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Changing Fate quotes by Stephanie Garber
#1. Every person has the power to change their fate if they are brave enough to fight for what they desire more than anything. #Quote by Stephanie Garber
Changing Fate quotes by Douglas Coupland
#2. You wait for fate to bring about the changes in life which you should be bringing about yourself. #Quote by Douglas Coupland
Changing Fate quotes by Karen Russell
#3. But if it turns out that she really can adjust them from without? Reshuffle the deck of his past, leave a few cards out, sub in several from a sunnier suit, where was the harm in that? Harm had to be the opposite, didn't it? Letting the earliest truth metastasize into something that might kill you? The gangrenous spread of one day throughout the life span of a body - wasn't that something worth stopping? #Quote by Karen Russell
Changing Fate quotes by Gerhard Richter
#4. When I begin, theoretically and practically I can smear anything I want on the canvas. Then there's a condition I have to react to, by changing it or destroying it. #Quote by Gerhard Richter
Changing Fate quotes by J. Robert Oppenheimer
#5. The open society, the unrestricted access to knowledge, the unplanned and uninhibited association of men for its furtherance-these are what may make a vast, complex, ever growing, ever changing, ever more specialized and expert technological world, nevertheless a world of human community. #Quote by J. Robert Oppenheimer
Changing Fate quotes by Nicole Krauss
#6. I had the elated, otherworldly feeling I sometimes get entering the sphere of another's life, when for a moment changing my banal habits and living like that seems entirely possible, a feeling that always dissolves by the next morning, when I wake up to the familiar, unmovable shapes of my own life. #Quote by Nicole Krauss
Changing Fate quotes by E. Stanley Jones
#7. Our actions are the results of our intentions and our intelligence. #Quote by E. Stanley Jones
Changing Fate quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#8. A lonely tree in the desert shares the same fate with the wise man amongst the ignorant! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Changing Fate quotes by John Steinbeck
#9. Someone's got to do these things,' he said sullenly. 'Or else fate would not ever get nose-thumbed and mankind would still be clinging to the top branches of a tree. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Changing Fate quotes by Jo Nesbø
#10. You can discover new things by changing your perspective and your location #Quote by Jo Nesbø
Changing Fate quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#11. Fate was a bitch, but she always had a wicked sense of humor. Today, he was her punch line. Tomorrow, she'd be laughing at them.
-Darling's thoughts #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Changing Fate quotes by Pat Barker
#12. Yes, the death of young men in battle is a tragedy - I'd lost four brothers, I didn't need anybody to tell me that. A tragedy worthy of any number of laments - but theirs is not the worst fate. I looked at Andromache, who'd have to live the rest of her amputated life as a slave, and I thought: We need a new song. #Quote by Pat Barker
Changing Fate quotes by Michael Shermer
#13. An uncertain and doubting mind leads to fresh world visions and the possibility of new and ever-changing realities. #Quote by Michael Shermer
Changing Fate quotes by Ray Lewis
#14. If there's something in your life that you know needs changing, make sure you change it before God's got to change it. Because if God's got to change it, you ain't going to like it. #Quote by Ray Lewis
Changing Fate quotes by Yevgeny Yevtushenko
#15. No people are uninteresting. Their fate is like the chronicles of planets. Nothing in them is not particular, and planet is dissimilar from planet. #Quote by Yevgeny Yevtushenko
Changing Fate quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#16. There is no gift like friendship. Remember this - when you become a young man. For your fate will turn on the first true friend you make. #Quote by Rudyard Kipling
Changing Fate quotes by R.J. Palacio
#17. Fate smiled and destiny laughed as she came to my cradle ... - Natalie Merchant, #Quote by R.J. Palacio
Changing Fate quotes by Olivia Cunning
#18. Eric lifted the long lock of hair that he dyed a different vibrant color every forty-nine days without fail and stared at it. His memory had served him correctly. It was currently cobalt blue - the exact same shade as the under-layer of her hair. What were the chances? It had to be kismet. Destiny. Fate. Providence. All of the above ...
She'd said her name was Rebekah. That was Eric's favorite name. At least, now it was. #Quote by Olivia Cunning
Changing Fate quotes by Steven Seagal
#19. I'm very into the military and police stuff. Gear and technical gear is something that's changing every day and every day you're trying to be on the cutting edge and improve your stuff more and more because your life depends on it. And so, the guns and the gears are changing constantly. #Quote by Steven Seagal
Changing Fate quotes by Nichole Chase
#20. Sometimes all our plans for life go to shit. You end up doing something you never dreamed of and you know what you do? You make the best out of it you can. Nothing is ever as good or as bad as you think it will be. It's what you make of it. #Quote by Nichole Chase
Changing Fate quotes by Christine Jennings
#21. The fatal flaw of most utopian visions is that they're fundamentally static, and that's not a comfortable place for humans to live. Fourier was very good at imagining a utopia that is constantly changing and very busy, but a vision of paradise that would have been most tantalizing to an underfed overworked factory worker in 1840 doesn't have much appeal in fiction because it's not a story. #Quote by Christine Jennings
Changing Fate quotes by Sung Hi Lee
#22. People's view of exotic or Asian women are changing. It's much nicer to hear 'She's pretty' than 'She's pretty - for an Asian woman.' #Quote by Sung Hi Lee
Changing Fate quotes by Jodi Picoult
#23. Is Fate getting what you deserve, or deserving what you get? #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Changing Fate quotes by Rachel Kapelke-Dale
#24. Everywhere people and friendships are changing. I'm starting to wonder how many friends I've made here will still be friends for the long haul. How many places can you leave people behind and still expect to keep in touch with all of them? #Quote by Rachel Kapelke-Dale
Changing Fate quotes by Homer
#25. No man or woman born, coward or brave, can shun his destiny. #Quote by Homer
Changing Fate quotes by Kami Garcia
#26. I said it, just like that. No stupid jokes, no changing the subject. For once, I wasn't embarrassed, because it was the truth. I had fallen. I think I had always been falling. And she might as well know, if she didn't already, because there was no going back now. Not for me. #Quote by Kami Garcia
Changing Fate quotes by Herman Melville
#27. All wars are boyish, and are fought by boys, The champions and enthusiasts of the state: Turbid ardors and vain joys Not barrenly abate
Stimulants to the power mature, Preparatives of fate. #Quote by Herman Melville
Changing Fate quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#28. And Iluvatar spoke to Ulmo, and said: 'Seest thou not how here in this little realm in the Deeps of Time Melkor hath made war upon thy province? He hath bethought him of bitter cold immoderate, and yet hath not destroyed the beauty of thy fountains, nor of my clear pools. Behold the snow, and the cunning work of frost! Melkor hath devised heats and fire without restraint, and hath not dried up thy desire nor utterly quelled the music of the sea. Behold rather the height and glory of the clouds, and the ever changing mists; and listen to the fall of rain upon the Earth! And in these clouds thou art drawn nearer to Manwe, thy friend, whom thou lovest.'

Then Ulmo answered: 'Truly, Water is become now fairer than my heart imagined, neither had my secret thought conceived the snowflake, nor in all my music was contained the falling of the rain. I will seek Manwe, that he and I may make melodies for ever to my delight!' And Manwe and Ulmo have from the beginning been allied, and in all things have served most faithfully the purpose of Iluvatar. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Changing Fate quotes by Aristotle.
#29. Happiness does not consist in pastimes and amusements but in virtuous activities. #Quote by Aristotle.
Changing Fate quotes by Lily Morton
#30. I laugh triumphantly. "I've still got it. This beach is not cursed. We are free to have life changing conversations on here whenever we want without the fear that I'll turn witless. Life is good. I am once again the Lord of Words."
He smiles pityingly at me. "Walk don't run babe. You did use the words gigantic twat in your wedding proposal."
"Well, shit! #Quote by Lily Morton
Changing Fate quotes by Judith McNaught
#31. You can't outwit fate by standing on the sidelines placing little sidebets about the outcome of life. either you wade in and risk everything you have to play the game or you don't play at all. and if u don't play u can't win. #Quote by Judith McNaught
Changing Fate quotes by Edward Gibbon
#32. Such was the unhappy condition of the Roman emperors, that, whatever might be their conduct, their fate was commonly the same. A life of pleasure or virtue, of severity or mildness, of indolence or glory, alike led to an untimely grave; and almost every reign is closed by the same disgusting repetition of treason and murder. #Quote by Edward Gibbon
Changing Fate quotes by Paul Grilley
#33. Yin and yang are descriptive terms that are used to describe all levels of phenomena. Yin is the stable, unmoving, hidden aspect of an object. Yang is the changing, moving, revealing aspect of an object. #Quote by Paul Grilley
Changing Fate quotes by Alice Hoffman
#34. But then you like to tempt fate,don't you? Don't worry, it will all work out #Quote by Alice Hoffman
Changing Fate quotes by Gaylord Nelson
#35. The fate of the living planet is the most important issue facing mankind. #Quote by Gaylord Nelson
Changing Fate quotes by Fred Schepisi
#36. The day you shoot something, everything changes. You still have the same overall vision and approach. You create a world that you're going to be true to or the film tells you what you're going to do. And so, it's like you've got a philosophy of what you're doing. You try and have that changing texturally over the movie. #Quote by Fred Schepisi
Changing Fate quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#37. Stories have a way of changing faces. They are unruly things, undisciplined, given to delinquency and the throwing of erasers. This is why we must close them up into thick, solid books, so they cannot get out and cause trouble. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Changing Fate quotes by Clara Garcia
#38. Many people don't get the one they want, but end up with the one they're supposed to be with. Its fate. What's meant to be will always find a way. #Quote by Clara Garcia
Changing Fate quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#39. God has great riches for you. If thy will seek Him. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Changing Fate quotes by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
#40. You are plain, Coraline,' I said to myself; 'unmistakably plain. You have tolerable eyes, and good teeth; but your nose is a failure, your complexion is pallid, and your mouth is just twice too large for prettiness. Never forget that you are plain, my dear Coralie, and then perhaps other people won't remember quite so often. Shake hands with Fate, accept your thick nose and your pallid complexion as the stern necessities of your existence, and make the most of your eyes and teeth, and your average head of hair.' That is the gist of what I said to myself, in less sophisticated language, perhaps, before I was fifteen, and from that line of conduct I have never departed. So, if I have come to nineteen years of age without being admired, I have at least escaped being laughed at! #Quote by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Changing Fate quotes by Anne Hathaway
#41. It's definitely a thing to be sitting there, getting a pedicure, and you look over and someone is reading an article about an aspect of your life that you know is not true. It's weird, it's uncomfortable, but I don't see it changing anytime soon, so I should figure a way to laugh through it. #Quote by Anne Hathaway
Changing Fate quotes by Christiane Nusslein-Volhard
#42. People think if you have deciphered the genome of humans that you can change everything. But you cannot change everything, because you do not know what the genes mean, and you have no methods for changing them, and you can't do experiments with humans like you can with animals. #Quote by Christiane Nusslein-Volhard
Changing Fate quotes by Ikue Mori
#43. Improvising things is always changing. A lot of momentum. #Quote by Ikue Mori
Changing Fate quotes by Paul Eluard
#44. I cannot be known Better than you know me Your eyes in which we sleep We together Have made for my man's gleam A better fate than for the common nights Your eyes in which I travel Have given to signs along the roads A meaning alien to the earth In your eyes who reveal to us Our endless solitude Are no longer what they thought themselves to be You cannot be known Better than I know you. #Quote by Paul Eluard
Changing Fate quotes by Richard Dawkins
#45. A theist believes in a supernatural intelligence who, in addition to his main work of creating the universe in the first place, is still around to oversee and influence the subsequent fate of his initial creation. In many theistic belief systems, the deity is intimately involved in human affairs. He answers prayers; forgives or punishes sins; intervenes in the world by performing miracles; frets about good and bad deeds, and knows when we do them (or even think of doing them). A deist, too, believes in a supernatural intelligence, but one whose activities were confined to setting up the laws that govern the universe in the first place. The deist God never intervenes thereafter, and certainly has no specific interest in human affairs. Pantheists don't believe in a supernatural God at all, but use the word God as a non-supernatural synonym for Nature, or for the Universe, or for the lawfulness that governs its workings. #Quote by Richard Dawkins
Changing Fate quotes by Tony Blair
#46. We need to develop the new green industrial revolution that develops the new technologies that can confront and overcome the challenge of climate change; and that above all can show us not that we can avoid changing our behaviour but we can change it in a way that is environmentally sustainable #Quote by Tony Blair

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