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Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Phillip W. Simpson
#1. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." Revelation 13: 16–18 #Quote by Phillip W. Simpson
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Robert Perry
#2. He always perceives this world as outside himself, for this is crucial to his adjustment. He does not realize that he makes this world, for there is no world outside of him. Everything you perceive as the outside world is merely your attempt to maintain your ego identification. from: A Course In Miracles 12.III. 6.6 and 7.4
"Forgiveness is an earthly form of love" (W-pI.186.14:1). A Course In Miracles
"Remember always that you cannot be anywhere except in the Mind of God." ACIM Chap 9.VIII.5.3

ACIM Chapter 2, Section V
"The Function of the Miracle Worker"
Paragraphs 8-18
Commentary by Robert Perry
"The only solution lies in being willing to look within, upon our own defiled altar. There is a place in our mind that was created to be totally devoted to God, but we have defiled this place with other devotions. We need to be willing to walk into the church of our mind and witness the desecrations on this altar. Only then will we really see "the unequivocal fact that healing is necessary" (8:1). Are we willing to look on the unequivocal fact that we need healing? Only then will we open up "the real vision" (8:4), which will allow us to see past what our physical eyes see and gaze on the light of purity beyond. #Quote by Robert Perry
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Rafael Sabatini
#3. But I like my madness. There is a thrill in it unknown to such sanity as yours. ~ Book 1, Chapter 9, #Quote by Rafael Sabatini
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Phillip W. Simpson
#4. How was he meant to find the Antichrist? Just walk down the street and say 'Hello. Excuse me, but could you please point me in the direction of the son of the Devil? I want to kill him.' It all seemed rather far-fetched. #Quote by Phillip W. Simpson
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Cassandra Clare
#5. Sometimes you must lose everything to gain it again, and the regaining is the sweeter for the pain of loss. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Mikhail Bulgakov
#6. Eh, Nikanor Ivanovich!' the unknown man exclaimed soulfully. 'What are official and unofficial persons? It all depends on your point of view on the subject. It's all fluctuating and relative, Nikanor Ivanovich. Today I'm a unofficial person, and tomorrow, lo and behold, I'm an official one! And it happens the other way round -oh, how it does! - Chapter 9 #Quote by Mikhail Bulgakov
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Gary Chapman
#7. Many children go to school ill-prepared to learn because they are not emotionally ready to learn. Children need to reach appropriate emotional levels of maturity before they are able to learn effectively at their age level. Simply sending a child to a better school or changing teachers is not the answer. We must make sure our children are emotionally ready to learn. (See chapter 9 for more on #Quote by Gary Chapman
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Richard Paul Evans
#8. It is a peculiar thing to believe that you know someone intimately only to find that you really do not. It is like finishing a book only to discover that you have missed several key chapters.
THE LETTER Chapter 9 page 104 #Quote by Richard Paul Evans
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Francesca Zappia
#9. Monstrous Sea Private Message

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Chapter 9 Intro quotes by M.K. McDaniel
#10. Chapter 9 - Marissa's Lake:

"We've got incoming," said Benter scrambling up, grabbing Jake's arm and running back into the snake tunnel almost dragging Jake until he righted himself and jerked loose from Benter's hold. At a dead run, they rounded the bend that had previously led to the red sky. The crashing noise of falling rock echoed by them and they backed up to the side of the tunnel. Benter held his finger up to his mouth. He slowly edged forward to peek back beyond the bend. The colossal dragon tried to dig and burn its way into the tunnel, but it was ten times the size of the tunnel opening. The beast inhaled a deep breath, seemingly to suck every bit of air from the tunnel. Benter felt himself breathe harder, becoming lightheaded. The dragon continued to inhale and Benter realized the exhale would be a huge fire bomb. "RUN!" yelled Benter, but Jake had read his mind and was already ahead of him running as fast as he could. Within seconds of their exit the dragon released the fire missile and great licking flames raced towards them in a hungry fervor. #Quote by M.K. McDaniel
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Veronica Roth
#11. But then he stops at the door frame and says, It's 9:24. Telling me the time is a small act of betrayal-and therefore an ordinary act of bravery. It is maybe the first time I've seen Peter be truly Dauntless. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Andrzej Sapkowski
#12. Whosoever sheds man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed. Genesis, 9:6 Verily, great self-righteousness and great blindness are needed to call the gore pouring from the scaffold justice. Vysogota of Corvo CHAPTER FIVE 'What seeks the Witcher on my territory? #Quote by Andrzej Sapkowski
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Joseph Smith Jr.
#13. 1 Nephi and immediately preceding Mosiah chapter 9, are #Quote by Joseph Smith Jr.
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Cheri Vause
#14. So, you think your coffee-addicted mother is amusing." She pushed at his shoulder. "I'll get even with you. I'll show your naked baby pictures to your girlfriend." ~ Chapter 9 The Truth and Nothing but Lies #Quote by Cheri Vause
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Izaak Walton
#15. Hops, and Turkies, Carps and Beer
Came into England all in a year. #Quote by Izaak Walton
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Robert O. Paxton
#16. German voters never gave the Nazis a majority of the popular vote, as is still sometimes alleged. As we saw in the last chapter, the Nazis did indeed become the largest party in the German Reichstag in the parliamentary election of July 31, 1932, with 37.2 percent of the vote. They then slipped back to 33.1 percent in the parliamentary election of November 6, 1932. In the parliamentary election of March 6, 1933, with Hitler as chancellor and the Nazi Party in command of all the resources of the German state, its score was a more significant but still insufficient 43.9 percent. More than one German in two voted against Nazi candidates in that election, in the teeth of intimidation by Storm Troopers. The Italian Fascist Party won 35 out of
535 seats, in the one free parliamentary election in which it participated, on May 15, 1921.

At the other extreme, neither Hitler nor Mussolini arrived in office by a coup d'état. Neither took the helm by force, even if both had used force before power in order to destabilize the existing regime, and both were to use force again, after power, in order to transform their governments into dictatorships (as we will see shortly). Even the most scrupulous authors refer to their "seizure of power," but that phrase better describes what the two fascist leaders did after reaching office than how they got into office.

Both Mussolini and Hitler were invited to take office as head of government by a head of state in the legit #Quote by Robert O. Paxton
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Anonymous
#17. For even if the greatest sinner worships me with all his soul, he must be considered righteous, because of his righteous will. And he shall soon become pure and reach everlasting peace. For this is my word of promise, that he who loves me shall not perish. -Krishna; Chapter 9, verses 30–31. #Quote by Anonymous
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Cassandra Clare
#18. I don't carol, said Simon. I'm Jewish. I only know the dreidel song. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Shirley Chisholm
#19. When the Kerner Commission told white America what black America has always known, that prejudice and hatred built the nation's slums, maintains them and profits by them, white America could not believe it. But it is true. Unless we start to fight and defeat the enemies in our own country, poverty and racism, and make our talk of equality and opportunity ring true, we are exposed in the eyes of the world as hypocrites when we talk about making people free - (Chapter 9). #Quote by Shirley Chisholm
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Joe Hart
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Andrew Gloag
#21. Chapter 8: Exponential Functions Chapter 9: #Quote by Andrew Gloag
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Philip Gulley
#22. I can only make one person happy each day.
Today is not your day.
Tomorrow doesn't look good, either.
- Frank the 70 year old secretary, chapter 9 #Quote by Philip Gulley
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#23. Why don't you just kill me?"
"That, my dear, would be a waste." He steps forward and I realize his hands are sheathed in white leather gloves. He tips my chin up with one finger. "Besides, it'd be a shame to lose such a pretty face. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Lauren Streicher
#24. Avoid Menstruating If, you are using hormonal contraception, such as a low-dose birth control pill, you can avoid the whole change in pH caused by menstrual blood by avoiding menstruation. That's right! Take your pill straight through the placebo days and skip having your period. And yes, this is safe. As discussed in chapter 9, skipping menstruation is a common treatment for endometriosis. #Quote by Lauren Streicher
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Charles Dickens
#25. Well, Pip,' said Joe, 'be it so or be it son't, you must be a scholar afore you can be a oncommon one, I should hope! The king upon his throne, with his crown upon his ed, can't sit and write his acts of Parliament in print, without having begun, when he were a unpromoted Prince, with the alphabet – Ah!' added Joe, with a shake of the head that was full of meaning. 'and begun at A too, and worked his way to Z. And I know what that is to do, though I can't say I've exactly done it.'
There was some hope in this piece of wisdom, and it rather encouraged me.
'Whether common ones as to callings and earnings,' pursued Joe reflectively, 'mightn't be the better of continuing for to keep company with common ones, instead of going out to play with oncommon ones – which reminds me to hope there were a flag, perhaps?'
'No, Joe.'
'(I'm sorry there weren't a flag, Pip.) Whether that might be or mightn't be, is a thing as can't be looked into now, without putting your sister on the Rampage; and that's a thing not to be thought of, as being done intentional. Lookee here, Pip, at what is said to you by a true friend. Which this to you the true friend say. If you can't get to be oncommon through going straight, you'll never get to do it through going crooked. So don't tell no more on 'em, Pip, and live well and die happy.'

Chapter 9 #Quote by Charles Dickens
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Max Tegmark
#26. We discussed the spatial part of this paradox in Chapter 9, and concluded that your consciousness is actually observing not the outside world, but rather an elaborate reality model contained in your brain which is continually updated via input from your sensory organs to track what's actually taking place in the outside world. #Quote by Max Tegmark
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Erin Blakemore
#27. When we focus on people and life instead of material possessions and mere wants, there's not much room for emotional hand-wringing. Instead, there's more space to weigh what we value in our lives and to acknowledge what really counts. Chapter 9 Simplicity Laura Ingalls in The Long Winter #Quote by Erin Blakemore
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Tenaya Jayne
#28. Chapter one is where you reach out your hand to the reader and say, "Come, let's have an adventure together. #Quote by Tenaya Jayne
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Jonah Berger
#29. In fact, the messages actually seemed to increase drug use. Kids aged twelve and a half to eighteen who saw the ads were actually more likely to smoke marijuana. Why? Because it made drug use more public. Think about observability and social proof. Before seeing the message, some kids might never have thought about taking drugs. Others might have considered it but have been wary about doing the wrong thing. But anti-drug ads often say two things simultaneously. They say that drugs are bad, but they also say that other people are doing them. And as we've discussed throughout this chapter, the more others seem to be doing something, the more likely people are to think that thing is right or normal and what they should be doing as well. #Quote by Jonah Berger
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Aimee Carter
#30. Tonight marked the end of the only chapter in my life I'd ever known, and I didn't know how to live in the emptiness ahead. #Quote by Aimee Carter
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Michael Kimmel
#31. The pull of Guyland reminds us that women cannot accomplish this transformation alone. In the book's final chapter I argue that just as men need to stand up, do the right thing and break the silence that perpetuates Guyland, so, too, do women need to support each other in resisting its pull. #Quote by Michael Kimmel
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Steven Taylor
#32. Better to read a chapter a day from the Bible than to aspire to read ten chapters, and never read even one. Starting with a smaller portion of the Bible will eventually lead to an appetite for more. #Quote by Steven Taylor
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Rysa Walker
#33. But I'm still too wound up to sleep. So I browse through the audiobooks on the intranet, hoping I'll find the one I'm looking for.
It's there. Order of the Phoenix. I skip to Chapter Twenty-One and forward to a section near the end. Hermione is accusing Ron of having the "emotional range of a teaspoon."
I wonder if Aaron is in the car now, listening to the same thing.
And then I shove that thought into the folder with the others. #Quote by Rysa Walker
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Raven Rapaich
#34. I just want to read as many books as I can before my final chapter ends and my book closes. #Quote by Raven Rapaich
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
#35. Come, my handsome vampire. I have a few things I must do to prepare you. Then I'll put you somewhere safe to await your bride. Oh - I know!" She clapped excitedly. "You can stay inside my piggy bank! And I'll create a drama-tastic jungle intro to your lady! How about Romancing the Stone meets Apocalypto? #Quote by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#36. When you make loving others the story of your life, there's never a final chapter, because the legacy continues. You lend your light to one person, and he or she shines it on another and another and another. And I know for sure that in the final analysis of our lives- when the to-do lists are no more, when the frenzy is finished, when our e-mail inboxes are empty- the only thing that will have any lasting value is whether we've loved others and whether they've loved us. #Quote by Oprah Winfrey
Chapter 9 Intro quotes by Mary Francis Kennedy Fisher
#37. When you think you can stand no more of the wolf's snuffing under the door and keening softly on cold nights, throw discretion into the laundry bag, put candles on the table, and for your own good if not the pleasure of an admiring audience make one or another of the recipes in this chapter. And buy yourself a bottle of wine, or make a few cocktails, or have a long open-hearted discussion of cheeses with the man on the corner who is an alien but still loyal if bewildered. #Quote by Mary Francis Kennedy Fisher

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