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Character Defects quotes by Jacqueline Bisset
#1. Character contributes to beauty. It fortifies a woman as her youth fades. #Quote by Jacqueline Bisset
Character Defects quotes by Edward Stone
#2. Don't be too worthwhile. Always keep a few character defects handy. People love to talk about your frailties.If you must be noble, keep it to yourself #Quote by Edward Stone
Character Defects quotes by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
#3. Weakness of character is the only defect which cannot be amended. #Quote by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
Character Defects quotes by Anne Lamott
#4. Getting into a new relationship is like pouring Miracle-Gro on your character defects. #Quote by Anne Lamott
Character Defects quotes by Marianne Williamson
#5. The process of miraculous change is twofold. One: I see my error or dysfunctional pattern. Two: I ask God to take it from me. The first principle without the second is impotent. As they say in Alcoholics Anonymous, your best thinking got you here. You're the problem but you're not the answer. The second principle isn't enough to change us either. The Holy Spirit can't take from us what we will not release to him. He won't work without our consent. He cannot remove our character defects without our willingness, because that would be violating our free will. We chose those patterns, however mistakenly, and he will not force us to give them up. In asking God to heal us, we're committing to the choice to be healed. #Quote by Marianne Williamson
Character Defects quotes by Brennan Manning
#6. The humble woman is surprised by all the good that she sees around her rather than scandalized by what she cannot judge anyway. The humble woman is grateful for her successes but not disheartened by her failures. She enjoys her gifts and readily admits her mistakes. She maintains a sense of humor, whether the news from Wall Street is giddy or glum. She faces her character defects without getting discouraged. Her humble confidence in God's love and her enchantment with the kabod Yahweh shape a hedge of thorns against self-absorption and frees her for an unselfconscious presence to others. #Quote by Brennan Manning
Character Defects quotes by Anonymous
#7. The principles of Twelve Step recovery are the opposite of our character defects. #Quote by Anonymous
Character Defects quotes by Jessie Pavelka
#8. My journey through life has led me through both light and dark places, and it's because of those experiences that I have learned how to work through my character defects and to help others do the same. #Quote by Jessie Pavelka
Character Defects quotes by Alexandra Katehakis
#9. Reckless. Insatiable. Deceptive. Clingy. Vain. Dismissive. Trivial. Violent. Tactless. Controlling. Impractical. Fearful. Think of one example in your past where you exhibited each of these traits. Whatever memory comes to your mind will usually provide you with a clear illustration. Know that you have the capacity to exhibit all defects. #Quote by Alexandra Katehakis
Character Defects quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#10. Twenty centuries later, Jesus speaks pointedly to the preening ascetic trapped in the fatal narcissism of spiritual perfectionism, to those of us caught up in boasting about our victories in the vineyard, to those of us fretting and flapping about our human weaknesses and character defects. The child doesn't have to struggle to get himself in a good position for having a relationship with God; he doesn't have to craft ingenious ways of explaining his position to Jesus; he doesn't have to create a pretty face for himself; he doesn't have to achieve any state of spiritual feeling or intellectual understanding. All he has to do is happily accept the cookies, the gift of the kingdom.4 #Quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Character Defects quotes by Jane Austen
#11. There is, I believe, in every disposition a tendency to some particular evil, a natural defect, which not even the best education can overcome."
"And your defect is a propensity to hate everybody."
"And yours," he replied with a smile, "is wilfully to misunderstand them. #Quote by Jane Austen
Character Defects quotes by Marianne Williamson
#12. Your character defects are not where you're bad, but where you're wounded. But no matter who or what causes the wound, it's yours now and you're responsible for it. #Quote by Marianne Williamson
Character Defects quotes by Al-Anon Family Groups
#13. When I first stopped trying to fix other people, I turned my attention to 'curing' myself. I was in a hurry to get this healing process over. I wanted immediate recovery from the effects of growing up in a family riddled with alcoholism and from being married to an alcoholic. I looked forward to the day I would graduate from Al-Anon and get on with my life. As year two and year three passed, I was still in the program. I began to despair as the character defects I had worked so long to overcome came back to haunt me, particularly during times of stress and during periods when I didn't attend meetings.

I have severe arthritis in my joints. To cope with my condition, I have to assess my body each day and patiently respond to its needs. Some days I need a warm bath to get going in the morning. On other days I apply a medicated rub to the painful areas. Yet other days some light stretching and exercise help to loosen me up. I'ave accepted that my arthritis will never go away. It's a condition I manage daily with consistent, on-going care.

One day I made a connection between my medical condition and my struggle with recovery. I began to look at myself as having 'arthritis of the personality,' requiring patient, continuous care to keep me from 'stiffening' into old habits and attitudes. This care includes attending meetings, reading Al-Anon literature, calling my sponsor, and engaging in service. Now, as long as I practice patience, recovery is a manageable an #Quote by Al-Anon Family Groups
Character Defects quotes by Valerie Cruz
#14. With 'Nip/Tuck,' I had never even done anything before I got on that show. They created that character for me. I was reading for something else. #Quote by Valerie Cruz
Character Defects quotes by Stormie O'martian
#15. Lord, I wait on You and listen for Your voice. Speak to my heart about the things I need to hear. Teach me all I need to know. Thank You for the great blessings that await anyone who waits at Your door and listens for Your voice. In these times of waiting on You, may the character of Christ be formed in me and my faith be increased. #Quote by Stormie O'martian
Character Defects quotes by Alberto Moravia
#16. I felt that the metal of my spirit, like a bar of iron that is softened and bent by a persistent flame, was being gradually softened and bent by the troubles that oppressed it. In spite of myself, I was conscious of a feeling of envy for those who did not suffer from such troubles, for the wealthy and the privileged; and this envy, I observed, was accompanied - still against my will - by a feeling of bitterness towards them, which, in turn, did not limit its aim to particular persons or situations, but, as if by an uncontrollable bias, tended to assume the general, abstract character of a whole conception of life. In fact, during those difficult days, I came very gradually to feel that my irritation and my intolerance of poverty were turning into a revolt against injustice, and not only against the injustice which struck at me personally but the injustice from which so many others like me suffered. I was quite aware of this almost imperceptible transformation of my subjective resentments into objective reflections and states of mind, owing to the bent of my thoughts which led always and irresistibly in the same direction: owing also to my conversation, which, without my intending it, alway harped upon the same subject. I also noticed in myself a growing sympathy for those political parties which proclaimed their struggle against the evils and infamies of the society to which, in the end I had attributed the troubles that beset me - a society which, as I thought, in reference #Quote by Alberto Moravia
Character Defects quotes by Anonymous
#17. Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace* with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,a 2 through whom we have gained access [by faith] to this grace in which we stand, and we boast in hope of the glory of God.b 3 Not only that, but we even boast of our afflictions, knowing that affliction produces endurance, 4 and endurance, proven character, and proven character, hope,c 5 and hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the holy Spirit that has been given to us.d #Quote by Anonymous
Character Defects quotes by Harrison Ford
#18. I don't take trouble at all to conform a screenplay to my iconography. I don't say, "We can't do that - the audience wouldn't accept it." I try to take the limitations of what is required to play a leading character and then screw with them. #Quote by Harrison Ford
Character Defects quotes by Avijeet Das
#19. As you write your novel, you gradually start thinking like some of your characters in it. And at times the writer may lose himself completely in some character. #Quote by Avijeet Das
Character Defects quotes by Wendell Berry
#20. I should understand the land, not as a commodity, an inert fact to be taken for granted, but as an ultimate value, enduring and alive, useful and beautiful and mysterious and formidable and comforting, beneficent and terribly demanding, worthy of the best of man's attention and care ... [My father] insisted that I learn to do the hand labor that the land required, knowing
and saying again and again
that the ability to do such work is the source of a confidence and an independence of character that can come no other way, not by money, not by education. #Quote by Wendell Berry
Character Defects quotes by Hosea Ballou
#21. A single bad habit will mar an otherwise faultless character, as an ink-drop soileth the pure white page. #Quote by Hosea Ballou
Character Defects quotes by Thomas Middleditch
#22. I don't think anyone can do any character that doesn't have at least some ounce of themselves in it. You are who you are, and your brain is drawing on things that you've experienced. #Quote by Thomas Middleditch
Character Defects quotes by J.M. Frey
#23. My first crush was a sarcastic know-it-all Immortal named Methos, a character from Highlander. To this day I am convinced he is my perfect soulmate. And the focus of my sexual awakening. Lots of people cite the boiler room scene from My So-Called Life, Jareth in Labyrinth, Colin Firth in Pride & Prejudice, or any/all members of the Fellowship of the Ring. But mine happened when Methos rolled out of bed in nothing but boxers to defend his life with a Roman short sword. Unf. #Quote by J.M. Frey
Character Defects quotes by Cate Blanchett
#24. I'm not interested in playing characters who see the world through my prism; I think the journey of understanding any character is to see how they tick and how they differ from you. #Quote by Cate Blanchett
Character Defects quotes by Theodore Newton Vail
#25. There is too little idea of personal responsibility; too much of "the world owes me a living," forgetting that if the world does owe you a living, you must be your own collector. #Quote by Theodore Newton Vail
Character Defects quotes by Deyth Banger
#26. Why you choose happiness, so you think that the sad moments like somebody dieing - it's equal to happiness?
So you think that time crimes like this in auschwitz which don't have proof so far from what they say in the reports from Mr.Death (Documentary film!)... so this is equal to (How to say it???!?!) to happiness??
WTF, crime equal to happiness, sadness also so what's left?
Oh, oh I know the Joker (Note: He is a nice character isn't he?) #Quote by Deyth Banger
Character Defects quotes by Thomas Horn
#27. I would go into a place that was quiet and isolated and think about how my character would feel in the situation, considering who he was and what he had been through. I would think about that even up to 30 minutes. And when I felt the character was in my body and I had left, I could walk onto set or into rehearsal. #Quote by Thomas Horn
Character Defects quotes by Janet Montgomery
#28. You have to be completely in the character, and that's so hard to do. That's why, when they call, 'Cut!,' you often feel yourself shift. Unless you're Daniel Day Lewis, who stays in character all the time, there's a switch that happens. #Quote by Janet Montgomery
Character Defects quotes by Ted Malloch
#29. Leadership, in other words, is a matter of character, not goals. #Quote by Ted Malloch
Character Defects quotes by Henry Fielding
#30. With the latitude of unbounded scurrility, it is easy enough to attain the character of a wit, especially when it is considered how wonderfully pleasant it is to the generality of the public to see the folly of their acquaintance exposed by a third person. #Quote by Henry Fielding
Character Defects quotes by Kevin R. Anderson
#31. True, we can learn much from observation of the failure of others without having to personally suffer the same pain, but the character and memory of the wisdom gained may be more acute and long-lasting from our own personal failures. Even worse is the generational fear of failure prevalent in our culture, resulting from parents carefully programming their offspring as young as three to participate in activities intended to cultivate intellectual and sports prowess which in their design do not allow for failure. Before children can feel the pain of their mistakes, the parents intervene and deflect the taking of personal responsibility by the child. We pay for it so they do not have to. This is the most dangerous thing we can do for them. #Quote by Kevin R. Anderson
Character Defects quotes by Christine Caine
#32. Spend more time building your character than trying to build your platform. #Quote by Christine Caine
Character Defects quotes by Zach Braff
#33. I've always preferred Marvel over DC. I just relate to their characters better. I mean look at Wolverine, at first he was just a bit player in an ensemble cast. Now he's the only reason people read X-Men. Just like me and Scrubs. #Quote by Zach Braff
Character Defects quotes by Jason Evert
#34. When a man loves a woman, he has to become worthy of her. The higher her virtue, the more noble her character, the more devoted she is to truth, justice, and goodness, the more a man has to aspire to be worthy of her. #Quote by Jason Evert
Character Defects quotes by Keira Knightley
#35. The thing about great fictional characters from literature, and the reason that they're constantly turned into characters in movies, is that they completely speak to what makes people human. They're full of flaws as much as they are full of heroics. I think the reason that people love them and hate them so much is because, in some way, they always see a mirror of themselves in them, and you can always understand them on some level. Sometimes it's a terrifyingly dark mirror that's held up. #Quote by Keira Knightley
Character Defects quotes by Carolyn Custis James
#36. Joy isn't grounded in our circumstances; it is grounded in the unchanging character of God. #Quote by Carolyn Custis James
Character Defects quotes by Philippe Falardeau
#37. I would love to write a script where the main character is a woman. I know I can direct a film where the main character is a woman. I cannot write that film. #Quote by Philippe Falardeau
Character Defects quotes by Pamela Anderson
#38. I am not just my hair; I proved to myself that I am a cast of characters. I'm feeling freer to venture out of the 'look' people know me for. #Quote by Pamela Anderson
Character Defects quotes by Peter Greenaway
#39. The start of a film is like a gateway, a formal entrance-point. The first three minutes of a film make great demands on an audience's patience and credulity. A great deal has to be learnt very rapidly about place and attitude, character and intent and ambition. #Quote by Peter Greenaway
Character Defects quotes by Otto Weininger
#40. In the case of complex personalities the matter stands thus: one of these can understand other men better than they can understand themselves, because within himself he has not only the character he is grasping, but also its opposite. Duality is necessary for observation and comprehension. #Quote by Otto Weininger
Character Defects quotes by Esther Williams
#41. Somehow I kept my head above water. I relied on the discipline, character, and strength that I had started to develop as that little girl in her first swimming pool. #Quote by Esther Williams
Character Defects quotes by Howard G. Hendricks
#42. It is not about where you are but in what direction you're moving. God is into character, not credentials. #Quote by Howard G. Hendricks
Character Defects quotes by Harrison Ford
#43. The job's always the same. It involves helping to tell the story and creating an alloy between character and story that serves the film. #Quote by Harrison Ford
Character Defects quotes by Jane Austen
#44. She felt the loss of Willoughby's character yet more heavily than she had felt the loss of his heart. #Quote by Jane Austen
Character Defects quotes by Aesop
#45. Those who assume a character which does not belong to them, only make themselves ridiculous. #Quote by Aesop
Character Defects quotes by Red Smith
#46. For 350 years we have been taught that reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man and writing an exact man. Football's place is to add a patina of character, a deference to the rules and a respect for authority. #Quote by Red Smith
Character Defects quotes by Anne Enright
#47. I think it's very important to write a demythologized woman character. My characters are flawed. They are no better than they should be. #Quote by Anne Enright
Character Defects quotes by Tyler Perry
#48. I'm not afraid to have a character say, 'I am a Christian,' or, 'I believe in God,' because I think they represent real people on this Earth. #Quote by Tyler Perry
Character Defects quotes by Joyce Swann
#49. When one plays a part for a long enough time, he begins to convince himself that he is the character he pretends to be, #Quote by Joyce Swann
Character Defects quotes by John Travolta
#50. When I say 'yes' to a movie it's usually because, to a greater or lesser extent, it's because I'm enthusiastic about the character. How well that character ultimately comes off depends on a lot of things: your relationship with the director and so on. But at first, you're on board because you think you can do something with it. #Quote by John Travolta
Character Defects quotes by Eddie Marsan
#51. The trick to acting is not to show off; it's to think the thoughts of the character. I was lucky because when I started acting, it was doing jobs above pubs. I learned to act in anonymity, so by the time people saw me, I knew what I was doing. I was crap for years, but no one saw me being crap. It's a trade you learn. #Quote by Eddie Marsan
Character Defects quotes by Michael  Ebner
#52. People in his everyday – cashiers, bus drivers, teachers – were always much cooler or more evil in his memories. His mind had no time for the mundane – adding creative character and plot embellishments to everyone and everything for his sanity's survival. #Quote by Michael Ebner
Character Defects quotes by Raheel Farooq
#53. Nature evaluates a character on the basis of its merits, not demerits. #Quote by Raheel Farooq
Character Defects quotes by Sabine Durrant
#54. You carry people around with you in your character; all the people you have been close to have made you a little bit of what you are. #Quote by Sabine Durrant
Character Defects quotes by Ashley Rickards
#55. As an actor, I think it's always important to separate yourself from your characters because, when you include yourself in a character, you're taking a liberty that you don't really have unless you're life is that incredibly close to the character. #Quote by Ashley Rickards
Character Defects quotes by Oswald Chambers
#56. When we say "Thy will be done," do we say it with a sigh? If so, we have never realized that the character of God is holy love; nothing can ever happen outside His purposeful will. #Quote by Oswald Chambers
Character Defects quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#57. Only through delayed gratification could you be able to come up with other virtues, character, trait that will really qualify you to call yourself a human being. #Quote by Sunday Adelaja

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