin
Charming quotes by Amanda Grange
#117. When you are older you will meet a man who will love you for yourself. A good-natured, charming respectable man who is liked by you family. #Quote by Amanda Grange
Charming quotes by Rahul Kanakia
#118. If being forced to read Pride and Prejudice in the tenth grade had taught me anything, it's that I actually needed two guys: a stolid, mildly rude one - Aakash - and a dangerous-but-charming one. In the end, I'd go for the former, of course. #Quote by Rahul Kanakia
Charming quotes by Darren Boyd
#119. I most enjoyed doing 'Whites,' a show BBC2 cancelled after one series. It had some beautiful, witty, charming scripts and was one of the most positive ensemble pieces I've done. I thought the end result was really special. I'm still confused about why it didn't last longer. #Quote by Darren Boyd
Charming quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#120. Don't embrace mediocrity; its main charm is to make you fall in love with failure. Speed off ... Excellence awaits you at the end of your journey! #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Charming quotes by Mary Wine
#121. Come with me, sweet lass, and I'll make good on me promise to chase ye through the woods like a highlander." Broen spoke in a rich timbre laced with good humor. " Ye there ... Lads, be sporting now and let me ravish this charming creature the way only a Scotsman can! #Quote by Mary Wine
Charming quotes by Debby Ryan
#122. I think there's something charming about incorporating summer clothes into winter, like pairing a summery skirt with a massive sweater. I'm also really into layering during the winter! #Quote by Debby Ryan
Charming quotes by Mandy Hale
#123. She has moments of panic when she wonders if her Prince Charming got lost somewhere or decided to settle for another less complicated, less stubborn, less independent princess. #Quote by Mandy Hale
Charming quotes by Bettie Sharpe
#124. Some would say it is madness to want a woman this way,
but I think it must be love. Not the tepid, fickle love of which the
poets sing - the love that forms or fades with kindness or cruelty.
No, this love is something more divine - like the love of a god, both
vengeful and benign. It is as constant as the sea. And as beautiful.

As dangerous. As mysterious.

She is the only woman to ever refuse me. And yet, I want… #Quote by Bettie Sharpe
Charming quotes by Monique Snyman
#125. I don't need a man to be happy. #Quote by Monique Snyman
Charming quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#126. Didn't you get the money for the taxes? Don't tell me the wolf is still at the door of Tara." There was a different tone in his voice.

She looked up to meet his dark eyes and caught an expression which startled and puzzled her at first, and then made her suddenly smile, a sweet and charming smile which was seldom on her face these days. What a perverse wretch he was, but how nice he could be at times! She knew now that the real reason for his call was not to tease her but to make sure she had gotten the money for which she had been so desperate. She knew now that he had hurried to her as soon as he was released, without the slightest appearance of hurry, to lend her the money if she still needed it. And yet he would torment and insult her and deny that such was his intent, should she accuse him. He was quite beyond all comprehension. Did he really care about her, more than he was willing to admit? Or did he have some other motive? Probably the latter, she thought. But who could tell? He did such strange things sometimes.

"No," she said, "the wolf isn't at the door any longer. I--I got the money."

"But not without a struggle, I'll warrant. Did you manage to restrain yourself until you got the wedding ring on your finger?" She tried not to smile at his accurate summing up of her conduct but she could not help dimpling. #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
Charming quotes by Susan Choi
#127. Innocence as we understand it in our culture is very theatrical. The flip side is, if you're charming enough, you can get away with anything. #Quote by Susan Choi
Charming quotes by J.M. Darhower
#128. The closest he got to being Prince Charming was being a Principe della Mafia, but there was nothing remotely romantic about that. #Quote by J.M. Darhower
Charming quotes by Freddie Stroma
#129. I hate trying to play charming. Thinking about being charming is really tough. #Quote by Freddie Stroma
Charming quotes by Miranda Kenneally
#130. Shut up!" Henry says, "You're going to wake up Jerry Rice."
"Jerry Rice?" Carter says, covering his mouth with a hand. I don't think I've ever seen Carter laugh so hard.
"Carter, would you like to be the godfather?" Henry asks. "You know, in case anything happens to me and Woods this week?"
"Charming," Carter says. "I'd be honored. Does JJ get to be godmother?"
"Obviously," I say.
"Can I hold Jerry Rice?" JJ asks. "He's so cute."
"No way, man," I reply. "I don't want to wake that thing up before practice. We'll be late if we have to feed it."
"What does it eat?" Carter asks.
"I have to breast-feed, cause I'm the mom," Henry says, continuing to push the stroller toward the locker room.
"Actually," I say, "It eats a metal rod, made out of, like, lead. So basically, we're learning how to poison babies."
"Radical," JJ says as we approach the gym, #Quote by Miranda Kenneally
Charming quotes by Horace Walpole
#131. It is charming to totter into vogue. #Quote by Horace Walpole
Charming quotes by William H. Macy
#132. Stephen King writes a lot of things that are really charming and quirky, and that are more ironic than horror. #Quote by William H. Macy
Charming quotes by Philip Pullman
#133. Just as she was unaware of the hidden currents of politics running below the surface of College affairs, so the Scholars, for their part, would have been unable to see the rich seething stew of alliances and enmities and feuds and treaties which was a child's life in Oxford. Children playing together: how pleasant to see! What could be more innocent and charming? #Quote by Philip Pullman
Charming quotes by Donald Miller
#134. For a long time, I thought I was good at relationships because I was charming. #Quote by Donald Miller
Charming quotes by Linda Lael Miller
#135. If you want to play this game, then so be it," he snapped. "We'll play settler until you finally learn what a miserable, hardscrabble life it really is!" He'd swept his hat off his head, and when he slapped it against his thigh, dust flew. "You mean you're going to marry me?" Lily dared to ask, coughing. "Hell, no!" Caleb retorted in a raspy whisper. "I wouldn't marry a stubborn, sneaky little chit like you for anything!" Lily might have slapped him if she hadn't been so aware that Wilbur and the others were looking on, no matter how disinterested they might pretend to be. "Well, I know I'm stubborn," Lily admitted grudgingly. "But sneaky?" "Yes, sneaky!" Caleb hissed, whacking his hat against his leg again. "I turn my back for a week, and here you are, charming my men into building your damned house for you!" Lily #Quote by Linda Lael Miller
Charming quotes by J.R. Ward
#136. I suppose this is for the best," Blay said into his shoulder. "You can't cook."
"See? I'm so not Prince Charming. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Charming quotes by Andrew    Wilson
#137. [Patricia Highsmith] was an extremely unbalanced person, extremely hostile and misanthropic and totally incapable of any kind of relationship, not just intimate ones. I felt sorry for her, because it wasn't her fault. There was something in her early days or whatever that made her incapable. She drove everybody away and people who really wanted to be friends ended up putting the phone down on her.
It seemed to me as if she had to ape feelings and behaviour, like Ripley. Of course sometimes having no sense of social behaviour can be charming, but in her case it was alarming. I remember once, when she was trying to have a dinner party with people she barely knew, she deliberately leaned towards the candle on the table and set fire to her hair. People didn't know what to do as it was a very hostile act and the smell of singeing and burning filled the room. #Quote by Andrew Wilson
Charming quotes by Gabe Newell
#138. I'm a handsome man with a charming personality. #Quote by Gabe Newell
Charming quotes by Shauna Cross
#139. What's coming out of the stereo is like a genre unto itself, a charming, fucked-up fairy tale that immediately breaks my heart in all the best ways.
I stretch out on the floor with my ear parked next to the speaker, in a trance. I place the album cover over my face to block out any interruption as "I'll Be Your Mirror" seduces me. I immediately add the song to my mental list of top ten songs ever.
And as I'm bobbing my head with dreamy abandon, I hear a voice. "Nice choice, DJ," it says.
I slowly slide the album cover down past my eyes and look up. My eyes spy his shoes first
paint-splattered brogues. My heart stops when I look at his face. Pale skin, messy black hair, emerald eyes ... Senor Smolder! He's eighteen, maybe nineteen. And no, my imagination didn't lie, he is just as devastating now as he was the first time I saw him. Only even more, because he just complimented my taste in music. #Quote by Shauna Cross
Charming quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#140. While the meetings included traders, that is, people who are judged on their numerical performance, it was mostly a forum for salespeople (people capable of charming customers), and the category of entertainers called Wall Street "economists" or "strategists," who make pronouncements on the fate of the markets, but do not engage in any form of risk taking, thus having their success dependent on rhetoric rather than actually testable facts. #Quote by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Charming quotes by Victor Hugo
#141. What a pity!" said Combeferre. "What hideous things these butcheries are! Come, when there are no more kings, there will be no more war. Enjolras, you are taking aim at that sergeant, you are not looking at him. Fancy, he is a charming young man; he is intrepid; it is evident that he is thoughtful; those young artillery-men are very well educated; he has a father, a mother, a family; he is probably in love; he is not more than five and twent at the most; he might be your brother." "He is," said Enjolras. "Yes," replied Combeferre, "he is mine too. Well, let us not kill him." "Let me alone, it must be done." And a tear trickled slowly down Enjolras' marble cheek. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Charming quotes by Kiera Cass
#142. But what I liked the best was that, while the room giggled at her request, she didn't duck her head or blush or think to ask for something else. She wanted what she wanted.
There was something charming about that. #Quote by Kiera Cass
Charming quotes by Tori Amos
#143. A guitarist or a drummer can get a cold and still play; I get a cold and sound like a wet mitten trying to sing you a love song. Charming. #Quote by Tori Amos
Charming quotes by Cecelia Ahern
#144. Fairy tales are such evil stories for young children. Every time I'm in a mess I expect a long-haired posh-speaking man to come trotting into my life (on a horse of course, literally trotting himself ... ) Then you realize you don't want a long-haired posh-speaking man trotting into your life because he's the one who put you in the bloody mess in the first place. #Quote by Cecelia Ahern
Charming quotes by George Eliot
#145. Humphrey finds everybody charming I never can get him to abuse Casaubon. He will even speak well of the bishop, though I tell him it is unnatural in a beneficed clergyman; what can one do with a husband who attends so little to the decencies? I hide it as well as I can by abusing everybody myself. #Quote by George Eliot
Charming quotes by Lauren Groff
#146. You're so charming you make us forget that you have to be a serial killer on the inside to do what you do to us. Put us in your plays, warts and all, showing us off like we're some sort of sideshow freaks. #Quote by Lauren Groff
Charming quotes by Mary McAuliffe
#147. In the meantime, he anxiously awaited visitors, and on occasion even attempted some visits of his own - including one to his nearby Bellevue neighbor, the charming and notorious courtesan Valtesse de la Bigne. Red-haired and beautiful, Valtesse de la Bigne had brought several rich and titled men to financial ruin. She had also captivated some of the most sophisticated men in town, including Manet, who referred to her as "la belle Valtesse" and had painted her the year before. Born Louise Emilie Delabigne, Valtesse de la Bigne was sufficiently intelligent and charming to draw an entourage of admiring writers and artists such as Manet. Zola also paid court to Valtesse - although in his case from a desire to get the characters and setting right for his upcoming novel Nana. Flattered by his journalistic interest, Valtesse even agreed to show him her bedroom - until then off-limits to all but her most highly paying patrons. Zola (who seems to have limited his visit to note taking) used her over-the-top boudoir as the model for Nana's bedroom. Even if the fictional Nana was nowhere near the sophisticated creature that Valtesse had become, the bed said it all. It was "a bed such as had never existed before," Zola wrote, "a throne, an altar, to which Paris would come in order to worship her sovereign nudity. #Quote by Mary McAuliffe
Charming quotes by Peter David
#148. What is that thing? Vampires. Or, as it was spelled at the time, vampyres. Yes, we know: It is difficult to accept, a strain to wrap your head around. Go and take the time to do so. Watch some television programs, or read some books in which vampyres are heroic and charming and sparkle in the daylight, and then return here and brace yourself for a return to a time that vampyres were things that went bump in the night. #Quote by Peter David
Charming quotes by Susan Ee
#149. Asleep, he looks like a bleeding Prince Charming chained in the dungeon. When I was little, I always thought I'd be Cinderella, but I guess this makes me the wicked witch.
But then again, Cinderella didn't live in a post-apocalyptic world invaded by avenging angels. #Quote by Susan Ee
Charming quotes by William Makepeace Thackeray
#150. What a charming reconciler and peacemaker money us! #Quote by William Makepeace Thackeray
Charming quotes by Jill Patten
#151. I'm the only sexy, funny, charming and adorable Californian motherfucker you will ever meet. #Quote by Jill Patten
Charming quotes by Russell Hoban
#152. When I was a child I had a fishless aquarium. My father set it up for me with gravel and plants and pebbles before he'd got the fish and I asked him to leave it as it was for a while. The pump kept up a charming burble, the green-gold light was wondrous when the room was dark. I put in a china mermaid and a tin horseman who maintained a relationship like that of the figures on Keat's Grecian urn except that the horseman grew rusty. Eventually fish were pressed upon me and they seemed an intrusion, I gave them to a friend. All that aquarium wanted was the sound of the pump, the gently waving plants, the mysterious pebbles and the silent horseman forever galloping to the mermaid smiling in the green-gold light. I used to sit and look at them for hours. The mermaid and the horseman were from my father. I have them in a box somewhere here, I'm not yet ready to take them out and look at them again. #Quote by Russell Hoban
Charming quotes by Debasish Mridha
#153. The language of a smile is charming, mesmerizing, meaningful, and often mysterious, but everyone understands a smile better than words. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Charming quotes by V. Theia
#154. The love she felt for Rider never quit. He was handsome and then some. The kind of sexy that tied her belly in knots just having his blue eyes rake over her. It banked a fire from within and spread out with just one of his signature smiles. The kind that was part smug-bastard and charming Romeo. #Quote by V. Theia
Charming quotes by Michael Buckley
#155. Snow, get behind me!" Charming shouted as he leaped to his feet. "I'll handle this brute."
"Billy", the teacher cried. "This is the twenty-first century, Women don't need the white knight routine anymore. I can fight my own battles. #Quote by Michael Buckley
Charming quotes by Oscar Hammerstein II
#156. A lady known as Paris, Romantic and Charming
Has left her old companions and faded from view
Lonely men with lonely eyes are seeking her in vain
Her streets are where they were, but there's no sign of her
She has left the Seine
The last time I saw Paris, her heart was warm and gay,
I heard the laughter of her heart in every street café

The last time I saw Paris, her trees were dressed for spring,
And lovers walked beneath those trees and birds found songs to sing.
I dodged the same old taxicabs that I had dodged for years.
The chorus of their squeaky horns was music to my ears.

The last time I saw Paris, her heart was warm and gay,
No matter how they change her, I'll remember her that way.
I'll think of happy hours, and people who shared them
Old women, selling flowers, in markets at dawn

Children who applauded, Punch and Judy in the park
And those who danced at night and kept our Paris bright
'til the town went dark. #Quote by Oscar Hammerstein II
Charming quotes by Radha Mitchell
#157. It was kind of scary because working with Woody Allen becomes sort of a big deal in your mind. He directs in that Woody Allen character some of the time - he has these idiosyncrasies that are really charming and funny. #Quote by Radha Mitchell
Charming quotes by J.A. Huss
#158. I need you to hate Ronin. No matter how charming he is, you must not fall for it. He may be on the Team too, but we're mortal enemies till the end. #Quote by J.A. Huss
Charming quotes by Ellis Leigh
#159. And I've got a lot of weight behind me."

Shadow grinned, a charming boyishness shining through. "Yes, but it's like ninety percent baby and water. You'll lose it all once she's born."


"I have no idea, but it sounds good, doesn't it? #Quote by Ellis Leigh
Charming quotes by Arzum Uzun
#160. I found the kingdom of far far away, prince charming would not be so far. #Quote by Arzum Uzun
Charming quotes by Charles Dickens
#161. Now that fortune had cast in his way a nameless orphan, at whom even the meanest could point the finger of scorn, he retorted on him with interest. This affords charming food for contemplation. It shows us what a beautiful thing human nature may be made to be; and how impartially the same amiable qualities are developed in the finest lord and the dirtiest charity-boy. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Charming quotes by Sydney Smith
#162. No furniture is so charming as books. #Quote by Sydney Smith
Charming quotes by Russell Hoban
#163. It was the sort of situation that would be ever so charming and warmly human in a film with Peter Ustinov and Maggie Smith but that sort of film is only charming because they leave out so many details, and real life is all the details they leave out. #Quote by Russell Hoban
Charming quotes by Chris Van Allsburg
#164. Some people may contend that there is no image more charming that a child holding a puppy or kitten. But for me that's a distant second. When I see a child clutching a book ... to his or her tiny bosom, I'm moved. Children can possess a book in a way they can never possess a video game, a TV show, or a Darth Vader doll. A book comes alive when they read it. They give it life themselves by understanding it. #Quote by Chris Van Allsburg
Charming quotes by Emma Chase
#165. Our eyes finally meet - he's still staring at me, lips parted. And I can't get a read on his expression. As the moments stretch on, a bud of nervousness blooms in my stomach, its vine wrapping around my vocal chords.

"I…I wasn't sure what you had planned for tonight. You didn't tell me."

Those long lashes blink, but he doesn't say anything. I raise my hand toward the kitchen.

"I can go change if this isn't - "

"No." Nicholas steps forward, his hand up. "No, don't change a thing. You're…absolutely perfect."

And he's looking at me like he never wants to stop.

"I didn't expect…I mean, you're lovely…b-but…"

"Wasn't there a movie about a king who stuttered?" I tease him. "Was he a relative of yours?"

He chuckles. And call me crazy, but I swear Nicholas's cheeks go slightly pink.

"No, stuttering doesn't run in my family." He shakes his head. "You just knocked me on my arse."

And now I'm beaming.

"Thank you. You look pretty great too, Prince Charming."

"I actually know a Prince Charming. He's first-class prick."

"Well. Now that you've tarnished a precious piece of my childhood, this better be some date," I tease.

"It will be."

He holds out his hand to me.

"Shall we? #Quote by Emma Chase
Charming quotes by Selena Gomez
#166. Every single problem I ever have is healable by Taylor Swift. If I ever I have an issue, Taylor has gone through it - she gives the most thought-out answers. And what I love about Taylor is that she does believe in the whole love story and Prince Charming and soul mates. Because of her, I haven't lost faith. #Quote by Selena Gomez
Charming quotes by Oscar Wilde
#167. I never take any notice of what common people say, and I never interfere with what charming people do. If #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Charming quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#168. Mania was a mental state every bit as dangerous as depression. At first, however, it felt like a rush of euphoria. You were completely captivating, completely charming; everybody loved you. You took ridiculous physical risks, jumping out of a third-floor dorm room into a snowbank, for instance. It made you spend your year's fellowship money in five days. It was like having a wild party in your head, a party at which you were the drunken host who refused to let anyone leave, who grabbed people by the collar and said, "Come on. One more!" When those people inevitably did vanish, you went out and found others, anyone and anything to keep the party going. You couldn't stop talking. Everything you said was brilliant. You just had the best idea. Let's drive down to New York! Tonight! Let's climb on top of List and watch the sunrise! Leonard got people to do these things. He led them on incredible escapades. But at some point things began to turn. His mind felt as if it was fizzing over. Words became other words inside his head, like patterns in a kaleidoscope. He kept making puns. No one understood what he was talking about. He became angry, irritable. Now, when he looked at people, who'd been laughing at his jokes an hour earlier, he saw that they were worried, concerned for him. And so he ran off into the night, or day, or night, and found other people to be with, so that the mad party might continue... #Quote by Jeffrey Eugenides
Charming quotes by Thomas Harris
#169. She was charming way a cub is charming, a small cub that will grow up to be like one of the big cats. One you can't play with later #Quote by Thomas Harris
Charming quotes by Kendare Blake
#170. We're not children, neither of us. We don't believe in fairy tales. And if we did, who would we be? Not Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty. I slice murder victims' heads off and Anna stretches skin until it rips, she snaps bones like green branches into smaller and smaller pieces. We'd be the fricking dragon and the wicked fairy. I know that. But I still have to tell her. #Quote by Kendare Blake
Charming quotes by Catherine Zeta-Jones
#171. When I first met Sean Connery he was as charming and wonderful as I first anticipated. I left Rome thinking: even if I don't do this, at least I have had a day with Sean. #Quote by Catherine Zeta-Jones
Charming quotes by Alexandre Dumas
#172. To be loved by a pure young girl, to be the first to reveal to her the strange mystery of love, is indeed a great happiness, but it is the simplest thing in the world. To take captive a heart which has had no experience of attack, is to enter an unfortified and ungarrisoned city. Education, family feeling, the sense of duty, the family, are strong sentinels, but there are no sentinels so vigilant as not to be deceived by a girl of sixteen to whom nature, by the voice of the man she loves, gives the first counsels of love, all the more ardent because they seem so pure.
The more a girl believes in goodness, the more easily will she give way, if not to her lover, at least to love, for being without mistrust she is without force, and to win her love is a triumph that can be gained by any young man of five-and-twenty. See how young girls are watched and guarded! The walls of convents are not high enough, mothers have no locks strong enough, religion has no duties constant enough, to shut these charming birds in their cages, cages not even strewn with flowers. Then how surely must they desire the world which is hidden from them, how surely must they find it tempting, how surely must they listen to the first voice which comes to tell its secrets through their bars, and bless the hand which is the first to raise a corner of the mysterious veil!
But to be really loved by a courtesan: that is a victory of infinitely greater difficulty. With them the body has worn out the soul #Quote by Alexandre Dumas
Charming quotes by Hannah Hoch
#173. It was not very easy for a woman to impose herself as a modern artist in Germany ... Most of our male colleagues continued for a long time to look upon us as charming and gifted amateurs, denying us implicitly any real professional status. #Quote by Hannah Hoch
Charming quotes by Linda Evans
#174. I always looked for a man to rescue me and bring me happiness. I bought into that myth, of course, and looked for my own Prince Charming. #Quote by Linda Evans
Charming quotes by Victor Hugo
#175. The girls chirped and chatted like uncaged warblers. They were delirious with joy ... Intoxications of life's morning! Enchanted years! The wing of a dragonfly trembles! Oh, reader, whoever you may be, do you have such memories? Have you walked in the underbrush, pushing aside branches for the charming head behind you? Have you slid laughing, down some slope wet with rain, with the woman you loved? #Quote by Victor Hugo
Charming quotes by Teresa Medeiros
#176. He caught her by
the shoulders and gave her a hard little shake. "Do you think you're so charming in that silly little nightdress that I can't resist tumbling you? Do you think I have no pride when it comes to you?"
"B-b-but I - "
"Well, you're right," he shouted. "I don't!"
With that, his lips came down on hers #Quote by Teresa Medeiros
Charming quotes by Robert Silverberg
#177. She was strikingly ignorant, but he had known that from the start. What he had not known was how quickly her ignorance would cease to seem charming and would begin to seem contemptible. #Quote by Robert Silverberg
Charming quotes by Louis MacNeice
#178. My stepmother appeared when I was about 9. My brother was sent off to an institute in Scotland & my sister & I were sent to school. As my stepmother's ideas were then wholly Quaker, mixed with a naive & charming innocence & a little snobbery, it was one dotty epoch on top of another. I always remained terrified of my father. #Quote by Louis MacNeice
Charming quotes by Marissa Meyer
#179. Go to the ball with me."
'Stars. Didn't you already ask me that?"
"I'm hoping for a more favorable answer this time and I seem to be getting more desperate by the minute.
"How charming"
"Please? #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Charming quotes by Jane Rule
#180. Evelyn wanted to be charming, provocative, desirable, attributes she had never aspired to before out of pride, perhaps, or fear of failure. Now they seemed most instinctive. She was finding, in the miracle of her particular fall, that she was, by nature, a woman. And what a lively thing it was to be, a woman. #Quote by Jane Rule
Charming quotes by Kiersten White
#181. I looked at the door, at war with myself. On the one hand, I hated going anything Reth wanted me to. On the other hand, there was a mop with my name on it inside.
"Fine, but if you try anything-"
"Really, Evelyn,how I've missed your charming company."
Keeping a wary eye on the faerie, I followed hi, through the alley. We made our way down the lamp-lined street, his step so light it bordered on dancing. I felt like a graceless clod next to him. Then there was the aspect of his ethereal, near-angelic beauty compared to my..well, for the sake of my self-esteem, it was probably best not to compete. #Quote by Kiersten White
Charming quotes by Alyxandra Harvey
#182. All right." Lucy shouldered her way to my side and made a waving motion as if they were annoying flies. "Shoo!" She narrowed her eyes. "I said shoo."
They dispersed, mostly startled into moving. Only Logan remained, leaning casually against the wall.
"Darling, I'm not some insect to be chased away."
"Darling?" She snorted amiably. "You're not ninety years old, either."
He straightened. "I'm charming," he informed her. "And women like endearments. #Quote by Alyxandra Harvey
Charming quotes by Virginia Woolf
#183. She was intensely sympathetic. She was immensely charming. She was utterly unselfish. She excelled in the difficult arts if family life. She sacrificed herself daily. If there was chicken, she took the led; if there was a draft she sat in it
in short she was so constituted that she never had a mind or wish of her own, but preferred to sympathize always with the minds and wishes of others ... I did my best to kill her. My excuse, if I were to be had up in a court of law, would be that I acted in self defense. Had I not killed her, she would have killed me. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Charming quotes by Derrick Jaxn
#184. Prince Charming could easily be Prince Cheating. Stop thinking a good personality automatically means good character. #Quote by Derrick Jaxn
Charming quotes by C.J. Redwine
#185. Maybe people find me charming because I am charming. #Quote by C.J. Redwine
Charming quotes by Sarah Strohmeyer
#186. I believe that within every one of us is a woman of undiscovered beauty, a woman who is charming and talented and light of heart #Quote by Sarah Strohmeyer
Charming quotes by Mark Twain
#187. The charming island of Rock Island, three miles long and half a mile wide, belongs to the United States, and the Government has turned it into a wonderful park, enhancing its natural attractions by art, and threading its fine forests with many miles of drives. Near the center of the island one catches glimpses, through the trees, of ten vast stone four-story buildings, each of which covers an acre of ground. #Quote by Mark Twain
Charming quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#188. I can see why people find him [Hugo Chávez] charming. He's very ebullient, as they say. I've heard him make a speech, though, and he has a vice that's always very well worth noticing because it's always a bad sign: he doesn't know when to sit down. He's worse than Castro was. He won't shut up. Then he told me that he didn't think the United States landed on the moon and didn't believe in the existence of Osama bin Laden. He thought all of this was all a put-up job. He's a wacko. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Charming quotes by Casey Odell
#189. Every man has an ego, no matter how charming he seems to be.
Fare #Quote by Casey Odell
Charming quotes by Hermann Hesse
#190. Narcissus knew only too well what a charming golden bird had flown to him. This hermit soon sensed a kindred soul in Goldmund, in spite of their apparent contrasts. Narcissus was dark and spare; Goldmund, a radiant youth. Narcissus was analytical, a thinker; Goldmund, a dreamer with the soul of a child. But something they had in common bridged these contrasts: both were refined; both were different from the others because of obvious gifts and signs; both bore the special mark of fate. #Quote by Hermann Hesse
Charming quotes by Beatrice Wood
#191. But I was very, very unhappy because my mother was very charming and generous, but to me, very dominating. #Quote by Beatrice Wood
Charming quotes by William Lashner
#192. Unlike the rest of you, I cheerfully admit to my own utter selfishness. I am self-made, self-absorbed, self-serving, self-referential, even self-deprecating, in a charming sort of way. In short, I am all the selfs except selfless. Yet every so often I run across a force of nature that shakes my sublime self-centeredness to its very roots. Something that tears through the landscape like a tornado, leaving nothing but ruin and reexamination in its wake. #Quote by William Lashner
Charming quotes by Patrick MacGill
#193. There comes a moment on a journey when something sweet, something irresistible and charming as wine raised to thirsty lips, wells up in the traveller's being. #Quote by Patrick MacGill
Charming quotes by Anne Hathaway
#194. Kindness is really important to me in finding my own prince - so are patience and a sense of humor. Without those qualities he's no Prince Charming! #Quote by Anne Hathaway
Charming quotes by Max Hastings
#195. Lots of us when we're children believe 'oh well, if the world knew us as we really are, they'd know what wonderful, clever, brilliant, charming people we really are.' #Quote by Max Hastings
Charming quotes by George Eliot
#196. In general, one may be sure that whenever a marriage of any mark takes place, male acquaintances are likely to pity the bride, female acquaintances the bridegroom: each, it is thought, might have done better; and especially where the bride is charming, young gentlemen on the scene are apt to conclude that she can have no real attachment to a fellow so uninteresting to themselves as her husband, but has married him on other grounds. Who, under such circumstances, pities the husband? Even his female friends are apt to think his position retributive: he should have chosen someone else. #Quote by George Eliot
Charming quotes by Walter Scott
#197. Look not thou on beauty's charming;
Sit thou still when kings are arming;
Taste not when the wine-cup glistens;
Speak not when the people listens #Quote by Walter Scott
Charming quotes by Cherie Priest
#198. Adrian said, "You sure know how to win friends and influence people." "That's why they call me Raylene. It's Greek for 'charming.' " "You're so full of shit," he observed. #Quote by Cherie Priest
Charming quotes by Caroline Linden
#199. I did not actually accuse you of being beautiful. I said you looked beautiful tonight. A subtle but significant difference."
"Yes, the gown," she started to say.
He stepped closer. "Is my eyesight failing? Let me take a closer study." He took another step, until she had to tilt back her head to look at him. "Hold still," he said, amusement softening his tone. He touched her chin.
Eliza froze.
Gently the earl tipped her face from side to side, his dark eyes intent upon her. "A few freckles," he said thoughtfully. "But I find those charming." His thumb brushed along her cheekbone and Eliza's hands fisted in the folds of her skirt. "Your lashes are very long," he murmured. "And your eyes... Your eyes are lovely. Like the fields of Rosemere under a summer sky, when the grasses are tall and verdant, and golden finches swoop in and out. #Quote by Caroline Linden
Charming quotes by Simon Kuper
#200. You don't have to be charming to be a fan among fans. #Quote by Simon Kuper

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